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Aldrin Christopher White


The Basics

Age: 22 years old.

Birthday: 5th March

Occupation: Unemployed

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Eye Colour: Hazel

Hair Colour: Chestnut

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 180.8lbs


Aldrin is usually smiling most of the time, but if you get on his bad side his attitude can change in an instant. Being the 2nd youngest of his many brothers, it was basically survival of the fittest in his house. Aldrin's attitude is serious when it comes to any activity, winning is everything to him no matter how large the activity is. It could be a game of thumb wars, and he will seek to destroy his opponent.

Aldrin is not arrogant. He is very respectful to his friends and family.



Aldrin was born to father; "Tony White" and mother; "Vittoria White". His father was a powerful man, he was the leader of a gang that ran the town. Aldrin was the 2nd youngest of 9 children, all of them boys. The father being a gang leader, the family was obviously wealthy and well looked after by bodyguards.

From eldest to youngest there was;

- Eldridge Marc White (32 years old). Status; Deceased.

- Connor Hannin White (31 years old). Status; Deceased.

- Ren Alton White (29 years old). Status; Deceased.

- Michael Antony White (28 years old). Status; Deceased.

- Raphael 'Raf' Autumn White (27 years old). Status; Unknown.

- Samuel Pilgrim White & Garrett Noel White (twins; 24 years old). Status; Deceased & Deceased.

- Aldrin Christopher White.

- Cody Xavier White (9 years old). Status; Unknown.

Aldrin barely hung out with his brothers, he would either be out doing parkour or playing some random sport. Aldrin was known to be an adrenalin junky to a lot of people. He went through kickboxing lessons when he was 12 years old, as did his older brothers. His family was tough, there would even be actual fights over who got the best piece of the turkey for Thanksgiving.

He started his addiction to fitness at the age of 16. He went to the gym and trained his body to endure many things.


Relationships with brothers;

Aldrin loved all of his brothers, but he was closest to the twins; Garret & Samuel. Since their age was closest than all the other brothers, they had similar interests, such as; free-running (parkour). . . Basically anything physical or athletic. If he was lost and needed advice, he would go to his eldest brother Eldridge. He seemed to be the wisest out of the eight.

Aldrin had his own personal relationship with each brother.

The whole family still live together in a big mansion. Aldrin's room is at the top floor away from everyone else's. His parents are on a vacation with the youngest; Cody, and Raf slept at someone else's place due to the party. So it was only Aldrin with five of his brothers at home.

This morning is going to be interesting...

So far. . .

New People Met/Mentioned;

- Gus Rockford (28 years old). Status; Unknown. (Post 3)


- Crowbar (Post 4).


Post 1;
Aldrin killed his lifeless brothers with the aid of one of his brothers; Garret. However, Garret had been bitten three times; twice by his twin brother; Samuel, and by the woman Aldrin shared his bed with. Aldrin himself killed; Connor and Michael, where Garrett killed Ren and Samuel. They both fled the house before they could finish Eldridge or the woman off. On the driveway, Aldrin witnessed Garrett die in his arms, when suddenly he turned into a walker, causing Aldrin to flee.

Post 2;
Aldrin ran through the crazy streets where people were also fleeing the walkers. He fought off a couple with his kickboxing skills, killing 2 walkers. Surrounded, Aldrin climbed the closest building and watched as the massacre continued.

Post 3;
Aldrin remembered that one of his brothers; 'Raf' wasn't at the house during the incident. Remembering that he was at a party at Gus's house, Aldrin made his way there. He began to travel by using his free-running skills and using the rooftops for safety. Unfortunately, he still ran into two walkers, whom he pushed off the building with ease. Now all he had to do, was get to Gus's house.

Post 4;
Aldrin saw a group of people in one car trying to survive. He had finally reached a building where he could not leap to another. Aldrin made his way down into the building to find it was a laundromat. He searched for something to help him cross to another building, but failed to find anything that could help him. He accidentally grabbed the attention of walkers standing outside, which pushed him back to the rooftop. Now he awaits a horde of walkers on the rooftop with a crowbar for defence.

So begins...

Aldrin Christopher White's Story


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The alarm on His phone was silent, and the phone's vibrations were soft and calm, but it annoyed the hell out of Him due to his raging hangover from the party last night.

Aldrin slowly sat up in his bed rubbing his eyes. His head was pounding; "Looks like I drank a bit too much last night..." He thought to himself. He looked to his right to see a half-naked woman lying in his bed also, a smile grew on his face. His kissed the back of her neck and got out of bed and headed towards his bathroom.

Aldrin's room was at the top floor of his three story house, and it was the only room on that floor. His brother's rooms were on the bottom, and his parents were on the second. They all lived with their parents because their family was kind of like, a business. Their father was a well-known gang leader and had many enemies. Aldrin had eight more brothers living in that house, seven of them older than him. He found it strange that no one had come to his room to wake him up in the most annoying way possible.

He splashed some water onto his face as he looked at himself in the mirror. Suddenly he turned to the toilet and threw up. A voice came from the room; "Are you okay in there, Drin?" It was that woman. "I'm fine, don't worry about it." He replied with an annoyed tone in his voice. Aldrin wasn't a morning person so you could say he was... grumpy every time he would wake up. Her voice was quite loud, it sent a ringing noise to his head. "This is probably the worst hangover I've had... So far." He thought to himself.

Aldrin got cleaned up; had a shower, brushed his teeth and walked out into his bedroom and got dressed, wearing a tight white long sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up a bit, jeans and black Chuck Taylor shoes. He placed his hand on the woman's hip; "I'll go and make us some breakfast." He said as he headed out the door. She just smiled and slowly went back to sleep.

As Aldrin was walking down the hall, he couldn't hear a thing, it was a strange eerie silence. It made him feel awkward. He didn't want to yell because everyone was probably still sleeping down stairs. His parents and his youngest brother; Cody went on a vacation last week, so it was just the brothers and the bodyguards at the house, he remembered and didn't care anymore; "Hey! What's everyone doing!?" He yelled out loud as he made his way down the stairs. He was expecting frustrated yells back towards him, or loud footsteps heading towards up, but there was nothing. He reached the bottom of the stairs but didn't make any movements, he was trying to listen out for any sneak attacks from his brothers. They all might have been adults, but they still knew how to have fun like children. He was about to sneak into his oldest brother's room; Eldridge, but then a hand grabbed him and pulled him back. It was one of the twins; Garret, he was crying and trying to say something.

"What is it!? What's wrong!?"] Aldrin yelled. Suddenly Garret's face was shocked; "Shut up! They'll hear you!" Garret whispered violently, grabbing Aldrin's shirt. "Drin, something bad has happened, I don't know what's going on. Suddenly the other twin; [i]Samuel grabbed Garret and took a bite out of his shoulder. Blood sprayed everywhere, all over Samuel's face and also Aldrin's face. Aldrin was shocked, he didn't know how to react to what just happened. He quickly thought about the woman upstairs, he pushed Samuel off of Garret and ran upstairs supporting Garret in his arms. Samuel fell to the ground growling at Aldrin. Tears came to his eyes as he saw what his brother became.

Garret was screaming in agony as they were heading up the stairs. "T-this is w-w-hat I was trying to t-t-tell you." Garret said difficultly. They both reached the room, but it was too late. The woman was being eaten up by Connor and Ren. They quickly turned around as Aldrin and Garret walked in. In an instant they rushed at them, Aldrin quickly let go of Garret and grabbed his baseball bat that was next to his door and hit Ren in the face so hard that it exploded. Aldrin fell to his knees crying as he saw his brother lying dead in front of him, but he forgot about Connor. Connor leaped on Aldrin, he fell to his back with Connor on top of him trying to take a bite. "Drin!" Garret yelled as he lunged himself at Connor, pushing him off of Aldrin. He grabbed the baseball bat and kept smashing Connor's head in as he was crying, tears falling on Connor's bloody body. The woman then jumped off the bed and landed on Garret, taking another bite out of his wrist. "No!" Aldrin yelled, pushing her off of him as he carried Garret on his back.

They made it to the first floor, Aldrin and Garret struggled to make it down the hall. As Aldrin was carrying his older brother, Garrett looked behind and saw Michael, Eldridge, Samuel and the woman were tumbling down the stairs almost landing on the two. Samuel's bloody hand reached Aldrin's ankle tripping him over and dropping Garrett. The kitchen was only around the corner from the stairs, so Aldrin struggled, but found the strength to drag Garrett away from his brothers and into the kitchen.

Reaching the kitchen, Aldrin grabbed one of the knives and stood his ground in front of Garrett. "Cut it out! What are you doing!? We're your brothers!" He yelled at the lifeless bunch slowly making their way towards them. Everything went silent in Aldrin's head, tears started rolling down his cheeks. He stood there holding his brothers and the woman back avoiding all bites. There was no sound, Aldrin began to cry quietly to himself thinking about how two of his brothers were already dead. "AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Aldrin screamed out loud, the scream was dreadful to anyone (that was alive) that heard it. He lifted his hand with the knife, and dragged it down landing the knife straight in between the eyes of Michael. The blood splashed on Aldrin's teary face. He was suddenly pushed to the ground by Eldridge and the woman. His head hitting the marble floor, his vision blurred for a few seconds as he was trying to defend them off of him.

Samuel was making his way to his twin brother, who was bleeding out. Garrett saw that there was no life in his eyes, tears also ran down his cheeks. "Never thought that it would end like this, aye bro?" Garrett said calmly to his twin brother. Samuel slowly made his way, crawling up to Garrett's knees and then he began biting on his right shin. Garrett screamed in agony as he searched for something behind him. He felt the knife that Aldrin had dropped earlier. He lifted the knife and said; "I love you Samuel." Aldrin, looked to his left, vision coming back to him. He saw Garrett bring the knife down into the back of Samuel's head.

Samuel's dead body lied down in Garrett's lap, Garrett was crying out loud holding his brother tight in his arms, Samuel's blood spreading all over Garrett's upper body. Aldrin finally found the strength to push his brother and the woman off of him. He quickly grabbed another knife and stabbed into the woman's thigh, but she didn't seem to notice it as she was still trying to attack him. He walked back slowly, horrified at how the stab didn't effect her in any way. He ran to Garrett and helped him up, Garrett refusing because he wanted to be with Samuel.

They both made it out of the house, Aldrin locked the door with his house key, and they both collapsed on the driveway. Aldrin was on his knees as Garrett was in his arms. He seemed to be dying, Aldrin thought it would have been from too much blood loss. "Garrett! Stay with me!" Aldrin yelled as Garrett's eyes started to close. Aldrin looked at the house and saw Eldridge staring at them. Aldrin began sobbing and weeping; "Everything will be all right..." Garrett said softly as his life began to fade away. Aldrin looked down at his dead brother with tears falling on him. "G-garrett... Garrett? Aldrin called his name for about 2 minutes, but with no answer.

Suddenly Garrett's eyes opened in an instant, but with a different look. He was more alive this time. He looked at Aldrin and began to attack him. Aldrin backed away from Garrett, falling on his behind. "Garrett!?" He yelled, confused and scared, Aldrin ran away. The streets were filled with people trying to eat other people. Aldrin just kept running and running, making his way to where ever he thought was safe...


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Climbing over fences, sprinting as fast as he could, Aldrin didn't know where to go. He bumped into other people running the opposite way, also having the same problem.

"They're everywhere!" A woman screamed as she brushed Aldrin's shoulder with her own. There were cars crashing into each other, smoke was filling the air. Aldrin coughed as he breathed in the black smoke as he was sprinting. He stopped to slow down and catch his breathe, he looked to his left and witnessed a man being chased by two more of these 'dead people'. Unfortunately they caught him and ripped his flesh apart with their rotting teeth.

"Jesus!" Aldrin accidentally yelled, one of the people turned their head to look at him, making a snapping noise as if it's neck broke as it turned.

The 'thing' jumped to it's feet and started sprinting towards Aldrin. He quickly turned around and sprinted away from the dead man. Since Aldrin practised 'parkour', he was used to climbing buildings and running. He also learned kickboxing since he was a young boy. He lead the man to another alley way, Aldrin purposely slowed down and made his way for a wall. He rebounded of the wall and spun around in midair kicking the man in the head, making his neck snap again. The man fell to the ground, but instantly brought himself back up. Aldrin didn't understand how these things kept getting back up after deadly attacks. It reminded him of when he stabbed the woman at his house and she didn't feel it.

The man charged at him one more time. Fed up, Aldrin dodged his charge, the man running straight into the wall. Aldrin then quickly kicked the man's head into the wall, the man's face was squashed against the wall with his blood splattered all over the wall, and also Aldrin's right shoe and jeans.

Aldrin turned around and saw a mob of these 'dead people'. With quick thinking, he kicked off of the wall to help him reach the edge of the roof. He pulled himself up onto the roof of the building. He looked over the town and saw the massacre. Corpses on the floor everywhere, people getting chased by those things, and cars running over them and even normal people.

"What is going on?" Aldrin said quietly as he watched over the destruction...


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He sat on the rooftop, his legs crossed and his head looking down into his lap. He had constant flashbacks of the massacre that went on at the house. He pictured the murder of his brothers over and over again.

He then remembered that 'Raf' wasn't there at the house. Raphael was another brother of Aldrin. He must of stayed at the party he went to the previous night, there was still hope that Raf was still alive. 'Cody'; the youngest brother was also with his parents on a vacation, Aldrin hoped and prayed that Cody and parents were still alive.

Luckily Aldrin knew where the party was being held. It was being held by a cocky 28 year old called; Gus'. Aldrin wasn't really fond of Gus, because he was a hustler and part of a small no-named gang. They caused trouble all over town, but people always ignored them because... well... they weren't all that frightening.

Aldrin stood up and looked over the hordes of walkers. "Yeah... Thats a good name for them... Walkers." He thought to himself. He looked over the opposite side of the building, and saw there were barely any walkers on that side. Aldrin, however, did not want to risk it. He saw buildings close enough to jump across, thankfully for his free-running skills, this was no problem to him. He sprinted towards the building and leaped, making the jump with ease. Suddenly he thought about the cell phone in his pocket. "Idiot!" He thought. Reaching for his phone, he dialled his parents number, unfortunately there was no coverage.

"They'll be fine, I'm sure." He thought as he continued to run across the rooftops. He saw horrific things happening as he was running, grown ups feeding on children and even children attacking grown ups. It was easy to tell the difference if someone was a walker or not. If someone was, their flesh would be rotting and decaying. There were 2 walkers on the next rooftop he jumped on.

As he landed, the walker was right in front of him. Aldrin jumped over him in a kind of, leap frog manner and roundhouse kicking the second walker straight in the temple. The kick sent the walker to the ground and tumbling off of the building and landing on other walkers. He watched as the first walker made it's way towards him, it was slow. He didn't even have to make an effort in dodging it, he studied the creature's movements. After watching it chase after him, he had enough and booted it in the chest, sending it off the building.

Aldrin then continued his running and made his way towards Gus's house. . .


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Leaping from building to building. He had been running for about an hour now, he stopped to catch his breathe. He looked down at the roads, which seemed to have calmed down a bit. He saw someone driving, the car was going so fast but the driver handled it with ease.

"Guess it's just more people trying to survive." He thought. The car had about five people in it, a woman and four men.

After watching the car pass, Aldrin decided to keep moving forward. He could see Gus's street from where he was standing, although he could see it. . . It was still far away.

Finally, Aldrin reached a building where it was impossible to make it to the next building without a ladder or a long wooden plank. He searched the rooftop for anything that could get him across, but he had no such luck. There was a door that lead downstairs into the building. Aldrin decided to look inside for possibly a ladder, if not, then he would have to use the roads.

Aldrin turned the doorknob, luckily it was unlocked. Tip-toeing down the stairs, Aldrin quietly made his way down and peaked his head around the corner. He couldn't see or hear anything, but he was still cautious. He didn't have any equipment on, except for his cellphone. "The cellphone!!" He suddenly thought, he did not want it going off and breaking the silence even though there was no network coverage he still put it on silent. He realised that the building was a laundromat. He looked inside the maintenance room for anything. He found a step-ladder, but that wouldn't help him, however, he did find a crowbar. He could use this as a weapon, instead of using his fists or feet, risking him in getting bitten by the walkers.

After he grabbed the crowbar, he walked out and looked around some more. In a hurry, he accidentally banged one of the washing machines with the crowbar; BANG! The sound was so loud, all of the walkers outside stopped dead in their tracks, and suddenly twisted their necks with their faces looking straight at the laundromat. Aldrin stood there, frozen. All of those lifeless eyes, just staring at him. He didn't know what to feel, other than scared. He slowly backed away from the entrance and made his way to the stairs. Not knowing where he was going he banged into another washing machine; BANG! In an instant the walkers sprinted straight for the laundromat smashing right through the glass. Aldrin quickly ran for the stairs, one of them grabbing his ankles. Aldrin bashed the crowbar in the back of it's skull, he saw as maybe, ten or twenty were charging at him. Luckily they all tried to enter through the door at once and squashed each other, making it difficult to reach him. He quickly kicked the walker off his ankle and made his way for the rooftop.

There was nowhere to go. Aldrin stood there, waiting for the walkers to run through that door. . .