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Fae Autumn

0 · 84 views · located in The Town of Devil's Ladder

a character in “The Wolves of Devil's Ladder”, originally authored by Armageddon, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Fae Autumn
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: Average height, slender with blue eyes and striking red hair. She has light skin with just the slightest hint of pink to her cheeks. Her typical clothing style is average - rarely anything that's too out there - she doesn't seek attention or anything, usually only wearing jeans, shorts, and a t-shirt or tank top, Fae's dress is quite simple. She likes to wear what makes her comfortable, and in her case that's sweaters, t-shirts and tank tops paired with jeans and shorts. She very rarely wears makeup and when she does she keeps it light, a little bit of eyeshadow and mascara, maybe. Her sister Molly says she's going to dress Fae up for prom this year, but Fae doesn't think she'll even go. Her appearance in wolf form is a small, slender white wolf with striking blue eyes (Kind of an albino).
Rank: Fae balances somewhere between Omega and average pack member.
Personality: Calm, kind, a little quiet but she knows who she is and won't let anyone change it.
She's an easy person to get along with, never asking for much, she's usually found reading or something of the sort under a tree at school when they're on break. Fae doesn't like violence, but will resort to it if needed, she's not a fighter however, and it takes a lot to make her angry and snap at someone, she's very compassionate toward everyone, seeing that everyone should be treated equally - she likes to think that the two packs will eventually just see each others as neighbors, but she doubts that will happen since her parents are against merging the packs. Unlike her sister, Molly, she isn't alpha-like at all, she likes to try to stay out of every one's way, though it has been noted once before that Fae most certainly does stand up for others - it just has to be the right situation.
History: Fae grew up in Devil's Ladder with her alpha parents and her older sister Molly, as children she and her sister usually played in the forests in their little wolf forms, though they'd always been warned not to get too close to the hills, one day she and her sister accidentally went over the border and played in the Blue Creek where most of the townsfolk went fishing and almost got mauled by the beta of the Blue Creek pack. They definitely learned a lesson there, and since then Fae hasn't liked going on their land - whether they're going fishing, hiking or anything else in human form. She'd like for the packs to get to know each other a little better still though. Her parents disagree with her way of thinking extremely, telling her that they've always fought each other over the territory and that's it's normal wolf nature not to want anyone else in your territory. She believes this also helped contribute to her never really being in line to take over the pack as Alpha, though Molly is the eldest on obviously would be the first choice.

So begins...

Fae Autumn's Story