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Xavier Samuels

Just let me sleep...five more minutes?

0 · 145 views · located in The Shadow pack

a character in “The Wolves of the Alterean Forest”, as played by Dark_Rose


Name: Xavier Samuels
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Pack: Snow
Position: Omega
Human Appearance:
Wolf Appearance:
Personality: (Below)
History: (below)
Mate: None
Other: ...


Xavier is fun loving, out-going, and a complete goof-ball. He is extremely lazy and HATES working. He would rather lounge around all day, chasing butterflies and cracking jokes. Maybe even pulling a prank or two. Life is sweet when you do nothing is what he thinks.


He doesn't have too much history. He was born to average parents, and basically just lived a lazy life. :D

So begins...

Xavier Samuels's Story


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Xavier was having rolling around in the grass, yipping happily before he ended up resting in the sun. The life of an omega was swwweeet, though he often got food last. Well, that only truly mattered in the winter when food could run out.

He pushed the thought away and kept resting. The sun above the Snow pack's lands was so warm, and so comfortable. He cracked an eye open and saw Cassia standing near the Omega Cabin. Her sightless eyes seemed to stare beyond the earth, to somewhere unseeable. She was definitely not like most Omegas; omegas were called "Lazy", though he just thought of it as "Relaxing", but she was hard-working and helped in any little way possible. She was blind, but still wanted to become a warrior. In a way he felt bad for her. He never really cared about being a fighter and pack member, but it was her dream and he found it sad to see her restricted from it just because of something she didn't choose. He knew he couldn't be too sad, because if she was a pack member, she would never notice a 'useless' Omega like himself...

He snapped his head away from her. Great, I was staring! He felt his face heat up. At least she wouldn't be able to see him. I should really talk to her sometime... he thought. Then he dozed off, imagining the two of them racing through a field...

The setting changes from the-snow-pack to The Shadow pack


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Cassia, snow pack

Cassia was standing next to the cabin, trying to feel for the door. Her hands moved around frantically, hoping no one was watching her struggle. Being blind was a curse, especially when it kept you from being a warrior and helping your pack. Or from openeing doors.

She frowned, feeling out the wall. Her hands covered every inch, and the door still wasn't there. Maybe I'm in the wrong place, she thought.

So she turned and started touching a tree instead, not knowing it was a tree and not the cabin. It had the same texture, after all. It had the same scent....

She eventually gave up when the scent of another wolf hit her nose- Xavier. She turned around, sniffing the air. He had a calm scent, like he was sleeping. He always been lazy, Cassia remembered. Too bad he doesn't use what he has forthe good of the pack. She stared in his general direction, not knowing he was staring back....


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Character Portrait: Xavier Samuels Character Portrait: Cassia Windsong
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Xavier, Shadow Pack

Xavier could see, as he watched Cassia, that she was having a bit of trouble without her sight. First she was feeling the cabin, trying to find the door, than she was feeling the tree. She needs help he thought.

Xavier got back into his human skin and started walking to Cassia. He made sure to walk loudly so she knew he was coming. "Cassia?" he started, "Are you looking for the door to the cabin?" He took her hand and led her away from the tree. "That was a tree, Cassia, though it probably smelled the same." He took her hand and let her touch things on the way to the door, so she would remember how to get back later. Eventually he put her hand on the door knob. "There you go, Cassia." He opened the door for her and turned to her. "Let me know if you need anything...Oh, not that you need help or anything.." He gave a smile and a small laugh and went to go get some of the little deer meat remaining.