Krystal Eaton

"I have earned this, and I'm seriously not going to take crap from anyone."

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a character in “The Wolves of the Alterean Forest”, as played by LoveMeMaybe


|Name|Krystal Eaton
|Age| 18
|Gender| Female
|Pack| Snow
|Position| Beta
|Human Appearance|
Wavy chocolate hair, naturally tanned skin. Stunning brown eyes framed by thick black eyelashes. Thin eyebrows. High and defined cheekbones. Blush lips.
|Wolf Appearance|
Thick brown fur, streaked with greys and yellows. Dark muzzle. The same stunning brown eyes as her human form, one of her defining wolf-form features. Furry ears poke up, simular to a dog.
|Personality| Likes to have fun and relax, but doesn't take crap from anyone. She worked herself to become the Beta, she wasn't simply given the title.
|History| Like I said before, she worked herself to become Beta. She was the youngest Beta in the history of the pack, beginning when she was merely 17. Parents, the Alphas, were both murdered during a huge battle, and the Alpha apprentices took over. And she only started off as a simple pack member....
|Mate| [[Will find in the roleplay]]
|Family| Parents murdered
|Other| So excited to start! :D

So begins...

Krystal Eaton's Story