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Felix Roseblade

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a character in “The Witch's New Brew”, originally authored by shmband, as played by RolePlayGateway



Full Name:: Felix

Nickname:: "Tricky"

Gender:: Male

Age:: Eighteen

Grade They're In:: Senior

Football Position:: Wide Reciever

Personality:: Felix isn't much of a one to throw his weight around, he sometimes puts himself at a disadvantage among his peers by being the 'nice guy'. His wit is as quick as his feet however, and he has a knack for retorting to insults in such a way that the antagonist doesn't even realise they've been made a fool of. He has a creative flare, and enjoy amateur dramatics as well as sport, which puts him in close contact often with the social circles a sports jock isn't supposed to be seen among, so for the most part he tries not to be seen and keeps his involvement with the drama group a secret (which becomes increasingly difficult with each new school production). Years of being on the team have got him well practices in the art of gum-flapping and leg-slapping, and when he's with the boys he's 100% one of them, although he finds it hard to laugh at jokes which poke excessive fun at girls/geeks/other groups.

Likes:: Speed, the smell of mahogany, rock music, cherry flavours (esp. cherry cola!), intelligent conversation, theatrics, elizabethan literature

Dislikes:: Excessive raucousness, outdoor pursuits (camping, fishing, etc), airheaded girls who go gooey over boys just because they're on the team

Fears:: Being found out as a member of the drama club, being asked to play as quarterback again (he knows he doesn't have the bulk)

History:: He's a local boy through and through. He has a good relationship with his parents whom he lives with, and everything about his home life seems pretty wholesome. The only downside is that his parents are both people who enjoyed quiet, and Felix likes things loud. His mom teaches classical music and his dad works out of a home office, so the party is never at his house and this is something he resents. His nickname comes from the fact that he used to play as a quarterback until the captain decided that his speed and height made him better suited to a wideout role, but his experience has enabled him to competently pull off 'trick plays' which always please the crowd. His best subjects at school have always been English literature, art, drama, etc, and he's been encouraged to learn several instruments by his mother but never really applied himself to them, being much more interested in drama and sport. His love of sport isn't fake, in many ways he sees the football field as a great stage and the game itself as an ad hoc choreography, and he enjoys playing as a wide reciever because he feels this has the most potential for a little 'creative embelishment'. Compared to most of his friends he's had fewer girlfriends because he's never been much into flirting and flings. His most serious relationship was with a girl from the drama group, but he had to end it when it almost resulted in his team-mates finding out about him being a member. He's always felt terrible about having to dump her just because of that, but it was sport that got him a college scholarship so he didn't have much of a choice...if his guy friends knew he was into drama then his football career would be over!

Other:: Double double toil and trouble

So begins...

Felix Roseblade's Story


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#, as written by shmband
There was an elusive cold bite to the October air. Growing up, Felix hadn't really noticed it, but returning from a summer holiday in warmer climes it was quite remarkable. The sun shone brightly, the ruddying woodlands glowed with a benign warmth...and yet the air still nipped at his skin. It almost compelled him to narrow down his college choices to the ones with reliably decent weather! Of course, college at all depended on his scholarship, and his scholarship could only come through two channels; the one people were allowed to know about, or the one people weren't....

The school itself, he thought making his way through the gates, had become too familiar in his eyes. It was like the strict grandmother who scared you as a child, but now crooned sweetly her best wishes on seeing you move away. Sure, he'd miss the place, an especially the football team...but a time for something new seemed right. Well....almost. Still most of another year to go...

In true backwater style, the principle and a few other members of staff had set out some plastic benches with forms to sign for attendance. Why? Nobody really knew. Every other day of the year they'd do a regular roll-call in home class, but the first day of the school year it had to be.....this....

"Roseblade...." the gym teacher nodded with a proud smile. Felix tipped his head back, returning the smile rather awkwardly. Yeah, he knew. He knew that there was the big game in just a few weeks, as if there wasn't enough to think about already.

"Hey Mr Alresford." he replied, leaning down to sign his name on the form. The principle - a dangerously underfed woman with greys well before her time - sneered at him down the bridge of her nose.

"Welcome back Mr Roseblade." she said, slurring his surname with what certainly sounded like a hint of contempt. "The all important last semester you for, eh?"

All important indeed, he thought to himself. Coach Alresford is going to expect the Panthers to be at their best, as will the other guys...and then of course the drama club, his other hope for a scholarship...they'd vowed it would be their most successful semester ever, and Felix had promised to pull his weight in making it so. All in all, Felix was going to be a guy stretched very thin. It was a small mercy he didn't have a girlfriend to worry about.

"Well," said the principle, "get yourself inside. Just because you're early to register doesn't mean you can't be late for class if you stand around looking like a deer in the headlights."

Felix nodded and made his way towards the school entrance.

"Yes Miss Fingrinhoe." he mumbled. For t'was her name.


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Elliot woke up, both excited and a bit nervous. Today was his last first day of school...ever! While he couldn't wait to get out of high school, he also knew that his parents would be on his ass all year until he got accepted into a college. And that, he really wasn't looking forward to.

He left the house after a large breakfast and long lecture from his parents about "no slacking!" and "Har-berd" and "Good example for your sister!" It was a bit chilly, but he kind liked it that way. Made him feel alive. His house was fairly close to the school, and he arrived at the dreaded place in no time. Ah, he was being overly itself wasn't that bad. He liked learning things. It was just the pressure, and the dumb kids that somehow made it past middle school.

Elliot reached the tables with a grin. The attendance was odd, but quirky. Kind of like him. He scribbled down his name, both in English and Hangul, and turned around briskly, almost running into a girl. "Woah, sorry, man," he said quickly, and edged himself around her. As he left the growing crowd of students around the tables, he spotted two familiar figures. He grinned and started running towards them. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYY!" he shouted as he leaped onto Damien's back, the force knocking into Felix as well. "Sexy Ladies! How was your summer??"


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Luna jumped when Phoebe pulled her into a bone crushing hug. "Stop with the crushing child. You're as hype as stitch is when we give him steak." She told her as she rubbed her arm from being hugged. At the mention of steak Stitch whipped his head around to her with his tounge rolling out.
"Great, now he wants steak" She mumbled.
Lunar chuckled when she said that they called all enter with a 'BANG!' "I do hope thats metopharoically speaking and someone not going to actually make a band. But other wise I'm up for it" She said with a slight laugh.
She then watched as she and Simon her Siamese cat where talking to each other, she knew what the cat was like as he tended to enjoy sleeping on her bed.

Lunar then felt pulling on her arm as Phoebe pulled her and Faye along towards the building. With Simon and Stitch following behind them.
And then the babbling started Great she is going to talk forever, do you think she should joing public speaking? She spoke to Stitch. The large dog just shook his head and carried on walking. When they finally stopped walking she let out a sigh of relief as Phoebe stopped talking to.
"To answer your questions, Today depends on how you react and treat people. There better be cute guys!" She half shouted causing a few people to turn to look at her, but she just pointed at Phoebe telling them it was her. When they left she let out a chuckle. "And to answer the rest of your questions. Well I'm guessing it's going to be sorta cliche and for the clique I have no idea. And i'm guessing the popular crowd consists of the hot guys who are in the sports team and girls who are cheerleader or just snobs. For the snobs what do you think?" She questioned herself, nobody can be hated on until proven. Taking a breath she decided to answer the rest of her questions. " Yes i'm joining activties but only two maybe more but I am deffo doing music oh and maybe gymnastics as I always had a knack for that. And I don't mind joining one with you, maybe one where your hyperness and my music would be good. And they're is advanced classes... You practically enrolled in as many as you could remember? whilst I mainly stuck to the peforming arts and sports. Not a good pair but they had no seperate classes for music and I was not joining choir or band!" She told her. She knew she was good at music and had an amazing voice people told her and many of her small gigs had ended up online... Not that she cared. "Finally we know you get bored so learn as much as you can brain box. But maybe quiet down slightly!" She told her with a smile. She got annoyed sometimes how Phoebe can babble on but she didn't really care, it was who she was.

When she finished talking she realised there was a group of three guys standing at the entrance talking to each other. She had a puzzled look on her face trying to figure out what they were talking about but she was more worried about other things. Suddenly a group of three girls walked past them, they were pretty the usual pretty blonde bimbo's. When they saw the Harlan girls they looked at them... Especially her bright red hair. They then scurried away whispearing. Lunar let out a sigh.
"First off we are prettier than them and they know it. And we know it as its a trait from our families. Oh and if anyone pisses me off... I'm going to beat them ok? And second of all, I hate having this bright coloured hair that people question me about!" She shouted, and most likely drew attention to the three of them.


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(Sorry, double post.)


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Damien becomes surprised at the sudden force that had come onto his back, bumping into Felix in the process as he had walked closer, only to turn around and just grin at the sight of it just being their linebacker. "Elliot!" He half-yells, laughing already as he tries to somewhat help Felix gain some balance from the sudden force that's leaning onto him (a.k.a his and Elliot's combined weights, and it probably being most of his as the more meatier guy out of the three of them) though slightly struggling with added weight on him as he tried to assert his own standing.

(For a second there, he almost thought that it was Miss Fingrinhoe, but then his brain chased those silly thoughts away of having thoughts at all that Miss Fingrinhoe would actually pounce on his back and scare the living craps out of him.) Though the earlier loud greeting that could've only belonged to his slightly shorter Asian friend should've been a dead giveaway, Damien excuses with himself that it's probably the suddenness of reuniting with his close friends on the first day that's distracting him.

"I've been with Seth and at the pool, you guys could predict." He turns towards their linebacker, smile and concern on his face. "But dude, I haven't seen you since.. around a month ago when the guys all got together for some ball, where'd you go?" Damien turned back to Felix. "And you! Man, I haven't seen you all summer! What happened?" While he had been a bit sore over not seeing these two for some period of time, he'd been busy himself so he wasn't much one to really hold a grudge if he ever really did at all with these guys.

Despite sort of being in their own little world as more and more people began to arrive at school, he was generally in a good mood anyway, and waved and greeted the passing mini-groups of people of their own respective 'troupes' and mutual interests who would say hello and then move on. His immediate attention is caught though as an unfamiliar female's voice is shouting throughout the chatter and scattered voices of other groups talking where it died down as they too turned to see what commotion was going on. Damien's face contorts into that of confusion as he doesn't recognize who the owner of the voice was, or the people surrounding her. I'd say that they're freshmen, but they don't look like it.. Including the fact that he doesn't recognize them either from Orientation earlier in the year before summer holiday or the one during the end of it, where he'd made friends/acquaintances there as well (maybe they just didn't attend?), he's stumped over just who the three girls who stand out in their own respective ways were. (They were quite pretty, in a sort of enchanting way, he supposed. Damien wasn't sure as to what to think of it.) That, and including the confusion of seeing animals on campus grounds that somehow got past their strict principal at the gates.

He doesn't dare say a word as he, and probably the rest of the majority of their crowding student body outside, just watch as to what's going on. While the atmosphere sort of changes into that of a tense silence (as silent as it could get with so many people outside), Damien makes two and two together as he realizes just who the bright-haired girl is yelling at, he flinches slightly over the idea that the two (Or four? Six?) might get into some sort of a fight, something that he thinks that most would like to avoid despite it being a natural thing to occur. He doesn't really realize that he's shouting until the words left his mouth, "hey! It's the first day! Chill! You girls can get huffy with each other when Princ's not watching!" Damien winces slightly as Miss Fingrinhoe has turned her eyes towards what's going on and awkwardly shifts in how he's standing. He sheepishly smiles.