Julia Beilschmidt

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a character in “The Wonderful World of Hetalia”, as played by GoldenRayne


Physical Description: is a woman with long, rather wild white hair, which she, according to legend started growing out from the 18th century onwards. Prior to then, it was even shorter. She is shown to have sectoral heterochromia in both eyes; pink on the top and blue on the bottom, She sports a scar on her right cheek.She wears thigh-high boots, a black miniskirt, and a jacket however it seems to be either torn or designed differently at the end, and comes to a stop shortly below her skirt.

Personality: She has a wild and strong personality, which covers up her more serious, book-smart, and hard-working personality; she never misses a day of training. She can be arrogant at times.

Equipment: An iron cross, and a bird that she adopted as a pet

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