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They say I'm just a slave.. I'll prove them all wrong.

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a character in “The Wolven Kingdom - Rebellion”, as played by WhySoSerious?


Name (First and last): Etui (last name unknown)
Nickname (If applicable): None
Age (Mustn't be younger than 15 or older than 30): 17
Species: Werewolf/Lycan
Weapon of choice: None
Second character choice (Optional): Okashi, Tanith
Appearance (Description or photo. Include all forms): A tanned coloured wolf with yellowy-amber eyes.
Personality: Grumpy, depressed, anti-social, ill-tempered, easily annoyed.
History/Past: Etui used to be a warrior in the Wolven Army, before he was captured by Okashi and Sabre to be a 'slave'.
Extra Information (Optional): None

So begins...

Etui's Story


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Etui + Okashi

The large wolf stepped from behind the door, his face one of sorrow and boredom. He stared at the new recruits, not with joy but with hatred. He despised anyone who wasn't a werewolf, it was just in his nature. Although the rusted metal chains that bound him to the wall prevented him from getting close enough to harm them. To Okashi, the sanctuary leader, he was simply a pet. Not even worthy of living. But, he needed someone to welcome the newbies, and Etui seemed fit enough for the job. So that was Etui's life. Strapped to a wall, no way of escaping, greeting new members as they passed through.

"My name's Etui. Welcome to the Sanctuary, home to members of the Rebellion. If you go down the staircase, you'll see two paths. The right leads to the main living area and the meeting room. The left leads to your bedrooms." the brute muttered, giving them each a piece of paper with a number on it. "Go to the correct rooms. Each room is fitted to your standard and taste. If you are unhappy, please write down your complaint on a piece of paper and put it here," he weakly lifted his paw to point to the small black and red box on the wall beside him, "and I'll be sure to fix it for you. You are dismissed". Etui waved his paw airily, then plopped down on the ground and sighed. "Being treated like a mutt. I should be at home, where I belong.. But no, I'm here, working for that stupid man.. Stupid Okashi.."

And with that, he was finished. Okashi, an extremely pale, tall and thin man with dazzling green eyes and red hair that draped over them, stepped from behind the door and slapped his hand across the wolf's head. "Shut your mouth, dog. Or I'll have you put down, got that?" He hissed in a sharp snake-like voice, something you'd hear in your nightmares. But before the brute had a chance to answer back, Okashi's whole torso turned around to face the recruits. A huge grin appeared on his face, revealling shiny white fangs. "Ahh," he said, lifting his hands up in the air, "you must be the newbies. My name's Okashi, I'm the leader of this here Rebellion. I'm glad to have you staying here. Please, don't let me get in your way. Proceed on to your bedrooms. I'm sure you're all very tired. Oh, and don't forget to head down to the living area at eight o' clock. We're having a movie night" He said cheerfully. He let out a few short chuckles, then within a second he was gone from sight.

Etui said nothing. He didn't want to have to stay around this lot much longer. The stench coming from them was like his nose being slapped with bricks over and over again. He made a shooing motion with his paw before turning his whole body around and shaking his cranium as if to rid the smell. It didn't work.


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Tanith's bright crimson eyes watched the new recruits by the doorway. She cringed as Okashi appeared, but then noticed he was in a particularly good mood today, so she didn't mind so much if he was wandering around. Afterall, this was his Sanctuary. Tanith hopped down from her perch behind the recruits and walked straight past them and Etui. She didn't bother to stop and say hello. She wasn't must of a 'people person' anyway.

She was still new here herself, really, but she wasn't going to let them know that. Whilst rushing through the long corridors of the underground Sanctuary she called Home, she sharply turned around a corner and bumped straight into Okashi. "My apologies, master. I should have been watching where I was going." Tanith said, he cheeks burning with embarassment. If only she were a vampire, then she wouldn't have to blush. "Nonsense, deary." he replied with a smirk. "I think I might know what your problem is though." he said. "Y-you do?" she stuttered, she could feel her nerves clogging her throat and making her cheeks and head burn. "Of course! It's your hair," he said, recieving a confused look from Tanith. Okashi chuckled slightly, brushing the hair from her eye. "There we go, all better". Tanith frowned and flicked it back infront of her eye, gave him one punch in the chest, then hmph'd and walked straight past him. "Bloody men. Who do they think they are? He can't just touch my hair and expect me to be fine with it. That stupid man" she babbled to herself as she speed-walked forward.

Tanith halted as she came to an ash-coloured metal door. Her room. She placed one hand over the handle, turning it and let herself in. Giving the room a look over, she sighed to herself and walked forward. At the other end of the room, greeting her so warmly, was a black and pink bed that she loved so much. Tanith leapt forward, landing perfectly in a lying position on her bed. She took a moment to compliment herself, then crawled under the blanket and snuggled up. She didn't even know if it was night time yet, but she was tired which meant she had to sleep. After a moment or two of waiting, she could feel her eyelids starting to droop. It became harder to stay focussed and she felt her arms and legs beginning to fall asleep before she had. She finally felt herself drift into a deep slumber. One she would not be waking up from any time soon.


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Grimjow woke up from his nap and was still a little groggy. Looking around he just saw his normal room, but he heared some foot steps echoing in the distance.

"Newbies, well we do need more people any way."

He got up and threw on his pants, under shirt, and cloack. Looking in the corned he saw his scythe and decided to leave it behind it would just scare the new recruits more than he already did. As he walked Grimjow got bored and headed down to check out the newbies. Passing by Etui trying to get the smell of the newbie out of his head

"Do they really smell that bad."

Walking away from Etui he headed down the hall that the new recruits would be following. He eventually caught up to them and checked them out, unfortunately they didn't look like much. Well whatever every person helped in one way or another, and he would get to whip the newbies into shape any way. Heading the other direction he pasted by Tanith talking to herself and she seemed to be mad for some odd reason. With nothing better to do Grimjow headed down to the bosses room to see what he was up to. Upon arrival he saw that the boss had a lot of paper work even more then usual. He had some spare time so he asked the boss,

"Need some help."


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Rosannah walked through the enormous hall, following the group of new members from a large distance. She was way too impressed to follow them and had to run a few times to catch up with them. Now she had lost total sight of the group, but she knew where she had to go. As she reached the place where the wolf sat, she stood still. Her head turned slightly to the right as he spoke and she nodded. She bent through her knees until she was on the perfect height to see the chain. After an annoyed sigh, she stood up again. "That chain is too tight." She grumbeled more to herself than to the wolf, which had called himself Etui. She tucked her hair behind her ear and massaged her forehead. After spending 10 minutes in this place, she already had confirmed why she was here again. "I'll be back for that." She added, as she walked away. She didn't actually hate the wolfs, even though she despised the Prince which had taken the throne, neither did she actually care for the Rebellion. She was just tired of people dying while they could be saved. Just like her brother did. She didn't want anyone to go through that pain, so she had decided to become a medic. There would be enough work for her here and that was what she needed. Something to keep her hands and mind busy. Tobbing over things hadn't done her any good these last month. It was time to get some action.

Rosannah looked at the doors, trying to find her own room. After some searching, she ended up in front of the right room. As she opened the door, she nodded of approvement at what she saw. It was calm and serene, just as she had wanted. She dropped her bag on the bed and decided to unpack her things later. For now, she walked out of her room again and wandered around to take a look at everything. It was important to get to know the place, so the period of her getting lost would be shortened.