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Akimi Megame

"Listen to our Alpha if you don't want body parts missing."

0 · 113 views · located in The Town of Devil's Ladder

a character in “The Wolves of Devil's Ladder”, originally authored by Forensic_Anthro, as played by RolePlayGateway


Akimi Megame


Age: 18

Gender: Female

Appearance: Akimi stands at exactly 5' and weighs about 95 pounds. She has flaming red hair, unlike her brother, and bright hazel eyes. She always seems to be wearing a black shirt with flare sleeves and black skinny jeans. Depending on the weather, she wears a black jean jacket. She always wears black and red checkerboard Vans with black and red socks.

Rank: Beta

Personality: Akimi was very attached to her twin brother, Kato, as a child. She was always a sickly child and never really got to go outside and meet people, so she learned about how people acted through books. Of course, the books she read about always had a whole bunch of villains and only a few good people, so she grew up thinking that most people were violent bloodthirsty killers. Because of this, she has tried to distance herself from people, fearing that if she trusts anyone they will only turn on her in the end. After her parents divorced and her father moved to the other side of Devil's Ladder with her twin, Akimi's distrust even grew to attach itself to her memories of him as she wondered if he chose to leave her. After that, Akimi didn't care if she was sick- she would go out and hunt and patrol with the others, determined to prove herself to her father, because she thought he took Kato because Akimi wasn't good enough. After enough working, Akimi finally got to be Beta.

Akimi does not trust people very easily. However, if she were to fully trust someone again (like she trusts Molly), she would become very cheerful when she's around them and actually show some emotions other than "obey the Alpha or you're going to have a few bite marks." They would quickly find that Akimi can be nice once you get past her thick outer shell. If one of her good friends were to get seriously injured in a fight Akimi would probably not hesitate to try and kill their attacker.

History: TBA

Other: She has a twin brother named Kato, who is in the other pack.

So begins...

Akimi Megame's Story