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Allison Joel

"I live the way I want to be remembered."

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a character in “The Will to Survive: The New World's Order”, as played by MidniteChaos



“I live the way I want to be remembered." 


 Name: Allison Joel
"You can call me Alice if you want though."

Age: 26
"Gettin' hotter every year"

Status: Straight
"As an arrow, but exploration isn't a complete no."

A half-size backpack she always has strapped on carries essential small equipment, a pocket knife/ multi-tool, bandages, extra rounds, a bottle of water, a tightly folded up string bag, and a little room to spare. The over-sized duffle bag she carries around along with hopefully, a week worth of food, has an extra pistol, a shotgun, a couple knives, an axe, and a ton of ammo. She also has an advanced med. kit, it has almost everything. And the personal items of a few sets of clothes, a towel, soap, and other toiletries. Oh, and some alcohol always finds a way in there.
"If you're ganna die, might as well enjoy something."

Allison has only one style, and she likes it. She wears a pear of kick ass boots with a long knife inside over some nice tight jeans, and a loose fitting black v-neck or a tight camisole, with a leather jacket to top it all off. Her red slightly curly hair falls long over her shoulders and is almost always down. Her blue eyes shine bright and fierce with excitement and adrenaline. She has a small heart tattooed on her left shoulder blade, and a black and gray rose on her right side/stomach. She has a locket that hangs on a low chain with a picture of her mother, father, and brother. She keeps a pistol in a hip holster and an automatic AK-47 on her back over her bag.
“I like myself, just the way I am”

Allison had a mostly good life and her personality reflects is. She is a fun loving people person. She is often described as excitable and caring.  Occasionaly Allison reflects the tolls of loss and gets a bit distant, but snaps out of it pretty fast. She likes to have a partner, one to watch her back and for her to watch. She often falls into the coziness of a group and kind of lets loose. She enjoys life, well what she can get of it, and likes to have fun as much as possible. She gets attached to her friends really fast, and is sometimes hard to deal with. She is very stubborn and will find a way to say on eveyone’s good side and befriend them. Allison is sentimental and likes remembering, she shares when ask and is honest almost to a fault. Do not ask her a question if you really don’t want to know the answer. She isn’t fearless but she is brave and corageous, though she doesn’t notice it as anything other than not completely thinking before she does something.  She is confident and doesn’t regret what she has done, or will do. She takes everything as a next step, and stands by her decisions whether they are right or wrong.
 “Live a life you want people to remember.”

Her mother was a nurse, and her loving, but virtually nonexistent father was a doctor. The both worked at the same big name hospital. When she was 10, Allison's dad died in a police involved case, he was trying to treat and save a criminal, the cops didn't like some of the things he did to much. Two years after, Allison's big brother of 5 years, walked out, he didn't want to deal. She hasn't seen him since.
Her mother moved hospitals and made sure Allison had what she needed. Allison had to take care of herself then, but it wasn't to bad, her mom made time. After the apocalypse started it was a good tag team of Allison and a friend with her mom holding the fort wear they were camped. And they played it safe. Her friend was attacked one day and died, so Allison and her mom moved camp to a place with more people, where Allison could keep her mom safe and comfortable.
Her mom died this year, and Allison set out on her own, against the world. 
"I'll do life my way, alone or with a pack."
Face Claim: Emma Stone

So begins...

Allison Joel's Story


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Allison stumbled into town close to dark. The truck she had jacked on the highway ran out of gas about 3 miles from the town. “Oh well, at least I didn’t have to walk the whole way to get here.” She said to herself, happy she actually found something to travel in. It was a very lucky find, very lucky indeed, and it probably will be a long time before it ever happens again. There was but only one problem, cars tended to attract zombies. On the interstate were the truck died there had been about 5 that actually came at her, she ran 3 of them over and shot the other two with her silencer on her pistol, which was also a very, very lucky discover.

Allison jogged most of the way to the town with her back pack on front and her duffle bag on as a back pack. They had gotten pretty light, as she was running out of some supplies. When she got to town is was dusk, not very much light, so easy to walk around, but also easy for other things to hide. She was looking for a place to chill out for the night and recollect the materials she desperately needed. Allison spotted a pharmacy on the corner, and got there as fast as she could. She kept to the shadows with her eyes peeled and her long dagger from her boot in hand.

When she turned the corner to go around back she saw a zombie walking down the alley. She ran up and stuck the dagger threw its skull. It gurgled, slashed out, and dropped to the ground with a thud. She stood there waiting quietly for another one to arrive, she thought she saw one, but it turned and went up the alley. Allison kept her back to the wall of the building as she crept down the alley a little bit further to get to the back door of the pharmacy, checking everywhere as she moved.

She got in with luck the door was still ajar. As she scoped around, the door was open, but it didn’t look like anything was coming through anytime soon. She took her small flashlight out of her back pack and dimmed it as she investigated the aisles. She found a few pools of blood, hopefully nothing to be worried about. She pulled out the string bag she kept in her back pack and stuffed it with what she knew she either needed now, or would need later. The last two remaining bottles of pain reliever, allergy meds, a pack of small clothes, hair ties A girl has got to have some , and a couple heat packs. She then went to the food and snack aisle, grabbed a box of gram crackers, small thing of peanut butter and a bottle of water, and about three bars of soft chocolate. SCORE.

Allison headed to the back room of the pharmacy; there was an emergency door inside and a locking door with a window, perfect place to crash. She took off all her bags, and made sure all her new supplies fit in everything. Now she was set and fully stocked. Allison shut and locked the room door, and made sure there was no alarm on the exit. She set up her AK-47 and put all her bags on top of one another to get some shut eye.

Allison was a very light sleeper, so she wasn’t surprised that she woke up more than once, about 5 times through the night actually. Every time, she got up with her gun, made a round, and came back. The 5th time she got up she decided just to leave. “I would rather not find anything” though, and anyone would be nice She said to herself as she left to scope out the rest of the forgotten town.


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Its dark and cold. Anastasia wants nothing more than to curl back up in to a ball and sleep some more. But there's no way she's falling back asleep until she's done the rounds. Her heart pounds in her head from exhaustion and a general lack of nourishment but she can't just slack of right now. She grabs her bow off the table of the abandoned building. She shouldees the quiver and readies an arrow. She moves quietly to each window fof the uppee level at first. Then slowly makes her way down to the lower one.

Anastasia doesn't exactly know what kind of building this once was. Its been sweeped clean except for a few tables and chairs. Perhaps it was a furniture outlet but theres no way to know for sure. All she knows is its got just the right amount of defense to keep her safe at night.

Her ears strain to hear even the tiniest of noises. She freezez when she gets to a bottom floor window and looks out. There's someone out there just out of her sight. Nothing suggests that this person is alive so she draws back the arrow and aims for a spot just beside the person. The arrow sails smoothly to its target, silently embedding itself in the ground in front of the shadowy silhouette.

Anastasia moves slightly out of view while readying another arrow. She shakes slightly as she pulls it tight and stares at the figure.


Silas stares at the picture clutched between his forefinger and thumb. Its old, worn and fraying at the edges but the yellowing signs of age haven't obscured very much. There's still that smile Silas longs to see each day - the picture is Elizabeth on the day they found out she was pregnant. It hurts to see her face and to know she isn't there beside him. It hurts to remember she's six feet deep and staying that way.

But Silas is glad she never became a Zombie. If she had....There would be no way Silas could let her go so easily.

He sets aside the picture and leans back against the tree he's tied himself in to. Its not the easiest way to catch some z's but its the only idea he's got being in this wide foresty area. How he got there he couldnt even say. Days out here seemed to melt into weeks and those in turn into months. Days bled together worse than a wound and everyday took the same amount of survival instinct. Maybe he could have caught more sleep - after all the day had begun not long ago. But then he heard something close by.

In fact, the shuffling came from the base of the tree he's in. And though he's fairly high he's surprised they hadn't noticed him up there. Silas unties himself silently and peers down at the people. He quirks a slight smile as he sees a teenage boy and a girl whose age could be debatable.

Though he's glad to see more human faces he takes precautions anyway. Then when he's prepared to grab a weapon if need be he whistles softly to announce his presence.


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Allison jogged out of the pharmacy, hopefully dodging a bloody mess with some undead. She jogged down a couple blocks and leaned against a house close to the woods. She was looking around when she swore she saw a girl and a boy run into the woods coming out of the pharmacy, “What the. . .” She said to herself in bewilderment. Since she didn’t actually see all of them, she decided to let it slide and not chase after the people she just might have imagined.

She continued close to the houses and went down an alley to a deserted road. She pulled out her axe, just in case. If there was a zombie she didn’t want to attract more. She moved down the road, checking every alley, and looking through all the windows. Most every building was deserted; all that was left behind were some furniture, decor, things people in this situation just do not need.

She stopped in front of a two story commercial building. It reminded her of before the apocalypse; back when she would walk down all the back alleys to find the good food and stores with her mom on off days. She was being still with her axe down at her side. If you would have seen her, she would have looked like she wasn’t alive in that moment, like she was somewhere else. She was in a daze. She heard a small swooshing noise, almost like an, arrow. She opened her eyes and then saw it.

There, right in front of her, at the tip of her feet, was an arrow. “An ARROW?! REALLY?” She almost screamed, then shut her mouth and looked around, hopefully that didn’t attract any thing’s attention. “Holy crap!” she franticly whispered to herself. There was defiantly someone there, a human. “Okay, there is only one building that could have come from.” She said quietly calming herself down. She turned to her left staring at the commercial building. She approached slowly, cautiously, peering through the empty window frame. She had her arm tensed around her axe, and she stuck her head through.

“Oh god” she said, again a bit loud. She quieted down to a whisper, “You scared the crap out of me.” She said as she stared down the bow pointed at her face. She smiled compassionately, she could tell this girl was tired, and she was shaking. Allison switched the hands her axe was in “Here honey, how about we lower the weapon.” She spoke calmly as she took her hand and pushed the bow down. Allison hoped through the window frame and sank down next to the girl and slid her axe just out of arms reach.

She turned to the girl, she now see just how exhausted this once gorgeous girl was, her eyes clearly tired, but now wide awake with nerves and tension. She looked hungry, though there was really no way to tell at the time just how much food she had had recently. Allison really did love being around people, and she felt deeply for this lone girl. “My name is Allison” She said happily, though she still wasn’t too happy that she had an arrow shot at her. “And some friendly advice Hun, next time you want to shoot a deadly weapon, please make sure the person isn’t alive first. Though I do appreciate the fact it actually didn’t hit me!” But I don’t know whether you did that on purpose or not . . .

Allison reached around into her bag slowly, as to not startle the girl, and grabbed the gram crackers and peanut butter. She set them down and got the bottle of water and handed it to the girl. “Here” she said “Take this.” She smiled and began to open the snacks carefully and quietly hoping the girl would be trusting with her.


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Anastasia jumps when a girl pokes her head through the window. Her hands shaking with the effort not to shoot the arrow into her head. The girl says something but Anastasia can't comprehend it until she's through the window and pushing Anastasia's bow down with more words and not particularly in that order either. Is this girl real? Anastasia doesn't know but she still grits her teeth to keep herself from tearing up. Wether or not she's real the fear is still there. She can't just trust this girl. Anastasia takes a few precautionary steps back and places the unused arrow back in the quiver. Then she loops the bow through a hook on her back pack.

She looks at the girl with eyes that show more fear than anything. Anastasia has been on her own for a long time. She isnt sure how people act anymore and if this girl is being nice as a ploy she'll probably flip an lid. But so far she hasn't done anything to suggest she's a bad person.

“My name is Allison” the girl says with emotion she cant quite understand. “And some friendly advice Hun, next time you want to shoot a deadly weapon, please make sure the person isn’t alive first. Though I do appreciate the fact it actually didn’t hit me!”

Anastasia frowns at the last sentance. She pushes strands of brunette hair from her forehead and shrugs her shoulders lightly. She looks back out the window to see the arrows shadow, its probably still intact but there's no way she's going out to get it. She only ever goes out for food or water if she runs low. She turns back to the girl and eyes her wearily. She barely feels herself taking the food or water from Allison.

"I never waste arrow," is her only answer to Allison. She had noticed the axe Allison carried but as she hadn't used it Anastasia felt fairly sure she wasn't a danger. Her guard did stay up though as she sunk to the ground. Her exhaustion is overwhelmind her by the second and all she really wants is a nice warm bed to sleep in.

"I'm..." Anastasia stops to think about the danger of giving her real name out. Really there was none but it still felt wrong to let anyone call her Anastasia. "Staysha," she decides at last on the nickname most of her friends would call her. And that's when the first tear slides from the corner of her eye. Thinking of old friends in addition to her mounting anxiety and exhaustion nearly had her sobbing. She swipes her hand across her eyes and laughs to cover up her anguish.

Anastasia climbs on unsteady legs and looks Allison in the eyes. If these were the old days a person could mistake her for being some kind of drug addict with the way she looked. She tears into the food as if she hasn't eaten in months. Though it has been a week since she's had anything in her stomach besides stale bread and packets of uncooked rice she scavenged from a corner store.

Silas nods and follows the two. He knows there isn't rrally explanation needed. He only hopes they don't end up being his death sentance....He catche's up to Charlie and pauses with his hand heading for a weappn. He examines the area before spotting a guy making a racket up ahead. He looks at the others and shrugs.

"The more the merrier. Saying of course he isn't a crazed lunatic." Silas says aloud to Charlie who seemed to take the initiative to engage the possibly crazed man and slowly starts to approach him with his hands raised. If the man attacked he could atleast take the first hit and let the others do what they will.


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Allison sat and was kind of quiet studding the girl. She was small, but not frail by any means. She looked about Allison’s own age, or not to far either side. She looked exhausted, and was obviously afraid to be around a person. She had probably been on her own for quite a while.

Allison looked around while the girl unarmed her bow and put it down, which made Allison be less tense. This girl is strange Allison continued sizing her up. She felt good the girl was eating though, it looked like she hadn’t eaten in days. Allison put down her bags and opened her duffle bag full of goodies and took out another bottle of water and set it by the girl. She said something, but Allison didn’t quite get it.

She said her name, audible now, it’s Staysha. “That’s a really pretty name.”Allison said kindly, though she was a great deal sure it was a nickname I don’t blame her for not trusting people with the real thing, especially if it’s the first Human I’d actually interacted with in months.

Allison swore she saw a tear roll down her cheek. She felt a little bad, having probably scared this girl half to death, and then barging in. Staysha looked at her and all Allison could do was loosen her smile, she felt just bad. “I’m. . . Really sorry . . .” she said and looked down at her lap “I barged in here, to your space probably scaring you in the process, and just I don’t know. I know I can be a lot to handle even when you know me, but you must think I’m crazy, and all. But. . . I just haven’t seen an actual person that wasn’t trying to rip my face off in ages. . . so I am really sorry. . .” Allison rambled on a bit, about how she was grateful that Staysha didn’t just turn around and push her out the door at gun point, or rather arrow point.

At the end of it all Allison just kind of sat there looking kind of pitiful. “I would really like it if we could, maybe, join up or something. Two tends to be better than one against the world these days.” She ended with looking up at Staysha with a small smile. Allison hoped, really hoped that this girl would like her enough, or just give her a chance. You’re trying too hard. . . Chill out. . . CALM DOWN She was saying to herself over and over just to keep from just getting up and walking out of the place in shame.

Allison sat up and gave Staysha a small friendly smile, and waited for her to take the crazy jumbled mess she just spilled all in.


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Anastasia stares at the rambling girl with wide eyes. Listening and taking in every spoken word. Anastasia gets the whole happy to see another person thing but honestly she can't imagine why this girl would want to be around. Anastasia knows how much of a mess she is, with her habits and nit picky ways. She waits for Allison to finish speaking then places her hand tentively on Allisons shoulder.

Her hand itches at the contact and her nerves are on high alarm but she forces a smile. It may not be genuine but its all she can manage as she stares Allison in the eyes. Anastasia nods as if to answer her questions and without taking her hand off Allison leads her to the top floor.

Its dingy and sparse with the only light being from the two windows on the far wall and four oil lamps placed strategically in places the light will overlap to be brighter. Theres a beat up couch pushed against a wall and a mattress covered in god knows what. Various bits of furniture are spread over the top floor. The only thing that's clean is an oak dining table in the rooms center holding anything Anastasia wasnt carrying at the moment.

She looks back at Allison with that unreal smile plasterrd on her face and sets her bow on the table and hooks the Quiver on the back of a matching chair. The floor creaks wearily as she walks across and to another doorway. She quickly opens it and begins dragging out various blankets.

"Um, I usually take the couch..." She isn't sure how this is supposed to go. Allison is a stranger and its not like Anastasia will be sleeping until she's sure she won't wake up with that axe to her throat. She shrugs wearily and moves to where she's placed a pile of clothes. They are mostly dirty but there are a few cleaner shirts and pants. "I've got spare clothes too..."

While keeping her eye on Allison she pulls her own shirt off and pulls on a new one. She doesn't mind being seen half naked as there isn't anything to see anyway. Her ribs jut out awkwardly and her spinal collumn is visible when she bends to pick up the shirt. Once she's done exchanging her sweat soaked shirt for a dry one she moves back to Allison and tilts her head. Expecting something to happen.