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Meredith Mackenzie

Beta female

0 · 1,060 views · located in New Haven, Colorado

a character in “The Wolves Of Winter”, as played by Belynta





Name: Meredith Mackenzie

Nickname/s: Mack, Arrow (due to her being known for her tracking skills)

Age: 25

Orientation: Heterosexual

D.O.B: 8th January

Occupation: Vet in Training (finishing her studies at only veterinary clinic in town)

Family: Mother Kara Mackenzie (deceased) Father Malcolm Mackenzie (deceased) Twin brother Michael Mackenzie (deceased) Uncle Nate Mackenzie (currently resides with)


Height: 5"9

Weight: 152 lbs

Hair: Brunette long and wavy

Eye Colour: Green

Build Athletic - but not skinny

StyleJeans and calf high boots, t-shirts and open long sleeved shirts, leather jackets, rings on most fingers (varying designs but all are celtic, pagan or viking in design. Multiple bracelets, all silver, in varying designs. Likes strong bold colours (black, deep red, dark blue etc) and hates pastel shades.

Distinguishing Marks Tattoo of a Celtic knot on lower back, and a circle around her left wrist made up of the Latin "vita brevis et nimium id longum videretur sollicitus (Life's too short to worry and too long to wait)


The outdoors
Rock music
Ice cream
Dislikes:Being too hot
Jazz music
Hot chocolate
Vapid people
Open Minded,
WeaknessesShort tempered,

PersonalityMeredith is a confident young woman who is not afraid to speak her mind, in fact she generally struggles not to say what she's thinking and though this often gets her into trouble, she means well. Her philosophy is only ask the question if you want the answer, which sums up her blunt, straight to the point attitude perfectly. She prefers it if others are equally straight with her and gets frustrated if they're not. If you come to her for advice then expect it to be honest and for her to pull no punches. She will tell you if you've been an idiot and then try and help you solve the problem. Though this often alienates people those that get to know her soon forgiver her this trait understanding that she is not doing it to be malicious or nasty.

She has a dry, sarcastic sense of humor and the more nervous or uncomfortable she is the more sarcastic she becomes. She is quite a fiery person with a temper that is quick to flare up and quick to die down and this can make her unpredictable, she feels strongly and no matter what she is feeling be it anger or happiness it is always passionate. She has always felt deeply and when she was young her family used to say she loved too much. This has certainly been the case with her last few romantic relationships which have all failed due to her being too needy for the men she was with. She is also very proud and she is known for her inability to ask others for help even if its obvious she needs it. This has not changed since becoming a werewolf and she has stubbornly learned by herself how to control this side of her nature.

She is very creative and views herself as somewhat of a free spirit, she loves nothing better than to sit outside somewhere and draw or paint what's around her. She is often caught up in her imagination and her artwork reflects this showing scenes from her thoughts and dreams. She often draws her favorite subject which is animals and likes to sit and watch them in their natural habitat and then draw what she has seen. She also enjoys drawing more scientific or anatomical work and does this often for her studies. She is always on the go, either working in the clinic, working on her studies, or doing something outside. she struggles to sit still for long and hates having nothing to do.

Meredith is at heart a nice person who really just wants everyone to like her and it really bothers her if they don't, she can be over sensitive and take things to heart. She does her best not to show this less confident side to anyone who she does not know extremely well, and unless you are close to her you will only see the confidence. Family matters a great deal to her and she would do whatever it took to keep them safe and she will always have time for her relatives or close friends. It takes a while for her to trust you but once she does she is completely loyal to you. She has a small group of close friends but most people like her, even with her blunt speaking, due to her accepting people as they are and not judging or expecting anything from them.


ImageImageMeredith was born in Jacksonville,Texas and lived there until she was 18 (she still has a strong Texan accent)She had a perfectly normal childhood with her parents doing their best to ensure she grew up right. Though not well off, her father worked as a mechanic and her mother as a cleaner, they made sure that she and her twin brother never missed out on the important things. Meredith was particularly close to her brother and even as they grew older and went to different colleges etc they still spoke regularly and visited each other as often as they could. A week after she turned eighteen Meredith's world dropped out from under her. Unbeknownst to her, her brother and her parents had driven to see her not long after she started college in Houston. Tragically they never reached her as they were caught in a traffic pile up and all died from their injuries. Devastated Meredith almost gave up on her dream and dropped out of college, but her uncle Nate pushed her to stay and she ultimately was glad she did. The two of them supported each other through their grief and became close. In the final years of her studies, when she needed to gain experience in a veterinary clinic she chose New Haven and moved there about a year ago.
She was on her way home after a late shift at the vets when she was attacked. She and her uncle keep no secrets and he is the only she has told.



In her wolf form she is a mixture of tan, dark brown, grey and black with the lighter colors mostly on her belly, legs and chest. She still has her piercing green eyes in this form. She is a fairly large wolf but is long and lean rather than stocky. She is not the fastest in the pack nor the slowest coming somewhere in the middle but what she is known for is her superb senses and ability to track and hunt over long distances without losing her prey.

So begins...

Meredith Mackenzie's Story

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Connor Hook

First Full Moon

The wound still stung, and the angry red edges where the beasts teeth had sunk in looked worse than ever. Connor knows he should go to the clinic, get the bite checked out. Or in the least put some ointment on it, an easy fix if he ever could remember to do so.

"Something wrong Connor?" Julia asks, two lanes away from him at the checkout counter. With four in total it wasn't a huge distance. The two of them were the only ones manning the counters. Only a few customers come in this late in the afternoon. Connor checks the clock hanging up above the atm.

"Bored," He answers honestly, drumming his fingers along the counter top. He must say it just a bit too sharply, because Julia turns away with a little huff and flick of her long brunette hair.

Theres a strange feeling in his skin today, almost feverish but not quite sick feeling. Antsy is the word he would use, like something big is about to happen but he just can't figure out what it is. Hes itchy too, but it isn't a normal itch that just goes away with a scratch. This itch is below his skin burning through his reserves of patience. He just wishes shift change would happen soon so he can go home and sleep off the feeling.

30 minutes to go, he knows he can't wait that long. Not when the sweating suddenly starts up, soaking him in an instant. Only it isn't exactly hot so Connor doesn't know why hes sweating. Its worrying to say the least, and when a pulse of pain shoots through his hip, where the damn wolf bit him his legs nearly buckle. He grips the counter and looks down at where the bite is, watching as the skin ripples, like something trying to claw its way out from within. He blinks in shock, and the skin returns to normal.

Consequences be damned, Connor needed to get home and sleep off whatever the hell this feeling is.

The end of his shift came faster than he expected, and thankfully so. He knew by this point that it wasn't safe to cut through the woods, but it was the fastest way to get back home. He needed to rest, take some aspirin and possibly a long shower. Maybe that would get rid of the strange feeling.

His focus on the feeling is so intense by that point that he doesn't even notice that he has gone deeper into the woodlands, nowhere near his home. But once he realized this his curiosity got the best of him, walking a little further in the direction he had been walking - until abruptly realizing he didn't recognize this area at all. Something that came as a surprise given he grew up in New Haven and spent much of his time in the woodlands.

"Well shit," He says to himself, settling down to take a quick rest against a tree stump. Its getting dark, and the feelings is only getting worse as time ticks on. Connor wills himself to move, to do anything but sit there.

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#, as written by Saken
The First Full Moon

As much as she hated it, Kris was off of work due to the damned wolf bite on her side. Not only did she have to spend three days in the hospital, but now she felt like complete and utter crap. It must have been the rabies shot they gave her a few hours ago because her skin burned something fierce and she could feel all the little hairs on her body stand on end. It was an awful feeling, like something was crawling around beneath her skin.

She knew she should just stay in her little apartment and lie down and go to sleep, but for some reason the idea of being in her apartment made her stomach flip and turn so, instead, she grabbed a light coat and headed out towards the woods. The danger was over, the wolf had already been killed, and it was so unlikely for there to be another wolf wondering around out there. It was safe.


Giving her head a quick shake, Kris dismissed the morbid thoughts that danced through her head as she beat feet out the door. It was necessary- she had to leave, now, go to the woods, now. The itching, burning, pulsating beneath her skin made being indoors unbearable, and so she headed up into the forest, not bothering to match her surroundings. This was New Haven, she’d been everywhere…

Or so she thought but, before long, she ended up lost, in a part of the woods that was not familiar but, upon first glance, she did not look to be alone…


Her stomach hurt and her head felt funny all of a sudden. Ten year old Lilly, who should not have been out in the woods – again – suddenly felt as if she were going to burst from her skin and die. It was worse than even the wolf bite that she had gotten a few days prior, and she thought –that- was the worst thing in the world.

Unfortunately for Lilly the change from human to wolf was coming way to fast. She was too young, she was too inexperienced, and she was so scared and so tired and everything was just too much!

She fell over and started to screech, her voice high pitched and shrill, ringing out through the trees around her. “Moooooooommmmmmmmmmyyyyy,” she shrieked violent spasms throwing her small body against the ground, the full moon hanging in the background. Something was happening to her! Fur was starting to sprout in patches.


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#, as written by Ignetio
The First Full Moon

Dezreus Dex Marin

Dex sat with his gang around him. They were talking. He was half listening. His arm was killing him. Right on the shoulder, The fucking dog jumped onto him. He had to deal with running away then, BAM, dog was on him. He emptied a full mag from a 9mm into it but it just ran off. He was only there for recruitment. Everyone in the room were talking about something. Dex stood up and walked out with his pack of cigarettes. Lit the cigarette and began to smoke. Enhale. Exhale. Time began to slow as he relaxed. Stress from the past year as other rival gangs got bigger and police got stronger. It wasn't looking good for him or his gang. His fingers started to burn. He thought he had smoked to the point of the flame. Dropping the cig and stepping it out his hand didn't feel better. Actually it was worse. His nails were getting longer. And sharper. His face began to burn, then his bite mark. He felt as if he was expanding. Arms became thicker. Back began to hunch. His clothes started to tear. "What the fuck?!?!" He practically screamed. It wasn't long before he was on all 4's not knowing what was going on. His clothes were ruined.

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#, as written by Miyer
Angelica Rose White

Angi pulled the worn blanket closer to her chilled body, the flame of her dying fire flicking up in a last ditch attempt to touch the sky before dropping back down to it original position. The wind swept through the trees and rustled them, causing her body to shiver and forcing her to curl into herself for a moment.

It had been little under a month ago since the bit she had received from that wolf, a little under a month since she had been forced to leave her home and start living rough in the woods. She felt her concern for the children growing each day she was away and they were left along with that man, but each day Thomas would come with food, telling her that everything was okay, that they were all okay and that she should just stay put in the woods for now.

Lost deep in though, Angi probably wouldn't of noticed the burning if it hadn't been for the fact that the cold no longer bothered her and she had to throw off the blanket because she had become to hot. There were other things as well, she had the desire to tear off her cloths and run, just keep running, to where she had no clue, but fortunately she managed to quell that desire, even if she couldn't stop herself from getting up and walking away from the small circle of light her fire cast.

It was dark, and late, and the full moon shone over head, illuminating her blonde hair so that it shone like silver and turned her skin milky white, her cloths were ruined from days spent sleeping rough and her hair is a tangled flowing mess. If any of the villagers were to have seen her that night, they would of sworn it was a spirit and not a girl that had walked through the woods.

As if in a trance, she moved a path unseen by the rest of the world to a location she had never been but knew all to well. She could sense others, a man, 2 women and a young girl, she could hear them, smell them, almost taste them on the wind, and yet that couldn't be possible...

Then the burning was back, and all thoughts were discarded from her mind as the pain started. Closing her eyes she couldn't stop the inhuman scream that erupted from her lips as bones cracked and her skin burst open, dropping her to her hands and knees. Then the pain was gone, and her once scream turned into a Howl, one that seemed to echo off the trees and drawn out the other noises of the night.

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#, as written by Saken

Every bone in her entire body was breaking, the pains so intense she could not even scream anymore while she writhed. She was going to die, she was sure of it, all alone out in the woods. Perhaps she should have listened to her mother and her father and not ventured out..

And then there was someone else who was with her. A nice girl, someone who patted her, told her it was going to be okay, and for some reason she believed in it. Her body relaxed for a few moments, and that is when she sprouted fur. Having another person there – a nurturing presence allowed for the young girl, an omega wolf, to finally release the beast that was inside of her. A flash of light, a gush of fluid and suddenly she was a small, brown and blonde wolf.

She whined, panting harshly, her eyes wide. She was so afraid –but now she could smell…Others, like her and like Meredith, the one who had come and helped her. Released her from her human form and from the pain that she had been in (at least, that’s how Lilly connected it in her head).

“Arooo!” She called back to the scream, her tail starting to wag a little bit, the pain even now receding. Young minds, so easily distracted.


She must have passed out because the next thing she knew she was on all fours, her vision was different, strange- but he smells! It was a whole new world of smells and for a few moments Kris’ human brain tried to take over and be in the front, but it was too strange, too much for her to handle, so the animal brain took over…

And it was hungry. Her nose shifted up to the sky, sniffing. There was blood in the air, hot, from a deer. She began to trot towards the area cautiously – obviously something had to have killed the deer and she did not want to be the prey to that animal, but her stomach let out a horrendous growl, clenching, and she decided to risk it so that she could get some food, sniff around.