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Damien O'Neil

"Needless to say, I don't understand complicated things. Simplicity is more of my style, y'know?"

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a character in “The Witch's New Brew”, as played by reveries


Full Name:: "A single word about my middle name will get you a punch in the face, warning to you beforehand. But other than that, my name's Damien, nice to meet you."
Damien Aelfric O'Neil
Nickname::"Don't know why, but some call me the G-Man. I prefer just Damien."
Gender::"You're joking, right?"
Age:: "I have been bestowed to you upon this planet around, what, 18, 19 years ago?"
Eighteen (About to turn nineteen.)

Grade They're In::
Football Position::

Personality::"I look out for people. You look out for me, I look out for you. Simple as that. Bro code, man. Bro code."
Damien is to say, at the very least, the older brother that everyone wished they had. (Or, feel as if they do, strictly to the guys.) Damien is a pretty mature guy who's reliable and there to catch you when you fall, through and through. While he enjoys goofing off and getting a good laugh with people, he is the first one who makes sure that none of his friends gets into bad business, and if does happen, then he is the first who will try to get them out of it and off of it. He looks out for his people, and wouldn't know what to do with his life if he couldn't do that. He cherishes his most trusted and most loved ones. However, it is known that he's friendly and on good terms with mostly everyone, be it stranger or not. After all, doesn't hurt to be friendly with everyone.

Damien's generally an all around good guy to be around, empathetic and compassionate, as long as you don't get on his bad side. Simplistic. He dislikes complicated situations and concepts, as they're just generally confusing and unnecessary to have, and as a result, rather prefers short-cuts and/or getting straight to the point and over with it. He dislikes conflict, and much rather enjoys when things are mellow and great in life, instead of the drama that people just naturally create. As the Quarterback, Damien needs to be able to have his entire team cooperate and be able to call out the plays. This is not a problem for Damien. As the middle-man, friendly guy he is, he's brutal when it comes to football, basketball, and video-gaming. As a quick thinker and a surprisingly strategic man when it comes to the three hobbies that he's passionate about, Damien always makes sure to be able to never let his team down.

As a jock and a pretty popular guy throughout the school, he generally gets a lot of attention, and one must have charisma to simply keep that up, and a charismatic guy Damien is. Smooth-talking and hardly ever an awkward moment when talking with him on , while he does usually look very serious most of the time, seconds after, he gets a huge smile on his face, as a simply optimistic person. He finds humor and happiness his best features, always making sure to cheer up anyone's day. Despite being impatient and perhaps childish in many a sense, he is slightly naive and may not catch onto things quickly, being a slight ignorant one to important things such as romantic feelings (he does not have a romantic bone in his entire body) or when the relationship just starts to become downhill. He does panic when he simply doesn't understand what to do or what is going on. (Though, it is probably because his personality is too much like that of a big brother, where he may include these sort of limited affections to his romantic interests.)

Appearance in Description::"I'm told that I'm pretty good looking. Is that true?"
To say that Damien is a bit handsome is a bit of an understatement. To be popular, apparently, one must be good-looking indeed. And indeed, Damien is well darn good-looking! Standing at 6'4", Damien is a tall, well-built guy to say at the very least, weighing in at around 157 lb. Fit and trim though sort of thick in muscle, Damien has a firm-muscled body that's lean and solid, and is beginning to develop a well-toned six pack. He has relatively sun-kissed skin from his time being outside so often, but still manages to have a light complexion. Damien still has a slight bit of fat over his stomach from when he was a child, but is maintaining that it doesn't get out of control. He has gray-ish green eyes, hunched under by dark brows, that go along with a slightly long, handsome face with a messy amount of short, spiky brown hair. He has an occasional scar or two from his childhood, but they generally go unnoticed unless analyzed carefully (under his left eye, several over his legs from scraping and on his neck from bullying incidents.) He's a pretty good-looking hunk of meat, wouldn't you say? Usually, he wears faded or torn jeans with some shirt or hood jacket, and a pair of kicks, wearing the average clothing that most guys in town seem to wear.

  • Sports (mostly football and basketball); his school's team
  • Boxing every now and then (childhood hobby that he eventually gave up on, but still occasionally practices)
  • Video games (All the typicals, Left4Dead, Call of Duty; all games that have horror elements or have guns in 'em)
  • Working out/Jogging in the early morn'
  • Watching classic movies
  • Animals (he has, in fact, a small weakness for cute, small flurry creatures. But he wouldn't say that to his beloved Husky/Rottweiler mix, Garfield. ..Don't ask.)
  • Hanging out with his friends and teammates
  • Rock music and Old School Gaming Music

  • Fast-food restaurants, fried food, eating really unhealthy
  • People picking on the overweight kids - he sympathizes.
  • Math - it's too complicated (Lest to say, Literature isn't his strong subject either, unlike World History, but it's generally easier to understand.)
  • Conflict, drama, unnecessary trouble
  • Losing when he had a very good chance at winning
  • Getting lost; sadly to say, the boy has absolutely no sense of direction.
  • Prejudice and stereotypes (though he may have several of his own privately)

Fears::"Like it's said, the one you gotta fear, is fear itself."
Damien fears abandonment and peer humiliation, especially from those that he confides his utter most trust in. He also has this uncanny fear of clowns ("Freaky stuff, man. Freaky stuff."). But other than that, he's practically fearless. Of course, he isn't used to new things (perhaps you tried to have him pet a tarantula, don't often see them around here) that may seem weird and unusual to him at first but will eventually warm up to them (unlike Maths).


History::"I'd rather not talk about it."
Damien was born as the eldest son to William Greer and Dorene Agnes (née O'Neil), his father was a lawyer and his mother is, well, a video game beta tester and reviewer/critic. He got his embarrassing middle name from his geeky mother who, at the time, was obsessed with the Elvin language. (Something that his mother has begun to use against him to motivate him to do as she asks or to just embarrass him.) Damien lived a pretty normal life, and was around 7 when his father walked out them shortly after his younger brother's birth. At that point, Damien began to develop his fear of abandonment, because he found it his fault that his father left his mother, his brother and him. His mother, being the strong-minded woman she is, picked herself back up to ensure that she raised her boys and that she raised them right. His younger brother, Seth, was rather sickly for a young boy, and was practically living in the hospital by the time Damien was 15.

Surprisingly, Damien was a rather chubby kid when he was younger, and as a victim of childhood obesity, he was picked on and bullied because of his weight and stature (which was quite short). He lost many friends who he thought were able to be trusted, and was eventually the target of much jeering and teasing. This further strengthened his fear of abandonment to the point that he went almost suicidal around 13. His mother was able to talk him out of it, hysterical that her son had been thinking to kill himself. Damien had, at that point, vowed to never do it again, seeing as his fear of abandonment was hypocritical if he was going to kill himself and abandon his mother and brother. Damien began to work out and was determined to lose weight so no one could tease him ever again. He managed to accomplish that during his freshman year. He's now the piece of meat you see today. (Haha.)

Other:: Double double toil and trouble
  • Is failing Calculus, needs tutoring.
  • Is a volunteer lifeguard every Sunday if there's no practice or otherwise.
  • Has an occasional "geek moment" due to his mother's influence.
  • Has Irish(mostly), Danish and Polish blood somewhere in him. Sadly, he can only speak very few words of Polish, courtesy of his mother.
  • In all of a sense, Damien is not a momma's boy. Just close enough. ;D

So begins...

Damien O'Neil's Story


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This October's pretty moderate. Though.. it's pretty cold. I guess. He absentmindedly thinks to himself with little notice, a sudden concern on how Nate may be faring in the hospital with this chilly weather; kid always liked being outside. For the past few weeks, Damien hasn't actually really notice the change in weather, seeing as they didn't decide to visit any distant relatives in Poland this year as Mom had to work with this sudden turn in the release of all these video games. Nate didn't seem to have been looking forward to the trip either, so they stayed. Ashwick's been the same, really. Him playing with the guys for a game or two throughout the summer when he's not busy, with it either some video games or actual football. They were missing one of their usual Wide Receivers though, and had to settle on Jackson from JV to fill up the spot that Roseblade had left behind.

He's strolling up the school from his house, familiar and nostalgic as it's giving him, now entering senior year. First day back, and they're doing that weird thing that they do at the front to sign everyone in, Damien notices as he's getting closer. "What's up Mr. Alresford!" He's already smiling, holding out a hand for the gym teacher to slap in friendly matter and he'd met with a sort of tight but friendly smile and a firm grip on his hand. "O'Neil." Mr. Alresford greets back. Game's gonna be starting the season next week. He'd have to see the Coach for some smaller details on how they were gonna play it out. Practice's gonna be fun, he muses, as it never actually does. Damien's writing his name on the form carefully with his messy handwriting as he slouches slightly to lean down to do it. He's looking back up to see their school's principal, and he hesitates from making the same mistake of 'what's upping' Miss Fingrinhoe, as he's learned to stop laughing at her odd given surname by then. "Wh- " Whoa there buddy. "Hey there Miss Fingrinhoe." Yup. No laughing. "How're you?" Just.. smile.

She raises her brow if only by the slightest bit, and he's almost intimidated. "Mr. O' Neil, welcome back." Her way of talking always sort of bothered Damien and some of the other boys, as it almost seemed.. regal, you could say, yet so uncomfortable to be hearing, like there's something underlying that could rub a guy the wrong way but not allow them to do anything. "Thank you for asking, I am well." She seemed almost displeased that Damien asked her this, and gestured lightly to the school's entrance. "On your way then." Even if he were to laugh, when she talks, it just kills whatever humor you may have. So uncomfortable.

"Yes ma'm." He bites his lips as his brows are slightly raised, him nodding with well intent to be 'on his way'. He spots a familiar figure at the entrance, and can't help his smile. Well, their missing Wide Receiver. "Yo, Felix! That you, man?" He yells, destroying the sort of quietness that was surrounding the air, waving his arm up and only slightly increasing his pace up, unable to shake off any weird vibes that he be thinking that he's getting from the scary lady principal behind him.


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Elliot woke up, both excited and a bit nervous. Today was his last first day of school...ever! While he couldn't wait to get out of high school, he also knew that his parents would be on his ass all year until he got accepted into a college. And that, he really wasn't looking forward to.

He left the house after a large breakfast and long lecture from his parents about "no slacking!" and "Har-berd" and "Good example for your sister!" It was a bit chilly, but he kind liked it that way. Made him feel alive. His house was fairly close to the school, and he arrived at the dreaded place in no time. Ah, he was being overly itself wasn't that bad. He liked learning things. It was just the pressure, and the dumb kids that somehow made it past middle school.

Elliot reached the tables with a grin. The attendance was odd, but quirky. Kind of like him. He scribbled down his name, both in English and Hangul, and turned around briskly, almost running into a girl. "Woah, sorry, man," he said quickly, and edged himself around her. As he left the growing crowd of students around the tables, he spotted two familiar figures. He grinned and started running towards them. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYY!" he shouted as he leaped onto Damien's back, the force knocking into Felix as well. "Sexy Ladies! How was your summer??"


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Luna jumped when Phoebe pulled her into a bone crushing hug. "Stop with the crushing child. You're as hype as stitch is when we give him steak." She told her as she rubbed her arm from being hugged. At the mention of steak Stitch whipped his head around to her with his tounge rolling out.
"Great, now he wants steak" She mumbled.
Lunar chuckled when she said that they called all enter with a 'BANG!' "I do hope thats metopharoically speaking and someone not going to actually make a band. But other wise I'm up for it" She said with a slight laugh.
She then watched as she and Simon her Siamese cat where talking to each other, she knew what the cat was like as he tended to enjoy sleeping on her bed.

Lunar then felt pulling on her arm as Phoebe pulled her and Faye along towards the building. With Simon and Stitch following behind them.
And then the babbling started Great she is going to talk forever, do you think she should joing public speaking? She spoke to Stitch. The large dog just shook his head and carried on walking. When they finally stopped walking she let out a sigh of relief as Phoebe stopped talking to.
"To answer your questions, Today depends on how you react and treat people. There better be cute guys!" She half shouted causing a few people to turn to look at her, but she just pointed at Phoebe telling them it was her. When they left she let out a chuckle. "And to answer the rest of your questions. Well I'm guessing it's going to be sorta cliche and for the clique I have no idea. And i'm guessing the popular crowd consists of the hot guys who are in the sports team and girls who are cheerleader or just snobs. For the snobs what do you think?" She questioned herself, nobody can be hated on until proven. Taking a breath she decided to answer the rest of her questions. " Yes i'm joining activties but only two maybe more but I am deffo doing music oh and maybe gymnastics as I always had a knack for that. And I don't mind joining one with you, maybe one where your hyperness and my music would be good. And they're is advanced classes... You practically enrolled in as many as you could remember? whilst I mainly stuck to the peforming arts and sports. Not a good pair but they had no seperate classes for music and I was not joining choir or band!" She told her. She knew she was good at music and had an amazing voice people told her and many of her small gigs had ended up online... Not that she cared. "Finally we know you get bored so learn as much as you can brain box. But maybe quiet down slightly!" She told her with a smile. She got annoyed sometimes how Phoebe can babble on but she didn't really care, it was who she was.

When she finished talking she realised there was a group of three guys standing at the entrance talking to each other. She had a puzzled look on her face trying to figure out what they were talking about but she was more worried about other things. Suddenly a group of three girls walked past them, they were pretty the usual pretty blonde bimbo's. When they saw the Harlan girls they looked at them... Especially her bright red hair. They then scurried away whispearing. Lunar let out a sigh.
"First off we are prettier than them and they know it. And we know it as its a trait from our families. Oh and if anyone pisses me off... I'm going to beat them ok? And second of all, I hate having this bright coloured hair that people question me about!" She shouted, and most likely drew attention to the three of them.


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(Sorry, double post.)


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Damien becomes surprised at the sudden force that had come onto his back, bumping into Felix in the process as he had walked closer, only to turn around and just grin at the sight of it just being their linebacker. "Elliot!" He half-yells, laughing already as he tries to somewhat help Felix gain some balance from the sudden force that's leaning onto him (a.k.a his and Elliot's combined weights, and it probably being most of his as the more meatier guy out of the three of them) though slightly struggling with added weight on him as he tried to assert his own standing.

(For a second there, he almost thought that it was Miss Fingrinhoe, but then his brain chased those silly thoughts away of having thoughts at all that Miss Fingrinhoe would actually pounce on his back and scare the living craps out of him.) Though the earlier loud greeting that could've only belonged to his slightly shorter Asian friend should've been a dead giveaway, Damien excuses with himself that it's probably the suddenness of reuniting with his close friends on the first day that's distracting him.

"I've been with Seth and at the pool, you guys could predict." He turns towards their linebacker, smile and concern on his face. "But dude, I haven't seen you since.. around a month ago when the guys all got together for some ball, where'd you go?" Damien turned back to Felix. "And you! Man, I haven't seen you all summer! What happened?" While he had been a bit sore over not seeing these two for some period of time, he'd been busy himself so he wasn't much one to really hold a grudge if he ever really did at all with these guys.

Despite sort of being in their own little world as more and more people began to arrive at school, he was generally in a good mood anyway, and waved and greeted the passing mini-groups of people of their own respective 'troupes' and mutual interests who would say hello and then move on. His immediate attention is caught though as an unfamiliar female's voice is shouting throughout the chatter and scattered voices of other groups talking where it died down as they too turned to see what commotion was going on. Damien's face contorts into that of confusion as he doesn't recognize who the owner of the voice was, or the people surrounding her. I'd say that they're freshmen, but they don't look like it.. Including the fact that he doesn't recognize them either from Orientation earlier in the year before summer holiday or the one during the end of it, where he'd made friends/acquaintances there as well (maybe they just didn't attend?), he's stumped over just who the three girls who stand out in their own respective ways were. (They were quite pretty, in a sort of enchanting way, he supposed. Damien wasn't sure as to what to think of it.) That, and including the confusion of seeing animals on campus grounds that somehow got past their strict principal at the gates.

He doesn't dare say a word as he, and probably the rest of the majority of their crowding student body outside, just watch as to what's going on. While the atmosphere sort of changes into that of a tense silence (as silent as it could get with so many people outside), Damien makes two and two together as he realizes just who the bright-haired girl is yelling at, he flinches slightly over the idea that the two (Or four? Six?) might get into some sort of a fight, something that he thinks that most would like to avoid despite it being a natural thing to occur. He doesn't really realize that he's shouting until the words left his mouth, "hey! It's the first day! Chill! You girls can get huffy with each other when Princ's not watching!" Damien winces slightly as Miss Fingrinhoe has turned her eyes towards what's going on and awkwardly shifts in how he's standing. He sheepishly smiles.