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Alton Sinclair - The Predator

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a character in “The Wilde Jagd”, as played by Torrentwolf




Adopted Name: Alton Sinclair
Aliases: The Predator
Apparent Age: Early to mid twenties, claims he is 24 years old.
Gender: Male
Classification: VI

Appearance (Human) : Alton’s human form is, as the female guards have commented, quite handsome. He stands at 6”2 with a statuesque but toned body. His eyes appear to be black but are a deceiving dark brown which is complemented by soft, black shoulder length hair drawn into a ponytail and framed by a close shaved beard.

As far as anyone is concerned Alton would pass as a human at first glance, but as a fragment he is quite flawed. His torso and his arms are adorned with scars that glow when he is in moonlight and are visible through thin clothing. His canine teeth are also sharper than normal, almost like a animal and the rest of his teeth also have various forms of sharpness.


Appearance (Monster): Alton’s fragment from his a very frightening and large wolf like creature around ten feet tall. With fur as black as midnight and glowing red eyes striking fear in those whom they fall upon. His paws and part of his back are armored with an unknown but durable metal that appears to be grafted into his skin.


As a fragment Alton is stronger and more durable than the average human. While in human form he retains enough strength and durability to fight a fragment without changing, though killing them in a match of strength would be unlikely unless the fragment was weaker than him. However where other shards are very strong he is fast, very fast. Even in his human form he can move much faster than a normal human, often outrunning humans by a fair margin.

Above all Alton’s senses are far more enhanced than other beings and fragments. His sense of smell, hearing and sight are far more sensitive, allowing him to see things up to five miles clearly, smell even the smallest hit of scents up to a hundred yards and hear even the slightest sound in a crowded tavern. As common with the predator he has taken his image of, Alton is a capable hunter, able to stalk and follow prey, creature, fragment or human without being detected by all but the most observant. Strangely, wolves do not become aggressive or flee from Alton in ether form. The pack will accept Alton like one of their own and will never be aggressive with him even if the pack has an alpha.

Alton doesn’t like to fight unless he has to or a fragment is nearby. Alton has picked up quite a bit of knowledge on hand to hand combat and can face against very skilled fighters. Alton is also very cunning as a fighter and uses his intelligence to win fights more so than his skill, though the latter works just as efficiently. He knows how to use technology and even firearms, but when it comes to the latter he would much rather use more hands on skills.

Aside from a perchance for learning something new and using his mind, Alton learned to speak, read and write in Japanese.

Special Ability:

Summon the Pack: No one has been able to figure out how, but Alton is able to summon a pack of wolves made of shadows to fight/hunt by his side. These wolves are made from pure shadow and are much faster than normal wolves. However their durability is very low and just a few strikes or one good blow can rend them asunder. But their numbers can prove to be problematic.


As a human Alton has few faults, but one that stands out is his human compassion, as it can be exploited to hinder him such as by taking hostages. Strangely, holly has a calming effect on him, causing him to enter a lethargic state where he has little to no resistance.

As a fragment Alton unarmored body is vulnerable to attacks but his belly is the most vulnerable. Though he is not afraid of fire in his human form he is weary of it in his fragment form is too much heat slows him down, hence why he is reluctant to change during the summer. Holly also affects his human state though it makes him slow and sluggish rather than lethargic.

Other Fragments Consumed (If Known): Alton has killed, though not consumed, three other fragments during the escape of the Fragments.


Surprisingly, Alton is the most compassionate of all the fragments. Alton is unusual as he displays the kindness and open mindedness of a human. Alton’s unusual deposition towards them has caused the other fragments to dub him “The Aberration” which he is just fine with. When it comes to humans Alton finds humans to be very likable and their culture very intriguing. He does not harbor any ill will nor does he hold any predjust towards humans. In fact Alton gravitates towards humans and enjoys interacting with them. An example of his friendly deposition towards humans was remembering the names of every person he came into contact with when he was kept in captivity.

Alton is very intelligent and likes such pursuits involving the mind. He enjoys reading, be it fictional, historical or cultural and doesn't much care what material it is so long as it is educational or entertaining, which means no pure comedy. One of his hobbies is using a single piece of string to make complex string figures in a web like weave.

Alton is also the least aggressive of the fragments but he has been observed to have a very negative deposition towards other fragments. In most interactions Alton is very violent in his responses and given the opportunity he will attack and kill a fragment before reverting to his calm demeanor as if nothing ever happened. Some fragments he has been observed not having such homicidal tendencies but retains a cold, even snide demeanor towards them. There has been only two document fragments Alton is ever been pleasant with as if they were human. The first is the Actor Fragment, whom he calls Pandora and the second being the Silent Child fragment. Alton has also shown to react badly to children being harmed and his reaction varies depending on how close he is to the person. If it is someone he doesn’t or hardly knows he will attack them violently but won’t kill them, often leaving them very bloody and beaten. If it is someone he knows well then he will attack them, but Alton will only do as much damage as he needs to get the point across or save the child.

Known History: For most of Alton’s life all he knew was living in a cell specially designed to hold him. When he was first formed the world was a curious thing to him despite the knowledge he possessed. For the time he was free Alton simply explored the world until the hunters came for him, which he offered little resistance and in turn was deemed pacified but dangerous. While a “Guest” of the hunters Alton was isolated from the other fragments and experimented on. Though he didn’t speak he displayed a good deal of intelligence, such as reading books from one of the guards outside his cell, which frightened the poor guard the first few times he turned around and found Alton towering over him. At first Alton didn’t speak to humans and simply watched them for a while before speaking the book reading guard, whom was again scared out of his wits when Alton spoke for the first time.

Alton didn’t have much problem living in the prison he was placed in and conceded to all tests and questions with no hesitation, though sometimes he asked for answers to his questions in return. Though one problem they had with Alton was keeping him in his cell. No one knows to this date how, but randomly Alton would somehow leave his cell to explore the facility, interact with the crew in the lounge or read something in the facility library. The first time this happened the whole facility went into panic mode before they found him reading The Lord of the Rings at one of the computer terminals. Even when he had finished the chapter and willingly returned to his cell no one let their guard down. This would continue to happen and after about the fifteenth time of Alton leaving his cell they just considered it one of those things that was just regular around the facility. This didn’t mean they let their guard down completely with Alton, they just didn’t send three quarters of the guards to return him to his cell anymore.

Though they did give him a bit more leeway around the facility over time, specifically with an escort to designated locations such as the crew lounge and library. Occasionally he was taken out for testing and he never caused a problem, until he was exposed to another fragment that was undergoing testing. At that moment Alton went from calm and friendly to violent and vicious as he barreled through the guards and mercilessly attacked the fragment, nearly killing it until he was pacified. When questioned about it later he told them the fragments were enemies of life and that he refused to be absorbed into “The Old One”. Naturally this lead to more tests, much to Alton’s chagrin, with other fragments. Of course Alton reacted as he always did save with two fragments, much to the surprise of the staff. Other than his aggressive reactions towards fragments Alton was completely passive and very friendly with humans and caused very few problems.

But then the events of Saltmaw occurred when all of the fragments revolted and caused a breakout. Before the scientist believed despite being able to leave his cell that Alton couldn’t escape the facility. Alton corrected them, telling them he could leave anytime he wanted and the only reason he didn’t was a sense of obligation to stay. Now with the breakout Alton felt it was an open invitation to leave. Taking the opportunity Alton left his cell and began making his way out of the facility, stopping only to kill three fragments that were preparing to kill humans. The guards did try to stop him but Alton was much faster and craftier and escaped without harming any human.

Since escaping Alton has spent his freedom integrating with humans. His fascination and interest in them has made life a mix of peaceful and awkward at times. There has been a few time when Alton was forced to reveal his nature, albeit to protect others. But for the most part he has kept his identity a secret. But there is a shift in the air and there is a great disturbance. Alton can feel something very dark approaching but the question is will he involve himself?

Other: During full moons Alton’s baser instincts become active and while he controls the majority of them some of them tend to slip through the cracks and are much hard to reign in. This is especially true in the case of one instinct when he is around females.

So begins...

Alton Sinclair - The Predator's Story


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The scent was strong, very strong. His prey was nearby, hiding form him but it wouldn't last. Alton was not someone who was easily miss lead and in the case of this prey he wouldn't let them escape. Alton growled sinisterly as he launched himself forward, running down the alley towards the one's who though they had chosen their hiding spot well. Alton's legs propelled him faster than a normal human down the narrow space towards the pile of discarded trash where he leaped over it, surprising the occupants, “Found you!” He growled with a smirk. Screams split the air as Alton descended on the targets and pined two of them. Now he hand them, Alton had two of his prey at his mercy and so he would do to them as they had done to him. This was a long time coming and now Alton would savor every moment, this would be payment for everything he let them do to him. So without further ado, Alton began tickling them.

The two children burst out into gales of laughter as Alton showed them no mercy. But within moments the other three jumped on Alton to try and save their friends but it was a mistake as Alton just flipped them off and pined them with their friends to receive their just reward. Fight as hard as they could the children couldn't escape his grasp, “Now you little rascals, how do you like it eh? Not so fun now is it?” He playfully taunted, “Just say the magic words and it will all end.” Of course they didn't say it at first but after a few minutes they eventual surrendered and said “uncle!” quite a few times before he stop. Laughing the group picked themselves off the ground as Alton patted one of them on the head, “Well then I think you've all learned your lesson, never try to hunt the hunter. Now run along.” He said. The children giggled as they bid him goodbye and ran off out of the alley.

Alton chuckled as he too left the alley and began making his way through the little town. As he went on people greeted and bid him a good day as he went about. He had lived in this town for the last seven months since relocating from his prior home. Solcast had been a normal town but it had little tolerance for those with Witch genes which had been the reason for him fleeing the town. Alzmut was a farcry from Solcast as its populous didn't have so much of a problem. Of course you had the occasion naysayer but otherwise most people didn't care if you had wings or claws. Alton took advantage of it and let everyone assume he was a werewolf like witch. Now if they found out he was a fragment he wasn't sure what the reaction would be but he was sure it wouldn't be pleasant.

Thankfully he had kept that little secret to himself and was going to keep it that way for as long as he could. Alton loved this little community and was as close to being an accepted part of humanity as he could be. Back when he was a guest at Saltmaw he told everyone his desire to be an accepted part of humans. Alton would give up his fragment heritage to be accepted by humans but that was mostly out of a sense of self preservation from being reintegrated into that abomination or consumed by other fragments for their own gains. But if he had it his way Alton would retain his unique features and traits without the unsavory heritage. But for now he was a simple witch who was Alzmut's resident hunter.

But for how long with it last?

The last thought caused him to pause in the middle of the market place. It was busy with dozen upon dozens of people going about their way. Being an animal based fragment meant he had the same instincts as animals and for a while now Alton had a feeling something was in the air. Like something bad was about to happen and very soon. Animals have a very strange way of detecting when something dangerous was about to happen and Alton's wolf instincts were just short of going mad. He didn't know for sure what was about to happen but Alton knew one thing.

What ever it was, it was no doubt a threat to him.