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I know what I'm doing, even though I'm young.

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a character in “The Wolves of the Alterean Forest”, as played by ~~Shadow~~


Name: Heaven-Leigh Jennings
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Pack: Shadow
Position: Pack Member in Training
Human Appearance: As a human she has medium brown, wavy hair with feather extensions and hazel eyes.
Wolf Appearance: She is a silver wolf with blue eyes
Personality: Heaven-Leigh loves to have fun, but she knows when she needs to stop and work. Sometimes she can be a bit over her head, and always thinks she can do anything she wants, even though it is impossible. Personally she thinks her training should be done, as she feels there is nothing left to learn, but still has two more years of training. She gets frustrated when she can't do something because she is too young. Heavenly-Leigh is really brave, though sometimes she puts herself in danger and in lots of trouble! She dreams to maybe one day being alpha, as she wishes to lead the pack to victory over the Snow pack.
History: Heaven-leigh was actually born outside the pack. Her mother was a newly transformed werewolf and wasn't part of the pack. Soon after she was born, her mother joined the pack and raised her there. Heaven-Leigh took to pack life immediately and always tried her best at everything; even when it was dangerous. Heaven-leigh's only problem is her shyness, as she had no siblings, and sometimes feels lonely and on the outskirts of the group.
Mate: None yet
Family: A mother, a father (who she never knew)

So begins...

Heaven-leigh's Story


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Connor, Shadow Pack

Connor stared blankly at the gory sight ahead of him. He knew that things like this happened on accident, but he knew it was no mistake. A young wolf had been killed, with Snow Pack claws. To him, this was a declaration of war. A war that, to him, had waited long enough. The poor wolf lay on the snow, blood gushing from a slice in his neck. He felt a twinge of guilt in his chest. Shouldn't we have been able to protect our own packmate? He tried to shake this feeling, but it still lingered.

Beside Connor, his sister Heaven-leigh held a tissue to her face. Sobs racked her body as she cried into it. He put a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry," he spoke banishing fear from his voice. "We'll make the Snow pack pay for what they've done. We'll kill every last one of them." He tried, probably unsuccessfully, to comfort Heaven-leigh. Actually, she seemed more annoyed than content. She shrugged him off, not wanting to be coddled.

"I don't need to be coddled! I'll be fine, Connor." She snapped. He moved away, and she tore off into the forest. His attention was back down on to the body. Suddenly, he was consumed with rage. If snow pack thought they could do this, they had another thing coming.

He looked toward their leader, hoping to hear a plan. They needed revenge.

Alessandra-Lea, Snow pack

Alessandra was half buried in her work in the medicine cabin of Snow pack's territory. A new batch of injured warriors had just returned from a border skirmish; even though battered, they were victorious. Their wounds, while minor, needed dressing no matter how proud and invincible they acted. It made her sick that their pride came from murdering a young wolf. Not that he hadn't been trespassing on their territory, but still. Or innocent, for that matter.

She shuddered a bit as she mashed some leaves in a Mortar with a pestle. On a desk in front of her, leaves and juices were splayed out for easy access. She also put out bandages, knowing they would be needed any second when the warriors bust down her door in need of medical assistance. Once finished, she mixed the crush leaves into a poultice and spread it over the bandages to form wraps.

She sighed inwardly, returning her herbs to their respected places on her shelves. She disliked death, no matter who's side it was on. The fact that someone was gone forever seemed so....cruel. Personally, Alessandra believed words and agreement could settle anything; fighting was unnecessary. Why couldn't a nice long chat calm everything right down? Healers should be for illness and injuries not inflicted violently, not for cuts and bruises presented by battles.

When her station was clean she went to the window of the cabin, which was frosted over. She huffed on it, giving her a clear view outside. The warriors went around bragging to anxious warriors in training, who harassed them for details about the encounter. They wore looks of exasperation, pleading eyes begging to the warriors. The leader waited outside with them, talking seriously with one of the least injured warriors. I wonder what will be decided about Shadow pack... she mused as she prepped the bandages, trying to clear the thoughts of death from her head.


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Heaven-leigh, Shadow Pack

Heaven-Leigh ran from her brother in wolf form. She needed to clear her head; away from the dead wolf. The wolf had been so young...just barely a pack member in training. Her heart squeezed when she thought of him. It was know that she re-felt her feelings of affection toward him...if only she had told him sooner.

Now she could hear her pulse in her head, and billows of cloud came form her nose as breathed heavily. One thought buzzed around her head like a bee in spring: revenge. The thought was so sweet. The damned snow pack needed to learn their lesson! She was done with sitting by, and being told she was too young. Heaven-Leigh rose to her paws and streaked off into the woods. Before long she caught the scent of a deer from the wind. She turned sharply, and nearly collided into it. Maybe she could prove herself this way?? Heaven-Leigh continued to chase it for ten minutes. She was so very close, she was right on its tail! That was when she noticed her surroundings. The scent wafted to her; this was Snow pack territory! Before she had a chance to react, she continued over the border. What if I'm caught???!!! she thought horrified. Heaven-Leigh didn't care. She kept on chasing the deer until-Crunch! She leaped on it and clamped her jaws round its neck. Proud of herself, Heaven-Leigh smiled, but quickly pulled herself and her catch back across the border to the Shadow Pack side. Please tell me no one saw me! She thought, full of worry. In an attempt to disguise her scent, she kicked leaves over her trail. If the Snow pack found Shadow Pack scent on their borders... she couldn't even think about it.

She continued dragging the deer until she crossed into camp. She let out a little yip and sent out a telepathic message: I got dinner!
Of course she let Pack members, betas, and the Alpha before herself. Heaven-Leigh did bark at an Omega who came over before diving in. Delicious....

Alexander, Shadow Pack
Alexander was patrolling the border with Ransyr (if that's okay) when he detected Karu's scent. It was mixed with the scent of sadness.
He flicked his tail, signaling Ransyr to return to camp and that the patrol was done. See you later he said telepathically.

Alexander walked up the hill, and found Karu sitting criss-cross in human form. He shifted to human form as well and sat beside her. "How are you doing, Karu?" Her bleak, tear stained face mixed with upset and rage told him everything. "Not well? Me neither. I can't believe snow clan could be so wicked as to kill a young wolf, who was alone. It's outraging!" He picked up a rock and threw it down the hill.

"I can't help but think we need to... do something about this. I don't know if war would be quite right, but we should at least attack them, right? I would be ready to charge in to battle now if the order was given."

He took a second and looked off into the view. "It's beautiful, isn't it Karu? I've never quite seen such a view." He put his hand lightly on Karu's arm. "Well, it's not quite as beautiful as you are..." Alexander shifted and headed back to camp before Karu could respond. Am I crazy?! he thought, his stomach twisting in knots. He knew he wasn't; he had known Karu for years, but never really ever truly expressed his feelings. Now that war was coming, he knew he had to say something, before the risk of one of them dying was posed. I just hope she feels the same way is all he could think as he headed back into camp and enjoyed some of the deer, apparently caught solely Heaven-Leigh.


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Charlotte Chase
Shadow Pack

He's dead. She thought, her body numb and cold as the thought settled in. He's dead and they killed him. And it's all my fault.

Heaving her body up from her sitting position on the ground, Charlotte stretched her muscles, looking at her knuckles that were now bloodied. After witnessing the death of the pack member, she had sat with him for a while, until all others had left, and then few had come back to watch, and someone had told her to go to the cabin, and wash off. She took a shower, in her human form, only some of the blood carried over, but it was enough to be noticeable, but after the shower, she'd gone into her room. Charlotte had needed a forte to take out her anger, and decided upon hitting a punching bag, as usual. She had only done this for a few minutes until blood cascaded upon her cracked knuckles. That was when she had sat down, sinking to the floor in shock.

Pull it together. And with that thought, she had exited her room, closing the door behind her, and headed outside. The winter air felt refreshing on her steamy, sweating body, and it was only a few seconds until she decided what she wanted to do. To the side, she could see a pack member in training, Heaven-leigh, had brought food, and though some were gorging on it, she ignored it. She wasn't hungry. She glanced around for Jax, who she was extremely close to, but after not being able to find him, she turned, feeling her auburn tinged fur take place of her skin as she transformed. Charlotte broke out into a sprint, and being one of the fastest of the pack, she arrived at the scene of the dead wolf quickly.

She knew that soon, Zenith would be doing the burial service, but that meant some how, the wolf would have to be brought closer to the cabin. Though the job was not favorable, Charlotte felt it was her duty, as she blamed his death solely on her not watching out for him. He had been a new fighter, and though he was good, he wasn't good enough. At the time she was attacked, Charlotte was engaged in battle with two wolves, and by the time she had gotten up, it was too late. You were the last thing he saw, she thought, glancing at it's body. She knew soon Frost would ask someone to bring the wolf to Zenith, and by force of habbit, she had decided it would be easier if she did. He always asked her anyways.

Taking a deep breath, and letting the world around her fade, she took a loose part of skin in her teeth lightly, beginning to pull him towards the cabin. She was careful to go slow, not to damage the body, but a large part of her concentration was on the blood lines the wolf was leaving behind it. Oh how she wished Jax was there to help her.

Alternating between pulling and pushing with her nuzzle, Charlotte finally arrived at the cabin area, near Zenith, her head bowed to her, before also bowing to Frost. She took a few steps back from the body, transforming, then looking back, one arm crossed over her chest. She felt sick. Her eyes fluttered to Frost, not looking at his eyes, but at him. He knows it's my fault, she thought, biting her lip. It wasn't really her fault, and it was ridiculous for her to think so, but she still did.