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Amanda Rae

Little Miss Piggy

0 · 424 views · located in New Orleans, Louisiana

a character in “The Witching Hr”, as played by McPainty


Amanda Elizabeth Rae

[Voice. ]
[Theme Song. ]

β–Œβ–Œ β–ˆ β–ˆ β–ˆ THE BASICSImage


[Name. ] Amanda Elizabeth Rae

[Gender. ] Female

[Nickname. ] Andy

[Age. ] 20

[Schedule. ]

ImageAPPEARANCE β–ˆ β–ˆ β–ˆ β–Œβ–Œ


[Face Claim. ] Isabell Rist

[Height. ] 5'6

[Weight/Build. ] 126 pounds, but she fluctuates quite often between 115-145.

[Hair. ] A crisp, whitish blonde. Her hair is naturally straight and reaches just past her shoulder blades, but she enjoys putting it in elaborate braids.

[Eye Colour. ] An extremely dark shade of brown. It took her the longest time to find out it wasn't actually black.

[Scars/Piercings/Tattoos. ] Amanda has no tattoos, but her ears are pierced with the basic earlobe piercing so that she can wear earrings. But she also has light purple blotches on both sides and the front of her neck. She usually can cover them up with a layer of makeup or a scarf, which she often does.

[Notable Features. ] Amanda is known for her scarves an braids. She can name off any type of braid there is and preform most on hand fluently. She also always carries scarves of various colours, patterns, and lengths, and they always match her outfit.

[Preferred Clothing. ] Amanda usually wears light, thin fabric shirts with a light over coat or shawl. Her pants are always skintight, no matter the fabric type, and she wears various brands and types of boots. Most times she is also wearing a scarf.

β–Œβ–Œ β–ˆ β–ˆ β–ˆ PERSONALITYImage


[Sexuality. ] Pansexual

[Oddities. ] Amanda is addicted to gaining weight. She binge eats at night and eats outrageous portions of food before going on very strict diets to lose weight so she can do it all over again. Because of this, she's sometimes called Miss Piggy, but she enjoys her addiction nonetheless. She also has a tendency to make problems so that she can fix them. She'll gladly help other people's problems but

[Habits. ] Amanda in general is a very patient girl and she can go on with a task she hates for long periods of time, but she tends to give off very sarcastic nature. To her, it's how she copes with things that annoy her and she can't help but be "Sarcastically patient".

[Likes. ] Amanda enjoys a good book and often spends her free time reading them. But she enjoys cosmetics and generally and happily plays around with it and even offers to do it for others. She's also a grammar nazi and takes pride in correcting people's grammar and coming up with clever comebacks. Her favourite foods are usually sour, but her comfort foods are chips of any kind.

[Dislikes. ] Amanda hates losing her glasses because she finds it hard to read without them. And despite her binge eating disorder, she dislikes chocolate of any kinda and despises the exercise she usually has to endure in order to not become overweight. She also hates writing stories of her own, preferring to read other people's stories over creating her own.

[Fears. ] Amanda fears being controlled to the point where she can explore and push herself. Having had little to no restriction early in her life, she's terrified to know what it's like to be oppressed and unable to do the things she wants.

[Hobbies. ] Amanda reads in her spare time and enjoys learning languages, accents, and geography and is fluent in several languages including Danish, French, Japanese, German, and even Orc as seen in the Lord of the Rings.

ImageABILITIESβ–ˆ β–ˆ β–ˆ β–Œβ–Œ


[Levitation. ] Amanda is able to defy gravity. It was the first gift she discovered but she doesn't use it as much anymore besides to reach books on the higher shelves or when she's too lazy to go up the stairs.

[Cloaking. ] Amanda is also able to hide objects and people with what she calls an "invisible cloak". She's known to be a prankster and usually uses it to scare people or to get away with a small joke, but she is clever when using it for protection.

[Resurgence. ] Her latest and newest discovery is her ability to resurrect the dead. She hasn't had the opportunity to practice this much, seeing as it is new, but she enjoys being able to bring people back when all hope seems to be lost.

β–Œ β–Œ β–ˆ β–ˆ β–ˆ HISTORY Image


[ History. ] Amanda grew up with a wealthy family in Germany, her mother being an Art professor and her father being a professional photographer. Her mother owned a vast library that Amanda would spend hours reading and her father used her for modeling in his pictures. They clearly loved their daughter, but they let her be independent seeing as they were either busy grading papers and teaching, or traveling for photo shoots. While her parents were away, she practiced various activities, and through these practices is how she discovered her abilities.

Being the honest child she was (and the prankster) her parents found out and they sent her the coven. She visits her parents once a year, but she's been learning more about her abilities and enhancing through the academy and generally loves it and the people there.

So begins...

Amanda Rae's Story

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For the dead, life was simple. Having already experienced the ever mysterious sensations of death that haunted the waking moments of life, the terror and fear fled. There were no waking hours in the night where you thought about the meaning of life or when your time would come. There was no gasping realization that one day you weren't going to be there anymore. So, Imageessentially, with most of the worries of life gone, it was simple as ever. So when things started to get complicated, it was significantly harder to deal with.

It was like people didn't understand that sudden requests and movements didn't usually go so well for zombies like himself. He needed time to understand what the hell was going on before doing something or else he'll end up doing something wrong or completely fall over. He already ran into Hale earlier today, he didn't need to run into anyone else. But maybe that's not what Hale had in mind, because as soon as Greyson left with a request of her own, the council member charged in and shoved them out of the room like dogs that just puked on the floor and he needed to clean it up. Kyle almost stumbled out the door, but he kept both of their requests, taking Jaquelin down stairs and away from the scene.

Everyone was murmuring at once, some louder than others, and some even blatantly gossiping and talking exceptionally loud. People's footsteps, the clinking of dishes people took with them to finish their meal, it was all a cloud of noise pollution and the Spencer boy blinked wildly at it all. He made sure to sit Jacquelin down on the nearest chair or couch, but once that task was done, the bewildered butler simply gasped at the noise.

Realistically, the noise escalated as people's imaginations and realizations spread, and once one person started to panic, it burst into flames like wild fire, as if it wasn't loud enough. The already pale skinned boy gripped his arm tightly, head looking back and forth almost as crazy as his messy curls. He didn't know what was going on anymore. People were pointing at him Jacquelin and those nearby started to ask questions that he didn't know, nor could he answer. How was he supposed to know what Madison looked like now? How was he suppose to know what Hale or Fiona or Cordelia were going to do? What was everyone expecting from him? To suddenly just know everything? He couldn't even talk! Kyle gritted his teeth, his brows started to crease drastically.

But in his ear, he felt a soft breath puff with the words,"You're okay, Kyle" and a soft finger glide on his shoulder. Startled, Kyle shook, looking over his shoulder, but there was no figure. He turned himself completely around only to see blonde hair walking away and disappearing into the crowd of panicked folk. Kyle blinked. Hale shouted.

Everyone turned to the man who screamed.

It didn't take a genius, thank heavens, to know that things were going to go down tonight. And those things weren't likely to bear good results. Frowning at Pell and Rowe's public scolding, the undead wished he could either say something or disappear entirely, but neither of wish would likely happen. Even when Pell called for him, he couldn't pull himself to do anything but look ahead dumbfounded. The over stimulus of the situation was starting to take tole on his reactionary responses and he found himself twitching his lips as the small group vanished. Some who? Who wouldn't Pell summon? Pell could summon people? Yes, people did that sometimes didn't they? But wait, who was she talking about? There was only one person who Pell had told him she would never summon and that was-

Oh shit.

Kyle sprung forward, almost running into another student as he did so. He briefly turned around to give a vague gesture for Jacquelin to let her know he would be back, but he rushed through the students and found a window that looked to the Imagegreenhouse, as that was the direction they went. But with the gold reflecting in his glossy eyes, Kyle gawked at the flames he saw bursting from the plants within. They were burning them?! In the greenhouse?! The bastards!

They had no right to burn Pell! They couldn't have had enough time to listen to her story walking from here to there so they couldn't just burn her! You can't just burn someone without knowing what they did! There had to be a rule or a system for this sort of thing. Kyle had never witness any sort of witch burning, but wasn't there usually a stake involved? And why would you do it in the greenhouse of all places? Almost everything in there as flammable. This wasn't making any sense whatsoever.

And what made things worse was the fact it all went out like a light.

Kyle gawked, distraught at what he had witness. Or at least what he thought he witnessed. He really didn't know what to do. Should he go over and try to explain, and tell them that Pell couldn't have possibly wanted to summon Legba, at the risk of burning himself but with no avail? Because surely if they were willing to just burn her right then and there, he didn't think it would be below them to burn anyone who tried to help. Then again, he didn't know what to think about it all anymore. Should he just go back and hope that they didn't actually burn her and it was just an accident?

He didn't understand a thing, and his confusion started to get the better of him as his face twitched and contorted into anger. Disfigured hands ran through his rats nest of hair, stepping from side to side, trying to think. But he just couldn't do it. He couldn't think whatsoever. This whole thing was just too complicated because he didn't know what was going on. He just needed to relax. Yeah, this whole thing made sense, right? He is just frustrated so it doesn't make sense. He just needed to take a few deep breathes.

Inhaling an almost obnoxiously loud breath, Kyle tried to relax his hands, but his hands were balled up tightly enough for him to be unable. So instead he returned to the couch that Jacquelin had been sitting at. He wen around to the back of it faced his back to it, then fell over the back of the couch until he head hung off of the seat. Quickly he could feel the blood rushing through him, visibly making it's way down his neck and into his face in a purple wave until his torso and face for a soft shade of bruise like blues. He just needed to chill out for a minute.