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Snow White

Fabletown has no formal status except as it exists in our minds and hearts.

0 · 540 views · located in Fabletown, New York City.

a character in “The Wolf Among Us”, as played by WendyDarling




"Snow White, the princess that isn't. Not anymore. She is, however, a respected member of the Fabletown community. And as Director of Operations under the Deputy Mayor, she's a critical cog in the wheels of its government. Although she hoped to leave the blood and death of her past behind her, she is willing to fight to keep the rank she's earned and to protect the community she loves."


  • Sarcastic.

  • Efficient.

  • Outwardly remote.

  • Independent.

  • Fierce.

  • Snow is adept at fencing as well as with guns, and is fair at hand to hand combat.

  • Familiar with the aristocracy, and yet not a part of it, Snow knows how to deal with the titled (and entitled).

  • Snow is immortal, and virtually unkillable.

  • She likes to travel, but only if her responsibilities are taken care of, and as she doesn't trust anyone to do her job as well as she can she doesn't really take vacations.


  • Snow White has two familial connections in Fabletown. A sister, Rose Red, and her ex-husband, Charming, and has a relationship with neither.
  • Given her history, Snow is wary of romantic connections, although she envies those (like Beauty and her Beast) who have managed to get their 'happily ever after.'

So begins...

Snow White's Story

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A solid cherry wood desk, the patina of age and good care had buffed it to a grandeur that fit well into its office. Moldings with the same motif where walls met ceiling and shelves covered in books old and new matched the desk, although with a less proud gleam. Two tall windows stood on either side of the desk, curtained in a rich red, closed at night but usually open during the day to let in the sunshine. The a/c worked overtime to compensate for the warm summer night, making the respectably sized office a comfortable temperature for its resident. A plaque at the front of the desk caught the light of the desk lamp and glinted gold. "Snow White," and underneath, "Director of Operations." A vague title, to be sure, but it managed to cover the wide array of tasks that Ms. White managed and controlled on a daily basis.

Snow White was at her desk late at night, sitting in a wide office chair. It was built both for comfort and to impress, as to not shame the desk it sat behind. In front of her lay piles of paperwork, neatly stacked according to their purpose. Snow didn't have an "In" and "Out" box as much as she had a "Deputy Business," "Fabletown problems," "To be Solved ASAP," etcetera, piles. One side of the room had a few file cabinets but those were for long term files and information on Fabletown residents. Snow knew she would never have her finger on the pulse of town, she wasn't that involved in their day to day lives nor that observant, but she could at least keep files on where everyone was and what they were doing, inasmuch as Fabletown was concerned,

She usually worked late, and this particular night she was going through the "Deputy Business" files and sorting through them to find what her boss, Deputy Mayor Ichabod Crane, would actually make decisions on. It was far too kind to say that he was incompetent, much more accurate to say that he had no principles and no drive whatsoever. On top of all that, he was a creeper, and Snow was just waiting for the day he'd step over the line and they could get rid of him once and for all.

Shifting in her chair, Snow stretched, yawning a little. The letters were starting to run together, and her suit, elegantly tailored though it was, had long since begun to bind in uncomfortable ways. It was a matter of pride to Snow that when she chose her heels, she chose them for comfort as well as style, but after a long day they too were more than she could bear. She refused to kick them off in the office, because she was always up and down in the building, solving one thing or another, and better to deal with wearing the shoes than to be seen slipping in and out of them all day. Not very professional, in her mind. This did mean that, although she owned some beautiful very high heels, she wore them sparingly.

Deciding on a few things, she put them in their own pile and straightened up her desk. She stood, turning off her light, and picking up her jacket. Time to go back to her apartment and sleep before she ended up staying so long she would have to use her emergency suit in the closet and a shower downstairs, making one long work day two without sleep. She'd done it before, but would rather be well-rested and sharp for work. Best to be at the top of her game in Fabletown.

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Snow had just finished readying herself for bed when her phone buzzed on her nightstand in her dark, quiet apartment. A text from Crane, this late?

"Pck up wine & btr pds tmrw. & th pncl i apprvd. & m y drclening. ASAP."

She sighed and rolled her eyes. The Deputy Mayor had picked up texting language with a vengeance, and it made her eyeballs hurt every time she had to try to decipher one of his missives. There had to be a way to shove him back to interoffice memos and the occasional delivery by carrier bird. Perhaps his phone could suffer an accident, or his texting plan accidentally revoked? A question for another day. It looked like she had to pick up some things tomorrow on her way to work, which meant getting up even earlier than usual when she was going to bed late as it was. It looked like she needed to get wine, because how could Crane get through a day without alcohol? Heaven forbid. And... pads? She laughed as she set an alarm on her phone to wake her up in the morning. He wasn't the most masculine guy, that was for sure, but she knew he meant steno pads and not the other kind. It would be funny if she brought him those anyway, but his temper tantrum wouldn't be worth it.

If her guess was right, Crane also wanted the special pencils he'd ordered from a catalogue. They'd arrived at the store yesterday, she just hadn't had time to pick them up because there were actual important tasks to be done. And of course, his dry cleaning. What else was she, but his jill-of-all-trades? It was ridiculous, and it had to stop. Unfortunately, barring quitting, it didn't look like there was any way to do that, and Snow liked her job too much to give it up over some pipsqueak who couldn't do anything but abuse his power and lollygag around the office. Well, that and kiss the behinds of those higher up than him, in hopes that he could get a promotion or a raise or a long vacation.

Please, please, let him have a long vacation. I could get so much done!

Rubbing her eyes, Snow slipped into bed and buried herself in her covers. It was going to be a rough day tomorrow. A triple-shot latte day, with extra whipped cream and sprinkles. The caffeine would keep her awake, and the whipped cream and sprinkles she kept for a special treat on her hard days. Snow wanted to stay in fighting form, and too many of those delicious creations would make her flattering suits much less flattering. Her regular fencing would probably burn off those calories, but better not to take the chance.