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The Wolves of Devil's Ladder

The Wolves of Devil's Ladder


Two teenage werewolf packs living in the same town and attending the same high school.

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In the town of Devil’s Ladder, you better hope you’re outdoorsy because there’s not much else to entertain you if you’re not a hiker or a hunter – Devil’s Ladder mostly only consists of the bare necessities unless you count the one all ages club and a bar hidden in between the mountains, lakes and forests, it’s hours of driving if you want to get to a mall, pure torture for the teens of Devil’s Ladder who all might not be all that they appear.
Two rival werewolf packs have lived in Devil’s Ladder since as long as most of the residents can remember, they usually hid what they were well enough, attending school and playing and in the mountains and forests on the weekends and nights with their pack mates in their youth.
The packs names are from the two sides of the mountain of Devil’s Ladder which merges together into the town.
Mirror Lake, from the left side of the mountain, their territory stretches from Devil’s Cauldron (Nicknamed Mirror Lake for how it photographs in the sun) the lake that everyone goes to which leads to the hills that slopes into Devil’s Ladder Mountain for which the town is named. They rule the left side of Devil’s Ladder.
The Blue Creek pack rules the right side of the town, they have half of Black Forest, a few creeks and streams and prime hiking territory with plenty of hunting opportunities.
The Mirror Lake and Blue Creek packs have never gotten along very well in the past because they constantly fought for territory, now it is agreed that the hills between Cauldron Lake and The Mountain separate them, though they both share the actual town of Devil’s Ladder equally.
The newest additions to the Mirror Lake and Blue Creek packs attend Devil’s Ladder High school, bringing the two future alphas of the packs together…What could happen there, you might wonder? I suppose we’ll just have to find out for ourselves.

The Werewolf Society –
The Werewolves are very careful as to not let their existence slip, what with now all the movies and books, they’re not sure if they should be more cautious or not.
It is a rule in the Werewolf Society to never let a human know what you are; they all pretend they’re humans unless they’re absolutely alone with others of their kind.
The Pack gets passed down from Alpha parents to their children.
The Werewolves are sometimes unpredictable, because they technically are half human, half wolf. They shift at will into their wolf form which appears like every other wild wolf out there – no one can tell the difference, really. It’s very hard to tell a werewolf from a regular wolf.
Werewolves have the same pack pecking order that regular wolves do; they travel in groups with others of their kind and form packs – the Mirror Lake Pack and the Blue Creek Pack. The alpha female and the alpha male keep everyone in line, those beneath them do as told, often being able to receive a message such as ‘Knock it off’ with no more than a single glance or a small growl. Many humans think that werewolf packs look like gangs as they follow their leaders. Until they mate, there may only be a single alpha in a pack – male or female.
The pack pecking order goes like this –
Alphas – The males and females in charge of the pack.
Beta – The second in command, basically. They help make sure everyone obeys their Alphas.
Average pack member – You aren’t at the top or the bottom. You come third to your Alphas and Betas but you’re above the Omegas.
Omegas – The very bottom, people rarely notice you’re there. In a wolf pack usually the last to eat.

Roles –
Alpha Female of Mirror Lake Pack – Molly Autumn.
Beta Female of Mirror Lake Pack – Akimi Megame.
Average Male Pack Member of Mirror Lake Pack – Anselm Patey.
Average Male Pack Member of Mirror Lake Pack – Open.
Omega Female of Mirror Lake Pack – Kira Sterling

Alpha Male of Blue Creek Pack – Open.
Beta Male of Blue Creek Pack – Angel Kato Kajirin.
Average Female Pack Member of Blue Creek Pack – Open.
Average Female Pack Member of Blue Creek Pack – Open.
Omega Male of Blue Creek Pack – Open.

Age: 16-18
Realistic Image goes here.
Appearance: Description. List human and wolf appearance.
Rank: Alpha, Beta, Average, Omega.
Other: Anything else you want to mention?

Toggle Rules

1. No GM, PP
2. Be literate as possible, everyone makes mistakes every now and then but try to avoid them, please.
3. I hold reservations, just drop me a pm, or if you have any more questions regarding the plot.
4. Cussing and swearing is appropriate, as this is a high school roleplay after all, but they don't need to be going, "You son of a bitch, hoe, motherfuckin' hoe, bitch, fuckin' shittttt." in every sentence. It get's old. We get it. You're trying to be a badass. It's not working.

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Re: The Wolves of Devil's Ladder

Alright, everyone. It seems I've forgotten about this one due to inactivity. I've already made a 'Roleplayers Wanted' thread, and things of the sort. Do we all still want this roleplay? If so, I can add more characters and maybe have my friend double up. If you are interested in doubling up to get this started, let me know.

Re: The Wolves of Devil's Ladder

Hey just in case this starts when I'm away, I won't be on for the entire weekend, but I'll be back Monday night. Hopefully, we'll have enough when I get back. Off to the beach. Haha (:

Re: The Wolves of Devil's Ladder

By the way, if any of you know anyone who might be interested, give 'em a PM? It'd be greatly appreciated. What we really need is the Blue Creek Alpha and just a few more before we start. I'd really like this to not die before it even begins.

Re: The Wolves of Devil's Ladder

Alright, guys. Just a few more characters and we can begin!

Re: The Wolves of Devil's Ladder

I sunmitted a character

Re: The Wolves of Devil's Ladder

I submitted a character! Average male for mirror lake.

The Wolves of Devil's Ladder

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