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This story was marked as COMPLETED, but still has characters pending approval! You might be missing some of the story.

The Will to Survive:The Armageddon Initiative

The Will to Survive:The Armageddon Initiative


A new disease is sweeping across the US turning those infected into flesh craving monstrosities. They've lost all humanity and their only instinct is to feed. Now with a zombie apocalypse befalling the nation, those immune to the virus try to survive.

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Highgate has been destroyed and a new president has been put into office, William Hawthorne, who had the majority vote before the parasite broke out world wide. Now the survivors of Highgate look to stay alive on the open roads of the Midwestern United States, trying to reunite and possible meeting new faces along the way. But they are not alone, CIA director Andrew Scotts has begun a plot of his own that he calls the Armageddon Initiative. The United States is a zombie war zone, your a small faction of all that is left and your only goal is to find the survive.

Noise attracts them. (Gunshot, screaming, etc.)
Because these zombies are still alive, any killshot will do.
They are not like the normal shambling undead. They can run and they will do anything to get to you. They're only thoughts are to feed.
They cannot talk. You will hear them breathing loudly, growling, grunting, making gurgling noise and screeching.
You can be infected by being bitten, direct introduction of the parasite though the blood will give you the sickness. However the parasite takes long periods of time to mature when introduced through saliva. (a few weeks up to a few months)
Their appearance is quite scary. The parasite sucks nutrition from the every part of the body causing the skin to decay rapidly, lesions also form like leprosy. Their skin has a yellow tint to it. Their eyes have glazed over and also turned a yellowish color.
They have NO memory of their past no matter what you do. They also don't understand talking.
As the parasite progresses in the human body, it will cause the body to mutate. There will be different kinds of zombies as the game goes on.

I don't really have an outline for characters. Just submit one and I'll add it to the list. Just try not to make a character too over powered. Remember these are normal humans you're playing, not superheroes. Be very detailed in your bios and try to have a picture.

Remember you are joining a world that is already in progress, so feel free to add to it, but do not mess up the already flowing story!

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The Story

3 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Richard "Freelancer" McCarthy Character Portrait: C.I.A Director Andrew Scott Character Portrait: Lilith R. Avery


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(Intro: Director Andrew Scott, Song:

four months....four long months have passed since it started, the parasite evolved quicker then anyone in Director Scott's office could have expected. He had sent in a reliable agent, Richard McCarthy codename Freelancer, to retrieve the man who was first infected with the parasite James Hill codename Ghostfather from the city of Highgate. But things went wrong, and the Director Scott used an experimental weapon called a Aries Fuel Air Bomb on the city. The bomb incinerated the city, killing everyone inside. Now he was catching hell about it from military high command who knew about the operation after it happened, damn soldiers don't know what's good for them.

Director Scott sat on his black leather chair surfing through status reports from his various agents around the globe. Things were bad, and they were only getting worse. The parasite has infected every major country in the world, from the United States, to the UK all the way to the Russian Federation. Worse yet, mutations were being reported, the damn parasite is evolving faster every passing second. The science teams believe that it is progressing at a rate of 100,000 years of evolution for every month that it is alive. In a single year this thing will have evolved the equivalent of 1,200,000 years. Director Scott rubbed his forehead as he sat back in his chair and gave a long sigh as he read a new email from his new right hand operative, codename "Priestess".

the problem in Texas is taken care of. I found the target facility and put it out of commission, no more worries there. the email read. The past four months had been nothing but truck loads of problems for Director Scott. The most recent of which was rouge factions of the original development team trying to release information on the parasite to foreign governments. They think that if they can let the other governments know about the parasite that the chances of finding a cure for it will skyrocket. "Dumb asses." Director Scott murmured to himself as he thought of the scientists. If the world found out America was responsible for this it would mean the ruin of the country. They would be expected to pay quadrillions in reparations, the government officials tried for crimes against humanity and God knows what else. Director Scott couldn't let that happen, it was unacceptable, he had fought to hard for this country to let it fall like that, so those scientists could eat shit and die for all he cared. Just as long as all the secrets stayed secrets. He had men and machines working around the clock tracking websites and out of country calls to be sure of that.

There was a knock on the directors door "Andrew! It's me!" a male voice called from behind the door.

"Ah yes come in." Director Scott called as he stood from his desk and walked around it to greet his visitor. The door opened to reveal a man in a blue generals uniform. His right chest was decorated in a beautiful array of medals and ribbons that would make a boy scout cry with envy. Director Scott held out his hand and shook his visitors hand as the man closed the door behind him "Director Ashfeld, how are you?"

"I'm very well, how about you Andrew?" The man said as the Director released his hand and Ashfeld took his seat.

"I haven't been this busy since 9/11." Director Scott said as he took his seat in his black leather chair and put his hands on his oak desk.

"Me either, this whole thing has been one hell of a ride. I've been working non-stop for almost thirty six hours now." Ashfeld said as he took off his generals cap, revealing his snow white hair that was cut to the normal military length. The amount of sleep the man had gotten was evident on his face. Aside from the usual wrinkles of age, the man had deep purple bags under his eyes that looked like bad bruises.

"I hear you. Coffee has been my best friend for months." Director Scott and Director Ashfeld shared a laugh, probably the first in a long time for either of them.

"So I'm guessing you didn't just call me down here to chit chat Andrew." Ashfeld stated between his dying laughs.

"No." Director Scott said coldly as he reached into a drawer of his desk and pulled out a file and threw it on the desk in front of Ashfeld "Unfortunately not."

"What is it?" Ashfeld asked as he picked up the file and looked at the large eyes only stamp on the front.

"Open it and see for yourself." Director Scott replied with a tone of enthusiasm. Ashfeld opened the file and started to read it with a slight grin of interest on his face, but as he continued an aura of discontent fell upon the room. His grin soon faded to a serious frown, and he had a look of unbelieving shock that was so obvious he might as well have had the words written on his forehead.

"Wha...What is this Andrew?" He interrogated with astonishment

"I call it, the Armageddon initiative." Director Scott replied with a cynical smile still planted across his face.

"You can't be serious this is treason!" Ashfeld yelled

Director Scott calmly made a quite gesture with his finger "Now calm down, I just need a few of your men and-"

"You expect me to help you with this!" Ashfeld growled with rising anger

"Freedom isn't free John. Either is the survival of the United States." Director Scott didn't yell his words, but he spoke in a tone that one would use if trying to explain something to a child. Ashfeld got up and put his cap on his head.

"You're going over the line Andrew. I'm going to expose this..this plan of yours to the president." he said as he shook the file in the air "Then your going away for a long time my old friend."

Director Scott shook his head and chuckled as he pressed a button under his desk "Oh John...John...John...John." He looked at his old comrade with a sympathetic glare "You could never see the things that needed to be done in the name of Freedom." Just as Ashfeld turned to leave, the office door flew open and two men dressed in neat collared shirts, black slacks and coats ran through it. The man in the back closed the door tight as the first one ran up to Ashfeld and planted a powerful right hook across the elderly mans face. Ashfeld's head hit the desk, and Director Scott stood up and moved to the side and starred, as the man who punched him held Ashfeld's head down and the second man ran over with a syringe in hand. The second man grabbed Ashfeld's right arm, the other man grabbing the left, then plunged the syringe deep into Ashfeld's neck. As the liquid in the syringe filled his blood stream, Ashfeld's eyes got wide, and he began to make chocking sounds as he began to drown in a pool of his own saliva. Director Scott looked at him with cold unfeeling eyes, then turned to the man with the the syringe "That's a nice coat Jackson, it new?"

the man called Jackson looked over as he took the syringe out of Ashfeld's neck "Yeah, got it on sale."

"Nice, where?" Director Scott asked as the other man let go of Ashfeld and he fell to the floor, convulsing violently

"I ordered it from Old Navy before this shit went down, they had it in store but I was just now able to get down there and pick it up from the storage room."

Director Scott nodded and tightened his mouth "Not bad, looks good on you." he said as he patted Jackson on the back and walked over to Ashfeld who had stopped moving and was now motionless on the floor "Get the body back to his house, make it look like he had a heart attack in his study or some shit."

"Yes sir." the two men said in Unison as they picked up the body and dragged it out of the office.

Director Scott picked up the file from the ground and shoved it in it's place as he took his seat at his chair "Now, where was I."

~Boulder, Colorado~

(Intro: Richard "Freelancer" McCarthy, Song:

People sat on street corners, their cloths dirty and their eyes full of lost hopes. Richard, Lilith, Leon and Jake, Lilith's dog, drove past the dirty and nearly destroyed streets of Boulder. No one here seemed like they had any hopes of survival in their minds. Who could in these times though? Richard was a trained killer, who was trained to live off bare essentials for months on end, and even he was pretty sure his he was pretty fucked at this point. A jet screamed over head and Richard looked up to see an AV-8 harrier moving past them at lightning speeds. That wasn't an unusual sight here in Colorado, the military had lots of chemical weapons facilities, air bases, and not to mention NORAD all here in the state so it was no surprise that they had a huge presence here.

"These people look terrible." Lilith commented as she drove the Humvee through the streets that were littered with filth. They had acquired the vehicle from a few cops who weren't going to be needing it anymore up in Vail, a small town in the Rocky Mountains. It got shit for gas mileage but the cops had filled it with plenty of gasoline canisters before they were jumped by infected.

"What are you talking about, you'd fit right in with those rags your wearing." Leon commented. He was in the back seat petting Jake who was still wearing a makeshift cast on his arm. It had been broken pretty badly when the bomb went off at Highgate. So Richard made a cast for him out of gauze and splintered wood. It wasn't perfect, but it did the job will enough. The two exchanged a few more words as Richard looked out upon the streets. He had his pistol at the ready, he didn't these people to not try and rob them. Good thing was, most of these people were here because they drove here of their own free will or just decided to stay. The military wasn't forcing people to stay, so they had obviously found a nice enough way to live if they stayed here.

"You two lovers sure get along well." Richard joked as the Humvee rolled through the streets.

Lilith made some comment and Richard looked back at her with a cocky smile. Lilith's arm was a little discolored, a side effect from the paralyzing injections. He was able to make the vials last for a long time, but she was getting close to her last injection and once that happened who knows how long she will have before the parasite takes over. That's why they were here, Richard knew that the government had a huge testing facility buried under Buckley Air Force base. It was one of the first places they started producing the serum. If they were lucky they still had an abundance there. Luckily, the entrance to the facility wasn't located at Buckley air force base, which was no doubt guarded like it was the last safe haven on Earth, it was in the city of Aurora itself. There is a small building in Aurora that is a military hospital, well in the basement is an entrance to a series of underground tunnels that lead under Buckley Air Force base and into the research facility. The whole thing was set up during the Second World War to serve as a secondary testing facility for chemical weapons, aside from the Rocky Mountain arsenal located in Commerce City.

"Okay, we are getting closer to where the military will be set up. So we might need to find a place to ditch the car, because if we don't they military will probably confiscate all of our gas and our Humvee."

Lilith nodded her head, and with that she speed the Humvee out of the city of Boulder and down towards Aurora. As they did Richard thought back to Darcy. How he wished to see her face again...They were supposed to meet at the rendezvous point but since the three of them plus the dog needed to walk they didn't get there in time. He hoped she was okay...after this he was going to find her somehow...he swore it.

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Character Portrait: Jin Bou Character Portrait: Kale A. Fusaro


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Jin was so tired. He stared up at the sky wishing he could see the stars but it was not to be on this cloudy day. He felt terrible. Fighting 'biters' all day and all he had to show for it was laying on the ground feeling sorry for himself and all those in the small town. He closed his eyes smiling as visions of his short but memorable escape from Highgate. He'd feel better after he got some sleep.


"Go go go go!" Jin yelled to his ever increasing group of misfits. The streets were a maze and it had been difficult the first month to get used to them. He stood in abandoned alleyway when a person in a hoodie ran past. Jin took his stance and readied his bat as he heard some more running. He swung full force as the biter's head caved in under the combined force of the bat and its own velocity. It didn't move and Jin started running into the alley way. He passed an intersection and heard a familiar crunch as a cricket back took down the biter that was after him. It was a crude system but his team had not failed yet.

An hour later:
Jin was resting and drinking with about 16 other people ranging from early teens to late twenties.
"Jin raised his glass in salute to the others around him," he said quietly. They all responded by lifting their drinks and then lowered them and drank in silence. They could hear the creatures circling around the block searching for them. Jin started to think of how he got here.

A month after the escape from Highgate Jin, Leo, Matthew, Layla, and Nataie had stopped to resupply in this small city of Kent. They had just snatched up supplies when when they were swarmed. Jin was the furthest away having to kill the few that surprised him. He looked at the group who was already in the car and knew there was no way to get to them. His eyes met Natalie's and he shook his head. She had some place she had to go to. He turned and he started to pound the bat on metal cans and started to drag one away from the car. He dropped it once he got a large amount of their attention and ran for his life.

He looked at the bat in his hands. He had wiped it off and just remembered.

Jin stood up and the others followed his lead. He had found this small little shelter where a large many of people had been hiding out. For the last 3 months he had helped keep them safe as well as tried to expand the safety area It was a slow process but Jin couldn't walk away from the people that had saved him.

A scream filled the air and Jin turned towards the sound. It was on the from area 2. He ran quickly joined by another from his own area. They stopped when they found the dead body of Sarah Connel. But it wasn't the only one. The four assigned to this area had all been killed. The only problem was, where were the 'biters'. He didn't hae much time to think when three biters came running down the alley way, most likely being drawn by the scream. Jin and Kyle fended them off long enough to use their strategy, though two people was not a desirable number they made it work.

Jin walked back and looked over Sarah's body. Her arm had been broken and her neck as well. Jin looked around as he gripped his bat. he moved quickly back to join Kyle. He turned the corner to find Kyle dead in a silent scream. he ran to him and bent down. Just as he noticed a thin red mark around his neck he saw a flash of a hand to his left. He instantly understood and pulled his hand up as robe bit into the back of his hand. His hand was forced to his neck and he almost dropped his bat instinctively but it was a memory he could not let go. He felt himself having trouble breathing as the one behind him continued to pull on the rope.

Jin swung the bat aiming for the person knee, and instantly felt the rope loosen as the individual let go to escape the bat. Jin fought the idea of collapsing and turned to face the killer. He took a step back when he saw the figure before him.
(OOC: Check Kale's CS for appearance)

"What is your name?" asked a a voice from the killer as he pulled out a hunter's knife. The killer looked relaxed while Jin was tense as hell.

"Jin Bou," Jin said with a grim smile on his face. It was always a bad sign when Jin started to act like things weren't serious. Before he could think the Cheshire cat killer dashed in. Jin was used to sudden attacks but they had always been straight forward due to lack of tactical thought on the 'biters' part. Jin swung and missed as the figure stopped suddenly letting the bat swish the air in front of him. Jin however was used to fighting multiple people at once and he swung his right just the smiling killer re-entered his range. Jin smiled as he felt contact but something was not right as he lost his balance. Before he could fall he screamed as the hunter's knife pierced the flesh of his thigh but it wasn't as bad as the second one or third. The Cheshire held Jin's leg as he continued to rapidly pierce his leg. He only let go as Jin fell to the ground. Jin swung low with the bat but his aim was horrible and there was no power in it. The figure grabbed the bat and pulled it to toss it away but Jin didn't let go. The killer looked down at the man before him and dropped to knee as he plunged the knife in Jin's stomach. He released the knife and pulled down zipped down his inner hood and pulled back the outer revealing his face.

Jin was so tired. He stared up at the sky wishing he could see the stars but it was not to be on this cloudy day. He felt terrible. Fighting 'biters' all day and all he had to show for it was laying on the ground feeling sorry for himself and all those in the small town. He closed his eyes smiling as visions of his short but memorable escape from Highgate. He'd feel better after he got some sleep.

"My name is Kale," he said softly. "You were the best prey I've had so far. I will take your treasure and add it to my collection. I will not forget you Jin Bou." With that said Kale pulled the bat from Jin's loosened grip and pulled the knife out and wiped it on Jin's pants. He looked at the bat as he walked away. There was something written on the bat.

"Former Owner Darcy. Current Owner Jin. This bat is on loan and can be used by the following people. Jin, Natalie, Matthew, Leo, Layla" he read. "Survivors of Highgate, Hoorah!"
"Highgate huh?", Kale said as he left the alleyway.

Kale saw three zombies heading towards him. He took a few practice swings. Nice and balanced, he thought. He stepped in and smashed downwards on the first head and letting go with his right hand he side stepped and deflected the second's hand and tripped it as he swung low shattering the knees of the third. He then turned and kicked the second back down and smashed its head and then did the same to the third. He walked in silence as he put his hood up.

"Time to move to the next the place" he said to himself as he pulled out a map he had just acquired from one of the other hooded individuals

2 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Darcy Morgan Character Portrait: Belinda Morgan


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She knew she was dreaming . . . She had had this dream many times in the past few months . . . but it still played out the same . . . she just had to ride it out.

It began with the golden gown. Looking at her reflection in the mirror; a river of long brown curls ran to her waist over the tight golden strapples bodice of the gown. Of course she looked beautiful, she always did . . . the lights dimmed and the room slipped into dark. She looked around frantically. Where was she? A figure appeared and moved closer slowly . . .

Daddy?” She whispered unsure.

The figure growled and ran at her fast at the sound of her voice. She screamed at the top of her lungs but no sound left her lips.


Her breath came out in sharp short rasps as she looked down at her hands . . . blood and a gun. The realization she'd killed her own father washed over her in unstoppable waves.

“No . . .” . . . Yes

The gun fell out of her shaking hands as she backed up into a dark corner and slid down to the floor. No!! God no! Please. She covered her face with her bloody hands and sobbed.

Goosebumps trailed up the naked skin of her arms and shoulders and the atmosphere lightened up and changed suddenly. She peered up slowly.

A scarred handsome face with deep brown eyes looked down at her with a gun pointed at her head.

Recognition shimmered through her . . . She knew that face . . . It was so familiar . . . So very beloved.

The fear of earlier left her as she smirked and locked her foot around his booted feet and pulled his feet out from under him so he landed next to her.

Before she knew it he was on top of her pushing her down while he kissed her hard . . . and she wasn't even fighting him. Her whole being felt warm and safe as he pulled away and grinned down at her.

“I'm Marcus.” He said, the words echoing as if he were far away.

“Liar.” She smiled back as he stroked his fingers through her long brown hair.

A chill ran through the air and the room fell back into sudden pitch darkness again. She searched around frenziedly with her fingers in the black. No! Despair ran through her, cold as ice. He was gone . . .

Sheets of thick heavy rain began pelting down from the dark sky and soaked her chilled through to the bone . . . But she heard his voice, it reverberated in the waterfall of the night. “ . . . Just live, for me! . . . Now go!

Go? . . But where? Sounded the empty words in her head.

She was cold, confused, wet . . . and then her hands were on the wheel. The road and the green surroundings swept passed her on both sides in a blur of line and colors. A whiny noise hovered miles above her in the distance . . . She looked up, the dot was coming closer.

The speedometer showed she was pushing 220. Still too far away. She'd never make it to the dirt road. The car squealed angrily as she hit the breaks hard, almost throwing her body first through the wind shield even with her seatbelt on. But she knew what she was doing and could handle her car.

Putting the car in drive again, she turned and drove into the forest. It was her only chance of getting out alive. The black Porsche raced through the shrubs, trees and uneven ground. Her heart was racing faster then the car . . . No more then ten minutes after turning into the forest a horrendous blast shook the earth and the air.

She sucked in a deep breath, panic rumbling through her as she watched the air molecules literally vibrating passed her on both sides. A deep orange flared in her rear view mirror. It moved fast and pushed forward just like the vibrating air. The momentum propelled the car further forward unnaturally.

Another mute screamed left her lips as her last thought crossed her mind. Oh God! I'm going to die!

. . . Blackness ensued.

Present Day

Darcy felt the unstoppable rise of nausea twist in her stomach even before she was fully awake. Her eyes flashed open as she covered her mouth with one hand and rushed out of the car.

Heaving; the contents of her stomach emptied uncontrollably onto the side of the Highway. It was a fair few minutes before she felt able to go back to the car.

Darcy's nose crinkled up even before she got near the open door of her Porsche. The offensive smell of flagrant greasy fried chicken filled the air and the damn car. Darcy covered her mouth before another bout of bile could rise up within her as she half bent in the car and hit the release button so the top of the car could come down and grabbed a water bottle.

Gurgling water she spit it out till the horrible taste of her sick left her mouth.

“Are you alright dear?” Asked an unconcerned voice.

Darcy turned around sharply and stared angrily down at the blonde women in the passenger side of the Porsche with a cold chicken leg in her hands and a box full of chicken in her lap. She couldn't believe the utter selfishness of the women.

“Am I alright?!” Darcy spat back angrily as she grabbed the box of chicken and flung it out onto the road. “You know I can't stand that shit!”

“Hey- But I thought-” The women began innocently.

“No mother!” Darcy said exasperatedly as she got back in the car, the smell having finally dissipated. “You didn't think!”

They had stopped on the Highway so they could get some sleep. It was the only place besides guarded cities, Darcy felt safe stopping to get some shut eye. Especially now that she was constantly exhausted. The roads linking cities and towns were practically empty and abandoned; the odd vehicle may pass by; besides that the highways were baron.

Darcy switched the engine on and put her shades on.

“So what? Now I can't eat anything that you don't approve of?” Belinda Morgan pouted as she folded her arms across her chest and sulked like a petulant child.

“That's right!” Darcy replied as they cruised down the highway, cheesed off.

The winter sun was bright and high in the sky. The chilled wind rushed through Darcy's hair and cooled her heated skin. She was constantly running hot and cold lately.

“I'm your mother!” Belinda argued back.

Fine time to start being a mother thought Darcy sarcastically. Too bad I don't need one any longer.

“This is my car,” Darcy replied instead “and if you don't want to walk to Minneapolis then I suggest you shut up and eat what I say. Got that?”

“Fine!” Frowned the attractive fifty six year old woman “But just because you got-”

“Don't even finish that sentence or I swear I will open that door and throw you out right now!”

Tense silence filled the car until Belinda sighed and turned to face her daughter in the leather seat.

“Dracinda, darling. All I'm saying is that I thought you were smarter than this!” Belinda tried to reason with her unruly daughter “We're not like those uptight Catholics. There's still time-”

Darcy didn't think she could take another one of the hypocritical words coming out of her mothers mouth. The women was unbearable sober! She was better off when she was liquored up. In fact, she should have just left her where she found her.

Anger shot through Darcy's body as she gripped the steering wheel tight and shouted over the sound of the wind. “Still time for what mother?! To kill my unborn child?! What kind of sick person are you?”

“You think you're going to be able to look after a child on your own?!” Her mother questioned bitterly. "And where is the father? Huh? Did you even think about the consequences Dracinda? Did he tell you he loved you Dracinda? That he'd be there forever, huh? Foolish girl!”

Darcy tampered down her explosive anger, instead her mind drifted onto contemplative thoughts. Yes! Darcy thought certainly, she would be able to raise and look after child, and she'd do a hell of a better job then Belinda had!

Even if she had to do it alone . . . and she'd make the people responsible for taking everyone and everything she had ever loved and cared for away from her pay for what they did . . . the ripples of what she was doing were already taking affect and being felt around the world.

It had been four months since Highgate went up in a ball of flames by the US Government with the help of her father and brother and they had both paid dearly with their own lives for it . . . And four months since she had last seen Richard.

Richard. They were suppose to meet months ago after escaping from Highgate. She had waited forever but he hadn't turned up.

Her heart ached when she thought about what could have happened to him. Had the people after James Hill, the people Richard worked for, got to him first? Had he died? But then wouldn't have Lilith come to the rendezvous point, like they were all suppose to? But Lilith hadn't shown up either. Or had he just left her?

All the possibilities left Darcy feeling cold inside. No. Darcy didn't think about him if she could help it. The only good thinking of Richard did was reduce her to a puddle of tears . . . and Darcy needed to stay strong, especially now . . . for her unborn baby.

However, it was becoming harder not to think of him . . . Especially now that her belly was beginning to round slightly and she could feel the baby begin to kick.

Darcy placed a protective arm around her stomach. It wasn't that visible yet and she hid the bump under loose shirts that didn't give away the shape of her frame. She was becoming pretty good at it too. Darcy didn't want anyone to see her as an easy target; there were all sorts of lunatics running around, besides the flesh eating Zombies.

“For your information mother,” Darcy said in a stone cold voice, concentrating on the road ahead “My child was conceived out of love. Not that you would understand anything about that.”

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Character Portrait: Tsukiko "Tsu" Kiriko


0.00 INK

Tsu had been walking for days on the highway, she was starving and loosing weight by the minute because of it, she was tired. All she knew was she hoped to find any sort of city or group that could take her in so she could recover. Tsu as she passed by the empty cars looked inside for any sort of food or necessity. She passed by a car which had food. But it was canned, of course it had to be canned chicken. She grabbed it anyway since hell she has an axe and sword. one of them should open it.

--2 hours later--

Finally Tsu had stopped, she had decided to rest so she wouldn't over exhaust herself. She looked at the can she had gotten, she was damn hungry and opened it with the fire axe. She hated the flavor and texture, but hell it was edible and she ate it. It was weird, but she saw a car pass by, she watched it go by and decided to attempt to follow it, it wasn't very plausible, but it was worth the shot. She stood up throwing the can aside since she had emptied it and she had her own water bottle. Which was also running low she had decided to try to find a working car on the side of the road and couldn't, 'Great... More walking...' she thought as she started to walk next to the roadway again. She had to find that car, maybe the person whom was driving could help her. As she chased the car on foot she began to run and run she did she looked around and then, a nightmare showed itself chasing her, a walker. Tsukiko almost immediately panicked when she saw the thing chase her, and the thing was gaining on her too. She knew if this weren't a long run she'd be able to escape, but that wasn't the issue that she soon noticed. Another walker had seen her and was running towards her to intercept her for its own food.Tsu yelped a bit since she had to fight one or both of them. She decided since its multiple enemies she drew her sword which she hasn't used yet since she mainly evaded the walkers. The distance between her and the first walker was 500 yards and the one in front of her was 50 yards, as the creature got closer she prepared her lunge, and lunge she did. She dove driving her sword through the walker's neck and severing its neck. As she was coming to the ground she rolled and continued to run. Soon she was forced to stop, she looked back and the walker behind her was still chasing her, 'Persistent aren't you?' she thought as she prepared her fire axe to kill this one and kill it she did Driving the axe into its head nearly splitting it in half. She had survived the encounter.

--4 hours later--

Tsukiko had started to walk after killing the two walkers and was once again, tired and hungry. She had seen a small town and decided to go therein hopes to survive. It was empty as far as she could tell, but she was safe, she looked at the grocer and grabbed a few implements of food leaving the money on the counter and had just went to a hotel room. Soon after eating, she had fallen asleep.

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Journal Entry #45

Sorry I have not written in a couple days, you know how it is, I have a hard time getting in the mindset of writing even though these days I have plenty of time. It has been a while since I found this journal in my cabin. Four months to be exact. I know I said I was going to write everyday, but I was never one to always stick to doing this.

I'm nearing the end of my meat supply. Game is hard to find this time of year, but tracking what is left is easier with the occasional snow.

I might get moving soon, I haven't seen many people within the last four months, just the usual helicopters, planes, and cars down on the highways. I am starting to get lonely, I was fine uptill three weeks ago, then I realized I need to find people. The radio suggests that there are safe cities, mostly major cities. I could drive somewhere, I have the gas, but that would mean going out and killing those monsters. Are there any left? Are there more? Radio says more people are becoming infected everyday...that could be dangerous, but I can't stay here much longer. No.

James could not think of anything else to write and so he snapped shut his journal and sat there for a moment. Like a statue James sat there in his red plaid shirt and light grey jeans. His beard lay supported in the cup of his hand, his eyes staring steadily out the front window to where Highgate once was. There was nothing left now except a snow filled crater. Even from this far out James could tell that the city no longer existed. It was gone along with everyone there. James spent a lot of the time processing what had happened the day it vanished, he wasn't exactly sure why it had happened but he had a few theories. The saddest part was that everyone that was still there had died, there was no way anyone could survive an attack like that. Leo was gone, he should have taken Leo with him, now his blood was on his hands.

Once James had finished thinking he finally moved. He sat up from his chair and walked over to the fire place; the kettle was hissing and steam was spewing out of the top. James carefully removed the kettle from above the fire and poured the hot water into a mug and mixed in a bag of tea. Six more, six more mornings James thought as he counted the remaining tea bags. James had the privilege to have one cup of tea every morning for the last two months, but soon he would no longer have that enjoyment.

-------3 HOURS LATER-------

Snowflakes were falling to the ground but melted almost immediately it wasn't cold enough for it to stick to the ground but the air in the Rocky Mountains was cold enough to turn the rain into snow, which was very fortunate for James who was crouched behind a tree. In his hands was a hunting rifle locked and loaded. James went out early this morning to see if he could catch an animal for dinner but so far he had no luck. The tree animals were gone by this time of the year and the deer and other mammals were already seeking hibernation. James was pressed for food and a deer would be the perfect thing to catch now, even a mountain goat would suffice.

Inhaling a deep breath James moved from the tree and looked down his scopes, peering through the woods. There was nothing in sight and there was nothing on the ground around him. James took a yellow piece of cloth and a nail and hammered it to a nearby tree. After a couple more minutes of walking James came across some good luck.

"Finally" Murmured James as he knelt down and placed his hands in a small crater in the mud. Wolf Tracks.

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"Birth control, Ho Chi Minh, Richard Nixon back again, Moonshot, Woodstock, Watergate, punk rock." Barnaby blamed his parents for his love of Billy Joel songs, as he found himself singing lyrics to whatever song came to his mind at random times; usually without any provocation. After all, he didn't recall Bill Joel writing any songs about walking along the highway, peeking into broken down and abandoned cars while keeping an eye out for flesh eating creatures. Though that may be the next single to come from the talented piano player after this whole mess. "Begin, Reagan, Palestine, Terror on the airline, Ayatollah's in Iran, Russians in Afghanistan" he kept singing to himself as he peeked into another car, scanning for anything that may be useful. His current goal was to find a jacket, as though he could tolerate the cold usually, it'd just be nice to have some form of comfort.

"'Wheel of Fortune', Sally Ride, heavy metal, suicide, foreign debts, homeless vets, AIDS, crack, Bernie Goetz." Just then he heard a growl, turning around from peeking into a window to be greeted with a zombie. He cocked his head to the side as he looked at it, the teenage-boy-turned-zombie staring at him before it came charging straight at him. "Hypodermics on the shore, China's under martial law, Rock and roller cola wars," Just then he quickly stepped to the side, giving the creature a slight push while hooking one of it's legs, causing it to fall forwards and smash it's face onto the roof. "I can't take this anymore!" He sang out as he drew then slammed his knife into the back of it's head, plunging the blade deep into it's skull. Ripping the blade out, he kept to his tune as he wiped the blade off on the creature's shirt. "We didn't start the fire, it was always burning sense the world's been turning." Sheathing his knife he looked off, beginning to sing in a whisper, "We didn't start the fire, but when we are gone, will it still burn on, and on, and on, and on...."

From there he just began to hum the rest of the tune as he continued his walk, heading towards what he hoped was a nearby city. At least it was only one zombie right now, as he really didn't feel like pulling his Winchester off his back or removing Pippy from his hook on Barnaby's belt. He was really in a lazy mood today, and he just wanted to find something to eat; and a cigar wouldn't be a bad find either. Anyone would do, even any flavor at this point. He really didn't have the option of being picky at this point, not since this whole mess had started. He really wasn't sure what was going on and why people were turning into rather ugly looking cannibals, nor did he know why he wasn't turning into one of them. All he knew was that it meant they were all out to kill him and anybody that wasn't like them either. It certainty made for quite the fights though, these nasty critters. Hell it was why he was making his way towards the nearest city or town he could find. He was mostly interested in finding some supplies so he didn't starve or die of thirst, but if he found some creatures he could hunt down he certainly wouldn't frown at the idea. Honestly though, he was rather hoping to find somebody still alive in the next place. He may not be one for company most of the time, but he'd already spent about a month not once running into anyone that wasn't trying to bite his face off and even for him it was starting to wear thin. He sighed as he pulled his goggles down and let them hang around his neck, resting one hand on Pippy's head and placing the other in his pocket as he began to sing the lyrics of "Piano Man".

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The men and the woman walked by, holding their children tightly. The hooded man stepped towards them, his hood snugly over his head. "Hello Family of Lindley. You broke the rules. You know what that means, right?" The mother of the family began to cry. "Please! We have children!" Radio showed no emotion. "Well then, you should have thought about that before, shouldn't you have? Come with me." The woman grabbed her children and started to make a mad dash.
A gunshot rang out, and a huge hole emerged from her forehead. She hit the ground, dead. "Mommy? MOMMY!? MOMMA!? Noo... Momma..." The children's screams were no match for the strong hand of Radio. He took them into the room. Runners, everywhere, ran around in a frantic pace. "Goodbye. I will see you someday again." The children were thrown into the pit, ripped apart, sobbing for their daddies and mommies.

Radio spit into the pit, and calmly walked away. "The deed is done. Angels of darkness! Come to me!" He screamed in the old army base, and people came rushing to him.

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The long journey to Minneapolis was strained with perpetual silence. This was quite testing for Belinda Morgan who could not normally stay quiet if her life depended on it. However her unruly daughter was in a foul mood; Belinda knew if she tried to make conversation with her right now it would be equally as stupid as putting ones hand in the Lion's Den. It was all that hormonal changes, not that her daughter was a walk in the park even before she decided to get herself knocked up.

This was just ridiculous! She couldn't even eat without awakening the beast. Why should she have to suffer because almost all foods turned Dracinda's stomach?! And food was all she had now . . . the alcohol, the prescription drugs it was all gone! Well, Belinda supposed that wasn't all bad because she knew for sure she would not have been able to overcome her addiction had it not been forced on her because of the hard times.

Sighing, she looked out at the fast moving landscape. The cold sun was beginning to go down and the lights of the City were finally coming into view. Besides the Zombies and the temperamental company, Belinda was actually having a good time. She had never been this free to go or do what she liked.

Her life before was controlled by her husband, who kept a fierce eye on all her comings and goings. She felt nothing except relief when she heard her husband was dead. Good riddance! In fact, she wished she had been the one to shoot the bastard.

“Remember, you're not Belinda Morgan.” Said her daughter flatly as the car slowed and stopped in front of the barrier at the entrance of Minneapolis.

“And you're not you. Got it.” Belinda answered back when she didn't really get it at all.

Dracinda had had this thing about changing names and not revealing their identities since they had left Wyoming almost three or four months ago. They must have changed names at least ten different times! If it was up to her everyone would know she was Belinda Morgan and she would be treated according to her rightful status. But there was no arguing with Dracinda, especially not now. It was like she was the child and her daughter was the parent. It was more then annoying but she wouldn't argue.

Oh well, at least they were finally here in Minneapolis at long last! There would be some sort of safety, food and a decent place to stay. Actually it was more then decent. A beautifully modern furnished Penthouse suite over looking the Mississippi river on the outskirts of the City. If there was one thing her husband had been good for then it was acquiring property to rendezvous with his mistresses and this apartment in Minneapolis was the latest addition to the bastards portfolio. Too bad for him he wouldn't be able to enjoy it thought Belinda a little too happily.

Excitement bubbled through her as Dracinda rolled down her window.

“Good evening Officer.” Mother and daughter said sexily in unison as they smiled sultrily at the Solider bent over the window side looking in.

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What's worse than having a horde of infected come knocking at your door? Having a horde of infected come knocking at your door when Fenix Securities comes rolling by...

Welcome to the Jungle - G&R

[Ruins of Aurora, CO, 15 minutes earlier...]

A convoy consisting of five armored Gurkha LAPVs rolled through the littered streets of what was left of the small city. Each but the last two were a drab tan in color, sporting the company's logo on both front doors. Two were modified to have a roof-mounted GAU-17/A minigun, as per Fenix Securities' specifications. Overhead was a single UH-60 "Black Hawk" helicopter, with a black color scheme and logo, serving as the convoy's overhead eyes and air support.

The three tan vehicles were being routed to Buckley AFB, each complemented with 5 Fenix Security operators, but as they turned towards the base, the last two, in black and sporting a different logo, broke away from the convoy...

The two LAPVs carried a different group of operators, accompanied with an additional six "regular" operators, whose jobs were to operate the vehicles. Eight in total, they called themselves the Wolf-Pack...

[Present Time

"Alright, wolves, we've reached our destination. Lock and load, ladies."

Jakob, sitting in the back seat behind the driver's, was just finishing up on checking over his gear, when he heard the broadcast from the squad leader, Red. He was in the second vehicle, alongside with Jessica, who served as the team's designated marksman, Leeroy, the heavy support, and Viktor, the CQC specialist. Together, they were the Wolf-Pack's Fireteam-Bravo, whereas Alpha was in the vehicle ahead of them.

Having rolled up into the parking lot of an abandoned hospital, the name no longer recognizable, the two LAPVs braked, with Alpha team already exiting their vehicle and heading towards the second to discuss the plan with the four.

"Well, I guess this is the place." Jakob muttered, before opening his door and climbing out, joining with Alpha.

The icy winter air nipped at his face, his visor still up. The stench of death and decay surrounded them, as if they weren't alone, before they were shortly joined by the rest of Bravo.

"This is the drill. We are to locate and secure the tunnel entrance to the facility, and retrieve the primary objective. After we secure the entrance, Bravo, your job is to neutralize any hostilities within the facility. If it moves, shoot first and ask questions later. Alpha will locate and retrieve what we came in for..."

Red ordered, as he drew out an imaginary plan on his glove.

"...According to our contractor's intel, the entrance should be located in the basement, on sublevel-Echo. Drop your visors and move out."

As if on cue, each of the operators dropped their visors, the internal sensor and communication modules buzzing to life, their air filters beginning to take work on the surrounding air, providing them fresh air as the eight operators took their steps towards the entrance to the defunct hospital...

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(intro: "Priestess" Song: )

"You want more of me...don't you." The brown haired woman whispered into as she stroked a hand down the man's body.

"Hmm..yes baby." the man groaned as she bit the lobe of his ear and straddled her body over his

The woman smiled as the man kissed her neck and began to pull her naked body down onto him, she let it happen and kissed his him hard as their bodies rubbed against one another. The acts of nature started to unfold under the silk covers of the bed that sat in the middle of a tidy apartment that was littered with articles of clothing from both the woman and the man. She had just met him the other day, but already she was in his bed, showing herself a nice time and giving him the time of his life. She had been with much more attractive men in her time, but sex was sex to her and she would take the opportunity whenever she could. She gripped the covers of the bed "Hmm yes." she moaned as the act went on with her above the man. Her Carmel skin looked amazing in the dim lights of the apartment, her hair lay across her back like a flowing river. She looked to the ceiling in ecstasy, her deep brown eyes covered by her eye lids as she ran a hand down her own body and moaned lightly.

A phone rang on the bed stand and broke the atmosphere of pleasure. The woman stopped her gyrating motion and reached for the phone on the stand "Ah come on baby, leave it." The woman ignored her current sexual partner and starred at the screen of the phone, she had received a text from a number marked 'Postal Service Operations Center' . She clicked on the message and read it "Has the package been delivered Priestess?" it had not she was too busy enjoying herself. But, if they were impatient enough to send her a message she guessed that her fun was over. It was a shame really, for an average looking guy he was pretty good what she wanted him for.

Priestess got off of the man and walked over to her underwear that was on the floor next to the bed and started putting it on "What the hell? Right in the middle of it?" The man complained as he lay on the bed naked. She finished putting her bra on, then she moved to her jeans and pulled them on as she looked at the man unsympathetically

"I have somewhere to be." she said as she she zipped her jeans then searched for her shirt on the floor, finding first the black tank top which she three on her upper body, then she found the mesh over shirt and put it on.

"Right now? You were doing great!" the man continued his bitching as he sat up on the bed and looked at Priestess who was putting her hair in a pony tail

"It was fun, but I have to go. But i'll be back." she said these things like they weren't sharing a personal moment just a minute ago, which for her it really wasn't that personal of a moment. She sat on the bed and retrieved her boots from under it, sliding them on and zipping them up the sides as the man put his hands on her back and kissed her neck again

"Come on.." he whispered in her ear "I'm still so ready." he tried to sound sexy, but it wasn't going to make Priestess do anything else for him. She turned around and grabbed his manhood, being sure to apply too much pressure for comfort, and forced him onto his back

"Finish off yourself." she said coldly "I'll be leaving that purse of mine here, just so you know i'll be coming back." then she released him and stood up. She grabbed her guitar case and jacket, and then stormed off towards the door, making sure her large black purse was in the corner of the room where she left it.

"When will you be back?" the man inquired

Without stopping the woman replied "soon." then simply opened the door and slammed it behind her. She rolled her eyes as she walked down the stairs of the apartment to the lobby. Most men she met out in the field were only good for one thing, and sometimes not even that. This guy was at least pretty useful while he lasted; too bad she couldn't finish up. Priestess stopped at the secured iron door of the apartment and opened her guitar case, inside was not an instrument used for musical entertainment, but a disassembled 50. cal sniper rifle, her silenced pistol and an array of other things that were hidden in the lining of the case. She grabbed her pistol and a small device with a pressure switch on the side, and then she closed the case and slung it over her shoulder by a strap she had hung off of it. Retrieving a dark pair of aviators from her pocket, she exited the apartment building into the cold breeze of Texas. The sun was pretty bright, and it shone off the broken glass the lined the street. The city of San Antonio had been abandoned except for her sexual thrill of the day and a load of infected.

She walked down the street towards a grey Nissan that was parked on the sidewalk ahead of her. As she walked she could here a growling, gurgling coming up from behind her. She gave a quick glance and saw a yellow skinned monstrosity running towards her. It was extremely skinny and the bones in its jaw had protruded from their place and were now sticking up by his mouth like giant fangs. He opened his mouth and a long tentacle like tongue hung down to his chest, the end of his tongue was forked and looked like it had been hardened to the point of being able to pierce skin. The creature looked at her, his hoodie and face covered in dried blood. It screeched in a horrible, high pitched tone that pierced into her ear drums like blades as charged at her full speed. She didn’t have much time to react as it flung its tongue at her like it was a great sword. She dodged the right, raised her pistol, and then put a single round through the creature’s temple. It fell to the ground in a mutated heap, the side of its head blown out onto the street. Priestess had been seeing a lot of these mutated freaks around lately; the parasite had been evolving to the point where it morphed the host’s body to suit its needs. The science teams were baffled by the amount of mutation the parasite could induce.

She left the infected being where it was a closed the rest of the distance to her car, and opened the driver’s side door. Just before she got in she put her fingers around the pressure switch of the little gadget she had retrieved from her guitar case and squeezed it hard. The Earth was shook as the apartment she was just in exploded outward onto the street, flames shooting in every direction. There was a thunderous sound of bricks hitting each other as the apartment caved in on itself and fell into the one below it. She through the detonator into the passengers seat and flopped down inside the vehicle. She had been sent to kill that man for trying to release information on the parasite to foreign governments, so she decided she would use him for what little good she could squeeze out of him before she got rid of him. Priestess took her phone from the pocket of her jeans and went to the email app of her phone. She selected the email for Director Scott and typed him a short message telling him his problem in Texas had been taken care of.

She loved her job; she got to met people, fuck them then kill them afterwards. That was all she needed to be happy. She stroked a hand through her pony tail and sighed as she grabbed a water bottle from the center consol and started chugging it down. As she lowered it back down away from her face, she smiled to her self and spat out the window “Good times.” She said under her breathe as she started her car engine, and sped off to her next destination.

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Matthew jumped up out of the car, into the new city. He had just got all that stuff, and everyone else seemed to be sleeping. "Jin? Jin wake up!" Jin did a sort of half turn. He grunted, and Matthew rolled his eyes. "Hey? Sleeping Beauty? I'm going out looting. See ya in the morning." Jin rolled back over and Matthew started to run off into the city.


Radio looked down, as the boy left the group, his backpack on. "Move out my darklings. Bring me the boy." The men and woman ran out to the streets, ready to capture. Radio jumped down the small shed and landed in front of the boy. "Stop. You will not pass me. That is inevitable." The boy looked up and smiled. "Hey, Darth Vader, back off or I will shoot you!" The boy raised his shotgun towards Radio. "Bad decision, boy." Radio sliced the scythe down through the shotgun, cutting it in half. One of his, "darklings" came up behind the boy and grabbed him. "Let go of me!" The boy struggled, but it was no use. Radio looked at his darkling, and said "We have our hostage."

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This was definitely not good.

Michi and her small group of four stood on top of a building in the great city which had been hit hard by the infection. With so many people in so small a space the zombism curse had changed the city for the worst almost overnight. She kept her hawk eyes trained on one of the two groups of zombies, Matt watching the other. Both were wandering aimlessly but unfortunatly in their shuffling they were unknowingly wandering directly towards their target.

It was one of those corner stores that had not been the main target of riots and thievery. It was completely empty of people, yes, since it’s previous (and now probably zombified) owners had abandoned it, but far from empty of supplies. They'd planned to raid it and bring the supplies back to the base, a small island that had miraculously survived the plague and held roughly two hundred people. Michi and her small group were one of many who left the island to retrieve supplies and bring it back to the small, heathly populance.

But once inside, Missy, who was one of the better scouts in Michi’s group, had discovered medicine, food, drinks, and forms of entertainment among other things as well as a woman, probably in her late 50s was cowering inside. The woman was too frightened to leave, so Missy had to come back and inform the group of the situation. Doing a little back ground scan via Carter, the group had discovered her name was Mary Jubbler. She’d had four children and raised three of them to adulthood before the infection had come, taking her youngest juvenile. Also reanimated was Ms. Mary’s husband and oldest child. Two of the children, a man of 25 and his sister of 21, waited anxiously at the safe-zone for his mother’s safe return.

But the safety factor of the mission was quickly dropping.

With group number one containing exactly nineteen zombies and group number two containing thirteen zombies there was no safe way to get in and out in the amount of time they had previously planned to have. The zombies would get inside and kill the widowed woman as she had not properly sealed the store, and would likely destory some of the supplies her group had been sent after. They couldn't allow this to happen.

“Carter, give me a guess on how much time is would take for us four to loot the place, get the grandma and get out.”

Carter here was their brainiac. He was in charge of tech and was a part of the CZO (Curing Zombism Organization) trying to develop a cure or a vaccine. He was braver than most and came on these missions with Michi to gather information. Typing in on his laptop, which naturally he’d upgraded to solar power, he made a few calculations and said, “An hour.”

“How much time do we have?”

“Twenty minutes at best.”

Michi punched her palm with the opposing hand and hissed angerly, “Then how the heck are we going to get the mission done?!”

“Calm yourself Michi!” Missy whispered back, “The most important thing right now is getting Ms. Mary out of there. If we’ve got twenty minutes-“


“Shut up Carter! If we have twenty minutes then one of us has to get her out and the rest of use load up with stuff."

Missy was right, as usual, and after and moment of aggrivated anger Michi finally sighed in surrender. "I know, I know. You're right. We need to hurry. Food and drinks are critical, medicine is a good thought and other things are minimal in importance. I'll get Ms. Mary, you all get as much supplies as possible and we'll head back to the boats. We can come back for more later but we'll get what we can this time.” The others nodded to Michi and followed close behind as they snuck towards the store.

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A few hours later Tsu had woken up with a pounding on the iron door, it was dark out and she had picked up a jacket that was left in the room, it was a sleek black jacket that was very loose on her, but it fit for the most part. She didn't know what to expect with this creature of the night. The heat was off and it was damn cold, and picking up her sword and Fire axe felt like she was lifting ice. Tsu ignored it, she had to, and before she got to the door, the window shattered and bodies started to fall in by the fives and she knew it, a horde found her she near panicked but drew her sword, and fought to secure her way out, there was no other way out but through the walls. She had to, and she closed and locked the door to the restroom and pulled out her fire axe as the walkers started to beat the door down, by the time she got through the wall, they had made a large hole in the door and were coming through. she was in the next room and didn't bother with the door and just went through the window and started to run again. This time, for her life. The horde was too large for her to fight. She had to.

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((My first post ^_^ ))

Looking out through the window, Alex let out a sigh as he stared at the remainder of his home town, there wasn't much left of it, just the shells of houses and dead bodies of people he used to know scattered around the place.
It reeked too, like death and rotting corpses.
"I need to get out of here..." He muttered, he had been here far too long, he couldn't just sit and do nothing anymore.
Turning away from the window Alex walked into the kitchen.
He didn't have much food left, half a loaf of bread, two slices of moldy pizza that really should be thrown out, and a bag of potatoes.
Alex left the kitchen and entered the main entrance area to the house and pulled on his boots, he needed something to eat, something a bit better than moldy pizza and stale bread.
"Hopefully," He grumbled, unlocking the door and twisting the doorknob, "the supermarket still has some stuff left."
No doubt other survivors had been taking stuff from the place, and Alex was surprised it had lasted four months without completely running out of supplies.
Snatching his jacket from the closet and his gun, Alex exited the house and closed and locked the door behind him.
"I should just leave..." He said to himself, "Take some food with me and ditch this place."
It was a good idea, but as soon as he passed a familiar old looking dark grey house Alex knew that he couldn't.
Aarti, the girl who seemed to hate him yet put up with him lived in that house, and Alex knew he wouldn't be able to leave her alone in a town filled with cannibal zombies.
Alex chuckled, she was too stubborn to leave, she would dismiss the idea as soon as he told it to her.
"You're gonna' get us killed, Aarti." He said, shaking his head.

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“Well, hello there ladies.” The Soldier in the green combat uniform smiled down at Belinda and her daughter.

What a dish he was thought Belinda admiring the view. Blue sparkling eyes enhanced by the dimples in his cheeks . . . if only she were thirty years younger . . . but then again she was a single women now . . The possibilities.

“Can I have your names please?” He smiled as he got a clipboard and pen ready.

“Louisa Adams and this is my-”

Slightly older sister,” Belinda interrupted quickly with a nervous flirtatious laugh “err Kerri Adams.”

What!?” She silently mouthed to her daughter who was looking at her like she was crazy as the delicious Solider noted down their names.

She was a women, she had needs. Especially now that those needs could be met at long last.

“So is it true,” Belinda smiled sensually as she ran a finger along the low neckline of her dress trying to grab the boys attention “Minneapolis is practically infection free.”

“Err pretty much,” He answered distractedly “Life has a somewhat normality here, you'll be glad to hear. We still find people turning everyday but the problem is taken care of efficiently and under control.” Turning back to her daughter “That's a beautiful name, Louisa.” The Solider said, his attention now fully occupied by Dracinda. “And Kerri too.” He added noncommittally not even sparing a look for Belinda.

Men! Belinda mumbled to herself angrily as she turned back in her seat and folded her arms across her chest. If she were Dracinda's age that asshole would have been all over her instead of her damn daughter.

Belinda listened unhappily to the flirtatious banter between the two.

“Now you know our names,” Dracinda said coyly “Why don't you tell us yours.”

“I'm Eric. Eric Cash.”

“Well Eric Cash, will I be seeing you around here much?”

“Are you planning on staying here long?” He questioned back.

“If I find something to keep me here I will.” She said suggestively.

Oh, please! Belinda rolled her eyes, unhappy with the lack of attention.

“Hey! Can we get on with it.” She said impatiently looking out the window coldly at the young man. “I'd like to get home sometime today, thank you.”

She was still attractive, this guy just didn't know true ageless beauty when it was sitting right in front of him. And as for Dracinda, the guy probably wouldn't lay eyes on her again. The idiotic girl had some crazy plan to go all the way to the east coast and in her condition. Minneapolis was just a stop for her along the way, God only knew for what. She was just playing with this easily pleased boy to get something, although Belinda wasn't quite sure yet what that was.

Ahem” The Solider cleared his throat “Err, yes Ma'am. Can I have your ladies ID's please.”

“We don't have any.” Dracinda said innocently.

And there it was.

“I can't let anybody in that doesn't have identification.” Eric replied, obviously not happy either with the situation. “This is a safe zone. We can't have anyone who doesn't qualify for access inside.”

“But I- We-” Dracinda began to whine and then cry “I don't have any identification.” She sobbed tears running down her cheeks “We, we lost everything when the infection started.”

“I'm sorry but-” Began Eric. His young face wrinkled with concern.

“Everything!” Dracinda cried harder.

“I know sweetheart,” Belinda jumped in knowing where this was going as she brought her daughters head to her chest and stroked the dark locks. “I know. It was so very horrifying! All that blood and those creatures chasing us . . . to think we almost died!”

Which was actually true more times then Belinda cared to think about.

“And now” Dracinda sniffled turning back to the shifty Soldier who was obvious uncomfortable with women who cried and had no idea how to deal with it. “all we want” sniff, sniff “is to go back home.” She placed her hand over Eric's which was gripping the open window ledge as she looked deep into his eyes. “Won't you let us in Eric?” Dracinda asked, wet eyelashes fluttering. “I can't believe you're that cold-hearted that you would leave two defenseless women to the horrible, bloody death that surely awaits them . . . are you?”

Belinda had to give it to her, the girl certainly could guilt trip a fella to hell, it almost made her feel proud. Almost but not quite. However all this was so unnecessary if they just used their own damn names! But Dracinda didn't feel the need to tell her anything, did she.

Eric's blue eyes peered deeply into the watery face in front of him. He looked up to the heavens as if fighting an invisible force. “Oh, shit!” He said to himself before he turned behind him and punched a big red button.

The stripy yellow and black barrier in front of the Porsche lifted.

Dracinda started the car forward in an instant.

“Hey! Wait!” Eric called out as he ran forward towards the moving vehicle. “Don't tell anyone about this and . . . when will I see you again?” He asked endearingly.

“You'll see me around.” Dracinda replied sweetly, not a single tear staining her flawless face any longer “And believe me, I won't be telling anyone about this.”

And then spend off down the road.

“And that's how it's done.” Dracinda grinned as they began their way into the streets of Minneapolis.

“You knew he was going to ask us for ID, didn't you?”

Dracinda simply shrugged. Lord but that girl could be infuriating, she was closed tighter then a damn Safe. What was Dracinda hiding? . . And did she really want to know?

“Well, it was a little too dramatic for my taste anyway.” Belinda added unimpressed.

Whatever mother.” Dracinda pouted slipping on her Gucci Aviators.

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Kale was driving slowly with no lights on through the empty streets. Most towns and cities used their cars to make barricades which left many streets quite empty. Good for Kale, bad for everyone else. It kept a lot of the 'biters' away for awhile.

Kale had left the city of Kent and was driving through a nearby neighboring town. He was wondering if he should stop to see if there was anyone worth hunting, that was when he saw a young woman running. He body was all kinds of fine, but his eyes widened as a grin played across his lips when he saw the horde that followed her. He stepped on the gas and turned the lights on catching half of the hordes' attention and driving over half of them and turned on the same street that the woman had run down. She had turned again up ahead seeing the horde continuing forward and then turning right. He wasn't accustomed to driving in a hurry but every time he crashed into a wall he took a few more beasties with him.

Kale smiled as one of the beasties broke the glass, its hands were claws as the ripped into the driver's seat. Kale leaned forward dodging it and then spun his elbow and shattered the creatures elbow and watched it fall back to the road. He made the right turn and saw the girl and honked the horn and turned the left blinker on hoping she would get his plan and turned left down one street and stepped on the gas so he could make it further ahead to meet her. He then turned right still no sign of the girl. He was torn whether he wanted to see her torn to shreds by the beasties or by his own hands. He would find out as soon as he got to the next cross road.

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The four of them had no trouble getting inside, Michi picking the lock quickly. There was no power in this side of town so they needn't worry about alarms or the like. First they shut all the binds and windows and such. Matt almost locked the doors but Michi held a hand out as indication for him to wait.

"Hold on a minute," she said, drawing a small silver whistle from her bra. Taking a deep breath she blew as hard as she could and the whistle didn’t make a sound- a dog whistle! Suddenly, from an alleyway, a small grey blur shot past the rusting cars in the streets and bolted into the store.

“What the heck is that?” Matt hissed as the blurred shape ran into the store and sat down. He glared at the blurr, which now looked a lot more like a dog and a lot less like a blur, sitting on the floor. Ashew’s tongue lolled out of her mouth as she panted, happy to see Michi.

“Oh hush, it’s just Ashew.” Michi smiled, sitting on her knees and scratching the greyhound’s head. "Who's a good girl? Who's a good girl?" she cooed and the dog's tail whipped back and forth happily, though the only noise she made was that of her tail thumping against the floor.

“Her barking is going to attract more attention than WE already have!” Matt argued heatedly, only to have Michi roll her eyes.

“Oh please. I’ve been train this dog since she was a pup. She behaves much better than that; don't you, you good girl?” Michi said, patting the dog's head who licked her hand in response.

“What if she-“ Matt started but Missy placed her hand on his shoulder.

"It's okay Matt. Ashew's been by Michelle's side since this apocolaypse started. She's friendly and well trained and really helpful when it comes to finding things." Missy said.

"Yeah, she was the one who found the supermarket of people and supplies on our last mission." Carter added, watching as Michi tucked the whistle into her bra again before standing.

Matt and Michi locked eyes for a moment, challenging each other, but finally Matt rolled his eyes, breaking the stare. Without another word of protest he locked the doors and pulled the metal gates infront of them. Zombies, though strong, usually only use their superhuman strength when they register that there is something worth getting too. By blocking their sight it gave the group a little more time. Hopefully.

“Eighteen minutes,” Carter reminded.

“Got it. Everybody load up. I’m going to get Ms. Mary.” Michi said and the group set to work, gathering as much as they could carry. "Ashy; sit." The dog sat obediently and Michi went to the back room. She tread carefully, listening for soft breathing, since zombies had no cares for stealth and their breathing was quite loud. It was too dark for Michi to be comfortable and she tensed, ready to strike if need be.

“Ms. Mary,” Michi called softly, “Ms. Mary we’re here to rescue you.”

“Wh-Who are you?” came the voice of a terrified, older woman. Michi could see the huntched form of a woman against the wall, a shadow, trembling in fear, which moved behind a nearby shelf as Michi took a step foreward.

“My name is Michelle. My friends and I are here to take you to safety. Your son and daughter are waiting for you.” she said, standing still.

“My- My babies? H-How do I know you’re real?” she choked out accusingly, sounding torn between desperation and disbelief.

“Please Ms. Mary, I need you to trust me. There is a horde of zombies walking this way. They'll be here in less than twenty minutes, and if you don't come with us right now you'll be killed. If you wish to live long enough to see your family again; you need to come with me!”

The women slowly emerged from behind the shelf. One of the lenses on her glasses was broken but she did not show signs of injury. Michi exhaled the breath she’d been holding and held her hand out for the woman, who cautiously took it and clung tightly.

“Th-Thank you…” she whispered, tears leaking out from the corners of her eyes, past her broken specticals.

“Don’t thank me until you’re safe, Ms. Mary.” Michi said with a warm smile, leading the lady out of the dark storage room.

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Tsu saw the car crash into the building taking a few walkers with it, then the horn honked and the left blinker clicked. Tsu looked at it, 'are... They telling me to go left?' she thought as she looked at the driver, 'Well if its his survival plan...' she thought as she bolted left around the corner, not knowing what her fate could be, she drew her sword just in case of the walkers were still chasing her. She didn't know who or what this person was but she knew it could leave her with protection, as long as they didn't try anything funny. She laughed at that thought although it was likely, a 17 year-old girl running around in a zombie apocalypse its plausible to make a move very quickly and she knew that with one of the members whom was in the caravan, Tsu probably wouldn't be here if the walkers didn't destroy them and him. She reached a crossroads and waited for the other, sworn drawn.

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Kale pulled up and looked at the young woman. Unlocking the door he reached over and opened it. He saw the sword in the girls hand. He noticed he could most likely slit her throat her throat with his hunter knife. The sword would be awkward in the small car, but he wasn't sure if she was worth killing yet.

"If you'd like," Kale started, "I could give you a ride to ... a more - friendly atmostphere." Kale looked behind her. She was in good shape to outrun so many of these beasties. "Oh sorry," He said as he grabbed the bat which had been in the passenger seat. He moved it to the back as his eyes briefly trailed over the list of names on the bat again.

"Or ... you could keep running." He said actually wondering if she actually was debating whether she stood a better chance with the beasties or him.

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#, as written by Agent
Natalie Williams sank lower in the passenger seat of the car as the convoy of military vehicles thundered past her along the highway. She wasn’t a wanted felon or anything but she’d learned that life was easier if you avoided the military or other government operations. They weren’t all bad but she’d seen the results of some of their more vicious raids. There had been a high body count.
So she waited in the car sitting on cinderblocks on the side of the road with its fuel gauge on zero until the last army-green jeep was a dark smudge in the distance before she got out of the car. A lone infected, alerted by the sound of the engines ran stumbling along the road ahead of her in the direction the trucks had gone. It would continue after the convoy indefinitely if something else didn’t grab its attention. Something like Natalie.
She slammed the car door and gripped her crowbar more securely in her gloved hands. Her sawn off shotgun stayed sticking out of the rucksack slung across her back the Glock stayed tucked in the waistband of her jeans. Ammo was valuable and the crowbar was her only constant.
The infected halted with a wobble, turned its ravaged face towards her and groaned. Then it started to run. As it quickly closed the distance, misshapen hands clawing the air in front of it and its hungry mouth hanging open trailing dark vicious liquid down its neck, Natalie hefted the crowbar up waited until she could see the dull lifeless pupils of those yellow eyes and swung. As usual, and due to months of practice, the hit landed true, square in the head. The body fell to the side of her with the momentum of the blow and the contents of its skull proceeded to ooze out onto the bitumen. Natalie wiped the crowbar on the infected’s once-was-a-shirt-rag , stepped past the body and continued her trek along the highway.

It had been four months and she was heading back. Well at least she thought it was about four months since the events in Highgate, it sometimes became difficult to keep track of the days. And of course she was heading back to Highgate itself, the town that was now crater in the ground.
After being separated from her fellow Highgate survivors she’d followed her original plan and headed across state to find what had become of her family. Her house had been empty; the place had shown evidence of looting but not of tragedy. She’d taken a family picture and some of her own clothes, enjoying the familiar environment. Then she set out again.
It had been easier getting home. Fuel was still easy to come by and the infection had only just begun. Now travelling was hard and dangerous, and not just because of the infected but because of people. Survivors could be desperate and ruthless. Some thrived in the anarchy left in the wake of the infected decimation. Some created their own fortified and defended safe communities. Others stayed on the move. There were travelling bands that fought constantly against the infected, or packs that attacked weaker groups for supplies.

Natalie heard the heard the bikes coming and deciding they weren’t dismissed her initial thought to hide. She pulled the Glock out with her left hand, which felt a little unnatural still, clicked off the safety and held it close to her side facing the ground. She unhooked the crowbar from her rucksack and continued walking down the middle of the in the direction she’d been headed.
The noise was amazing close up. Several screamed past her blasting horns and driving close enough that that she’d barely need to reach out to touch them.
Eventually one of the bikers cut across the front of her and braked. Natalie stopped and gave him blank-face defiantly. He smiled and it was an expression that was very male and hungry in a way that made her shiver. His smile grew. A couple more stopped beside him.
“No Angus,” said one of the newer arrivals, a large older man with dark blond hair.
“You claiming her?” asked the first with a snarl.
“I’m defending her.”
The first huffed and revved his engine taking off after the others.
A woman rested her chin on the shoulder of the third biker, “Don’t worry, honey. He can’t touch you now. And Henry here won’t try anything.” She gave a sad sort of smile as she looked towards the dark blond.

So she’d ridden with Henry and the gang, and they’d been good to their word. Despite what she’d expected the most fearsome hadn’t been the gang of bikers. Well-armed and clad in their leather leathers they had been an intimidating sight. But they travelled with their family and wore several different patches, united in their survival.

“You look like his daughter did,” Kate whispered in Natalie’s ear as they hugged. She was the female biker she’d met their first day, weeks ago. Natalie looked at Henry whose expression was solemn as she said her goodbyes. Everyone was looking for family, even those with no family left to find. She went to him and he held out the gloves. She took them and caught by surprise when she hugged him.

In the end they'd parted ways, following their own paths. Natalie looked down at her fingerless leather gloves. Her hands had been getting pretty worn out from using her crowbar and mad scrambles up the sides of buildings; the gloves protected her hands. The bikers hadn’t been really been scary.

Scarier were the children. She’d encountered a group of kids, the oldest and sixteen year old boy who ruled as king. All had either lost their parents to the infected or the infection itself or simply been separated in the panic. Quite a number had killed their parents themselves after mummy and daddy had tried to eat them. They had their dad’s hunting rifles or the kitchen knives or there baseball bats, they were pitiless and to reason with. Their king ruled with violence, having killed the last kid who was leader. A young girl had been constantly by his side; she had been fifteen maybe hopefully older because she had held her hands to her flat belly protectively.

So some she’d stayed with a while and others she’d avoided, but she always learnt what she could, collected what supplies she could, and kept an ear out for word of her family. That’s how she’d heard about the other Highgate survivors.

So now she travelled east again.

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Tsu didn't trust the boy as she figured out and yet she had to, unless she could run forever which that would never happen. Yet she sensed something was wrong with this boy, she couldn't tell what, but she didn't trust him. After pausing for a minute she had finally gotten into the car and closed the door for him to drive off. She looked at the boy and then the bat he had, she kept her sword drawn and on her lap, hand gripping it tightly out of pure mistrust. Tsu didn't know what to expect from him so she kept her guard up, though she was nervous since, she wasn't the social type and didn't know how to talk to others, "Thank... You..." she said managing to basically mutter them out because of her social awkwardness and plain nervousness of what is going on. All she could do is submit and run if absolutely needed.

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Barnaby awoke, startled out of his mind as his head impacted the steering wheel in front of him, followed by the horn blaring for a moment before he jerked his head back. He looked around frantically, grabbing Pippy while sitting up looking for the threat that wasn't actually there. Figuring that out, Barnaby swore as he looked down at the steering wheel before setting Pippy back down in the passenger seat. He glanced outside, hoping to get a good idea on how long he had been asleep, but he gave up a few moments later as he truly had no idea. Stretching out his arms, letting his shoulders and back pop as he did so before he glanced around once more. He was happy he had found this car unlocked, and even better in that there was a comfortable brown jacket that fit him even if it was a little small; it was better than nothing. Unfortunately, the jacket was the only thing he was able to find, as the previous owners must have taken whatever they could when leaving the broken down vehicle. They probably left the jacket behind in a rush, based on the fact the car was unlocked and they had even left the keys in the ignition. To bad it was missing a battery; Barnaby assumed somebody must have taken it during their own looting, for whatever purpose they had decided on.

Sighing, Barnaby leaned back in his seat while staring out the front window. He wondered where all these people had ran too, hell he wondered where he was even heading. He'd always been horrible with directions, and he had to admit he had been too stupid to grab himself a map before he had set out on his little cross country trip. Course he had been at his small apartment once all of this happened, and he was first introduced to a zombie by it attempting to gobble him up after smashing his front door down. He forgot how he had even manged to kill it, but afterwards he grabbed his rucksack, clothes and then had made his way outside into the chaos in the streets. Once he had realized his home wasn't safe, he then set out on his journey with his multi-tool and knife. After picking up Pippy form the firehouse and getting the hell out of town, his journey had officially begun.

It had been three months since that day, and he had himself a decent kill count in zombies. Too bad he had also tallied up a decent amount regarding bandits, looters, lunatics, and non-zombie-cannibals. Things had really gone to hell in a hand-basket and did so faster than he would have imagined. Sometimes he wondered how he was still alive, especially considering his favorite hobby was smashing zombies over the head. Maybe he was just one of the luckiest men alive.

Glancing at one of the side mirrors, he had then noticed a young woman was walking along the highway. He glanced further over his shoulder to get a better look at the blonde haired woman walking by. Still not able to, Barnaby then quickly gathered up his gear, and with Pippy in hand stepped out of the car while keeping an eye on her. He wasn't sure yet if she was one of them or not, but if she wasn't then it certainly wouldn't hurt to finally meet a not-zombie. Glancing around to make sure he wasn't going to be ambushed by a hidden one, he then turned back to face the woman. He sharply and loudly banged Pippy on the hood of the car to gain her attention, "Hope you aren't one of them miss. It'd be oh so enjoyable to finally see a friendly face." he called out as he slowly made his way towards her.

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James crept a bit father into the woods following the fresh tracks. It wasn't the best idea, to hunt a wolf, but what else would he do? James needed food, he needed something. His supply was running low and any catch would extend him a couple weeks. A wolf would have to do. As James was sneaking through the brush he heard a growl noise come from his left. James stood frozen, making sure not to move at all. One false move and he could be dead. The growl was distinct, it was definitely a wolf. AT this time James was the prey and the animal was the hunter.

It seemed like like an eternity. James stood there while the wolf growled from the side. James could not see where it was for the animal was just out of his vision. Scrambling for ideas James slowly lifted his gun. The metal sparkled in the winter sun and froze to his hands. James looked down to his hands and wiggled them a bit, tightening his grip to the rifle. HAH! James saw it!

From the reflection of his watch the brown wolf was visible. This was his chance, he knew where it was, it was to his left and a bit back, standing on a log. It was in the open, clear for a shot. James could do it, he knew he could, he knew. James lifted up his gun more and then quickly spun around. The growl of the wolf grew louder and pierced through the air. As James spun a dark brown blur flew towards him. The next thing James knew was he was now knocked over into the snowy mud. He felt an emptiness in his hands, his gun must have flew out if his hands, but was it dead?

No. The wolf was still very much alive and now recovering from the jump and charging towards James. James looked towards the beast, its teeth were showing and darkness was in its eyes. It was 5 feet away, now 4, 3, 2. This was it, James was done, all he did would be for nothing if he died to this beast; it couldn't happen. Just as the wolf leaped Jams rolled to the right and went tumbling down a hill. He body bounced as it spun over rocks and branches. James felt sharp pain all over his body as the wood and stones bruised his body. When he came to a stop James noticed he was laying on an unusual stick. In his confusion he rolled over a bit more to discover that he had landed on his rifle. What luck he thought. James slowly stumbled on to his feet despite the pain. He would have to deal with it, he had gone through worse he kept reminding himself, and he would get through this.

By this time the wolf was making its way down the hill. It was walking in a stalking manner, its teeth bore, a low grumble coming from its mouth, and killer eyes peering at James. It was nearing the bottom when James picked up his rifle and took aim. He didn't see the wolf right away but when he did he quickly slammed his index finger inward, pulling the trigger and shooting the gun. A loud boom preceded a flash of light and the recoil shook up James' arm then a short quick squeal came from ahead. The beast dropped to the earth and fell silent.

James let out a sigh and dropped his rifle before walking over and bending to look at his catch. It was a close call, James thought. He could have died, luckily for him he was one tough man.


The wolf body flopped onto the floor of the cabin porch. Its lifeless face stiff as if it was in anger smacked against the wood. Nearby James was taking a seat on a stool as he looked through a bag. From it he pulled out a thin skinning knife. "Sorry bud, but I have to eat." James readied himself and began to skin the beast. ONce he took off the pelt he hung it up over a small fire to dry. It would make a good blanket or something James thought before proceeding to clean out the beast and take the parts he needed. It took a bit for it was a good sized wolf but when he was done James immediately began cleaning and cooking the meat. If he cooked it and then froze it he would be able to reheat it at later times; it wouldn't taste wonderful but it would be food.

When everything was done James sat on his rocking chair and began to rock. Most of the day has passed, it was getting dark, and dinner time was approaching. It had been a successful day. Somewhat he thought as he clutched his ribs. They weren't broken, but badly bruised.

I have to get out of here James thought. But not today, no, not till he was ready.

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As they entered the lobby of the store Carter said, “We’ve only got ten minutes- maybe less. Ms. Mary, can you carry anything?”

The woman nodded and went to help collect supplies. Looking around Michi saw there was still so much that could be salvaged. “Matt, put this place on the map. We can come back to it later when there’s more time and less risk. There's more in the back room too; we'll have to make sure to hit this place up again."

“Got it boss lady.” The Matt said, humor on the edge of his voice, taking a note.

Matt had volunteered to assist the group and Michi had accepted. The man was a handful once in a while, since they were both rather hotheaded, but Missy and Carter usually could keep the two of them in line and having two leaders was critical in case one of them died on the job. The second would be able to replace them and get the group to safety instead of them wandering around and getting killed. Of course, Michi had no intention of getting herself killed at any time soon. And since they both had the best intentions for the group in mind, they got along alright.

“Seven minutes you guys,” Carter said, worry reverberating in his voice, “C’mon, I can see them coming closer.”

“We’re all loaded up,” Missy reported and Michi faced the group.

“Alright you guys, here’s the deal. There are five canoes along the shore. One for each of us and the supplies to fit. Tie your boats together, and Matt since you’re the strongest I want
you to be in the front. Missy, you’re to stay near Ms. Mary in case something goes wrong.”

“Got it,” Missy said, shifting the weight of the stuff in her hands.

Picking up a load of supplies Michi said, “We leave the doors locked and the blinds closed. We'll exit through the back door. Once we drop this off we’re going to return here from more supplies. Now everyone, move out!” There were nods of understanding, then hurried movements to fufill Michi's orders. Ashew followed close behind, a plastic bag filled with dupplies hanging from her mouth. Michi patted her head, "Good dog."

The five hurried to get out of the building though the emergency exit, which of course didn't have any power and did not set off any kind of alarm. They traveled through alleyways, avoiding zombies if they could. They had run into only about twelve zombies, each at separate times, before they reached the boats.

“Everyone in,” Michi commanded as the group loaded up, filling their cannoes with supplies. Her eyes were trained on the surrounding area, watching for movement.

"Michelle," Carter said softly, interupting her watch, "There's not enough room for all the supplies and us to go in these caneos."

Sure enough they could fit almost all the supplies in there own canoe, but not all of it. After a moment Michi put her load into her own canoe as well as Ashew's and all the extras that wouldn't fit in the other's boats. Then everyone got in their canoe in silence. Except Michele.

“Michelle, get in!” Ms. Mary insisted, but Michi only shook her head with a small smile.

“I’m going to stay. There’s more stuff back there. More zombies to kill. More people to save. You guys go back and take this stuff with you, but I am staying here.”

Ms. Mary visibly became paler and looked at Missy, then Carter, then Matt for support but they all avoided her eyes. They knew very well that Michi wouldn't budge in her resolve, and she wouldn't like it if they wasted time arguing with her about it. Even the defiant co-leader, Matt, bit his tongue.

Starting to panic, Ms Mary said, "But it's too dangerous! We can leave some of this supplies and come back for it-" Michi silenced her with another slow shake of her head accompanied by a tender, sad smile.

There was a moment of tense silence as Michi tied her boat to the end of the train and Missy gently rubbed Ms. Mary's shoulder, who had gone pale but couldn't muster any more protests. Then as the others settled into their seats, Matt and Michi pushed the canoes from the shore, Matt getting in and Michelle staying back, stepping onto dry land again.

Michi locked eyes with each of her team mates, and saw determination burning in their eyes.

"Stay safe Michi!" Missy chimed, waving with a cheerfulness Michi knew was to hide her unease, and Michi gave an encouraging smile in reply.

Matt nodded to her with grudging respect and Michi gave to same back to him, maintaining eye contact. Maybe he would make a good leader after all.

"I'll keep tabs on your location. Activate yours and Ashew's trackers when you can, okay? Try to keep us updated." Carter called, motioning to his laptop and Michi gave a thumbs up, touching her wristband.

“See you guys soon!” Michi smiled, waving while they all paddled off, disppearing into the misty water. As soon as they were gone she turned her back to the water, looking out into the infected city.

“Well Ashy, I guess it's just us again.” she said with a small sigh, running a hand through her disheveled red hair. There was a moment of familar silence as Ashew leaning her head against Michi's thigh and Michelle stroked her ears gently. Michi didn't like to be alone, but she would do what was nessassary to give the others the best chance to live. It was what Rahv would have wanted her to do.

“C'mon girl. We've hung around long enough. Let’s go.” The dog wagged her tail in response and all at once the two set off, disappearing into an alleyway that would lead them back to a world gone wrong.

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Things really hadn't gotten much better since they'd left town, worse possibly, though they did have more resources now. On the other hand she'd also been having those injections, which wasn't at all fun. Lilith realised that she was, in fact, infected through the bite, even though she'd originally assumed that because she was immune to the airborne virus she'd be alright, After all it struck other people so suddenly. She hadn't looked too far into how long these injections would last, she hated them, but the idea that she was going to become one of the infected...yeah, she really didn't want to think about it.
"So, the military are still the bad guys," Lilith sighed, pulling the car off the track before she turned the engine off. With the keys she got out and walked to the front of the car, she eyed Richard for a moment, wondering if she should ask. She decided against it, just like every other time.
"C'mon Jake," she called and the police trained German Shepard jumped out of the car and padded towards her, she turned to Richard again, "So, which way boss?"

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The lights flickered on just as Darcy pulled into the underground parking of the apartment complex. It wasn't much to look at from the outside having been converted from old factory buildings or something but the inside she knew would be pure luxury.

The huge parking garage could probably hold up to twenty cars but every single parking space was empty. This didn't surprise Darcy; most people who could afford to live here would have up and left as soon as the infection hit and the rest were probably long dead.

She was so tired, her feet her, her head hurt everything hurt. This pregnancy was taking way more of a toll on her then she could ever imagine, physically and emotionally. Who would have thought this would be the hard part. Wasn't that suppose to come after? She just couldn't wait to get up to the top floor have a long over due shower and go to sleep in a proper bed with clean sheets, a mattress and covers.

Getting out of the car, Darcy swung her backpack over her shoulder, gun in hand. Popping the trunk open she pulled out her duffel bag and the bag containing her mom's stuff.

“Hey! Watch it!” Belinda cried as she stepped out of the Porsche “That's got my things in it you know!”

Darcy didn't particularly care as she purposefully kicked the bag towards her mother.

“Sometime Dracinda I think . . .” Belinda began angrily as she droned on.

Darcy stopped listening after the first few words . . . but it wasn't for the first time due to the unceasing chatter that came out of her mothers mouth, it was because she heard something.

Something very subtle . . . but she had become used to the subtle but deadly.

“Shut up mother.” She said flatly dropping her backpack to the ground silently as she scanned the emptiness. The lights were automatic and energy saving and were only on where they stood and moved. The four corners that surrounded were clothed in darkness.

Pulse steady, gun raised and at the ready, Darcy scanned the peripheral. She just had to wait to see which corner the lights flickered on from first.

Shut up?!” Belinda carried on full steam “I don't know what you think of yourself Dracinda Katherine Morgan but I'm still your mother and if you-”

Flash! The right corner! The lights switched on a millisecond after a venomous growl split the air.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Darcy turned quickly and fired three consecutive shots at the creature running towards them fast.

“Fuck!” The shots had only stunned the green monstrosity. As it shook it's head and began forward again. It was a big hulking thing, the likes of which Darcy had never seen before, with webbed fingers and feet. How was that even possible?!

“Get the other gun out of my pack.” Darcy shouted over to her mom.

The beast growled angrily showing sharp Piranha teeth. That thing was so fucked up and it was racing towards her.

“Move!” Darcy shouted pushing Belinda out of the way of the Walker as she backed up towards the elevator and punched the button. The doors didn't open but the digital sign above the doors showed it was coming down. “Son of a bitch!”

Darcy fired continuously. Fuck! She couldn't get a clear shot to the head or the heart. The gun clicked, Darcy looked down, panic running through her cold. No! Empty . . . and the bullets in her backpack. The weapon slipped from her hands and clattered on the ground. She looked up dazed, the Zombie was almost upon her. She was going to die! The thought running through her mind as she backup against the cold metal doors of the elevator.

“Dracinda!” Darcy's head turned towards the direction of her mothers voice. “Here!” Belinda said as she threw the .40 semi-automatic across the space.

Darcy caught it just as the doors dinged open and she crashed back onto the floor of the elevator. The bulging creature jumped blocking the elevator doors and screamed and ear splitting squeal as big blobs of green gunk dribbled out its open screeching mouth.


Darcy aimed and fired. Blood and green mucous spilled out from the wound to the heart and from the slacked jaw as the Zombie tumbled back and landed with a thud to the ground.

Bodily shaking, Darcy's breath came in short sharp rasps as she closed her eyes tight trying to gain her usual composure . . . but it never got any easier.

Shit! But she'd lost count of the number of times she'd almost died of lately.

When she finally opened them her mother was standing over her, an actual look of concern creasing her fine features.

“Are you alright darling?” Belinda asked as she brushed the long strands of hair away from Darcy's face.

Too exhausted to examine or question this new affectionate side of her mother Darcy just sighed and answered “Yeah, I'm fine mom.” as she tried getting to her feet.

“No, you wait there.” Belinda said as she quickly hoped over the dead creature, not before kicking the half of it's body that lay part way in the elevator out and got the two duffel bags from near the car and Darcy's back pack and the gun she had dropped.

“Thanks.” Darcy said spent, now on her feet as she took the gun and backpack from her mother and inserted the Key Card that took the elevator up to the tenth floor Condo.

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OOC: I dont really know where Leo is supposed to be at the moment, so im going to make something up... :/
If it doesnt fit, just tell me and i'll fix it

Leo walked aimlessly around in a town which he had no idea what the name of it was.
Not that it mattered what the name was, anyway.
Honestly, Leo was just glad he had found something, now he just wished he could find someone.
He didnt know where the others were, he didnt even know if they were still alive or not. Around last month he had... to put it shortly, lost them.
Either that or they ditched him.
Both cases didnt exactly boost Leo's mood.
He was lost, he was freezing, he was hungry, and he was somehow still alive.

I'd be better off dead. Leo thought grimly, letting out a sigh.
He paused, No, no I wouldnt be.
Sure, death seemed like a better option at the moment, die and be done with it, but Leo knew there was only a few possible ways for that to happen, and they all werent that great.
He either actually died of starvation or be murdered or something, and neither of those sounded like good ways to die...
Or he became one of those zombie things, which wasnt pleasing for Leo to think about.
He had been bitten by one of them before, and usually in the movies and shows and stuff the people who had been bit become one of them. But Leo hadnt.
So maybe he couldnt turn into a zombie at all? That was cool.
Leo glanced down at the jagged scar on his arm, it looked hideous, but that was expected when a chunk had been bitten out of it.
Atleast it was better than it had been four months ago.

Fiddling with the knife that James had given him, Leo wondered if he would run in to any more zombies... hopefully not.
He knew now that they werent that hard to kill.. well, some of them, anyway. For the most part Leo ran from them and hid somewhere until it was safe to assume they had gone, only a few times had he used his knife to kill.
So Leo didnt know if all of them were as easy to beat.

Looking up at the sky, Leo couldnt help but think about the people who had showed the slightest bit of kindness towards him about month ago... or a few weeks ago, he was bad at judging time.
All of them were incredibly frustrating to be around, and Leo could tell that they thought of him the same way, but atleast they had put up with him.
That was nice.
And Jin had proven not to be such a bad guy after all, but Natalie still scared the shit out of him and Leo continued to be convinced she was insane.
The other guy, Matthew, seemed to be okay, Leo found him rather annoying, but then again who was he to call him that when nearly everyone didnt think of Leo as any better?
But surprisingly, only now did Leo wish he hadnt left... or, whatever had happened. He didnt even know where they were now, so it was no use trying to find them, and it was more useless to even be thinking about it. They were somewhere, he was somewhere else.
Looking back down at the ground, Leo continued walking towards nowhere, it was basically a ghost town he was in, but maybe he could find a few useful things here.
Anything was better than nothing.

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"You are very welcome," Kale responded. He drove away burning a respectable amount of rubber to get them away from the town. "Name's Kale," he said. "I just came from the nearby city. I saw many people die over there. They fought for their lives be died regardless." He wasn't lying, it was just that he left out the part where he was the one that had killed them. "I left the town after a killing a few of those beasties, and I came into that small town hoping to get some supplies. That was when I saw you. I thought you looked like a survivor, as in one that was survived on not just luck so I thought there was a chance I could get to you in time."

"What is your name by the way?" he asked finally.


They had been driving for a while. It seemed to Kale that the girl was not a big talker.

"You were pretty quick and seem to be in good shape." He made sure he didn't stare and simply focused on the road. "How were you able to keep away from all them? Were you an athlete before all this started?" Kale continued to drive carefully as he glanced over eyeing the sword in her lap.

"Do you know swordplay? Or have you just gotten used to it over these months?" Kale mentioned. "I took up kendo for a short time to learn some basics but it wasn't for me I guess."

"Sorry to ask this so late, but are you going somewhere specific?" he asked. "I don't really have a destination in mind. I was just thinking big cities might offer more security and large amount of skilled people. One could be safe there." He looked at the female next to him. "Do you have anything against big cities or do you want to stick to small towns?"

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It was hard to say how long Olive had been walking for. She couldn't really tell, it wasn't like her feet were aching in protest, begging her to stop. But that was just because, really, she couldn't feel anything. She was in complete numbness. Her father was just another one of the dead now. It was too much for Olive to process. So she didn't. In a way, she had completely shut down. All she could do, all she could focus on, was walking. At the rehabilitation center, in her fathers room, Olive had found an address, written on a piece of paper with the words 'For Olive' scrawled on the other side, as if her father had written it in a hurry... Olive had to assume it was important, like she needed to be find this place. Especially since it had appeared that her father had wrote it down at the last second, before...
No. Olive wasn't going to think about that. The horrors that she had found in the group home where her father was staying... the very thought was unbearable. The unmistakable stench of death in the air... the glass from shattered windows and the remains of bodies littered about the floor... the splatters of blood on the walls...
Olive was only going to think about what lay before her. As the fall of the snow began to grow more rapid, one large piece landed on the tip of Olive's nose, enough to pull her back into the real world. Blinking in confusion, Olive looked around to discover what had jarred her out of her thoughts. Large chunks of soft, white snow were coming down all around her. She stopped in her tracks and took it all in for a moment. Snow. She had almost forgotten such a thing existed. In the last four months, snow had probably never crossed her mind, unless she had been thinking of how she'd never see it again, because she'd be lucky to make it until the winter time. She reached up her hand to catch a flake, which immediately melted in her palm. All of a sudden, a biting wind blew through the air, sending chills through Olive's spine. She knew that she needed to get to that address soon, at least before she froze to death... and freezing to death was a lot easier when you hardly had enough meat to cover your bones. Glimpsing around for a street sign, one caught Olive's eye, though she had to come several steps closer to be able to read it through the increasingly heavy snowfall.
'BEECH ST' it read. Wait a minute. Wasn't that the street name that was on the paper? Suddenly overcome with thrill, Olive's hand shot into her jacket pocket and she rooted around until her fingers felt paper. She quickly pulled it out and unfolded it, then held it close to read the messy printing.
'953 Beech Street'. Olive's lips twitched into a triumphant smile. She was close, so close to arriving, and finding out why her father had sent her here. As she continued walking down the street, checking the number on each house, she began to wonder about the details. Olive had really only operated under the assumption that the address belonged to her estranged mother, but how could she be sure? Of course, it made the most sense. Despite everything that she had done to hurt Olive's father by leaving him when he needed her most, he maintained regular contact with her during rehab, and when he phoned Olive every night, he'd always tell her, "She's really changed, darling. She really and truly, genuinely said she wants to be a part of your life again. I know it's hard, honey, but what harm could be done in giving her another chance?"
Give her another chance. Personally, Olive thought that if someone decided they just suddenly wanted to up and walk out of someones life, they weren't entitled to just come barging back in when they felt like it. But now, here she was, finishing what had to have been a two day journey just to possibly reunite with the damn woman. She began to wonder what the hell she had been thinking. But then, she knew that nothing would make her father happier than to know that the two of them were together in the end. Also, finding her could really help increase her chances of survival, and survival was all people could really think about these days.
After kicking an empty pop can across the cement, Olive looked up at a house to see how close she was. 949, the number read. She was close. She kept walking, slower now, straining her eyes to read the number on the next few houses. Finally, she spotted 953. It was a small house with grayish-teal, plastic siding, and it had a large, white porch. As Olive drew closer, she began to get an uneasy feeling. How would her mother react to this? And, what about the chance, how ever small it was, that it wasn't her mother? All of these doubts and concerns vanished in a second when Olive had finally arrived at the front of the house, to realize that the front door was wide open and appeared to be in rough shape, all scratched up, wood splintering off, even a few bullet holes.
Slowly reaching back for her holster, Olive stepped up to the door as she pulled out her handgun. Holding it down, she quietly stepped into the house. The entrance was in shambles, with furniture knocked over and thrown about everywhere. Suddenly, Olive found herself hoping this wasn't her mothers address, as something had obviously went through here. With her heart beginning to thud, Olive stepped over a fallen bookshelf and walked towards a hallway which was nestled next to the stairs that led to the upper level. Olive stepped as quietly as she could, and as she went deeper into the hall, she could hear something. It was... growls, grunts... And as she got even closer, she could hear panting. Olive closed her eyes and took a deep breath in through her nose. And then, holding her gun in front of her, she stepped around the corner, out of the hallway where she could be seen.
It was a zombie, crouching over some dead person with it's back to Olive. She could hear the despicable gnawing sounds as it tore into their stomach. Eyes widening, Olive tried to get a glimpse at who it was... The zombie shuffled it's position slightly to the side, and when it did, and Olive saw who this... monster was digging into, her heart fell to the floor.
"No!" she screamed in horror, and then gasped, realizing that of course, she had caught the things attention. Not hesitating, Olive immediately squeezed the trigger of her handgun, firing a shot into an overturned kitchen table. Her eyes widening and her breathing becoming frantic, she shot again, this time going past the zombie and into the floor. It was beginning to hiss and it turned around to face her. Olive shot another bullet that whizzed just over it's shoulder and hit the window several yards behind, causing it to shatter immediately. The thing screeched at the noise and leapt for Olive. She screamed in terror and shot two more times. One grazed it's arm, causing it to fall to the ground, writhing, screaming. The second shot she fired right into the throat, which immediately stopped it's struggles, though as Olive stood over it, she saw it was still breathing shallowly. For good measure, she held her gun far out in front of her, so close to the zombie that it was impossible to miss, and fired into the its chest. And that was it.
Olive dropped her gun and stepped over it's body and ran to her mother. Standing over her, she just wanted to fall apart. In coming here, she had maybe expected that the worst thing that could happen would be that her dad was wrong and her mom really didn't want anything to do with her. But this... she had never expected this.
"Mom..?" Olive asked, her voice shrill, like a child. And then, realizing the pointlessness of even making sure she was alive, Olive fell to her knees next to what remained of her mother and just stared. Frozen, shocked.
"No, no no... no no no no..." Olive said, anguish in her voice as it began to sink in. Her mother was now among the dead as well. But before she was completely overcome with despair, she suddenly noticed something that confused her. Even though the state her mother was in was... horrendous, with her stomach all shredded apart, no blood was around her? Furrowing her eyebrows, Olive looked around the floor, and spotted, lying just inches away from her mothers hand, an empty pill bottle. Her mother had killed herself? That was certainly what it looked like, and it would explain the lack of blood. Her mother must have overdosed, and then sometime later the zombie came and began to feast on her body. At least Olive now knew she didn't suffer from such a terrible death as being eaten alive. Picking up the bottle, she saw a piece of paper, folded up several times so it could fit inside. Of course, she pulled it out and quickly unfolded it. It read:
To anyone who is reading this, I would be very glad if you were to help yourself to any supplies you can find in the house. Unfortunately, you won't find any food but there are several packs of matches and batteries in the drawer of the office desk, and there is a tarp and sleeping bag in the basement that you may find helpful. I'm afraid my only daughter is among the many who have been killed, and other than her I can't think of anyone else to leave all this too. But I would be very happy to know that they were able to aid someone. Best wishes to you.
Olive stared down in confusion as she tightly clutched the paper. Her mother thought she was dead? She must have just assumed it to be true, because after all, these days, the the question "Who's dead?" would less sensible than, "Who ISN'T dead?"
What if that was why her mother had killed herself? Olive stared down at the paper for a long time before she quickly folded it up and stuffed it into her pocket where the address was as well. Then she got to her feet. She knew she should say some sort of goodbye to her mother, but she just couldn't stand being next to her mangled remains.
"Goodbye..." she whispered softly, and that was that. Turning and walking away from her mother for the last time, she bent down and picked up her gun which lied next to the monster that had killed her. Looking down on the zombie with disgust, she spit on its carcass before walking out of the kitchen.
Of course, she gathered the supplies which her mother had indicated in the note. She knew her mother would be happy with that, especially if having some greedy strangers coming along and ransacking her house was the best she could hope for. After Olive had gathered everything and stuffed it in her backpack, she headed for the door, and didn't look back as she stepped out into the streets to find them blanketed in snow.

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Four months. Four long, weary, harsh months had just passed and they still didn't bump into Darcy. Not even Natalie or Jin... or even Leo and the scrawny blonde kid. Not that the last two he felt like seeing anyway. But it would have been better than seeing the two same faces that he had seen all these four months, his arm in a cast. It had only been bitten by a dog and was fine until the crash, it had broken and Leon felt as if he had no reason to be living at the moment. Lilith was probably going to die if they didn't make anymore antidotes and Jake. Leon didn't know if Richard would handle the dog or just kill it. It was a sad thought to think about but it had to be thought by someone. Did Richard even have a reason to keep them alive anymore? They fought at times and sometimes it felt as if he was just going to blow his head off, literaly. With a gun. Richard was a trained killer so it could be possible. The only reason he kept going everyday, kept fighting was for Darcy. Well that was what Leon thought, he was sure he heard Richard mumble her name in his dreams sometimes. Leon usually talked, not much anymore. There was no joy. Nothing on his mind he could say without starting a fight. He grew tired of fights and just couldn't be bothered dealing with that shit. He was nearly out of supplies and a lot of his weapons were destroyed in the crash. Just a few swords and his crossbow, he was so thankful that he didn't lose the crossbow that day. It saved him in so many situations, as did his swords. Leon couldn't bare to look at the others, their face was probably imprinted in his mind, ecspecially Lilith's face, the only thing is that was her four months ago. When she wasn't a bright yellow colour. She changed brighter everyday and all Leon could think of was when she was going to turn. Her soul leaving the body only to be replaced with a demon. She was the quiet one, not always talking. Which was awesome since Richard just happened to say everything that they did wrong.

Leon seemed to be looking at his shoes most of the time, he always wore his torn shoes when they were walking from town to town, only wore his good shoes when there was a special occasion or when he wanted to be happy. He looked out the window of the car that they had taken from some cops. The infected ran the streets as well as some people who looked just like zombies, sad, miserable and no hope. Jake whined in a way that made Leon's heart feel quite unhappy.
"I know dude... I know."
He whispered to the dog and patted in on the head as it barked sorrowfully. They probably need to go someplace for Lilith, Richard hadn't said anything the whole car ride this time except for some smart remarks. Leon had a bad feeling about this place and he gripped the side of the car. He was so sick of Richard, Jake and Lilith. It was kind of sad for him to think this way but he just couldn't help it. He needed to socialise with someone else. Anyone else.

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(GM storyline post)

"NO please! I didn't mean to walk out with the milk and the bread I swear! Please!" The man squealed as two soldier’s drug him out of the small grocery store by his arms out onto the cold Minneapolis streets. People on the streets turned the other way, but a good dozen or so stopped and watched as four military men escorted the man out of the store.

"I'm sure that it was all just a big mistake." The man with the Sergeant’s stripes said sarcastically as they pulled the man right out into the middle of the street. The sergeant wiped his uniform that his last name, Conrad, was printed across in neat letters. The soldiers almost blended into the snow on account of their grey, urban camouflage that was now the new color scheme for the United States army posted in the country.

The forced the man onto his knees and held him up by his arms as the Sergeant looked around at the people who starred on at him. There was an apartment complex not to far from his and people were watching from almost every window. “I swear! Please!” The man pleaded

“Lying will get you no where, Mr….” Sergeant Conrad trailed off as he looked the man straight in his terrified eyes. The man was so frightened that he wasn’t even paying attention to the bitter cold snow that was seeping through his pant legs.

“My name is Scott Robins.” The man replied, trying to hide the amount of fear that was filling his very soul

“Well Scott Robins, we have a very delicate system going on here. And when people like you come along it threatens the very delicate way of life we are trying to maintain here.” Sergeant Conrad hissed at the man who looked at him wide eyed.

“Daddy!” A small voice screamed from the sidewalk and then came running over with a tall brunette woman wearing a tan coat and jeans right on her heels.

“Scott!” the woman yelled as the soldier who was not holding Scott grabbed the little girl and pushed the woman back

“My girls!” Scott yelled as he tried to pull away from the soldiers who held him still

“Get them out of here!” Sergeant Conrad screamed as he waved his hand in a moving gesture. The soldier forced the little girl into the woman’s arms and forced her to turn around and move behind the crowd where he kept her. Sergeant Conrad turned around and looked who was still looking towards the direction the soldier had taken his family and screaming

“My girls! No bring them back!” He looked to the Sergeant who pulled his 9mm Beretta from his thigh holster “Please don’t do this! I was trying to feed my family!” he pleaded for his life, warm tears running down his cheeks before falling to the snow below him and merging with it.

“Order must be kept Mr. Robinson!” The sergeant spoke loudly so everyone could here “We have tried punishing your types the usual way, but that has failed!” He stepped forward with one foot and pointed the pistol right at Scott “By the authority of the powers bestowed upon the U.S Marines by the declaration of nationwide martial law, I find you guilty of theft.” Scott was still pleading for his life in mumbled words and you could here his little girl crying from behind the crowds “By order of Green Zone commander, Colonel Mathers, you are sentenced to death.” Nobody even flinched towards the soldiers to try to save the man; they all knew the consequences would be dire for all of them if someone intervened



Scott was cut off as Sergeant Conrad fired three rounds into his chest. The two soldiers let go and he fell backward onto the snow, his shirt already beginning to become soaked in his blood. He moaned on the ground as he lay dying in a pool of his own blood, there would be no saving him for the bullets had torn through both of his lungs like paper. He made wheezing sounds that sounded inhuman as he tried to take in air, but failed miserably. The two soldiers who had been holding Scott had horrified looks on their face, looks of guilt. They knew they had to follow orders, or else they would be charged with disobeying of orders. Still this act had but a strain on their being that they weren’t expecting.

“Let’s move out….there is no need to stick around here.” Sergeant Conrad spoke slowly as he backed away from the body with a trembling hand that placed his gun back in the holster “Jackson!” he called to the man who was holding the child and the wife back “Get over here, we are going back to base.” A second later the same little girl came running out of the crowd towards the body that lay motionless in the street, the mother right behind.

“Daddy! Daddy!” the little girl screamed as the soldiers began making their way down the street. Each of them, except for the sergeant, looking back at the scene with a look of disgust and guilt on their faces as the mother turned her child’s body into her body and held her tight.

“Shhh, baby shhh don’t cry mommy is here.” The women said through her many tears, as the soldiers walked away in a shroud of depression.

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Lights blinked in the distance across the dark landscape but not nearly as many as a large metropolis like Minneapolis should have at this hour of the early morning.

Darcy stood in a long shirt in the dark one hand resting on the window that made up the entire right side of the bedroom, there was no wall just glass. She looked out solemnly across the frozen Mississippi river that ran below, to the other side of the city. Everything was covered in a white sheet of crisp brand new snow. It looked so heavenly, so benign, so . . . normal, when it really was anything but.

5.15am The digital clock next to the bed had read. She had slept almost ten full hours. She felt calm and relaxed. It was the most sleep Darcy had got in weeks. It would have been more had the baby not started moving. The rolling and pushing was becoming stronger by the day. She could feel kicking as the baby would cuddle up against her inside.

A slow smile spread across her lips as she rested a hand on the bump that was her belly and felt a jab in response. What was it trying to do inside there? Darcy thought with a small laugh. The smile faded as the inevitable memory of Richard played across her mind.

They had known each other for such a short amount of time, yet what Darcy felt for Richard was all encompassing, still. There would never be anyone else for her ever again. She loved him heart and soul and more everyday even though she hadn't laid eyes on him in over four months and didn't even know whether he was dead or alive. Warm silent tears streamed down the apples of her cheeks. She had almost lost him once, that day all those months ago when he was shot by her brother Joshua. But this, this was much worse . . . the not knowing.

Darcy forced herself into slowly coming to terms with the very likely fact that in all probability she would never lay eyes on Richard ever again no matter what his last words haunted in her dreams continuously telling her they would meet again. At least Darcy thought with a sad smile as she rubbed her stomach, she would always have a little part of Richard with her.

Everything that had ever mattered or meant anything to her had been taken away in a blink of an eye . . . and Darcy knew who was to blame. Her sadness turning in an instant to an all engulfing rage as the hand covering the bump scrunched up the shirt she wore in a fist. She had to physically restrain herself as she took in a deep breath to calm down.

They're goal had been to control people so they could achieve their dominance across the globe. And what had they gained? Nothing! Nothing except the cries of orphaned children, the screams of infected monsters that knew not what they did and the blood of the innocent . . . And for what? Wealth? Control? Power? Too feed and drive their own narcissistic games of chess. It all made Darcy sick to her stomach and fuelled the flames for her revenge.

They would pay. She would make them all pay. Exposing their sordid secrets one by one. Especially the beast in control and in charge of this whole operation that was now sweeping the world as an unstoppable pandemic.

C.I.A Director Andrew Scott.

Yes, she knew all about Director Scott. Every single detail and crucially damning information of his corrupt plan was in her very hands with the files and hard drives she had taken from Joshua.

Indeed, he would pay dearly! She would make him sweat like the pig he was. Exposing the bastard little by little. She would keep him on his toes, dangling the string just out of reach and just when he would begin to think he had it and had her, she would snatch it away and disappear until he would begin to think she had vanished altogether . . . and the cycle would begin again, until she had exposed him for the criminal he was, this Agency he controlled and destroyed all his evil plans.

Grabbing her iPhone from the night stand Darcy google mapped the places she needed to go to while in Minneapolis, she wasn't sure how long she would stay, but it might be a while as the place had all the conveniences but she'd have to be very careful too . . . it was still a dangerous place. All the more now because the government enforced rules and laws that would been seen extreme in some communist societies today.

She didn't want the risk of anyone identifying her or her mom even though they were well and truly far away from Wyoming; this was still the Midwest and people knew the prestigious Morgan family all across the middle. Not until she had exposed the US Government for what they truly were and particularly Director Andrew Scott and could finally head to the safety of the East Coast and find some normality in life with an actual future for her child; away from the constant fear of death, would she finally use her real name.

Having found the addresses for the hospital and the University Campus. They would be her first two stops and another step forward towards her all consuming final goal.

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Bolting upright, Aarti looked wide eyed around her dark lit bedroom.
Her heart was racing probably way faster than what it was supposed to, and she couldn't get the images of her nightmares out of her head,
"Holy shit..." She whispered, stepped out of bed and walking over to the window.
Already with the early rays from the sun coming up, the zombies were coming out of hiding and going back to roaming the streets in search for someone else to kill, it was sickening... terrifying.
Aarti had never been too fond of monsters of any sort, she saw them as creatures who preyed on fear and found joy when they saw terror in other people's eyes.
Aarti wasn't like that, she wasn't a monster, a killer, a cold hearted being who deserved to burn in hell. She hated them, and she feared them more than anything.
If she ever came face to face with one of those... revolting, evil, blood thirsty creatures then Aarti was sure she would have a heart attack on the spot.
"Why don't they eat eachother?" Aarti grumbled, stepping away from the window, "It'd save a hell of a lot of lives."
It was true, if the beasts were so desperate for something to eat, why didn't they eat their own kind and spare the actual living people's lives?
It would be easier for everybody.

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Tsukiko felt extremely nervous about sitting in a car with a stranger, but she knew his name, Kale. It was a strange ride then, the questions, oh dear god she wasn't ready for this. All she could do was answer in a panicked manner, "I.. I'm Tsukiko, I was an... Athlete. A- and I took both Kendo a-and fencing." she said- more like stuttered through, she never liked speaking about herself very much especially towards strangers, she hated that, she'd talk most of the time to her friends but now she couldn't because she never knew Kale before the hell that is going on now. And yet, she trusted him a little more, she kept her sword in her lap as a precaution since she couldn't reach her fire axe and she noted the bat in the passenger's seat. She then heard the next question on her destination, "I- I don't mind where we go... As long as we're... Safe." As Tsu said that she felt a cold feeling on something bad was going to happen now, she didn't know what, all she could do was react, and hope her reaction is in time.

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"Where too now boss?" Lilith said as the three people, plus the mutt, stepped out of the vehicle into the bitter cold of Colorado. There was a light snow on the ground and some was still falling from the grey sky. He loved this state, but hated it with a passion all at the same time.

"We have to get to Aurora, there is building there that has an entrance into some underground Labyrinths. From there we can get to a facility under Buckley Air Base that should have a surplus of Paralyzing serum."

Leon made some smart ass remark, but Richard ignored it. He wasn't sure how the military would take to "civilians" walking around with an assault rifle so he stuck it in duffel bag and slung it over his shoulder. He walked out and looked at his two friends "Come on guys, it's going to be a cold ass walk." Richard had his black trench coat, but even it it zipped and buttoned he was still cold. The town got more and more populated as they got closer to the military green zone. But the more and more populated it got, the more and more depressing it got. People were still covered in tattered cloths and were burning things in trash cans for warmth. It was like being in some third world country, nothing looked like the good ole' USA anymore.

Jake kept making whimpering sounds as he walked, his arm was still giving him issues. He was lucky the makeshift brace had actually done him good or else Richard would have had to put the stupid thing down long ago. But he wouldn't have done it with a light heart. Although the thing pissed him off more often than not he had grown to like it. The same with Leon and Lilith. Leon was on about the same friendship scale as the dog though, he was more annoying then a screeching cat sometimes. Richard found himself thinking back to the months of travel that the four had gone through. They would have been able to get to Colorado in no time if it weren't for Richard's bullet wound. They were constantly having to stop and find places to hold up because of Richards inflammatory pain. For a while they thought he was going to die from an infection, but that fear had soon drifted away when Richard was moving without having to keel over every few steps. He still had muscle pains in his stomach though. It was his first abdomen wound in his entire career, he had been shot in the legs, the shoulder, the hand, even had a graze on his neck but never in the abdomen or chest. He was glad that was the case, because it hurt like hell. He would take five shoulder wounds over a stomach wound any day of the week.

Richard ran his hand over the place where Joshua had shot him during their little firefight in Highgate. He wondered if that bastard survived the bombing. Probably not, he had been shot and had no idea it was coming. Most likely he fried just like every other living thing in that town. Hopefully his sister wasn't among them. The thought that Darcy might be dead gave him a pain in his heart that was much stronger than the physical pain of the bullet wound. She had to have survived...Richard had been the sole survivor too many times before. He had asked himself "why me?" so many times in the past that it was hard to remember all the instances. The world had become a dangerous place the last few years, and unlike what the average American thought, the death of Osama did little to cure the world of danger. In fact the world might have been more dangerous as a result of the death. Richard had lost more friends from the agency during the months leading up to and after that bastards death. Fifteen agents from his Agency, two from the CIA and all of his former squad mates from his time as a marine. The only one that survived was James Hill, but he had been killed in Highgate too. So once again he was the one that survived, the one who had to live with the menacing question of what made him so special. If Darcy was dead...he would be finished...he might just kill himself. He looked at Lilith and shook his head. He couldn't leave her to turn into one of the freaks. He like that girl a lot, she reminded him of his sister oh so much. He had a duty to help her now, for himself and for Darcy, whether she be alive or not.

The group made small talk as they walked through the near deserted streets of Colorado towns. They had walked quite a way without seeing an infected, but there were still plenty of threats.

"Hey! You!" The group stopped as four men, dressed in tattered clothing and armed with blunt objects walked up to them "Those are some nice cloths you got there." The man in front said. He was dressed in a jean jacket that was nearly torn to shreds, with jeans and tattered sneakers to boot. Richard took a step forward but a man next to the one with jean jacket pulled a 357. Magnum revolver and cocked the action back

"I wouldn't do that if I were you."

~CIA Director Andrew Scott~

The streets of DC were calm and infection free thanks to the strong government presence. In fact, one might not even realize there was a pandemic if they were living under a rock in DC. People walked around like they had no care in the world, and for the most part currency wasn't a problem since DC had already full implemented a work token system. The world economy was in the shitter, and there was no exports going anywhere since the world had turned into an every man for himself kind of world. The UN would help if they had the man power. About two months into the infection almost every country pulled back it's military support of the UN leaving only the US, UK, Pakistan, and a few minor supporters with troops still in the UN. Aid programs were stretched to the limit and reserves of food were already running low. The US was already in the process of starting their underground food growth centers by using multiple different seeds that have been preserved over the years. Of course the Russians were laughing at that because they have too many underground cities to mention, where their agricultural food supplies have been running since the cold war. So anybody who was anybody in Russia was safe as a kitten in a fur slipper. The US had such cities too but they were no where near as prepared as the Ruskie's were, and they were in less of a quantity.

Director Scott sat on a bench just out front of the Washington monument and looked out over the frozen lake. He sat by his lonesome for a few minutes before a figure clad in a fur coat, sunglasses and a fur cap took a seat next to him.

Without looking at the director he began to speak "Director Scott, how are you?"

"Cold and without sex how about you?" Director Scott said without looking at the man

The man didn't even crack a grin as he continued to look out over the water "Cold, but those secretaries make for good ass."

"Enough with the bullshit, what's the news."

"Things are..." the man paused for second "Not on schedule."

"Why, you and your boys forget where your balls are." Director Scott said calmly

"It's not as simple as you might think Director." the man replied

"I'm not a stupid man, I know how difficult things are."

"Then you should understand."

"Oh I understand it's difficult. What I don't understand is why every time you come to me with news something is off schedule." Director Scott spoke in a tone that gave the impression of an almost blank emotion

"The Security Council is crippled and we can't get the member's to agree to a general assembly, there is just no way right now."

Director Scott stood up and straightened his long coat "I don't care how you do it, but get it done. I need control, without it I can't bring about the peace that is required for the future of the world." he paused as he took in one more deep breath of cool winter air "I installed you into the secretariat because I thought you could get things done. Don't prove me wrong, or accidents will happen." The directors tone was hard and cold, his speech was dark enough to scare the devil himself and he wasn't even looking at his contact "Good day, Mr. Tyler I expect better news next time we meet."

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"Safe, huh?" Kale said softly. The word meant very little in this world right now. Of course it was merely an illusion before the beasties showed up. The other beasts, like Kale were just hidden better. Now though the monsters were no longer hidden under the bed and they didn't go away when you closed your eyes or awoke from dreams.

"Alright Tsuikiko," he said with a changed air of energy. "We'll be temporary travelling buddies until we find a place that you want to stay in." He paused for a moment and his eyes paused on the face of the girl. "Hey Tsukiko, how good are you with that blade? Like, for example, how many of those things have you killed with that blade in one encounter?" Kale was curious of her skills with the blade that she seemed to keep on her lap. He went over the chances of drawing his knife before getting stabbed. He was aware he could strike unarmed but he liked fighting on even terms with others. The only exception were those with guns. In truth Kale didn't like them, they were very impersonal and he never gave them much importance. They were impractical and loud, which could be dangerous in these odd times. Besides they tended to give people a false sense of security and made them weaker, at least in Kale's mind. He knew a gun could kill him before a thrown knife. That is why he was the king of predators. Some prey was just worth the risks.

He looked in the seat next to him. The latest possible candidate.

"I suppose you would have to be pretty impressive to still be alive all alone without a gun," he said probing for information whether she had a gun or not. Information was always the greatest weapon. How you used that information determined winner and loser, and in these days, life and death. Kale was pleased the Tsukiko was not going anywhere specific, which in a sense gave him many opportunities to look for others as well as to test her abilities.

WHAM! came a thud from the car hitting one of those running monsters. It had happened several times already.

"Sorry about that, but I heard that it was just easier to take a side road less chance of their being a road block." he said. "Have you had any experience with any of these 'governments'? They are sometimes just as bad if not worse than these things. That is a another reason I prefer to get off the main roads. Some well established cities near the road look for new resources." he paused for a bit considering of telling her a situation he had or not. "I had a situation two months back and let me just tell you it was not pretty. They wanted to take everything I had. I had to fight to keep it."

Two Months Back

Kale looked at the yellow ripped piece of paper in his hands as he drove down slowly and quietly into the suburbs. It seemed quiet which was alright for now which was safe but boring. Kale stopped and parked the car and got out. He went to the door and found it locked. He looked inside and saw movement. He stared patiently before looking around. IT would be bad to make a ruckus in front of the street so he made his way to the back yard. The two floor house was had chipped paint showing neglect from more than 4 months as was the grass way too high for a mere 4 months.

Kale tested the back door. Locked. Kale moved to the window and he met eyes with the man inside, at least the former man. Kale side stepped just to watch the man crash against the window and fall out into the high grass. The rolled to the ground and just as it got its footing there was the sound of a loud CLACK and Crunch, the second following quickly after the first. Kale stared at the beast as it stood up and ran at him suddenly he was yanked back and when Kale approached to he saw the things arm was stuck in a bear trap. The arm was useless now and Kale looked at the beast before. AS the ex-human stood up Kale stepped in landing a blow to the liver followed by a quick kick to the same liver and then dropped on to one knee and struck again in the same spot. He then slid over and began punching the thing repeatedly over and over using Wing Chun punches for speed and efficiency as the creatures head could only bounce of the ground repeatedly as if it was nothing more than a punching bag.

The creatures face quickly started to change shape as blood vessels broke and bone followed shortly after. Kale bashed the face for a good three minutes before stopping. It is believed that the effiency of the punch was compared to the force delievered by a battering ram that the police use to break down doors.

'Everything breaks eventually' he thought.

Kale looked at his handy work as he noted the broken jaw, nose, cheek bones, and the fact that over half of the teeth had been knocked down his throat. Kale turned the head to see the blood seeping from the back of the skull. Kale moved some grass and noticed that there was actually asphalt underneath. Kale smiled at the luck but he had to make sure. Kale placed his hand on the left side of the unconscoius beasts head and with a quick punch to the side of the neck and a small but quick opposing force from his second hand the neck broke. Kale stood up and walked over and used a nearby broom to clear away the broken glass. He looked around outside before entering. It seemed this part of the block was clear of beasts and survivors

Kale entered the house knowing exactly what he would find. Walls and walls of guns. He had visited the gun shop in the town to find it had already be ransacked. He did a little searching to find the owner of the store and then used the yellow pages to find the address.

Kale was pleased with the former owners resources. There was a huge stock of canned foods and dried fruits, berries and lots of nuts. The man had been a heavy duty survivalist. Sadly he had no fail safe for whatever it was that changed everyone.


Kale had been their for over two weeks when he started to hear car engines outside. At first they were just sounds and lights in the distance, but slowly a small scouting patrol came down the road checking each of the houses. It was during the second day that he heard screaming, gunshots, then silence. Kale stared out the window with the closed blinds. The men were uniformed but he couldn't tell if they were genuine or not. Either way it looks like the people informed them about this guys house. They looked over and got in the car and drove past the houses inbetween and started to approach the house armed with shotguns and hand guns.

Kale walked over to one of the knife displays and grabbed a hunting knife and walked over to the door and stood against it. He noticed when he came through the window that the door had been reinforced with a steel sheet. The men outside were beging cautious. There was a chance that someone with a lot of firepower was secluded in there. People were always weary of gun nuts. They knocked on the door and Kale smiled.

"Hold on a sec!" he yelled. He then openned the door slightly seeing as the ten padlocks continued to keep it secure. "Can I help you?" Kale asked with an eager face.

"Yes we were told that you might have firearms inside here." A man with no name said. "Is that true?"

"It sure is!" Kale beamed at him. " I have tons of them and I was wondering if I could trade them for something?"

"We don't have a lot of foo-" the man started.

"No no. I have plenty of that too. In fact I'll even throw in some of that as well, if you let me join your group." He said smiling. "I've been waiting for someone with some balls and initiative to come around." Kale saw the other men drawing closer as they felt less threatened. "Hold on a sec, let me get these locks otu of the way." He closed the door and started to start un hinging them. He looked out the peephole and observed there faces to see if they bought it or not. They had. They were beaming as their guns had been lowered. Kale's smile twisted into a smirk and returned to a smile as he opened the door. His knife was in the hand behind the door as he pointed to the shelf right in the front. Four of the five men came inside while the last kept an eye out for any monsters.

"There are some over there as well he said to the fourth guy." When the fifth
man's back was turned Kale quietly let the door close as he thrust the hunter's knife under the thirds chin and up into his brain. He lowered the man gently as he moved to the fourth and just as he turned he struck him in the adams apple collapsing his wind pipe. The gun dropped and the first looked back with happy eyes soon to be replaced by shock as they lifted their guns. Kale dropped low as the sound of gun fire filled the air and the wall took a beating. Kale grabbed the gun and rolled behind the display counter. Sadly it was a shotgun and had terrible aim the further they were away but the sound of the pump caused them to cease fire and jump behind the furniture. He didn't waste time as he pumped it again. He was slightly disappointed in finding out these guys were not trained, they had just had dumb luck and acquired all there stuff or stole it from someone else. They were predators like him, but they were weak and relied on a pack mentality.

The fifth man came in all hot blooded and took a point blank shot to the face from Kale's shot gun. He dropped it and kept running down the hall. He found himself in the kitchen, he grabbed two knives and kicked down the back door.

When the two surivors barged into the kitchen they gave chase towards the door. It was the first that noticed Kale but it was too late as he already passed teh kitchen counter. The following man took the full shock as Kale swung the knife and jabbed it in the mans calf. He fell down knocking into the first. Kale skitted back behind the counter as the first fired and missed due other guy falling into him.

He swore as he pushed the guy off and checked his leg.

"We have to calm down." he said as he gave the second a piece of wash cloth to bite down on as he dealt with the pain. It was only a minute before gunshots were being fired continuously. They ducked low only to find it was somewhere else in the house and it didn't stop.

Kale shot bullet after bullet into the upstairs wall as he looked out the window. The beasties had been attacted to the sound he watched as they swarmed into the house from the front and heard them crash into the displays. Then he saw more enter the back. He watched as the additional bear traps that he has set out were doing the trick but more continued to fill in. Soon screaming and more gunshots could be heard. Kale smiled as he climbed out the window and ran for the humvee and drove off running over a few more beasts.

Kale looked at the palm of his hand at a small metal ring with a string attached.

The grenade exploded destroying the upstairs completely as well as engulfing the the lower house in flames. Kale hated guns and he over came them. This helped reinforce his belief of him being destined to rule over this world.


Kale looked over at Tsukiko. He wondered if she would be a predator or bait, but he looked at his map and lost his train of thought.

"We will be looking for some gas in the next upcoming town. We should be there within 30 minutes."

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Roaming through numerous streets leaving trails of rotten bodies behind him, Lucas grew tired of slicing up zombies with his old rusty machete. He has bumped into a few survivors doing all he could to help if he thought they needed it. Now Lucas is cautious when he spots strangers in his path because he was once beaten by a group of bandits trying to rob from him but found nothing worth stealing.
Right now he still travels on his skateboard pushing his shopping cart and has now arrived at a city in Colorado. While roaming through the city he hears a group of people chattering, which causes Lucas to hide in the shadows. He wanted to be hidden because he didn't trust anyone ever since he was jumped. He tried to find a way around the group of people there were three people: 2 guys, a girl and a dog. He was afraid that the dog would catch his scent and give away his position and he did not wanted trouble to find him.
"Maybe I should just turn around and go back" He thought to himself but disagreed and thought: "But I can't just hide forever and wait for them to leave."

As Lucas was about to reveal himself a group of four men approached them threatening them. One of the victims said: "I wouldn't do that if I were you."
He thought to himself: "Well, I guess they aren't bad if they are getting robbed. If I helped them it would be an even fight."
He didn't know what to do, he wanted to help but he still didn't know if the people he was saving was the right people.
"That's it!" He thought to himself. He grabbed a rock and threw it somewhere behind them, which then forced them to react leaving them open for the victims to attack.

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Matthew was getting used to this now. Living in cold dark rooms? Check. Being completely scared all the time? Check. He didn't know what to do. That weird hooded guy had took Matthew to a military bunker, and trapped him in what looked like a interrogation room. There was one table, two chairs, a door, no windows, and a completely cold, stone wall. Pretty much sounds like an interrogation room. Matthew looked down at the table, his eyes focusing on his hands. Once clean and fresh, now pale and bloody.
The door creaked open. The hooded man walked inside. "Hello. I need to talk to you. Now." The hooded man grabbed Matthew by the arm and laid him against the table, his hands pressed down. "Whoa whoa whoa, what are you doing?!" Matthew said in protest. "You will see." The hooded man closed the door and took out a small pocketknife. "I found this in your pocket. Now, will it be your demise?" The hooded man quickly took the knife, and slid it under one of Matthew's fingernails. "Tell me, ho many people are in your group?" Matthew smiled again. "Like I'm telling an asshole like you." The hooded man simply ripped off the fingernail. "Oh my god! OH MY GOD!"
It was now the hooded man's turn to smile. "Do not worry. It will grow back. But maybe I need more effective measures of interrogation. Come with me." Matthew had no chance for a snarky comment back to him, because he grabbed Matthew by the neck and slung him out the door. Matthew hit the floor hard, and coughed up some blood. The man took his foot and pressed it against Matthew's chest.
"Bring the girl in." Two men came down the hallway, bringing a girl, no more than five. "What the hell is this?" Matthew looked at the hooded man, who brought up something like a scythe. "Now, which one of you should die? Hmmm? The girl, or the boy. It is the people's choice." The girl was crying for her mother, and Matthew knew the obvious choice. "Kill me. Do it. Just do it." The hooded man brought up the scythe. "Excellent choice. Do not worry, we will still find your group. Give them a very warm welcome."
Matthew looked down at the floor, waiting for what he knew was coming. He had made it this far just to be murdered. But at least he would save a girls life. A poor five year old girl, who's mother was probably still out there looking for her. His parents weren't. What did he really have to live for? Hope? Forget it. All you could do was die in this world. Matthew closed his eyes tighter. Think of something good, he told himself. Like this not happening, or being back down at the campsite,eating some more canned beans. Matthew opened his eyes. Except your fate with dignity. He looked up. The man looked down. "Any last words?" Matthew grinned one last time. "Fuck you asshole!" The man brought the scythe down, and blood splattered everywhere.

3 hours later
Running. Running. That man had killed that poor girl. And then he had ran. Matthew. Had. Ran. Through the halls. Out the window. Into the sunshine. Running. Coward. There. Over there. The campsite. The weird girl and the woman. They were there. Matthew rushed over. And fell over in a heap and cried.
(OOC: Sorry that part is so weird. Just so you guys'll understand, no, Matthew is not dead. I just like to screw with people!:D )

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Tsu had looked at her sword she nodded to the travel until she finds a place that is somewhat safe. He asked a question about how well she is with her sword, "Why do you ask?" she asked back with a confused voice, but in her head, her suspicions rose, then he asked about a gun, "I... Have methods of escape.." she said as she looked out the window for a brief moment, until the THUD happened from the car hitting the walker and she jumped from it, it was a surprise to her, but she knew that the boy whom saved her, might be a little off of his sanity. Tsu heard the boy speak that in about 30 minutes they'll have to stop for gas, she looked at the needle, 1/4 full. She was confused for a minute and then just shrugged it off as they might have a long drive, although, she kept a firm grip on her sword handle as a defensive procedure.

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Darcy was out of the door as the early light of morning shone across the frozen horizon around 8am. Her mom was fast asleep, thank God. She didn't want to have to deal with her incessant questions.

The cold wind stirred her long brown locks as she stepped out of the Porsche in the hospital parking lot. Her cheeks staining a healthy pink across her fair skin. Shivering Darcy rubbed her hands together as the cool air seeped through her dark blue coat which did little good in this winter weather. The snow had stopped for now but reports showed more was on its way.

Her gray knee high boots clicked along the salted pavement to the entrance of the hospital. Lost in her thoughts Darcy suddenly stopped as she heard shouting and raised voices.

Turning she saw a man on his knees with his hands behind his head, no more then a few feet away. What was going on? Confused, Darcy now stood at the side of a group of chattering people who watched on as a man in higher military uniform began to bark out loud and pointed a gun at the sobbing man's face.

“No!” Darcy whispered furiously.

They couldn't do that! On the street . . . It wasn't right!

She looked around shocked at the crowd next to her who just watched on.

“Aren't you going to say anything?!” She asked the people next to her in a panic who just looked at her like she was the crazy one. “What's wrong with you?!”

By the authority of the powers bestowed upon the U.S Marines by the declaration of nationwide martial law, I find you guilty of restricting and obstructing a Public Officer on pursuit of a felon.” The cold voice carried over the wind.

Darcy couldn't believe these people could just stand here and watch as a man was about to lose his life in such an inhuman horrifying way! Well, if they wouldn't say anything to stop this, she certainly would! Thought Darcy angrily as she took a step forward.

“Stop!” She shouted “You can't do-”

But before she had finished or anyone had noticed a large hand clasped tight across her mouth while an arm wrapped around her waist pulled her back and before Darcy had a clue what was happening; she was backed up against a solid brick wall at the side of the hospital, out of sight.


Darcy's eyes closed tight and tremors ran down her body, the sound of the single shot rented the air and a ghostly silence ensued.

When her heart had finally returned to beating normally Darcy opened her eyes slowly, only to see a face grinning down at her. My God . . . For a moment she though it was Richard and her heart began to beat rapidly again until her eyes adjusted to the light and she realized with a sudden deep sunken feeling . . . it was someone else . . . a stranger.

“You trying to get yourself killed?” He smirked down at her, one hand resting on the wall next to her head while the other arm kept her locked in place “Cuz if you are, you sure are doing a good job of it.”

Darcy frowned at the condescending way he was talking down to her. Who the hell did he think he was?! That . . . that poor man may not have died if he hadn't forcefully pulled her away!

The sad thought raised her ire and Darcy jammed the heel of her gray boot into the guys shoe and pushed him off of her. He yelped in pain as he lost his balance and crashed back on the snowy floor on his butt. Lucky for him the heavy snow broke his fall. She did not like being touched by strangers.

“The hell is wrong with you lady?!” He shouted at her as he raised his knee to his chest trying to reach his wounded foot.

The hell is wrong with me?” Darcy spat back “What the hell is wrong with you, huh?”

They eyed each other suspiciously as the guy finally sat up; the fur around his hood littered with snow.

“What were they doing?” Darcy asked flatly folding her arms across her chest, although she already had an idea. She had heard about things like this on the road but never actually seen it carried out till today. It was the reason a lot of people that still survived preferred to live in ravished abandoned towns instead.

His gaze scrutinized her for a long moment before he finally answered simply “Protecting us civilians of course.”

“Protecting us or protecting themselves.” Darcy replied angrily before she realized what she was proffering and stopped herself. “I mean if you hadn't-”

“What?” He interrupted, satire lacing his voice “If I hadn't stopped you, you would have . . . what? Saved that poor bastard out there? Sweetheart, he'd signed his own death warrant long ago when he decided to hide a thief and then lie about it.”

“And you think that worth loosing his life for?!” Darcy asked in disbelief.

“Doesn't matter what I think.” He said simply as he folded his arms around his knee's, still sitting in the cold snow. “Does it?

Darcy pouted as she discerned him with a raised brow. He was a put together looking guy probably in his late thirties with blue eyes and stubbled cheeks. A black woolen hat covered his head while a thick black down coat with a fur-lined hood cover him to the waist finished with gray sweatpants and sneakers.

“What did you mean by protecting themselves?” He asked suddenly, a look of curiosity across his face.

Ut oh thought Darcy. She'd have to squash his curiosity before it became a problem.

She walked the two steps to his feet and looked down at him with an innocent smile and offered her hand. He hesitated a second before he took her hand with his own smile and began to try to get up.

“I meant nothing” Darcy said sweetly with a stony, commanding underlining as she stared down at him coldly “and if you know what's good for you, you'll remember that!” Then let go of his hand.

“Whoa!” He sounded as he crashed back to the icy ground.

Darcy smiled down at him falsely as he stared back at her in disbelief “You got that?” She finished with one last threat and then strutted off around the corner and into the warmth of the hospital.

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After his trip to the supermarket, Alex realized that it wasn't a good idea to drag a shopping cart all the way back to his house.
They were loud, and from what he knew, noises attracted zombies.
"Shut up!" Alex hissed as if that would make the clanging noise dim down... it didn't.
He stopped pushing the cart and glared at it, "If I die because of you...." Alex trailed off when he became aware that he was talking to a piece of metal.
"Soon i'll be chatting to zombies as if they're my friends," He chuckled, a grin appearing on his face.

A low moaning noise followed by the sound of shuffling feet were the two things that alerted Alex.
Turning around, he smirked when he saw the face of one of the monsters.
Show time.
The zombie looked different from the usual, its face... well... it didn't exactly have much of a face left ... or a left arm ...
Alex's smile faded when the thing leaped at him.
"Holy shit!" He gasped, hardly managing to get out of its way in time, "What the hell?"
The zombie didn't seem to like missing its target, it stumbled a bit, but eventually regained its balance and let out what sounded like some sort of growl, it charged towards Alex again, but this time he was ready.
He quickly side-stepped and gave the zombie a swift punch in the stomach, then another one in the head.
Alex grinned when he saw the monster fall to the ground.
"Sorry about that," He apologized with a shrug, then pulled out his gun and shot the thing in the heart, "Its either you kill me or I kill you, and too bad for your part, but I don't feel like dying. Not today, anyway."

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It had been an uneasy thirty minutes before finding the basement floor that they needed to be on. The air inside the walls was stale, and the stench of death wasn't helping much. But where the stench of death floated, there were supposed to be bodies, or remains at least. Especially with the only lighting the team had was coming from their visors' vision enhancement modes, and the debris of boxes and hospital supplies scattered about.

But there were none...

"Team, this is Bravo-Three. Keep your eyes open for any signs of movement. I doubt that we're alone down here."

His voice buzzed over the headset, secured from being heard from out of the suit, as each operative had set their communication systems not to broadcast locally. Turning a corner within this maze of corridors and hallways, they had finally located the blast doors.

"Get that door unlocked and opened. Once that's accomplished, Alpha will venture further ahead while we cover this entrance." He had barked out another order to Bravo, directing it towards Viktor, who had been carrying the override electronics.

Watching him move towards the door, Jakob had kept a sharp eye on the surrounding hallways, in case if a horde attempted to ambush them.

So far, so good.

The sound of gears cranking and grinding was the sound that they needed to hear, as it had signaled to them that the blast doors were now unlocked and ready to be opened.

Jessica and Leeroy proceeded to push the doors open, allowing Alpha to move ahead. However, the loud sounds from the door locks had also proceeded to attract much unneeded attention.

"Gateway, this is Bravo. Alert Archangel that we've managed to reopen the facility."


Once again, Jakob had tried to reach the group of four operators that were left at the entrance with the vehicles, unaware that they were already overrun by a horde of runners, and they were coming towards them quickly.

SubstAnce D - God

Within minutes, bloodied screams echoed down the halls, followed by the deadly sound of hundreds of feet moving towards them. No, they weren't sounds of slow movement - these were the sounds of feet slapping against the tiles in full sprints.

The corridors that had once been empty, were quickly replaced with numerous infected, the front-most tripping and crashing through the piles of boxes towards them.

"Well, guys... I love you, but this party just got interesting. LEEEEEEEEEEEROOOOY JENKINNNNNS!"

Leeroy boomed out over the communication link, grabbing the handle of his chain-gun and squeezing the trigger, hundreds of rounds beginning to rip through the first wave of infected. However, for each one they took down, it was replaced by two more.

It had taken the horde an easy thirty seconds to overrun Leeroy, swallowing him whole, those near him ripping his armor apart piece by piece, going straight to his soft innards as blood-curdling screams from the big man echoed through the walls.

Viktor was the next to go, falling pray to the swarm of infected as he provided cover to Jakob and the sniper as they rushed past the blast doors and attempted to seal them.

With the two of them left, Jessica had struggled a bit to seal the doors, as Jakob had provided cover fire through the closing space between the door and the frame. Even with the number of arms reaching through the gap, the two had managed to close the doors and re-enabled the locking mechanisms, but at too heavy of a price: One of the infected had managed to rip through the shoulder armor of the Sniper's suit and taken a quick bite during the skirmish.

Both of them leaned back onto the blast doors, Jessica sliding all the way down.

"Jakob, you know the regulations. You know what you have to do. I had a good time serving with ya'"

Jakob looked down at her, as she removed her visor. If, at any time, one was to be infected, another member of the team was required to execute the infected member in order to prevent further infection. Retrieving his sidearm, he aimed it at the side of her head, both of them knowing that this was probably the last mission that the Wolf-Pack will have.

"God, forgive me," Jakob muttered, before pulling the trigger.


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Priestess was walking the freezing streets of Lubbock Oklahoma. It was small city out in the middle of nowhere for the most part and was a test sight for the parasite before it started turning people into zombies, just like Highgate was. This place, however, had been abandoned before the Agency or the military could do anything about it. The streets still bore the scars from the anarchy which had swept across the urban landscape after the infection took over the city. Each buildings crying with the memories of horrors that took place, and every bit of snow representing the tears that angels were shedding for the poor souls lost there.

Priestess was immune to all of it, but she was still very aware of it. Her car had broke down just outside the city and she had no way of repairing it, so she resorted to hoofing her way across the desolate lands of snow that had replaced the summer fields. It was cold, and only getting colder as the evening sun got lower in the sky of the mid west. She needed to find somewhere to stay or she may never complete her mission. She wandered through the streets when the sound of footsteps broke the silence of the ghost town. Priestess spun on her heels and looked at the direction of the foot steps, and standing before her were three men totting assault rifles

"You okay ma'am?" the man asked in a sweet voice, and priestess smiled, [i[ what luck [/i] she thought to herself as she moved forward

"Oh thanks God you found me i'm so scared!" She said in her best fake womanly voice and moved towards the armed men....


Richard watched the men, each with greedy and hate filled eyes. Richard knew if he drew his pistol right now he would be dead, and if he got closer he would be dead. He needed to think, he couldn't just let these guys do what they wanted with them...and especially Lilith, who knows what they would do to the sweet girl. His eyes darted around, looking for anything he could use to his advantage when all the sudden


a heavy clash of rocks rang out behind the men, and they spun their heads without thinking, a big mistake. In fact it would be the last mistake any of those men made. Richard stepped forward and drew his pistol from it's holster, BANG! BANG! two rounds flew straight into the closest bandits collar bone, and just as the one with the revolver turned around it was too late and he caught three bullets in the chest. The third bandit tried taking a swing at Richard with his bat, but the agent swiftly dodged it and grabbed the mans arm in a hold and put four rounds into the fourth bandit, before finishing off the third with a single shot to the temple. The whole thing took only mere seconds, and then Richard stood in the cold street, surrounded by the dead bodies of the bandits. When all was thought to be clear, the sound of thundering footsteps sounded behind Richard. He spun and saw the three more men, probably friends of the people he had just killed, came running out from cover straight at Leon and Lilith. He spun to take aim, but it was too late they had reached his two friends and blocked his shot...

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"Planning to kill us in the cold, Daddio?"
Leon asked as he hugged his arms together keeping warm. He looked up at the faint drop of snow, it wasn't to happy and it was a beautiful sight other than the faces of the dead. The only thing was the cold it brang. Leon bit his lip as they began to walk forward following Richard's lead. Huddling together didn't help against the cold so Leon stopped and brought a hoodie out of his duffel slipping it on quickly, he looked towards Lilith who looked really bad, yellowish but also cold. He slipped his arm around her to keep her warm.
"There's no point on making it to this place if you die from the cold."
He said with a slight smile as he looked down at her. He was stopped by bumping into Richard who had just stopped moving he popped his sword out a little, he tapped Richard on the shoulder but he didn't turn around. Leon stepped out to the side from the group to see what was in front of them. Bandits. Great. He knew this wouldn't have been good, Richard was just talking them up. It was getting really intense but they weren't throwing any punches yet. Yet. It seemed as if Richard was going to throw the first punch or shoot the first bullet until a random rock came from the shadows. The bandits were distracted and Richard sprung into action, of course Leon and Lilith were used to this and just waited to the side watching Richard kill these guys. Richard looked at them with a horrified look, Leon and Lilith didn't understand what he meant until they felt strong arms grab them from the behind. Leon, being annoyed with the manner, drew his sword and immediately stabbed behind him, almost slicing himself in the process. The hands let go, he lept away and turned around lunging his sword through the mans chest, he looked to Lilith killing the man holding her. Leon had the craziest look in his eye when he spotted the third man.
"Enough with this bloody rubbish!"
He ran to the man, anger in his eyes, he looked straight into the mans eyes as he was about to kill him, instead he just pushed him to the ground, ran a hand through his own hair and sighed. He shook his head as he walked away to check on Lilith.
"Are you alright?"
He said sadly as he held a hand out.

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Lucas was watching as the man defeated the bandits like it was nothing to him. Lucas then saw three more bandits running towards them from behind and before he could warn them, the man noticed straight away. The bandits took the other two as hostages.
"How many of these guys are there?" He thought.
He left his shopping cart and skateboard in the shadows taking only his bow & arrow and moved around to another position behind the bandits when suddenly the male hostage stabbed the bandit holding him with his sword, killing him almost instantly. Then he turned to the second one doing the same. Lucas could see the mans intent to murder in his eyes as he walked towards the third bandit and shouted: "Enough with this rubbish!" but pushed him to the floor instead of killing him.
Lucas thought: "An Englishman aye."
As the man spared the bandits life he turned his back and walked towards the woman. He didn't notice the bandit getting back up, Lucas leaped from the shadows trying to get closer as the bandit revealed a gun from his torn jeans aiming at the group. BANG! The sound of the gun echoed down the road and everyone was frozen.
The group saw the bandit standing behind them with his gun aiming at them, he had obviously missed. The bandit then dropped to the floor face first revealing the arrow in the back of his head Lucas behind him standing there holding his bow & arrow.
Lucas looked at the group with an emotionless face and instantly squinting his eyes smiling and waving: "Hey there." Lucas said (in a formal English accent) standing only a few meters behind the dead body.

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Leo smiled slightly at the snow covered ground, somehow it made his situation seem less depressing... even if it was turning his feet into blocks of ice.
His stomach growled, and Leo was reminded of how hungry he was, "Theres got to be food somewhere," He muttered, "There has to be."
There was no way Leo was going to accept the fact that there was a chance that all the food in the town might of already been eaten or stored away somewhere, there had to be something he could eat.
Of course.

Leo continued walking until he heard the sound of gunshots up ahead, for a short second he let himself get his hopes up and he wondered if it was anyone he knew who had shot the gun.
But he dismissed the thought as quickly as it came, that was crazy.
Then another thought popped in Leo's head, what if was someone he knew who had gotten shot? He knew that it wasnt impossible, seeing how people would do anything if you had something they needed, but it was unlikely.
Why would they be here, anyway? In an abandoned town?
Leo found himself wondering why he was even here...

Still, Leo was curious.
Moving towards the direction where the gunshot had come from, in a matter of seconds Leo saw a tall, blonde haired guy standing over the body of a fully dead zombie.
Leo's eyes widened, from what he could see, the guy was alone. Surely he couldnt of survived this long by himself, right?
Maybe there was more survivors, maybe the guy was part of a group?
If so... where were the rest of them?

"Hey, you!" Leo called, then regretted doing so.
What if the guy wasnt as friendly as the last few people he had run in to?
Covering his mouth, Leo stepped back around a corner of a building and hoped that the guy hadnt heard him.

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Poor thing... Alex thought while he was looking at the odd face of the monster he had killed, I wonder who you used to be.
Innocent. The thing probably used to be innocent.
Too many lives had been taken in the last four months, far too many count at least.
Alex had heard from a few travelers that people from all over had lost family and friends because of the zombie disease, it wasn't fair.
Good people had been changed into ruthless monsters, killers... no... it wasn't just unfair, it was cruel, it was sickening. Alex hated it.
Alex felt a small bit of sympathy for the thing he had just killed, but he pushed the feeling away, the zombie wasn't a person anymore, it hadn't been a person since the day it was changed.
"You deserved to die," Alex said narrowing his eyes, "sorry to say it, but its true."
Yes, the monster had deserved its death.
The human that it used to be didn't.
"Hey!" A voice shouted from behind Alex, "You!"
Snapping his head up, Alex turned around expecting to see someone, but no one was in sight.
Nothing but nothing.
Pressing his lips into a thin line, Alex folded his arms, perhaps he had just imagined the voice.
It was probably his brain wishing he could talk to someone other than Aarti.
However, Alex wasn't completely convinced.
"Hello?" He called back, raising his eyebrows, hopefully this wasn't an ambush kind of thing... "Anyone there?"
Truthfully Alex had never been that good at hide-and-seek, so if someone really was hiding from him somewhere, Alex doubted he'd be able to find them.
Footprints in the snow, however, was a dead give away.
Shaking his head in amusement, Alex followed them and soon found a rather short kid who looked like he hadn't had a good meal in awhile.
"Its not nice to hide from people, you know. Its rude." Alex said with no real harsh tone in his voice, "What are you, like, ten? Eleven? Where are your parents?"
Bad choice of words...
The kid got mad at Alex for his little remark, and he was surprised when he told him that he was fifteen.
Kiddo didn't mention his parents though.
They're dead. Alex decided, just by the look on Kiddo's face he could easily tell.
Tough luck, he'd have to deal with it.
"So.. what were you doing snooping around?" Alex questioned, looking at Kiddo.
Normally Alex wasn't the one to talk, but when someone just shows up out of nowhere, its hard not to ask questions.
He didn't look like the type who'd just sneek up on someone and attack them, in fact, he didn't look like he'd be a threat at all.
But Alex hadn't seen him around town before, so who was this guy?
A traveler... Alex guessed, but if he was, then he wasn't doing a very good job of looking after himself.
"Well? Suddenly you cant speak or something?" Alex prodded when Kiddo didn't say anything.

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Journal Entry #46

Well yesterday I caught a wolf, it was a surprise, especially when I was almost gnawed on by the beast. Anyways now I have some meat to eat, its bad, but not the worst I've eaten. It'll last a while, which is good because I'm injured. It hurts to move around, I really busted up my body taking a big fall. I don't really need meds, just rest and relaxing. But when I'm good I'm pulling out that car and getting out of here.

This cabin has been good to me, but I will go insane if I don't see people. I can try my luck at Fort Collins, the Denver area, yeah that would be nice. Anyways I need to rest today, I'll think over a plan, something to do.

Thats all for today

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Matthew looked up from his small tantrum. There was nobody there. "What? Hello? Natalie? Leo? Jin? Weird girl?" Where were they? He thought he had just saw them. But nobody was there. "I-I-I'm hallucinating." Matthew looked around some more. Nope. Nobody was going to jump out, 'You just got punk'd!' It wasn't going to happen. Nobody was there. They had ditched him. " Motherfuckers!" Matthew ran back into the city.

1 hour later
Matthew walked around the city, kicking rocks around. "I hate them. Never should have trusted those fuckers. I'll find them. Then I'll-" Matthew was then cut off by voices. Matthew jumped behind a dumpster, looking at the two people talking. One was a man, with some frizzy blond hair. Welcome to the club, Matthew thought. And the other was...."Leo?" Matthew suddenly jolted up. What if this guy was trying to kill Leo? "Hey man, if you were gonna kill him, don't do it. There's a pistol in my pocket, and don't move or I'll kill you."
Matthew reached into his pocket. It was empty. What a bluff.

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#, as written by Agent
The streets were lined with abandoned cars. The major military roads had cleared these vehicles onto the verges. Some cars were left behind because they ran out fuel or broke down, but as you got closer to the larger communities and safe havens more cars were abandoned in the traffic congestions as their owner had decided it was faster to walk. Natalie was thinking that just about anything was faster than walking right about now.
After riding passenger on a motorbike and multiple incidents of commandeering her own her own set of wheels she was finding walking too slow. Especially in this weather. She pulled at the collar of her jacket and tried to think of the period of her life when she’d lived in hotter climates. The cold was nice when ski gear and warming winter sports were involved but this was not one of those times. The sky was grey and suggested that snow was likely in coming days. The empty cars sat cold and quiet about her.
Natalie nearly choked on her heartbeat at the sudden brief blare of a car horn. What the hell? She brandished her crowbar as she looked for an infected, maybe locked in a vehicle trying to eat the steering wheel. When her pulse had slowed again and there was no more noise and nothing caught her attention she cautiously started walking again.
She’s walked a little distance when there was a loud metallic bang. She turned quickly, brandishing her crowbar.
"Hope you aren't one of them miss. It'd be oh so enjoyable to finally see a friendly face." he called out as he slowly made his way towards her. 'He' was a tall, dark-haired, middle-aged man armed with a fire axe. She blinked at him a little dumfounded. Yes, Nat, she thought to herself. It’s an actual person. She smiled but kept the crowbar in-hand. Just because he wasn’t an infected didn’t mean he wasn’t dangerous. At least the infected were honest about their intentions of killing you.
“A friendly face is always a pleasant sight these days. But then is any face that isn’t trying to eat you. My name’s Natalie. How ‘bout you?”

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Leo was about to yell at the guy, he wasnt ten! But suddenly he heard a voice that sounded familiar to him,
"Leo? The voice said.

Leo looked up, wondering who had said his name, and then he saw Matthew.
He wasnt the first person Leo wanted to see, but atleast he knew him.
Matthew rambled on to the other guy, and apparently he had a gun, but when he reached into his pocket to get it,
Leo could tell that he didnt.
If you're the reason why this guy shoots us...
He thought, rolling his eyes.
Still, Leo was glad to see someone he recognized.

OOC: Sorry for the short post, im using my phone at the moment and I don't want to write a whole lot on a tiny keyboard :P

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Alex looked at the other guy in surprise, then back at Kiddo, who's name was suddenly Leo according to the other guy.
"I have a pistol in my pocket, and don't move or i'll shoot you!" The other guy warned, a serious expression on his face.
Alex raised an eyebrow, "Interesting." He said, then began tossing his gun back and forth in his hands,
"I have one too." He said with a smile, then pointed it at the guy.
He wasn't going to shoot him, Alex didn't shoot living people unless he had a good reason to, he just wanted to scare him a bit.
Kiddo/Leo remained silent, and Alex wondered if he actually knew Person#2 or not.
"Are you two brothers or something?" He asked, his eyes darting back and forth between them.
Most likely not.
They looked somewhat similar in looks and close enough age though, but Alex had thought a fifteen yearold had been ten, he had no clue how old Person#2 could be.
And Kiddo/Leo had a darker hair color than Person#2, he was also a fair bit shorter and from what Alex could see, he had different colored eyes.
So they hardly shared any resemblance to each other. Alright then.
If they were brothers, then they must have a different mom or dad or something.
Whatever, it didn't matter if they were related or not, Alex didn't know who the fuck they were.
Kiddo/Leo and Person#2 were complete strangers who randomly showed up in a town that had been mostly abandoned for months.
Nothing suspicious about that. Alex thought, narrowing his eyes.

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The warmth that rushed over Darcy as she entered the doors of the hospital was heavenly. She could stay here all day, if it wasn't a depressing hospital. For a building of this magnitude it was eerily empty. There were a few sickly looking people and a few staff. Darcy guessed it was to be expected now that the population of Minneapolis was probably only a thousand or so, if even that.

A burly looking women sat behind the desk and handed Darcy some forms to fill out. She only hoped she would be out of here before they realized the information she provided, especially in regards to insurance was false.

“Ma'am, you can take those glasses off in here you know, I don't see why you need them anyway we're not in California you know.” The receptionist commented pretentiously with a snort that must have been her laugh.

Darcy pouted and stared at the women through her tinted aviators for a long moment until she knew the receptionist was becoming uncomfortable with the attention.

“Yeah why don't I do that and then I can have a fit on your floor because of the light sensitivity I suffer from, I mean if my shades are inconveniencing you so much, huh?”

Okay, so she didn't suffer from light sensitivity or fits but everyone was just rubbing her up the wrong way today! The shades just gave her an extra measure to suppress her identity. And this uppity receptionist had just chosen the wrong day to speak her mind to the wrong patient!

The women panicked and tried to get something coherent out, maybe an apology but Darcy didn't give her the chance.

“Yeah, I didn't think so.” Darcy stated coldly jabbing her forms back at the shaken women “So why don't you just mind your own business and do your job.”

Seriously, she wasn't this bad usually but as well as suffering from every other ailment at the moment, her mood swings were off the charts. Even Darcy knew this herself, but it was getting harder to keep a lid on her bitchiness . . . but she'd try . . . from now. At least that's what she told herself as she sat in the waiting room and filed her nails as she waited.

It wasn't long before she was called in. With Dr Green, a women ironically with bright tight red curls and no sense for fashion. It felt so weird, Darcy didn't like talking about the pregnancy with anyone. Well, the only person that really knew about it was her mother and that was only because she'd caught Darcy changing recently and made the obvious conclusion. Otherwise her clothes hid it pretty well.

She supposed she should just be grateful the hospital was still running and she could make sure everything was moving along okay. It was still strange though, to think another little life would be depending on her completely. She was going to be someone’s mom. It was scary and humbling all at the same time.

“. . . As for all the symptoms you're having that's just a normal part of the experience.” The Doctor concluded.

“How wonderful.” Darcy replied, sarcasm lacing her sweet voice.

The Doctor laughed shortly “Don't worry most of it will pass soon enough. Shall we take a look inside now?”

“Okay, so everything looks good. Size, shape and development.” Said the Doctor looking at the screen while one hand pressed the scanner over Darcy stomach.

Darcy couldn't believe she was holding her breath until it finally came out in a sigh of relief. It wasn't like she was expecting the worse but after everything she'd been through physically and emotionally it did surprise her nothing was wrong. That was one tough baby. Naturally, just look at who it's parents were, thought Darcy with a small laugh. It came from a good gene pool.

“Two strong heartbeats.”

That's good thought Darcy, at least her own heart was working normally too.

“They're very active.” Dr Green said happily.

“The hearts?” Darcy asked back slightly confused as to what the Doctor was talking about.

Of course hearts were active, you'd be dead otherwise.

“The babies are very active.”

It didn't quite register with her at first . . . and then it hit her like a ton of bricks. The what?!

“Babies . . . as in plural?!” Shocked Darcy shot up on her elbows and stared at the women in utter bewilderment.

“As in twins. You'll be fine don't worry.” Dr Green smiled trying to reassure her as she got up and removed the plastic gloves “Here,” She said handing Darcy a picture from the Ultrasound “I'll be right back, just need to get some vials for the blood sample.” and left the room.

Darcy sat in a daze a few moments as she looked down as the black blurry photo in her hands. Twins . . . How the hell did that happen? Of course, she knew how that happened but . . . twins?!

What was she going to do? Well, nothing now! Thought Darcy coming back to her senses. She would have to think about it later when she had the time. As for now she had to get out of here. She'd have to skip the blood test. It wasn't as if she would be able to come back for the results, especially as soon as they realized the information she provided was wrong.

Getting up Darcy opened the door and peeped out of the room and it was a good thing she did as the receptionist was informing the Doctor of the very fact Darcy was worried about. Guess paper work was checked quicker now that the patient number was a near zero. At least as far as alive, non-dead, non-blood sucking patients went.

Stuffing the photo in the pocket of her blue coat, Darcy grabbed a white lab coat that hung on the back of the door and put it on and then grabbed her coat and got out of he room and walked calmly in the opposite direction to the receptionist and Dr Green. Just as she reached the elevator and the doors opened she heard Dr Green's frantic heels clicking towards the room Darcy had just been in.

Phew, that had been close. But she'd had had a lot more deadlier close calls lately. This didn't even register on the utoh, you're in big trouble scales.

Striding out of the doors like she owned the place, Darcy came face to face with two soldiers in the new white military uniform. They looked at her skeptically but Darcy spoke to them before they could question her.

“Oh thank God!” She said over dramatically “You're just in time. There's an outbreak of two new infected on the third floor. They're hostile and dangerous. I need the third floor on lock down until the problem is taken care of.”

“Right away Doctor.” Both Soldiers nodded before they rushed towards the elevator, riffles at the ready.

“I should win an Oscar.” Darcy grinned as she made her way to her car.

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“A friendly face is always a pleasant sight these days. But then is any face that isn’t trying to eat you. My name’s Natalie. How ‘bout you?” Barnaby smiled, chuckling and relaxing his posture. It was funny for him really that he'd be desiring company so much. Living how he had before the outbreak, he thought that not having contact with anyone for an extended period of time wouldn't bother him, and yet here he was almost wanting to hug the woman just out of the sheer joy of finding someone who, so far, was not trying to kill him. Of course he'd skip out on the hug as he couldn't imagine she'd respond well, and judging by the way she was holding the crowbar if he suddenly lunged at her in anyway the crowbar would probably find it's way between his legs. So he settled with a smile as he placed Pippy back on his belt hook.

"You may call me Barnaby, and yes not having something trying to eat my face is always a pleasant sight. Been a good month since I've met a person or zombie that hasn't been trying to kill me." Slowly walking towards her, he offered out his hand to shake. Even then, he was still watching the crowbar and made sure to approach in a manner that didn't seem to hostile. "Where were you heading, if you don't mind me asking? I wish I could give you my own answer, but I was just kinda going..." he paused, looking around before pointing down the highway, "That...way...kinda." He looked back at her, trying to guess how big an idiot he seemed in her eyes at the moment. "Ok to be honest, I haven't a damn clue where I am going. I was really just hoping to find somewhere I could scrounge up some more supplies, and maybe bash in the head of a few zeds with Pippy here." Barnaby said while patting the head of the fire-axe.

From the way she looked and was equipped, he could tell that she had managed to fight her way through messes about as bad as Barnaby had. Not to mention, the smile she had, as well as her comment, told him that she too had been struggling to find a friendly face as well. She certainty knew what she was doing when it came to survival, given that she wasn't dead, and she looked well equipped as well; more than likely spoils she had found along her travels. "Oh! Sorry about the whole, banging on the hood thing. I do it as more a measure to draw out any zeds that are hiding anywhere, helps to make sure I'm not going to get ambushed by any of them."

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Darcy frowned as she was insight of her Porsche . . . and the man leaning against it with his arms crossed against his chest and a smile playing across his lips.

“Don't you have somewhere to go?” Darcy said exasperatedly as she stopped in front of him “Like a house, or a prison cell, or into a straight jacket.”

“You know,” He joked as he shifted his stance so he was resting one bent arm across the top of the car “I was just in one of them and you know they're not as comfortable as they look, so here I am.”

“What do you want?” Darcy said plainly as she folder her arms across her chest to try and keep warm as snow flakes began their slow decent once again.

“Well Dr Schaeffer,” He said reading the tag on the lab coat she wore “I was just thinking about what you had said earlier.”

“And I thought I told you not to think about it ever again?!” She said back mordacious.

“Well, technically those aren't the words you-”

“I don't care. Leave it alone. Leave me alone. Go stalk someone else.” Darcy told him as she opened the car door and began to get in.

“Hey! Wait.” He said seriously as he grabbed her arm and stopped her from getting inside.

Darcy looked down at his hand or her arm and then stared back at him gravely.

“Okay, okay. I've let go.” He said raising his hands in the air in a surrendering manner “No need to stab that dangerously long heel into my foot but would you just listen.”

“You've got sixty seconds starting now.” Darcy said sedately as she removed the lab coat and threw it to the snowy slushy ground and put her blue coat back on.

“Look, whether you want to admit it or not we both know there's something bigger going on here then what's just happening on these streets.”

Darcy raised a brow at his statement. Did he indeed? And what exactly did he know? . . . Did she want to know? She already had all the information she needed but Darcy guessed it couldn't be bad having a little extra knowledge. She would hear him out.

“I don't know exactly what,” he continued.

But then he was no good to her thought Darcy

“but this, what's happening on the streets can't go on.” He moved closer to her dropping his voice to a whisper as he looked her straight in the eyes “Now most people are too scared to do anything about it but . . . there is a group of us that aren't and will do something about it. And I was thinking that seeing as you have such a lack of disregard for your own life,” He said, now grinning down at Darcy “you might want to join us . . . here, this is where we meet.”

Darcy simply got in her car. She had no intention of joining some half-ass vigilante group. Sure it was great and all that someone was willing to do something about this communistic regime the government was running but by the time she was through with them there would be no one in charge left to enforce these despotic rules and laws.

“Wait, so will you come?”

“I'll think about it.” Darcy said non-noncommittally but truthfully.

“Great! I suppose that's as good an answer as I can expect . . So can I get a lift?” He grinned down at her still leaning a bent elbow on the car.

Darcy beamed a glowing smile back, playing with him “No.” She said happily and then just as quickly sobered her expression and backed out of the lot almost causing the man to fall over again.

Jackson Meade

She was crazy hot! Thought Jackson as he stared after her car with it's screeching tires as she zoomed out of the parking lot. But she was just plain old crazy too. She obviously wasn't from around here. She looked too clean almost glowing and rich and mean . . . and who the hell wore heels in this weather?!

Just when he thought she was going to say yes to the lift . . . she'd smiled at him like there was nothing better she'd like to do and then the smile had disappeared in an instant and she'd said no and then sped off.

She couldn't be all bad though, Jackson decided. She had tried to save that guy from being shot in the street when all the other cowards had just stood there and watched the entertainment like some eighteenth century hanging.

But he also got the feeling she knew more then he did too. He needed the information she held so tightly. They couldn't go on living like this. He'd just have to convince her. But he'd have to find her first . . . or she might just turn up to the meeting address he had given her . . . at least he could hope.

“Sir?” Jackson turned to see a Soldier in white uniform coming towards him.

“Yes?” Jackson replied stuffing his cold hands in his pockets.

“Have you seen a women in a dark blue coat and long brown hair go by here?”

“A women?” Jackson replied innocently “Can't say I have and I've been waiting here a while. My rides got stuck in the snow, you know?”

“Well,” The Soldier replied not sounding completely convinced “if you do happen to see anyone with that description be sure to inform myself or my colleague. We're inside the hospital. Or you could always restrain her yourself.” The Soldier finished with a sick smile.

“Will do.” Jackson answered plainly as the Soldier walked away.

It was only then he noticed the lab coat on the floor before his feet, half covered in snow and realized how lucky he was the Soldier had not noticed it. Or it would have been him brought up on charges for restricting and obstructing a Public Officer on pursuit of a felon in the middle of a street on his knees.

Maybe it was actually a good thing if 'Dr Schaeffer' didn't turn up to the meetings. The women was probably more trouble then the information she was worth, Jackson mused as he made his way back home on foot.

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#, as written by Agent
Barnaby offered his hand; Natalie hesitated briefly before she swapped the crowbar from her dominant hand to her left, to shake his hand. She had decided to give this guy the benefit of the doubt.
She chuckled at his remarks. “That-a-way is as good as any. It happens to be the way I’m going. I’m hoping to run into my family while searching for… some friends of mine. You’re welcome to accompany me. And I promise not to try and kill you, if you do the same. ”
She smiled and shifted the crowbar back to her right hand. “As for supplies the next township is meant to be inhabited by more than the infected. Depending on what kinda group is holed up there we should be able to trade, earn, or steal anything you need. Oh, and um… your anti-ambush technique has a couple of ‘zeds’ at your 7 o’clock.”
She turned away and started walking down the highway, propping the crowbar on her shoulder. It was just two infected and they were closer to him than her. One had crawled out from under a car and was dragging its broken lower body across the asphalt, the other was a little more swift on its feet, damn runners, but Barnaby seemed like he could handle himself. He’d catch up if he wanted to.
It’d be good to have some company.

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Kale and Tsukiko pulled into a small town. It was the last one before the city.

"Keep your eyes open for a gas station as well as any place that might sell food." Kale whispered as he drove through the streets quietly without any lights on and windows that cloth covering them like curtains. The less light that go out would help them stay safe... well safer. Kale moved the car to the side and slowly put it in park as he lowered himself down and motioned for Tsukiko to do the same. It was about a 20 of those bastards just wandering in the middle the street. Luckily they came from anther street which gave him time to hide.

The herd or pack or whatever they were seemed to looking for something or more likely someone. Kale wondered if someone was hiding in this town. Kale glanced over at Tsukiko.

"There might be survivors here." he whispered. "How do you feel about looking for them? Or should we just get the hell out of here as quick as possible?"

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Tsukiko had gotten down as the small pack of walkers passed by, "Go help the survivors." she said quietly and nervously. She looked up and out the window, if she got out, she could start running to find the survivors, and Kale could get the food and gas as she collects with those survivors. It was a stupid idea to her, but it seemed to work, since she'd distract the walkers as she searched. But she'd have to kill them or perish, she was conflicted by the plans she had. She looked out again keeping her head low, "I'll run out there and distract the walkers, you'll use the car and get resources." she said, she couldn't complete the plan in one go, "And as I'm running I'll try to find survivors." at that point she had dropped down again and waited for her travel partner to respond.

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Leo's eyes widened as he saw the guy point his gun at Matthew right after he had threatened to shoot him.
Nice going, Matthew... you're an expert on trying to get yourself killed. Leo thought when he realized that Matthew didnt have a gun at all.

"Are you two brothers or something?" The guy asked, a doubtful but at the same time curious look on his face.
Now Leo wanted to punch him.
Did he really think that Leo was siblings with such an idiot?
They werent anything alike!
"No," Leo replied, "he's from a group of survivors I used to be with." He explained, and Leo realized for the first time that he was surprised that Matthew was there.
What happened to Jin and Natalie?
Were they alright?
Studying Matthews face, Leo didnt see any signs of grief, so they werent dead... unless he didnt care if the two others died or not, or he didnt know and he had been separated from them just like Leo had been...
Whatever it was, Leo wanted to know why they werent with him.

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Barnaby smiled as Natalie shook his hand, and he chuckled when he saw her keep the crowbar ready for use. Smart girl, that was for sure. “That-a-way is as good as any. It happens to be the way I’m going. I’m hoping to run into my family while searching for… some friends of mine. You’re welcome to accompany me. And I promise not to try and kill you, if you do the same. ” she said as she pulled her hand back and moved the crowbar back to her other hand. “As for supplies the next township is meant to be inhabited by more than the infected. Depending on what kinda group is holed up there we should be able to trade, earn, or steal anything you need.

Barnaby smiled, mostly because it meant he now had an actual destination in mind; AND company! Not bad looking company either, but he didn't even hope to "woo" her in any fashion. He wouldn't even know how, not to mention he hardly considered himself to be one of the good looking people of the world. Also, he probably didn't smell to wonderful either considering a hot shower was not something he had yet to come by, and the only way he could even mange to wash his clothes was in any river, stream, lake, or similar water sources. Oh well, it hardly bothered him anyways. "Oh, and um… your anti-ambush technique has a couple of ‘zeds’ at your 7 o’clock.” He blinked, then turn around to see the two she was referring too.

Barnaby jumped slightly when he saw them both, before looking back at Natalie who had started to walk away. Guess they were his to handle, which didn't bother him. "See?! It worked! They failed to ambush me....sorta..." He trailed off before drew Pippy from the belt hook, raising the axe up above his head readying for the runner. Once in range, Barnaby swung down and buried the axe blade into the head of the zombie. Stepping to the side, he let the runner's momentum carry it forward, allowing him to rip the axe free as well. The runner simply fell to the ground dead, it's head caved open from the axe blow. He then turned to look at the one slowly crawling towards him, Barnaby shaking his head as he adjusted his hat and walked towards it. "Night night fella." He said while kicking away one of it's pawing hands. He then gave multiple hard stomps to it's head, cracking open the skull and getting to the brain by the fourth stomp. Two more stomps were used to make sure it was finished off, and once it had ceased moving Barnaby rested Pippy on his shoulder before turning and following after Natalie. "I'll warn you right now ma'am, while I might not try to kill you, I have a bad habit of singing whatever song comes to my mind; hope you don't mind Billy Joel songs. You can blame my parents for that." He said while grinning.

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Belinda woke up from the best night sleep she had had in months and it just made her more determined then ever to convince her insubordinate daughter to stay here in Minneapolis. It just made sense! It was practically safe except that one incident downstairs last night and most importantly it was civilization! People actually lived here normally. Sure it had been fun and all driving around from place to place but the novelty was wearing off, fast.

Opening the sliding doors to the wardrobe Belinda frowned. The bastard treated his whore as a Queen, while she was treated like some errant unwanted wife, which she had been in his eyes.

Grabbing a dressing gown she headed into the open plan living room and spotted her daughter sat at the kitchen counter working on the laptop. Dracinda was always on that damn thing! What could she possibly have to work on?! It wasn't like she had a job or anything. Lord knew she didn't even bother doing anything worthwhile when their lives had been normal - if one could ever call it that – besides running up credit card bills all the way across the other side of the country.

“Can you believe this bitch, whoever she had been has a luxury of designer clothes and this apartment of course! Who the hell did she think she was!? She had this luxury while we lived in that museum of ancient history. Do you know how much I fought and begged your father before he let me have that brand new kitchen?”

“She probably wasn't the first or the last.” Dracinda replied distractedly not even bothering to look up from the screen. “Plus it's all yours now, anyway.”

“You think that bastard left anything to me in his Will?!” Belinda snorted “It was all for you and Joshua. Well, so it's all your now.”

“Really?” Dracinda looked up, shock written all over her pretty features, finally paying attention to her mother “That can't be right.”

“Oh but it is . . . I've seen the documents with my own eyes.” Belinda smiled as she sat down across the counter from her daughter “Darling you're the sole heir to an Empire . . . A lot to take in huh?”

“You could say that.” Dracinda breathed heavily.

“You were always his favorite, why did you think you got away with so much? . . . Hey, did you go out?”

“Err . . . Yes, had to get some milk.” Dracinda shrugged closing the laptop, suddenly aloof “I just had half a box of Count Chocula. I gotta go out and get some more food.”

“Why didn't you get it when you went to get the milk?” Belinda asked suspiciously knowing her daughter was hiding something from her.

“You know I did,” Dracinda began with a false air Belinda was all too familiar with and did not believe for a second “but I started feeling nauseous and sick again, so I came back and thought I'd go back later on. Cereal?” She offered with a smile.

“Sure. Why not?” Belinda said with a small laugh snatching the box out of Dracinda's hand with a fictitious smile of her own.

She'd had enough of all the secrecy now and decided right then she'd find out once and for all what her daughter was up to.

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After about an hour of so of pacing back and forth in the living room, getting absolutely nothing accomplished, Aarti finally came to a decision.
It wasn't safe here. Well... obviously it wasn't safe, but Aarti had accepted the truth and she knew that she had to leave. Staying here any longer wasn't an option.
She grabbed two back packs from the closet and filled one with food, the other with a few outfits and the rest with medical supplied she had taken from the bathroom and first aid kits.
Unfortunately Aarti didn't own a single weapon besides the knives in the kitchen, so she grabbed a few of those and stuffed them in the bag as well.

She grabbed her snow jacket, boots, and hat from her bedroom then rushed back downstairs and picked up the bag packs.
Just before Aarti was about to open the door, her mind decided that now it would think about all the possibilities that could happen out there in what was left of the world.
I could be killed... Aarti thought, she knew what the zombies could do, she had seen them rip their teeth into her parents... she had witnessed the horrible things they were capable of... but somehow that Aarti's main worry.
I could die of hunger, or die of the cold, I could snap my neck or something, or be eaten by one of the monsters... I might not find any survivors... what if i'm the only living person left? Aarti fretted, biting her lip.
Okay, the last one probably wasn't even possible. Alex was out there somewhere, probably still in his house.
But other than him... there had to be other people.
Aarti hadn't seen any in the last few days, but she knew they were there... somewhere.
Trying to regain her courage, Aarti didn't give herself any more time to come up with any more ' what if?'s ' and opened the door.
"Alright..." She muttered, "Here I go... right...."
She'd check Alex's house first, to see if he was home or not, then she'd check the store incase he was there, and then if she still hadn't found him by then... Aarti didn't know what she would do.
"I'll just have to wing it," She growled, closing the door, "And hope I won't die... that's pretty important."

... A Little While Later ...

Aarti felt a bit odd when she had literally broke into Alexanders' all honestly she hoped he wasn't home, too, or else she'd have to explain herself.
After quickly looking through a few rooms, Aarti left the house after carefully trying to put the front door back on its hinges(or atleast make it look like it) but after several attempts she gave up and descended down the road.
He's just at the store, Aarti thought, forcing a smile on her face.
She'd stand no chance at living if she didn't have Alex, she'd be killed within the first few days. He was really the only reason why she was still alive right now.
Aarti hated to admit it, but she was a coward when it came to zombies.
A full on absolute coward.
She couldn't fight them, there was something about the way they were... how they were alive yet dead, how a disease could take over someone's soul...
Aarti shivered, she didn't want to think about it.
She wasn't a fighter, that was Alex's job.
She was the girl who just sat back and pretended to actually be capable of doing anything useful.
Combat involving dead people wasn't her style.
It never would be.

After checking through every isle in the store, Aarti began to feel her stomach churning when she didn't see the person she wanted to see.
Dead bodies on the floor, they were there.
Fully-Dead zombies lying around here and there, yup.
Alex who seemed to be hiding from her today, nope.
Aarti barged out of the store and slumped down in a snow pile outside. Out of all the days Alex could choose to go wandering off somewhere, he chose today.
Was he just plain stupid or what?
Aarti wasn't paying attention to where she was walking anymore, and her first instinct was to freeze as soon as she heard faint voices up ahead.
They were distant, and for all Aarti knew they could be just the mumbling of zombies and she was hearing them wrong, but Aarti still felt the smallest bit of excitement.
"People," She breathed, "real people."

Aarti broke into a run, but the two two full back packs were the main things slowing her down... those and the boots.
Just as the voices sounded like there weren't too far away, Aarti suddenly stopped.
What was she thinking?
She couldn't just run up to complete strangers and expect them to welcome her.
That was crazy.
But suddenly the bag that was carrying all the cans of food slipped off her arm and made a rather loud noise as it hit the only part of the ground that wasn't covered in snow.
Just my luck, Aarti thought, a frustrated frown inching its way across her face, quickly she picked the bag up and began to retreat her steps.
She'd leave town without Alex... that was fine...

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Guess today was meant to be a day full of shockers and it wasn't even 11am yet! Darcy got up and headed to the room that was a study and felt her mom's slitted eyes watching her all the way. She was becoming more curious then Darcy cared to think about. It was too complicated and Belinda was a liability. It was better the women remain clueless. Darcy had enough problems and stress to deal with as it were.

Twins and a fortune. If what her mother said was true then she was indeed in charge of an enormous fortune, the likes of which entailed the ownership and running of mines here in the middle and even some oil barons down south as well as other major investments. She thought it would all be left to Joshua. She had a trust fund that would last her a lifetime even if she spent thousands of dollar everyday. She never expected to be apart of the business. Was it still even worth anything? There must be something to it all if the Government wanted her brother dead and what about her father? Darcy was beginning to feel the infection he suffered had some malicious means to it too.

But they were both dead now. There wasn't much she could do about that except what she was already doing; exposing the Government for what they truly were and making them pay for taking away her family. Sure they, none of them were perfect but it had been all the family she had had and now all that was left was her and her mother . . . and her child . . . Children . . . Two of them.

Placing a protective arm around her stomach as she sat down and set the laptop down on the desk and switched it back on. She'd have to step up her plans Darcy decided right then. She had to be on the East Coast sooner rather then later. It was becoming more dangerous here by the minute . . . and what she'd seen out on the streets, it made her cold from the inside out. She didn't want her children anywhere near a place like this.

She couldn't wait anymore. It had been along time since she had last posted on the blog anyway. The only good thing was that it was reaching people across the globe and people were finally beginning to pay attention. So far she had only posted her opinions and the facts she knew. But now she would actually start posting actual documents from the file marked with an eyes only symbol and all those people out there who called her a liar and a hoaxer trying to stir up trouble would not be able to deny her anymore. Plus there were endless files, photo's, documents, journal entries from Government scientists, results, charts and what disgusted Darcy the most thousands of video's of testing on people and Soldiers.

It was so horrifying. Many of the test subjects had no idea what was happening to them. Many of them were already sick or suffering and many had died and the people in charge of it all and the scientist controlling the whole sick experiment didn't even bat an eye lid when they stated the Guinea pig as they called their test subject had died and told someone to get rid of the body.

Tears had streamed down her face and she had sobbed uncontrollably when she had stumbled up and watched the video file with Richard and James Hill; seeing how he had suffered with no idea where he was or what was happening as someone had injected his unconscious body with some liquid or drug and watched as he was sick to his stomach and dieing. They did think Richard was going to die as one of the scientists on the video had stated. But he was strong and he had survived.

It had been that day Darcy decided she'd not just sit there and watch as the Government did as they pleased. She would do something.

And the most damning evidence in her power was the recorded video conversations between many of the people involved - including her own father and brother - and Director Andrew Scott. But she'd save that for the finale, thought Darcy with a cold smile playing across her pink lips.

Sticking the pen drive in the laptop, Darcy copied all the files she would need for today's post which included a video of an experiment which resulted in a death and the accompanying journal entry from one of the lead scientists, the test subjects details – a Soldier whose family thought him missing in action, if they were still out there Darcy thought it important they know the truth what happened to him; to all of them who had died or suffered and she would make sure their families knew the truth.

Bryce Armstrong his name was. He had served three times in Iraq and had a wife and three children, who he would never see again. Just as her children would never know Richard.

Darcy pushed the mournful thought away as she pocketed the pen drive, shutting down the laptop and headed for the elevator.

“Be back in an hour or two.”

“Do you have to go?” Belinda asked.

“Either I go or you go or we starve.” Darcy stated as she stepped inside the elevator.

“You go.” Belinda replied happily.

That was a no-brainier, thought Darcy. If it came to going herself or starving her mother would obviously pick the option that meant she didn't have to do anything and let her pregnant daughter go instead. Of course it all worked out perfect for Darcy . . . she had things to do that she didn't need her mother being privy to.

“Perfect!” Darcy smiled sarcastically as the steal doors closed.

Belinda Morgan

Okay so she should have gone instead of sending her pregnant daughter out, even if Zombies weren't running around, it was snowing and the roads and pavements were icy and covered in snow. Anything could happen to Dracinda or her unborn child. Not that she thought that her daughter should be having that child anyway but it was practically here now and there was nothing she could do to change Dracinda's mind.

Anyway, she needed the mutinous girl out of the apartment and who knew when she'd get another chance to find out once and for all what she was up, because she sure as hell wasn't just going to do the shopping. Belinda knew that for sure.

Heading for the study, she switched on the laptop and waited as it started up.

Damn! God damn password!” She fumed.

What the hell would Dracinda's password be? She knew little to nothing about her daughter. Still she gave it a try and after a few tries slammed the laptop shut angrily folding her arms across her chest, pouting like a petulant child. She had to find out . . .

What would she do now?

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(OOC: This is my character's introduction and is also my first try at this so please don't be too critical of it :P)

His head was pounding. It felt like there was an elephant sitting on his chest; he couldn't breathe. He could hardly open his eyes, let alone move his limbs. His mind felt like mush, as if someone had smashed his head in. He didn't even have the energy to panic. Thoughts were drifting aimlessly in his head, and he tried to make a list of his faint memories to calm himself down.
Me... I... My name is David. David Chang. I... am fifteen years old.
He sighed out in relief; at least he didn't have a concussion.
Where... am I? What was I doing?
As his thoughts slowly returned to him, he recognized the rough feel of the fabric he was lying on.
I was... taking a plane... back home...
Oh... shit. Shit, shit , shit...

His eyes adjusted to the darkness, and what he saw around him snapped his mind into overdrive. He was lying on a cracked, broken airplane seat in an airplane aisle, with scorched pieces of material all around him. There were shattered pieces of cutlery, crumpled and ripped handbags and suitcases, and even pieces of circuit boards that he could only assume came from entertainment devices. He could not see much else, for farther down the aisle, the whole roof of the plane had caved in, grotesquely bent and stretched into the seats below.
Oh, shit... No, no, there's no way...
He tried to turn around in his seat, but suddenly found the reason why he felt like there was an elephant oh his chest. A scorched and twisted chunk of steel which could have only come from the roof of the plane was crushing his legs and abdomen, pinning him to the broken seat.
He was horrified, even more so at the fact that he could not feel his legs. He braced his hands against the steel and tried to push the steel off himself. As the steel gave way little by little, he could hear the groaning it emanated and he was terrified that he would break his legs. Finally, as he pushed the last corner of the dead weight off his legs, he breathed out. He tried to move his legs and was relieved to find that his legs had only been numb from the weight of the steel. However, the feat was too much for his weakened body as he realized how much every single part of him hurt. His whole body burned with fatigue and pain. He had to find some food and water, fast.
The airplane food!
With his body free of obstacles, he slowly, painfully, rolled his body around, hoping to see the food carts in the rear end of the plane. His hopes were instantly dashed, as the aisle ended abruptly with debris covering every inch of the seats. There seemed to be possessions, and some other indistinguishable shapes, buried beneath the debris. He shuddered, thinking about what might have been trapped there.
The only thing that had probably saved him from a grisly death was Lady Luck herself. By now he had accepted that there had been a plane crash, and he was just thinking about how he would survive the ordeal.
He tried to stand up, but only succeeded in spraining his ankles. He decided to sleep for a while to regain his strength. Even in this whole situation, fatigue overcame him, and he fell into a exhausted sleep.

When he woke up, he had a fleeting moment of panic, but then he remembered where he was. He finally had the strength to stand up, and he slowly pushed himself off his seat.
Aw DAMN, this hurts like HELL...
As he took careful steps forwards, the steel surrounding him creaked and moaned. He suddenly realized that the plane might have crashed somewhere dangerous. Swallowing down his fears and doubts, he started to look for a way out of the plane. Towards the back of the plane, near the debris, there was an emergency exit. He was overjoyed at first, but then he realized that if the exit wasn't open, then most likely everyone died in the plane crash and were still in the plane itself. He pushed these thoughts aside and hobbled towards the exit. Suddenly, his foot kicked against a hard suitcase and he almost tripped over it. The suitcase was his own suitcase. Flicking his eyes towards the emergency exit, he popped open his suitcase, which was surprisingly undamaged. He pulled out a thick, waterproof jacket and hiking boots. He slipped them on in case it was raining outside. The emergency exit door looked fairly easy to operate after some inspection, but he was not sure that he would be able to open it in his weak condition. He sighed and set to work.

After some time of struggling, pushing, and swearing at the door, he heard a click and felt the door sag outwards. He braced himself for what he might see outside. Whatever he had been expecting was nothing compared to what he saw. As he kicked the door open, a raging gust of wind blew into the cabin, bringing blinding snow with it. His hiking boots caught on the floor as he tried to shield his face from the stinging snow, and he fell, directly into a deep, freezing patch of snow. As he picked himself up, he could not believe what he was seeing...
Snow. Mountains. A green forest in the distance. There were pieces of wreckage, all black from fire, strewn across the barren, snowy landscape.
He had crashed landed on a mountain.
A goddamned mountain.
Even though he did not seem to be high off the ground, he felt more hopeless than ever, and he would of just sat down in the snow and started to bawl if he hadn't heard something.
What... what the hell?!
What he saw next made his plane crash seem like a petty nuisance.
A large creature was dragging itself towards him.
As it got closer, he saw something that made him sick. Human corpses. The... thing... was made out of human corpses. Bodies that had flight uniforms on them, bodies that didn't. The flesh of the bodies were rotten black, frozen, and seemed leather-hard. There were dead maggots and fly larvae stuck in the exposed muscle remains of the bodies. Eye sockets stood out with single, tiny, glowing spheres in them, all focused on HIM.
Fear rooted him to the spot.
I... what... this... has to be a nightmare... it can't... how...
Then the creature let out a roar.
He screamed, screamed at the top of his lungs and snapped into action. He was glad now that he had at least put on his jacket and boots. He twisted his body around and bolted. His body screamed with pain at this sudden fatigue, but he ignored it. He sprinted to the knee-deep snow, away from the wreckage of the plane.
He could still hear the creature behind him. It was chasing him.
As he ran the ground started to change. There was less snow, more dirt, more plants, but my now the creature was catching up to him. His lungs were screaming for air, and he knew that he would not be able to run for much longer. He was wheezing, and his whole body was retaliating, making his joints feel like stone. He stumbled, tripping over his own feet, and fell towards the dirt ground. He squeezed his eyes shut and braced for impact- but it never came. He felt his body fall into nothingness. His eyes flew open, expecting to see a chasm that would serve as his tomb. However, what he saw was, once again, completely opposite to his expectation. There was the lush, green forest, not far beneath him. What had happened? Had he run that far? Did he fall off a cliff? These questions flashed through his mind as he fell. Just as fear struck him and he opened his mouth to scream, his body slammed into the top a tree and his head snapped to the side, hitting a branch.
A flash of pain, and it was over.
His mind went blank and shut down just as his unconscious body impacted the ground.

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Richard starred at the man holding the bow and arrow. He looked...interesting to say the least. He had a black coat on and his hair was licked back and from the looks of it he had a tooth brush hanging from his neck. Richard sighed to himself, what kind of whack job did we run into now he grumbled quietly to himself. He couldn't be more than eighteen or maybe nineteen at the most, and with that tooth brush around his neck he looked like a poster boy for a tooth paste company that had taken a violent turn in it's advertising. Leon and Lilith just looked on at the odd looking kid, nobody weapon worrying about raising a weapon to him for now. Richard moved forward a bit and called out to the dark tooth fairy

"So, who the hell are you?"

Director Scott walked into the conference room with a hot cup of coffee in his hand. The meeting was already well under way but he didn't much care, this new president was a joke anyway.

"You're late Director Scott." President Hawthorne said as Andrew walked in with a foul look across his face, the bastard who had made this coffee did a shitty job.

"I know, I've been busy." the Director said as he took his seat in the middle of the conference table. He was flanked on all sides by men in suits or Generals uniforms. There was only a single vacant space at the table, right next to where the Vice President sat.

"Does anybody know where the goddamn director of the NSA is?!" the Vice President growled. The short man was constantly in a bad mood

"Has anyone seen him?" and Admiral at the far end of the table spoke up. yep Director Scott thought to himself as recalled seeing the man convulsing on the floor just earlier today. The room responded in a series of no's before Andrew piped in

"I'll have some of my men go check around for him." Director Scott said in a nonchalant tone "He is bound to be around here somewhere. But for the mean time we better carry on with the meeting, the president has a press conference soon."

"Indeed, lets make this quick and we can meet again after the press conference" President Hawthorne said "So what is the situation within the country."

bad you fucking idiot Director Scott thought to himself as the General of the Army spoke up "Well sir, troops all across the nation are reporting increased aggression from insurgent groups of Americans who are against the martial law. At this point they are much more of a threat than the zombies are." zombies Director Scott chuckled in his mind. This poor bastards knew what the parasite was, but they had no idea what these things could be capable of one day. Calling them zombies was a huge understatement

"What measures are we taking against them?" Hawthorne asked

"I have marine task forces as well as special forces around the clock to find and eliminate threats within the green zones, we are also beginning to enforce disarmament acts throughout all of the military controlled cities." The president nodded and looked to Andrew

"And the CIA's actions on this?" Hawthorne asked

"I have agents infiltrating multiple insurgent cells and eliminating them. Currently I have agents in fourteen cells across the country, all will be dealt with shortly."

"Can we keep casualties to a minimum?" Hawthorne asked sincerely

"No." Director Scott answered blankly, the president didn't fight back about the border line insubordination, and much to Andrew's surprise either did anybody else. The president just sat there and took it, and no one came to his defense, such weakness this government was hosting lately. Scott was about to continue when his cell phone beeped in his pocket he looked at the number and saw that it was from the intelligence office at the CIA "Excuse me I have to take this."

"That is fine." Hawthorne said "I have to prepare for the press conference, we will pick this up after." With that everyone exited the room except for Director Scott who sat in his chair and answered his phone.

"What do you have for me?" he said

"The blogger who has been posting on the internet just released more info." the man on the other end of the line said

"And?" Director Scott said coldly

"We have a trace on them. Whoever it is is just posted from a wireless connection in Minneapolis a few seconds ago."

Finally! The CIA had been dealing with the attempts by the scientist, in charge of the initial program that created the parasite, to release information to the world that they had over looked some blogger release classified documents on the internet. They tried tracking whoever it was down but they were constantly on the move and updating from random up links across the country, and before they could get a good track on the person they suddenly stopped posting for about a week. Now they had them, and they were going to find out who this person was and how they had all this info "Good, shut down the site I'll deal with the rest." Director Scott hung up and immediately dialed the number for the best agent he currently had at his side.


"hmmm yes baby." Priestess moaned as the man kissed her neck. She loved her job, good sex came often since she met so many men on her journeys. Just as the man was about to unhook her top her phone rang. Priestess sighed "Not again!" she huffed as she moved out from under the guy she had met on the street and grabbed her phone from the nightstand.

"Who could possibly be calling you during the apocalypse?" the man questioned as he sat on the edge of the bed and looked at priestess who was now on the phone

"What is it?" she asked in a irritated tone

"We have a track on that blogger from two weeks ago, finish off those rebels there and head to Minneapolis I'll send you details." Director Scott's voice ordered through the phone

"My car broke down." she said with an innocent voice that was completely fake and Director Scott knew it

"We will send a jet to come pick you up at the nearest airport."

Priestess grumbled "Oh come on, I got some good dick hanging in front of me here." the guy on the bed gave her a strange, but satisfied, look as priestess yelled out her comment almost obnoxiously. She was a great agent, but sometimes she acted like a child.

"I don't care if your about to suck Wili Wonka's dick and it taste like a tootsie pop, I don't even care if your about to fuck God himself, I want you out of there now and on your way to the airport!" Director Scott was obviously a little agitated by Priestess. She was a thorn in his side, much less easy to deal with unlike Freelancer. He never had an issue with Freelancer needing to kill anybody or switch objectives in an instant, but Priestess was a whole different creature. She had a weird thing with sex, and she had a bit of an attitude that rubbed Andrew the wrong way.

"Fine, fine." she said as she hung up the phone and stood up, putting her top back on

"Where are you going?" the guy on the bed asked as he stood up and Priestess reached into her coat pocket. The man barely had time to get on his feet before Priestess took a knife from her coat pocket, spun around, and slammed it hard into his wind pipe. He flew backwards on the bed and grabbed his throat in shock, pain and agony. Priestess walked over casually, grabbed the blade and pulled it from his throat, letting the blood gush from the intrusion. She ignored the sounds of the man gasping for air as she opened the guitar case and retrieved her pistol, which she had stuck in the case when she met the men on the street. She had gotten lucky, the guy on the bed and his buddies she found on the street were apart of a small rebel cell that were going from state to state causing havoc for the military. She also got lucky when she found out this guy was as lonely as a stray dog after his girlfriend got infected, too bad she got screwed over again. She made sure the pistol was loaded and looked at the door that would lead her into the door that would lead her into the rest of the rebel hideout.

"Well, eventually I'll be able to finish up." she sighed as she put the guitar case on her back, and walked into the next room with the full intent to kill every last person she found.

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The area surrounding the University and it's Campus was practically a ghost town, although she had it on good authority that it was still running. As it was, a lot of the shopping district around that area was still open too.

Perfect, thought Darcy as she stepped inside a Café catering to the University of Minnesota students. It was a cozy, warm place. A perfect haven for students to while their days away in the cold of winter.

The counter and the seating area was separated by a crossed wooden partition. Looking around Darcy could just about make out the Barista - a women close to Darcy's own age - through the gaps in the partition, sat behind the counter engrossed in a book and didn't even bother to look up as Darcy entered.

This was no good, thought Darcy with a frown as she looked around the empty room and was about to leave when she spotted something move in the corner. Her lips curved in a seductive smile as a boy probably no more then eighteen, nineteen stared at her as most men did . . . and he had something she really, really needed.

Licking her lips purposefully with her tip of her tongue Darcy walked up to where he was sitting.

“Hi there.” She said with the tilt of her head to the side.

“Err . . . Hi” He managed to get out mumbling.

Darcy smiled as she slid into the booth next to him, purposefully brushing upon him.

“Mind if I join you?” She asked temptingly soft, having already done so.

“Err, no, go ahead.” The boy said, not believing his luck as Darcy smiled at him alluringly.

“Thanks.” She said sweetly as she pushed the laptop with two gloved fingers closer to her. “Do you mind if I check my email?”

“Not at all.” He smiled back goofily.

“So sweet of you. Do you think you could get me a cup of coffee? I'd be ever so grateful, I need some heating up . . . if you know what I mean.” Darcy said suggestively biting her bottom lip The boy nearly tripped over himself as he shot out of his seat.

“Su-sure. I'll be right back!”

“Great.” Darcy said with a false smile that disappeared as soon as the boy was out of sight.

It was so exhausting pretending to be nice and she couldn't stand coffee. It was making her sick to her stomach lately. She could barely stand the smell in this place but she'd have to if she wanted to complete her task . . . and nothing was going to stop her from getting that done.

Here she had everything. A laptop that couldn't be traced back to her. An empty place where no one was likely to remember her face and a love sick puppy willing to aid and abed her. Darcy sighed, as she popped a few sleeping pills into the boys coffee cup that sat there next to the laptop. She wasn't going to entertain the puppy while trying to get this done.

Lucky for him he was out cold before he got on Darcy very last straining nerve. He snored next to her as she logged into her blog. Huh? It was still there. She had expected it to be taken down . . . and wow! There was 790 comments!!! That was insane. Although she'd love nothing better then to reply to them all - some good, some bad - she didn't have the time.

This had to be done quick and she had to be outta here fast.

Darcy uploaded the file regarding Bryce Armstrong and the accompanying video. It contained detailed information on the begins of the Parasite in it's first form with early military experimentation and the horrifying video file of Bryce Armstrong convulsing and fitting and foaming from the mouth and nostrils as his body size increased and the veins bulged all over his body as the Parasite took hold and in the end after suffering for hours he died, after his heart gave out. Poor bastard.

She'd had enough of tiptoeing around it. She had to shock people into the reality that this infection didn't just happen as some messed up part of evolution as some people and the government kept hinting to, but it was something that was done by the people that were supposed to be protecting them.

It didn't feel right though . . . something was missing. It wasn't enough. Looking back through the files she had from previous postings on her USB, Darcy stopped at a document with personal details of some of the people involved in imposing this research and who was last on the list? None other than Director Andrew Scott – with all his details and . . . an email address.

. . . Did she dare? Darcy stared at the screen a long moment contemplating . . . Dare she taunt the beast? If she did . . . it would only work in her favor in the regard that he would know of her intentions to reveal him to the world sooner . . . and didn't she want nothing more than this done sooner rather then later anyway?

She wanted to be on the East Coast as soon as possible. Starting a somewhat normal life with her babies. For her childrens future, for justice for her family and . . . for Richard. It was the only way to get things moving quickly.

Having gathered up her courage then and there, Darcy logged into the anonymous email account she used for the blog that contained false details - name and such things - and typed in Director Scott's email address in the To: box and began typing.

Subject: Eyes Only

Dear Director Scott,

I think it finally time I introduce myself to you. I'm a great follower of your work. In fact I enjoy it so much that I took it upon myself to show the world what it is that you have done. I think it only fair that everyone know who they can thank for this wonderful world we now inhabit.

Don't worry I know you are a modest man and would not wish for people to know it was you. Thus keeping this in mind I have not revealed your identity . . . yet . . . I've only introduced them to the beginnings of your work and what an abundance of documentation you have left behind . . . like a trail of bread crumbs for people to follow back to you. Such a intelligent man you are . . . I did not expect such a foolish mistake on your part. Yet I must thank you for it, must I not? For I would not be able to share your work with the world had you not.

I wonder . . . Will the people of this country and even the world be clever enough to figure it out all by themselves or will I need to write your name in red ink. I suppose only time will tell . . . and we'll both have a tremendous amount of fun waiting and watching, or at least I will, I'm sure.

In the mean time if you'd like to see the latest offerings of your work online click on the link below.


Until next time . . . Your most devoted fan . . .


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Director Scott's phone beeped and he took it from his pocket. On the screen it read "New E-mail received" . He clicked on the E-mail button and it brought him to a screen with a message from a user named BringerofTruth887 . He opened the E-mail and began to read "Dear Director Scott, he continued to red through the half threatening message, and he smiled to himself.

"Dumb son of a bitch." he whispered to himself as hit a speed dial on his phone

"Operator" a woman's voice said over the line

"I'm sending you an E-mail I received, trace the IP address and get me a location." He spoke as he forwarded the E-mail to a secure E-mail address used by the CIA.

"We have it sir, tracing now, one moment." the woman said and silence filled the microphone for only a few short seconds "The E-mail was sent from an address registered to a Wi-Fi connection at a cafe in Minneapolis, I have a satellite pinpointing the exact position of the computer now."

"Perfect, as soon as you have the location have the military move in and capture the sender. I want them to hold him until my agent gets there." Director Scott said through his smile and then hung up his phone. In no more then a minute soldiers are going to be crawling all over that bastard, and he could end that threat once and for all.

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Lucas knew what the people were thinking about as they were staring at him but did not mind. He walked up to the dead bandit pulling his bloody arrow from the bandits head and started chuckling a bit saying:
"Damn! That was a close one!"
Lucas put his arrow back inside his arrow quiver.
"My name is Lucas, I don't want any trouble. I was just passing by when I notice that you were in a bit of trouble, so I decided to help." Lucas explained.
"I'll be right back."
Lucas went back into the alley way and came out with his shopping cart and his skateboard.
"I have some canned food if any of you are hungry or need any." Lucas offered.
Suddenly a zombie appeared behind the group of three. Lucas instantly pulled his arrow out striking the zombie down right in between its eyes.
"Sorry for not warning, I just react quickly. What are your names?" Lucas asked while retrieving his arrow.

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As Leon helped Lilith up and asked if she was alright one of the guys was still coming after him, he was about to turn around and make him wish he didn't step foot near him. The man stopped and own came the large man, an arrow in his back and standing behind him was another man, a quite strange person it seemed. Leon raised his eyebrow, not knowing whether meeting this strange person was a good thing or a bad thing. Well whatever, he was a new face but he was also another mouth to feed. Leon stared as he made a comment of how close I was nearly injured by that man and then he also took his arrow back. Leon smiled. A fellow brit. He was just about to talk when ofcourse Richard so rudely interrupted him.

"So, who the hell are you?"
"My name is Lucas, I don't want any trouble. I was just passing by when I notice that you were in a bit of trouble, so I decided to help."
"I'll be right back."

This guy didn't seem to be too young, he looked around Leon's age himself. He watched as Lucas went into an alleway and brought out a skateboard and a shopping cart filled with food, he offered to feed us if we needed any. Well that was definitely sealing the deal. He was british and he had food, Leon would say yes to let him in the group if it was up to him. But no. It wasn't up to him. It was up to the stupid army officer, secret agent, backstreet boy, undercover or whatever he was. Lucas pulled out his arrow and shot a zombie behind the group right between the eyes. Leon's eyes widened as a smile grew on his face.

Lucas apologized as he didn't warn the group. At least he had manners, Leon was content as his heart was racing a bit at the thought of Lucas almost shooting him. To think he would've survived thousands of bandits, robberies and zombies and he thought he was going to die by an arrow, Lucas asked what everyones name in the group was. Leon stepped forward before Richard could do anything.

"Can't you see Lucas?" Leon started staring straight at Richard.
"We are all just a great, big, happy family." Leon grinned still staring at Richard.
"This is Jake, he's a good boy." He said ruffling the dogs fur.
"This is Lilith." He put his arm around her and smiled.
"My name is Leon." He said running a hand through his hair and then finally turned to Richard.
"And this is our Daddy, you can call him Marcus, Richard, Jason or even Tony but it doesn't matter because he's had so many names and who knows if we even know what his name is." Leon's smile finally dropped covered with a bit of anger.

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#, as written by Agent
“Sing us a song you’re the piano man, sing us a song tonight, ‘cause we’re all in the mood for a melody and you got us feeling alright…”
Travelling was much better with company Natalie had decided once she realised she knew a little Billy Joel after all. Aside from a couple of minor encounters with the infected their travelling had been mostly uneventful up ‘til now and she’d had plenty of time to learn more song lyrics from Barnaby.
As they got closer to where she’d been told the settlement was, however, this became less of the case. The number of infected that appeared at the sound of their enthusiastic, if not always perfectly in tune, singing increased. So did the traffic. In one case a reinforced and mildly weaponed family vehicle swerved wildly across the highway as it sped past, purposefully ploughing through the thicker gatherings of infected. It wasn’t that much of a new sight to Natalie, she’d met soccer mums with a body count several times her own when it came to the infected.
Eventually she and Barnaby reached a point on the edge of the town where the infected became too thick to keep up combat with and Natalie called a temporary reprieve. They escaped the horde, taking out the faster runners as they went, and hid inside a small second-hand bookstore, one of the few shops that still had the front window intact.
After checking it was secure and ensuring a back exit Natalie dropped to the floor between the stacks to catch her breath. She gave a tired laugh as she sat leaning against the shelf, “So I think we should give your anti-ambush technique a rest for a bit and take a more subtle approach while in town. Their attracted to the amount of life at the settlement. I also think we should get some wheels while we’re picking up whatever you need here.”
She had two leads at the moment. One was a couple of vague sightings of a small group that included a couple of men and red-haired woman with dog. Natalie wondered how many groups of the same description there was out there. The other had been from a small band that she’d stayed with briefly who were actively making life hard for the military. Staying with them had been risky but they had one of the more secure and advanced settlements she’d visited yet. Someone there had mentioned directing a ‘smoking hot stuck-up bitch’ fitting the description of a certain ex-Highgate resident ‘and some old lady’ east towards Minneapolis. These leads were more than she had on her own family. Natalie needed purpose and this was it. Walking was taking too long.
“What do you say?”

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Pushing the guy with two fingers, he keeled and slouched down in the leather booth seat. He wasn't going to be up for hours . . . maybe she had put one to many pills in his coffee . . . nix that, one couldn't put one too many in in a situation like this. Closing the laptop Darcy looked over her shoulder at the Barista. The girl was a statue she hadn't moved since Darcy had entered the place, really into whatever she was reading.

Grabbing the laptop in her gloved hands, Darcy stepped out of the little Café hit by a cool breeze that swept through her hair as she headed around the corner to the alleyway next to the building and threw the laptop into a giant dumpster. She was satisfied when the computer hit the bottom and resounded a metallic bang as it hit the empty bottom.

She felt a little bad for throwing the boys laptop away but it was safer for him and for her. The heels of her gray boots echoed in the snowy empty alleyway as she made her way back to the main street but the sound of her shoes clicking was soon replaced by the sound of rushing vehicles heading this way.

A small crowd of bystander had accumulated on the corner of the street next to the Café as half a dozen black tinted SUV's and other militaristic vehicles pulled up and officers in suits and uniform emerged with raised guns.

Darcy watched with the group heart pounding in fear . . . until a delicious smile spread across her lips and she pulled her iPhone out and started recording the agents coming out of their vehicles and heading into the Café as if some world class terrorist was holed up in there and they were just about to capture him. Why should she fear for, this was her game of hide and seek.

Watching and waiting, Darcy recorded the goings on for a few minutes. She had to physically restrain herself from laughing out loud when one of the agents stepped out of the building dialing a number on his phone and talked to who she could only guess could be Andrew Scott.

“Sir, there's no one inside of interest. Two civilians who I don't believe are the culprits . . . A young man of eighteen or nineteen, seems like he's been drugged. We can't wake him no matter what we try and the young women who was running the place said she hadn't seen anything suspicious.”

The agent winced as abuse hurled down the line at him and he listened patiently.

“Yes Sir. I'll keep them here anyway . . . Right away Sir.”

Darcy had caught it all on camera. This would be very useful, she thought as she made her way back to her car, a smile plastered to her face, or at the least very entertaining.

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Lilith laughed as Leon introduced them all, the guy was going to think they were nuts at this rate. Then again, Richard was a secret agent/hit man, Leon was overly cheerful for the current setting - which she rather appreciated, she hated doom and gloom - then there was her. She was not about to talk about her.
"Thanks for the help," she smiled, kneeling down to pet Jake. Her head was pounding, but it was one of the many things she'd learnt to cover for since she'd been made fully aware of the infection. She assumed it had something to do with how the zombies were attracted to noise, there was a possibility it'd enhanced her hearing, but she wasn't sure and she wasn't about to put extra effort into finding out.
"So, do you have plans, or are you just generally trying to survive?" she asked. Some people would be searching for family, others were trying to move away from the cities and others didn't care what they did so long as they stayed alive.

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Alex nodded as Kiddo explained.
Kiddo had met Person#2 and a few other people awhile ago, Alex didn't know exactly how long ago, but judging how Kiddo looked Alex guessed he had been own his own for a bit.
Looking at Person#2, Alex noticed that he looked like he had been through rough times as well, maybe he had been traveling by himself too?
Kiddo's expression and tone of voice told Alex that he wasn't very happy to see the other kid, and Alex asking if he was brothers with Person#2 was obviously a bad choice.
Sorry about that, Alex thought, but really he was quite amused.
Already he could see that Kiddo had a bad temper, funny.

"Well, that sounds like quite an interesting story!" Alex laughed, "I'd like to hear it sometime." He continued, tucking his gun back in the hidden pocket in his jacket.
The two kids weren't a threat, that was certain.
"So... I guess you're hungry, huh? You both look like you are. I have some food... uh," Alex paused as he turned to point at the shopping cart behind him, "Right there. The amount of it looks pretty pathetic, but hey, at least i'm not letting you starve! Not that either of you would get to the point of starving, though... you should be thankful i'm nice and haven't killed you guys yet!" Alex cheered, a grin on his face.

Suddenly, his smile disappeared from his face as he heard a faint sound a few feet away.
That better not be a damn zombie... Alex thought, narrowing his eyes.
Looking back at Kiddo and Person#2, Alex forced the grin back, "We should get out of the snow, eh? Follow me."
He wasn't sure if the kids would trust him, a complete stranger, enough to follow him back to his house, but he didn't care.
They can freeze outside if they want to. I'm going home. He thought, already pushing the shopping cart down the street.

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Belinda screamed as the Walker took a bite out of her upper arm. She kicked and pushed at it until it finally gave away. Running out the room she slammed the door behind her, trying to catch her breath as she rested her head against the wood, closing her eyes.


The Walker slammed into the other side of the door, shaking the frame. Belinda jumped back in fright as the Zombie screeched and scratched on the other side of the door.

She had come up to the stairs to the second floor of the apartment to find something to open the lock on Dracinda's duffel bag. Nothing was going to stop her from finding out what her daughter was hiding today! . . . Except a God damn Zombie!

The Elevator doors dinged open downstairs.

“I'm back!” She heard Dracinda call cheerfully “And I have enough food to feed the five thousand.”

Darcy Morgan

Darcy was in too good a mood for anything to ruin it. She only wished she could see Andrew Scott's face when his quick thinking plan hadn't quite panned out and he was left empty handed with an uncooperative Barista and an unconscious teenager.

She'd shopped up a storm at the grocery store. Sure they didn't have a great deal of things she was craving but it still just felt good to be doing something she loved – shopping and spending money – although it wasn't quite what her first choice – clothing - in shopping would be but it was still the best mood she had been in in awhile.

Dumping the grocery bags on the Kitchen counter, Darcy took off her coat and threw it next to the bag and looked around. It was strangely quiet.

“Mom?” She called out walking to the foot of the stairs.

Shock rent her face as she saw her mom's bloody arm.

“Mom! What happened?” Darcy asked frantically racing up taking two steps at a time.

She sat Belinda down on the top stair and examined her arm. Her mother began to cry dramatically as she tried to tell her story through the chocking tears and liquid running out of her nose.

“Well what were you doing up there?” Darcy asked “I thought you were in that bedroom downstairs?”

“I-I I was just having a look around.” Belinda cried “How was I suppose to know that bitch was still up there!”

The wound looked angry and it was bleeding still. Darcy ripped the bottom of her mothers silk dressing gown off and tied it tight above the bite, slowing the poisons release into the blood, at least Darcy hoped it would.

She was running on panic mode now as she rushed Belinda down to the Kitchen and sat her down on a chair. She cleaned the wound with warm water mixed with salt as Belinda complained about the sting.

“Well would you rather turn into one of those things?!” Darcy shouted exasperatedly at her mother as she wrapped up the woman's arm in clean bandages. They still had time. It wasn't something officially noted in the Journal of American Science but she had noticed that people who hadn't initially been infected by the airborne virus took longer to turn when bitten. Thus Belinda had time before the Parasite took complete hold of her body.

Darcy wouldn't let that happen. She couldn't! Her mother, however horrible a person she maybe, was the only person she had left. She'd couldn't loose her! She'd let too many people she loved die already.

Oh my God!” Belinda cried in another fit of hysterics “I'm going to die! I'm going to die! What am I going to do?! God why?! Why me?!”

“Mom, mom! Mother!” Darcy shook Belinda by the shoulders till the women stopped her screaming and took her mom's head in both of her hands and smoothed the blonde hair to the sides of her face and said looking in her mom's eyes “Nothing is going to happen to you. I won't let anything happen to you, okay?”

Belinda nodded in agreement. “Okay.”

“Alright.” Darcy breathed pushing away and began pacing on the chess board tiled floor.

She had to think.

She needed . . . needed . . . She needed the serum. But she didn't have any . . . the one vial she had from back in Highgate she had used on . . . Darcy stopped suddenly in her tracks . . . that she had used on Mackinlay.

“Where are you going?” Belinda called out to Darcy's receding back but she had heard nothing.

Heading to the room she had staked as her bedroom Darcy opened her duffel bag and riffled through the expensive clothes before she reached the file at the bottom. Where is it?! She knew she hadn't thrown it away although she had been contemplating it.

Just when she thought she'd lost it she felt the laminated plastic. Yes! Pulling the identification badge out Darcy examined it.

Name: Dr. Alison Mackinlay

ID Number: 5432179

It read and a barcode ran down the right, for some sort of swiping device. There was a picture of the women also. A brunette a little lighter then Darcy's own tied in a high ponytail at the back of her head with black thick rimmed glasses and full red lipsticked lips dominated the photograph. She could pass as the women, thought Darcy judicious.

The memory of that sweltering day over three months ago flashed through Darcy's mind.

Darcy had stumbled upon Dr. Alison Mackinlay just outside of Highgate. The women was completely bloody from head to toe; bitten and scratched multiple times, it was a surprise she had survived this far. She couldn't speak properly and only managed to get a few things out.

Her name was Alison, like the ID Badge said. She had a daughter named Alice and she worked just outside of Highgate in Gilligan Army Base . . . where something had gone terribly wrong. Darcy had administered the last vial of the serum she had left, after giving the other two to Richard before they had all sped off out of Highgate in different directions.

But the women had still died shortly after that. Darcy had taken the woman's ID and the few blood-stained paperwork she had on her person, not sure at the time why but kept it anyway and wasn't she glad today that she had.

Opening the file, Darcy flipped to the back where she kept the bloody sheets she had retrieved from Dr. Mackinlay. She had read through them before . . . something about where more serum was being produced and could be found. Scanning the crumpled pages . . . aha! . . . the X-5 strand of Paralyzing Serum being produced in the underground facility at Buckley Air Base, CO.

And that's where she would go.

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Barnaby was having a fun time with his songs, even more now that he had someone to even teach lyrics to and sing along with. Honestly, he was more surprised at how enthusiastically Natalie had taken to singing along. Least it meant things weren't to boring! That and it drew out small numbers of hidden infected that they could smash. Ha! It totally worked like he thought, as it meant they wouldn't be caught off guard by a zombie that was late to a fight. Not to mention they were having a fun time singing. However it had to come to an end when they began to run into dense packs of the infected, where getting their attention was more of a death sentence. They eventually made their way into a small bookstore, which Natalie quickly checked to make sure it was secure. Once done, the two of them settled down out of view of the windows, where Natalie gave a tired laugh, “So I think we should give your anti-ambush technique a rest for a bit and take a more subtle approach while in town. Their attracted to the amount of life at the settlement. I also think we should get some wheels while we’re picking up whatever you need here.” she said.

A good idea, to give up trying to lure out any hidden ones. They were going to die faster with how many that were out roaming about. “What do you say?” she asked him as they sat there. He had unbuckled the waist strap of his rucksack and was currently using it to sit back against. He thought about it for a moment before pulling his goggles down around his neck and adjusting his hat. "Well, I don't really have a shopping list in mind, so supplies wise I was aiming for food and water primarily. Whatever else we can scrounge up that is useful will also be good. As for wheels, we should make it our priority really. We'll look for supplies as we travel along looking for something to drive, and then we can grab whatever we find as we go supply wise." He pulled Pippy from his waist and laid the axe down next to him, as it was cumbersome to try and sit with it still hooked onto his belt.

"Lead wise, It's whichever you feel would be the best option. I haven't a damn clue where we would go or how far away either of your leads are, so I'm game for whichever you choose." He had remembered Natalie mentioning them as they had traveled along, during the moments where they took a break from their "wonderful" singing. Barnaby really was indifferent to either option, again because he wouldn't even know how to reach either one, nor how credible either of them were. "So, whatever one you are confident in, I'll share in that confidence." He said with a smile. "Sound like a plan? Look for something to drive, gather any supplies we find as we do so, then head off into the sunset looking for more people."

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Character Portrait: James Hill


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The cold breeze pricked against James' exposed skin causing a brief moment of pain. The snow pile up on the highway had caused James to stop in the middle of the road. He had forgotten that since the world has been a bit different the snow plows would not be driving down the roads and clearing the snow. This was bad for James, luckily he had a small plow in the cab of his truck, how he would get it on, however, he wasn't sure. Nonetheless he tried, small clouds appeared in the air as James puffed and exhaled. He was having a hard time, the damn thing was so heavy and he had to drag it over to the front of the vehicle. When he finally got it on he sighed with relief and climbed back into his seat immediately turning up the heat. He slammed his foot on the gas and watched as the snow fled off to the side. James squinted as he read a sign overhead.

Denver 30 Miles

He would try his luck there. He heard there was a "green zone" or a safe haven for survivors to live in. He was not sure what the requirements were but he would fight his way in if he needed to. James wondered if there would be a home for him or would he need to fend for himself. What was the crime level, or rules? He wasn't sure and the more he thought about it the less appealing the idea seemed. Maybe a big city wasn't such a good idea, perhaps a smaller town would suffice. He could find an abandoned's not right.

James struggled with the idea of taking over a place, at least in his cabin he knew it was his, he owned it.

It was too late to turn back, he would have to find someone or someplace to stay, maybe there was work, something for him to do. James thought about what life would be like now, so many different scenarios arose and none seemed comforting, but heck, the world was no longer comforting.

When James arrived to the outskirts of the city he was stopped by a checkpoint. His car rolled up to the outpost and James rolled down his window.

"Evening Officer" James said as he noticed the men in uniform.

"We will need your I.D sir," replied one of the men. James looked about and then reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet and then passed his state drivers license to the man. "Just one second please." The officer then stepped into the outpost shack and ran the identification numbers into a computer. After a second James' file appeared on screen.

The man appeared outside and handed James' his ID, "Here you go Captain," said the man with a smile. "You know we could use a man like you on the field" he said in a complementary manner.

James looked over to the man after putting away his wallet. "I already was," James said and then rolled down the road.

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Aarti let out a small cough as a cold gust of wind shot at her and pressed snowflakes against her face.
"Of all the times it could of snowed," She growled, pulling her jacket closer around her, "why now?"
She was not fond of freezing weather, and even if it wasn't really freezing, it felt pretty damn cold.
"Whatever." Aarti snapped at herself. She was the one who wanted to leave town. She was the one who had decided that she'd leave when it was snowing.
There was no one to blame but herself, and Aarti hated that.
"Congratulations on being a dumbass!" She cheered, rolling her eyes, "You've won an award for being stupid."
I'm talking to myself. Aarti realised, a slight frown forming across her face, "Congratulations on turning insane, too." She sighed, "That sucks."

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Character Portrait: Jakob "Three" Black


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Sliding downwards into a seating position, his back leaning on the now sealed facility blast door, knees up, Jakob just looked at the corpse next to him, gunshot right between her eyes, his heart telling him that he had to link up with Alpha and continue on.

"Alpha, this is Bravo-Three. The rest of Bravo is down, I repeat. Bravo is down. Come in."

He had activated his radio communications link, trying to contact Red and the other members of Alpha, but he received no response.

I should switch to local. Walls can be interfering with the signal. Reaching to his radio, he had changed the frequency to that of a secured, local frequency, predetermined in case the two teams needed to communicate without broadcasting it too much.

"Alpha, this Bravo-Three. Come in. The entrance is secured for the meantime, and Bravo is down."

He waited for a few seconds, but still, no answer.

Well, this just went from shitty to shittier, he thought to himself as he retrieved the sniper rifle from nearby and standing back up. Slinging the rifle over his shoulders, he readied his rifle as he started off into the tunnel before him.

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Rapid City, South Dakota was a graveyard. No people, no Zombies just bodies. It was a stop. A short stop. Darcy had detoured, it would take her a little longer to get to Buckley Air Base, about an hour or two if google maps was right but she needed to keep the track off her.

Andrew Scott was looking for her in Minneapolis but she needed to go back there so if she emailed him from Rapid City that would keep him off her scent, so to speak. He would come looking for her in South Dakota by that time she would be in Colorado and then after that back in Minnesota and Director Scott would be no better off then he had been at the beginning of this game of Kiss Chase. At least that was the plan.

She'd just filled up the Porsche with Gas and some food stock from the Gas Station and now Darcy stood in the dirty station bathroom looking at her reflection in the stained mirror. She looked tired and she needed to eat more . . . and she was freezing her butt off too.

Sighing Darcy opened up her Duffel bag and stripped down to her underwear. The bump was slowly getting bigger but still it was unnoticeable under clothing thank God. Rummaging through the Louis Vuitton Duffel Darcy pulled out a plain white button up shirt. Yep, that looked professional . . . like something a boring Scientist would wear, at least Darcy hoped it did. She pulled it over her head without bothering to open the buttons and closed the buttons at the sleeves. Swiftly followed by a tight black pencil skirt that came just below the knees.

But the grey boots keeping her warm up till her knees just wouldn't do, no matter how warm they kept her. Slipping them off she popped on a pair of plain black stilettos with silver heels. Much more appropriate - not for the weather - for the outfit.

Taking out the Identification Badge, Darcy scrutinised the photo of Dr. Alison Mackinley. The woman was rather normal looking. She looked like a tiresome Doctor except that dash of bright red lipstick.

Slipping the Badge around her neck, the crystal under her shirt shingled. Darcy placed a hand over the necklace under the material but quickly pulled it away. No . . . She couldn't think about Richard . . . not now.

Darcy tied her hair up in a high ponytail to match the one Dr. Mackinley was sporting on the ID Badge, followed by a pair of plain black thick framed glasses and the blood red lips stick, both of which she had got from the Gas Station.

Hmm, Darcy smiled crookedly, looking at her reflection in the full length mirror; pressing her bright red lips together, she looked Office Sexy. She only hoped it was enough to get her into Buckley.

30 minutes later . . .

Finally! Huffed Darcy, at last! She sat with her laptop open on her lap in her car. This was the only working unsecure Wi-Fi connection that she'd been able to find in the whole of Rapid City. It wasn't great but it would do.

Logging into her email account and the blog which took forever. Damn! Her Blog had been take down. No problem, thought Darcy trying to keep her easily flared anger in check. This is why she always exported her blog. A great feature. She simply had to make a new blog account and then upload the exported blog file and everything was back up and running. This took a little longer then expected thanks to the crappy Wi-Fi connection but it was done. Plus a new post exposing more details from the hard drives was uploaded for the people of the world to view.

Now that was done, Darcy uploaded the video she had taken outside the Café in Minneapolis and typed a quick message to Director Scott.

Subject: Eyes Only

Nice try Director . . .

Hope the little boy and the Barista were helpful.


Catch me if you can . . .

She finished with a smile and clicked send and then sped off out of Rapid City. Six hours to Buckley, CO . . .

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Character Portrait: Zanetta White


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Zanetta woke up with a cold and felt groggy. ''Again? I got to stop staying up all night.'' She sighed as she got out from her bed and began to stretch then thought to herself. *Uhh? Next door neighour's dog isn't barking like usual. Strange, maybe I'm not the only one feeling rough.* She sighed as she slipped into anything clothing of hers in her wardrobe, clipping her favourite tool belt onto her trousers, shoving a used rag in a pocket slightly showing and slipping her protective goggles around her neck. She then had her morning pee and walked down stairs seeing her phone had a message or two.

She then pressed the play button on it and went to her basic kitchen as she had no need for a fancy one..since she was not one for cooking and made herself some cereal while listening to her messages.

Computerized voice: Message one, at 6:02pm.

''Hey Zen! It's me Cathy! I know you are buzy working at your local garage and most likely hacking your boss's computer...hehe. Don't think I don't know honey! Why don't you come down to mine's and Faron's in Devon? Have a couple of glasses of wine and a catch up? Get back to us soon honey! Bye!''

Computerized voice: Message two, at 9:45pm.

''Hey Zen, me again. I don't think you should come over. -Pause- F...Faron was attack by a crazy guy, he was so fast...listen tell my mum, that we will be a day late coming to hers. Faron says he's fine, just has a migrane...but...he.. -Sniffs and sobbing sounds- ..he refuses to sleep and the more time goes on....he talks less. That man was so fast..''

Computerized voice: Message three, at 1:37am.

''Zen...I'm at the hospital with Faron, he looks really bad and the...the bite wound looks like it is smells...horrible..the doctors say it's so infected that amputation is the only option...I can't believe this! He was only attact several hours ago! Please me...I..I need you.''

Computerized voice: Message four, at 4:45am.

'' know I will alwalys think of will always be like a sister to me honey..-Sobs-...tell my mum that I..-Pause- Faron? what are you doing out of bed? Faron? Is that blood on your mouth? Faron! Faron! No! No! -Screaming and objects breaking in the background then it cuts off.''

Computerized voice: No more messages.

Zanetta quickly jumped up and ran to the phone and dialed the number back as the ring then went to a computerized voice she listened tensely. ''Service is currently unavalible, please contacted local phone service for more infomation thankyou.'' She then threw the phone to the couch in frustration then looked and saw a dark figure at her door, blocking sunlight she walked slowly and cautiously. ''H-Hello? You know I have installed a ringing bell, could of pushed it you know....Daniel? Is that you? Cathy-''

As she got closer suddenly the dark figure crashed open the door and roared as he charged at her, pushing her to the ground she yelped then grabbed the lonely wrench that sat leaning on the wall at her front door and hit him across the face with it and she scrambled away as the force forced him into the nearest wall. She then ran to her kitchen and grabbed a kitchen knife and as he came running to her, he smacked her to the ground like a rag doll and the knife flew from her hand.

Her vision was blurred and as soon as she saw his distorted face and roared a adrenaline punched scream and bashed his head with the wrench and he suddenly fell to the ground; She continued to bash his head in till his face exposed his brain. She then backed away as blood poured from his head and she looked at her shirt as it was covered in blood. She panted then cried a quick moment but got up and fought back the tears with a shivering sigh.

She then shoved the bloody wrench in her tool belt as she yanked it from her former Step dad of Cathy's and kepted the kitchen knife in had for sercurity. She wiped the sweat from her brow and took a breath. ''I need to find help...'' She drank some water straight from the tap and walked out from her destroyed front door to see what a normal start to the day became a chaotic one. She walked a couple miles to find the nearest town, keeping her guard up. ''I need to find help.'' She say in a determind manner as she walked towarks Buckley. She looked at her watch quickly as she shifted her eyesight to every point of view. ''Ok, two hours away, someone must know what is going on. This isn't normal....'' She then bent over she vomitted on the sidewalk then wiped her chin. ''I-I just killed Carly's step dad..'' She then continues at a fast pace onwards.

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The dark tooth fairy emerged from the alley with a shopping cart full of supplies and a skate board. Figured he was one of those kids taking up the sidewalks. Richard paused and put his palm to his forehead and whispered to himself "God I did not just think that." He tried to assure himself. He walked up to the cart as Leon made his joke "Damn straight, I am papa no name, and you kids wouldn't know what to do without me. Especially you little one." He smirked at Lilith.

Richard looked at the newcomer, "look Mr. Toothfairy sir, I appreciate your trying to help but we have to keep moving. You are free to come if you don't slow us down." This kid might look like a goofball but he doesn't seem dangerous.


The chopper flew silently above the mountain tops, whoever this piece of shit was she was making Priestess's job a pain in the ass. She flew all the way to Minneapolis and interrogated a teenager who couldn't describe the back of his own hand and a barista who Priestess was pretty sure had no idea there was a zombie apocalypse thanks to her keeping her nose in a book. Now she was being sent to Colorado while multiple others of her certain occupation were busy waiting in other states this asshole might jump to next. Priestess looked out the window and sighed "I need a fucking vacation."

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Character Portrait: Michelle "Michi" Ethelene


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Through the dark alleys Michelle Ethelene travelled as they were the best way to avoid the zed. The undead beasts, though they did wander into the cracks of a big city, were much more likely to stay in the broad, open areas. But on occasion a zombie followed the sounds or smells of something that took it's interest and meandered into the alleys like the ones Michi travelled by. They could catch suvivors off guard and corner them if the survivor didn't know his or her way around.

Fortunatly, Michi knew what she was doing and exactly where she was heading.

Turning the corner, take a right and pass a painted green stop sign was a corner store where Michi liked to find shelter in. It was off the main road and run down but had all the anti-theft protection. She stored a few weapons and a crate of food their too. But just as she was about the turn the corner she felt a small nudge and looked down at Ashew who had stopped and was glaring intensly around the corner. Focusing she could hear the loud breathing of the undead just around the corner and became stiff. Ashew by her side bared her teeth and Michi could see the hair on her back bristling though the dog made no sound.

The undead were not running so they ovbiously hadn't caught Michi's scent yet. At least this was good. But in a case like this it was pressing. The unearthly silence of the dead surrounding her, weigthing on Michi's shoulders and reminded her that no matter how skilled she was she was still the prey and could at any point be killed. Beause of this she generally stuck to the darker side of town where very few undead trailed.

Glancing around Michi could see she was in a tight spot. There were two buildings on either side of her and no doors she could see. Behind her there was bound to be a horde following the scent of her comrades, and when they found out they'd escaped, the group of ravonous zed would come after Michi. This prevented her from back tracking because she didn't know exactly how close they were and couldn't afford to meet up with them. She was tough, but Michi and Ashy alone had no chance of survival if they didn't play their cards carefully.

Glancing at the ground she could see a large shard of glass by her foot and picked it up. Polishing the surface on her shirt she held up the reflective glass and directed it around the corner. Out of the reflection she counted seven zombies, one of them with a third leg. Michi shuttered and put the glass on the soggy cardboard box beside her. The zed had begun mutating, some harmlessly but some became very dangerous. This one didn't look too threating but either way it was good to be careful. And if the mutating gene strain virus was contangious to other zombies then the mutants had to be killed first. This guy was no exception.

Raising the crowbar in her hand Michi took a silent breath and tensed, ready to spring, her other hand clentching the pisol. The first to die would be the muntant but she couldn't afford to waste ammo and would ahve to put the gun away after putting him away. Then the two closest zed would feel the bite of her crowbar and lastly the remaining four would be taken down accordingly by Michi and Ashew's attack.

Michelle could feel Ashy coiled like a spring by her side, sensing her master's plan of attack and Michi wrapped her fingers more firmly around the weapons she held.

3... 2... 1...

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The closer she got to Buckley the more cleared the road became. It had been ploughed and salted and she hardly ran into any straddling zombies . . . until now.

There was a group of them, about half a dozen and they were running. Darcy sighed in exasperation, that only meant one thing, they were chasing something, or rather someone. She should just pass on by like she had seen nothing, Darcy tried to convince herself. But then why was she slowing down?!

Damn! This stupid conscious of hers! Swerving into the gap between the Walkers and the prey, Darcy shouted out the window to the young women.

“Get in!”

The girl stopped and turned around and then jumped into the passenger side. Darcy hit the gas before the door was securely shut.

“Do you have some kind of sick death wish?” Darcy asked aggrievedly of the huffing and puffing girl.

“I-I” The girl breathed heavily “What the hell is happening around here!?”

Darcy peered at the girl from the corner of her eye, her brows scrunching up. She was young probably no more then eighteen or so, with a short bob hair cut and a green streak running through one side. Argh! She scoffed.

“What the hell do you think is happening here?” Darcy countered sarcastically. “We're in the middle of a freakin' Apocalypse and some crazy-ass people think it's safe to walk around on empty roads without being attacked or eaten to death! That's what's happening! Duh!

“Apocalypse?” The girl replied frantically “What are you talking about?”

“What do you think I'm talking about?” Darcy replied in bewilderment “Have you been living under a rock or something? The whole of the US or for that matter the whole of the World is infected by a parasite that is turning people into Zombies.” She looked over to the the girl once more “You're for real aren't you?” Darcy said, shaking her pony tailed head in disbelief “You really had no idea all this time . . . Wow! It must be good being you!”

They were about an hour away from Buckley now.

“Wish I could say I had no idea what was going on.” Darcy said to the dumb-struck girl.

God, how she wished her life could go back to the way it had been before any of this happened. What she wouldn't give for that . . . but then she would have never met Richard and she couldn't imagine a life without knowing him now . . . even though she'd never see him ever again.

“I'm Zanetta.” The girl said interrupting Darcy's meanderings.

Darcy stopped the Porsche behind an abandoned graffitied shack of a building at the side of the empty road and turned slightly in her seat, leaning one arm over the steering wheel while she examined Zanetta. The girl looked like she could handle herself . . . she could be useful . . . very useful indeed Darcy thought with a pout and the lift of a defined brow.

“Z-Zanetta White.” She added hesitantly under Darcy scrutinising gaze.

“Well now your name is Alice Mackinley, you got it?” Darcy stated no nonsensically.

“Wait-What?” Zanetta asked confused.

“Listen up, Zelda”

“It's Zanetta!” The girl interrupted irritatedly.

Whatever . . . Look, here's the long and short of it. Everyone you care about, everyone you love is going to die. That's just fact. The parasite is spreading and infecting everything . . . and if that doesn't do it then all you have to do is be bitten by one of those things that were chasing you and you're a goner.” Darcy finished with a knife like gesture of her finger cutting across her throat.

Zanetta visibly gulped. “But the government, they might-”

“The Government?!” Darcy choked out a cold cynical laugh, turning equally cold gray piercing eyes on the young girl “Who do you think is responsible for this whole mess in the first place?”

“It can't be.” Zanetta whispered.

“Believe what you like. What difference does it make to me? All you need to know is that there is a Serum that the Government is keeping secret, under lock and key. It can stop people that have been bitten being turned and I plan on getting my hands on it.” Whether you come along or not, Darcy added to herself, although having an extra pair of hands would come in handy . . . that is if they could get in, in the first place. “Look I don't know whether you need it or not, either for yourself or someone you care about but I do and I plan on getting it one way or another . . . So, the only question that concerns you is . . . are you in or are you out?

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Alex didn't feel like waiting for Kiddo and Person#2 to answer, and even though he knew nothing about Kiddo/Leo and Person#2, something just didnt feel right about him leaving them outside, so he
grabbed them both by the arm with one hand, his shopping cart with the other, and started walking.
"My house is ten or so minutes way, which sucks for you, Kiddo, because you don't have a jacket and its like... really cold." Alex said even though he
didn't feel like talking.
For a second, Alex questioned why he was helping these two kids, anyway.
What did he get from it?
It wasn't like they had any money to pay him for being nice.
What was the point of it?
Zombies... Alex thought, If I left them here they'd obviously attract them because they're also obviously stupid. Alex
glanced back at Kiddo who looked pretty annoyed with him. Besides that, he looked hungry and weak, there was no way he'd be able to survive another
few days outside in the snow.
If he died, then zombies would probably smell the corpse and come to eat it.
That meant they'd be in the same area as Alex, and that wasn't good.
Alex looked at Person#2, he was in better shape than Kiddo, but he looked like he had been beaten recently, that would easily slow him down when it came to running away or fighting the zombies, and once they were finished with him, they'd be looking for more humans to eat.
That wasnt good either.
So.. what would he do?
It wasn't like Alex could babysit them forever, he had Aarti to look after, he had to make sure she wasn't the next person killed.
He could look after them for awhile, though.
But then what?
Ditch them?
A grin formed across Alex's face, that actually wasn't a bad idea. He'd feed them for a few days, make sure they could look after themselves, then he'd either send them packing or just flat out leave them.
Smart thinking, Alex. He thought to himself.

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Zanetta looked out the window of the car and looked at the corrupted landscape that swiftly pasted and sadness happened over she and for some unknown reason she could not control her lips from moving. ''I-I listened to some messages when I got up best friend and her husband....her name was Carly, her family fostered me and her and I regarded eachother best friends but more importantly...sisters. Blood. Today I listened to messages on my phone.....'' She paused wiping a tear from her face, her face crumbling in pain....not physical but pain of loss.

She then continued. ''I heard her cries for comfort, her pleads for me....and I...I was not there....the one person she begged to hear was me and I was not there...'' She let out a shivering sigh. She was obviously just coming to terms wtih the situation of loss, loneliness and her world ripped from under her feet. As smart and resourceful she was, she was still young, even naive;Clinging to any sort of familarity but yet found no such comfort or solace. It was like someone forcfully pushed her out without knowledge into a world she hardly reckonized and she could not comprend it. She was dumb struck....lost.

She then spoke again. ''What happens to someone when they...change? A-are they in pain? Are they still them?'' She then held herself looking to her feet. ''I don't want to think that I just murdered someone back at my house....not him....not him!'' She then placed her hands on her hand almost pulling at her hair. ''All I see is those timeless memories unravelling when I look back as I remember plunging my wrench into his head....'' Her eyes widened and breathing paced. ''..Just hitting and hitting until he moved no longer, just to take the very wrench with me with no thought to his suffering or even apologizing...Am I losing it? Am I a murderer!?'' She then curled into a ball as she sat in the car with her head buried, silent.

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0.00 INK

Why did she always pick up the emotionally stunted crazies! Like she didn't have enough problems of her own to deal with. Geez! She was putting out fires everywhere! But she did feel for the girl. Okay, so everyone couldn't be as strong as she was. But come on get a hold of yourself, though Darcy. This was a time if you broke down you died and there was noway Darcy was going to die . . . at least not today!

“Look,” Darcy sighed patting the girl on the back as she leaned one arm on the steering wheel “you made the best decision you could in the situation. It was either you or the Walker. I know which one I'd rather be and for what it's worth, when they're turned fully like that, it's just a shell the person you know is long gone. They only have one impulse, to feed their blood lust. So don't be so hard on yourself. Alright?”

The girl nodded sorrowfully. She was still in a state of shock. She was no good to Darcy like this . . . but she needed the help, damn it! Darcy hated relying on anyone else. She didn't trust anyone else any more.

“Come, I need to get going and you're coming with me.” Darcy smiled.

Pressing the button on her car keys, the lights flashed as the Porsche locked. They walked down the empty road. Darcy patted the inside of her navy coat to make sure .40S&W semi-automatic was secure and out of sight. Just incase.

They were two miles away from Buckley Air Base; according to Google Maps it was a straight walk down the road. It should take them no more then a half to three quarters of an hour, Darcy estimated.

She answered all the girls curious questions.

“Just follow my lead you'll be fine.” . . . I hope. Darcy told her confidentially.

They had been walking fifteen minutes when an army convoy pulled up to a stop next to them. Great! Exactly what she needed! Thought Darcy vitriolically. . . Wait! Maybe it really was, sparked a thought in Darcy's mind. What better way to secure her entrance into the secret underground facility, then arriving with the Military?

Darcy stopped and whispered urgently back to Zanetta.

“Be cool.”

A guy in the new white army fatigue popped his head out the window.

“And where are you two lovely ladies heading in this vicious weather?” He asked with a smile.

Darcy gave a juicy red lipped pout of smile as she strutted over to the open window and leaned an arm next to the Soldiers.

“Buckley Air Base.” She smiled sensually as she curled a dark strand of hair from her ponytail around her finger “You wouldn't happen to be going that way would you? I'm Dr. Alison Mackinley.” She said flashing her badge at him “My daughter and I were heading to Buckley when our car broke down.”

“Well, Dr Mackinley,” The Soldier replied with a grin “it just happens to be your lucky day because we're heading exactly there.”

“Call me Alison . . .” Darcy flirted with a sweet laugh.

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Zanetta stool behind Darcy awkwardly staying silent, she tried not to be noticed by the man and kepted eye contact minimal then she frowned at him and turned away and mumbled to herself. ''Pig..'' She then looked out to the horizon and breathed in the air then held herself. She was cold...she didn't think about gathering anything from her house before going and now regretted it, but then again staying there with Carly's stepdad's corpse lying bloody and lifeless on the ground in her kitchen was not a desirable thing to see and would rather freeze than see that again....though it would of been nice to go back for the cap he got her from when she was eight from her room.

She then looked back at her outburst with Darcy and kicked the ground in frustration and thought to herself. *What the hell?! Why did I cry out like that? To a stranger? She must of had her own problems an-and I just moaned and cried in the her car! After taking the risk of picking me up without thought of if I were bad or useless, she put her life at risk for me and I-I didn't even thank her?....I didn't thank her!* She then swiftly went to Darcy ready to put her hand on her shoulder and part her lips to apologize and thank her but then...

Then she looked at the man again....the pig...there was no doubt to what he wanted and she was disgusted at the idea of a man doing a kind deed not for the good of others but to gain something in turn. *Selfish* She thought as she looked at him in the eye with angry. She put her hand down and turned her body to the side as she held both hands together like a lady..or even, a innocent girl with eyes full of angry she continued to her thoughts.

*What happens if he is really a pig...what happens if he or others to where he is going to take us are pigs? W-will we to them?* She shuddered on the spot at the thought making a shivered sound of nervousiness and held herself again looking to the ground, now with worried eyes just to sqeeze her eyes shut and scream in her head, now filled with feelings of fear, axiety and panic. *I don't want to lose my virginity to a pig!*

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Lucas felt appreciated and welcome as he spoke with the strangers.
"No thanks, I was just passing by and happened to see you in a sticky situation." Lucas explained.
"I'll just be heading the other way, now is your last chance to have some supplies if you want any?" He asked.
Lucas was glad that he was offered to tag along, but he did not want to annoy them or add another mouth to feed to their group.
"Okay, I will be heading off then."
Lucas turned away from the friendly group and started heading down the streets of the city.
As he turned the corner he spotted about 20-40 zombies in one group flooding up one street. He suddenly stopped and slowly and quietly backed up until he was hidden from the 'herd'.
"Guess I can't go this way." He thought to himself.
The zombies were heading towards his direction. "They must've heard the commotion from before."
Lucas quickly rushed towards the group, "Their are a bunch of zombies heading this way, maybe twenty to forty!"
Lucas felt that he should warn this group for what was about to come.
"You must act quickly, I am here to help if you need me, if not, then I shall be going."
As the zombies get closer, Lucas was waiting for an answer from the leader of the group; 'Richard'.

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Leo would of argued when the guy, whatever his name was, took both him and Matthew by the arms and literally dragged them away.
...Heck, he would of done alot more than just argue.
Unfortunalty the thing that stopped him was that instead of words, Leo let out a few sharp, painful coughs.
Not again.. He thought, doing his best not to wince as he took in a deep breath.
"Its just the cold air." Leo explained quickly, not sure if that was really the truth or not.
He had been coughing like that for days, and Leo had figured that it was because of the cold and the fact that he had nothing suitable to wear, but Leo wasnt a docter, so he didnt know. Now his lungs were hurting, his throat felt dry, and to top it off he could feel a headache forming again.

Of course, im the one who has all the bad luck.
Okay... not all of it. There was people who were in alot worse situations than Leo... as in life or death.
It wasnt even close to fair to compare himself to them.
All I have is ... cold or flu symptoms or something, I wont die.

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The streets of Denver were exactly how James had predicted. People cautiously walked with their heads down and sadness in their eyes. Occasional cars, like his, drove through the streets and caused everyone to turn and look. Some people looked towards james and his vehicle with envy, and some with hate. He had something many didn't and that caused a large and significant difference between him and the rest.

While driving James looked about for a central point, somewhere authorities would be. Was there a camp around? It did not seem like there was. The military and police were gone, or at least hidden...what was there to do here. As James continued in thought he grew more closer to the thought of leaving and heading somewhere else. Smaller towns may be a good idea, homes would be up for the taking and less people would be trying to steal from him. Perhaps he would go there.

But for now James would continue to search the city.

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Alex was a little irritated at Kiddo's constant coughing, he knew that was going to be a problem for the future... but hopefully Alex wouldn't be there when it became one.
Feed them, teach them a few basic fighting moves, leave them. That was the plan, simple and easy.
He was so focused on that one thought that Alex barley recognised his own house in front of him.
"Oh... we're here."
He pulled out his keys from his pocket and unlocked then opened the door, "You two can sit in the living room if you want, I don't care." Alex said then walked back over to the shopping cart and hauled it inside the house and closed the door once Kiddo and Person#2 had sat down.
"I'll make something to eat.. what do you guys want?" Alex asked, trying to break the silence in the room. On any other day he wouldn't of minded it, but today it bothered him.
"There's spaghetti, Kraft Dinner, uh... Hamburger Helper... "
Luckily the stove in the kitchen was still working, that was good.
When the kids didn't answer, Alex chose for them.
"Kraft Dinner it is."

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The Denver air was cold and damp, Boulder was a foot hill town so it was just slightly colder than the cities below. At least this damn car is warm Priestess thought as the sedan rolled down the street with her as it's passenger. When she arrived at her destination 4 Navy S.E.A.L.s were waiting for her in plain cloths and bullet proof vests. They would be the people who helped her track down the dumb piece of shit she was out her looking for.

"So where the hell are we going ma'am?" the driver asked as he scratched his bearded chin.

"Buckley AFB." Priestess answered coldly

"Buckley? That place is way behind the Green Zone, there is no way a civvie could get in."

"Whoever this asshole is, he has made it this far without being killed so I won't put it past him that he could make it into the base. Hell a whole convoy full of PMC soldiers drove through to the base without any problem. The military can only watch so much at one time, and with UAV and Sat. support going towards SF operations it's harder to keep track of borders and control the populace. At any rate I think that is where we will find this fucker."

"Keeping hell stocked with dead souls, full of holes." One of the S.E.A.Ls in the back commented

"I'd rather be killing Zed man." The third soldier behind the driver spoke up

"Don't worry man we will get more of Zed soon enough Scorcher." The second S.E.A.L reassured

"Can't wait man." the man called Scorcher said "Hey Captain, you should tell the miss about that horde in Houston."

"I don't want to hear your fucking war stories! Stay serious!" Priestess attacked

"Whoa stay cool there ma'am."

Priestess looked to the men in the back with a angry glare "Shut your fucking faces. I don't want to be here, so don't piss me off more."

"You should be nicer ma'am, goes a long way." Scorcher said with a grin but Priestess just returned it with agitation

"Pretty please with sugar on top and a unicorn shitting rainbows Sergeant 'Scorcher' and Lieutenant 'Frogger', shut the fuck up before I put my foot so far up both your asses the medic will have to dig your teeth out of my thigh." With that she turned around "Jesus they sent me a bunch of dumb asses." she complained. She hated being sent on stupid mission with stupid people, how these guys got to be SF she would never know.

**** United Nations Headquarters, New York City, New York**********

Director Scott marched down the well kept halls of the UN building. The carpet was still as clean as ever and the walls as shiny as whistles seems they keep up with everything here besides giving me what I want. Director Scott grumbled in his own mind. He walked up to a office at the far end of the wall and marched up to the closed door. He knocked on the oak wood right above a name plate that read "RESERVED FOR UN SECRETARY-GENERAL .

"Enter!" A voice called with a thick Korean accent. Director Scott opened the door and looked inside, there we saw an older Korean gentlemen in a pressed suit and a golden tie who looked up from his desk "Who are you?" he asked with caution

"I'm Andrew Scott, director of the United States Central Intelligence Agency." Scott answered as he entered and closed the door behind him.

"Oh!" he said as he stood from his seat and offered his hand "Director Scott, I have heard very much about you." the man said with a smile as Scott shook his hand

"And I you." Scott said as they broke the grasp and he took a seat

"So director." the man known as Ban Ki-moon said as he took his seat "What pleasure do I owe this?"

"Information, I would like to know the remaining totals of UN Peacekeepers world wide." Director Scott said as he straightened his suit

"And why would you require information such as this?" The Secretary-General said with suspicion

"I would like to arrange more UN Peace Keepers to enter the United States." Director Scott answered with his usual blank emotion

"Why would the US need this?" The General asked "The US forces are maintaining a good order at this time. Though they may be using harsh methods in some places, they are few from what I have seen."

"Maybe but things are worsening, I would like more UN shelters to be set up in the US to help provide medical aid and food aid as well."

"You must be joking Director."

"It would be funny if it was a joke Secretary-General." Scott said with emotionless eyes trained right on the Korean.

Ban looked at Scott with disbelief for a moment before shaking his head "I doubt the CIA is not aware that supplies of all kinds are short in this time. I also doubt the CIA doesn't know that most of our Peacekeepers are deployed to nations much less fortunate than the US."

"But less vital countries." the director said without bating an eyelid. Ban looked at Scott with his mouth ajar

"Just because a country is not on the security council, or is not as economically stable as the US does not mean it is any less important Director. Now I think it is time that you left, I have much work to do." Ban said, obviously not making a suggestion.

Director Scott nodded his head as placed his hand on top of the Secretary-Generals glass and let a small tablet drop in as he stood and reached his free hand for Ban's "I am sorry we could not come to an understanding." he said as he shook the mans hand and the tablet dissolved in seconds

"Good-bye, Director Scott." Ban said coldly as the Director turned for the door. He opened the door and as he turned around to close it behind him, he looked back inside to see Ban taking a sip of water

"Yes...Goodbye Secretary-General."

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By the time they had reached Buckley, Darcy had the whole convoy – consisting of three armed Soldiers who just happened to be guarding the Air Base – eating out of the palms of her hands. She did not care for any of them. Men . . . They were so easy . . . none of them could compare to Richard. But she could not think about him.

She had managed to divert the attention of one of the Soldiers who was keenly interested in poor frightened Zanetta. The girl looked like a deer caught in the headlights with burst of angry stares in between.

Passing through the checkpoint without any hindrance Darcy looked out off the window. The Base was a typical, cold, sterile place. Conveys pulled up to one side while people went about their jobs in the gloomy weather.

Hmm, she wouldn't have had much problem getting in here even without arriving with these Soldier Darcy guessed as she hopped out of the truck, heels clicking on the ground and placed a protective motherly arm around Zanetta's waist, keeping the men at bay.

“You alright sweety?” Darcy smiled at the girl.

Zanetta nodded slowly with a weak smile with a quick peer from the corner of her eyes to the three men coming out of the vehicle.

“Don't worry I won't let anything happen to you.” Darcy whispered when the men where out of ear shot. “So can one of you capable gentlemen point me towards the access to the underground Facility.” She smiled bewitchingly at the lead GI Joe.

“Sure can Alison, it's right this way . . .”

They began walking as the Solider led the way. Heart race increasing, palms sweating. Naturally she was nervous. Okay, you can do this Darcy told herself. Panicking on the inside while her exterior was solid as steel. She had to act like she rightfully belonged in this place. And I do. The only way one could convince another was to convince yourself first.

Stopping abruptly. What the hell?! Darcy stared at the figure that had stopped them. That was one mean looking women. She looked butch but that Darcy guessed was because of her choice of dress, leather and biker sort of gear and she had a mean looking face too.

“Who the fuck are you?” Said the Soldier at their side while Darcy looked on with a raised brow and folded her arms across her chest. “And you wanna get out the way.”

The women extended a cold stare at the Soldier while she flashed a badge quicker then lightning.

“Jessica Monroe, NSA. Where are you folks heading?”

Instantly Darcy became wary . . . NSA . . . The women didn't look like NSA just as Richard hadn't appeared NSA. That's when Darcy knew. If this women was a member of the NSA then she was Christina Aguilera . . . and Darcy couldn't hold a note if her life depended on it . . . Luckily it didn't . . . it just depended on her passing off as Dr. Alison Mackinley. Peachy!

“I'm based here.” The Soldier replied, his fatigues allowing for no further evidence. “This is Dr. Mackinley. She's just arrived to work down in the laboratory.”

“I'll take it from here.” The women told the Soldier.


“I said, I'll take it from here.” The women restated with a voice that allowed for no argument.

The Soldier straightened and left without saying another word.

"Bitch." Darcy heard him say over his shoulder.

Ignoring the comment and turning her attention from the disappearing Soldier, Jessica Monroe gave Darcy a cold once over, much like many women gave her. One filled with jealous and envy as her cold brown eyes flickered back to Darcy's smokey gray ones.

Darcy smirked in return innocently with a pout.

“I've no information on anyone being allowed entrance into the Facility.” Jessica stated.

“Why would you?” Darcy countered matter of factually “What jurisdiction would the NSA have here?” She added with a cold laugh.

“That's none of your damn business Princess.” Jessica Monroe replied scathingly “If I don't say so you don't fucking go in!”

This bitch was getting on Darcy's nervous real fast. NSA my ass! Thought Darcy aggrievedly. Did she work for the same Agency Richard worked for? . . . Did she know Richard?! That last thought left a bitter taste in her mouth. . . . Or did Scott send her? If he had, she should be worried but Darcy couldn't help an inner smile.

“Listen up Monroe,” Darcy said coldly moving into Jessica's space “I don't give a shit who you are, you got it? And I'm not here to argue with you. I'm here to do my job so that if people like you are bitten or worse injured in some way– whether I like it or not - don't turn into one of those things out there.”

Yeah right! If there was a Zombie attack here right now, this bitch would be the first one she would throw to the Walkers without a single regret.

Jessica looked like she wanted to punch Darcy in the face right there. Darcy could see the control she was holding over herself as the woman's left eye twitched ever so slightly. Darcy lips curled up smugly to the left in response.

“ID.” Monroe ground out through clenched teeth.

Darcy flashed the woman the badge around her neck. Jessica yanked her forward by it as she examined it. Darcy smiled further with a tilt of her head. Be cool . . . you look exactly like the picture . . . She knew she didn't but it was only a small thumbnail photograph, she could get away with it.

“That's not you?” The women said looking up with a raised eye brow . . . she was testing Darcy.

Darcy scoffed incredulously. “Then who is it?” She challenged back.

The women smiled back calmly still holding the identification badge. “ID Number?”

“5432179.” Darcy reiterated the number she had learned off by heart without a stutter.

Jessica let go of the badge. The metal clip holding the laminated card clinked with the crystal under Darcy's shirt and before she new it Jessica's hand was down her shirt pulling the crystal out. She tried fighting back but the women was too strong.

“What the hell are you doing?!” Darcy shouted as she tried pulling the necklace back but didn't pull too hard not wanting to break the delicate chain. She hated this bitch touching something so dear to her heart.

“Just making sure you're not carrying anything lethal.” The women smirked cruelly as she looked across at Darcy. “And what's this?”

“A gift . . .” Darcy murmured mournfully “. . . from . . . my husband.”

Dr. Mackinley was married, she reminded herself.

“He dead?” The women asked with sick smile, knowing the answer was a yes and it pleased her.

“Yes.” Darcy replied through clenched teeth, noticeably gulping trying to hold her anger in check.

She wanted to throttle this bitch!

“And who is this?” Jessica asked as she dropped the crystal and focused her attention on Zenetta now.

“This is my daughter Alice.” Darcy offered sedately as she pressed an extremely frightened looking Zanetta forward with a palm to her back. “I couldn't leave her by herself.”

“You don't look old enough to have a daughter this big.”

“Why thank you, but I'm thirty nine." She lied "Plenty old to have children older then this.”

“It wasn't a complement.” Jessica stated. “And she can't go down in the Facility with you. You should know that Doctor.”

“Fine.” Darcy said with a false smile “You can babysit her then . . . I'll be only ten or twelve hours at the most.”

Darcy ignored the panicked looks Zanetta was throwing her way. She was bluffing . . . would Jessica take the bate . . . it didn't look promising as the women stared between them for a moment.

“Go.” Said the NSA Agent at last.

At first Darcy wasn't sure whether she was telling her to leave the Base altogether or allowing them entrance into the Facility, until Jessica moved aside a mere inch.

Breathing an internal sigh of relief. “Finally!” Darcy said snobbishly with a lift of her chin as she swept past the so called self-proclaimed NSA Agent but not before purposely pushing into the woman's shoulder.

Jessica swung Darcy around by the arm to face her and then there was a gun pointed right in her face.

She wasn't afraid of this bitch. Taking a step forward, a grin tracing her lips. “I dare you.” taunted Darcy “. . . Yes and then you can tell Director Scott - ” Jessica noticeably straightened at the mention of Andrew Scott's name . . . Oh yeah! That was the key . . . “Oh! You know Director Scott?” Darcy asked innocently “Yes, well you can tell him why his best researcher and the women, if I do say so myself, who single-handedly found a permanent cure to the Parasite that is ravaging the world, was shot dead at the hands of a common NSA agent.”

Okay she was totally bullshitting but she had a feeling Jessica Monroe was eating up every piece even as her face gave away the workings of her mind . . . whether to trust Dr. Mackinley's words or not.

“Yes, indeed,” Darcy continued with a smile as she took another step forward and pushed the gun away with a single finger “you can also tell him why my cure which will put the United States at the top of the World's food chain once again, which is the Directors dream is dead, again like I would be at your hands . . . No? I didn't think so.” Darcy said when Jessica gave no response just a cold burning stare that could kill. “Well, we'll be on our way then. So why don't you do your damn job and stay out of my way, got that . . . Monroe?” She finished with a Barbie smile.

Just as she was beginning to turn away, Darcy was swung around my her arm once again. Fuck! But all this twirling was making her nauseous. Face to face with Jessica Monroe a breaths space away, almost breathing the same air, Jessica threatened lowly with a whisper “Just some advice Dr Mackinley,” she said pressing the cold steel of a blade against Darcy throat “you might want to watch that mouth of yours . . . wouldn't want you losing that sharp tongue or something more vital . . . you might want to watch your back to while your at it.”

The grip the woman had on Darcy arm stung badly. These sorts of people thrived on the fear in their preys eyes. Darcy wouldn't give this bitch that satisfaction as she held Jessica's gaze.

“It isn't my back you should be worried about.” Darcy said calmly “It's what the Director's going to do to you . . .” when he find's out that I slipped through your fingers so easily “that's what you should be worried about.” Darcy finished with an equally cold smile.

The tension between the two women was so very palpable in the air and could be cut with a knife as they shoved away from each other viciously.

“Say hello to Director Scott from me,” Darcy said calmly as she straightened her white button up office shirt and adjusted the pencil skirt. “I'll be emailing him very soon with my findings . . do let him know.” She said over her shoulder as she walked towards the door, a smug smile tracing her ruby lips.

She held her breathed, feeling the eyes of Jessica Monroe bore into her back like fiery daggers as she swiped the bar-coded edge of the ID Badge in the small machine on the wall next to the secure heavy metallic door.

The light on the machine flashed green as a computerized female voice echoed. “Access Granted . . . Welcome, Dr. Alison Mackinley

Yes! . . . Yes! Yes! Yes! Darcy shouted in her brain as the metallic door slid aside and closed behind her and Zanetta.

The threat of Jessica Monroe also dissipated as the Solider had kindly informed Darcy earlier in the Convoy that no one in the base except the Scientist had any means of access into the underground Facility.

Breathing an audible sigh of relief. Darcy grinned as she looked over at Zanetta . . . “Told you it would be a piece of cake.”

((OOC: Jessica Monroe is an alias for Priestess, I can't seem to tag her in the post for some reason.))

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Zanetta sighed with Darcy then smiled back then looked back at the metal door. ''I'm just glad I got away from those....pigs and that woman was no better. I swear I saw her checking you out. People can be so....tested sexually in these times I see.'' She then walked foward then stopped, fiddling with her hair. ''I-I just want to say thankyou...for getting me when you did and also...sorry for the outburst. I-I just...'' She stopped taking a breath then turned to Carcy with a cheeky smile.

Though, it was still obvious she was out of it but none the less, tried to be some use. ''So, you coming? And about being in or out. I am in. I am good with machines, I am good at upgrading things too.'' She then walked to the ID scanner on the wall and smirked. ''Infact this isn't as high quality as you would think. I could wire this baby up so only your Id could open and close this door and ones onward keeping people in and out from this place. And if there is a computer here I could hack my way into there core information and drag it out from under there noses, obviously leaving a identically copy of course. Even make sure your ID will be accepted in other bases just like this one.'' She then rested her arms on the back of her head looking confident in her abilties, even smug about it.

''Not exactly legal buut legality is no concern of mine.'' She said letting out a giggle at the end then continued with a serious, even hateful look on her face. ''Infact..'' She paused touching the scanner with her index finger then stroking it downwards. ''I never took the law seriously.'' She then turned to Darcy with hands at the back of her and a happy smile on her face long waited to be seen again. ''So, tell me. What would you like me to do.''

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"Mac & Cheese? Sounds good to me." Matthew jumped up off the couch and walked off to where the man had left off to. The kitchen. "Hey, do you have any weapons with you? I know how to use them. Trust me. Just because I'm a kid doesn't mean I'm useless. I saw that look in your eye. Your planning on leaving us. And, with the things I have been through, I am not going back out there. You could kill me before then." Matthew realized the Kraft was ready. He then began to rub where his fingernail USED to be. "Oh and, me and Leo over there, we are definitely NOT brothers, OK? My name's Matthew. Nice to meet ya."

Radio and his group drove down the road in their armored jeeps. A runner began to run towards them, and screeched as it's body bursted upon impact into of the lead jeep. They were leaving this horrid town finally. Radio jumped in the back where the thing was held up in chains. "Hello, there sweetheart." He than began to stroke it's head. It stayed calm. But the really weird part about this scene, was that there were two arms sticking out of the creatures back.

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"Hey, do you have any weapons with you? I know how to use them. Trust me. Just because I'm a kid doesn't mean I'm useless."
Person#2 said as he walked up to Alex.
Alex shook his head, "Only a gun, and you're not going to be the one using it." He replied flatly, turning off the stove.
"I saw that look in your eye. Your planning on leaving us. And, with the things I have been through, I am not going back out there. You could kill me before then." Person#2 continued as if he had ignored what Alex had said.
"Of course," Alex nodded to the part about him leaving them, then he opened one of the cabinets and took two bowls out.
"None of us want to go back out there, its dangerous and if anything its a runner up to being as bad as hell, there's even worse people in this world now then there was before, and to top it off there's monsters ready to rip your head off the first chance they get. And as much as i'd love to at the moment, I don't kill people, sorry." He said emotionlessly, scooping the Kraft Dinner into the two bowls then took two forks out of a drawer.
"And, me and Leo over there, we are definitely NOT brothers, OK? My name's Matthew. Nice to meet ya."

Alex regretted bringing Matthew and Leo with him, main reason number one is because Alex could tell that it'd be hard to get rid of them now, main reason number two is because Matthew was a chatterbox and Leo had a bad temper, if Alex couldn't leave the two, then he figured that he might consider breaking his no killing human beings rule.
However, simply shooting them in the arm or leg or something to get them to shut up was a possibility.
"Well, Matthew, im Alex. Here you go." Alex said, passing the bowl of Kraft Dinner to the kid.
Alex picked up the second bowl and walked back into the living room to give it to Leo, when that was done he sat in an armchair and glared at the two kids.
He had no idea what he was supposed to do with them now, he had never been a good babysitter.

After a few minutes of him not talking, Alex figured out what he would say.
"Listen, Matthew, Leo," He growled as he pointed at the two, but got their names mixed up and ended up calling Matthew Leo, and Leo Matthew.
They weren't too happy about that.
"Im planning to leave town and go to one of the cities with my friend Aarti, you two aren't part of that plan, got it?"
Alex stopped, he was going to kick them out, say that he was sure that they'd find some other group of people to join, but there was no guarantee that that would happen.
Matthew had told him that he didn't want to go back out there, and Leo looked as if he would of agreed if he'd been in the kitchen at the time.
For some reason, Alex actually felt bad for them.
"... But, I guess I can make a few changes to the original plan... if you two want, you can tag along with us."
For Alex that had been incredibly hard to say.
I can't believe im letting two kids come with me and Aarti to the city.

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So tell me . . . What would you like me to do?

Darcy stared a moment at the smirking girl . . . Holy Hell! Zanetta! New Zanetta! Darcy liked the new Zanetta.

“Why don't we start with making sure that only my card can access this thing . . . and then we can test your other abilities and you can do everything else on that list of yours!”

The girl grinned at her. “No problem.” She said and went to work on the device by the metallic door.

Damn! But she made it look easy. Darcy had never been more glad about saving someone.

“Done!” Zanetta chimed as she turned around.

“Wow! That it?” Darcy asked incredulously.

“Yep!” Zanetta smirked back.

Darcy wished there was some way they could test it . . . but she would take Zanetta's word for it. Well, she'd have to, they didn't have another access card. Oh well!

“You know Etta,” Darcy said with a genuine smile as she looped her arm through Zanetta's and the two women strolled down the long boxed in metallic chamber leading down to the next secure door in the distance “I think we're going to be fast friends.”

And Darcy meant it. Her friendship was not won over lightly. However Zanetta was growing on her and the girl was proving herself worthy of Darcy's true friendship . . . not her usual array of sycophantic minions but a real friend.

“And about the illegal stuff . . . believe me I have absolutely no problem with that . . . Heck! How much more illegal can it get?! We just broke into a secure military facility! In fact I think we should be proud of ourselves.” Darcy finished patting Zanetta on the back playfully.

Their laughter echoed through the baron hallway as they walked arm in arm further down into the underground facility.

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Zanetta laughed at Darcy's wildness then her eyebrow raised playfully. ''Etta eh?'' She shrugged pretty satisifed with the nickname and they continued onward. Though tech was her thing this place amazed her, not to how high tech it was but how clumsy the design maps were! It was laughable, this place for her was like opening a jar of pickles! Easy!

She then looked at Darcy. ''So, this place. What is in here?'' She asked curiously. ''I just seems like you've been here before but I was not with you...'' He said lightly. ''Or you just love breaking into places.'' She laughed with a snort and she hicups from embrassment and gave Darcy a light grin and shrug.

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It had been a good few hours since Jakob had to enter the facility. The entrance under the hospital was secured, not just by the locking mechanisms on the blast door, but also by the horde of infected still standing around in the basement. He had managed to meet up with the rest of the Wolf-Pack, who were already in the process of setting up a full memory wipe of the facility's computer mainframe, thirty minutes before reaching the security room.

Approaching Red, who was occupied at watching the security monitors, each connected to both Buckley AFB's security grid and that of the hospital, Jakob removed the sniper rifle and leaned it against the side of the desk.

"Any news on the security feed, sir?"

Red swiftly glanced back at him before returning his attention to the monitors.

"Well, we do have a group of two entering from the base entrance. That entrance doesn't lead to the storage bunker that we've already cleared out, except through an access tunnel on 2-B. Two and Four are already there to close that tunnel off."

Jakob had acknowledged what he had said with a nod, before Red pulled out and placed a small metallic briefcase onto the desk beside him.

"Change of plans. This was what we were ordered to retrieve. This is called the X-5 serum. It's designed to slow down the cellular mutations from being infected," Red continued as he opened up the case, revealing five vials of a bright green serum and a small hard drive. "The reason why I'm passing this to you, is because I don't have much time before I turn. One of those damn walkers bit right through the suit's glove. Before we began wiping the mainframe, I had the files copied to this hard drive. There should be an operative that goes under the name of Priestess in Buckley. You are to hand over the case to this operative."

Grabbing the small case and securing it to his backside, Jakob was already out of the door, on his way to the access tunnel before the other two remaining squad mates seal it off.

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"Wait, which city are you actually talking about?" Matthew looked at Alex. "Because, wherever your wanting to go, I think I have a better idea." Matthew grinned. He pulled out the one thing the hooded man hadn't taken from him. A map of Atlanta. "So, while I was back in Atlanta, i'm pretty sure I heard that the CDC was working on a cure. So if we go there, we'll have no worries about being bitten, or getting sick. Only one problem." Matthew picked a pen up off the table. "There are runners, here." Matthew made a huge circle around the entire map.

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(Wow, soooo long after my first post but here we go!)
Olive was dazed as she walked out onto the streets, leaving her mothers house behind. She didn't look back but kept her eyes firmly planted on the cement ground in front of her. Part of her just wanted to collapse right in the middle of this road and just sob. She bit her lip to try and resist, drew in a deep shaky breath, but she couldn't keep a small cry from coming out. However, her eyes produced no tears. She figured it must be due to how dehydrated she was. She seriously needed to find some water soon. As she stared at the ground, she saw that the snow was beginning to fall heavier and heavier, and the ground was starting to pile up with the white flakes. Olive stopped walking for a moment and looked down at the snow. It was fresh, only having just fell, so she reached down with her hands and scooped up some snow and licked it up, feeling much relief as it melted into a cool liquid and went down her throat. She reached down for some more, when suddenly a noise stopped her in her tracks. It sounded hauntingly familiar to the growls she had heard not long ago as she was slowly creeping down the hallway in her mothers house. Quickly reaching back for her gun and then whipping around, Olive saw that indeed one of the monsters was behind her. Biting down hard on her lip she held up her gun in front of her and squeezed the trigger, not surprised when she missed the first time. Her fear began to grow, this zombie seemed to be quite fast and was advancing rapidly towards her, and who was she kidding? She didn't know how to shoot a target, and if she ever managed to, it was pure luck. What if she didn't get lucky this time? Heart beginning to hammer, she pulled the trigger again and the bullet missed and instead shattered the window of a nearby house. The noise of breaking glass seemed to unnerve the zombie and it began to pick up it's pace even more. Feeling terror surging through her bones, Olive abandoned her attempts to shoot it down, turned around, and bolted.
(I know this post seems so incomplete but another persons character will be stepping in, so that's why :p)

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James had just enough of this. He spent the last half an hour driving around and around the city debating with himself. Should he leave should he stay, should he leave or should he stay? He just could not make up his mind. As James was patrolling the suburbs he began to think of his home, Highgate. He still had trouble facing that it was destroyed and he had rumors; bad rumors. The government was testing some new bomb, some new weapon and they chose him home as a target. No matter what was happening you do not attack innocent people on home soil, that was a disgusting move in James' view. Over the last couple months James thought a lot over this specific event and it angered him the same every time.

It was in this anger, this anger that distracted him, that almost killed him. He rounded a corner and as he did a loud bang entered the air, followed by a PING. A small spark flashed and James snapped back into focus. The car began to swerve in the snow and as James took control he noticed two figures down range. James' eyes widened as he narrowed his vision on the figures. One was a female; leading, the other was an infected by the looks of it. Wasn't this place a safe zone? How could there be one here? Someone must have died recently from the infection and turned over. However this was no time for guessing games, James stopped the car from sliding into a home and regained control, then he drove faster to pull ahead of the runners.

His truck was speeding down the street and when James saw that he was ahead he slammed on the brake and turned the wheel, sending the car in a swerve right in front of the woman, with the window rolled down James looked at the frightened girl and yelled "GET DOWN". In a flight of fear he watched as the women reacted and [If Olive accepts to duck] pulled the trigger. The zombie dropped almost immediately leaving a pool of dark red snow.

"Get in there is no time the police will be coming to check out the noise, I have a feeling they won't like a couple of citizens running around with guns." James of course did not have any proof to back up his statement but hoped it would be enough to help the girl. He could give her a ride to where she was going, maybe he could even ask her questions about Denver.

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Leo's eyes narrowed at the sight of the map, where had Matthew gotten that?
"So, while I was back in Atlanta, i'm pretty sure I heard that the CDC was working on a cure. So if we go there, we'll have no worries about being bitten, or getting sick. Only one problem... There are runners, here." Matthew said, circling the entire map.
Leo's curiousity grew, How does he know all of that? He thought, wondering if Natalie or Jin had mentioned it before and Leo hadnt been listening at the time, or if Matthew had heard about it some other way while he was on an odd adventure of his...
Thats probably it... it sounded like something that would happen to Matthew

"How are we going to get to Atlanta?" Leo asked, looking up from the map and at Matthew, "We dont have a car," He said, then his eyes flickered to the other blonde haired guy, "Do we?"

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(OCC: Since nobody has made a move I'm going to continue the story arc with Richard)

The new group consisting of the dark tooth fairy, Lilith, Leon and the mutt was walking down a cold and unforgiving street. He really didn't think of Jake as a mutt but old habits die hard. As they approached a patrol of soldiers Richard gave a hand sign for all of his comrades to get low so they weren't spotted.

"Big bad secret agent is scared of a few guards?" Leon joked with a grin. Richard just threw him the bird as he continued to observe the men as they disappeared behind a large brick building.

"Okay let's move." Richard whispered and the group took off like lightning, running with soft foot steps past the guards and into an alley. Surprisingly it was even more bitter cold in the alley out of any breeze than it was anywhere else they had been while on foot.

"So tell me again please" the new guys accent quietly spoke in the darkness of the alley "Why are you guys going to this base anyway?"

"Our friend here is hurt...bit. This place has something to help her, if you are too afraid you can all wait here for me." Richard said with the up most seriousness

"Scared?" Lilith grinned "You think I'd be scared after everything you have put us through?" Richard smiled as Jake began to growl towards the opening of the alley. Richard took the initiative and hit the dog on it's head

"Shut up will you?" Richard growled at the animal and Lilith shot him an ugly glare. That's when he heard it, a light moaning in the distance. He looked up and saw a group of infected making their way towards them, "Oh shit! Run! The entrance to the tunnels isn't far now!" Richard said as he got up and fired a few rounds into the infected. Screams filled the air as guards were ambushed by these monstrosities, and Richard ran for his life right behind his friends, firing into the ever growing horde.

*********Buckley AFB************

"Who the hell were they ma'am?" a voice called from behind Priestess, she turned to see Scorcher and the Captain walking towards her.

"Claims to be a doctor" she said back coldly

"Claims ma'am?" Scorcher asked as him and his captain stopped a few feet from the agent

"" she repeated as if she were talking to a complete moron "I want you to go in and follow them, just say it's for security reasons. If she refuses...arrest her and we will have some words." the S.E.A.Ls saluted

"Aye-aye." they both said in perfect unison as they ran for the door where the women had just entered. Whoever that woman was she gave Priestess a bad feeling, if she turned out to be who she was then great...but if she wasn't it could be that bastard they were looking for. Priestess took out her phone and hit three, she went through the whole process of getting a line too the director and waited for an answer......

***UN Headquarters, New York City, New York***

A team of paramedics rolled a body out of the building on a stretcher, the white sheets covering the body indicated it was a dead man. "What happened!" a delegate from Britain asked a security officer who stood with his M4 assault rifle and a blue beret

"At this time all we can say is that the Secretary-General had somehow been infected." Director Scott smiled to himself, so those pills really do work

"Infected!" the delegate exclaimed with panic

"Sir just calm down!" the guard ordered

"Calm down! You can't expect-

The argument ensued and Scott turned around and retrieved his phone from his pocket and dialed a number. The phone rang for a few moments before a male voice answered

"Hello?" the man said into the phone

"Get down to the UN building right now." Scott said with blank emotion

"What? Why?" the man on the other line said

"Well after our little romantic meeting by the water I decided to take matters into my own hands, now get down here." Scott hung up and his phone rang almost immediately with the number from Priestess. He pressed ignore "Sorry doll, I have other matters to attend too."

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Zanetta then turned her head to the metallic door, she heard foot steps, running foot steps. She then turned to Darcy.

''Uhh.....what do we do? What to we do!?'' She started to panic again then she breathed in and out on the spot with her head down. Then she kicked the ground and her face went red, she was embarrassed by her sudden panic. She stood there silent then looked back up at Darcy as she calmed down again and smiled. ''Sorry about that. Shall we get moving before those running foot steps begin banging at the door since and reprogrammed it to only take your ID.'' She grinned momentrily then put her hand out infront of Darcy.

''After you, don't forget to explain why we are here.'' She smiled.

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Alex listened carefully to what Matthew was saying,
no, he didn't know which city he had been planning to go to, he just wanted to leave and figure things out later.
Atlanta wasnt bad, and if there was a possible cure in progress, it sounded like a good idea to go.
But Alex's thoughts shifted when Matthew said there was zombies pretty much everywhere.
Hopefully they'd be able to find some more weapons somewhere.

"How are we going to get to Atlanta?" Leo asked with a doubtful expression, "We don't have a car, do we?"
Alex nodded, "Sure we do," He said, not particulary liking all the 'we's '
It made it sound like they were a team, which Alex disagreed with. He was not a team player.
"I have a truck in the garage, it needs repairs, but it might make it to Atlanta if we're lucky." Alex offered.
He didn't know exactly what was wrong with it, he had never been a car person and Alex hadn't thought that he'd have to drive it again, but know he wished that he did.


Aarti ran as fast as she could in her attempt to get away from the monster/zombie/mutated thing behind her. She had only seen it twice, but that was enough for her to tell that the thing would easily be able to kill her if she stopped running. In her mind, she didn't stand a chance.
"Chase someone else!" Aarti shouted, momentarely wondering if it would be able to understand her. Aarti shook her head, whoever it used to be would of been able to tell what she was saying, but the monster it was now had no clue.
It wanted food, and it wanted food now.
"Nevermind, then." Aarti growled, struggling with one of the backpacks she was carrying. After a few moments of desperately trying not to let the bag fall, she gave up and dropped it only to realize that was the bag of food.
"Damn it!"

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The whole plan had gone to shit as soon as the screaming started. It wasn't just the sound of one scream but the shrieks of many. The beasties started running towards teh car Kale and Tsukiko were in, and passed by in their seemingly blind frenzy. Then more appeared. It screaming seemed to be endless and over in an instant at the same time. Kale moved the car slowly forward until they found themselves a store. It had long been emptied so they mad their way to the gas station. They searched for awhile. each time a stray beast came by Kale casually walked up and bashed its head in with the bat.

They left the town after they stocked up with a few snacks and a full gas tank.

"Well I hope things get a little safer in the big cities if the towns are like these," Kale said with a smile. "Good job working fast, who knows what might have happened had we taken too long." Kale was a bit disappointed but the thought of finding more normal people was enough to quell his hunger, for now anyways.

On the Road

Kale put his foot on the gas as he lights showed a rare vacant road. There were places where the roads were cleared to show travellers where the safe cities were. Not all places had open roads but apparently they were headed to one now. Kale's shoulders twitched with excitement hoping to break necks of those worthy of his hands.

"Could you open the map, Tsukiko and tell me what the next city is?" Kale asked abruptly killing the silence between them.

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Darcy was close to slapping Zanetta out of her panic attack. Lucky for the girl, she pulled herself out of it before Darcy could strike her.

“After you.” Zanetta smiled “Don't forget to explain why we are here.”

They ran down the metallic corridor heels and boots reverberating through the open space, Zanetta resetting every machine through every door they passed only to accept the ID Card Darcy held.

“I think I already told you.” Darcy began as she breathed heavily – She was so unhealthy “But this is the only place they keep the serum that can stop people that have been infected turning into those Zombie things out there.”

“Wait! There's a serum? Why hasn't the Government distributed it to the people?” Zanetta questioned in disbelief.

“Because they're selfish bastard's that don't care about anyone else except themselves!” Darcy spat with enough venom to poison a snake “You can't trust any of the people that work here Zanetta. You're lucky you've been wrapped up in cotton wool until now and have been safe but if you had been out there you would see some of the atrocities they've been committing in the name of law and order. Did you know stealing to feed your staving family is now an offence punishable by execution . . . in the street . . . right in front of everybody.

Zanetta gulped visibly.

“Anyway the serum is in here and I need it for someone who has been infected and I'm not leaving till I get it. You're stuck with me for now.” Darcy added casually as she swiped her card into another machine, the noise from earlier long behind them. It didn't look those guys were going to get in here easily, thank God. “But after we get out of here and we will,” Darcy said to the unsure looking girl “You're free to go your own way if you like . . .” Dare she add thought Darcy . . . but she really liked Zanetta, at least more then anyone else she had met since this whole thing had started . . . Plus the young girl was all by herself . . . “Or you can come with me. I can promise luxury accommodation, a warm shower and plenty of food.”

She smiled genuinely as the final door opened and they stood at top a large platform looking down and across at a huge never ending laboratory facility that carried on for miles.

They had finally arrived . . .

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Zanetta put her finger up with a smile. ''One sec..'' She then bent down her hands on her legs and she panted like a dog without water, then she stretched her back with her arms crossed behind her head then a refreshed sigh came form her lips. ''About time I had excerise! Too buzy with machines!'' She laughed the looked to Darcy, putting her hand on her right shoulder.

''I'm with you to the bitter end if it comes to that. You have don't so much for me and I need to pay you back. Plus, we make a good team no? Plus, I'd like to meet this friend of yours with good news!'' She then clapped her hands then looked back infront her and she blinked. She placed her hands on her chest and took in the sight.

They was many status pods with people...or zombies in it, they were still testing on healthy people even though that had this serum! Some were cryo sleep, frozened for future study as she could tell, others were fully aware though unable to move. Some were even still alive...with some limbs removed then there were the growls and moans from zombies, they looked like rabid dogs as they banged on the unbreakable glass.

She frowned and turned to Darcy. ''Let's just get that serum and get out.'' She then looked at the horrors again. ''I-I don't want to be here longer than we have too.''

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Tsukiko had heard the screaming and rushed to get as much food as she could and then raced back into the car like her usual track star herself. She was a bit nervous in the fact that the Walkers are still around, she heard Kale comment on her working fast, "Well being fast is my... Thing..." she said still nervously as they were exiting the city. She opened the map and looked at it. She was good at reading maps, but she didn't know what town they were in, "where were me?" she asked in a nervous and confused tone, she didn't know and was about to beat herself up about it as she looked at the map. She hated being confused, but this was okay for the most part since she's not from the area. She waited for a response.

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ring ring......ring ring.....ring ring

"What is it Priestess?" Scott asked as he opened his phone. He was safe and secure in the back of his limo that had just picked him up at the UN building. He stroked his hand over the back of the black leather seats and smiled to himself with his newest accomplishment.

"Sir, did you send a Dr. Mackinley to Buckley AFB?"

"What? I didn't send anyone besides you!" Scott hissed

there was silence over the phone for a moment before Priestess's voice game back through the line "Then I believe I have found our little problem sir."

"No shit, I want her taken into custody for questioning." he paused "But just in case....lethal force is authorized, I want this problem dealt with." Scott had cooled himself down so he was once again thinking calm and collected with that emotionless tone of his.

"It will be done sir." Priestess answered back

"Oh it better be." and then he hung up. This little problem better be solved quick, he had too much going his way for some bitch to take him and all he has worked for down into the pit. soon he thought to himself soon the UN will be under my control...then the initiative can really begin....

******Buckley AFB (Priestess)*******

Priestess hung up her phone and immediately hit the button for her to talk over the Navy S.E.A.Ls communication links. "That bitch is the one we are looking for! I want her in custody and brought to me right now!"

"Sorry ma'am" Scorcher's voice sounded over her earpiece "Her and the girl have locked themselves in a room, we can't get access."

Priestess rolled her eyes "Well then blow the motherfucker damn you fucking idiot!" she hissed over the radio

"Yes ma'am." the S.E.A.L.'s voice said with obvious irritation

"You still on over watch Frogger?" she called to the squad sniper through the microphone

"All day, everyday ma'am." Frogger's voice rang through her earpiece

"Good keep it that way, I'm going in." Priestess said as she began to walk towards the doors of the facility, that's when something caught her eye. Moving towards her was what looked to be a man in massive body armor. She instantly pulled her pistol and pointed it at the guy who had a suitcase in hand "Who the fuck are you?" Priestess called out to him as she took aim.

*****Buckley AFB (Scorcher and the Captain)******

"Doctor, just open the door and this can all be over a lot quicker and with a lot less hurt on your end."

There was nothing but silence from the other side "Well fine then. Prime the charges Scorcher." the captain said just loud enough for the women inside to hear.

"Charges!" an almost inaudible voice said from the other side. Though it was hard to make out it sounded young.

"You gonna open up now!?" Scorcher called in as he took a few blocks of C4 from his rucksack. There was some mumbled conversation on the other side but no answer. "Good! I like blowing shit up!" Scorcher called out as he began placing charges on the door.....

****Buckley AFB (Richard)*****

Richard walked alone in the halls of the facility under Buckley. He had left his friends in the storage warehouse where the entrance to the tunnels were. Just in case there were soldiers still in this place he didn't want them to get caught in the crossfire, in a way he felt responsible for the group. Of course there were patrols and infected up there but he felt confident they were safe.

As he continued down the abandoned halls of the facility he began to here slightly muffled talking up ahead of him. Richard slowed his pace as he slowly approached a corner in the hall. Just around it he could here somebody say something about charges and blowing something up. so this place isn't so empty after all. Richard thought as he got close to the corner and was went to look around it. He was expecting to see somebody way down the hall, but instead he was met face to face with a bearded man who looked just as shocked to see Richard as Richard was to see him.

"Contact!" the bearded man screamed as he tried to raise his M4 rifle. Richard acted as quick as lighting, however, and grabbed the rifle before the man could raise it. There was a short burst of gunfire as the man fired the weapon in an attempt to hit Richard with shrapnel from the bullets when they impacted the wall. It was unsuccessful as Richard hit the man with a swift headbutt and sent him stumbling backwards. A second man ran up and tried to put the muzzle of his gun right to Richards head, but he deflected it away before stepping into the man, punching him in the throat as he did. He then grabbed the weapon, which was slung around the soldier, and fired a fully auto burst of 556 rounds into his friend. The rounds tore through the other man like paper and turned him into a bleeding heap on the ground. Richard then unstrapped the sling of the rifle and tossed it too the floor. It wasn't over, however, as the man deflected a right hook Richard sent at him and sucker punched him right in the stomach. Before Richard knew it the man had drawn his pistol and was about to put a bullet right in the top of his head.

Richard moved just in time for the bullet to miss and give him only a graze on his shoulder. He then grabbed the pistol, kicked the man's shins and pushed the pistol in towards the man's face so that the butt of the handgun slammed into his nose. Richard then simply pull the pistol from the man's hands as he fell against the wall. Flipping it around he stuck the barrel to the man's head who screamed "No! No! Stop!" BANG! the bullet blew the back of the man's head out onto the wall, and he slid down it and hit the ground like a ton of bricks. Richard starred at the mixture of red and pink that was running slowly down the walls like some freaky organic paint before noticing he was standing in a pool of blood from the man he had shot with the rifle. Good thing he had left his duffel bag with his friends or he would have never been able to move fast enough to save his own life.

Richard stepped out of the pool of blood and looked down the hall from where the men had come from and saw that there was a door covered in C4. I wonder why they were going to blow that door down. Richard thought to himself as he walked over to the door ans began throwing the C4 that was tapped to it too the ground. guess there is only one way to find out. he thought as he took a key card from his back pocket and moved to scan it in the door....

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Zanetta turned to the door that slowly began to open to a man and she gulped then she looked at his feet, the were footprints of blood and she then went to pull off a pipe from the wall but turned to the status pods and stopped and then hid behind Darcy and rapidly pointed to Richard then spoke. ''I didn't expect someone with a high athority ID, I'm sorry Darcy.'' She then peeked to the side of Darcy, then hid again. ''He has bloody footprints trailing behind him! I think he killed those people!''

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Leo smiled when he heard about the truck needing repairs, he wasnt entirely sure why, maybe it was because he could actually be useful for once?
And then Leo's smile faded when he realized that he had never made repairs to a car before, heck, he barley knew how to drive one, what made him think that he was suddenly some sort of mechanic?
Still, it was worth a shot.
But just as Leo opened his mouth to speak, and then shut it as he also realized just how stupid that idea was.
What were the chances of the blonde haired guy having what Leo needed in order to fix the truck?
I dont even know what I need. He thought, shaking his head slightly.

Leo replaced his original question for a better one,
"So, uh, where is this friend of yours?"

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Barnaby and Natalie had decided to rest for a bit inside after their long hike along the active roadways and having to slip by zombies. So currently Barnaby had climbed his way up to the second story of a building next to the bookstore, watching out into the town with his binoculars. He had already checked the building to make sure it was secure before he went about his reconnaissance, also making sure to stay out of direct light, so as not to cast a glare with the binoculars as he scanned the town to check for possible routes and enemies. It was pretty damn quiet though, excluding the zeds that were roaming about in their mindless shuffles. They had seemed to forget about Barnaby and Natalie, as none of them seemed to be trying to get their way into the bookstore. Barnaby stopped his scanning when he spotted very quick movement amongst the buildings, what looked like someone trying to stay out of sight. Watching the spot, he kept scanning around for a bit more before he saw a red haired woman along with a mid-sized dog dart from behind a building, trying to avoid getting caught by any of the zombies.

"Now what do we have here?" He said as he watched her. "Someone who isn't dead, that's a good start." He watched her movements still, remembering what Natalie had said about her leads. Red-haired woman and a dog, which was a vague description but right now this person was the best answer to it. He was bored sitting around anyways, so stuffing the binoculars away, he gathered up his rucksack and placed Pippy back on his belt hook. With the Winchester slung on his back he worked his way back down to the bookstore where Natalie had stayed to rest. Quickly heading inside, he found Natalie still resting between the bookshelves and out of sight of the front window. "Hey Natalie, going to be running out quickly to go meet up with some red-head, dog-toting woman be back in a few!" He didn't even wait for a response before he quickly ran out of the building and off in the direction of the woman he had seen.

Barnaby choose to stick to stealth for now, as there were still a lot of zeds roaming about and he would rather avoid a fight against this many. He would not last long if he got stuck in one with all of them. As he wound his way between alleys, Winchester in hand and at the ready, Barnaby cursed himself for not really making sure he knew where he was going. He stopped as he glanced around the particular alley he was in, grinning though when he found a fire escape he could use to climb up. Slinging the rifle on his back again, he quickly began climbing his way up the fire escape, using it's railing to boost himself up to the roof edge so he could climb up there. Once on the roof, he began to scan the surrounding area, hoping to try and spot the woman again, and with luck he saw her hiding out in a small alley away from the main congestion of zombies. "Got ya." he whispered to himself before he quickly started moving across the rooftops towards the particular alley he saw her in. Once he finally made it to the correct rooftop, he then peeked back down into the alleyway she was located within, and noticed that the girl and her dog were both covered in some blood, probably having been caught up in a fight of some sort. Goodie, least it meant he wouldn't be picking up a liability. Whistling softly to grab her attention, he smiled while he spoke. "I have to say, I'm getting lucky when it comes to running into people not trying to eat me. You'd be surprised how much a rarity it seems to be for me as of late."

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"So, were basically screwed now then aren't we? We have one measly pistol, a broken down truck, and a missing member of the group," Matthew did a quotation signal around the word group. "Versus one million zombies? Our odds aren't very good." Matthew frowned. "But, we could split up. If you know where any guns are."

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Back to the door, Darcy had heard nothing of the commotion going on outside on the other side of the metallic doors as she stepped closer to the railing and looked down at the horrifying scene before her eyes. The knuckles of the one hand holding tight on the railing turning visibly ashen.

People and Zombies alike in huge pods . . . some of them were even awake and looked completely aware of everything that they were being subjected too. It made her so angry. If there was some way she could let them all out . . . She would. Darcy was determined to let them out.

But first, it was a huge maze . . . how was she ever going to find a few small vials containing the serum down there?

Darcy's thought process was interrupted when an panicked Zanetta came between her and the railing. Oh dear God! Zanetta was really heading in the direction of getting a good smack to snap her out of all this hyperactive panicking; it was making Darcy dizzy.

''I didn't expect someone with a high authority ID, I'm sorry Darcy.'' Zanetta said fearfully as she peaked out behind Darcy.

What the hell?! Darcy thought with no idea what the heck Zanetta was talking about.

''He has bloody footprints trailing behind him! I think he killed those people!'' Zanetta added pointing behind Darcy.

Finally grasping what Zanetta was going on about, Darcy whipped around at attention, gun pointed out in front at the ready, to the tall dark blurry figure.

“Don't fucking move . . .” the words died on her lips.

Her heart began to race triple time, breath coming out in sharp shallow gasps as her hands shook violently and the gun drop to the ground with a large ringing clatter. Both hands came to cover her mouth. Was she dreaming? . . . Was she loosing her mind?

She took a hesitant step forward and then another.

Oh my God . . .

The whisper barely left her lips as Richard grabbed her by the arm and pulled her against him.

“Darcy, baby . . .” He said like he could barely believe it himself that she stood right before him in the flesh, one arm wrapped around her waist while the other hand sifted through her pony tailed locks.

Tears of joy streamed down her cheeks as she looked up into Richards deep brown eyes and stroked the back of her palm against his scarred cheek . . . It was real. She could not believe he was here . . . that he was alive . . . the love of her life.

“Richard . . ?” She whispered still in disbelief and then suddenly Richard pulled her head forward, fingers still entwined in her long brown hair and his lips crushed hers.

It was everything and more she had dreamed of since leaving Highgate. He filled her every sense . . . so desperately a part of every fibre of her being . . . and he was here . . . and all hers.

Richard placed his hands on her rear and lifted her up without breaking their sweet and so very necessary embrace. Darcy's skirt road up as she wrapped her long legs around his waist and Richard pinned her against the metallic doors.

Darcy gasped in surprise and Richard took advantage as he pressed up against her and kissed her harder. Imprinting himself on her sense. He tasted sweet like honey, yet at the same time with an earthy manly overtone and all Richard.

She had missed him so very much, his kisses, his dark sense of humor, the way he called her your highness, the way he loved and cared for her . . . she had missed every part of him. So very necessary for her to be whole.

His hand slid up her bare thigh as they finally came up for air, panting heavily. Darcy wrapped her arms around his neck, still pinned against Richard and the doors. She kissed the side of his rough stubbled jaw and down his neck and back up again . . . finally opening her mesmerizing grey eyes, leaning her forehead against Richards, looking deep in his eyes, Darcy smiled wickedly and whispered against his lips . . .

Hey there, Stranger.”

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Zanetta took there, her mouth gaping like a bird's nest and her eye twitched. She watched as they loved up, they might as well had made love on the floor infront of her then she frowned and stormed behind Richard and tapped him on the shoulder. ''And who are you? As you can tell, I'm abit out of the loop here.'' She said in a witty way then crossed her arms.

She looked at Darcy then back to Richard. ''You two are rather...close.'' She pointed out then she turned around and went back to the railing and looked down. She sighed as she looked at the poor souls in the status pods.

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"And who are you? As you can tell, I'm a bit out of the loop here." a girl said as tapped him on the shoulder

Richard turned to her as he put Darcy back on the ground "My name is Richard." he said "And you are?"

"Zanetta." she said as she crossed her arms "You two are rather...close" she said as she turned around and walked over too a railing. Richard chuckled at the girl before turning back to the woman he loved.

"I thought....maybe you were dead." Richard said as he put his hand on Darcy's cheek and ran it up through her hair. Darcy smiled and put a hand on Richard's, a tear on the edge of her eye.

"I thought you were dead too." she said in a shivering voice like she was still reluctant to believe that Richard was right in front of her. Darcy got in close once more and gave Richard a long kiss on the lips before once again backing way to look into his eyes.

"What are you doing here?" Richard asked, unable to imagine why in the world Darcy would be in Colorado, and in this facility none the less.

"I'm..." she paused for a second and looked to the floor "Looking for some of the serum." Richard's heart skipped a beat when he heard this. He grabbed hold of Darcy's arms and looked her straight in the eyes

"You aren't bit are you?" Richard asked with worry flooding his voice

"No...not me, my mother." she responded. Richard gave a sigh of relief and put a hand over his heart where he could still feel the thumps of his heart from the scare that the woman had given him.

"I'm sorry to hear that Darcy." Richard said as he pulled her close in and hugged her

"Why are you here?" she asked as she rested her head on Richard's chest

"I'm here for some serum for Lilith."

"Lilith! Is she okay?" Darcy asked with concern

"Yes she is fine, but we can talk more about this later, for now we need to find some of the serum and get out of here. I doubt these guys were alone and I don't want to get caught in a huge firefight down here with you and your new friend." Richard turned and saw that the new girl was looking at the pods containing various test subjects. Most of the infected beings int the pods were horribly mutated, well maybe mutated wasn't the right word for it. Richard had known for a long time that the parasite was evolving at an alarming rate. It was going through evolutionary changes in months what would take any other creature thousands of years to do. The results were things exactly like what were in these pods. Tongues that had been turned into deadly weapons, bones that were growing out of the hosts bodies to act like massive blades or blunt weapons. The way that this parasite could change the hosts body was...horrifying. But what was Richard to expect? This whole program was born out of an attempt to mutate people...change them to the governments will.

"What were they doing here?" Zanetta asked to no one in particular as she stared at the pods

"Experiments...they began using this place too study the mutation of infected people over time. Before that it was being used to test a parasite the government had created."

Zanetta looked at Richard with a crooked stare "A-a parasite?" she echoed

"Yes, a parasite that started all of this. I can explain more later, but for now we have to find where they were keeping the serum samples. Darcy, did you two see anyone else beside those men here?"

Darcy stood in front of him "Yes, there was a women up on the ground who said her name was Jessica something." Darcy paused and looked Richard in the eyes "She said she was from the NSA."

damn Richard thought to himself "Well, we both know that probably isn't true. I don't know how you got passed her but judging by how these guys wanted to get too you so bad they were going to blow the door down she is after you. We need to find the samples quick and get out of here before she comes down to say hello."

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“It wasn't easy, believe me. She was a real bitch.” Darcy said with a grin “But this helped.” She said pointing to her fake ID.

Richard lifted the Identification Badge to inspect it.

Dr. Mackinley?” He questioned with a lift of an eyebrow and a smirk lining his handsome features.

“What?” Darcy asked coyly “You don't think I'm smart enough to be a Doctor?”

“Of course you are.” Richard replied pacifying, placing a kiss on the side of her forehead.

Darcy looked up at him through narrow eyes with a ruby red pout.

“Come on.” Richard's throaty laugh filled the air as he placed an arm around her waist and they headed towards the stairs. “Let's get going, Zanetta get the gun and out in front.”

Darcy place a hand over where Richard held her by the waist as Zanetta led the way down the stairs. She loved the way he took charge. She couldn't stop grinning.

Richard was alive! She wouldn't let him go ever again. Her heart began to race again as he looked down at her and flashed her that devastating smile. She couldn't wait to get him alone . . . somewhere more comfortable and . . . private.

But they'd have to get the Serum and find another way out of here first. Darcy thought back to that Jessica woman. Richard had said that they were getting ready to blow the doors off and that woman must have been after her. He could not know how right he was . . . And she would not tell him either . . . at least not yet.

She just knew Richard would be furious if he found out what she had been up to and he had a right lethal temper. But she did not regret it and would not take it back or stop. It was a real miracle that she and Richard happened to find each other again . . . Fate . . . But what about all those people and Soldiers on those Hard Drives and their families? The world needed to know the truth and she would give it to them and Director Scott on a Silver Platter.

No, she couldn't tell Richard about her little online forays . . . at least not now . . . but suddenly telling Richard about her little side project seemed so unimportant . . . She had bigger news to tell him. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach and a blush spread across her cheeks. How was she going to tell him that?

It wasn't something she wanted to think about right now. It was very complicated. Instead she thought about the so called NSA Agent. That wasn't any better to think about.

NSA my ass! There was no way that woman was NSA and Darcy did not want to have to run into her again. She gave Darcy an uneasy feeling . . . which wasn't easy to do, but she had seen something in that woman's eyes . . . she could only describe it as a lack of a soul.

Darcy shivered visibly. Richards arm came around her tight.

“Hey, you okay babe?” He asked concern lacing his voice and creasing his features.

“I-I'm fine.” Darcy lied as she smiled up at him and kissed on the cheek “Just a little cold, that's all. Don't worry about it . . . You know your face is covered in red.” Her honeyed laughter lilted through the air.

"Is it blood?" Richard asked as he wiped the side of his face.

"No," Darcy laughed more watching him attempt to remove the stain "It's lipstick and it's here." Darcy pointed placing a finger to his lips.

Richard grinned and then bit her finger playfully.

"Ouch!" Darcy playfully smirked back as she pulled her finger away.

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Zanetta started to pace back and forth, tapping her chin then she turned to Richard and Darcy. ''W-we need to shut this place down before we leave with the serum! These creatures used to be human and I am sure I wouldn't want to be shoved in there.'' She then rested her elbows on a pod, she knew it would break so she just rested on it. Looking down to the still human test subjects that were cryonicaly frozen around her.

''I wouldn't want to wake up in a pod like those innocent people could.'' Sadness ran through her words and she hugged herself. ''I'd rather die.''

She was silent for a moment then she turned to them both again. ''I-I'm a mechanic....and hacker. If you get me close to a computer in this area that is only used within this part of the facility then I could do that after identifying know what I mean! Then mabye this will slow them down to what ever they are planning.'' She said in confidence and a cheeky youthful smile.

She was rather young to be able to be so technologically advanced but it was her hobby and she learned to live on what she had and survive. Though she was easily paniced she was very talented.

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Darcy's beautiful eyes looked into Richards, that amazing smile of hers across her face as she lied "I-I'm fine...just a little cold, that's all. Don't worry about it." Either she was really bad at lying or he was to good at his job for his own good. Richard frowned as he looked on at Darcy who kept smiling, trying her hardest to make the lie seem legitimate.

"W-we need to shut this pace down before we leave with the serum! These creatures used to be human and I am sure I wouldn't want to be shoved in there." Zanetta started panicking as she started pacing back and forth. The girl kept rambling on for a while before Richard decided to interjected

"Look Zanetta right?" Richard said and the girl nodded "As much as it might seem that these things are people...they are not. The person is gone, all that is left is the parasite. Whoever these people were when they weren't infected is dead, gone, no longer existent. The government may have started this...but the work they are doing here may one day save us." Zanetta looked at Richard with an awkward glare "Besides, pissing the government off is too dangerous. I can't let you go off and put yourself." Richard paused and kissed Darcy on the side of her head "or Darcy in danger."

He was already afraid that the CIA would be after Darcy since he went AWOL.! She couldn't be could she? Was Darcy already being hunted? Is that was wrong with her? Was that why that woman was after her? How did she get an ID of a doctor working in the program? Richard stopped in his tracks and looked at Darcy with worry across his face.

"What is wrong?" Darcy asked

Richard shook his head "Nothing...let's keep moving."

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Richard was smart and sharp, he would put two and two together, sooner or later and figure it all out . . . Darcy preferred later . . . and she should be able to keep it from him unless that bitch showed up and blew the lid off on all her plans.

She had to physically restrain herself from cringing when Richard mentioned not wanting to mess with the Government. She had a strong feeling he wasn't fooled but he had said nothing when she'd asked what was wrong.

Zanetta was being her usual self and panicking every time she came across something that freaked her out . . . Darcy wondered whether she had picked up a mad woman. But the girl had her uses as she had stated and proven.

They walked slowly and cautiously through the endless rows of pods . . . passing the infected . . . Darcy remember back to that horrifying video she had watched of Richard and James Hill being injected . . . She had so many questions . . . Was he infected? . . . If he was injected with the virus . . . why wasn't he a zombie right? . . . But she wouldn't ask him here in front of Zanetta.

They had a lot to talk about but this wasn't the time or place, she clasped the hand Richard rested on her waist tighter.

“Where are we heading? . . . Do you know where they keep the serum?” She asked Richard.

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Zanetta looked around, besides her temperary panic she would quickly recover. She was looking around the place, though she had never seen the place she was obsessed with technology and she had a fair idea where to go. ''If I were a serum...where would I be?'' She repeated as she then went to a computer next to a pod with a zombie in it bang and growling at her, she would occasionally jump but she knew she could do this and it couldn't get out.

She was typing in the computer rapidly and humming away like hacking into it was a breeze she then got in and clapped her hands together, her tougue poking out abit as she concentrated. She then smiled. ''Ohh!! Hey!!'' She then pressed enter and a part of the floor popped up, with the serum frozen and she pointed to it with a smirk. ''Found it..'' She then shrugged.

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Darcy rushed to the podium that came out of the ground. A number of different colored vials stood in a test tube stand.

No!” She whispered furiously “The paperwork said X-5 Serum.”

But the section labelled X-5 was completely empty.

However, there was an X-1, X-3, X-9 and X-12 vials fully loaded, they would have to do . . . for now . . .

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Richard slowly walked over to the serum podium and took a careful look at it. Studying it carefully he noticed that X-5 was gone. Interesting he thought to himself maybe they are on to something after all.

"X-1, 3, and 9 will either kill you or speed up the progression of the parasite. Take only the X-12 vials and let's get moving." He then looked to the girl with a polite smile "Good job kid."

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Darcy grabbed the X-12 vials. She hoped to God they would work.

No matter what kind of a terrible parent her mother had been . . . she was still her mom. She couldn't just let her die like the rest of her family.

"Which way's out?" Darcy asked turning to Richard.

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Alex gave a cold smile,
"If I knew where any more weapons were, Matthew, don't you think i'd have them with me?" He asked, the tone of his voice signaling that he thought that should of been obvious.
Alex didn't include that even if he did know where any guns were, he wouldn't of revealed their location.
Too bad for him, though, he honestly didn't know where any were.
"Besides, all of us survived this long... getting to Atlanta should be a cake-walk!" Alex cheered, however he failed to sound enthusiastic.

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Richard smiled at Darcy, "Well Just follow me" Richard said as he turned towards the lab door and began his walk towards the tunnel he had used to get into the facility.

(Sorry it is so short, still writing my longer post but I just wanted too get something out.)

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So Darcy and Zanetta followed close behind Richard. Her body was beginning to feel the tiredness creep into her limbs. It had been almost a full 24 hours since she had last slept or eaten anything and she could no longer go without either for too long.

God she hoped they got out of here soon.

The tunnel was quiet save for Darcy's clicking heels. A chill came over her and she shivered. She had a bad feeling about this . . .

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Leo was starting to wonder if living was really worth it.
Matthew hadnt in the slightest way made it sound easy, he was right about the chances of surviving being slim, it would be a miracle if all three of them made it to Atlanta alive.
And then there was the missing person... Aarti or whatever the name was. No one knew where she was, either.
Dead. Was the first thing that Leo thought of when he wondered where she could be.
Even the blonde haired guy didnt look very hopeful... atleast he sure didnt sound like he was.
Suddenly Leo thought of his former home, Highgate, and all the people that had died there. He remembered his Aunt and how he had killed her...
And now in just a matter of time, he would probably die too.

No... Leo thought, narrowing his eyes.
Death wasnt part of the plan. It wasnt a solution. It wasnt an option.
There had to something they could do...
Leo just didnt know what.

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Solitary confinement sucked, a lot. Belial, as many referred to him now, sat on his bed locked in a solid concrete cell which only had a toilet, sink, small bookshelf with a few on it, chair, and a desk. Other than that, the only non-concrete item was the thick metal door that was locked tight. It had a small window he could look through, but it was pointless as all he ever saw was the empty room that was the cell-block, and the reinforced-glass control room the guards used to open and close the cell doors. Even more dull was that he only was given one hour a day out of the cell, so he was forced to just sit inside his room reading whatever books he could get his hands on. That or work out, but he hardly considered it very exciting. Least it was something to do.

Sighing, he looked down at the Satanic bible in his hands. He had decided he might as well read the book his nickname originated from; alas, it was just boring him to death anyways. Closing the book, he haphazardly tossed it over to the desk and laid down, placing his hands behind his head as he stared up at the ceiling. He'd already been in prison for....actually he wasn't really sure how long. It had to at least have been eight years at the least. Was rough going at first, but knocking a few heads around and stabbing a few in mates earned him a good place amongst the other prison mates. It wasn't the first time he'd been placed in here, but now he was going to be here awhile after the guards stopped him from warping a food tray over some guys head...after throwing him onto a table...then the floor.

However it worked, Belial was going to be in this cell for awhile, and he was actually dreading it some. He missed talking with people, especially since in prison it was the only real thing to do other than gets in fight. Sighing miserably once more, he closed his eyes hoping to at least fall asleep as it would help pass the time.

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Priestess scanned the halls of the facility under Buckley AFB as Jakob, who Priestess discovered was the PMC sent here by Scott, followed closely behind her. It was quiet...too quiet. She knew that the "doctor" must be down here somewhere. Her and Johnathan turned a corner and were met with the bloody bodies of the two SEALs that she had sent down after that lying bitch.

"Well, this was unexpected." Priestess commented to herself as she looked over the bodies of the dead soldiers

"Friends of yours?" Jokob asked

"No." Priestess said as she scanned the area

"I thought you said it was just some whore and her teenaged friend." Jakob commented

"Yes, it was." Priestess thought for a second. There was no way that those two could have done this by themselves. They had help "Someone else must have been down here with them." Priestess said she spotted bloody footprints leading from the bodies too a doorway into a lab. The footprints then led back out of the lab and down a side tunnel to Priestess's left "And I think I know where they went." she smiled to herself as she looked at Jakob "Get the suitcase back too Scott, I'll deal with them."

Richard was leading Darcy and her new friend down the cold, dim halls of the facility. He wanted to get her out, he was so afraid of losing her again. The thought sent a cringe up his spine, if he lost her again...he wouldn't know what to do.

"Richard...are you okay?" Darcy asked as she came up next to him and grabbed his hand

"Yeah, I'm fine don't worry about me."

"you two aren't going to dry hump again are you?" Zanetta mocked from behind

Darcy just shot her a look and the girl just smirked and looked down at her feet. Richard chuckled at the two girls. He missed how Darcy fought with every damn person she met. It was hilarious to be honest. The three continued on...unaware of the danger that was coming up close behind.

****West Virginia*****

Scott had gotten back from New York and was now in the back seat of his limo that was following an armed convoy down the abandoned streets of some rotting town in West Virginia. He was heading up on a lead that he couldn't pass up. The man he was looking for was a perfect subject for the project he had cooking up. Soon the initiative would come to a head, it was so close he could smell it.

The convoy came too a complete halt outside a large ultramax prison. The walls where made of brick and were topped by barbed wire. There were rotting bodies of prison guards and inmates alike strung about the courtyard like trash. Director Scott stepped out into the dawning sunlight and straightened his coat as four CIA operatives forced open the secure gate at the front of the facility. The director took a file from his jacket and looked it over as he followed his men into the court yard, at the top of the file it read the name "Roderick Lemartes" . Scott looked over the man's was...outstanding to say the least. The man was a complete nut job, a ruthless killer and he was perfect for what Scott wanted him for. Apparently the man was caught after the infection began, but after it hit West Virginia the guards shoved a few months of food into all the high max cells and left. If he was still alive, which Scott hoped he was, than he was probably on the verge of starvation by now.

"Find me this man's cell, if he is alive we have a lot to talk about."

****Buckley AFB****

Richard knew that they were close to the ladder that would lead him back up to the warehouse where he had left his friends. Once they were there, he knew they would be safe and that he had succeeded in saving least for now. "It's not much farther now." Richard reassured his two companions

"Good, I just want to get out of her." Zannetta complained

"Well good because we are almost-

CRACK! the sound of a bullet flying by Richards head turned his instincts on and he instantly threw Darcy to the ground, spun on his heel, pushed Zanetta out of the way, and began firing rounds down the hall. He saw someone at the end of the hall duck behind a wall as the rounds nearly hit him. "Get up and go!" Richard shouted to his friends as he watched down range for his target. That's when something he never expected happened

"Richard!? Is that you?" an all too familiar voice shouted from down the hall

Richards eyes bugged out of his head as the voice rang in his head " can't be...."

***West Virginia***

Scott walked down the cement walk of the ultramax, looking for Cell B32. behind him stood two men in ballistic bests and BTU's, both of them watching for threats. B29...B30...B31, Scott inched closer and closer to his target. B32...when he reached the door he smiled to himself as he looked into the small window and saw a man lying on the bed with a book in his hand. He reached for the earpiece he had in and spoke into the mic he had attached to the collar of his shirt "Unlock it" he said cooly and the door clanked as the locking mechanism disengaged and the door slowly swung open. The man on the bed sat up, startled, and looked right at Scott who looked at him with emotionless eyes

"Hello Roderick."

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The heavy clang of the door being unlocked and opening jerked Belial from his attempt at sleeping. Sitting up, he was met with the view of a well dressed gentlemen walking into the room. He caught a glance of heavily armed men standing outside, and looking back at the middle-aged man, he recognized that cold look in his eyes. It was somewhat like looking into his own reflection, Roderick thought. Well at least the "I would kill you for scuffing my shoes" kinda look the man had, as for the suit, not so much. "Hello Roderick." the man said as he stood there.

", never thought I'd find such a thing. Nor company that comes with a high-end suit and Delta Operatives, or whoever the hell they might be." He stood up off the bed, stretching out his back while keeping watch on the man. "Well, judging by that nasty look you are giving me, I can tell you're not super friendly. Hm....You actually used my first name and spoke in a non-derogatory tone, meaning you aren't from this prison. And you are wearing a wonderful outfit...if I had to guess I'd say you probably ran Ponzi schemes with Bernie Madoff?" He grinned, though he failed to even get a twitch from the man in front of him. "Right then, so what do you need from lovely ol' me, hm?"

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"Right then, so what do you need from lovely ol' me, hm?" Roderick said as he stood looking at Scott with a wicked grin

"It's not so much about what I want from you, as it about what you want from me." Scott said as he began a slow stroll around the dark cramped cell.

"What would I want from you?" Roderick spouted off

"You want me too let you out of here. It doesn't take a genius to realize that you aren't long for this world if you stay in here." Scott said in a none threatening and blank tone. Roderick said something in reply and Scott turned to him with a slight smile on his face

"Of course...there is a catch."

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"Gasp! A catch! What a surprise for there is always a catch." Roderick said before he sat back down on his bed, leaning back against the wall. He watched Scott pace the small cell, his soldiers still keeping watch outside the cell. "You know, usually meeting are started with introductions. Here you know my name, but I feel rather left out of the loop not knowing yours."

"You'll learn it when necessary." Scott replied, Belial rolling his eyes while sighing.

"Of course...alright then, vir bonus. It's starting to smell here and I could use a good meal. So how about we not play this little game of secrets." He then stood up, cocking his head to the side. "So, what is it you need from me, and just what is the catch? Honestly, if it means I can at the least get the hell out of here, then you've pretty much got my balls in a vice. Not much bargaining can be done on my end, so how about just telling me what the fuck you have in mind. Even if you tell me and I do turn it down, not like I can spill your secrets considering you'll just lock the door behind you. So, please do tell me." Roderick asked with a smile.

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The director chuckled "Trust me, if you refused we wouldn't need to worry about locking the door." Scott looked at the man with a twisted smile "Now, in exchange for your freedom all I ask is you come with me and do a few...tests. After that you can work for me and when I don't need you anymore you can go on your way." he stopped pacing and leaned against the lonely wall of the solitary cell wall, right in front of Roderick "That's it, you agree to work for me, agree to these tests without giving us a problem and just like that we will let you out of here and get you nice hot meal and a shower."

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(Deciding to make a quick post so you all know I am stilll alive so yeah. :D lol)

Richard just left them in the room so he could leave, which was fine with Leon. He stared at the fellow Englishman and then at Lilith who looked worse by the minute, Leon crept down next to Lilith who was lying against the wall of the warehouse and sat. He swung his arm around her in an attempt to keep her warm. It worked for about 5 minutes but the she froze up again. Leon bit his lip as she shivered and reached down into his bag for another hoodie of his, it had a few holes but was reliable. He looked down at his jumper, it was the warmest one he had, he sighed as he stripped it off and felt the cold breeze gush in from only small cracks and hit his chest and arms. He wrapped it in on Lilith whether she liked it or not and slipped on the torn one, it did fine but it wasn't the best, he could feel his arms were toasty but his stomach to his chest could feel the cold. He rubbed Lilith's back and smiled. It seemed like hours with Richard gone and he felt himself getting only colder. Sure he was annoyed with Richard all the time but he felt lost at the moment, like he had nothing to do, no responsibilty without Richard. He was the father who was meant to boss all of them around and he wasnt even here with them. They were like a family who couldn't function properly together without each other. They would survive for a while but then eventually backfire. That was what it was like since Highgate, they were surviving but Leon knew this was the time of backfire. Lilith was sicker than ever, Richard was still probably heartbroken having to leave Darcy and Leon felt so alone without Natalie, she was like an awesome friend who could have easily passed as a sister. Leon found himself pacing, it brought warmth to his legs so he didn't stop. All these thoughts were driving him mad...

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Matthew brought his fork down on his Kraft. Stabbing it, lifting it up and chewing. He swallowed quickly and reached down for another bite. He stared down at his feet. The shoes were torn too shreds. His tooth was gone, he had various bruises down the side of his face. He wasn't doing to well anymore. But, he was doing better than that one girl back at the torture house. She had been slit through her face. All your fault Matthew. YOU killed that girl. You ran like a coward. It's your fault. He kept thinking about the life she used to have. She probably had friends, or family. Family that loved her. Unlike you. Why do you deserve to live? Your family hated you. Maybe better to not get that deep. He swallowed his last bite of Kraft and asked, "So, what's the plan?

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Darcy was suddenly pushed to the ground as a single bullet was fired. She crashed hard and scrapped the skin from mid-forearm to palm on something rough on the metallic floor. The blood seeped and poured out from the large wound creating a river on the floor.

She felt faint at the sight of the blood . . . That's not right . . . Darcy thought dazed . . . She had seen plenty of blood shed and gore since the virus broke out over four months ago and had never so much as batted an eyelid.

She breathed in deeply, trying to regain her equilibrium as she pushed up with both hands, cringing as the pain of the bloody injured arm scurried up her arm and shot pain to her brain. Gotta stop the bleeding . . .

But then her attention was suddenly caught by the words being spoken.

“Richard!? Is that you?”

The women from outside, Darcy thought in panicked shock . . . She knew Richard?

“No . . . It can't be . . .” She heard Richards incredulous words.

The anger, the adrenaline and the jealousy that flamed through her being numbed the unbearable pain of her still heavily bleeding arm as she got to her feet behind Richard.

You know her?” Darcy questioned him in a disbelieving whisper as blood dripped down her fingers congealing into a small pool on the cold silver floor.

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Roderick chuckled when he heard the phrase, "tests." He wasn't sure how many air quotes were needed to cover the man's words, but regardless it meant getting the hell out of this prison. "Well, I can tell I'm going to be kept in the dark till the moment comes. I'm not stupid, and I can tell there is more to this than just a few tests and my employment to you. Not to mention, the fact you came to such a barren location to find me just screams that there is so much more."

Scott wasn't moving and just kept watch on Roderick, just waiting the prisoners response. He didn't really need to say more at this point, because he had made it clear to Roderick that it was either tag along or die. It left him on the bad end of a deal, and it meant he was not going to find out anything until he tagged along.

Belial just chuckled again, rubbing his hands together as he looked at the open door then back to the Director. "I only have one request, vir bonus."

"And what would that be?" Scott asked.

"I haven't had a smoke in a long fucking time, and damn I could use one! Throw that in, along with that meal and a shower and I'll join whatever merry plan you've got in store. Sound like a deal?" He asked.

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***Ultramax prison, West Virginia, ***

Scott nodded his head as he walked over too Roderick and pulled him too his feet "You are on the verge of something great Roderick." Scott smiled as he pulled a cigarette from his jack and handed it to the criminal, along with a lighter "now let me show you too my limo and we can talk some more."

Scott gave a twisted smile. The time of reckoning was close at hand now. All he needed to do was finish up with Roderick, and assume his rightful place in the world.

***Buckley AFB, Colorado***

"You know her?" Darcy said, irritation flooding her whispered words

Richard shook his head "I...I." he took a deep breathe and collected himself "yes." Richard said in a cool voice as he kept his weapon pointed down range at the woman. Out of nowhere the women suddenly stuck her arm around the corner and fired a few rounds in Darcy's general direction. Richard once again pushed her out of the way and fired a salvo of his own bullets down the hall.

"Come on baby, don't be like that" the woman called from down the hall "why are you helping that dumb bitch?"

"Fuck you!" Richard shouted out at her as he fired a few rounds down the hall "Darcy, Zanetta get moving! This hall is too narrow, if we stay we die!"

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Dumb bitch!?” Darcy reiterated in a choked laugh as she ignored Richards words and pushed past him to the fore, having completely even forgotten about her still heavily dripping arm and hand, she shouted back at the woman “Bitch, maybe you need to look in the mirror. It wasn't me who let in a perfect stranger into a fucking secure facility! . . . And don't you call him Baby either! He's mine you got that whore!”

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Richard grabbed Darcy's arm and pushed her down the hall "Get your ass moving right fucking now!" He shouted right into her face as he slammed another clip into his pistol and began firing silent round at Priestess who was mocking Darcy as the bullets flew by "Haha, little miss fuck nut is jealous is she!?" Priestess called as she waited for the hail of gunfire to end so she could return fire.

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Darcy didn't care that Richard had shouted at her. She was utterly fuming by now! And if it wasn't for the sudden flash of pain in her arm and her once stainless white shirt sleeve which was now completely soaked in blood from elbow to palm, she would have marched right down to the end of the hall gun or no gun and that bitch would have had Darcy's fist in her face.

She hoped to God Richard killed that Bitch!

Yet, she was loosing the feeling in her injured arm and was starting to feel dizzy and numb all over. With one fierce silent look down the hallway and one equally ferocious look for Richard before she stormed off after Zanetta but began to slowed down far into the tunel as her head spun and she needed to lean against the wall for support as she made her way across.

Her last coherent thought before she collapsed was Richard's face . . . and then darkness ensued . . .

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Richard watched as Darcy fell to the ground in a unconscious heap. oh no! Richard though as he ran towards Darcy, reloading his pistol as he did. When he got within a few feet of his lover he saw that there was a small pool of blood draining from her arm onto the cold metallic floor. Zanetta ran over in a panic, the girls eyes bugged out of her head as she looked at Darcy's unconscious form.

"Zanetta I need you too-

A rush of pain up his back interrupted Richard's sentence and he fell to his knees. The pain was almost unbearable, and that's when he noticed the long leg standing beside him. Priestess ducked down to his level with a smile on her face, then gave him a quick peak on the cheek before withdrawing the knife from Richard's back.

"Run!" Richard shouted to Zanetta as he fell to his hands and knees. Priestess just smiled more as she strode over to the unconscious Darcy and stood over her.

" found another slice of ass did you baby?" Priestess said as she looked at Darcy "Kind of a bimbo isn't she?"

"You get away from her!" Richard ordered as he got to his feet and tried to rush in for an attack, but his balance was off from the wound and Priestess easily kicked him to the ground

"Don't be like that." Priestess mocked as she took her gun and pressed it against Darcy's head "Such an ugly slut too. Lucky for her I'm going to blow her ugly ass head off."

Richard had enough, he got to his feet as fast as he could, knife in hand, and charged for Priestess. She tried to knock him down once again, but she missed, and that's when Richard dug his knife deep into her stomach and tossed her to the ground.

"Ahhhh FUCK IT!" Priestess yelled as she grabbed the knife that was protruding from her stomach. While she screeched in pain, Richard did his best to pick Darcy up over his shoulder, and carry to the surface....

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Darcy flashed in and out of consciousness but it was all black until she felt herself put down on the cold floor. She opened her heavy eyelids and saw Richard panic written all over his face . . . and there were others too . . . faces she recognised but could not name right now.

The only face and name that truly mattered to her - Richards - was firmly accessible in her mind.

"So serious." Darcy said with a dreamy smile as she reached her good hand up and brushed it against Richard's cheek.

He grabbed her hand and kissed the inside of the palm.

"Darcy stay with me." He said quickly as he began wrapping her hand in some sort of material "Keep talking. I need you to stay awake."

"H-how did I get here?" Darcy asked still confused but most importantly conscious.

She had lost quite a bit of blood.

"I carried you." Richard said as he concentrated on wrapping her wound.

Darcy laughed like she was tipsy.

"That can't have been easy. I must weigh more then a ton now!" She laughed at herself and then suddenly became serious "Richard . . . If I die or something happens to me . . . I just want you to know . . . I love you so much baby . . . It hurts sometimes . . ."

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Alex frowned, his normal I don't give a shit attitude quivering.
The two kids weren't giving up already, were they? Sure, most likely a bunch of crappy things had happened to them in the past, Matthew looked like life for him recently had been pretty rough, and Leo looked the same.
But would they seriously quit so easily?

"I'll be honest," Alex said finally, surprised at his own words, "Matthew, I don't have the slightest outline for a good, stable plan. I don't know what the fuck is going to happen, I don't know if we can make it to Atlanta, I don't know where the hell Aarti is, either."
Alex stopped talking, he wanted to admit that he was terrified, but what what good would that do?
"I don't have a specific plan," He continued after a few minutes of thinking, "So how 'bout we all hope that we wont die on our road trip to Atlanta, 'kay? That usually works."

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Zanetta smiled at Darcy and Richard and she knelt down to Darcy. ''Everything is ok now, that women...she didn't leave without harm.'' She then patted Darcy's head. ''Sorry..'' She said as she dug out the bullet and used part of her own shirt and tie around her arm and stop the bleeding.

She then looked at Richard. ''This is no permanent solution. We must get into somewhere with medical suppiles otherwise infection...might kill her.'' She paused making sure her make shift bandage was tight enough. ''Afterall infection is the last thing we need no? We need to get her up to health quick as possible. I know some medical basics like first aid and stitching wounds and things.'' She then smiled. ''Afterall I do like to learn, so I though I'd get funky with medicine.''

She then stood back up and looked at Richard. ''I believe I should at least make a bandage on you as will, as capable as you are you will also suffer infection too specially from that knifing back there.'' She then crossed her arms, titled her head slightly with a serious face on. ''And don't say 'It's nothing' or that I didn't see it. I have eyes. And you are a good shot, I'd like to keep it that way. And if you won't be able to protect Darcy.'' She then sighed.

''You going to let me fix you up?'' She asked then started to fiddle with her fingers looking at the floor. ''And...uh..Teach me how to work a gun?'' She asked in a nervous voice.

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James sat there in his car with his finger on the trigger, the zombie was running straight towards the women. He had a shot, no..he would have one if the girl would move. "DUCK" yelled James as he aimed down his sights but the girl kept running in a fearful daze. Then just as the girl noticed James yelling she slipped on the ice beneath her feet. The ice sent he flying up into the air and back down, causing her to land on her back.

She let out a yelp of pain.

With no delay in reaction time James fired away. Three quick bursts shot through the air and penetrated the zombie's flesh. Blood and guts flew out of the body and splattered the ground as it dropped dead...or re-dead. James hopped out of his truck and ran towards the woman.

"Miss, are you alright?"

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A small whistle.

Michi's train of thought was thrown off the rails and her instincts took over. Grabbing the glass from the soggy box she whipped her arm around and the glass flew from her fingers.

Or, at least, almost did.

At the last instant her fingers didn't release the sharp object, her brain overriding her instincts. Zombies didn't whistle, and the song birds were long gone from his forsaken city. Her eyes shot to a figure sitting on the top of the shortest building, looking down at her.

"I have to say, I'm getting lucky when it comes to running into people not trying to eat me. You'd be surprised how much a rarity it seems to be for me as of late." The man said with humor on his voice.

"Maybe I'm not trying to eat you, but you almost had a chunk of glass in your throat." Michi said with a light laugh, though the left over adrenaline from her almost cutting his head off was nothing to laugh about. "Death comes in many different forms these days. And believe me, I know how hard it is to come by someone who's both breathing and sane."

The man was obviously older than Michi, probably in his late thirds or early forties and he was jut as obviously arm. The blood staining his clothes told her that his weaponry wasn't just for show either. He looked at her carefully, probably trying to decided how much of a threat she was. Michi almost felt insulted.

Having always been a hot headed, take action type of girl, a part of Michi was insulted that he even wondered how dangerous she was. Another part whispered that she needed to prove herself. And the third part of her agreed. Giving a small nod of her head to the man she jumped out from behind the wall, facing the zed before her.

Before they could even turn a bullet had blown off the head of the mutant. Tucking then gun away Michi lunged forward, tearing the neck out with the sharp part of her crowbar. Ashew's attack was next, full on tackling on zombie and knocking him to the ground before sinking her teeth into the zombie's neck. With a violent tug the soft flesh of the neck was gone, leaving the zombie to flail for a moment of two before death.

The remaining zombies turned with a groan and charged at the girl and her dog. The closest's head went soaring as Michi hooked him under the jaw and separated it from the body with her crowbar, and in a flash another was dismembered by Ashew. With a triumphant grin she kicked one against the wall and beheaded the one still standing. Whipping around she bashed in the head of the last zombie.

A moment passed before Michi took a shuttering but victorious breath and whipped the beats of sweat from her forehead. Ashy was panting happily by her side. Turning back to look at the man Michi smiled as if she hadn't just taken out seven zombies as if they were nothing.

"Hi there. I'm Michi."

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Richard smiled at the girl, they had run away from the warehouse that concealed the entrance too the facility and were all now sitting around a living room of a all but destroyed house. Richard leaned forward to allow Zanetta to see his wound, "Don't worry princess" Richard said part mockingly "I have enough battlefield medical experience to heal us all three times over and twice on Sunday." The girl began to patch up Richard's back with some medical tape he had in his duffel bag, the wound still hurt but he had, had much worse in his time as an operator.

"So you want to learn how to use a gun do ya?" he said to the girl as she finished up her patchwork. She nodded with a hesitancy that was derived from her shyness. Richard stood slowly and walked over too Darcy who lay unconscious on the ground, and he stroked his hand through her hair as he looked to Leon, the dark tooth fairy and Lilith and then back to Zanetta. "Good, because now that she is after are all going to need it."

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Barnaby watched the spectacle for what it was, which in this case was a woman and her puppy going crazy on a group of zeds. Least it meant he hadn't found a liability. And the not-liability came with a puppy!! Ok, so it wasn't exactly a puppy in the literal sense, but every dog was a puppy to Barnaby. He blinked slightly as some blood splattered up and landed on his cheek, slowly opening his eyes as he wiped it away. He just remained where he was as she finished them all off, turning back to look at him. "Hi there. I'm Michi." she said.

"Quite a character then." Barnaby said. "Well I'm Barnaby, and I do say that a gunshot might not be the best idea right now. There are....a metric fuckton of zeds out and about and they, like the un-rational creatures that they are, walk towards the gunshots." He pulled Pippy off his belt and held the fireaxe in his hands. "Stick to good ol' bashing, smashing, and hacking tools." He used Pippy's head to hook onto the side of the building, and keeping hold of the handle, slid down the side. It didn't let him reach the ground completely but it did lower him enough so that he could drop to the ground safely. He quickly jumped down, unhooking Pippy from the ledge and landed nearby before resting the axe on his shoulder.

"I gotta say, oddly I never took to the crowbar for a weapon. To me there just seems to be such a risk of it getting jammed in the target. Then you got yank, twist, and pull before the sucked rips lose...that sounded dirty didn't it...?" He paused, then shook his head and fixed his hat again. "Course that's just me, but Pippy here," he said as he held the axe in both hands, "Pippy has gotten me through this mess since the start." He then placed the axe back on his shoulder. "Well, Mickey. You and your puppy are more than welcome to come join me and mi amiga. Currently she's taking a break at a bookstore. I was too, but got bored...alright, done ranting my apologies!" He then turned on his heel and started to walk back towards the edge of the alley, stopping at the corner to take a look around for any zeds. Which there were plenty of, plenty, plenty, plenty. He looked back. "So you up for the party? We don't have hats, but Natalie and I can kinda sing. Hope you like Billy Joel." he said with a grin while pulling the goggles down over his eyes.

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Leo stared down at the bowl of KD that was in his hands,
"Terrific," He said, "So we're just going to head towards Atlanta and rely on pure luck to get us there alive?"
That sounded like something his parents would of done... go in the direction that you want to go and hope for the best, or in Leo's case, hope that you dont die.
Its a lot easier said than done when theres a bunch of zombies ready to kill us.
Leo began to think of something his Mother or Father or Aunt would have said...

His Aunt would probably yell at him to stop thinking about his own death.
His Mother would of told him that everything would be fine even if it wouldnt.
And his Father would of made a joke out of the whole thing and somehow manage to convince Leo that a world full of mutated human eating monsters wasnt such a bad thing after all.
Leo frowned, he missed his parents... heck, he even missed his stupid Aunt, who had been nothing but a bother to him since he could remember.

Looking up at Matthew and the blonde haired guy, Leo managed a smile, "So, uh... when are we leaving?"

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Zanetta nodded to Richard with a smiled then she looked to the new people and slowly turns her head back to Richard like a rusty value and a face of trembling nervousness. She then looked at him still trying to smile and talked through her teeth to him loud enough for him to hear. ''W-who...are they?'' She then laughed nervously, one of her eyes twitching like she was about to freak out again then she sat next to Darcy.

She held on of Darcy's hands in her lap. It was obvious that she and Darcy had grew a strong bond in the short time she had been together and with that her face relaxed. It seemed Darcy gave her more confidence. Afterall she was not used to people because she would be found....or hiding under a car as she fixed it up of upgraded afew freatures of it. Darcy was more like a best friend to her but also a parental figure and she respected her as one too.

There was something strange about Zanetta though. She knew so much, could do so much but she looked like she was fresh out of high school. How old was she again?

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Leon paced the grounds and then slowly sunk down against the wall next to Lilith while Lucas was standing on the other side of the room. The door burst open and in came Richard... and Darcy... and another chick. "What the hell happened?" Leon thought in his mind. He stared as the new girl patched up Richard and Darcy after she spoke and asked who we were. Leon smiled.
"Hello love." his british accent standing out from everyone elses voices since Lucas was silent.
"My name's Leon." he sort of bowed like a jester would to a king and then stuck his hand out.
"And you are?" He grinned.

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Head pounding. Darcy groaned as consciousness hit her like a ton of bricks. Her eyelids slit open but the light hurt her eyes and she closed them tight and tried to turn over onto her side. But something was holding her hand. She pulled her hand away from it and tried to open her eyes again. It still hurt but it was better as the blur started to take shape and her brain began to process what it saw.

"Leon?" She questioned confused in a hoarse voice and then coughed as she pushed herself up to a sitting position.

Was she dead?

If she was, she must be in hell, thought Darcy . . . if Leon was here.

A shock of utter agonizing pain shot up her arm as she did this.

"Son of a bitch!" She hissed through clenched teeth as she cradled her injured but now bandaged arm.

She looked around at the face that were staring at her.

"What the hell are you all staring at!" Darcy shouted, the pain in her arm putting her an instant bad temper . . .

Plus she was hungry as hell! And a pregnant woman could not go long with out eating . . . and Darcy hadn't ate in almost two days . . . that did not make her feel happy . . . or maybe it was the mood swings brought on by her 'condition' . . . Either way she was not feeling great right now.

"Someone gonna offer me some food or what?!"

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Zanetta looked up at Leon's hand and she blushed madly then Darcy took her hand away, this mean her blush even more. She then looked up at Leon and struggled out words in a high pitched voice. ''M-my name is Zanetta. N-nice to meet you...''

She then cleared her throat and saw Darcy in alot of pain and she quickly paid more attention to her again. Her nervousness disappearing as she did. ''I'm sorry Darcy if your arm hurts...I needed to stop the bleeding.'' She put her head down, she was almost in tears. ''I-I didn't want you to die..'' Her face red as a tomato as she stopped her tears.

She cared for Darcy, afterall she saved her and gives her the confidence she needs. She didn't want to lose such a also friend or parental figure.

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