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Dr Henry Jekyll/Mr Edward Hyde

Head Psychiatrist/Twisted Sociopath

0 · 1,334 views · located in The Wonderland Institute in New York

a character in “The Wonderland Institute v2”, as played by CaptainGrue


The most amazing cover art by Lalit Kumar Sharma for the novel, "Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" by the one and only Louis Stevenson

Name: Henry (alter ego Edward)

Surname: Jekyll (alter ego Hyde)

Alias/Nickname: Doctor Jekyll or Mister Hyde

Place of Birth: London, England.

DOB: 5th of January

Age: 43

Family: Jekyll and Hyde have worked to make sure his family remains unknown.

Occupation: Head Psychiatrist of the Wonderland Institute. Ex-Chemist.

Blood-Type: AB Negative

Criminal History: Ever since their separation, it is important to regard Henry Jekyll and Edward Hyde as different people and thus they have separate criminal records.
Jekyll is clear, with no run ins with the law.
Hyde has a record of:
-The murder of Bettie Luxor, an 11 year old girl
-The murder of Sir Danvers Carew, a 70 year old MP
-The manslaughter of Dr Hastie Lanyon, 40 year old friend of Jekyll's
-Attempted suicide
-Assault of multiple police officers

Mental Diagnostic: Dissociative identity disorder (cured)
He was diagnosed with DID at 22. Cured at the Wonderland Institute.

Supernatural Powers:
If Jekyll fails to take medication on time, he will begin a transformation into the murderous Edward Hyde. It is unknown whether or not this is a truly supernatural occurrence, or if this is merely an index case for an illness yet discovered. Edward Hyde's skin pigmentation darkens and loses colour, possibly an adverse effect his transformation has on melanin. His iris in his eyes also become an unnatural vivid red. Hyde seems to be more capable of physical feats, though this could be a result of the increased adrenaline produced in the transformation. Hyde seems to be invulnerable to the effects of addiction, does not carry over any chemical imbalances to Jekyll. It is assumed the transformation includes some sort of cellular rejuvenation, cleaning his body of illness.

Most interestingly (and scientifically sound) are the differences in behaviour and mental state. Hyde is malicious, deceptive, and incredibly hostile. He will act purely out of self interest and is motivated by pleasure. Hyde refers to Jekyll as someone else entirely, and behaves as though he is the 'true' form of Jekyll. Hyde also has awareness even while Jekyll is in control, able to determine exactly how long he has remained 'caged' and is able to remember things even Jekyll can't recall while in control. It's important to note that Hyde murders out of pleasure, and will only do so if he thinks it will please him. He will also gladly indulge in drugs, prostitution, and any other vices. He can be reasoned with, but only with an incentive Hyde can follow.

Triggers: A lack of his medication will trigger a transformation into Mr Hyde. Constant mental bombardment and bullying in regards to who is in control of Jekyll can also bring out elements of Hyde's personality. It is yet to be seen if a full transformation can occur like this.

Ideal Environment and Stimuli For Them:
Doctor Jekyll desires a warm, Victorian era office lit by a fireplace. For study materials he prefers hard cover textbooks, but would like a tablet for convenience. For the most part he likes to keep to himself, and when speaking to inmates prefers for their interaction to be one on one with at least one person standby in case Hyde's personality starts to manifest. Jekyll also needs onhand access to his medicine at all times(even while asleep).

Mister Hyde will be furious unless he gets every little thing he desires. He is fueled by his vices, and will never be fully satisfied for an extended period of time. Ideally, he'd like to exist completely separate to Jekyll or in place of him.

Doctor Jekyll is kind, intelligent and passionate. He is never drawn to act out of cruelty. Jekyll is very stubborn in his beliefs dealing with inmates (having been one). His greatest fear is that Hyde will one day take over his body permanently and will resort to suicide to do prevent such a thing from happening. He will back down from any physical confrontation, his greatest weakness when it comes to dealing with the inmates and even some of his fellow staff members. Nevertheless he will argue for elongated periods of time with a great deal of vivacity about what he believes as long as the confrontation does not escalate to violence. He cares about his work with the inmates and is as skilled as psychiatrists can come.

Mister Hyde is cruel, manipulative and driven by a self centred desire for pleasure. He does not necessarily 'want' to do evil deeds, but will act on any decision that he sees will give him a kick. He maintains all knowledge learnt by Jekyll and will gladly use his intellect to plan whatever deed he desires. Hyde fears death, disappearing and the idea that Jekyll has dominion over him. Hyde's desire for pleasure is his greatest weakness and can lose foresight because of it. He is very quick to anger and incredibly hostile.

Growing up, Henry Jekyll always struggled with the concepts of good and evil. With a desire to be 'good', a young Henry created the character of Edward Hyde and attached all his negative attributes towards him. As time passed and Edward developed further, Jekyll was diagnosed with DiD at 22. Him and his psychiatrist were the only two who knew about the other personality. Previously living off of his family's wealth, Jekyll's newfound desire to understand this strange case pushed him to studying psychology at the University of London. A couple years into his doctorate, Jekyll felt as though sharing his mind with Hyde was not enough, and that he could no longer handle having Hyde's thoughts interrupt his otherwise stable upperclass lifestyle.

Jekyll split his studyload, minoring in chemistry. He knew from his research into psychology that all mental disorders are chemical imbalances at their core, and was convinced that he could somehow fix his condition with the right knowhow. Reaching his 40s (and with possession of a PhD in psychology) Jekyll thought he had finally made his breakthrough. Using rats as test subjects, he had created a serum that totally eliminated all hostility and ill behaviour. Taking the serum himself, Jekyll believed he had 'killed' Hyde. However over night, Doctor Henry Jekyll had made his first transformation into Mister Edward Hyde.

Jekyll was at first unaware of his alter ego until he had nightmares of killing a young girl, Betty, and proceeded to learn the event actually happened through his longtime friend Gabriel. Apparently a man had pushed over a child, Betty Luxor, standing by herself in the night. Witnesses said they saw him take her further into an alley. Jekyll knew that there he sexually abused her before kicking her down and crushing her body with his own feet. Preparing to take more of his own medicine, Jekyll found that Hyde had sabotaged his equipment preventing him from taking it. Whenever Jekyll would get close to producing more serum, Hyde would destroy it next transformation. Every time Jekyll was in control, he realised he had less and less time until Hyde would take over. Dr Jekyll had created a monster he was unable to contain.

Mr Hyde killed a politician, MP Sir Danvers Carew. Killed with his own walking stick, Danvers was found with his spine removed and swapped with his cane. This drew the attention of police inspector Newman who launches an investigation. Witnesses pop up, Gabriel's cousin Richard Enfield reveals he saw Hyde kill Betty Luxor. One time Jekyll transforms in the presence of his friend he studied with, Hastie Lanyon, who goes into shock and dies shortly after in the hospital. Jekyll realises he will eventually be caught, and is unable to finish the serum required to put away Hyde. He seals himself in his laboratory and writes a suicide note, prepared to hang himself.

Moments before taking his life, Newman breaks into the laboratory with a squad of policeman and arrest Henry Jekyll. When Jekyll begs to be executed before viciously assaulting officers as Hyde, the attention of Alice Liddle is gained. During his court hearing Jekyll pleads insanity and is subsequently brought to the Wonderland Institute. Hyde's form takes an extremely strong hold on his body, only allowing Jekyll brief moments of control. Alice manages to pick apart Hyde's personality and brings Jekyll's to surface. Jekyll identifies Alice as another tortured soul and forms a great friendship with her. She even tells him about what happened to her in 'Wonderland'. Working with her in these moments, Jekyll manages to get his serum produced and given to him. Fortunate for Jekyll it works, and continues to work for the rest of his time as an inmate. Deemed fit in good mental health, Jekyll is rehabilitated and returns to function in society.

Greatly interested in helping the other inmates overcome their ailments, Dr Jekyll keeps in contact with Alice and asks for a job as psychiatrist.
Nowadays, Dr Henry Jekyll is Head Psychiatrist at the Wonderland Institute. He displays an excellent track record in determining mental illness, although has yet to prove to Alice that each and everyone of these 'monsters' can be rehabilitated just as he was.

Relationship to Other Inmates: Jekyll has a fondness towards all inmates. He particularly likes those with personality disorders as he can relate with them. These include Aldric, Scarlette, Peter Banning and Don Quixote.
Jekyll regards Alice as a very close friend, and closest at the Institute. Although they disagree on some fundamentals in regards to patient treatment, he maintains respect for her and will defend her position as head of the Institute. Rather than seeing her young age as a hindrance, Jekyll believes it to be a great asset and figures himself to be an advisor of sorts if he believes she really needs it. He believes she has plenty room to improve and wants her to become a kinder person overall. While the other more threatening staff may question his leadership, it is Jekyll's friendship with Alice and understanding of her past that keeps his position.
His relationship with most of his fellow staff is strained, to say the least. He gets on quite well with Dr Grimm. Dr James is a good friend, though tends to overstep boundaries in regards to leadership. He gets on well enough with Dr Cassius, but wishes he would behave a little more peacefully. Jafar and Vitas are his main sources of concern.

Hyde will pretend to like anyone so long as it benefits him.

Progress: Jekyll has sufficient control over his other personality. He will have nightmares where Hyde communicates with him but Jekyll knows he is in charge. As long as he takes his medication and maintains a stable mind, Hyde is defeated.

ADDENDUM: It is a possibility that the Hyde personality holds a mere placebo effect on Jekyll and doesn't actually exist. It could be the case that it is only that Jekyll's serum causes the chemical imbalance but doesn't actually change his mind, and Jekyll was well aware of what he was doing as Hyde. Although even if that was the case, Jekyll is still for all intents and purposes cured of mental instability.

So begins...

Dr Henry Jekyll/Mr Edward Hyde's Story

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#, as written by Rulke
Nodding politely to Hook she seemed slightly more relaxed and calm in her measured response, "I think dear James, he is here to keep us sane as it was, don't you agree?" as she started to head down the hallway towards inmates quarters an orderly ran up to her and started speaking quickly. Very quickly losing her patience she scowled and spoke firmly, "SLOW DOWN MAN." now comprehensible he began to explain. As he spoke her eyes widened leading to her running back to the exit yelling, "PETER BANNING HAS ESCAPED. I REPEAT PETER BANNING HAS ESCAPED. LOCK DOWN THE FACILITY!" the orderly who had informed her immediately ran to a nearby wall. On it was what appeared to be a fire alarm. He immediately pushed it and immediately an ear-piercing klaxon broke the reveries.

Arriving back at the group, she appeared puffed out before standing up straight, horror in her eyes, "I just been informed by an orderly that Peter Banning has managed to break down his door again somehow. This third time in a month, I am sorry James but I want to set Vitas on him, please go find her and note there is permission to use tasers to restrain him." the anxiety painted on her face was evident, as she mentally consoled herself, "Right, gather the missing staff members. We need to double-check the security feeds and further check all rooms. Something strange is going on here and by fucking God, I will find out." once again angry, purely livid she added, "DON'T JUST STAND THERE, GET ME DR JEKYLL, DR VERDE AND DR FRANKENSTEIN."

Once they stepped away her eyes darted nervously before she yelled, "CHESHIRE, QUIT PLAYING GAMES WITH ME! I WON, YOU ARE BEING AN UTTER BITCH NOW! I WON. YOU LOST. END OF!" by now the orderlies were used to Alice's breakdowns so said nothing, afraid for their sake, "I will skin that fucking cat alive, then dear, dear Alice will just find how many ways to skin a cat. Oh yes." collapsing on her knees she started crying and whispering, "Curiouser... and curioser Alice... everything in Wonderland topsy-turvy... nothing is right... left is right... while right is left..." weeping she would do so until the other two staff members arrived.

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Doctor Henry Jekyll twirled a pen around his fingers, looking over case files on his tablet in his office. At ease, calm and comfortable. It was these moments just after he had taken his medicine that Jekyll felt most peaceful. Making notes on how Aldric's condition could relate to his, Jekyll pondered if it was right for Vitas to hold such an interest in him. No doubt the other staff members were passionate about their work but at it's core this was still a hospital, dammit. A place of healing. A place to cure these troubled souls, not torture them further. The warmth of Jekyll's room provided a resonance no sound could provide.
A piercing, horrid screech attacked Jekyll from the alarm system. He clasped his hands over his ears, letting go of the pen as it rolled underneath his desk. "Bloody orderlies!" he shouted, understanding that it would most likely trigger Aldric's transformation and undoing weeks of therapy. Shit, he realised, Alice! Jekyll rushed out of his office, moving past the bumbling orderlies through hallways when one called "Doctor, Alice called for you, this way!" much to Jekyll's irritation who responded "I know. Now turn off that bloody alarm before every inmate in the asylum starts showing their inner Hyde."

Turning a corner, Jekyll's eyes widened as he saw Alice on the ground kneeling. Distraught. Unstable. He sighed, hand on his forehead as he muttered underneath his breath "Jesus... Useless staff." and proceeded to move up slowly behind her, letting her know he was present by gently saying "Alice? It's Henry." then placed a hand on her shoulder. He hoped she would not hit him.

She was relapsing into her delusions on Wonderland. Her scattered whispers were difficult to read, but would come back to Cheshire and how Alice had 'won'. Like a father trying to console his daughter, Jekyll knelt down with her and rubbed her back. Once again he hoped she would let him. "You're alright, Alice. You have won. There are no Hatters, no rabbits here. Cheshire is contained, she can't leave unless you let her. You did it." Jekyll went to dry her tears. "Open your eyes, Alice. You run this place. You are the warden. No one here has any power over you. Just as you showed me that I have power over Hyde. This Wonderland is yours to control."

Standing up, Jekyll composed himself and issued orders to nearby orderlies. Some had known him as Hyde while an inmate, and were more than willing to listen to his words. "Make sure the siren remains off. Set up extra security around the Wolf Den. Peter Banning is delusional, not psychotic. Play into his fantasies to subdue him. James, Peter is only interested in finding you. If he does, your taser is your sword. Don't argue with him." Moving back towards Alice, Jekyll's voice was gentle once again, "Wonderland needs you, Alice."

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"Peter Banning did what?" Hook roars upon hearing the news, shaking his cane at the orderlies, infuriated and somewhat panicked at this turn of events. "What? Did one of you bloody buffoons forget to lock the damn door!? This is all standard procedure!"

He reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a bottle of ibuprofen and downs a couple pills. With everything going suddenly south, and those blasted sirens blaring through his ears and into his skull, Jame's head began was already pounding. He held his head as he was about to join in the attempt to contain Peter when he heard Alice's wailing. She has taken this for the worst. No, not now Alice..! damn the fools! Why do we even have these blasted noise makers here? They mostly only serve as an agitator!

Then the sirens were shut off, he lifts his head, shifting attention from the collapsed Alice to see Dr. Jekyll approach from around the corner. Thank God, somebody who has it together! He watches as Henry takes over to try bringing poor Alice back to her senses, offering at least some relief to Hook.

He actually admired Jekyll, the man, the miracle. He's a complete turnabout case from having bouts of being the cruel Hyde, to the dominant personality now, a well educated man of high ethical standing. He shared in the belief that there are no monsters, only sick minds that need treatment. He was not just sane in this situation, he was lucidity personified, and Hook appreciates any he can get around here.

"Good form, sir, you are of exemplary character, sir Jekyll," he responds, not hiding his appreciation for his assistance in the situation. His headache too was now clearing, able to think again clearly again. By Henry's suggestion, he reaches for his taser. "Of course, though... I hope not to have to use it extensively. I... hope she's feeling better when this whole debacle is over with."

He then courteously bows to Dr. Jekyll before heading down the hallway, along with some of the orderlies, glancing over Peter's cell door briefly before heading onward. As I thought, it isn't even locked. This was likely not to go down without a fight, but this time he wasn't going to get caught off guard.

"Peter, Peter Pan! Where have you off'd to, boy?!" He calls out, checking back and forward vigilantly. "Turn yourself in and it'll be to the brig without any of the nastiness, captain's honor!"

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Theodora had been in her office at the other side of the asylum, nowhere near the cells of the inmates. Her office was rather unique in the way it was decorated. The walls were lined with bookshelves, bookshelves filled with children's stories, fairy tales and old classic literature. This served the purpose of coming across as a child-friendly environment as well as providing research material on some of the inmates, though the stories were usually the watered-down child-friendly versions of what really happened. In addition to the bookshelves, she had a large collection of crystal balls scattered throughout her office. She used them as skrying tools so she could watch what was going on in the asylum, her own sort of surveillance, with no obvious cameras to get in the way. At the back of the room was her desk. Across the front was a row of books, the most recent ones she'd been researching, with a gargoyle-like bookend at either side in the shape of an angry looking monkey with bat wings spread out. On one side of the desk was the largest of her crystal ball collection, about eight inches in diameter.

She was sitting at her desk when the alarms went off. She had been "checking in" on the patients with her crystal ball and had lost track of time. She used the ball to find who had escaped and saw Peter running through the halls. The last place she saw him was as he ran past the maximum security wing where Dr. Warmoon was working with one of the more dangerous inmates.

Theodora made her way down the halls, her short black skirt ruffling slightly with the speed of her walking. Her long black hair was put up into a bun, she wore an olive green shirt under a small jacket that matched her skirt. She quickly made her way to the other doctors and the warden, not seeing that Peter was right there.

"You lost Peter again, really? We need to put a shock collar on that kid. He's probably headed to the ... "She trailed off as she saw Peter in a sword fighting position, taunting Dr. Hook. "Never mind, I see you've found him."

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"Cén fáth a bhfuil siad ar aghaidh chun iarracht agus cneasaigh dom? Ná bíodh a fhios acu nach féidir liom a shocrú? Ní thuigim. Níl mé ag iarraidh a thuiscint. Tá mé ag iarraidh a dhul abhaile. Baile. Le do thoil, lig dom dul abhaile." he muttered to himself in Irish, which translated to: "Why do they continue to try and heal me? Do not they know I can not be fixed? I do not understand. I do not want to understand. I want to go home. Home. Please, let me go home." in English.

As the shards floated around him, he stared at them, all of them. He didn't want this. He didn't care about Vitas's life; he just wanted to be left alone! He knew now that he wouldn't be left alone here, and with a loud, but low growl, one that echoed in the chamber and out to the corridor of the cell-block known as the Wolf's Den, stood, and grabbed his beaten bed-frame once more. With each slam of the bed against the silver bars, he snarled, the bestial sounds also echoing from his room to the corridor.

"Is cuma liom! Ba mhaith liom amach! Amach a rá liom! Más rud é nach mbeidh tú é a thabhairt dom, beidh mé in ann é féin!" he screamed in Irish, his booming voice bellowing forth more effort from his muscles, the loud bangs of his bed against the door of his cell growing louder and louder. His words meant: "I do not care! I want out! Out I say! If you will not give it to me, I will take it myself!"

Harder and harder he swung his bed frame, the metal on metal was an excruciatingly loud sound, and with it, his Secondary Personality came back, his Jade Eyes filling with Amber once more, causing him to swing even harder against the door. A crack formed in the ceiling of his cell, and the bars eventually broke, the door swinging open violently. He tossed his bed back to its corner, the thing no longer usable, and lifted his chin as he arched his back, and howled triumphantly, the howl louder than any siren in the Asylum.

"It's 'bout God Damned Time!" he growled as he exited his cell, ignoring the shards of Vitas' memories following him. The safety measures immediately went into action, raising the bridge between his cell and the other doors. Knowing full well it was made of silver, he grabbed it, and forced it back down while screaming in both effort and agony. Once it reached the ground, he stepped on it his feet also being seared by it before it began to rise again, and he slid down the bridge to the foot of the first door in his path. Beyond this door was a tranquilizer-dart-shooting room that would sedate him; he could smell the Sedatives.

Of course the door was reinforced with Silver bars, but the hinges were still regular metal; which while stronger than silver, didn't burn. Breathing hard, his feet and hands stinging, steam rising from them as they healed, he readied himself. Once his feet had healed enough, he began to shoulder slam the door, snarling and growling with each motion he did. BANG. BANG. BANG. BANG. After one more shoulder charge, his shoulder bone cracked, healed, and then was ready to go. He snarled, and began to pound on the door with his fists, the walls shaking around him as he unleashed his fury on the door. Eventually, that too would break off its hinges, falling to the ground within the room. He stopped, standing outside the door-frame, and reared his head to howl once more, this one twice as bestial as the last one, sounding genuinely like a wolf.

He slammed his fist against the frame, and grabbed at his face, his breathing sounding more and more like a snarling wolf as his mind delved further into its primal rage. "NO! STRONGER than this.....BEAST!" he slammed his fist against the door-frame again, the wall shaking violently. Steeling himself, he got on all fours, and lunged forward with all his might, slamming into the last door, and breaking through it, albeit having been hit with at least ten of the intended Tranquilizer darts. He tore them out of his body and tossed them aside, grunting as his body began to convulse, though he was actively fighting it.

He was shifting.

He began to retch, and eventually hurled what little he'd eaten in the last twelve hours, his hands closing to fists as he let out pained screams of agony and despair, not wanting to shift. He screamed the word NO in every language he knew, every time sounding more bestial and less human as he slammed his hands against the floor, standing up and stumbling into the wall before collapsing onto the ground once more, onto his back, his body seizing and his mouth beginning to foam up.

Then bones began to snap.

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#, as written by Rulke

The final measure of this asylum was the most lethal and would actually cause severe pain to Aldric. Being there were quite a few magic users within these walls, Cassius, Theodora, Vitas and Jafar had concocted a setback. This was decided after Cheshire had got out, being Aldric and her were considered some of the most lethal their had to ways to keep them corralled. Although the place was secure, unlike technology magic was far more reliable. Thus as soon as Aldric found himself collapsing outside the cell a horrible agonising effect would happen. The sedatives were not conventional in fact they were pretty much unconventional, and if NY knew about this, it would be considered cruel and unusual. In short, the drug was in fact made solely to handle the worse patients. There had been protests from Jekyll, Hook and a couple other staff, but they had to relent that Aldric is too dangerous to take chances on.

In short, the concoction once exposed to his transformation had a drastic and painful effect. The patient very blood would begin to boil. This was similar concoction once used to contain Jekyll a man of similar disposition. The sedatives now actively were boiling his blood, the evident pain on display while his face struggled with pain would be truly horrific to watch. The further he got from the cell the more it would hurt. Although Aldric could survive this, by the end he would need to heal for a long time, as most of his insides were being cooked by his own blood.

Further, with him slowed down, the magical wards within the Asylum would start to counteract his transformation. The most likely outcome was Aldric collapsing in agony and falling into a deep coma.

Not even the original werewolf could withstand such malignant magic. In a way it was ironic, being his whole curse was caused by magic, but the magic was the only thing that could keep him contained.

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In spite of the padding that lined his room, Jack was able to hear the pounding and the howling all the way up in his wing.

"Shit, now the dog's trying to get out. Hope he tears that cat girl to shreds! That bitch freaks even me out."

This was beginning to get ridiculous. He hadn't even seen so much as an orderly through his door today. With Peter and Aldric trying to escape, it would be the perfect distraction for someone else to mount an escape.

"No, Jack, don't think that way. You're here to help these kids, not run out on them." He scolded himself. "But then, who am I helping while I'm stuck in this nut house, no one. That's it, I'm getting out of here."

Of course there was no doorknob on his side of the door, so it wasn't like he could freeze the lock. He tried to conjure an icicle, but the vent at the top of his cell that was disguised as a heating and air conditioning vent was in fact hooked up to a dehumidifier. It was keeping his room completely devoid of moisture. He couldn't conjure so much as a snowflake.

"Crap! I can't conjure anything. But, that isn't going to stop me."

He pressed his hand against the window on the door to his cell and concentrated. Within a few seconds there was a noticeable fog on it but he continued to hold his hand against the window until it was so cold he heard an audible crackling sound. It was now incredibly brittle. He pulled his sleeve down and clenched it in his fist to protect his knuckles as he punched the center of the one foot squared window and it shattered into tiny pieces. He glanced out the hole and didn't see any of the orderlies or doctors. He tried to reached out to grab the doorknob, but found that he couldn't put his hand through the hole as there was a magic ward that prevented his hand from passing through it.

"Well, maybe it will prevent me from getting out of here, but..." He got an evil grin as he picked up one of the shards of glass from the window and slipped it into his sleeve. "Inspection will be very interesting."

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Pain. Pure, unimaginable Pain.

Aldric's body continued to seize violently, as his body both tried to shift and began to cook itself alive the more it did so. His mind was screaming for his body to stop, but of course nothing would work. Finally his mouth and throat opened and he let out some of the most blood-curdling screams of agony that anyone had ever heard, either here, or in any other asylum in history. Said screams were followed by more, as his back arched and foam fell down his cheeks from his mouth. He flipped onto his hands and knees and hurled pure stomach acid as his skin began to turn red from his blood boiling within him.

"MAKE IT STOP! STOP! PLEASE! I'LL DO ANYTHING FOR FUCK'S SAKE MAKE IT STOP!!!" he begged at the top of his cooking lungs. It was questionable as to how conscious he was at the time of saying that; or of which personality was currently in charge of his mind and therefore presenting itself to the world, but he was definitely no longer shifting. He managed to start to crawl back to his cell's outer door, agonizing howls and whimpers of a canine in pain echoing from his throat as his legs gave out and he began to drag himself slowly. His body began to seize again, and he puked up a large amount of blood off to the side against the wall, flopping on his back as he fought for consciousness, his eyes rolling back into his head before returning after a few blinks, then rolling back, and repeating the process at least ten times as orderlies and armed guards ran down the hall to contain and secure him. He was sweating profusely and half the hall-way smelled of vomit and sweat, the smells mixing and assaulting the noses of any heading his way or within the general area.

His whole body continued to seize, albeit at a slightly less violent pace, and finally his eyes rolled back, and he stopped, his body going limp, save for the occasional twitch or movement of his chest as he breathed. He'd be out for at least a week.

Some time Later.

Aldric's eyes snapped open and he sat up screaming in pain for a second before realizing he was no longer in said pain. Panting hard, he moved to try and touch and check all over his body After making sure he was still there, he sighed, and laid back down, still breathing quite heavily. After a few minutes, his breathing calmed down, and his heart-rate likewise slowed, and he sat up once more, looking around. His cell. His damn cell, reinforced and rebuilt it seemed. From what he could see, it looked the same, what he couldn't see, however, were the titanium reinforcements for the bars of his cell and the hinges and lock of his door.

The bridge's retractability was upgraded, allowing it to both raise and retract at lightning speeds in order to stop him from escaping anywhere fast. He sighed again, and swug his feet off the edge of his bed, putting his elbows on his knees and his face in his hands as he embraced his lot in life.

Perhaps the only good thing that came out of his outburst and escape was that no progress in his rehabilitation had really been lost. In fact, at the moment he seemed more inclined to respond to outside stimulus. However at the same time, if he were to have a gun, he'd be trying to shoot himself at the moment.

With yet another sigh, he leaned back against the wall of his cell, staring out at the doors across the gap from his cell.

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#, as written by Rulke
There was a beauty to how far Jekyll had come in all his time. The man was an intellectual giant, but he had faced his demons. Admittedly, Alice did not fully appreciate that he had found out all he had, as she wished to keep that part of her life quiet. Nonetheless, right now he was a life raft in an ocean of tears and regret. His soft demanding yet calm voice washed over her. Although not quite immediate she gradually stopped shaking and wiped her eyes, exhaling once, twice, thrice before carefully, while still quivering due to the quake in her soul. Her legs felt partially like jelly, each shudder making it difficult to stand. Yet, somehow she regained her composure, breathing heavily, as she recovered her faculties, "Thank... thank you, Henry, I almost lost myself again... you are right about everything including being right that this is my victory." smiling gently and genuinely she sighed softly before resuming for appearances.

"Next staff meeting we need to discuss these security measures. I have some allies in government so may be able to get money to provide more substantial services. This is the third time, Peter has got out. Clearly, we need to think of something other than keys. Perhaps bio-metric ID or something similar. I shall email the details for next staff meeting." with last lingering look at Henry, she turned away to head to her office, inspections would not be happening today.

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0.00 INK

Dr Jekyll let out a sigh of relief, standing before Alice as she issued her declaration. One could see in Henry's eyes just how much he respected her. He knew she was close to finally mastering the torments Wonderland provides her, he could see how strong she had to be.
"Of course, Ms Liddle. Nice to have you on the up and up." From his pocket a bzzzt vibrated his coat. Pulling out tablet, Jekyll observed live surveillance footage of Jack Winter's cell. "Oh, for the love of... I beg my pardon, Ms Liddle. Jack is getting antsy."
Giving a polite bow before leaving the hall and Alice to her work, Jekyll began a fast paced walk towards Jack's cell. Looking on the video he could see that Jack had just broken the window to his cell. It was moments like these that Jekyll was grateful for the more magically inclined staff members capable of such defences.

Tick, tick, tick.

Standing still, Jekyll took a deep breath. My name is Henry. Producing a palette of pills, Henry popped one out and proceeded to swallow it down. Taking another deep breath, Jekyll sheathed the pills and continued towards Jack's cell. He could see the winterized glass fragments, and the orderlies already cleaning the mess up. Jack's cryokinesis was of great interest to Dr Jekyll, and pained him to see the power gifted to a boy so overwhelmed by its influence. Jekyll wanted to see Jack improve, not only for himself but also to help him find a less violent application for his abilities.

Moving up outside the door, Jekyll speaks calmly with a hint of humour "Jack? You know you're not meant to vandalise your room. There are better ways to get our attention." Pulling up a chair outside the cell door, Jekyll took a brief moment to place his tablet upon his lap as he sat down. "We share the same motive, Jack. We want to get everyone out of here. But as they are, they're not well. And we need you to get better, too." Leaning in towards the doorframe, he took a friendlier tone as he whispered "Rumours are, we'll be getting some new security measures in soon. Would do both of us good if we kept our heads down for a while, yes?"

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Jack slid the shard of glass under his mattress for the time being, he wasn't going to use it just yet.
"Well, Doctor, I wasn't trying to get anyone's attention, quite the opposite really, but it seems some witch put a magic ward across the frame to prevent my escape." He then walked up to the window and glared out the window at Dr Jekyll.

"As for my motives, good Doctor, I can assure you we're not seeking the same thing. I do want to get the patients out of here, but not at the cost of them loosing their identities. Do you know what it's like, Doctor, to be cursed to see everything through the eyes of a child? I see things for what they really are, I see YOU for what you really are. You're not too much different from the others in here. Tell me, when you say 'it would do both of us good to keep our heads down' are you talking about you and me, or just the two of you?" Jack laughed maniacally at the comment.

"How is Mr. Hyde these days? It must be cramped having to share a head with you."
He turned and sat down on his bed.

"Look, Doc, I'm not going for the 'I'm not your doctor, I'm your friend' bullshit" He said mockingly making quotation marks in the air with his fingers. "And as for security measures, I'm not really worried. I'll find a way to remind the patients here of who they really are and we will get out of here. So, if you're done here, you might want to send someone to come clean up this glass. Someone could get hurt."

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0.00 INK

As the two orderlies held Pan to his knees of the tile floor a voice spoke "Stay a moment" the mirrors faded away as Pan and pulled to his feet by the two men. A woman with black hair and dressed in red stepped around him, allowing Hook to see her clearly as her dress brushed against Peter before she turned her attenion on Pan directly. She murred something and rubbed her ear. "You are in a hospital young man. Screaming like this could loose you your voice." She gently tapped his throat when he started to go hoarse in his screaming. Soothing the pain "Better ?" She smiled.

Her amber gaze went to the two orderlies "Take him to.... "She seemed to hesitate before contining "Return him to his room, triple the lock." The men nodded as she turned to Hook, "Nice left jab there Dr Hook. If you'll excuse me unless you need me for something, I shall take my leave" She gave a simple smile, yet her amber eyes denoted something different. She hesitated but a moment should Hook wish to speak.

A moment later and she took her leave of him in full. Heading down a hall to the right. The shards of mirror leading her path it seemed as the ground shifted under her feet as she walked, changing the pattern of the flooring into something of sheer beauty as she headed for a certain cell.

Stepping into view she saw Dr Jykell sitting outside the cell, with the window in the door broken. Hmp. Silly boy. Her amber eyes glittered as she neared, hearing Jack speak. She grunted something, shards of mirror cracked the wall within his cell. Some were floating freely within the cell itself. Allowing Vitas to see the boy.

But the mirror shard worked two ways, for it let Jack Winters see Vitas' face, Not many people got to see it so clearly. Amber eyes, ink black hair, fairly tanned skin, but what was most alarming was the corruptive power that Jack could see through the mirror. Of course when he'd see her in person there was no signs of corruption or scars upon her skin.

Stepping up to Dr Jykell she spoke. She had the look of a demure Nurse. yet her voice spoke volumes "Dr Jykell, you look tired, let me handle the boy. Get some rest" She said simply, of course the way she said it meant as if "goodmorning" was an invitation to bed by her tone alone, She did have a way with men at times "I am quite sure he'd listen better.... to a woman." She added, giving Jykell a look. That made sense... sorta

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Jack was still sitting on his bed when Vitas showed up and dismissed Dr. Jekyll. He had to admit that he was a bit disappointed that he didn't get to observe Dr. Jekyll's reaction to his comments for himself.

However, this disappointment was soon replaced with confusion as the wall behind his bed fractured into what looked like mirror shards. His first instinct was to hold perfectly still and not touch anything. But one of the larger shards began to float in front of his face. It didn't act like a typical mirror, it was more like a window. He didn't see his own reflection as he expected, but rather he saw Vitas on the other side of the door. But she didn't look like she usually did, it was like she had the weight of something awful hanging over her. There were a few scars that he hadn't seen before as well. She was no doctor, she was a sorceress and Jack was one of the few who was able to see this.

"Hello Miss Warmoon." Jack spoke into the floating shard. He was doing his best to ignore the shifting room around him. "It's a rare pleasure to see you here today. It's not often I get someone who sees things for what they are. Hmm, your mirror seems to show the true nature of things, I wonder what you see on your side." Jack mused without looking up, his bangs covering his eyes.

"I take it you're here to reprimand me for breaking the window here as well. There's no need to worry, the ward on the door frame worked and I wasn't able to reach out of window. Was that your handy work or was it Miss Verde's. She seems to be quite the magic user, but am I the only one who thinks she looks a little green around the gills? I wonder what your mirror would show if she were in front of it." He grinned a sly grin as he finally looked up and into the mirror and into Vitas' amber eyes, brushing his hair out of his own electric blue eyes. "So how about you come inside and do what ever it is you came here for. It's not like you think I'm dangerous or anything. The dehumidifier they think I don't know about prevents my powers from being effective in here. Let's get this over with."

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0.00 INK

Dr Jekyll was taken aback by Jack's words. He couldn't understand how Jack was so able to ignore the atrocities committed by the other inmates. A semblance of struggle could be seen in his eyes as he maintained composure, although stood up to turn away as Jack spoke "-or just the two of you?"
Facing away Jekyll spoke quietly in defeat, just loud enough for Jack to hear "I'm trying to be genuine. If Mr Hyde is what I really am then it's my duty to reject that."

Holding his hand over his eyes, the head nurse Vitas Warmoon approached him, offering to take over, Jekyll's approach to Warmoon was one of respect but restrained trust. He could tell she wasn't entirely forthright about her intentions. "Vitas, there won't ever come a time where I will ask to mend one of your patients. I have faith in your abilities, and I only ask that you have faith in mine."

Jekyll listened to Jack take jabs at Miss Warmoon, sighing in frustration. Jack's stubbornness in believing he sees the truth in people makes him an extremely formidable nut to crack. If he could see the true Peter Banning, for instance, he wanted not see the dangerously insane patient they were trying to cure. It was almost insulting to Jekyll, a man who had spent so much of his time in understanding the very chemical makeup of the human psyche. Heck, he split his in two. At the same time his studies proved that he could change Jack. When compared to others Jack's crimes weren't too horrendous, All he needed was to see that this institute is here to work with him rather than against. However, with staff like Vitas, Jekyll struggled to hold that integrity. A lurking thought resided in Jekyll's mind, perhaps pushed forward by Hyde that suggested that maybe Jack has a right to be fearful. If the staff were taking advantage of their positions to manipulate inmates... The thought made Jekyll sick.

"Jack, you need to work with us. I promise, there's a way out of here. But it takes time. Co-operation. I am your doctor, yes. And I have hope that like me, you will master your own demons. I don't want you to fall further into the rabbit hole, as it were."

As he finished speaking, and orderly approached him. "We have our new patient from evaluation. Belle LeFaun. Doctor's appointment." Jekyll recalled receiving the new inmate, and had already read her report from the police. With all the chaos during the day he had almost forgotten."Yes, I'm aware. Miss Warmoon, it appears you've lucked out. I want you to stay within your boundaries. I'll be studying the transcript tonight."

After receiving a response from Jack or Vitas, Jekyll would head to Belle's cell. He was actually relieved. Jack seemed intent on bringing out his Hyde. And as head psychiatrist, Jekyll didn't feel comfortable with someone other than himself or Alice attending Belle. Maybe this inmate would be a little more courteous. Reaching her cell door, Jekyll knocked. He knew only he could open it from his side, but he felt it was better than barging in.

"Miss LeFaun? I'm here for your appointment. My name is Doctor Henry Jekyll. May I come in?"

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Belle's attention was focused on the bookshelf, who at the moment was ranting to the light fixture about how underappreciated Edgar Allan Poe's works were. The light obviously didn't care, but still listened anyway. Belle was about to make a comment to them about how most every author gets underappreciated at some point or another, when a knock at the door caught her attention and caused the furniture to return to their original, inanimate states. A middle-aged male voice faintly came through the thick material of the door, asking permission to enter. That was strange, considering everyone else here treated Belle like an object or a burden rather than a human being.

"A-absolutely sir..." She said softly, pulling her legs up to her chest and sitting at the far corner of the bed next to the wall, balling her hands into fists and pulling the sheet around her ankles out of sheer nervousness. The last encounter she had with a doctor was during evaluation, where they poked, prodded, measured and tested her so much that she was physically exhausted by the end of it.

Belle listened to the faint beeping of the keypad that unlocked the door as Dr. Jekyll typed an unknown combination into it. With growing apprehension, she watched the door slowly swing inwards, greeting her with a cold rush of air from the hallway that smelled like dust and disinfectant.

As the doctor entered the room, it was as if he had a
different aura about him than the initial doctors who had examined Belle during evaluation. Jekyll seemed to walk with a sense of honor, not the sort of honor thats given, but the sort that one builds up over time on their own.

Belle's hands slowly relaxed and she smoothed out the wrinkles in the tattered sheet of her bed. She shot a glance at the nightstand, hoping for some reassurance. Her friend returned nothing.
"Well? Say something!" She whispered urgently to the nightstand, who now seemed to be blatantly ignoring her. She knew how shy the furniture could be around other people, but she thought they could at least do some of the talking for her to help ease her anxiety.

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#, as written by Rulke

It had been a chaotic and long day, not the longest, but still pretty exhausting. Once the damage had been measured by the staff it was realised Cell Security needed to be updated with The Wolves Pit practically being rebuilt after Aldric almost escape attempt. While this went on during next two weeks.

Alice received word of a Juvenile Behavior Therapist interested in the position. Being, Peter Banning was still an issue with Jack too being a problem it did seem rather like a good idea.

Unfortunately, the problems outweighed the good, Salem, one of the inmates committed suicide the week after.

Alice, though, was steadfast, despite these major complications. Many would have buckled under the intense pressure from this all, but after her last breakdown, she seemed to attempt to keep herself coordinated. Even odder was when someone mentioned Cheshire or regarding progress of that patient, a nostalgic smile traced over Alice's lip. Something weird was certainly happening, but without further investigation, there was no need to overreact.

In the past when Cheshire was mentioned, Alice's sadism seemed to emerge quite prominently and she got angry and demanded cruel and unusual punishments for Cheshire. Now though, seemed rather calm, some may say downright intrigued by the progress. Some Doctor's have noticed her giggling and commenting during the staff meeting, 'Oh yes, she is such a wicked thing." not a lie, but the way it was said, suggested something of less towards nature.

It has been two weeks since the incident, cells have rebuilt and refitted, Aldric out of his coma and it has been reasoned by Jekyll, Warmoon and even Alice that perhaps Aldric could get outdoor privileges. It is believed that this could resolve much of his cabin fever and also provide the freedom he needs while under supervision. Of course, with this, the Garden now had to be just as warded heavily with magic. But, that was not difficult to do.

Unbeknownst to everyone, the darkness down within the crypt was stirring, it felt the weakness growing within all. Oh, how the boy who cried, cried so hard for it to stop. But now his only sound was the swinging from the metaphorical Gallow's Pole. It must work slowly, and not rush, especially as many of these magic users, if they knew, could strengthen this prison, this cell so not even the maddening cruel voice could speak in their darkest thoughts. Oh yes, it would be patient and in time Wonderland would become the Kingdom of this new Earth with the twisted aberrations of subjects that made up inmates and staff.

Once it was free, only once it was free

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0.00 INK

The day was coming to an end.

Jekyll slowly opened the door, and quietly stepped in. Closing the door behind him, he could feel Belle tense up. Jekyll wondered if his presence was truly beneficial to this place, or if he was merely holding back the floodgates that would inevitably break apart and devour him whole. The chemical split between Jekyll and Hyde meant that he could be unwavering in his virtue, but Jekyll understood that didn't make him any less flawed. He was just a fragment of himself, and how could someone that isn't even 'whole' try to fix all that was wrong with this place?

Taking a deep breath, he added a gentle smile to his face and turned to Belle. Hers was a case of tragedy, one that had slowly twisted her mind out of self control over her entire life. Jekyll found it extraordinarily distasteful. The vices of men bring out their beasts, and are brought out by others. Perhaps it was easier to have inmates who brought about their own downfall into madness, such as Jekyll's own, as it was cases such as these that heralded innocence despite the horrific losses.

Dr. Jekyll's sense of dread was interrupted as Belle appeared to turn away and whisper something. As per usual he thought. Schizophrenia brought its own storm of problems by itself, and if the patient didn't believe they had it then it would become even more monstrous to deal with. Jekyll found it best to move slowly, and delicately. If Belle had to stay here, he wanted to be sure she wouldn't be treated like Hyde. Or, God forbid, the Cheshire.

He let out an exasperated sigh, leaning against the door with his hands in his pants pockets. His eyes held sympathy.
"I hope they weren't so hard on you. This place is... Relentless, I think would be the best word for it. Either way," Jekyll took his hands out of his pockets and waved to the other side of the room with his right."Hi. I'd like you to know that I was an inmate here once. Or rather, my other self. So I'm not trying to belittle you when I say I know what this part feels like." He took a moment to turn on the recorder on his tablet before placing it back in his pocket.

The room was so white. So bland. No wonder the inmates become absorbed in their imagination to get by. Jekyll could sense Belle's reluctance like an inverse lighthouse, trying to stay so dark it leeches light from the moon. He hated the negativity this institute produced. Anything else he thought, and his face faded to match the friendlier tone in his voice "Most call me Jekyll. I'm a fan of Victorian architecture and European literature. A snob, I know." He gave a short laugh and produced his tablet, displaying it to Belle. "Everything's becoming digital nowadays, eh? So, Belle. Do tell me about yourself. What do you like?"

Jekyll aimed to make loose eye contact with Belle that moved between the tablet in his palm and her. If she were to speak, Jekyll would occasionally note a key word or two down but never dictate.

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0.00 INK

Several minutes of silence passed by. A faint, muffled scream came from the wall left of them, followed by a thud and a scrape. That was nothing unusual. Belle locked eyes with Jekyll for a solid five seconds before speaking.

"I like books. And science." Her eyes shifted to the right, focused on a cracked peice of plaster jutting out from the wall. "Mostly biology and physics. I used to want to be an inventor until Ga-..." her focus broke and her words stopped in her throat,"...Until I changed my mind."

Belle made solid eye contact with Jekyll once more, sliding her legs off the edge of the bed and letting them dangle over the side. "Science is a waste of time. Besides, all of my friends say i'm not smart enough for it." said Belle resolutely, listening to the bookcase chuckle at that last statement. She glared at it, hoping it wouldn't decide to mention to the doctor that she didn't actually have any real friends. Between fits of laughter, the bookshelf and the wall clock began to mock Belle's lies, speaking in high, falsetto voices about "the little social butterfly" named Belle.

The setting changes from inmates-quarters to High Security Wing

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0.00 INK

Bored. Aldric was Bored. Laying on his bed and staring up at the ceiling, his hand searched around the bed for something to fiddle with. Today was a good day, so-to-speak. He wasn't as depressed as he normally was. Though he was bored, and depression wasn't very far behind. For the first time in a long time, he wanted to be interviewed, interacted with. He didn't care who, whether it was Vitas, Jekyll, hell even Alice herself.

The poor man was bored.

Sitting up as he heard the clock Toll 11:00 AM, he leaned back against the wall and stared across the gap at the raised silver bridge, and behind it, the newly put in blast-doors to ensure he couldn't get out. He wanted out, but he wanted out in a more civil way. It was stuffy in his cell now; and being outside in the garden, where he could smell fresh air and feel the sun on his skin, would be a welcome change; and provide some time to clean and sanitize his cell and the air within if Alice deemed it necessary.

He was quiet, however, listening to the sounds of the Asylum outside of his cell, and though while muffled, he could make them out. He could make out the pacing of other inmates. He could hear the clocks ticking across the asylum, he could hear the rattling of pills and of bars, and the clinking of glasses or metal on metal. He could smell the sweat of the other inmates and the workers. He could smell the food that was being prepared for lunch, and he could even smell the perfume that someone was wearing. He wasn't sure who, but then, perfume was meant to hide scents.

Tilting his head back, he decided to test the waters, letting out a loud, yet gentle howl, similar to those heard on moon-lit nights in yellow-stone. A singular, deep howl not of pain, or triumph, or rage, but of reaching out, and seeing who would respond. It was a howl that meant "I am here, is there anyone else here, too?" He held this howl for a good ten seconds before stopping, listening to the sound of his bestial voice echo throughout the corridors of the asylum like an eerie, lonely ghost. His hand went to his stomach as it gurgled quietly; he was hungry.... He'd request an extra portion of meat today if they would listen. If they gave him meat instead of half-stale veggies and boxed milk like everyone else.

Life was hard, boxed up in a silver cage with nothing to do. One's mind began to wander. What questions would they ask him today? What would they offer in return for his answers? Would they feed him at all? Did they know he was still here? Who was that little girl calling out for her dogs? Was she a little girl? How old was Alice, really? How old was he? What was age? What was time? These mindless questions mused around in his head as he yawned quietly and flopped to the side to nap.

Life was boring.

The setting changes from high-security-wing to Inmates Quarters

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Dr. Jekyll noted down the word 'friends' and Belle's distraction in regards to the furniture. Nothing deadly, though possibly harmful if these schizophrenia induced friends of hers are discouraging her. Also of interest was her aversion to speak about Gaston. Jekyll understood that even if Belle didn't suffer from any mental illness, it would take time for her to feel comfortable talking about it.

"Preposterous, young Miss!" He gave a light chuckle, "Surely the only way to get smarter is by practicing science, no? I'm quite proficient in chemistry, you know. But when I started it I was a wide eyed psychologist with little nerve for understanding atomic structure."

Jekyll moved toward the bookshelf, sliding his fingers against the wood. He sighed a sigh of disappointment. "I'm not going to lie to you. This place is rough. It can be cruel." Turning to look Belle in the eyes, his gaze was determined, as if they were struggling to search for hope within her. "I want to help. And I know it won't be easy, but you have a friend in me." Losing the eye contact, Jekyll returned to his naturally friendly tone as he gestured towards the bookshelf. "What do you say about this poor thing, then. If you'd like it filled, I could have any number of books brought in. My shout, if you will. Ahahah."

Jekyll felt a buzz from his pocket. Time was coming to a close.

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0.00 INK

#, as written by Rulke
It had been two weeks since all had happened in the Asylum. Yet, Alice found herself remembering everything. At times she found herself dozing off and memories of Wonderland sprung to the fore to assault her sense in sadistic joy. Often she would wake up screaming and crying, and many a time she considered phoning for Henry --- Henry and James, both of them were the only ones she could truly trust. A voice had told her this, the voice had whispered a lot. It spoke things no one should know. Including deep down she missed Cheshire and worse missed what had happened... The taunting, the childish paedophilic games. At first it had all hurt, but the sing-song rhyming and little games like Hiding and Seeking... She had been terrified out of her mind, shaking and crying... Yet... yet she craved it all again...

Normally in any relapse, she would telephone Dr Carroll and go over breathing exercises. Keep in control, stay in control. The presence though knew this, it sang songs she remembered with pure fear. The place where everything back to front or upside down, the place where rules and facts were unheard of. So many doubted Wonderland existed, but she it did. She knew she remembered the talking flowers, the surreal aberrations of people.

The presence knew, and it was as she stood watching out of the window, she heard voices, spinning around, her eyes darted back and forth, breathing harder she heard a conversation. That was Vitas and Jack... They were talking, they discussed. It was a trick. No way would people betray her. They knew better. Everyone knew better. The presence knew her, and could easily mislead. But what if it was true? What if the voice sharing those voices was being honest? Vitas, she was unclear. Hard to read, in fact, Henry has always had misgivings about her.

Truthfully they all had.

Maybe they were correct...

Maybe the presence was helping her? But what was the presence... Should she be scared or far more cautious? Alice needed to think. That conversation alarmed her.

Evidently, she needed to call a staff meeting, but first, she needed to see Henry and James, no one else. No one else could be trusted.

Approaching her desk she pushed the buzzer, "Brenda, send for Dr Jekyll and Dr Hook, please. It is urgent." falling into her seat she tried to analyse and understand her thoughts. What to tell them? Mention the Presence, the anger she felt suggested she should not. But Alice had never been one to ignore a challenge, she simply yelled, "I AM WARDEN, ALICE LIDDLE. YOU HAVE NO CONTROL HERE VOICE!" it seemed to go silent leaving her mind alone with her own thoughts.

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(OOC: Many apologies for the bad timing on my part. I was just swamped with plans all the sudden and haven't found a chance to post until now! I'll try to make this one very eventful as an effort to compensate.)

Belle slid off the edge of the bed and sat on the cold tile floor. There was a deep vibration that was coming from underneath, and if she sat still enough, she could almost make out a voice. She slid her hand forward until it stopped at a place where it was particularly strong. Now she could understand it.

Hello, little beast. Won't you come out to play? Ive missed you so! I'm sure the lovely doctor would love to meet you, sweet little beast. Come on now, don't be shy. I'm a friend! Please show us the beast, Belle.

The sides of consciousness were battling each other inside of Belle's brain. She didn't want to let the beast out, it scared people. She gripped the leg of the bed with white knuckles. It had been months since the Beast last resurfaced, and it was growing restless. A low growl escaped her throat, and her hands clutched her neck in fear, trying to subdue the ever-strengthening urge.

Beastie, beastie! You've been sleeping for so long! You've had your rest, now its time to play!

That was it. Belle snapped. The Beast took over.
All the muscles in her body went rigid, and a devious smile spread across her face. Slowly pacing towards the doctor, the real Belle screamed from the back of her brain, trying desperately to stop herself. It was futile. In an instant, she shot forward and leapt upwards, wrapping herself around his shoulders. Her no-longer-delicate hands clasped his neck with enough force to probably crush his trachea if he didn't act fast. They both tumbled to the floor, and Belle's head hit the tiles with a crack, however she seemed unphased. Her nails drew marks of blood across the man's face and neck. If he wanted to survive, the time to act was now.

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Jekyll held an eye on Belle, taking note of her distractive nature. While he waited for her to respond, he noticed something serious was about to surface. He had read her medical history, and knew about her alternate personality. It was why Jekyll held an interest in her, as with other patients with dissociative disorders. He slowly turned towards her, preparing to head to the door if things got serious. As she growled and Jekyll grew increasingly concerned, he spoke.

"Belle? Are you alright?"

That was when she started pacing towards him, appearing to have no concern for the words he spoke. Jekyll's heart beat fast. Is this what it was like? He could feel Hyde's red eyes open in the back of his head. This is new.

Momentarily distracted by Hyde's dreaded voice, Belle made her pounce. Her hands applied immense pressure, causing Jekyll to panic further. As they fell to the ground she drew his blood, as red as Edward's eyes.

She's beautiful! Hyde called out.

"Belle!" Jekyll struggled to enunciate, choking on the air that fought to enter his lungs.

Come on, you chicken shit. I will not die like this!

Unable to think and acting on instinct, Jekyll produced a syringe filled with a bubbling green liquid. Instantly he thrust the needle into his forearm and pressed hard. I apologise, Alice.
Henry's eyes become filled with a bright red colour, and his skin darkens to the point of turning grey. He is overcome by a great sense of horror as his thoughts are ripped into the deep corners of his mind, as Hyde's pass him and quickly take over. The grip she maintains would become considerably less effective, and what was a grimace of pain turned to a smirk of superiority to match Belle's grin.

"Didn't Gaston teach you manners?" he laughed, attempting to throw her aside and come to a stand. Hyde's voice boomed, ever dreadful. An orderly known as Brenda sent to fetch him caught sight of what was going on inside, and in utter terror ran to Alice's office. "Oh, but you are so very pretty. I would have killed him if I were you. Ripped him to shreds. Gave him what I deserved!" He would keep an extremely keen eye on Belle, reflexes willing to beat her away if need be. "Your eyes shine like mine, girl. I wonder if you can sense it too... Oh how it feels to breathe the scent of fresh blood and passion in the air."

Hyde was struck by a moment of realisation, and from his coat came the key that would open almost every door in the institute.

"However the good doctor's blood is mine to take. If you want out," He gestured towards the door and jingled the keys. "You're gonna have to behave, Beastie."

Keeping on guard for another strike from Belle, Hyde quickly moved through the door into the ha-
SLAM the door went shut and Jekyll's standby orderly pierced Hyde's neck with one of his syringes. As the door to Belle's cell locked, Henry's transformation begun again as he fell to the ground. A female orderly turned a hallway and located Jekyll. Mildly confused by the circumstance, she asked "Doctor? Might not be the best time, but Alice called for you." to which Jekyll struggled to acknowledge.

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The Beast rolled out from under the fallen doctor, and slid underneath the bed. She sat the dark, listening for an opportunity to attack again. Suddenly she heard it. The name.


That was it. Her clawed hands clamped over her ears and she reeled in agony, shrieking and rolling out from under the bed. Split-second flashbacks flooded her brain one after the other, and the Beast writhed and jerked violently until she was distracted by the sound of jingling keys. They looked so shiny and happy. She crept forward on all fours and leapt upwards, trying to grab them from his hand. She missed, and smashed into the closed metal door, leaving a sizeable dent. In an instant she was back on her feet, completely unphased.

"GIVE." She growled, baring her teeth and clawing violently at the air. "GIVE GIVE GIVE."

Suddenly the door opened, and three orderlies walked in. The Beast slid underneath the bed once more and waited until they were distractedwith Hyde. All at once, she pounced on the male orderly with the labcoat and took him to the ground, smashing his skull against the tiles repeatedly and then biting into his jugular. Effortlessly flinging him into the opposing wall, she then lunged for the Nurse with the syringe and snapped her neck, afterwards prying her jaw open until it dislocated. The third orderly was able to escape, but only managed to close the external door. The Beast collapsed, exhausted, and laid flat on her back, blood covering her face and arms.

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Hook had gotten up and stepped out upon the threshold, taking a deep breath to clear his mind. You are the captain of your own mind, and the world needs captains," he recites to himself quietly, looking both ways in the corridor to make sure that none are there to witness this. Some may call it pride, but he did not desire to show anything less than his best when around others. It is a rule that applied almost entirely upon himself, however, rather than a standard for others to follow, a vice perhaps.

As he began to proceed out towards the cells, particularly the one holding The Genie, he feels a buzz from the phone in his pocket, causing him to freeze. "This better be good," he mutters, narrowing his eyes. With a grunt of mild irritation, he pulls the phone out with one hand, and from his chest pocket snapping out some reading glasses with the other, all in order to see that tiny infernal text. He looks at it, his face softening some to see it was from Brenda, by urgent request by the warden no less. "Fair enough."

He detours from his original plan, still walking but with a more swift pace down the hallways, heading straight towards Ms. Liddle's office. Once there, he stops, and as if by some gentleman's code, knocks softly upon the door so as to try to not startle her. "Miss Liddle, it is James. You requested my presence?"