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the wicked game » Places

Places in the wicked game

This is a list of locations that can be found in the wicked game.

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Barden, VA

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We'll never get free
Lamb to the slaughter
What you gon' do
When there's blood in the water?


Red Witch ║ Villain ║ Hex: #571616

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When Luciana opened her eyes, all she could see was black. For a second she just thought the room was dark, but she quickly felt something wrapped around her head, and that it wasn’t dark in the room, but some sort of mask was covering her face. She reached her hands up and felt around the mask, feeling the cold metal of it and seeing if there was a way to take it off, but it had some sort of latch in the around the back of her head that she wasn’t able to open. Once again removing her eyesight to remove the threat of her powers. Lucy slowly stood up, trying to get a sense of her surroundings. She ran her hands over her body, feeling she had some sort of jumpsuit outfit, and felt the cold floor on her bare feet. There were also some sort of metal bands on her wrist but not connected. She was laying on a bed that had some sort of wood frame and felt around a bit and bumping into what she assumed was a table and almost falling over, cursing aloud to herself.

She finally felt along the wall to what seemed like a door, banging a few times on it. “Hey!” She shouted, and waited for an answer for a few seconds. “Hello? I know someone can hear me.” Luciana shouted again, bang a few more times until she heard a beep and some static. “Hello Miss Morrison. The door is unlocked. A guard will escort you.” A voice came through what Lucy assumed was an intercom, a little annoyed she didn’t just try opening the door. She felt around and found the door handle, turning it and pushing the door open, quickly feeling the change in the floor. “This way.” A voice said to her, she reacted and swung towards them, missing, and being told to calm down. Luciana obviously didn’t and swung out again, but this time afterwards she felt a shock from both of her wrists causing her to kneel over shortly after, the pain dwindling away after a moment. “Hey! Not too much.”[/color] Another voice spoke around her, speaking to the first guard, she recognized the voice, the suited man from the warehouse before. “Let’s go Miss Morrison.” He said, almost caringly as he helped Luciana up and guided her forward.

“Sorry about the pain, but a lot of people are scared of yo-” “And they should be.” Lucy interrupted him. “As I was saying, yes people are scared of you, and for good reason. But, now is a time where being feared is more beneficial than working together. Now, into here.” He grazed Luciana’s arm towards the door she heard open, and then guided her hand to a chair in front of a table to sit at. “Now, as you already know my name. I am here to present a proposition and show you some trust, in exchange for the same for you. On the table in front of you, are some items. A key to unlock the facial covering you are wearing, a set of clothes to match your villainous name, and a temporary mask.” Lucy sat and listened, the key being the main thing she wanted, but a bit intrigued why she would need a temporary mask. “And if I agree, what’s the catch?” She asked, hearing the man scoot back in his chair and stand up. “We show you a grace of good will, and you will consider working with us.” The man continued to speak, professionally and concise. “Fine. But I don’t make promises.” Lucy said quickly, holding out her hand for the key.

It didn’t take Luciana long to change, but being told she will keep the metal bands on her wrists as a fallback if she tries to fight back. Being warned not to try to draw any blood to use her powers or she will be punished. She felt comfortable having her eyesight back and took a look around, going over and speaking towards the outside of the door. “I’m ready. Now what is this so called good grace you have for me.” Red Witch asked, watching the door open and finally seeing the man again and confirming it was the man she saw from the warehouse. “I was told to show you rather than tell you.” The man spoke to her, leading her down another corridor. “By who?” She asked quickly, following him and noticing that two guards joined behind them. “Now, that’s for a later time.” He said shortly, just leading her through the maze of hallways until they came to a room that had a red light above it. “Into here, Red Witch.” He spoke, knocking on the door, asking if the guests were ready. She was confused for why he all of the sudden called her Red Witch instead of his usual Miss Morrison, but as she walked into the room, she saw why. Paladin and Artemis.

The two heroes still had their masks and outfits on so they seemed like the actual heroes, but she couldn’t be hundred percent sure. They were sitting in two chairs back to back restrained to the chairs. “Here they are. Paladin and Artemis. Left their masks on for you.” The man said, walking around and picking up a clipboard and writing something on. Red Witch shocked to see two of the heroes captured here. Before she could say anything, she heard muffled words obviously directed towards her from a woman tied up. She ignored them as walked over to Paladin, quickly pulling off his mask over his head. “Dhani…” She mumbled as she tossed the mask to the side, seeing it was him. “How did you get them?” She asked, walking over and standing in front of Artemis now, and making eye contact. “We set a trap for them, easy with the video we took.” There were a bit more muffled words from the two, particularly angry or annoyed ones from Artemis. Red Witch ignored them as she pulled Artemis’ mask off as well, revealing the hero's true face to her.

Red Witch was a bit surprised at who Artemis was. It wasn’t someone she knew, but she didn’t expect one of the people she despised to be attractive, though the dark haired woman was able to pull off the slitted eyebrow. She let the mask slip back down onto Artemis’ face, not really caring about placing it back correctly or comfortably. Lucy turned back and went towards the man. “What about the others? Icarus and Aboleth?” She voiced her concern. “The other heroes got away. And while Icarus and Aboleth put up a fight as I’ve been told, they were not harmed. Now, we have one more place to go as per our agreement. If you are done with your prey.” The man set down the clipboard and opened the door out, waiting for Luciana. “Once we leave, move them to the other room so they can relax a bit. And take the gags out of their mouths, we aren’t barbarians.” He said to the guard and led Luciana down the hallway. Red Witch taking a glance back at the two heroes for a second before following.

“That’s your good grace for me? Two people I strongly dislike?” Luciana spoke quickly as the hallways seemed to change. Going from rows of rooms, to a more administrative look; more offices and conference rooms and less barred doors. “Yes, exactly. To show good faith your enemies are our enemies, and we didn’t touch your friends. Now, onto the person who wants to meet you and set all of this in motion.” The two walked in silence as the man pulled out his phone and called someone, letting them know he was on his way with ‘her.’ They stopped at a room with a glass wall, but the blinds were closed. He knocked once before a female voice called them in, and what Luciana saw inside shocked her more than seeing Artemis and Paladin. “Hello Lucy.” A tall blonde woman said, leaning against a desk. “Mom?”

A city of heroes and villains that is tired of both.