The Wolves of Espa

The Wolves of Espa


Two werewolf packs and one forest. What more is there to say? War is inevitable.. (Look Inside for more Info.!)

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Two Packs. .

One Forest. . .

Huge Rivalry


In the forest of Espa two werewolf packs dwell. The first pack living in the East of the forest is known as The Rohani Pack, rohani meaning "spiritual." The other pack, living in the West of the forest is known as The Stiprus Pack, stiprus meaning "strong." For a long time you could say the two packs have lived in "harmony." Harmony meaning an invisible boundary line going straight down the middle of the forest, north to south. Each of the packs never crossed said boundary line, respecting the others space. It had been a silent agreement with their ancestors, and has stuck for centuries.
However, new Alphas have arose in both packs. Both alphas have been huge "enemies" since a young age, and both decided once becoming alpha. . The forest was not big enough for two wolf packs.

As you know, wolves themselves are territorial creatures, especially the males who are full of testosterone. Now the agreement has been broken. Both packs are at each others throats. Each pack cannot talk to the other.
If a Rohani pack member is seen conversing with a Stiprus pack member, they are severally punished by the Alpha, visa versa. They cannot have relations of any sort with the other pack. They are only supposed to kill each other when seen until one pack is standing. . May it be only one member.

What is to become of both these packs?

DEATH. . .



And so much more. .

So the real question is. . .
Whose pack's it gonna be?

Things About The Werewolves::

ONE: They can shift at any time they want. The moon does not control when they change, at all.
TWO: Their wolf forms are not absolutely huge(like Twilight wolves). They are just a bit bigger than your average sized wolf. However, what truly distinguishes them from regular wolves, besides the slight size difference, is their eyes. They stay the same as they are in their human form.
THREE: They can talk telepathically only in their wolf forms. However, the Alphas can talk telepathically at any time, able to send their pack-mates mental commands even in their human state-of-mind.
FOUR: Alpha word is Law. Most pack members cannot disobey their alphas, because it makes them physically hurt.
FIVE: Werewolves can heal each other using their blood. The wounded must drink from the other wolf, only if willing given.
SIX: Wolves can "flash fang" in their wolf form, a very wolfish quality. The alpha usually uses this to proclaim dominance.
SEVEN: These werewolves live in dens and such like actual wolves. They usually are found in their wolf forms. There is a small town not too far from the forest where they go for clothing once every two months of so. However, they eat what wolves do.. Requiring hunting. :P
EIGHT: Even in their human forms they have a lot of wolf like qualities. Below I will give a link to a page with wolf behaviors. Check it out!!!
The link I'm giving you below is to a really good site. Pay close attention to the things in the "Wolf Language" section, please. ^.^
Wolf Behavior! CLICK HERE
I'll Be Adding More Soon. Check Back Regularly! Thanks. :D


The Packs and Roles
Here is a link to a site that explains the ranks of a wolf pack. One of two I might have left out. :) Rankings Here

The Rohani Pack -
The Alpha: (Male) TAKEN by Yours Truly :D

The Beta: (Male) OPEN

The Delta: (Female) OPEN

The Sentinels:
    The Head: (male) OPEN
    One: (female) TAKEN by CaptainHooligan
    Two: (female) OPEN
    Three: (male) OPEN

The Hunters:
    Main Hunter: (male) OPEN
    One: (male) OPEN
    Two: (female) OPEN
    Three: (female) OPEN

The Scouts:
    One: (male) OPEN
    Two: (female) OPEN

Omegas and Pups:
There is an unlimited number of these. [: If you want a role, reserve one and submit a sheet!

The Stiprus Pack -
The Alpha: (Male) TAKEN by CaptainHooligan

The Beta: (Female) OPEN

The Delta: (Male) OPEN

The Sentinels:
    The Head: (male) OPEN
    One: (female) OPEN
    Two: (male) OPEN
    Three: (female) OPEN

The Hunters:
    Main Hunter: (male) OPEN
    One: (female) TAKEN by Me
    Two: (female) OPEN
    Three: (male) OPEN

The Scouts:
    One: (male) OPEN
    Two: (female) OPEN

Omegas and Pups:
There is an unlimited number of these. [: If you want a role, reserve one and submit a sheet!


The Character Sheet:

If you want to be more likely to be accepted. . Make the character sheet beautiful! :P More than one picture, neat. . Correct grammar and punctuation, ect. Thanks. I want to fall in love with your character. The sheet below is just a basic to go by, just make sure to include everything below in your sheet.
Erase everything in ( ) <-- Brackets

Code: Select all
[center][img]Picture Here. Realistic Only.[/img][/center]
  [b]Full Name:[/b] (First, Middle, Last)
[b]Nickname:[/b] (If They Have One)
[b]Age:[/b] (No one over 35)
[b]Crush?:[/b] (Shouldn't Be Filled Out Just Yet, inform in the OOC when you do update it!)
[b]Mate?:[/b] (Shouldn't Be Filled Out Yet)
[b]Pack:[/b] (Stiprus or Rohani?)
[b]Role in Pack:[/b] (Beta, Hunter, what?)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (Five or Six sentences describing your characters looks.. Tell us what the picture doesn’t show. Explain body type, eye color, etc. Don’t forget to mention their wolf form!)
[b]Personality:[/b] (At least five or six sentences, that’s at the least)
[b]Likes:[/b] (At least five)
[b]Dislikes:[/b] (At least five)
[b]History:[/b] (Optional)
[b]Other:[/b] (Anything you want to add?)
[b]Theme Song:[/b] (Optional)
[center][img]Wolf Form Picture Here[/img][/center]

[center]The Rules

One: This is a Semi-Literate role-play. I want to go ahead and get that out of the way. That means. . . No text talk, proper grammar, punctuation, etc. No one-liners. If you can only post one sentence per post. . Move on, please, this role-play is not for you. Be able to post AT LEAST two paragraphs(seven-eight sentences each) per post. . Per character.

Two: Rule One being said, please, if you can, play two characters. . A male and a female. If you cannot, I understand, some people are "squeamish" playing the opposite sex, whatever. If you could that'd be great though; I do not want this role play taken over by FEMALES!! If this becomes a problem I will make it to where you have to play both genders. Don’t make me do that.. Work with me, please. :/

Three: Keep in check RPG rules. I don't mind cursing frequently. This is a "Semi-Realistic" role-play, of course. However, not in every sentence, please! That being said, this is also a MATURE role-play. If you can’t handle violence and all those other things dealing with “mature,” then this role-play is not for you.

Four: Romance is strongly encouraged, but please once you get to a certain point, after the clothes come off, "Fades to Black" or something like that. Take it somewhere else, I don't know.

Five: Please do not join then vanish the next day or after a few posts. If you must be gone a few days or so, please let me know through OOC or through PM.

Six: Reserve characters through OOC before submitting them, please! You have a 24 hour reservation period before your spot is open back up for grabs! :o That being said. . When you go to reserve a character please put 'Big Bad Wolf' somewhere on the post of your reservation where it will CLEARLY be seen, so I know you read EVERYTHING!

Seven: I Will Probably Be Adding More Soon. Check Back. I'll Inform You In OOC When I Update These Rules!

That's it! Hope to be role-playing with you soon!! :D


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Re: The Wolves of Espa

I was thinking of making something because I am dying to play a wolf because of a book I'm reading. Wanna go in together and make a brain spawn?

Re: The Wolves of Espa

I PM'd the owner, (s)he's been on but hasn't even read it, so I assume so... Would anyone still be up for it if I(or anyone) created a v2?

Re: The Wolves of Espa

So are we dead in the water?

Re: The Wolves of Espa

GM's packs female delta and a male hunter :) Big bad wolf sounds kinda sexy...

Edit: changed my mind, loads of people are going for the deltas and I want to be in this roleplay no matter what. I think that a female sentinal from the striprus pack would be luscious :) and more suited to the kind character I want to play.

Re: The Wolves of Espa

Will work on my character tomorrow, work has been kicking my butt lately. Sorry for the lateness

Alright! Bristol is done and waiting!

Re: The Wolves of Espa

Tea should be on soon, and we're excited to see all your characters! ^-^

Re: The Wolves of Espa

Could I reserve the Head Male Hunter of the Rohani Pack? You can't hate a big bad wolf for being hungry.

Re: The Wolves of Espa

If the big bad wolf allows, I would like to reserve the Delta in the Rohani Pack, when I first joined the site I saw this rp and wanted to be a part of it, now it seems I can.

Re: The Wolves of Espa

Depending on the big bad wolf above me, could I grab the head sentinel in Rohani or the other male one, and the Beta in Stiprus?

Re: The Wolves of Espa

A fellow Big Bad Wolf would like to reserve the Beta or male sentinel in Stiprus, and Head Sentinel or Delta in Rohani?

Re: The Wolves of Espa

I would like to grab the beta of the Stiprus Pack if that would be alright. I think she could be the wolf even the Big bad wolf would be scared of.

Re: The Wolves of Espa

Could I reserve a female scout and a male pup from the Stiprus Pack? I was thinking of making them brother and sister if that's ok.

You know, I always thought that the Big Bad Wolf wasn't so bad. He was just doing what he was born to do :)

Re: The Wolves of Espa

I would like to reserve the male(not the main one) and female hunters in the Stiprus Pack. 'Cause I'm a big bad wolf!

*EDIT I submitted my female character, I'll start on my male character soon.

Re: The Wolves of Espa

Hi, I'd like to reserve the two scouts for the rohani tribe please. I was hoping to do twins with them if that's okay with you. The older brother might be considered more of the big bad wolf between the two though he is going to be understanding. The girl might have a forbidden relationship with one of the other packs members too if that's okay. Thanks. :)

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