Talmar of Visigoth

"There's no turning back. There are no mulligans. There is only one way, and that way is forwards."

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a character in “The Wills of Nobles and the Fists of Iron”, as played by Redred33mer


Talmar of Visigoth


Basic Information

Name: Talmar (of Visigoth)
Age: 19 in appearance
Gender: Male
Race: Khadryan
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 6'6" (average for a Khadryan)
Weight: 303 lbs.
Occupation: Soldier

Physical Description: Aside from the picture above, Talmar has many scars across his body from countless battles and his experience in war. None are particularly significant to him. Additionally, he does keep a pair of arm gauntlets on him as armor; the gauntlets are made of a blue and green crystalline solid known as tyanide.

Skills and Abilities: Talmar is a strong individual, both mentally and physically. His psionic trait is fire. Having been in battle, and having turned ten the year Artaz's mass Khadryan conscription began, fighting has become second nature to him. His strongest technique is to cover his arm with fire and unleash a beam of fire with seemingly unparalleled power that carves a hole out wherever it pushes through. The drawback to this is that he can't stay on his feet much longer than five seconds after the fire from this attack dissipates.

Likes: Fighting, painting, eating, sleeping, chess, doing the right thing

Dislikes: Killing, nobles, politicians, seafood, hunger, alcohol, Artaz

Fears: Dying meaninglessly, Khadryans of the "dark" psionic trait

Weaknesses: From the standpoint of battle, all Khadryans have difficulty dealing with mages, especially strong ones. Talmar is no exception, for skilled mages can have a broader repertoire than Khadryans when it comes to abilities. Away from the battlefield, Talmar knows little of living life like any other person.


It can be hard to know what to expect from Talmar. It is in his blood and upbringing to be analytical, perhaps critical, and harsh. He has a tendency to push people to their limits and challenge their word. However, the nature of his character is softer than the harsh reality that was his training and relentless days of life on the battlefield. He genuinely cares for the people that are around him, and while he was in the military, Talmar built strong relationships with the few he commanded.

Having been raised in the military absent of his parents, Talmar hasn't lived among commoners. He doesn't know what it's like to farm, or to work as a smith needing to pay taxes, or to be at fancy dinners. Put simply, he is as unsophisticated as can be. Condescension over subjects of sophistication and etiquette bother him as one, they were things never taught to him, and two, it seems like another way for privileged individuals to attack others.


Talmar was raised in a family of nobles before he was conscripted into Artaz's army. His father was absent from the home doing business and whatnot while his mother stayed and raised Talmar and his brother. In this way, seeing his father was like a treat because he wasn't home too often, and he held a special place in Talmar's heart.

While being a noble, Talmar's mother taught him manners and some etiquette, but still with time between meals, his parents imparted a more free-spirited soul on him. Talmar showed interest in art, so they got supplies for him to paint. He wanted to learn some swordplay, so they got someone to train him.

Things changed when Talmar turned ten. His father joined the rebellion against Artaz and he saw his parent slayed in battle. His mother was never found again, and he in his brother were taken into training afterwards. He would like to think he lost his brother in training, because he never recognized what his sibling had become.

When Talmar graduated from training early, he was put on frontlines when he was only fourteen years of age; the standard was supposed to be sixteen years of age. His skills with the blade were sharpened and honed to levels beyond what most people would ever strive for, but his artistic skills and civility would be lost in this endeavor to survive the tests the battlefield put him through. Lacking a family to return to, Talmar was never granted leave. When he was sixteen, he was granted the status of Lieutenant, and for as long as he served was never promoted afterwards.

In the military, Talmar had always gotten in trouble for questioning and challenging superiors, but his former status as a noble had deterred them from killing him or jailing him for actions he would otherwise be condemned for. As such, his punishment was being put into near impossible situations, like storming a dwarven mountainside fortress with only two hundred men. Including him, only twenty seven survived the attack with the fortress secure.

For several years, Talmar lived this brutal, harsh life. Because he had no family, his army unit became like that to him. The troops he did have were loyal to him because he pulled the unit through tough times. They respected him because he tried to do what was best, not what his superiors told him to do. However, as Talmar's incidents of insolence and disobedience stacked up, there came a time not too distant where Talmar had to abandon his post.

Now, he is currently running from the agents of Artaz to seek asylum in another country. But borders will not stop Artaz.

So begins...

Talmar of Visigoth's Story