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Althea Cambridge

"Life would be so much more beautiful without headaches."

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a character in “The Witching Hr”, as played by Sauce


Althea Cambridge

Age: 17
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 125 lbs
Abilities: Telepathy and clairvoyance.
Brief history:
Althea was born to two ex-members of a private academy that was not Robichaux’s. Her father, Theo Cambridge established himself as a respected physicist and was responsible for most of her family's income as an experienced orator and writer of physics. Her mother, Lisa Cambridge was an aspiring writer who had published over a dozen books throughout her career, all of which never quite reached the heights of worldly renown and mostly remained in obscurity. Althea found her mother's stories fascinating, and often more than not appreciated her style of using unconventional characters in overly dramatic settings. It was because of her mother that Althea, even from early age, had an never ending love for literal fiction.

The sheltered days with her mother were numbered and by the time she left her family to join a private academy she could already sense her world changing. Althea could never quite fit in to her new dwellings. Often she would hear voices, both in her wake and while she slept, of those around her. It was unbearable at first, but slowly she began to grow in to her abilities, but in the end they were still too much for her to handle. Having experienced the mental, as well as physical, strain of her of powers in that institution, her parents knew they had to find something better for their daughter.

She traveled home to live with her parents for a while leaving the tumult of the institution behind. It was here that her mother introduced her sister Rose, who'd just come back from a trip abroad, (Althea's aunt) who'd also shared Althea's power of clairvoyance. Rose became a sort of tutor to the young witch and the two bonded. Weeks passed and she became more adept at mind reading but her control still lacked. Eventually she was introduced to telepathy, she also learned how to shut out people's thoughts and even introduced to her the power of visions, though the visions themselves were often overwhelming and would often leave her out of breath. Time had passed, and after Rose had taught her everything she know, she decided it was best for Althea to receive training at a special school that she herself had once attended as a teenager...


Before transferring to Miss Robichaux's Academy Althea day's at the former institution were laden with trouble and anxiety. Ever since word had gotten out that she was a mind reader the others began to retract from her presence, nervous that their most inner thoughts would come to light and somehow paint them as some evil villain. Although control over her powers proved difficult and despite overhearing a motley of sweet as well as nasty thoughts, it was one of her rules to keep someone's else's thoughts and emotions entirely their own. It was sort of an unspoken coven that she'd formed early on so that no one, whether she knew them or not, would be hurt by the misuse of her powers.

Althea is a clumsy and self kept girl. If the accidental misuse of her power to read people's minds wasn't enough she was also prone to tiny mishaps that sometimes, though unusually, resulted in her tumbling dramatically. Although theatrical when it comes to falling, Althea usually brushes off her clumsiness with a cool smile almost as if to say, "No problem! I meant to do that!." Often the at times she would attempt to restrain her powers which resulted in endless headaches sometimes worse then the ones she got from constantly hearing voices.

Althea's personality is oft reticent but overall warm and friendly. In her younger days she was an emphatic shut-in but growing up she began to be more open with others about her abilities making sure that they knew she wasn't someone to be afraid of. She became somewhat transformed in to a person who, once afraid of others, was now sharing stories of her latest adventures in the world of accidents and mishaps to those that she genuinely trusted.

Althea tends to stay away from big crowds who's flurry of thoughts are so imperceptible at times that she can barely make out her own. She prefers small groups and tentatively listens to other people's thoughts (not literally, however sometimes does fall the occasional slip). Oddly enough, during one on one conversations others find her surprisingly talkative.


- Likes Reading, good hygiene, sweets, one on one conversations -

- Dislikes parties, bad manners, alcohol, obnoxious people, -

So begins...

Althea Cambridge's Story

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//sorry I was gone so long, my grandpa died and I needed some time with the family. I have caught up on the posts since I left and will try my best to remain active.

Rather than going around making friends or dealing with ceremony -whatever the hell that is- Bambi decided to scurry back to her room and pretend she never met Madison. Pretend that the lavender-haired beauty had never seen her... Pretend she was home with her kid brother making fried ice-cream sandwiches.

She shuffled past many people, rather embarrassed that she had been so clueless. -Coward. say thank you to that nice girl. she bothered to tell you there wasn't class; which is more than I can say for the rest of these freaks.- Her mom's voice whispered in her ear.

"Shut up, bitch. You aren't even real." Bambi whispered to the voice scratching away at her sanity. She already had to listen to the booming voices of an entire school, the last thing that Bambi needed was a scolding from her dead mother. She ran outside of the crowded school. Bambi nodded at the occasional student -If only someone had bothered to tell you whether or not attendance at this so called ceremony is required. Looks like you will have to start up a conversation.- Her mom jested, causing Bambi to stop in her tracks. She glanced over her shoulder and saw Pell, dragging along another girl she didn't recognize. Having already bothered Pell once today, Bambi went in search of someone else, anyone else...