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Jezebel Sterling

Never lose sight of what is right in front of you.

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a character in “The Witches”, as played by TheLittleWitch


Jezebel Sterling


Her power is at its weakest when there is no moon. and she is allergic to Monkshood, if she is around it her skin starts to get red and itchy. If she ingests it, she can die.


Jezebel is very good at mixing potions and identifying plant and animal types.

Long full brunet hair, brown eyes, tan skin, petite. 125 lbs, five feet six inches tall.

Animals, being outside, the moon, the ocean, being in the woods.

Liars, being tricked, people that are only looking to gain from something.

She is afraid of being killed, and of disgracing her clan.

Jezebel is sweet, she likes to help people and make people happy. She has never really shown anyone her darker side, it could be because she is afraid of that part of herself.

Jezebel is very secretive about her past, not many people know much more about her other than she came to the new world as a child with her grandmother from England. He grandmother passed away when Jezebel was 12 and she was taken in by one of the towns figure heads.
It turns out that Jezebel's grandmother was very good friends with this man and they were both witches, the man took Jezebel under his wing and taught her everything he knew about magic before he died, leaving Jezebel everything he owned.


Because she had been taken in by one of the town council members they view her as a part of their council and value her opinion.


So begins...

Jezebel Sterling's Story


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Jezebel had been working all night and was still not tired. She looked around the small room and sighed, she needed a few more herbs to finish her potion. Quickly she cleaned everything up and put everything that could be incriminating into her secret hiding place. After she had made sure everything was away in case someone decided to come looking for her, Jezebel slipped on her shoes and headed out to the woods. It was still quite early and no one was awake yet.
Jezebel found the herbs with ease and decided instead of going straight home she would walk through the woods for a while, she looked the woods, she always felt strangely at home here. She walked to a clearing not far from the town and watched the sky as the sun rose into the sky, and cast it's arms out over the land, warming the earth and giving her light as well.
"It really is beautiful..."
She whispered to herself as she continued to watch.
After a while she began the walk back into town and to her house. People were awake now, she could hear the sound of cooking coming from different houses. The smell of food in the air made her stomach growl with hunger!


Jacob awoke with the sun and quickly got out of bed. He pulled on his boots and quickly walked out of his house. He began his day with a brisk walk around the perimeter of the town, searching for any strange activity or signs of witchcraft. The last "witch" he had found had been a prostitute.
She hadn't really been a witch, the only magic she could do was sleep with as many as ten men in under two hours.
Jacob was convinced otherwise!


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Vincent was only a little bit surprised when he saw Jezebel, and felt her loop arms with him. He kept his expression neutral, unwilling to allow any familiarity to pass over him. It would link them, he knew to act as if the two of them were good friends and any link to a fellow witch could easily get the both of them killed. Keep things friendly, but not overly so and the dangers of discovery would lessen. Vincent was truly more worried about what would happen were he to be discovered, and how it would effect Jezebel in turn - she had a better reputation to uphold after all.

"Good day Jezebel," He smiles politely "A leak you say? Well now, can't let that go unfixed." A leak in the roof huh, a good cover if anyone else were to inquire why Vincent would be at her place. Though it still may stir up rumors, knowing their little town and all its gossip.

"Shall we fix it now? Of course I have to be back in time to make sure Nathaniel is getting on well, he gets into far too much trouble as is with me around, only the gods know what hes getting up to while I'm gone." He inquires, glancing around as they walk, weary of curious ears.