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Adam Wallenberg

A Swedish former Werewolf, now Hybrid, Alpha. Drawn to New Orleans by Klaus's unborn miracle child.

0 · 378 views · located in The Originals (The Vampire Diaries)

a character in “The winds of change - The Originals”, as played by Alator


Name: Adam Wallenberg

Species: Hybrid (Half werewolf, half vampire (Klaus's bloodline))

Occupation: Alpha of the Scandinavian Northstar pack (Werewolf/Hybrid pack). Werewolf royalty. Businessman.

Age: 26

Appearence: Adam is tall and stands at 6,7 feet, with a well-trained torso and arms, he has a short blond hair aswell as a beard. He has also clear blue Eyes.

Wolf appearence: He is a quite large wolf with light-grey fur.


Personality: He is intelligent and determined. He is ambitious, and if he sets a goal for himself he will try very hard to achieve it. He is stubborn and proud, thus can have troubles admitting to be wrong, and can take a great deal of convincing to admit so.

Backstory: Adam was born a member of the large and influential Wallenberg family in Sweden, whom has a hand in nearly every major industry in Sweden, aswell as the head of one, and involved in several other banks. His father was the human Axel Wallenberg, the second son of Marc Wallenberg. It was from Marc that the blood of the wolf comes from in the Wallenberg family. He fell in love with the werewolf Helena, with ancestral ties to werewolves in America, and the Alpha of the largest pack in Scandinavia, a member of one of the Royal families of werewolves. They lived happy for a long time and got two children. Yet one fullmoon the 18th of November 1971, Helena broke the chains that bound her in an old cellar out in the Woods. Marc, who was on his way back to a house nearby was armed with a hunting rifle, should this occur, was attacked by her. Rather than using it on her, he shot himself so that she wouldn't have to live with having killed him, or him with having killed her.

The event was, without telling an outright lie, named a suicide, Marc had killed himself due to stress accordig to the family. Helena died several years later, with her final years being quite tragic.

Axel was well informed of what he was by his mother, and later gave that knowledge over to his son wich he got when he himself was only 18. And was very careful to hide what he was from the rest in his family. Axel became a valuable member of the pack, despite not having triggered his curse, due to the fact that his family owns a great deal of the industry in the large forests of northern Sweden that are so well suited for being werewolf lands. Making sure to stay away from the areas were different packs lives.

Adam was raised strictly, although under much love. And got into the business life at a young age, even though being the third son of a second son, there were important jobs for him to handle aswell. And he chose, at his father's recommendation, the forest industry, although not at the same scale, with his father still taking the heaviest load. Yet when he was 20 years old, he was attacked while visiting the city of UmeΓ₯ in Sweden by a man with a knife, who wanted his Money. Adam in self defence pushed him back, leading to the would-be robber losing his balance and falling down a stair, dying in the process. Thus triggering Adam's wolf. Three years after died his brother, Simon, who was the Alpha of the Northstar pack at that time. Adam stepped up and took his Place. Contuining his life pretty much as usual, although now also handling a great deal of supernatural matters aswell.

Two years later when he had newly arrived at Norfolk in Virginia with the intention of spending a few weeks of the summer in America, he came across Klaus. Who now had managed to release his werewolf side and become the first Hybrid. Aswell as figuring out how to create Hybrids. Klaus forced him to feed on his blood and then on some girl's, then doing the same on two of the members of his pack. Turning them into Hybrids. Those who wasn't there still accepted Adam as their Alpha, although some weren't too happy with the sire bond and Adam's deep sense of gratitude towards Klaus. The power he recieved could not be denied, and now he could also protect his pack better from Vampires. He tried to prevent feeding on humans if possible, mainly attacking and feeding on Vampires. If he did feed on humans, he did not kill them, only compelled them and then removed their memory.

He and those from his pack with him in America Heard rumours of an unborn miracle child of Klaus. And headed towards New Orleans to see it for themselves. And they are all eager to do Another thing there, the Vampiric reign and the ill-treatment of the werewolves in New Orleans must end. So, this summer has taken a new turn for the pack members. Who now are about to throw themselves into the very old supernatural power struggles of New Orleans.

So begins...

Adam Wallenberg's Story