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Anselm Patey

0 · 203 views · located in The Town of Devil's Ladder

a character in “The Wolves of Devil's Ladder”, as played by shmband


Name: Anselm Patey
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: Anselm hates the fact that he has to hide his true nature from humans, so he tried to keep his physical form as streamlined and eye-catching as possible to compensate. He's tall and well tones with accute features, dark hair and several tattoos. Tends to dress in loose clothing; bootleg fitting jeans, chunky trainers, and always either v-neck t-shirts or button shirts; he doesn't like clothing which sits close to his neck. He also usually wears long sleeves rolled up, to show off his tattoos. In wolf form he looked like THIS.
Rank: Average (mirror lake)
Personality: He's not someone who deliberately tries to get on people's bad side, he just has a major identity issue. He believes that being a werewolf is something to be proud of; something which makes him and his pack inherently superior to humans. So why should it be something they hide, as though it was something to be ashamed of? He has a chip on his shoulder about this and it seems to put a bee in his bonnet quite often. The rest of the time he's pretty restless, fidgety, always something on his mind. He's not the easiest person to work with but it's better to give him something to do because he's even WORSE when he's bored.
History: Anselm has always been in favour of merging the two packs of Devil's Ladder. After all, it shouldn't be pack vs pack, it should be werewolves vs humans. Not inciting a war or anything...just sayin'! So despite his hot-headedness, Anselm is actually an outspoken advocate of interacting with the Blue Creek pack. He's not too crazy about the fact that the role of alpha is hereditary, and for a while harboured hopes about becoming alpha-male by being mated to Molly. However in the last couple of years he's come to respect the way Molly leads the pack, and as long as he likes the direction she takes them in, he no longer feels a major need to get involved in the leadership. Besides he's known Molly so long...being mated to her would feel a little strange!

So begins...

Anselm Patey's Story