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This is a list of locations that can be found in the wicked game.

Barden, VA

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[font=New Baskerville:3t64x2ju][left:3t64x2ju][img:3t64x2ju][/img:3t64x2ju][center:3t64x2ju][size=150:3t64x2ju][color=darkslateblue:3t64x2ju]lilian[/color:3t64x2ju] anderbilt[/size:3t64x2ju][/center:3t64x2ju][img:3t64x2ju][/img:3t64x2ju] [img:3t64x2ju][/img:3t64x2ju] [img:3t64x2ju][/img:3t64x2ju] [i:3t64x2ju][color=transparent:3t64x2ju]xxxxxx[/color:3t64x2ju][color=darkslateblue:3t64x2ju]you heat me like a filament[/color:3t64x2ju] [color=transparent:3t64x2ju]xxxxxx[/color:3t64x2ju][color=darkslateblue:3t64x2ju]everytime you're in the room[/color:3t64x2ju] [color=transparent:3t64x2ju]xxxxxx[/color:3t64x2ju][color=darkslateblue:3t64x2ju]but you burned me[/color:3t64x2ju] [color=transparent:3t64x2ju]xxxxxx[/color:3t64x2ju][color=darkslateblue:3t64x2ju]and now I’m smoking[/color:3t64x2ju][/i:3t64x2ju] [img:3t64x2ju][/img:3t64x2ju][/left:3t64x2ju]It was easy enough to dodge the drones flying overhead, or at the very least to scrub the part of the feed that included her. Lilian shook her head dismissively, [color=darkslateblue:3t64x2ju][i:3t64x2ju]Why would you draw extra attention to us like that…[/i:3t64x2ju][/color:3t64x2ju] With a perfunctory sigh, Lilian made her way into the building. She noticed a few people had beat her here, in particular, her view gravitated towards the face of Atticus... that is, the mask of Icarus. He approached with a warning, something to never be taken lightly when coming from him. She gave him a warm smile, before realizing he wouldn’t be able to see her smile; she was unused to wearing this stupid helmet. As Icarus started to walk away, presumably to rejoin the rest of the villains, she gave him a curt nod. Her hand went to the electrolaser in her pocket, setting it to deliver a nonlethal shock, but still able to create a sonic boom through the rapid heating of the laser. Before he was able to rejoin the others on the side of the room, the doors burst in and a new group strolled into the room. One of them threw a hunk of metal to the ground as she strode in, one of the drones that had been surveying outside. Lilian recognized Artemis; she was angry at being spied on, which was part of the reason Lilian hadn’t bothered fielding drones of her own. It wasn’t long before the groups did what came naturally to heroes and villains in close quarters. Lilian let out a tired sigh and got ready for the ensuing fight. However, no one seemed terribly concerned with attacking her, or perhaps they were afraid to do so, which was all Lilian strived for in life. With a triumphant exhale, she dove towards the ruined scrap metal that used to be a drone, scooping it up in her arms and darting behind a box. With her laser, she cut out the camera from the drone and crafted a stick from the rest of the drone to attach it to; a moment of thought connected the camera to the optics inside her helmet, instead of its original owner. Lilian had already developed countermeasures for most of the superhumans here, but this was a unique opportunity to gather data on the others and test her existing theories on the rest. Carefully she poked her camera up just high enough to survey the chaos. Dark cloying shadows began to propagate throughout the room, but they dissipated easily enough when the amplified light from Lilian’s laser hit them. A curtain of water suddenly imposed itself between the combatants, interrupting her research. For a few seconds she considered sending the shock from her electrolaser through the water, but once again the concern of hitting her friends stopped her from acting. Instead, Lilian contented herself with putting a gloved hand into the stream of water and watching it ripple and writhe against her hand. [color=darkslateblue:3t64x2ju][i:3t64x2ju]Hydrokinesis... Cute.[/i:3t64x2ju][/color:3t64x2ju] Taking advantage of the momentary ceasefire, Lilian tapped into the feed of the remaining drones overhead. It wouldn’t take her long to backtrace their signal to its owner. Someone was watching their feed, and it would only take her a few moments to find out who, assuming they hadn’t disconnected already.[/font:3t64x2ju]