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Aster Omuro

"So I followed him here"

0 · 526 views · located in Fabletown

a character in “The Wolf Among Us : Little Bad Wolfy”, as played by SilverLutik




"Something is brewing about to begin"

Theme Song(s)
Ghost Towns | Radical Face
King and Lionheart | Of Monsters and Men

Aster Omuro

Puppet | Pup

16 allegedly


The Puppet




"Books are friends with information"

Height | Weight
5'5 | 119 lbs

Hair Colour
White sometimes brown

Eye Colour
Red sometimes brown

Physical Description
He is skinny and has a scar like mark winding around his body starting from beneath his left eye winding down around the neck, torso, abdomen and limbs. This mark is what keeps him together and keeps him alive. Aster thinks of it as the mark of his creator. He typically wears slacks and a stretched out light turquoise cardigan over a white dress shirt. Sometimes, but not often he will ditch the cardigan. Sometimes he'll sport a brown hooded jacket.


"I always wanted to share in the adventure"

Caring | Optimistic | Curious | Open | Courageous | Just a little bit shy

Books | Animals especially rodents | Friends | Music | Red

Hot things | Small spaces | Sharp Objects | Locks | Cruelty

Picking up stray animals and taking them in | Invading personal space by touching hair | Humming

Passive | Too Trusting | Cannot feel | Flaky

Abilities | Powers
Idiopathic Neuropathy - He cannot feel physical sensations or pain though oddly enough he can feel fur and hair, it is like a tickle to his skin. This ability can be dangerous as he would not know if he was lethally injured. Or really injured at all unless he sees it.
Strong Immunity - The bright side of still being more puppet than 'real boy' is that he cannot get sick. Thus he is immune to all sicknesses.


"What do you mean I can't keep a rat as a pet?"


Romantic Interest
None to speak of

Aster was following some rat one day and came across a book. It had all sorts of information in it about a world of the mundane and a place where fables live among the mundane. It was curious to him as he'd never been too sure about the mundane world. Just the homeland. He picked the book up and he continued following the rat until he arrived to a book store. He walked in as he enjoyed books and saw no one around and decided to make a home of it. Aster set the book down as he inspected others and picking some up to read them. He quite enjoyed himself with this. When Aster went back to get the book it was gone and he looked all over but couldn't find it. He decided that it must have been a figment of his imagination. As time passed he found himself watching over people in town particularly one with a red scarf. He is a silent observer and doesn't speak much to others unless he needs to or is addressed by another person. He does a lot of reading and has a couple of rodent friends that scurry in and out from a place that Aster is still determined to locate. From his days observing and little talks with the rodents he learned quite a lot of information. Nothing too secret though. His hair and eyes were brown when he arrived to the town but as he stayed they turned white and red.

Aster is able to communicate with animals but it is more that he can sense and understand what they are try to communicate rather than actual speech.

So begins...

Aster Omuro's Story


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#, as written by Chikka
Byrin Wolfy

Light blue eyes scanned the rows of seats filled with the idle slumped bodies of the residents of Fabletown, or at least those who bothered to turn up. Sure, Bigby wasn’t here. Nor Snow. The inhabitants didn’t easily believe those who weren’t either of those just mentioned – but regardless, it was in everyone’s interest to attend the town meeting. Why? Well there was a murderer on the loose. It was the latest hot topic on the streets, but with little leads it was slowly drying up. And someone had to act fast.

The room that the meeting was being held in was not overly big, and was rather dark to say the least. The event had been scheduled in a seemingly abandoned hall of some sort behind the luxury apartments so as to not draw attention from outsiders. Notes had been sent out to all residents, though not many appeared on the night. It was disheartening somewhat, but one wolf in particular tried to see the good side of it – the talk wouldn’t take long. Up ahead of the rows of people was a make-shift stage and curtains, and to the side of those curtains stood Byrin, arms crossed with a sullen expression filling his face in the passing moments.

Next to him stood Izumi, the only person there who he wasn’t throwing a glare at, but rather, a mere roll of the eyes, at least. The pink-haired girl was his only sort-of relief to the chaos around him at that moment. “If people aren’t interested in the potential threat of a killer then maybe I shouldn’t bother as much,” He growled quietly under his breath. “However, that will hardly happen.”

Leaning off the wall he loosened his arms and dropped them to his hips as he turned to Izumi. “I swear, if these people don’t listen, I may just kill one of them myself.” He half-jokingly said with a mischievous grin. “Anyway I best get this thing over with – you stay here and keep an eye on the crowd, in-case anyone acts suspicious – or gets on my nerves.” Walking onto the centre of the stage Byrin cleared his throat to gets everyone’s attention, though the crowd of people didn’t hear him over their own chatter, which prompted the wolf to clear his throat once again, loudly. And once more again for good measure.

“Now that I have you’re... attention,” Narrowing his eyes to the faces in front of him, a bright light closed in one the wolf as he stood before everyone on stage. “As some of you may be aware there is a killer on the loose, one body has already been found, and any one of you could be next.” Byrin was never one to waffle with his words or drag out a point – straight down to business that was his style. “I asked you here tonight to warn you of certain dangers; don’t trust anyone – even those who you think are your friends, even your family, everyone has a skeleton in their closet. I’d also strongly advise not going out at night, not alone at least. This person seems to kill those who least expect it... as with all killers. So, if you want to keep breathing then I'd suggest keeping an eye out.”

Squinting his stare Byrin tried to eye up the different though familiar faces in amongst the crowd, trying to spot an outsider perhaps, or someone who looked like they just didn't belong. But to no avail. “If you see anything suspicious or out of the ordinary don't be afraid to report it to me - Byrin Wolfy. Some may know me, fear me, or wish to ignore me. Whatever, it's your choice. If the killer comes a-knocking don't expect me to save you, that is if you refuse to cooperate with either me or Izumi."

Crossing his arms and leaning to his side a little, he added. “If anyone has any questions, or they want to speak privately, feel free to stay behind and talk to me and Izumi. Otherwise, I'd highly advise retuning home for the night." With that he promptly left the stage which signalled for the residents to rise from their seats and leave, if they wished. Or stay and talk to either Bryin or Izumi.

As he walked to the side and returned to where Izumi stood, Byrin let out a tired sigh whilst rubbing a hand through his hair. It had been nearing three days since he last properly slept, let along whenever he last ate and did something other than focus on the murder case. His lack of energy was showing just then as he slouched over slightly. As he looked to Izumi he then asked, “Are you alright?" Showing an interest in her welfare as appose to his own, he continued, “Guess we wait here for a bit and then we can leave too and..." Rubbing his eyes he cut himself off whilst yawning, as he waited for the other inhabitants to either leave or speak to him and Izumi.