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0 · 342 views · located in The Shadow pack

a character in “The Wolves of the Alterean Forest”, as played by Roseclaw


Age: 23

Gender: Female

Pack: Shadow

Position: Healer

Human Appearance:

Wolf Appearance:

Mate: None

Mother - Deceased
Father - Deceased
Brother - Ransyr



Zenith is a quiet and soft-spoken individual. She is very kind with with no hatred or meanness within her at all, so one could say that she has a pure soul. And even though her pack is at war with the Snow Pack, she still hates to see such violence done. Unfortunately, the purity of her kindness is a weakness for her since she could never bring herself to harm another, even if it would save her life.


It is said that when Zenith was born she had barely let out even a small mewl. Her parents had thought nothing of this, thinking that they would have a silent warrior on their hands. But instead Zenith turned out to be completely different. Ever since she was little she had always been shy around people, her acceptance of new people much slower compared to other children her age.

When it came time for her to start training as a pack member it was quickly found out that Zenith couldn't fight or even had much of an ability for it. Such an offspring was unusual for her family since her parents had been great warriors and pack members. Only her older brother, Ransyr, came out as a valuable fighter and pack member. Zenith did was not jealous of him for that, instead very happy and proud of him even if she couldn't follow what her parents wanted her to do.

She knew at that time that she would become an Omega but it didn't seem to have bothered her very much. Still, she had wanted to be useful to her pack in some way. Zenith expressed this to the only friend she had had at that time who also happened to have been the healer. Every day she had spent time with the elderly woman, helping her whenever and however she could. What Zenith didn't realize about herself though was that she had a talent for healing. The healer had noticed it though and took it upon herself to suggest Zenith be her apprentice and successor.

So it was that Zenith learned everything about being a healer under the expert tutelage of the elderly woman. It may not have been the path that her parents had wanted her to go, but they were nonetheless proud of Zenith that she had found a respectable place in the pack.

So begins...

Zenith's Story


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Ransyr, Shadow Pack

Ransyr was patrolling with Alexander when they came upon Karu's scent. From the freshness of it he could tell that she was nearby but far enough away from the camp for privacy. He stood next to Alexander looking at their surroundings and double-checking that all was well in this area even though it was well within the pack's territory. But at the other male's signal, Ransyr nodded and trotted off back towards the camp, his form disappearing into the foliage.

His mind returned to earlier that day when it was discovered that one of their own had been killed. No...murdered. The Snow Pack had done it without a doubt, but the question was: Who in the Snow Pack killed the wolf? Did the Alpha do it? The Beta? Or even one of the warriors? Individual scents were usually easy to pick up on but considering the murderer was a member of the Snow Pack, there was no way they would allow for someone from the Shadow Pack to come over and sniff out the killer. So their only other option was to decimate the Snow Pack entirely. That is if Frost would order such an attack, but the Alpha wasn't rash like that. Besides, he'd let the rest of the pack know his decision soon enough.

It wasn't long before Ransyr finally returned to camp, pausing on the boundaries of it to check out the activity and see who was doing what. There was some of the usual day-to-day activity but there was a mixture of strong emotions in the air. He could smell it without any problem and most of those emotions were undoubtedly geared towards the death of the wolf that was now laying in the clearing in front of the Alpha's cabin. He stared at the wolf for a few minutes and then finally retreated to his own cabin to get some rest.

Frost, Shadow Pack

He couldn't believe it. He just couldn't believe it. A part of him wanted to believe that this was just a nightmare but he knew it wasn't. When Frost had first heard the news of someone having been killed by the Snow Pack he thought someone was just trying to play a sick joke on him. Unfortunately, he was wrong. And now he was staring at the wolf who had been killed, looking over the obvious evidence of blood and wounds made by another wolf. A mix of rage and sadness was swirling inside me and could be seen in his eyes, though he kept a tight control on those emotions knowing that the worst thing he could do was act on them.

Sighing heavily he looked to the pack's healer, Zenith, as she knelt beside the wolf to find a few answers. He wanted to know which of the wounds had been the cause of death or if it had just been general bloodloss all together. He also wanted to know if she'd be able to find any scraps of fur that weren't the same color as the dead wolf's since it'd help with finding the individual who'd killed him. The most important answer he wanted though was to know if the wolf was surely and truly dead and Zenith was the only one who could determine that without a doubt.

"Well..?" he asked when Zenith finally pulled her hands away and stood.

"He's dead.." she said, her voice choked with sadness. "I managed to find a single tuft of fur that is a different color. From what I can tell, it's a blend of white and black with a bit of gray. As for the cause of death..." Zenith paused to shut her eyes a moment so she could force back her own tears and take a deep, shaky breath. "His death was due to a few different things.. Blood loss did play a role but it appears that someone had also choked him by biting his neck.."

"I see.." Frost replied, keeping his voice quiet. For a few minutes he just stood there and stared at the dead wolf, thinking to himself on what to do next. When he was done he cleared his throat and looked back to the healer. "Thank you, Zenith. I will have him brought to you shortly so you can prepare our comrade's body for burial."

Zenith, Shadow Pack

As Zenith bowed her head to Frost the only thing that was going through her mind was...why? Why do the two packs have to constantly fight? Why couldn't they live in peace together? Why had the two packs gone into war in the first place? And yet none of those questions had answers since no one truly knew. It pained her to see any wolf in such a shape, no matter what pack they belonged to.

She left Frost standing next to the dead wolf, silently making her way back to her cabin and retreating inside. Once inside there was no more damming the river of tears that had built up and within seconds the flood gates flew open. Tears streaked down both sides of her face as she collapsed onto a nearby chair, all of her grief and sadness forcing its way out. It might not be appropriate for the healer to have an emotional breakdown but since she hated violence it was hard for her to see someone so badly injured without her tearing up some. Though it was obviously worse when someone died. But Zenith found it was easiest to get the harsh, jolting crying fit out of the way as soon as possible because even though the pain of losing someone was still there it didn't affect her as strongly.

So she cried, letting it all out until she couldn't anymore. Only then did she pick herself up and scrub her face with warm water and a washcloth. From there she began gathering whatever items she'd need to prepare the dead wolf's body for burial.


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Charlotte Chase
Shadow Pack

He's dead. She thought, her body numb and cold as the thought settled in. He's dead and they killed him. And it's all my fault.

Heaving her body up from her sitting position on the ground, Charlotte stretched her muscles, looking at her knuckles that were now bloodied. After witnessing the death of the pack member, she had sat with him for a while, until all others had left, and then few had come back to watch, and someone had told her to go to the cabin, and wash off. She took a shower, in her human form, only some of the blood carried over, but it was enough to be noticeable, but after the shower, she'd gone into her room. Charlotte had needed a forte to take out her anger, and decided upon hitting a punching bag, as usual. She had only done this for a few minutes until blood cascaded upon her cracked knuckles. That was when she had sat down, sinking to the floor in shock.

Pull it together. And with that thought, she had exited her room, closing the door behind her, and headed outside. The winter air felt refreshing on her steamy, sweating body, and it was only a few seconds until she decided what she wanted to do. To the side, she could see a pack member in training, Heaven-leigh, had brought food, and though some were gorging on it, she ignored it. She wasn't hungry. She glanced around for Jax, who she was extremely close to, but after not being able to find him, she turned, feeling her auburn tinged fur take place of her skin as she transformed. Charlotte broke out into a sprint, and being one of the fastest of the pack, she arrived at the scene of the dead wolf quickly.

She knew that soon, Zenith would be doing the burial service, but that meant some how, the wolf would have to be brought closer to the cabin. Though the job was not favorable, Charlotte felt it was her duty, as she blamed his death solely on her not watching out for him. He had been a new fighter, and though he was good, he wasn't good enough. At the time she was attacked, Charlotte was engaged in battle with two wolves, and by the time she had gotten up, it was too late. You were the last thing he saw, she thought, glancing at it's body. She knew soon Frost would ask someone to bring the wolf to Zenith, and by force of habbit, she had decided it would be easier if she did. He always asked her anyways.

Taking a deep breath, and letting the world around her fade, she took a loose part of skin in her teeth lightly, beginning to pull him towards the cabin. She was careful to go slow, not to damage the body, but a large part of her concentration was on the blood lines the wolf was leaving behind it. Oh how she wished Jax was there to help her.

Alternating between pulling and pushing with her nuzzle, Charlotte finally arrived at the cabin area, near Zenith, her head bowed to her, before also bowing to Frost. She took a few steps back from the body, transforming, then looking back, one arm crossed over her chest. She felt sick. Her eyes fluttered to Frost, not looking at his eyes, but at him. He knows it's my fault, she thought, biting her lip. It wasn't really her fault, and it was ridiculous for her to think so, but she still did.


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Jax Adams

Shadow Pack

Jax was Off a Good distance from the Cabin Patrolling and Strolling around, Inevitably he was bored. Maybe, Charlotte has some free time to Chat.... Being a Beta must be Hard and put a Big Toll on her. I wouldn't be Surprised if she needed to Talk to someone about it... Wait, What I'm I doing talking to myself? He did Love talking to Charlotte, He found it relaxing but at the same time a Bit nerve Racking. The smell of Blood Suddenly Rushed into his Nostrils and He Morphed into a Bold Bolt towards the Cabin. BLOOD?! Charlotte? Without thought he Subconsciously Pushed forward a Speed Unknown to himself before this and a unknown drive to move. He Considered everyone in his pack as Family, Especially people who he Disliked and or Who Dislike him, Needless to say this wouldn't interfere with most people Including Jax, to save them or Help them.

Jax Arrived At the Cabin Sliding into a Stop beside Charlotte unknowing of the News. "Wha-" He started in a Whimper, but Before he Could finish he Found himself Speechless for the Pack member who lay in front of him. With The Alpha of the Pack Frost,, The Ever Beautiful Zenith,, And Jax's Closest Charlotte with him He wasn't in a Position to Do anything. He was in quite a Fix, so He Hesitantly Morphed back into his Human Form Falling into sort of a Row with Charlotte. Because Jax was Nice and Happy around most people, he could be found Odd which Tended to Create an Awkward Moment when he's Timid. It Could do from Awkward moment to Driving People away sometimes, Meaning, he was Rarely Informed about such Battle's and Blood shed before hand.

It's Always Painful, when a Pack member Dies, but to some more than others. Charlotte seemed to be The MORE part, Alike with Jax. It always Pained him to See deadly wounds, but more so with Charlotte. Ever since he's Met her, She'd seem to have some sort of overwhelming self conscious that could get the best of her once and a While, Thought this Nearly NEVER happens to seems it could happen, but It Existed and Jax could See it right now in this Very moment.

His heart Sunk, It may happen here and there but Now more than Ever. He means he Barley Knows Zenith because he Rarely get's Injured or Sick, There was the Head of Pack in front of Him, Most likely witnessing his Scene, and His Best Damn Friend Most likely Confused to Why he was here.
The mixed Emotions Seemed to Twist and Rip his Guts and Internal organs Apart as he attempted to keep a Straight face. Fear.....Misery......Embarrassment...... They had All seemed like a Understatement to how he Felt right now Until he Realized there was One other. Rage He was Boldly Furious about a Pack members Death. There have been Life threatening Injuries in the Past but, they'd Taken it way to far Now. He'd known the Member well and could never imagine he'd see him like that.

His straight face Suddenly Faded away into a Look of Anger, trying to be Bottled as he was Left Staring at the Dead Wolf.
"I'll Kill Them All" He said Under his Breath possibly not even loud enough for Charlotte to Hear.