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The Wild & The Wicked

New York City, US


a part of The Wild & The Wicked, by hoodrattt.


hoodrattt holds sovereignty over New York City, US, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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New York City, US is a part of The Wild & The Wicked.

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Jaylene Sullivan [15] "If that's how you want to run your shitshow, that's fine."
Amil Sheffield [15] "Sweeta than a swishaa"
Scully 'Spitz' Rollins [12] "You're gonna' need to put up more cash than that homie."
Elliot Monroe [12] "Sometimes we can't just live our lives for ourselves, no matter how much we want to."
Kaleb Dean Sivaj [12] "Nicotine and sarcasm."
Adam Banksys [12] "What are you coming around here for?"
Alexandra Kaersson [10] "So how about you and I go somewhere a bit quieter..."
Patrick Murphy [10] Cyanide & Arsenic Candy (WIP)
Corey A. Delgado [8] "It's very easy to be difficult. But, very difficult to be better.." WIP History

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#, as written by Jaybt9
Dominique could feel some tension reaching Kaleb's nervous system and frequent eye contact to her left. In her mind, she wondered what was disturbing him. Was this disturbance outside of the glass window? Was a pedestrian passing by that he was familiar with, or was there someone in the room that Kaleb felt uncomfortable with? Did he hear this person's voice resonating to his ears.

Of course these questions were all based on Dee's own assumption, but once Kaleb began his response with a mumbling “oh,” with his eyes to his worn off shoes, this proved that Dee's assumption was correct. Something, or someone, was bothering his aura.
Dee didn't want to display her curiosity in an obvious manner by following his focus. She just met the man after many life changes. Their relationships and mindsets of life have developed since the adolescent years. Secrets revealed to the public or added and locked into their mental journals. She didn't want to drive straight on to the personal questions full speed like most women do.
After some hesitation, continuing his uneasy habits, he finally came up with the answer to Dee's question involving migrating to the Bald Eagle country. Opening his mouth, Dee's speculative thoughts took a break.

“I was actually born in New York, I moved to Belleville in middle school. So, I’m actually American.”

“Really?” Dee thought internally, but only nodding to surprise externally. This man was American? She couldn't tell, but who really can when Canada and United States are two big melting pots? The ingredients being descendants from other continents. They can, however, tell by accents.

Dee still spoke her native dialect, which was a subject for New Yorkers to ask about. She wasn't short or thick with her vowels, or creaky with her consonants, so it wasn't rare for someone to ask where she was from. She couldn't answer that to strangers, but her dialect was a dead giveaway that she wasn't from New York.

Kaleb, while he lived in When she first met Kaleb, he had a clear Canadian accent. One that could exaggerate the “o” in “sorry”, but talking to him now, it was different. It was like his Canadian heritage was snatched away from him once he reached the border. Even with his body language, he was well adjusted to the New York Urban scene. Much quicker than the 4-year New York citizen in front of him. This no longer drew questions as to whether he was lying or not.
Kaleb drew more of his adapting skills, asking Dee about another subject.

“Are you going to that party you think?”

This was when Dee's conscience kicked in. The party that the well-dressed blonde was hosting this weekend? A party that may be filled with young adults that knew each other, but didn't know Dee? Dee felt hesitance over attending a party full of strangers. Watching as boys and girls perform various acts that may be comedic or crude.

On the other hand, this is the beginning of where social connections happen. Dee could get a chance to communicate with more people. Even those who may be her tenants. Even those who were mutually friends with someone Dee knew from work or college. The chances of meeting new friends were wide and open with an invitation.
When she came up with her answer to Kaleb, she wanted to display confidence in her body language, but her conscience still didn't want to leave her.

“I'm not sure with my work schedule, but I can change things around.”

Since Kaleb was the one to address if she was going to Jaylene's fiesta, this implied that he would be doing the same, but Dee proceeded to ask him anyways.

“So how about you?”

Hopefully, he could attend. So far, Kaleb was the only tenant she was closer to, and this was their second time communicating together. Nonetheless, she felt more at ease with him around, since he may know the neighbors living in Empires Heights.

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Cory was in his own world, barely offering monosyllabic answers. Rolling his eyes, Patrick sighed as he got up from his spot on the couch, offering a peace sign to Juliet as he walked from the area. He assumed he would see her later, if Amil was going. Speaking of, where was she? His eyes grazed over the room to see her sitting with Noellen, the other recluse of the building. Patrick couldn’t ever remember exchanging words with the guy, but he couldn’t say he put any effort or thought into it either. In fact Patrick preferred isolation majority of the time - Kaleb and Amil being exceptions.

As the mans name came into his mind, the long hair and dark skin came back in vision - of course he was still flirting with the new tenant. Without any regards, Patrick slipped in just as the girl asked Kaleb a question. As bro-manly as possible, Patrick clomped an arm over Kalebs shoulder, smiling boyishly and gripping his laptop with his free hand. “Hey bro, thought you didn’t make it.” Patrick said, basically taunting Kaleb to show his less than charming ways.

Kaleb glared at Patrick knowingly, smirking venomously. “Didn’t know you were keeping tabs.”

Laughing, Patrick pointed to Kaleb as he looked at the light skinned beauty across from them, “THIS GUY!” Patrick could feel Kaleb seethe from beside him.

Still, Kaleb kept his cool, looking at the pretty lady with a glint in his eye. “Don’t mind him, he gets jealous easily.” Kaleb said, shrugging off Patrick. “I’ll see you later?” Kaleb asked, allowing himself to be dragged away by Patrick. As soon as they were out of ear shot, Kalen pushed Patrick off of him and gently punched the guys shoulder. “The fuck was that?”

“Well can’t let you have too much fun, bruh.” Patrick said with a smirk.


Tugging the sleeves of her sweater to poke her thumbs through the holes, Amil folded her arms in her lap, propping her chin up with one hand. The fabric of her sweater covered her lips, but her smile still showed through when Noellen jested with, "I think the more important thing to ask is why are you reacting strongly towards me? Amil leaned back, crossing her legs with grace and beaming a smile to the quite man across from her. “Come on, Chef, if you haven’t realized I’m kind of a bold character.” She laughed, flipping the ends of her blue hair. From across the room, Patricks voice could be heard booming into Kaleb’s conversation with the new tenant, it was difficult for Amil not to laugh as she read Kaleb’s expression from where she was.

Looking back to Noellen, she hadn’t realized he had leaned in, almost flinching at his sudden proximity. However she stared back, tilting her head much like he had, smirking. She could hear the humor dripping from his words as he suggested she, Amelia Sheffield, had asked him on a date. She threw her head back in a free spirited stream of laughter. “Noellen, you play too much.” She said, lightly slapping his thigh and standing up, feeling a spark of static electricity between them. “See, you’ve sent sparks flying.” She said sauvely.

Leaning against her chair she looked back to Noellen, “No one does dates anymore, we just kinda...wing it.” Amil said lightheartedly, smiling to the handsome devil. “I’ll see you there.” She said with a wink, turning on the heel of her foot and maneuvering back to Juliet. Linking her arm with the girl as she passed, Amil pulled the blonde petite femme from the couch and began walking toward the stairs that led straight to her door. “Come on, we need to get ready now if we want to drag the boys out in time.” She whispered to Juliet, indicating Patrick and Kaleb.

They passed the pair on their way out, and Kaleb gave a smirk smile at the tattooed queen who had been away on business for quite some time. “Hey Amil, think you can say hello to a homie or something.”

Amil said nothing as they walked past, throwing a middle finger up in response.

“Is that a promise?” She heard him call after her.

Rolling her eyes, Amil nudged Juliet, “Please keep me from that mistake tonight, like I need one more reason for Patrick to call me a slut.” She said to her friend, speeding down the flight of stairs. They were at the door of her unit shortly, she had left the door unlocked and entered her apartment with a sense of relief, throwing her arms up as she went through the door and collapsing onto her couch with gusto. “Now, we can watch Netflix while we get ready.” she suggested, flashing her pearly whites to Juliet and clearing a spot on the couch.