Candace Felicity Montgomery

"Demons will haunt you forever."

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Candace Felicity Montgomery//: Birthname
Candy //: Goes by
24 //: Age
Loft #3C //: Unit
Scorpio //: Star Sign
Where to begin? //: What’s the Damage?


ImageLooking in from the outside..

Style ::
Generally, Candace doesn’t wear much provocative clothing. As an interior decorator she likes to appear polished and put together for professional reasons. When she was younger, she kind of had a edgy style, which sort of carries over to her dress code today. She enjoys studs and leather, but as she’s grown older she’s become partial to the look of a creamy sweater, oversized and loose knit. It all depends on her mood, but she definitely reads as “I am woman, hear me roar”.
Occupation ::
A self-employed interior decorator, Candace is often seen frantic and overwhelmed when in the middle of a project. Each gig pays well so she often takes breaks in between to “refresh and recharge” as she would say. During these bouts she often spends a lot of time drawing, attempting to create new textiles. She often scraps her sketch in the middle of it’s creation, and sometimes can be found with twenty, thirty balled up sheets of paper strewn around her.
Dreams ::
To be a textile artist for Ikea, which seems random but is actually a really great gig. They are by far the most recognized home decorating brand world wide, and are known for their textiles. Also she would love to be one of the people decorating the demo room to put in their catalog. Although she could find happiness doing textiles or decorating elsewhere, that’s the big plan for now.
Nightmares :: The darkness.
Reputation ::
Depends where in your history you lurk, by most people who knew her before New York she was the crazy, wild girl who would OD herself into the ground. Now she’s clean, except for a dirty martini every once in a while. By most people in her industry, she’s known as a motivated, withdrawn girl with a handful of eccentrics. Most people when they meet her, they see the pretty face with a pair of red bottom heels and mistake her silence for a bitchy attitude, but she’s not a loud in your face type person. As she begins to feel comfortable to talk she often makes snarky observations and has a bit of a twinkle in her eye that makes it hard not to laugh along.

Looking through it with a scope..
Fatal Flaws ::
Where to begin? Her weakness for drugs, any kind, just please don’t offer her anyone - the battle of wills is always a close one. Paranoia will be the death of her, her mind always making a mountain out of any mole hill, preparing for the worst. Besides those, she is incredibly selfish without even realizing it. Because so long in her life everything was about her, she still is getting used to being out of the limelight.
Redeeming Qualities ::
Most people see Candace and assume she’s just like most other pretty girls her age, skating by with her looks. However what they don’t realize is that she went to the best schools money could buy, and was very involved for a long time, she learned a lot and because of her situation growing up she was years beyond others her age before she ever got her first period, even. Mature by most means, Candace can be counted on, a reliable friend.

ImageImageImageA glimpse into the psyche ..

There is too much to be said about Candace Montgomery’s mental state. Her parents were told she was bound to develop some sort of personality disorder, to help cope with the trauma. Until then she was labeled as depressed and placed onto medication immediately, until she found that self medicating was much better. There was a time in her life that was very dark, one she doesn’t remember. For a while she was just dragging her feet through life, from one moment to the next. When she finally began to come out her shell, it was when she began to act out. Going through a wild phase, plunging into a deeper grave, most people accepted that Candace just wouldn’t make it.

When she did come home, no one expected her to get clean, but she did. She involved herself in her studies and became very motivated to make something of herself.

Now Candace is described as sweet, but mostly because she is such a good listener. People love being able to talk as much as they want, and with Candace they can do that. She doesn’t talk about her own experiences often so people enjoy letting blowing off some steam by being able to blab about their own problems without any interruption. What most people don’t realize is that she only keeps quiet because it’s better than the alternative.

When people get to see her other side, they are often shocked by her crude sense of humor. She often gives no reserves to social boundaries and can cross the lines of inappropriate from time to time. Candace loves to be in control, in all ways. She feels as if she lives her life gently manipulating those around her to her favor, and likes to think that she runs the snow. Because of her past, it could be said that she is into some pretty kinky shit. She has an assortment of sex toys and even some that could make the most liberal of sorts raise an eyebrow. As formerly mentioned she enjoys being in control, both outside and inside the bedroom. Some of her ‘fetishes’ could be labeled as S&M, although it’s nothing too insane. It’s the only way she can find pleasure, by being the dominant one. She has intimacy issues and doesn’t have casual sex, but has dated on and off through the years and some people either weren’t much of a fan of always being the submissive, and some people liked it a little too much in her book.

Candy does not trust others easily, and will often nitpick traits they posses as a reason not to trust them. She is picky about everything in her life, from what to wear, to what to eat and how to decorate her home. It takes her forever to do anything, but because of this she has grown to be a very patient girl.

A puzzle never put together..

Candace Felicity Montgomery was born into a family of wealth. Nestled in the white collar corners of Cincinnati, the Montgomery was old money. That’s why it was such a story when the young Montgomery girl went missing in the early 90‘s. Carter Montgomery and spouse Anna Marie Montgomery were thoroughly devastated and although the search went on for months, she wasn’t found. The Montgomery’s mourned her death, buried an empty casket, the girl was survived by her parents and Maximilian Montgomery, her brother. A little over a year passed when Anna become of child, and not long after they gave birth to a little girl. It was that same year only months later their daughter Candace Felicity Montgomery, the child they had mourned and laid to rest, reappeared in Phoenix, Arizona.

Every newspaper headlined the story, her story became nationwide.
Montgomery girl reappears after 2 years
Serial child kidnapper
Death Penalty for Child Molesters
....you get the gist

To Candace, she didn’t really exist for those two years. She remembered nothing, well, nothing except darkness. Police tried to talk to her, but she never spoke. They decided she had just become a mute and realized there wasn’t much to go on. Tests had shown no sign of any sort of aggravated sexual abuse, although one thing was fairly obvious that didn’t need any kind of tests. When Candace had been found she was dehydrated, as if she had been running on her own for some time. All she wore was a night gown, dirtied and torn. Her lips were cracked, barefoot and a gash on her foot. When they cleaned her up and got a better look, the team immediately saw all the bite marks. Some were healing, some had seem to just leave bruises, up and down her legs. She was only slightly underweight, although she continued to refuse to eat for some time even once reunited with her parents at the hospital. The police assumed the perp had used food to drug her, maybe, although nothing showed in her system.

Anna and Carter didn’t know what to do, here they had just brought a new born home and had only recently accepted the death of their little girl when she reappeared. There was no guide book in that chapter of life. Of course they were over joyed, but except Candace allowing her mother to hold her as she cried, besides that for the most part their girl was unresponsive. Of course they had hired the best child psychiatrist, went to all the kind of classes they could to learn what to do in their situation, they went to family therapy to try and build a relationship with their daughter again - money could get it all. But it wouldn’t get their little girl back.

After four months of silence, Candace finally spoke. “Where’s Max?” She asked when they had gone to a wedding of a friend. Candace refused to leave her father’s side, a 8 year old shadow, concerned for her brothers well being. Carter was so shocked he had only stared at first, until she asked again - louder. They had found Max, but she still didn’t talk much. At first it was only once every couple weeks, then every other week. After a year or so she would talk day to day, but only to communicate basic things - she didn’t do small talk. The police had wanted to try to get information from her again, but she would remain looking at the ground at their presence.

Her life until the day she disappeared had been like a full day, all the memories leading to the slumber of her existence. While stuck in the nightmare, it was all a haze, only heavy with fear and desperation. She woke up in the hospital, only remembering the darkness of the dream, nothing more. Looking back she honestly couldn’t remember a thing.

She became introverted, and was alienated by most kids. She put most people at unease, she was ‘weird’. An easy target, she never defended herself. The therapists would say there was progress, the Montgomery’s saw little to none. The only time Candace would show any kind of happiness when she’d receive presents, a pretty dress or the cool new gadget. Her parents bought her anything she wanted, some things she hadn’t really wanted, things to make her the trendiest girl in the school, things to decorate her room whenever it was time for a change, things to throw a party and invite all the kids and their parents so all the kids would have to show.

It wasn’t until Candace had blossomed her 7th grade the bullying really stopped. Now that she was cute it was okay that she was a little weird, so long as she kept to herself, which she did. She was a bright kid, always burying herself in her studies, detaching herself from the world. When she went into high school she was placed in the advanced math and science classes, and it was then that she met Sean. Sean was a wicked smart kid in her grade who had a deadbeat dad and a mother who worked too hard and blamed her family for her missed opportunities. The two were both damaged in a way, and it was natural for them to gravitate toward one another. They were friends up until the summer before their sophomore year, when they kissed. Finally Candace had someone who made her happy.

When she began to rebel she wasn’t ever disciplined, it was expected they said. Every day she’d do a little more, get a little wilder. At age 15 she would get wasted at frat parties, began experimenting with drugs while her classmates did experiments in chem lab. Her and Sean had sex, a lot, and you could say this is what began her plunge into the black hole.

All Candace cared about was getting high, and getting fucked.

Her parents tried to reach out to her, she dropped out of high school, but they couldn’t turn her away, neither could they ‘crack the whip’. She would be gone with Sean days at a time, and when she was 19 she finally moved in with him. They sold ecstasy as a full time job, sharing an apartment with another couple and a guy who slept on the couch. There was no adventure she’d turn down. She was living the life, getting high, living with friends, having a boyfriend who understood her mentally and sexually. It was great, but according to Murphy’s law anything that can go wrong, will. Sean would try to urge Candace to talk their roomate, Kayla, into having a threesome with them, despite her being in a happy relationship. It got to the point that Sean would set up situations that would leave the three of them alone, drunk, and would try and seduce the situation. Candace was not stupid, she saw through his five ring act, and nothing would ever blossom how he hoped. It wasn’t until Candace walked in on Sean riding Kayla like a donkey that she faced that she had dug herself in a hole too deep. She returned to her parents and cleaned up, for the most part at least.

She finished school and started college, the best one her father could buy her into. While studying to be an art major, she also became interested in fashion and began drawing textiles for all sorts of projects. Once she graduated she immediately began to design pillows and curtains and bed sheets, incorporating modern fashion into room designs. It was then that she discovered she realized she had a flair for interior decorating. She has grown quite the repore over the years, and actually loves what she does for a living. Because she is still just working on her own, she doesn’t keep a steady flow of cash coming, but she makes enough to make it by, a tad obsessive about budgeting her own money. For once Candy has her big girl pants on, and she’d say she’s doing pretty well.

So begins...

Candace Felicity Montgomery's Story