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Molly Autumn

0 · 74 views · located in The Town of Devil's Ladder

a character in “The Wolves of Devil's Ladder”, originally authored by Armageddon, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Molly Autumn
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: Average height, slender with fair skin and sandy brown hair and blue eyes, Molly dresses nicely - still in fashion, but comfortably, usually a skirt or jeans paired with a nice shirt for school - she won't wear anything that seems at all painful - like heels, she's not completely adverse to wearing feminine clothing, but she prefers to actually be able to do things in her clothes without flashing people or having her movement limited. She says that she'd only wear them to prom once and she added a maybe in there, so probably not. She tries to keep up with fashion but doesn't overdo it. Her makeup is a bit of eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and maybe some lipstick and she's done. When she's just out running around with her pack in wolf form she doesn't dress up as much - that's usually if she's going out and trying to clean up a bit for school or something. Her appearance as a wolf is an average sized grey wolf, most of it's body is a steely grey though it's coat fades out to white at the belly, legs and muzzle. The eyes have a slightly bluish hazel hint to it, but it's hard to see at any sort of a distance.
Rank: Alpha.
Personality: Molly is outgoing and sweet, she wants to be great friends with all of her pack members and tries really hard to do so, though she'll still be firm and keep them in line if she thinks it's for the best. She's not too sure what to do about the rival pack, however, she can't tell if she wants to try to patch things up with them or not. Her loyalty to her pack is not at all questionable, she'd lay down her life for any one of her pack mates. Molly can be a bit of a tom-boy, she likes to hang out with the guys - just as friends, usually. She likes to play sports and have a good time, though she's never thought of choosing a mate - until now. She's not quite sure what she's going to do about it, or if she can handle her pack along with the rivalry with the Blue Creek Pack...
History: Molly has always lived in Devil's Ladder, her parents the alphas before her and their parents the alphas before them. For the Autumn family Devil's Ladder has always been the perfect home for raising a werewolf family, the humans were friendly and there was plenty of places to hike, hunt, and run - in human or wolf form. Molly inherited the pack from her parents on her 17th birthday, she was incredibly excited to be the alpha of her own pack, though she felt a little bad for her sister Fae who isn't really alpha material, that she wasn't really considered, though she knew her sister was happy for her. Her parents are pushing her to do her best, and constantly reminding her she will have to pick an Alpha male soon, all the pressure of these things is leaving Molly slightly on edge.
Other: Molly has a dark green Jeep Wrangler which she uses for off roading occasionally, though she prefers to run in wolf form. Image

So begins...

Molly Autumn's Story