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Alice Liddle

The Warden of Wonderland

0 · 572 views · located in The Wonderland Institute in New York

a character in “The Wonderland Institute v2”, as played by Rulke




The Warden & Little Alice

Place of Birth: England, London

DOB: May 4th 1982

Age: 30

Family: All But Her Sister Deceased

Occupation: The Warden of The Wonderland Institute

Blood-Type: O-

Criminal History:
Although she is not the perpetrator of any crimes, there was a traumatic event in Alice’s younger years which she calls Wonderland. After much psychiatry evaluation and medical tests, it’s been cleared that Alice is now fit to handle herself. The events of Wonderland while horrific and harrowing seem to be a memory and though she appeared she may have lost her virginity there, it does not seem to have a lasting impact on her.

Alice Liddle is ruled by this Court of Law that she can run this Asylum she built without any bias or hatred.

Case Closed

Mental Diagnostic:
Psychologically Fit and Mentally Fine - No Known Issues

Supernatural Powers:

After sometime the Psychiatrist found any mention of the Cheshire Cat made Alice break into foetal position and start crying. It was decided to drop this as she seemed fine when this was not mentioned.

When asked to describe the Cheshire Cat, when she was sedated she described an amorphous cat with the ability to go invisible, partially or fully. Strangely with this, the cat had a human form and when asked further, she would burst into tears and refuse to say anything else.

After further testing of this, we found even after twelve years she can not talk about this without losing control

Ideal Environment and Stimuli For Them:
Alice Liddle appears to prefer being around the weird and have an obsession with the world of Wonderland.

Alice is someone who seems to suffer from arrested development, being more teen-like in certain regards. She appears to be business-like but has a certain taste for macabre or obscene, she often switches between kind/caring to harsh/unforgiving within the same conversation. Her methods are questionable if at times highly unethical. This has given her a terrifying if imposing demeanour.

This often breaks into how she handles certain inmates, taking an almost child-like glee in hurting or inflicting suffering on them. Trying to test their limitations and put them in cruel situations, ones their very mind can’t physically handle, this is shown by her almost dominatrix attitude, she mocks their pain and appears to prefer control.

Those who have tried to snatch it back were never like that again.

Born in London, England Alice was an inquisitive and curious young girl whom often appeared naive or innocent. Coming from a family who was quite well-off she often spent her times outside of London visiting great estates of friends and relatives, she was well aware of her area in life. As were her parents thus why they decided to use her sister to try to educate the girl, often distracted and flighty the sister stuck on, one time while out during a rather warm day, her sister got an important call and left Alice for ten minutes, at this point Alice was only twelve, but it did not seem like big deal to leave her alone.

When she came back having been dragged away for much longer, Alice was gone, only sign she had been there, were the books and her kitten Dinah.

There was a massive hunt for Alice that went for days, but to no avail, just as the parents were about to give up, she returned, crying, yelling and appearing irrevocably broken. When asked where she went and what happened, she just kept saying Wonderland and mentioning such strange individuals as Mad Hatter, March Hare, The Cheshire Cat, Queen of Hearts and Tweedledum and Tweedle Dee.

Her parents in utter despair handed her over to authorities for psychiatric evaluation and that was the last anyone saw of her for over twelve years.

Then suddenly she was released and her first goal was to gather her inheritance and build an asylum, there was of course alarm due to this, but when she won the court case to do so, there was no more. What was especially unnerving was the people she began to house, the ones people had given up on, the ones who seemed to be mere disasters?

She claimed her goal was to fix all that was broken.

Of course, there were criticisms from the press, but she fought them all with press conference after press conference and on the Anniversary of her parent’s tragic death she opened The Wonderland Institute For the Mentally and Criminally Insane in New York.

Six years have passed since this.

Relationship to Other Inmates: (Good or bad all depends on you)

It took time but I believe now Alice has recovered considerably and believed her transition to the real world has been remarkable, I will keep you updated on any reports I receive, but I state my reputation on this that Alice is no harm to anyone or herself.

Alice Liddle is cured.


So begins...

Alice Liddle's Story

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#, as written by Rulke
Everything was set she had written back to some Senators about the use of certain measures she had employed in the past. They had questioned these methods claiming that what she was doing could be classed under cruel and unusual punishment. She understood this but disagreed as these individuals she allowed to walk around certain areas under supervision had forfeited their rights to respect and dignity after what they had committed, or what they had tried. None of them here, not any had the right to complain.

Reading over the Governor letter it said:

Dear Ms Liddle

I Governor Walter Peyton wish for you reconsider your methods, I understand your working with monsters and believe you are on some sort of crusade, but surely you would reconsider what you are doing.

Your Psychiatrist Mr Carroll has assured us time and time again, that even though you may be unorthodox, you are have been cured for a long time, he insists also that trying to remove you from this environment could be detrimental.

You see my problem, Ms Liddle, I can’t ignore the actions you do, but you are keeping many individual locked up tight and due to this many of the state is on your side, I admire that because you have shown you can handle this responsibility.

It is Ms Liddle your flagrant disregard for these people.

I imagine you will ignore this once again or send us to reply stating how ignorant we are, we understand but The State of New York has laws and we would rather you follow them, even if you just stop lobotomizing patients, it’s archaic and gruesome solution.

Please just think on this.

I implore you.

Yours sincerely
Governor Walter Peyton

Sighing she rolled her eyes before checking her e-mail on the computers, then standing up seeing the time. It was time for daily inspection 1300 hours sharp this is how she ran this place, cells inspected for weapons or other dangerous implements.

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Footsteps echoed down the dimly lit toward the Warden's office. Even in the middle of the day, the grounds never received much sunlight. Perhaps this place was damned just as they had said it was. Run by a woman who, some believed, was just as monstrous as the inmates that called this pit home. The worst of the worst and the weirdest of the weird rotted in deep dank cells. It was almost too good to be true for the new Head Doctor, Cassius LaMontaigne.

He walked with grace and precision, not a step without a purpose as he walked towards the Warden's Office. It was inspection time and the good doctor could hardly resist another chance to learn all he could about the individual's who inhabited the fine establishment. A cigarette made from a tobacco leaf, or something similar, rested gently in his lips, leaving an odd smelling trail of smoke behind him.

Three knocks, as he reached the door to the Warden's Quarters. Gentle, yet precise and sharp, like a scalpel. In the short year he had been Head Doctor, he had never been late for Inspection. "Good afternoon, Madam." His voice came from the other side of Alice's door. His smooth southern Cajun accent, carried a tone of excited malice. "I trust you've received good news from the Governor this time. Such a shame they don't agree with your methods. They apparently can't see what great progress we are making here" He mused in a sing-song voice. He exhaled smoke and grinned, revealing teeth that were pitch black and jagged, like rows of sharp fangs.

He waited on the other side of the door for her. He knew she wasn't the type one was rude to. Not after what he had found out. Most of the inmates shared a common dislike of their Warden. Most of them didn't seem to phase her. However, there was one particular inmate which got under her skin.

When LaMontaigne had asked about it, he received nothing but a harsh stare from the Warden and told it was not his business. True, but his job was to understand and rehabilitate the minds of the occupants. He waited, almost impatiently on the other side of the door, his mind yearning for more interactions.

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#, as written by Rulke
Hearing the knocks, she recognised right away despite not seeing who it was, and with a withering smirk she spoke up, "Cassius, the sooner you stop treating this place like some sort of boudoir the better for all of us. Just open the damn door." standing up she approached the thick oaken door before throwing it open, "Right, let's get this over with."

Her accent despite having lived in New York still came across very English, especially with how she pronounced words.

Exiting the office, she slammed the wood fiercely it was evident, The Warden was angry, and usually when she was her sadistic darkness crept to the surface, slithered to the fore. It is what made Alice formidable, dangerous even.

For a time she said nothing as they walked down the clinically twisted corridor sterilised of anything. No emotion, just an empty void that placated the masses. Nonetheless, the silence could be unnerving, because despite appearing harmless, many of the staff knew she had conniving suffocating darkness which represented her heart. The time's anyone suggested her methods were too far. She would stare with such intensity and say with unsightly aggression, "Monsters, don't deserve kindness." one young orderly had asked her further on this and found himself flung into a wall.

Fortunately for him, the walls were not prison walls, thus he came off of it with how a few shattered ribs. Although this sold the idea that moving to this inquiry was lethal if not only unadvisable, "Cassius, I am trying to make a place that provides them with somewhere where maggots, monsters and horrors belong. Few of these individuals are men or woman. I don't care if they are children. They lost their privileges when they inflict those atrocities." evidently she was willing to share, "Yet the Government only see these still as people, and act like I am committing some massive injustice. How can I explain to these idiots that threatening to stifle my methods would tie my hands behind my back? That would achieve nothing in the realm of promising. In fact, it would give these things dignity. What of their victims? What of the crying widows, fathers and mothers. Brothers and sister? Don't they deserve peace of mind knowing these abominations are not being shown anything resembling kindness?"

Arriving at the meeting place for all staff before inspection she stopped, "Now we wait, Cassius." not long after Jacob, James, Jafar and Vitas would arrive, "Jacob, you are on Cheshire today, then continue as usual. Vitas, check what progress Scarlett has made. Everyone else can vote to where to begin. I need a laugh, so I shall inspect and interview Don Quixote. Unlike the others here he has actually has hope of making progress."

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LaMontaigne chuckled darkly at the Warden as she slammed the doors shut and began walking. He followed behind, arms folded behind his back, analyzing every move the warden made. Her heart was dark, just like every other person here, except that bemusing Peter Banning. His heart was filled with youth and beguilement. So convinced he was in his delusions that he may have been the most innocent person in the entire establishment. Lack of progress on that particular patient was............ infuriating. Hook needed to try harder.

"Of course, cherie, They dun' know the first thing 'bout what we do" His voice was as smooth as the smoke that trailed behind him, filled with all kinds of terrible things. "It's easy for them to tell us what we doin' is wrong cause they not livin' every day in this hell like you an' me. It's easy for them to hide behind they desks and paperwork, when they never gotta see any o' them monsters that live in these walls" He said, exhaling smoke with a grin.

"But I expect you know better, cherie. Better than some senator who never had a bad thing happen to him in his life. What we doin' here is working. We makin' real progress with these patients. We will show them, cherie. We will show them. "

La Montaigne had been telling things like this to Alice since he had arrived. He was all for the methods the Warden employed to 'Rehabilitate'. Mostly because if furthered his own research. It was, after all, the chance of a lifetime for him.

Soon they entered the staff room where the warden would hand out their tasks.

Jafar was already in the room when the warden and LaMontaigne arrived. No doubt the new Doctor was eager to implant more of his thoughts into the Warden's mind. Since LaMontaigne's arrival, Jafar had noticed he had been spending an awful lot of time with the Warden and that the Warden seemed to be quicker to anger of recent. It mattered not to him, however, it was simply an observation. He leaned on his long, Cobra-headed staff, scanning the room with crimson eyes hidden behind a porcelain white mask. His deep crimson attire, was obviously not what normal people wore in this day in age. Especially not in New York.

Perhaps that was why Jafar had taken such a kindling to Dr. Hook, he had a certain je ne sais quoi about him. He nodded respectfully as the others arrived in. He normally never inspected anyone, he was there as a formality and to make sure the staff was all following order. "Good afternoon Warden Liddle" Jafar said in a deep voice as he saw Alice.

When Alice told Grimm that he was going to deal with Cheshire LaMontaigne was visibly disappointed. In the year LaMontaigne had been there, not once had she allowed him to observe The Cheshire. He couldn't hide disapproval but said nothing about it.

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With a nobleman's cane in hand, Hook strode his way down the halls, face down, wiping his brow with a handkerchief. No matter how many times he has taken walks down here, the atmosphere had remained apprehensive, choking even. It didn't help matters knowing himself surrounded by truly deranged minds, dangerous ones, so far disconnected from reality that they feel nothing of their crimes. Even a portion of the staff was questionable, something abnormal he can't quite put a finger on just yet. Either way, someone had to keep the sails steady, else this vessel capsize.

He made it to the door of the meeting room, listening in briefly. Alice Liddle's tone was like a warning sign to his ears, twitching his moustache slightly as a nervous tick. Oh dear, sounds like someone's placed Ms. Liddle is into a sour mood, he thinks, taking in a sharp breath before crossing the threshold in graceful fashion along with a small bow.

"Greeings to you all, lady Liddle, sir Cassius, ah-," he pauses, glancing over at Jafar. He was one of the more unusual ones here, intimidating even, perhaps even more-so than Alice herself. And he was always hidden behind a mask and red robes, perhaps disfigurement? Either way, it was rude to stare "Greetings to you as well sir Jafar. I hope we are all in good spirits for today's... well, duties I suppose is a word for it."

Hearing that Alice will take charge of Don Quixote's inspection. The man was by far the least deranged inmate, at least, to the point that Hook questions why he's even here to begin with. There was even a thing of admiration that James had for the man, a man following a classical example of a noble knight, chivalry and honesty. His preliminary assessment was delusions brought about by a midlife crisis.

"A-ah, Alice, seems you favor our model patient as well, a hopeful case, a good man I'd even say," he says proudly, rubbing his chin as he rests his elbow on his cane. "As for me, well, given he thinks I'm some... character in his strange fantasies, I am left with Peter again today, I suppose. Unless some other gent wants to take the wheel for a change? Hm, have we ah, got more security now since the last incident at least? I'd rather avoid changing my last name to a plural."

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#, as written by Rulke
Nodding politely to Hook she seemed slightly more relaxed and calm in her measured response, "I think dear James, he is here to keep us sane as it was, don't you agree?" as she started to head down the hallway towards inmates quarters an orderly ran up to her and started speaking quickly. Very quickly losing her patience she scowled and spoke firmly, "SLOW DOWN MAN." now comprehensible he began to explain. As he spoke her eyes widened leading to her running back to the exit yelling, "PETER BANNING HAS ESCAPED. I REPEAT PETER BANNING HAS ESCAPED. LOCK DOWN THE FACILITY!" the orderly who had informed her immediately ran to a nearby wall. On it was what appeared to be a fire alarm. He immediately pushed it and immediately an ear-piercing klaxon broke the reveries.

Arriving back at the group, she appeared puffed out before standing up straight, horror in her eyes, "I just been informed by an orderly that Peter Banning has managed to break down his door again somehow. This third time in a month, I am sorry James but I want to set Vitas on him, please go find her and note there is permission to use tasers to restrain him." the anxiety painted on her face was evident, as she mentally consoled herself, "Right, gather the missing staff members. We need to double-check the security feeds and further check all rooms. Something strange is going on here and by fucking God, I will find out." once again angry, purely livid she added, "DON'T JUST STAND THERE, GET ME DR JEKYLL, DR VERDE AND DR FRANKENSTEIN."

Once they stepped away her eyes darted nervously before she yelled, "CHESHIRE, QUIT PLAYING GAMES WITH ME! I WON, YOU ARE BEING AN UTTER BITCH NOW! I WON. YOU LOST. END OF!" by now the orderlies were used to Alice's breakdowns so said nothing, afraid for their sake, "I will skin that fucking cat alive, then dear, dear Alice will just find how many ways to skin a cat. Oh yes." collapsing on her knees she started crying and whispering, "Curiouser... and curioser Alice... everything in Wonderland topsy-turvy... nothing is right... left is right... while right is left..." weeping she would do so until the other two staff members arrived.

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Doctor Henry Jekyll twirled a pen around his fingers, looking over case files on his tablet in his office. At ease, calm and comfortable. It was these moments just after he had taken his medicine that Jekyll felt most peaceful. Making notes on how Aldric's condition could relate to his, Jekyll pondered if it was right for Vitas to hold such an interest in him. No doubt the other staff members were passionate about their work but at it's core this was still a hospital, dammit. A place of healing. A place to cure these troubled souls, not torture them further. The warmth of Jekyll's room provided a resonance no sound could provide.
A piercing, horrid screech attacked Jekyll from the alarm system. He clasped his hands over his ears, letting go of the pen as it rolled underneath his desk. "Bloody orderlies!" he shouted, understanding that it would most likely trigger Aldric's transformation and undoing weeks of therapy. Shit, he realised, Alice! Jekyll rushed out of his office, moving past the bumbling orderlies through hallways when one called "Doctor, Alice called for you, this way!" much to Jekyll's irritation who responded "I know. Now turn off that bloody alarm before every inmate in the asylum starts showing their inner Hyde."

Turning a corner, Jekyll's eyes widened as he saw Alice on the ground kneeling. Distraught. Unstable. He sighed, hand on his forehead as he muttered underneath his breath "Jesus... Useless staff." and proceeded to move up slowly behind her, letting her know he was present by gently saying "Alice? It's Henry." then placed a hand on her shoulder. He hoped she would not hit him.

She was relapsing into her delusions on Wonderland. Her scattered whispers were difficult to read, but would come back to Cheshire and how Alice had 'won'. Like a father trying to console his daughter, Jekyll knelt down with her and rubbed her back. Once again he hoped she would let him. "You're alright, Alice. You have won. There are no Hatters, no rabbits here. Cheshire is contained, she can't leave unless you let her. You did it." Jekyll went to dry her tears. "Open your eyes, Alice. You run this place. You are the warden. No one here has any power over you. Just as you showed me that I have power over Hyde. This Wonderland is yours to control."

Standing up, Jekyll composed himself and issued orders to nearby orderlies. Some had known him as Hyde while an inmate, and were more than willing to listen to his words. "Make sure the siren remains off. Set up extra security around the Wolf Den. Peter Banning is delusional, not psychotic. Play into his fantasies to subdue him. James, Peter is only interested in finding you. If he does, your taser is your sword. Don't argue with him." Moving back towards Alice, Jekyll's voice was gentle once again, "Wonderland needs you, Alice."

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"Peter Banning did what?" Hook roars upon hearing the news, shaking his cane at the orderlies, infuriated and somewhat panicked at this turn of events. "What? Did one of you bloody buffoons forget to lock the damn door!? This is all standard procedure!"

He reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a bottle of ibuprofen and downs a couple pills. With everything going suddenly south, and those blasted sirens blaring through his ears and into his skull, Jame's head began was already pounding. He held his head as he was about to join in the attempt to contain Peter when he heard Alice's wailing. She has taken this for the worst. No, not now Alice..! damn the fools! Why do we even have these blasted noise makers here? They mostly only serve as an agitator!

Then the sirens were shut off, he lifts his head, shifting attention from the collapsed Alice to see Dr. Jekyll approach from around the corner. Thank God, somebody who has it together! He watches as Henry takes over to try bringing poor Alice back to her senses, offering at least some relief to Hook.

He actually admired Jekyll, the man, the miracle. He's a complete turnabout case from having bouts of being the cruel Hyde, to the dominant personality now, a well educated man of high ethical standing. He shared in the belief that there are no monsters, only sick minds that need treatment. He was not just sane in this situation, he was lucidity personified, and Hook appreciates any he can get around here.

"Good form, sir, you are of exemplary character, sir Jekyll," he responds, not hiding his appreciation for his assistance in the situation. His headache too was now clearing, able to think again clearly again. By Henry's suggestion, he reaches for his taser. "Of course, though... I hope not to have to use it extensively. I... hope she's feeling better when this whole debacle is over with."

He then courteously bows to Dr. Jekyll before heading down the hallway, along with some of the orderlies, glancing over Peter's cell door briefly before heading onward. As I thought, it isn't even locked. This was likely not to go down without a fight, but this time he wasn't going to get caught off guard.

"Peter, Peter Pan! Where have you off'd to, boy?!" He calls out, checking back and forward vigilantly. "Turn yourself in and it'll be to the brig without any of the nastiness, captain's honor!"

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Theodora had been in her office at the other side of the asylum, nowhere near the cells of the inmates. Her office was rather unique in the way it was decorated. The walls were lined with bookshelves, bookshelves filled with children's stories, fairy tales and old classic literature. This served the purpose of coming across as a child-friendly environment as well as providing research material on some of the inmates, though the stories were usually the watered-down child-friendly versions of what really happened. In addition to the bookshelves, she had a large collection of crystal balls scattered throughout her office. She used them as skrying tools so she could watch what was going on in the asylum, her own sort of surveillance, with no obvious cameras to get in the way. At the back of the room was her desk. Across the front was a row of books, the most recent ones she'd been researching, with a gargoyle-like bookend at either side in the shape of an angry looking monkey with bat wings spread out. On one side of the desk was the largest of her crystal ball collection, about eight inches in diameter.

She was sitting at her desk when the alarms went off. She had been "checking in" on the patients with her crystal ball and had lost track of time. She used the ball to find who had escaped and saw Peter running through the halls. The last place she saw him was as he ran past the maximum security wing where Dr. Warmoon was working with one of the more dangerous inmates.

Theodora made her way down the halls, her short black skirt ruffling slightly with the speed of her walking. Her long black hair was put up into a bun, she wore an olive green shirt under a small jacket that matched her skirt. She quickly made her way to the other doctors and the warden, not seeing that Peter was right there.

"You lost Peter again, really? We need to put a shock collar on that kid. He's probably headed to the ... "She trailed off as she saw Peter in a sword fighting position, taunting Dr. Hook. "Never mind, I see you've found him."

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"Cén fáth a bhfuil siad ar aghaidh chun iarracht agus cneasaigh dom? Ná bíodh a fhios acu nach féidir liom a shocrú? Ní thuigim. Níl mé ag iarraidh a thuiscint. Tá mé ag iarraidh a dhul abhaile. Baile. Le do thoil, lig dom dul abhaile." he muttered to himself in Irish, which translated to: "Why do they continue to try and heal me? Do not they know I can not be fixed? I do not understand. I do not want to understand. I want to go home. Home. Please, let me go home." in English.

As the shards floated around him, he stared at them, all of them. He didn't want this. He didn't care about Vitas's life; he just wanted to be left alone! He knew now that he wouldn't be left alone here, and with a loud, but low growl, one that echoed in the chamber and out to the corridor of the cell-block known as the Wolf's Den, stood, and grabbed his beaten bed-frame once more. With each slam of the bed against the silver bars, he snarled, the bestial sounds also echoing from his room to the corridor.

"Is cuma liom! Ba mhaith liom amach! Amach a rá liom! Más rud é nach mbeidh tú é a thabhairt dom, beidh mé in ann é féin!" he screamed in Irish, his booming voice bellowing forth more effort from his muscles, the loud bangs of his bed against the door of his cell growing louder and louder. His words meant: "I do not care! I want out! Out I say! If you will not give it to me, I will take it myself!"

Harder and harder he swung his bed frame, the metal on metal was an excruciatingly loud sound, and with it, his Secondary Personality came back, his Jade Eyes filling with Amber once more, causing him to swing even harder against the door. A crack formed in the ceiling of his cell, and the bars eventually broke, the door swinging open violently. He tossed his bed back to its corner, the thing no longer usable, and lifted his chin as he arched his back, and howled triumphantly, the howl louder than any siren in the Asylum.

"It's 'bout God Damned Time!" he growled as he exited his cell, ignoring the shards of Vitas' memories following him. The safety measures immediately went into action, raising the bridge between his cell and the other doors. Knowing full well it was made of silver, he grabbed it, and forced it back down while screaming in both effort and agony. Once it reached the ground, he stepped on it his feet also being seared by it before it began to rise again, and he slid down the bridge to the foot of the first door in his path. Beyond this door was a tranquilizer-dart-shooting room that would sedate him; he could smell the Sedatives.

Of course the door was reinforced with Silver bars, but the hinges were still regular metal; which while stronger than silver, didn't burn. Breathing hard, his feet and hands stinging, steam rising from them as they healed, he readied himself. Once his feet had healed enough, he began to shoulder slam the door, snarling and growling with each motion he did. BANG. BANG. BANG. BANG. After one more shoulder charge, his shoulder bone cracked, healed, and then was ready to go. He snarled, and began to pound on the door with his fists, the walls shaking around him as he unleashed his fury on the door. Eventually, that too would break off its hinges, falling to the ground within the room. He stopped, standing outside the door-frame, and reared his head to howl once more, this one twice as bestial as the last one, sounding genuinely like a wolf.

He slammed his fist against the frame, and grabbed at his face, his breathing sounding more and more like a snarling wolf as his mind delved further into its primal rage. "NO! STRONGER than this.....BEAST!" he slammed his fist against the door-frame again, the wall shaking violently. Steeling himself, he got on all fours, and lunged forward with all his might, slamming into the last door, and breaking through it, albeit having been hit with at least ten of the intended Tranquilizer darts. He tore them out of his body and tossed them aside, grunting as his body began to convulse, though he was actively fighting it.

He was shifting.

He began to retch, and eventually hurled what little he'd eaten in the last twelve hours, his hands closing to fists as he let out pained screams of agony and despair, not wanting to shift. He screamed the word NO in every language he knew, every time sounding more bestial and less human as he slammed his hands against the floor, standing up and stumbling into the wall before collapsing onto the ground once more, onto his back, his body seizing and his mouth beginning to foam up.

Then bones began to snap.

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Pain. Pure, unimaginable Pain.

Aldric's body continued to seize violently, as his body both tried to shift and began to cook itself alive the more it did so. His mind was screaming for his body to stop, but of course nothing would work. Finally his mouth and throat opened and he let out some of the most blood-curdling screams of agony that anyone had ever heard, either here, or in any other asylum in history. Said screams were followed by more, as his back arched and foam fell down his cheeks from his mouth. He flipped onto his hands and knees and hurled pure stomach acid as his skin began to turn red from his blood boiling within him.

"MAKE IT STOP! STOP! PLEASE! I'LL DO ANYTHING FOR FUCK'S SAKE MAKE IT STOP!!!" he begged at the top of his cooking lungs. It was questionable as to how conscious he was at the time of saying that; or of which personality was currently in charge of his mind and therefore presenting itself to the world, but he was definitely no longer shifting. He managed to start to crawl back to his cell's outer door, agonizing howls and whimpers of a canine in pain echoing from his throat as his legs gave out and he began to drag himself slowly. His body began to seize again, and he puked up a large amount of blood off to the side against the wall, flopping on his back as he fought for consciousness, his eyes rolling back into his head before returning after a few blinks, then rolling back, and repeating the process at least ten times as orderlies and armed guards ran down the hall to contain and secure him. He was sweating profusely and half the hall-way smelled of vomit and sweat, the smells mixing and assaulting the noses of any heading his way or within the general area.

His whole body continued to seize, albeit at a slightly less violent pace, and finally his eyes rolled back, and he stopped, his body going limp, save for the occasional twitch or movement of his chest as he breathed. He'd be out for at least a week.

Some time Later.

Aldric's eyes snapped open and he sat up screaming in pain for a second before realizing he was no longer in said pain. Panting hard, he moved to try and touch and check all over his body After making sure he was still there, he sighed, and laid back down, still breathing quite heavily. After a few minutes, his breathing calmed down, and his heart-rate likewise slowed, and he sat up once more, looking around. His cell. His damn cell, reinforced and rebuilt it seemed. From what he could see, it looked the same, what he couldn't see, however, were the titanium reinforcements for the bars of his cell and the hinges and lock of his door.

The bridge's retractability was upgraded, allowing it to both raise and retract at lightning speeds in order to stop him from escaping anywhere fast. He sighed again, and swug his feet off the edge of his bed, putting his elbows on his knees and his face in his hands as he embraced his lot in life.

Perhaps the only good thing that came out of his outburst and escape was that no progress in his rehabilitation had really been lost. In fact, at the moment he seemed more inclined to respond to outside stimulus. However at the same time, if he were to have a gun, he'd be trying to shoot himself at the moment.

With yet another sigh, he leaned back against the wall of his cell, staring out at the doors across the gap from his cell.

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#, as written by Rulke
There was a beauty to how far Jekyll had come in all his time. The man was an intellectual giant, but he had faced his demons. Admittedly, Alice did not fully appreciate that he had found out all he had, as she wished to keep that part of her life quiet. Nonetheless, right now he was a life raft in an ocean of tears and regret. His soft demanding yet calm voice washed over her. Although not quite immediate she gradually stopped shaking and wiped her eyes, exhaling once, twice, thrice before carefully, while still quivering due to the quake in her soul. Her legs felt partially like jelly, each shudder making it difficult to stand. Yet, somehow she regained her composure, breathing heavily, as she recovered her faculties, "Thank... thank you, Henry, I almost lost myself again... you are right about everything including being right that this is my victory." smiling gently and genuinely she sighed softly before resuming for appearances.

"Next staff meeting we need to discuss these security measures. I have some allies in government so may be able to get money to provide more substantial services. This is the third time, Peter has got out. Clearly, we need to think of something other than keys. Perhaps bio-metric ID or something similar. I shall email the details for next staff meeting." with last lingering look at Henry, she turned away to head to her office, inspections would not be happening today.

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Dr Jekyll let out a sigh of relief, standing before Alice as she issued her declaration. One could see in Henry's eyes just how much he respected her. He knew she was close to finally mastering the torments Wonderland provides her, he could see how strong she had to be.
"Of course, Ms Liddle. Nice to have you on the up and up." From his pocket a bzzzt vibrated his coat. Pulling out tablet, Jekyll observed live surveillance footage of Jack Winter's cell. "Oh, for the love of... I beg my pardon, Ms Liddle. Jack is getting antsy."
Giving a polite bow before leaving the hall and Alice to her work, Jekyll began a fast paced walk towards Jack's cell. Looking on the video he could see that Jack had just broken the window to his cell. It was moments like these that Jekyll was grateful for the more magically inclined staff members capable of such defences.

Tick, tick, tick.

Standing still, Jekyll took a deep breath. My name is Henry. Producing a palette of pills, Henry popped one out and proceeded to swallow it down. Taking another deep breath, Jekyll sheathed the pills and continued towards Jack's cell. He could see the winterized glass fragments, and the orderlies already cleaning the mess up. Jack's cryokinesis was of great interest to Dr Jekyll, and pained him to see the power gifted to a boy so overwhelmed by its influence. Jekyll wanted to see Jack improve, not only for himself but also to help him find a less violent application for his abilities.

Moving up outside the door, Jekyll speaks calmly with a hint of humour "Jack? You know you're not meant to vandalise your room. There are better ways to get our attention." Pulling up a chair outside the cell door, Jekyll took a brief moment to place his tablet upon his lap as he sat down. "We share the same motive, Jack. We want to get everyone out of here. But as they are, they're not well. And we need you to get better, too." Leaning in towards the doorframe, he took a friendlier tone as he whispered "Rumours are, we'll be getting some new security measures in soon. Would do both of us good if we kept our heads down for a while, yes?"

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#, as written by Rulke

It had been a chaotic and long day, not the longest, but still pretty exhausting. Once the damage had been measured by the staff it was realised Cell Security needed to be updated with The Wolves Pit practically being rebuilt after Aldric almost escape attempt. While this went on during next two weeks.

Alice received word of a Juvenile Behavior Therapist interested in the position. Being, Peter Banning was still an issue with Jack too being a problem it did seem rather like a good idea.

Unfortunately, the problems outweighed the good, Salem, one of the inmates committed suicide the week after.

Alice, though, was steadfast, despite these major complications. Many would have buckled under the intense pressure from this all, but after her last breakdown, she seemed to attempt to keep herself coordinated. Even odder was when someone mentioned Cheshire or regarding progress of that patient, a nostalgic smile traced over Alice's lip. Something weird was certainly happening, but without further investigation, there was no need to overreact.

In the past when Cheshire was mentioned, Alice's sadism seemed to emerge quite prominently and she got angry and demanded cruel and unusual punishments for Cheshire. Now though, seemed rather calm, some may say downright intrigued by the progress. Some Doctor's have noticed her giggling and commenting during the staff meeting, 'Oh yes, she is such a wicked thing." not a lie, but the way it was said, suggested something of less towards nature.

It has been two weeks since the incident, cells have rebuilt and refitted, Aldric out of his coma and it has been reasoned by Jekyll, Warmoon and even Alice that perhaps Aldric could get outdoor privileges. It is believed that this could resolve much of his cabin fever and also provide the freedom he needs while under supervision. Of course, with this, the Garden now had to be just as warded heavily with magic. But, that was not difficult to do.

Unbeknownst to everyone, the darkness down within the crypt was stirring, it felt the weakness growing within all. Oh, how the boy who cried, cried so hard for it to stop. But now his only sound was the swinging from the metaphorical Gallow's Pole. It must work slowly, and not rush, especially as many of these magic users, if they knew, could strengthen this prison, this cell so not even the maddening cruel voice could speak in their darkest thoughts. Oh yes, it would be patient and in time Wonderland would become the Kingdom of this new Earth with the twisted aberrations of subjects that made up inmates and staff.

Once it was free, only once it was free

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Bored. Aldric was Bored. Laying on his bed and staring up at the ceiling, his hand searched around the bed for something to fiddle with. Today was a good day, so-to-speak. He wasn't as depressed as he normally was. Though he was bored, and depression wasn't very far behind. For the first time in a long time, he wanted to be interviewed, interacted with. He didn't care who, whether it was Vitas, Jekyll, hell even Alice herself.

The poor man was bored.

Sitting up as he heard the clock Toll 11:00 AM, he leaned back against the wall and stared across the gap at the raised silver bridge, and behind it, the newly put in blast-doors to ensure he couldn't get out. He wanted out, but he wanted out in a more civil way. It was stuffy in his cell now; and being outside in the garden, where he could smell fresh air and feel the sun on his skin, would be a welcome change; and provide some time to clean and sanitize his cell and the air within if Alice deemed it necessary.

He was quiet, however, listening to the sounds of the Asylum outside of his cell, and though while muffled, he could make them out. He could make out the pacing of other inmates. He could hear the clocks ticking across the asylum, he could hear the rattling of pills and of bars, and the clinking of glasses or metal on metal. He could smell the sweat of the other inmates and the workers. He could smell the food that was being prepared for lunch, and he could even smell the perfume that someone was wearing. He wasn't sure who, but then, perfume was meant to hide scents.

Tilting his head back, he decided to test the waters, letting out a loud, yet gentle howl, similar to those heard on moon-lit nights in yellow-stone. A singular, deep howl not of pain, or triumph, or rage, but of reaching out, and seeing who would respond. It was a howl that meant "I am here, is there anyone else here, too?" He held this howl for a good ten seconds before stopping, listening to the sound of his bestial voice echo throughout the corridors of the asylum like an eerie, lonely ghost. His hand went to his stomach as it gurgled quietly; he was hungry.... He'd request an extra portion of meat today if they would listen. If they gave him meat instead of half-stale veggies and boxed milk like everyone else.

Life was hard, boxed up in a silver cage with nothing to do. One's mind began to wander. What questions would they ask him today? What would they offer in return for his answers? Would they feed him at all? Did they know he was still here? Who was that little girl calling out for her dogs? Was she a little girl? How old was Alice, really? How old was he? What was age? What was time? These mindless questions mused around in his head as he yawned quietly and flopped to the side to nap.

Life was boring.

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#, as written by Rulke
It had been two weeks since all had happened in the Asylum. Yet, Alice found herself remembering everything. At times she found herself dozing off and memories of Wonderland sprung to the fore to assault her sense in sadistic joy. Often she would wake up screaming and crying, and many a time she considered phoning for Henry --- Henry and James, both of them were the only ones she could truly trust. A voice had told her this, the voice had whispered a lot. It spoke things no one should know. Including deep down she missed Cheshire and worse missed what had happened... The taunting, the childish paedophilic games. At first it had all hurt, but the sing-song rhyming and little games like Hiding and Seeking... She had been terrified out of her mind, shaking and crying... Yet... yet she craved it all again...

Normally in any relapse, she would telephone Dr Carroll and go over breathing exercises. Keep in control, stay in control. The presence though knew this, it sang songs she remembered with pure fear. The place where everything back to front or upside down, the place where rules and facts were unheard of. So many doubted Wonderland existed, but she it did. She knew she remembered the talking flowers, the surreal aberrations of people.

The presence knew, and it was as she stood watching out of the window, she heard voices, spinning around, her eyes darted back and forth, breathing harder she heard a conversation. That was Vitas and Jack... They were talking, they discussed. It was a trick. No way would people betray her. They knew better. Everyone knew better. The presence knew her, and could easily mislead. But what if it was true? What if the voice sharing those voices was being honest? Vitas, she was unclear. Hard to read, in fact, Henry has always had misgivings about her.

Truthfully they all had.

Maybe they were correct...

Maybe the presence was helping her? But what was the presence... Should she be scared or far more cautious? Alice needed to think. That conversation alarmed her.

Evidently, she needed to call a staff meeting, but first, she needed to see Henry and James, no one else. No one else could be trusted.

Approaching her desk she pushed the buzzer, "Brenda, send for Dr Jekyll and Dr Hook, please. It is urgent." falling into her seat she tried to analyse and understand her thoughts. What to tell them? Mention the Presence, the anger she felt suggested she should not. But Alice had never been one to ignore a challenge, she simply yelled, "I AM WARDEN, ALICE LIDDLE. YOU HAVE NO CONTROL HERE VOICE!" it seemed to go silent leaving her mind alone with her own thoughts.

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Hook had gotten up and stepped out upon the threshold, taking a deep breath to clear his mind. You are the captain of your own mind, and the world needs captains," he recites to himself quietly, looking both ways in the corridor to make sure that none are there to witness this. Some may call it pride, but he did not desire to show anything less than his best when around others. It is a rule that applied almost entirely upon himself, however, rather than a standard for others to follow, a vice perhaps.

As he began to proceed out towards the cells, particularly the one holding The Genie, he feels a buzz from the phone in his pocket, causing him to freeze. "This better be good," he mutters, narrowing his eyes. With a grunt of mild irritation, he pulls the phone out with one hand, and from his chest pocket snapping out some reading glasses with the other, all in order to see that tiny infernal text. He looks at it, his face softening some to see it was from Brenda, by urgent request by the warden no less. "Fair enough."

He detours from his original plan, still walking but with a more swift pace down the hallways, heading straight towards Ms. Liddle's office. Once there, he stops, and as if by some gentleman's code, knocks softly upon the door so as to try to not startle her. "Miss Liddle, it is James. You requested my presence?"