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Roleplay Ideas

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a character in “The Wilting Bouquet”, as played by The Toxic Cereus


Roleplay Ideas

Ideas I throw around, or find on Tumblr (which I'll credit). If you're interested in doing one, or starting a 1x1 off the idea, please message me.

1. In our time you do not expect to see a demon, even less, summoning one. But what if it happens? And what if you find out that demon has a sweet and caring nature? What if that demon, despite being of a high rank, actually despises to torture humans. And what if you fall in love with said creature? Working through all your differences and through the demon’s odd behavior at times, you experience an unnatural but beautiful love. But to keep a demon in the human world, a deal has to be made and those deals always end up in tragedies. (Tumblr)

2. Muse A and Muse B come from the different sides of the tracks… literally, They are from competing Mob families and there is a turf war going on in the city both their parents rule. Muse A grew up with everything handed to them, trying to remain completely unaware of the world their family forced on them. Muse B, is being trained to take over, after one night in a club however, everything starts to change, they meet one another. Both are oblivious to who the other is, but as their feelings grow deeper for each other, the more dangerous it becomes, and the more blurred the choice gets. Is blood actually thicker then water. (Tumblr) CURRENTLY DOING PLZ N0

3. Muse A is a distinguished limnologist, passionately studying inland waters and exploring the far reaches of the globe to continue their research. While on an boat expedition down a remote, unexplored river in South America, Muse A stumbles upon a spectacular sight. Muse B, a mermaid/merman, isn’t anything average — they’re the river’s spirit, living as the river lives, lasting as long as it remains untouched. The love that forms between them is uncommon, yet stronger than the current of the river, and however they choose to deal with their obvious differences, their bond can never go away. (Tumblr)

4. The roaring 20's is a true time to be alive. TBC

5. “People once believed, that when someone dies, a crow carries their soul to the land of the dead. But sometimes, something so bad happens, that a terrible sadness is carried with it and the soul can’t rest. Then sometimes, just sometimes the crow could bring that soul back to put the wrong things right.” - The Crow, 1994. (People who were murdered brought back to life to avenge their deaths) (Tumblr)

6.Muse A is on the run. Running from a life they never wanted. Behind them is pain, abuse and no say in any life choices. So Muse A runs. Life on the run is not the fairy tale that they imagined it might be. Life is even worse and they can’t take it anymore.
Muse A decides to end it by jumping into the ocean. They end up in a rip and are pulled out to sea.
A boat comes across Muse A. Muse B is a sailor on the boat and rescues Muse A from the deep water. Muse B nurses Muse A back to health and as Muse A recovers, Muse B discovers their story while falling in love with Muse A.
Muse B decides to avenge Muse A and bring justice to those who wronged them. The decide to let everyone think Muse A has died, that way Muse A as can start a new life with Muse B.
Twist: Historical setting, Muse B is a feared pirate Captain. (Tumblr)

7. ;;– It began centuries ago, in the dawn of the human race. On a planet void of meaning, life, and sin set foot the angels, the soldiers of God, the messengers of grace and the hands of fate. They hid among humans, turned into birds and flew above the world they swore to protect.

When corruption finally came it was not at the hands of humans, but of angels.

So used to living on a planet ridden with sins, the angels found themselves tainted by the humans they lived among. Soon war broke out between those who had betrayed God and those who had not - factions were created, and the war raged on as sin crept into the very essence of the angels. For this, the world suffered.

Now, in the present year of 2014, the war still rages. The world still suffers.

;;– The plot of this universe is set as a battleground between angels, their offspring, and humans. In this universe there are several different factions and, obviously, the three main races. This is not based off Supernatural or The Mortal Instruments, but is inspired by The Fallen series.

;;– The three races are Human, Nephilim, and Angel.

Human;; Humans have lived on Earth for just as long as Angels. They are meager, pale, fleeting creatures with little to no meaning on Earth. They are sinful and corrupt. However, ‘pure’ humans are capable of maintaining The Sight, a mystical power that enables them to see angels for what they truly are. For the sake of this roleplay, all humans are granted The Sight unless otherwise discussed.

Nephilim;; Nephilim are the offspring of Angels and Humans. They are wingless and essentially powerless, though they granted longer lives and durability. Nephilim, though they are wingless, are capable of shifting into birds like Angels are, and can also speak with animals. Some Nephilim are even granted minimal elemental powers or other capabilities.

Angel;; Angels are the soldiers & messengers of God, though they are not immune to sin; once tainted they can perform sins, though they are not capable of that before being corrupted. Winged and powerful, they can read minds, shift into birds, and control the elements. Theirs wings are only visible to other angels, nephilim, and those with The Sight.

;;– There are multiple factions in this RPG. They are as follows:

Those Who See;; This faction is made up of humans with The Sight. All humans in this RPG are in this faction, though they can choose to help their desired faction.

The Good;; The Good are Angels who still follow God’s orders and do not commit sin, and try to eradicate it from Earth. They kill all humans with The Sight, all Nephilim, and all 'Evil’ Angels.

The Fallen;; The Fallen are Angels who are corrupted by sin or have decided to protect Humans. They are weaker than those who still carry out the will of God, but they continue to fight.

The Hidden;; The Hidden are Angels who have hidden among humans to avoid the war & Nephilim. They do not fight, but hide to survive and try to pass as human. (Tumblr)

8. It has been said that there are three kinds of secrets in the world. The first is the most simple, the sort that only requires two people to exist: the keeper and the kept-from. Then, there are the secrets we keep from ourselves, intentionally or accidentally, subconsciously or knowingly. These are more difficult: confessions unclear to their would-be confessors. Finally, there’s the most hidden type of secret. The one that no one knows about - or else, the ones that were forgotten.

In Northpoint, all three types of secrets exist. There are keepers and there are the kept-from, there are people keeping secrets from even themselves, unwilling or unable to say those three simple words: I am afraid.

And yes ——- there are those secrets that not a soul knows. The ones that were taken to the grave, and are waiting to be told again.

Northpoint, Maine.

A town made up of no more than 7,000 people and winding, historic streets. It is a beautiful little town, a common stop for tourists whether to appreciate the historic lighthouse and beautiful beach in the summer, or the gorgeous foliage in the fall - but what of the people who live there year round? It is not uncommon for children to grow up within the city limits, only venturing out to attend Winthrop University a few towns over. Adults and teens alike can be found browsing through the Waterfront Shoppes, enjoying the salty sea breeze at the beach, or even losing themselves in the wild beat spilling from the speakers in Banshee. Northpoint may be a small town by definition, but it holds more adventures than what meets the eye.

Despite the calm shores, each and every one of Northpoint’s inhabitants is capable of brewing up a storm within themselves - and storms, once started, are not easily stopped. Friends will be lost and found, love will die and begin again, tears will be shed and laughs will be shared, blood will flow, and all chaos will be let loose - and peace will be found. No one knows how long the inhabitants of Northpoint can keep their skeletons buried in their closets and their storm winds at bay. Only they can decide whether to sink or swim. (Tumblr)

9. The fourth of five facilities owned and run by the United Nations, there is no record of the facility’s existence, or its practices, in any country.

In 1954, the first of what would be a worldwide phenomenon was found in New York City. The mutant’s name is only known as ‘Lillith’, though her true name is unknown. She was left outside an orphanage by an unknown mother. Two webbed, grotesque wings were found on the baby’s back when she was discovered hours later. The baby was immediately taken into government custody and raised under careful watch; meanwhile, more such mutants were found all across the country. Some of them had physical deformities, like Lillith; others had mental or seemingly magical abilities. In a panic, the UN constructed the first detainment and ‘decontamination’ facility on an isolated island near Hawaii- Facility 1. Over the next sixty years, the other four facilities were created, to accomodate the exponentially growing mutant species.

Though the main goal of the facility is rehabilitation and release of the patients, there have been very few cases where mutant genes are entirely removed from a patient. Unless a patient’s abilities are rendered entirely useless (without the use of an anklet), and they are unable to pass on the mutant gene to any possible offspring, they will remain in the facility.

Some believe mutants aren’t mutants at all, but are, in fact, the next step of evolution. Others believe them to be demons, the work of the Devil himself. (Tumblr)

10. Welcome to the idyllic town of Mystic Falls, voted “Virginia’s best-kept secret” in a 2006 poll from Blue Ridge Living Magazine. Nestled in a pristine natural setting, with its namesake waterfalls as a centerpiece and boasting low crime rates, clean streets, and a whole host of events, the sleepy town of only a few thousand people has been blessed with almost preternatural good fortune.

You might even say it was the perfect family getaway. Until two weeks ago.

August, 2009
When the news hit, the police department called them “animal attacks.” Two young couples discovered feet from their still-running cars, their throats ripped out and their bodies eviscerated, mangled within an inch of all recognition. A rabid animal, species unspecified. The victims, all out-of-towners, had mistaken it for an injured dog, the police said, and had stopped to help. It had been put down, and there was nothing to fear.

But the once-peaceful town was already shaken, and talk of darker things couldn’t be so easily silenced. On the surface are concerns of cover-up and conspiracy, the holes in the official story breeding paranoia among the townsfolk. Some say there’s a killer loose in Mystic Falls, and that this is only the beginning.

Worse still are the whispers in the shadows: this is a harbinger of something far more sinister, they say. Rumors of ancient, warring evil; a centuries-old feud; a prophecy yet to come to pass - of vampires and werewolves, of demons and the Mouth of Hell itself… these are the words that cannot be believed, except by the glow of a bonfire, with the first breaths of fall in the air.

Today is September 3rd, 2009, the first day of the new school year. For almost a century and a half, Mystic Falls has stood as a stronghold, a safe haven divorced from the black roots of its paranormal conception. Now that the foundation has been shaken, it’s only a matter of time before the walls come crashing down.(Tumblr)

11. I have a theory too. My theory is about moments. Moments of impacts
Statistics suggest flying on a commercial aircraft is one of the safest forms of transportation in the modern world. Drastic downward of plane accidents has been registered in the course of the past years, as new technical equipment contributed to safer flights and the accidents themselves becoming more survivable. Today, chances of a plane crash are less than 0.00001 percent. The risk, however, remains.. What if you’re a part of the unfortunate percent?

A moment of impact has potential for change, has ripple effects far
beyond what we can predict.
That painful fate was assigned to the passengers of Spectrum S570, when due to technical difficulties the plane fell from the sky. The pilots had put all their effort into an emergency landing, but the crash was inevitable. Once in contact with the hot beach sand, the majestic bird of steel snapped like a fragile twig, the impact pushing it off the land and into the unhostile deep waters of North Atlantic Ocean. Just like that, a little kid’s scream fell silent. Scared newlyweds no longer held each other tightly. A stressed business man no longer thought about the pile of paperwork waiting at home. The flight assistant’s body was merely a puppet thrown around by the violent shakes and strong sea currents, creating a disturbing art of red and salt. There was no more screaming, no more terrified calls. Nothing but deathly silence, filled with unbearable noise of the heavy wreckage falling apart. It was the end.

You see that’s the best thing of moments like these, you can’t, no
matter how hard you try, control how they are going to effect you.
For all, but few. As the former passengers stranded the island there were few, among the many dead, who had managed to survive. Decided that they were the last to survive, the group pulled out to explore the island they had stranded on. A few days later, they stumbled across a hut hidden in the forest. The hut appeared to have served as a research camp, but it has, without a doubt, been abandoned for decades, if not centuries. The camp isn’t much, and surely not enough to shelter all who survived, but it’s the best they have in learning how to make it in the new environment. (tumblr)

it’d also be pretty rad if a hot guy lived upstairs & maybe he was in a band & after a long night of practice he’d come out onto the fire escape for a cigarette while you’re out there looking up at the stars & reading a mystery novel & it goes on like this for a while, just sharing a few glances & head nods & then returning to your apartment but maybe one day he walks down the stairs & sits on one of steps & asks you what book you’re reading & it all kind of flourishes from there. you’re welcome. (Tumblr)


Character A is a penniless writer who came to a large city (namely, Paris) to make a name for themselves and join the urban counter-culture that's always interested them. Character B is an aspiring performer who currently finds a living as a courtesan. Their paths cross and they fall in love, however doomed they are from the start. (Tumblr)

During a solo roadtrip, Muse A breaks down by a gas station a few miles from the closest town. They meet a family who runs the gas station and is immediately attracted to Muse B, the oldest sibling in the family. Little does Muse A know, the family has a dark secret and has targeted Muse A as their next victim. Should they be thankful that a local police officer’s suspicion has them poking around or will they be a victim as well? (Tumblr)

Muse A is the daughter of a man with a serious gambling problem. He’s a sweet man, always doting on Muse A with her favorite books and rare flowers, but he’s up to his ears in debt after borrowing money from the wrong people. One afternoon, Muse A’s father is confronted by Muse B, the ruthless crime boss of the city. Few people have ever seen Muse B’s face, as his henchmen usually do his dirty work, but everyone knows his name and cowers in fear appropriately. Muse A’s father owes Muse B a considerable debt, which he cannot pay. Rather than kill the man, Muse B offers a trade – the man's beautiful daughter in exchange for the forgiveness of his financial debts. He has one night to make this deal happen or Muse B will come for him. When Muse A’s father explains the predicament to her, she is willing to go, as long as it ensures the safety of her family and her father promises to put an end to his troublesome gambling habits. Muse A moves in to Muse B’s mansion outside of town the following day. From the moment Muse A arrives, Muse B is on his best behavior, lavishing her with gifts – a library wing for her, a pretty garden filled with the finest, imported roses – jewelry, and so on. Gradually, Muse A comes to see that Muse B isn’t a horrible person, behind closed doors, but the circumstances of their arrangement (and the terrible crimes he commits as a crime boss) make it difficult for her to fall in love with him as he’s fallen in love with her. Each time Muse B proposes marriage, Muse A refuses. Muse A becomes terribly homesick and begs to be allowed to visit her father. Muse B allows her to leave him as long as she returns to him within a week’s time. While Muse A is away, Muse B is attacked by a disloyal bunch of conspiring underlings. When Muse A returns, she finds Muse B wounded and left for dead in his home office. She realizes in this moment that she does love him and if he recovers she’ll marry him. Her quick actions save his life and once he is well enough, they marry.
Optional Twists:
Dark Twist: Once Muse B recovers, Muse A willingly becomes part of the crime business. Together they seek revenge against those who betrayed Muse B.
Romantic/Angst Twist: Once Muse B recovers, Muse B gives up his life of crime, since he’s assumed to be dead and he and Muse A run away together, with the condition that Muse A can never return home to her family. (TUMBLR BCUZ I SUCK)

Muse A is a hunter who travels the country in order to extinguish supernatural threats. When Muse A gets news of yet another small town being terrorized by a murderous creature, they pack up their things and make haste to the next destination. Muse A settles into town quickly and gets to work investigating these mysterious, grisly deaths. Despite Muse A’s best efforts, over the course of several weeks, they keep coming up short of catching the culprit, unaware that Muse B is watching their every move.
Option 1: Muse B is a supernatural creature, the same kind as the killer, but innocent. They approach Muse A and offer to hunt down the killer together.
Option 2: Muse B is the killer and tries to throw Muse A off their trail (by seduction or other means).

Muse A has always loved nature. Even though they live in an urban area, they find the time to walk to the local park every day and spend a few quiet moments enjoying the greenery and animals around them. They always relax on the same wooden bench and lately have been noticing the animals seem to have grown accustomed to their presence. In particular one beautiful, curious crow. It keeps its distance, but always appears so intelligent and sharp, watching intently with its ebony eyes.
One day Muse A brings a small bag of trail mix as an offering to their new feathered friend. The crow caws happily and devours the assortment of raisins and nuts. The following day Muse A returns with a snack and the crow is there, this time with a shiny twist of metal in its beak. When the treats are scattered along the ground, the bird drops the paperclip - a gift - at Muse A’s feet.
This ritual exchange carries on until one day, the crow doesn’t show. Muse A is heartbroken, missing the therapeutic one-sided talks and charming company of their wild friend. Muse B appears, seemingly out of nowhere and sits down on the wooden bench beside a visibly distraught Muse A. Wordlessly, Muse B hands Muse A a small metal trinket, a perfect addition to Muse A’s collection. Is the gesture enough to reveal the truth about Muse B? The shapeshifter had been their crow companion the entire time.

Muse A is a guarded private investigator, who’s been hardened by years of working cases that no one else wanted. Muse A is at the end of their professional rope, exhausted by a decade of pounding the pavement to get the bad guys, while constantly looking over their shoulder. Through it all, Muse B has been their loyal companion—the one they always turn to when the dam is about to break—the only one that can keep Muse A from resorting to their worst vices. Muse A’s latest assignment—a missing person’s case, involving the sibling of a childhood friend—has Muse A clutching Muse B tighter than ever. Muse B is there for all the late nights, easily soothing Muse A’s frayed nerves, seducing Muse B away from the case with their slim figure and intoxicating scent. Muse B is the only reliable thing in Muse A’s dismal world and as such, Muse B’s growing pull on Muse A becomes harder and harder to deny.

While driving home on a quiet backstreet, Muse A spots a wounded animal on the side of the road. Having a soft spot for suffering creatures, Muse A pulls over and scoops the animal up into the backseat of their car. Muse A drives home with the good intention of nursing the poor animal back to health, unaware that the animal (Muse B) is really a shapeshifter. After making a comfortable place for Muse B to sleep, Muse A heads off to bed. By morning, Muse B is feeling a bit better and they shift back into their human form just as Muse A enters the room to check up on them. Muse B tries their best to explain what’s going on without terrifying Muse A. According to shapeshifter law, Muse B now owes Muse A their loyalty and must stay with them until the debt is repaid.

Muse A frequents a coffee shop every day after school/work, Muse B works as a barista there. Muse A always sits at the same table by the window, in plain-sight of the counter, preoccupied with a book or their laptop. Muse B can’t help but notice Muse A and admire them from afar. Too shy to go up and talk to Muse A at their table, Muse B finds another way to make an impression. Muse B begins to write nice messages on Muse A’s coffee cups, gradually getting a little bolder each day. “Have a nice night.” “That must be a good book.” “You look nice today.” “You have a cute smile.” Usually, by the time Muse A notices these little notes, Muse B has switched shifts with someone else. One afternoon, Muse A comes in and orders their usual from Muse B. When the order is ready, Muse A makes sure to read the note right away. This time, the message reads: “Would you like to go out with me?"

Muse A and Muse B find an apartment online that they both love. Though they’re strangers when they sign the lease, they agree to share the place. A few days after the move in, they start to question the arrangement.
Muse A is quiet and neat. Muse B is loud and messy. Muse A has a decent job and pays most of the rent, Muse B recently got fired from their job, hasn’t told Muse A yet, and isn’t in a rush to find a replacement job. Muse A is the responsible type, and Muse B couldn’t take care of a goldfish. Muse A likes their privacy and Muse B is happy walking around the apartment half-naked and entering their roommate’s space without knocking. They hardly agree on anything, from what to order for dinner to what temperature to keep the thermostat on. Just when Muse A is reaching their breaking point and on the verge of giving up the apartment they love to move back home because Muse B is driving them crazy and they can’t keep up with bills on their own, Muse A suffers a major setback/loss and Muse B is the only person who understands/can help them get through it.

So begins...

Roleplay Ideas's Story