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Dr. Cassius LaMontaigne

There is nothing quite like Progress

0 · 425 views · located in The Wonderland Institute in New York

a character in “The Wonderland Institute v2”, as played by Archmage Chesh



Name:Cassius LaMontaigne



Place of Birth:New Orleans,LA






Criminal History:None

Mental Diagnostic:Perfect

Supernatural Powers:Voodoo

Triggers:Lack of Progress

Ideal Environment and Stimuli For Them:The Lab

Personality:Intelligent, cunning, cold, ruthless


Relationship to Other Inmates: (Good or bad all depends on you)


So begins...

Dr. Cassius LaMontaigne's Story

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Footsteps echoed down the dimly lit toward the Warden's office. Even in the middle of the day, the grounds never received much sunlight. Perhaps this place was damned just as they had said it was. Run by a woman who, some believed, was just as monstrous as the inmates that called this pit home. The worst of the worst and the weirdest of the weird rotted in deep dank cells. It was almost too good to be true for the new Head Doctor, Cassius LaMontaigne.

He walked with grace and precision, not a step without a purpose as he walked towards the Warden's Office. It was inspection time and the good doctor could hardly resist another chance to learn all he could about the individual's who inhabited the fine establishment. A cigarette made from a tobacco leaf, or something similar, rested gently in his lips, leaving an odd smelling trail of smoke behind him.

Three knocks, as he reached the door to the Warden's Quarters. Gentle, yet precise and sharp, like a scalpel. In the short year he had been Head Doctor, he had never been late for Inspection. "Good afternoon, Madam." His voice came from the other side of Alice's door. His smooth southern Cajun accent, carried a tone of excited malice. "I trust you've received good news from the Governor this time. Such a shame they don't agree with your methods. They apparently can't see what great progress we are making here" He mused in a sing-song voice. He exhaled smoke and grinned, revealing teeth that were pitch black and jagged, like rows of sharp fangs.

He waited on the other side of the door for her. He knew she wasn't the type one was rude to. Not after what he had found out. Most of the inmates shared a common dislike of their Warden. Most of them didn't seem to phase her. However, there was one particular inmate which got under her skin.

When LaMontaigne had asked about it, he received nothing but a harsh stare from the Warden and told it was not his business. True, but his job was to understand and rehabilitate the minds of the occupants. He waited, almost impatiently on the other side of the door, his mind yearning for more interactions.

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#, as written by Rulke
Hearing the knocks, she recognised right away despite not seeing who it was, and with a withering smirk she spoke up, "Cassius, the sooner you stop treating this place like some sort of boudoir the better for all of us. Just open the damn door." standing up she approached the thick oaken door before throwing it open, "Right, let's get this over with."

Her accent despite having lived in New York still came across very English, especially with how she pronounced words.

Exiting the office, she slammed the wood fiercely it was evident, The Warden was angry, and usually when she was her sadistic darkness crept to the surface, slithered to the fore. It is what made Alice formidable, dangerous even.

For a time she said nothing as they walked down the clinically twisted corridor sterilised of anything. No emotion, just an empty void that placated the masses. Nonetheless, the silence could be unnerving, because despite appearing harmless, many of the staff knew she had conniving suffocating darkness which represented her heart. The time's anyone suggested her methods were too far. She would stare with such intensity and say with unsightly aggression, "Monsters, don't deserve kindness." one young orderly had asked her further on this and found himself flung into a wall.

Fortunately for him, the walls were not prison walls, thus he came off of it with how a few shattered ribs. Although this sold the idea that moving to this inquiry was lethal if not only unadvisable, "Cassius, I am trying to make a place that provides them with somewhere where maggots, monsters and horrors belong. Few of these individuals are men or woman. I don't care if they are children. They lost their privileges when they inflict those atrocities." evidently she was willing to share, "Yet the Government only see these still as people, and act like I am committing some massive injustice. How can I explain to these idiots that threatening to stifle my methods would tie my hands behind my back? That would achieve nothing in the realm of promising. In fact, it would give these things dignity. What of their victims? What of the crying widows, fathers and mothers. Brothers and sister? Don't they deserve peace of mind knowing these abominations are not being shown anything resembling kindness?"

Arriving at the meeting place for all staff before inspection she stopped, "Now we wait, Cassius." not long after Jacob, James, Jafar and Vitas would arrive, "Jacob, you are on Cheshire today, then continue as usual. Vitas, check what progress Scarlett has made. Everyone else can vote to where to begin. I need a laugh, so I shall inspect and interview Don Quixote. Unlike the others here he has actually has hope of making progress."

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LaMontaigne chuckled darkly at the Warden as she slammed the doors shut and began walking. He followed behind, arms folded behind his back, analyzing every move the warden made. Her heart was dark, just like every other person here, except that bemusing Peter Banning. His heart was filled with youth and beguilement. So convinced he was in his delusions that he may have been the most innocent person in the entire establishment. Lack of progress on that particular patient was............ infuriating. Hook needed to try harder.

"Of course, cherie, They dun' know the first thing 'bout what we do" His voice was as smooth as the smoke that trailed behind him, filled with all kinds of terrible things. "It's easy for them to tell us what we doin' is wrong cause they not livin' every day in this hell like you an' me. It's easy for them to hide behind they desks and paperwork, when they never gotta see any o' them monsters that live in these walls" He said, exhaling smoke with a grin.

"But I expect you know better, cherie. Better than some senator who never had a bad thing happen to him in his life. What we doin' here is working. We makin' real progress with these patients. We will show them, cherie. We will show them. "

La Montaigne had been telling things like this to Alice since he had arrived. He was all for the methods the Warden employed to 'Rehabilitate'. Mostly because if furthered his own research. It was, after all, the chance of a lifetime for him.

Soon they entered the staff room where the warden would hand out their tasks.

Jafar was already in the room when the warden and LaMontaigne arrived. No doubt the new Doctor was eager to implant more of his thoughts into the Warden's mind. Since LaMontaigne's arrival, Jafar had noticed he had been spending an awful lot of time with the Warden and that the Warden seemed to be quicker to anger of recent. It mattered not to him, however, it was simply an observation. He leaned on his long, Cobra-headed staff, scanning the room with crimson eyes hidden behind a porcelain white mask. His deep crimson attire, was obviously not what normal people wore in this day in age. Especially not in New York.

Perhaps that was why Jafar had taken such a kindling to Dr. Hook, he had a certain je ne sais quoi about him. He nodded respectfully as the others arrived in. He normally never inspected anyone, he was there as a formality and to make sure the staff was all following order. "Good afternoon Warden Liddle" Jafar said in a deep voice as he saw Alice.

When Alice told Grimm that he was going to deal with Cheshire LaMontaigne was visibly disappointed. In the year LaMontaigne had been there, not once had she allowed him to observe The Cheshire. He couldn't hide disapproval but said nothing about it.

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With a nobleman's cane in hand, Hook strode his way down the halls, face down, wiping his brow with a handkerchief. No matter how many times he has taken walks down here, the atmosphere had remained apprehensive, choking even. It didn't help matters knowing himself surrounded by truly deranged minds, dangerous ones, so far disconnected from reality that they feel nothing of their crimes. Even a portion of the staff was questionable, something abnormal he can't quite put a finger on just yet. Either way, someone had to keep the sails steady, else this vessel capsize.

He made it to the door of the meeting room, listening in briefly. Alice Liddle's tone was like a warning sign to his ears, twitching his moustache slightly as a nervous tick. Oh dear, sounds like someone's placed Ms. Liddle is into a sour mood, he thinks, taking in a sharp breath before crossing the threshold in graceful fashion along with a small bow.

"Greeings to you all, lady Liddle, sir Cassius, ah-," he pauses, glancing over at Jafar. He was one of the more unusual ones here, intimidating even, perhaps even more-so than Alice herself. And he was always hidden behind a mask and red robes, perhaps disfigurement? Either way, it was rude to stare "Greetings to you as well sir Jafar. I hope we are all in good spirits for today's... well, duties I suppose is a word for it."

Hearing that Alice will take charge of Don Quixote's inspection. The man was by far the least deranged inmate, at least, to the point that Hook questions why he's even here to begin with. There was even a thing of admiration that James had for the man, a man following a classical example of a noble knight, chivalry and honesty. His preliminary assessment was delusions brought about by a midlife crisis.

"A-ah, Alice, seems you favor our model patient as well, a hopeful case, a good man I'd even say," he says proudly, rubbing his chin as he rests his elbow on his cane. "As for me, well, given he thinks I'm some... character in his strange fantasies, I am left with Peter again today, I suppose. Unless some other gent wants to take the wheel for a change? Hm, have we ah, got more security now since the last incident at least? I'd rather avoid changing my last name to a plural."

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Grimm nodded and exited the room swiftly, with just a passing "Perhaps next time." towards LaMontainge upon seeing the mans noticeable disappointment that he had once again been denied the opportunity to observe Cheshire. The words were not facetious however, Grimm did not think of this as winning and losing. If he did he would almost consider himself the loser. Cheshire was an infinitely interesting case, but that did not make her a very good subject.

So he made his way down the halls, foot steps echoing softly as he walked. The walls were sterile, the floors were sterile, the ceilings were sterile. Grimm much preferred his office, wood furniture, dark tones, low light. He felt like one could perform surgery under the lights in these hallways, a feet he wasn't entirely sure hadn't been at least attempted before, perhaps by a patient.

Eventually he found himself at the heart of the institution. Perhaps not its heart by dimensions, but everyone who had been here longer than a week knew which cell this place revolved around. The Cheshire's. An orderly stood at the hallway door marked "caution", noticeably on edge regardless of the fact that his entire job involved not opening the door. Jacob waved the man aside and punched in his access code. A moment passed and a thumb print reader flipped out of the console, which Jacob promptly placed his right thumb against. The scanner read his fingerprint and the door unlocked with a quiet click.

"No need for all that." he looked at the orderly, who had taken another step back in anticipation. Grimm's English was impeccable even with the distinct German accent, and his words were calm and measured. "I don't think we'll be too long." Jacob pushed the door open and left the younger man in the hallway.

As the door closed behind him Jacob faced another hallway, just as sterile as the last, except this had a single door at the end. He approached and went through a similar ritual as the first, though with a number of extra steps. Access code, left thumb, right thumb, retina. The door had a much more noticeably mechanical sound as it unlocked. Where the first door would be secure in almost any other building, this one would be secure as a bank vault door. A final button press and the door swung open on mechanical hinges.

The room was dark save three red glowing orbs, one high and to the left, two dead ahead; and one flickering light. "Let's have some lights shall we." Jacob reached over and flipped a switch causing light to flood the room. A large reinforced 'glass' wall stood before him. A single chair stood between the doctor and the wall; a single door, this even more secure than the last, stood to the left, under the first red orb which indicated it was locked; a single patient, the source of the second and third orbs, stood opposite the glass. "Hello Cheshire."

Jacob took a seat in the chair. Despite the words of greeting Jacob hadn't actually looked at the woman. He set his breifcase on the floor, he didn't take out a note pad or pen, not even a recorder. Instead he simply crossed one leg over the other, placed his hands on his knee with his fingers laced together, and leaned back into the chair. "Where should we begin today? Feeling talkative perhaps?" the man paused a moment, "And no, you may not see what I taste like." the statement was delivered in a most matter of fact tone, as though the doctor didn't find it to be a strange caveat in the slightest.

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La Montaigne walked swiftly down the corridors of the Asylum toward his office. "Banning has provided a convenient window of opportunity, in which you, my friend, prove to be my greatest asset" He spoke as if someone was right next to him.

"And what exactly is it you hope to achieve, Cassius? Already your list of allies grows thin here" Came Jafar's voice as he suddenly stepped from some shadows to walk next to LaMontaigne "The Cheshire is not something you should be taking lightly, nor is the Warden for that matter. What kind of effect do you think years of abuse at the hands of that creature has created in a woman like Alice Liddle? "He questioned from behind his porcelain mask.

"An effect, I can assure you, will be fully realized and harnessed before my work is done my two-faced friend" LaMontaigne retorted sharply "I am here to change the world with my research,sir. And the thing that torments the Warden, is the subject I've been looking for" He said coming to a stop in the hallway he was walking down.

Jafar gave an amused chuckle from behind his mask "I see, you plan to set The Cheshire free? The Warden would kill you before you gave it another thought. In my professional opinion, one cannot predict what will happen once it is free. I would caution you against it but....."

"Don't misunderstand me, sir. I am fully aware of the forces at play, I am not some fool. What would I have to gain from releasing The Cheshire? You presume too much. " LaMontaigne snapped at Jafar. The old sorcerer was arrogant, and presumptuous. But his loyalties were as unpredictable as the inmate they spoke of.

"Then what is it you seem to think I can help you with?" Jafar asked in and amused tone. The Young Doctor was ambitious, and intelligent, but reckless and impatient. He couldn't help but to wonder where the choices would take them. If he truly knew what lay beyond the veil.

"The Warden is teetering on a psychotic break. I need to.....stress that fact. " LaMontaigne said lowering his voice.

"I'm Listening" Jafar mused.

"I need The Cheshire to take these" LaMontaigne said holding out three green and yellow pills to Jafar.

Jafar took the pills and held on up to the eye of his mask "May I ask what it is?"

"It's a compliment to the sedatives she takes already. give it to her in this" LaMontaigne whispered producing a small bag with some flesh colored meat in it. "It's covered in Alice's pheromones"

"Pheromones? "

"You'd be surprised what you can refine things from, Ami"

Jafar laughed audibly and shook his head, taking the bag and walking away from LaMontaigne . "These will be interesting times indeed." He chuckled and made his way to where Peter was attempting his 'Rescue'

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#, as written by Rulke

The final measure of this asylum was the most lethal and would actually cause severe pain to Aldric. Being there were quite a few magic users within these walls, Cassius, Theodora, Vitas and Jafar had concocted a setback. This was decided after Cheshire had got out, being Aldric and her were considered some of the most lethal their had to ways to keep them corralled. Although the place was secure, unlike technology magic was far more reliable. Thus as soon as Aldric found himself collapsing outside the cell a horrible agonising effect would happen. The sedatives were not conventional in fact they were pretty much unconventional, and if NY knew about this, it would be considered cruel and unusual. In short, the drug was in fact made solely to handle the worse patients. There had been protests from Jekyll, Hook and a couple other staff, but they had to relent that Aldric is too dangerous to take chances on.

In short, the concoction once exposed to his transformation had a drastic and painful effect. The patient very blood would begin to boil. This was similar concoction once used to contain Jekyll a man of similar disposition. The sedatives now actively were boiling his blood, the evident pain on display while his face struggled with pain would be truly horrific to watch. The further he got from the cell the more it would hurt. Although Aldric could survive this, by the end he would need to heal for a long time, as most of his insides were being cooked by his own blood.

Further, with him slowed down, the magical wards within the Asylum would start to counteract his transformation. The most likely outcome was Aldric collapsing in agony and falling into a deep coma.

Not even the original werewolf could withstand such malignant magic. In a way it was ironic, being his whole curse was caused by magic, but the magic was the only thing that could keep him contained.

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#, as written by Rulke

It had been a chaotic and long day, not the longest, but still pretty exhausting. Once the damage had been measured by the staff it was realised Cell Security needed to be updated with The Wolves Pit practically being rebuilt after Aldric almost escape attempt. While this went on during next two weeks.

Alice received word of a Juvenile Behavior Therapist interested in the position. Being, Peter Banning was still an issue with Jack too being a problem it did seem rather like a good idea.

Unfortunately, the problems outweighed the good, Salem, one of the inmates committed suicide the week after.

Alice, though, was steadfast, despite these major complications. Many would have buckled under the intense pressure from this all, but after her last breakdown, she seemed to attempt to keep herself coordinated. Even odder was when someone mentioned Cheshire or regarding progress of that patient, a nostalgic smile traced over Alice's lip. Something weird was certainly happening, but without further investigation, there was no need to overreact.

In the past when Cheshire was mentioned, Alice's sadism seemed to emerge quite prominently and she got angry and demanded cruel and unusual punishments for Cheshire. Now though, seemed rather calm, some may say downright intrigued by the progress. Some Doctor's have noticed her giggling and commenting during the staff meeting, 'Oh yes, she is such a wicked thing." not a lie, but the way it was said, suggested something of less towards nature.

It has been two weeks since the incident, cells have rebuilt and refitted, Aldric out of his coma and it has been reasoned by Jekyll, Warmoon and even Alice that perhaps Aldric could get outdoor privileges. It is believed that this could resolve much of his cabin fever and also provide the freedom he needs while under supervision. Of course, with this, the Garden now had to be just as warded heavily with magic. But, that was not difficult to do.

Unbeknownst to everyone, the darkness down within the crypt was stirring, it felt the weakness growing within all. Oh, how the boy who cried, cried so hard for it to stop. But now his only sound was the swinging from the metaphorical Gallow's Pole. It must work slowly, and not rush, especially as many of these magic users, if they knew, could strengthen this prison, this cell so not even the maddening cruel voice could speak in their darkest thoughts. Oh yes, it would be patient and in time Wonderland would become the Kingdom of this new Earth with the twisted aberrations of subjects that made up inmates and staff.

Once it was free, only once it was free