Jakob "Three" Black

"Target is in sight. Request permission to engage." (Deceased)

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Name: Jakob Black

Code-name: "Three"

Age: 32

Affiliation: Fenix Securities, Special Weapons and Tactics (Designation Wolf-Pack)

Sex: Male

Role: Survivor

Height: 75"

Weight: 168lbs (225lb with equipment)

When not in his armor, Jakob usually sports a pair of urban digital camo tactical trousers, coupled with a gray undershirt. He has an olive skin tone, his brown hair shaved to that not unlike a military buzz-cut, and an old scar going along his right cheek, from his ear to an inch from his lower lip. A set of dog tags hang from his neck, with information for identification purposes. On his right arm is a tattoo of an emblem similar to that resembling the Wolf-Pack.

Years of serving and working for various armed organizations, both official and unofficial, have taught Black the cruel lesson of balance. Whether to don layers of armor and be impregnable, carrying individual weapons of mass destruction, or to go the path of the light, swift, and surgically deadly. Both hold credible advantages and disadvantages, yet also carry weaknesses that are only too glaring and lethal. Rather than follow in the footsteps of so many other soldiers who have chosen one path or the other, and paid for it with their lives, Black has come to his own personal destination.

By combining the strengths of both “one man juggernauts” and “nimble assassins” he created what he believed to be an extremely versatile method of battle: to deliver as much crushing force in as little time as necessary. His armor, weapons, and fighting style all reflect this philosophy. Far from the most armored, or most armed, or fastest, soldier-of-(personal) fortune, he is not the slowest, most exposed, or under-gunned either.

AEGIS Advanced Armor Defense Suit

Like the other members of the Wolf-Pack, Black’s armor is self-contained and capable of withstanding most elements and hazardous conditions, however he has geared his suit to complement his role as the team's shock trooper. The armor is for the most part quite expansive in its coverage, adding extra protective plating to areas normally left exposed and extra armor to critical spots of the body, however it still allows for a wide range of movement; crucial for an operative who has to move from spot to spot. It is resistant to most small-arms fire, however prolonged duration is not advised. His customized Tactical helmet sports limited air supply and air filters, and completely encases his head and face. Sensors built into the helmet allow him to also see in infra-red and night-vision, crucial should the lights go out. A comm system is build into the face-mask, including a broadcast speaker.

He is most comfortable in using a customized LWRC M6A2 Carbine, though he also packs a SIG Sauer P226 Pistol as a side-arm. In Close-Quarters-Combat (CQC) he sports a couple of tactical combat knives.

Upon seeing Jakob--hearing the crackled, synthesized voice over his external speakers and witnessing his methodical and heartless actions--one truly does wonder whether or not this figure before them is wholly man or machine. He personally never says anything to either confirm or deny this. His last biological records even in the government databases have been long lost, or were never existent to begin with. Many, even among the military and survivors, reckon he is a cyborg at least, if not a full android. But one fact is indisputable, he is cold. He is ruthless, uncompassionate, and terrifyingly poignant when he wishes to be. He will kill and move on without second thought. His words are few and distorted from his suit, but nevertheless as sharp and as cold as a scalpel lying in the tray of a chill operating room. He looks at people in terms of the threat they pose; those deemed as one are treated immediately and permanently, those not are ignored only for the moment—but never wholly disregarded.

He will not toy around with his opponents. He is blunt and direct when not actively holding stealth. Efficiency is his only style; he does not care for splatter and fanciful methods of killing when a simple single shot is all that will suffice. He will deal with opponents the simplest and quickest way possible only because he does not intend to waste time, resources, and effort any more than he has to.

However do not mistake him as a sociopath. He derives no pleasure from killing, nor does he relish the action of inflicting pain. He will just as coolly walk past you as he would shoot you in the face. He does not care whether people live or die, he merely deals with "obstacles" as he sees fit. If dealing with said obtrusions requires slaying, then that is what must be done. These obstacles may be anything as serious as a guard shooting at him to something as trivial as merely asserting his standing in a bar; in both instances there will be shots fired and bodies strewn across the floor.

He is as cold and uncaring as the vacuum of space. Neither his own life or death matter to him. When on assignment, only the objectives hold priority. Currently only the Wolf-Pack of Fenix Securities holds his loyalty, and to what extent even that holds those not infected can only guess. That is not to say he cannot be crossed, even if he never displays any anger or emotion. Those who have drawn his ire will only see how harsh the cold heart of the void can be.

So begins...

Jakob "Three" Black's Story

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What's worse than having a horde of infected come knocking at your door? Having a horde of infected come knocking at your door when Fenix Securities comes rolling by...

Welcome to the Jungle - G&R

[Ruins of Aurora, CO, 15 minutes earlier...]

A convoy consisting of five armored Gurkha LAPVs rolled through the littered streets of what was left of the small city. Each but the last two were a drab tan in color, sporting the company's logo on both front doors. Two were modified to have a roof-mounted GAU-17/A minigun, as per Fenix Securities' specifications. Overhead was a single UH-60 "Black Hawk" helicopter, with a black color scheme and logo, serving as the convoy's overhead eyes and air support.

The three tan vehicles were being routed to Buckley AFB, each complemented with 5 Fenix Security operators, but as they turned towards the base, the last two, in black and sporting a different logo, broke away from the convoy...

The two LAPVs carried a different group of operators, accompanied with an additional six "regular" operators, whose jobs were to operate the vehicles. Eight in total, they called themselves the Wolf-Pack...

[Present Time

"Alright, wolves, we've reached our destination. Lock and load, ladies."

Jakob, sitting in the back seat behind the driver's, was just finishing up on checking over his gear, when he heard the broadcast from the squad leader, Red. He was in the second vehicle, alongside with Jessica, who served as the team's designated marksman, Leeroy, the heavy support, and Viktor, the CQC specialist. Together, they were the Wolf-Pack's Fireteam-Bravo, whereas Alpha was in the vehicle ahead of them.

Having rolled up into the parking lot of an abandoned hospital, the name no longer recognizable, the two LAPVs braked, with Alpha team already exiting their vehicle and heading towards the second to discuss the plan with the four.

"Well, I guess this is the place." Jakob muttered, before opening his door and climbing out, joining with Alpha.

The icy winter air nipped at his face, his visor still up. The stench of death and decay surrounded them, as if they weren't alone, before they were shortly joined by the rest of Bravo.

"This is the drill. We are to locate and secure the tunnel entrance to the facility, and retrieve the primary objective. After we secure the entrance, Bravo, your job is to neutralize any hostilities within the facility. If it moves, shoot first and ask questions later. Alpha will locate and retrieve what we came in for..."

Red ordered, as he drew out an imaginary plan on his glove.

"...According to our contractor's intel, the entrance should be located in the basement, on sublevel-Echo. Drop your visors and move out."

As if on cue, each of the operators dropped their visors, the internal sensor and communication modules buzzing to life, their air filters beginning to take work on the surrounding air, providing them fresh air as the eight operators took their steps towards the entrance to the defunct hospital...

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It had been an uneasy thirty minutes before finding the basement floor that they needed to be on. The air inside the walls was stale, and the stench of death wasn't helping much. But where the stench of death floated, there were supposed to be bodies, or remains at least. Especially with the only lighting the team had was coming from their visors' vision enhancement modes, and the debris of boxes and hospital supplies scattered about.

But there were none...

"Team, this is Bravo-Three. Keep your eyes open for any signs of movement. I doubt that we're alone down here."

His voice buzzed over the headset, secured from being heard from out of the suit, as each operative had set their communication systems not to broadcast locally. Turning a corner within this maze of corridors and hallways, they had finally located the blast doors.

"Get that door unlocked and opened. Once that's accomplished, Alpha will venture further ahead while we cover this entrance." He had barked out another order to Bravo, directing it towards Viktor, who had been carrying the override electronics.

Watching him move towards the door, Jakob had kept a sharp eye on the surrounding hallways, in case if a horde attempted to ambush them.

So far, so good.

The sound of gears cranking and grinding was the sound that they needed to hear, as it had signaled to them that the blast doors were now unlocked and ready to be opened.

Jessica and Leeroy proceeded to push the doors open, allowing Alpha to move ahead. However, the loud sounds from the door locks had also proceeded to attract much unneeded attention.

"Gateway, this is Bravo. Alert Archangel that we've managed to reopen the facility."


Once again, Jakob had tried to reach the group of four operators that were left at the entrance with the vehicles, unaware that they were already overrun by a horde of runners, and they were coming towards them quickly.

SubstAnce D - God

Within minutes, bloodied screams echoed down the halls, followed by the deadly sound of hundreds of feet moving towards them. No, they weren't sounds of slow movement - these were the sounds of feet slapping against the tiles in full sprints.

The corridors that had once been empty, were quickly replaced with numerous infected, the front-most tripping and crashing through the piles of boxes towards them.

"Well, guys... I love you, but this party just got interesting. LEEEEEEEEEEEROOOOY JENKINNNNNS!"

Leeroy boomed out over the communication link, grabbing the handle of his chain-gun and squeezing the trigger, hundreds of rounds beginning to rip through the first wave of infected. However, for each one they took down, it was replaced by two more.

It had taken the horde an easy thirty seconds to overrun Leeroy, swallowing him whole, those near him ripping his armor apart piece by piece, going straight to his soft innards as blood-curdling screams from the big man echoed through the walls.

Viktor was the next to go, falling pray to the swarm of infected as he provided cover to Jakob and the sniper as they rushed past the blast doors and attempted to seal them.

With the two of them left, Jessica had struggled a bit to seal the doors, as Jakob had provided cover fire through the closing space between the door and the frame. Even with the number of arms reaching through the gap, the two had managed to close the doors and re-enabled the locking mechanisms, but at too heavy of a price: One of the infected had managed to rip through the shoulder armor of the Sniper's suit and taken a quick bite during the skirmish.

Both of them leaned back onto the blast doors, Jessica sliding all the way down.

"Jakob, you know the regulations. You know what you have to do. I had a good time serving with ya'"

Jakob looked down at her, as she removed her visor. If, at any time, one was to be infected, another member of the team was required to execute the infected member in order to prevent further infection. Retrieving his sidearm, he aimed it at the side of her head, both of them knowing that this was probably the last mission that the Wolf-Pack will have.

"God, forgive me," Jakob muttered, before pulling the trigger.


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Sliding downwards into a seating position, his back leaning on the now sealed facility blast door, knees up, Jakob just looked at the corpse next to him, gunshot right between her eyes, his heart telling him that he had to link up with Alpha and continue on.

"Alpha, this is Bravo-Three. The rest of Bravo is down, I repeat. Bravo is down. Come in."

He had activated his radio communications link, trying to contact Red and the other members of Alpha, but he received no response.

I should switch to local. Walls can be interfering with the signal. Reaching to his radio, he had changed the frequency to that of a secured, local frequency, predetermined in case the two teams needed to communicate without broadcasting it too much.

"Alpha, this Bravo-Three. Come in. The entrance is secured for the meantime, and Bravo is down."

He waited for a few seconds, but still, no answer.

Well, this just went from shitty to shittier, he thought to himself as he retrieved the sniper rifle from nearby and standing back up. Slinging the rifle over his shoulders, he readied his rifle as he started off into the tunnel before him.

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It had been a good few hours since Jakob had to enter the facility. The entrance under the hospital was secured, not just by the locking mechanisms on the blast door, but also by the horde of infected still standing around in the basement. He had managed to meet up with the rest of the Wolf-Pack, who were already in the process of setting up a full memory wipe of the facility's computer mainframe, thirty minutes before reaching the security room.

Approaching Red, who was occupied at watching the security monitors, each connected to both Buckley AFB's security grid and that of the hospital, Jakob removed the sniper rifle and leaned it against the side of the desk.

"Any news on the security feed, sir?"

Red swiftly glanced back at him before returning his attention to the monitors.

"Well, we do have a group of two entering from the base entrance. That entrance doesn't lead to the storage bunker that we've already cleared out, except through an access tunnel on 2-B. Two and Four are already there to close that tunnel off."

Jakob had acknowledged what he had said with a nod, before Red pulled out and placed a small metallic briefcase onto the desk beside him.

"Change of plans. This was what we were ordered to retrieve. This is called the X-5 serum. It's designed to slow down the cellular mutations from being infected," Red continued as he opened up the case, revealing five vials of a bright green serum and a small hard drive. "The reason why I'm passing this to you, is because I don't have much time before I turn. One of those damn walkers bit right through the suit's glove. Before we began wiping the mainframe, I had the files copied to this hard drive. There should be an operative that goes under the name of Priestess in Buckley. You are to hand over the case to this operative."

Grabbing the small case and securing it to his backside, Jakob was already out of the door, on his way to the access tunnel before the other two remaining squad mates seal it off.

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ring ring......ring ring.....ring ring

"What is it Priestess?" Scott asked as he opened his phone. He was safe and secure in the back of his limo that had just picked him up at the UN building. He stroked his hand over the back of the black leather seats and smiled to himself with his newest accomplishment.

"Sir, did you send a Dr. Mackinley to Buckley AFB?"

"What? I didn't send anyone besides you!" Scott hissed

there was silence over the phone for a moment before Priestess's voice game back through the line "Then I believe I have found our little problem sir."

"No shit, I want her taken into custody for questioning." he paused "But just in case....lethal force is authorized, I want this problem dealt with." Scott had cooled himself down so he was once again thinking calm and collected with that emotionless tone of his.

"It will be done sir." Priestess answered back

"Oh it better be." and then he hung up. This little problem better be solved quick, he had too much going his way for some bitch to take him and all he has worked for down into the pit. soon he thought to himself soon the UN will be under my control...then the initiative can really begin....

******Buckley AFB (Priestess)*******

Priestess hung up her phone and immediately hit the button for her to talk over the Navy S.E.A.Ls communication links. "That bitch is the one we are looking for! I want her in custody and brought to me right now!"

"Sorry ma'am" Scorcher's voice sounded over her earpiece "Her and the girl have locked themselves in a room, we can't get access."

Priestess rolled her eyes "Well then blow the motherfucker damn you fucking idiot!" she hissed over the radio

"Yes ma'am." the S.E.A.L.'s voice said with obvious irritation

"You still on over watch Frogger?" she called to the squad sniper through the microphone

"All day, everyday ma'am." Frogger's voice rang through her earpiece

"Good keep it that way, I'm going in." Priestess said as she began to walk towards the doors of the facility, that's when something caught her eye. Moving towards her was what looked to be a man in massive body armor. She instantly pulled her pistol and pointed it at the guy who had a suitcase in hand "Who the fuck are you?" Priestess called out to him as she took aim.

*****Buckley AFB (Scorcher and the Captain)******

"Doctor, just open the door and this can all be over a lot quicker and with a lot less hurt on your end."

There was nothing but silence from the other side "Well fine then. Prime the charges Scorcher." the captain said just loud enough for the women inside to hear.

"Charges!" an almost inaudible voice said from the other side. Though it was hard to make out it sounded young.

"You gonna open up now!?" Scorcher called in as he took a few blocks of C4 from his rucksack. There was some mumbled conversation on the other side but no answer. "Good! I like blowing shit up!" Scorcher called out as he began placing charges on the door.....

****Buckley AFB (Richard)*****

Richard walked alone in the halls of the facility under Buckley. He had left his friends in the storage warehouse where the entrance to the tunnels were. Just in case there were soldiers still in this place he didn't want them to get caught in the crossfire, in a way he felt responsible for the group. Of course there were patrols and infected up there but he felt confident they were safe.

As he continued down the abandoned halls of the facility he began to here slightly muffled talking up ahead of him. Richard slowed his pace as he slowly approached a corner in the hall. Just around it he could here somebody say something about charges and blowing something up. so this place isn't so empty after all. Richard thought as he got close to the corner and was went to look around it. He was expecting to see somebody way down the hall, but instead he was met face to face with a bearded man who looked just as shocked to see Richard as Richard was to see him.

"Contact!" the bearded man screamed as he tried to raise his M4 rifle. Richard acted as quick as lighting, however, and grabbed the rifle before the man could raise it. There was a short burst of gunfire as the man fired the weapon in an attempt to hit Richard with shrapnel from the bullets when they impacted the wall. It was unsuccessful as Richard hit the man with a swift headbutt and sent him stumbling backwards. A second man ran up and tried to put the muzzle of his gun right to Richards head, but he deflected it away before stepping into the man, punching him in the throat as he did. He then grabbed the weapon, which was slung around the soldier, and fired a fully auto burst of 556 rounds into his friend. The rounds tore through the other man like paper and turned him into a bleeding heap on the ground. Richard then unstrapped the sling of the rifle and tossed it too the floor. It wasn't over, however, as the man deflected a right hook Richard sent at him and sucker punched him right in the stomach. Before Richard knew it the man had drawn his pistol and was about to put a bullet right in the top of his head.

Richard moved just in time for the bullet to miss and give him only a graze on his shoulder. He then grabbed the pistol, kicked the man's shins and pushed the pistol in towards the man's face so that the butt of the handgun slammed into his nose. Richard then simply pull the pistol from the man's hands as he fell against the wall. Flipping it around he stuck the barrel to the man's head who screamed "No! No! Stop!" BANG! the bullet blew the back of the man's head out onto the wall, and he slid down it and hit the ground like a ton of bricks. Richard starred at the mixture of red and pink that was running slowly down the walls like some freaky organic paint before noticing he was standing in a pool of blood from the man he had shot with the rifle. Good thing he had left his duffel bag with his friends or he would have never been able to move fast enough to save his own life.

Richard stepped out of the pool of blood and looked down the hall from where the men had come from and saw that there was a door covered in C4. I wonder why they were going to blow that door down. Richard thought to himself as he walked over to the door ans began throwing the C4 that was tapped to it too the ground. guess there is only one way to find out. he thought as he took a key card from his back pocket and moved to scan it in the door....

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0.00 INK

Priestess scanned the halls of the facility under Buckley AFB as Jakob, who Priestess discovered was the PMC sent here by Scott, followed closely behind her. It was quiet...too quiet. She knew that the "doctor" must be down here somewhere. Her and Johnathan turned a corner and were met with the bloody bodies of the two SEALs that she had sent down after that lying bitch.

"Well, this was unexpected." Priestess commented to herself as she looked over the bodies of the dead soldiers

"Friends of yours?" Jokob asked

"No." Priestess said as she scanned the area

"I thought you said it was just some whore and her teenaged friend." Jakob commented

"Yes, it was." Priestess thought for a second. There was no way that those two could have done this by themselves. They had help "Someone else must have been down here with them." Priestess said she spotted bloody footprints leading from the bodies too a doorway into a lab. The footprints then led back out of the lab and down a side tunnel to Priestess's left "And I think I know where they went." she smiled to herself as she looked at Jakob "Get the suitcase back too Scott, I'll deal with them."

Richard was leading Darcy and her new friend down the cold, dim halls of the facility. He wanted to get her out, he was so afraid of losing her again. The thought sent a cringe up his spine, if he lost her again...he wouldn't know what to do.

"Richard...are you okay?" Darcy asked as she came up next to him and grabbed his hand

"Yeah, I'm fine don't worry about me."

"you two aren't going to dry hump again are you?" Zanetta mocked from behind

Darcy just shot her a look and the girl just smirked and looked down at her feet. Richard chuckled at the two girls. He missed how Darcy fought with every damn person she met. It was hilarious to be honest. The three continued on...unaware of the danger that was coming up close behind.

****West Virginia*****

Scott had gotten back from New York and was now in the back seat of his limo that was following an armed convoy down the abandoned streets of some rotting town in West Virginia. He was heading up on a lead that he couldn't pass up. The man he was looking for was a perfect subject for the project he had cooking up. Soon the initiative would come to a head, it was so close he could smell it.

The convoy came too a complete halt outside a large ultramax prison. The walls where made of brick and were topped by barbed wire. There were rotting bodies of prison guards and inmates alike strung about the courtyard like trash. Director Scott stepped out into the dawning sunlight and straightened his coat as four CIA operatives forced open the secure gate at the front of the facility. The director took a file from his jacket and looked it over as he followed his men into the court yard, at the top of the file it read the name "Roderick Lemartes" . Scott looked over the man's record...it was...outstanding to say the least. The man was a complete nut job, a ruthless killer and he was perfect for what Scott wanted him for. Apparently the man was caught after the infection began, but after it hit West Virginia the guards shoved a few months of food into all the high max cells and left. If he was still alive, which Scott hoped he was, than he was probably on the verge of starvation by now.

"Find me this man's cell, if he is alive we have a lot to talk about."

****Buckley AFB****

Richard knew that they were close to the ladder that would lead him back up to the warehouse where he had left his friends. Once they were there, he knew they would be safe and that he had succeeded in saving Darcy...at least for now. "It's not much farther now." Richard reassured his two companions

"Good, I just want to get out of her." Zannetta complained

"Well good because we are almost-

CRACK! the sound of a bullet flying by Richards head turned his instincts on and he instantly threw Darcy to the ground, spun on his heel, pushed Zanetta out of the way, and began firing rounds down the hall. He saw someone at the end of the hall duck behind a wall as the rounds nearly hit him. "Get up and go!" Richard shouted to his friends as he watched down range for his target. That's when something he never expected happened

"Richard!? Is that you?" an all too familiar voice shouted from down the hall

Richards eyes bugged out of his head as the voice rang in his head "No...it can't be...."

***West Virginia***

Scott walked down the cement walk of the ultramax, looking for Cell B32. behind him stood two men in ballistic bests and BTU's, both of them watching for threats. B29...B30...B31, Scott inched closer and closer to his target. B32...when he reached the door he smiled to himself as he looked into the small window and saw a man lying on the bed with a book in his hand. He reached for the earpiece he had in and spoke into the mic he had attached to the collar of his shirt "Unlock it" he said cooly and the door clanked as the locking mechanism disengaged and the door slowly swung open. The man on the bed sat up, startled, and looked right at Scott who looked at him with emotionless eyes

"Hello Roderick."