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Jack Winters

"I'm the coolest guy in here"

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a character in “The Wonderland Institute v2”, as played by SugarNspikeS


Name: Jack


Alias/Nickname: Jack Frost, old man winter, Frost miser
Place of Birth: Unknown, but has Scandinavian features

DOB:Unknown, no records on file.

Age: Appears to be about 18, but there are no records on file for him or his family. Possibly hundreds of years old.

Family: Mother, Father and Sister are all deceased

Occupation: None

Blood-Type: O negative

Criminal History: According to the official police report, the officers that were first on the scene found the victim impaled by several large icicles. Jack’s defense was that the victim was “possessed by the boogie man” He was sent to Wonderland Asylum for treatment until such time that he was declared sane and fit to stand trial.

Mental Diagnostic:Jack suffers from mental delusions, often times believing that nobody can see him. He claims to be the bringer of winter and have power over ice and snow. He’s been known to play pranks on others that often involve ice or cold temperatures. He often claims that he sees non-existent characters such as the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny and even Krampus. He has not claimed to see the boogie man since the incident that landed him in the Asylum.

Supernatural Powers: Cryokinesis (control over ice and snow) and flight

Triggers: Snow, winter weather, frosted windows, ice, etc.

Ideal Environment and Stimuli For Them: Jack loves to be the center of attention. He likes to hang out with others his own age and obviously loves to be in a cold environment. He hates to be ignored and will pretend that no one can see him if he is ignored.

Personality:His love of attention stems from the death of his younger sister. She idolized him before her death, that he feels responsible for, now he constantly tries to fill the void that her death left in his life. Now he tries to get this attention by pulling pranks or just behaving badly in general.

History:According to Jack, as a child his little sister used to follow him everywhere. When he was ten and she was six there was a terrible accident. It was a few days before Christmas and the two of them were playing outside in the snow while their parents were out at the village getting presents. They lived next to a lake and his sister was playing on the dock. She lost her balance as she threw a snowball at him and fell into the water. She didn’t know how to swim and by the time he got her out of the water it was too late. Overcome with grief, on Christmas morning he woke to find his parents’ lifeless bodies in front of the tree in after taking poison to commit suicide. He ran out of the house and tried to drown himself in the lake. He thought he had succeeded, but some force brought him back from the dead. It was then that his powers began to manifest and he vowed to protect children at all costs.

Relationship to Other Inmates: None as of yet

Progress: Still relentlessly clinging to the delusion of being Jack Frost. He's convinced that the asylum is only a cover for something more sinister and that the staff are not who they claim to be. He believes that the inmates are being wrongfully held prisoner and he believes that he is the only one who can save them.

So begins...

Jack Winters's Story

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Jack sat in his room staring at the plain white wall, the hum of the florescent lights burning into his ear drums. He had no window to look out of, the room was padded, with nothing he could use to hurt himself or others. He was forced to wear the drab white clothes which made his complexion look even more white washed than it usually did. His jet black hair didn't help any either. In fact the only color in the entire room seemed to be his bright blue eyes.

While he was trapped here in the room, his mind was far away. He was reliving the terrible day when he lost his sister and his life changed forever. Before his mind had become completely immersed in his flashback, he heard the distant chime of an old clock. It was difficult to hear it from such a distance, but it was enough to jolt him back to reality. The clock struck one pm. He knew what was coming next; the daily inspection. He went to the far corner of his room and sat there waiting for the door to open and the warden to come in and search for weapons and such.

It bothered him that he was in here. Mostly because he knew he could escape at any time, but he was staying here because he knew there were children in danger. He was given a duty to protect children from the likes of the staff here. He knew that the courts had deemed him insane, but he still saw no point in keeping up the facade of being just a normal teenager. He continued to stick to his story that he was Jack Frost, and over the course of his time here he had learned something very important, the staff believed him. They hid behind their roles well, but he could see the plotting in their eyes. He was now trying to figure out who else was in the asylum, who they really were, and what the staff had planned for them.

How he'd love to put an icicle through the heads of each of the staff, but he wasn't meant to use his powers like that. The whole incident that landed him here was an accident, he knew that it was the boogie man, but not that he was in possession of a human at the time. Combine that with the loss of his ability to become non-corporal and he had no choice but to take the heat for the murder.

"Shit, they're taking a long time today." He muttered as he waited in the corner.

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Jack was a little startled by the sound of Peter running down the hall and banging on his door.
"For the last time, you little shit, I'm not one of you're fucking lost boys!" He shouted out of his padded room in vain. He was there to protect children, but that didn't mean he had to like any of them and that kid was getting on his nerves.

"Fuck! This probably means it's going to be longer before the inspection, then the therapy sessions are going to be delayed. The doctors are going to be pissed, just what I need." He muttered to himself. "Thanks for fucking it up for the rest of us asshole!" He shouted knowing that no one would hear him.

He was bored of sitting in the corner waiting for whichever doctor was planning on showing up. For a minute he began to question whether or not he had turned invisible, but he learned the hard way that he had lost that ability, so he quickly dismissed the notion.

"I wonder which one of those whack jobs is gonna come in here for inspection today. The warden hasn't come to see me since I was brought in. Hook seems to have some obsession with Peter. The Cajun voodoo doctor doesn't seem to like me too much, thinks I'm faking. Now that Vitas woman, she seems different than the others, I wonder what her angle is on this." Jack mused to himself after lying down on his bed to relax. He had figured out who a lot of these doctors really were, and some of the other inmates, though he hadn't met all of them. It seemed that a lot of them didn't even know who they really were or they were hiding it really well.

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In spite of the padding that lined his room, Jack was able to hear the pounding and the howling all the way up in his wing.

"Shit, now the dog's trying to get out. Hope he tears that cat girl to shreds! That bitch freaks even me out."

This was beginning to get ridiculous. He hadn't even seen so much as an orderly through his door today. With Peter and Aldric trying to escape, it would be the perfect distraction for someone else to mount an escape.

"No, Jack, don't think that way. You're here to help these kids, not run out on them." He scolded himself. "But then, who am I helping while I'm stuck in this nut house, no one. That's it, I'm getting out of here."

Of course there was no doorknob on his side of the door, so it wasn't like he could freeze the lock. He tried to conjure an icicle, but the vent at the top of his cell that was disguised as a heating and air conditioning vent was in fact hooked up to a dehumidifier. It was keeping his room completely devoid of moisture. He couldn't conjure so much as a snowflake.

"Crap! I can't conjure anything. But, that isn't going to stop me."

He pressed his hand against the window on the door to his cell and concentrated. Within a few seconds there was a noticeable fog on it but he continued to hold his hand against the window until it was so cold he heard an audible crackling sound. It was now incredibly brittle. He pulled his sleeve down and clenched it in his fist to protect his knuckles as he punched the center of the one foot squared window and it shattered into tiny pieces. He glanced out the hole and didn't see any of the orderlies or doctors. He tried to reached out to grab the doorknob, but found that he couldn't put his hand through the hole as there was a magic ward that prevented his hand from passing through it.

"Well, maybe it will prevent me from getting out of here, but..." He got an evil grin as he picked up one of the shards of glass from the window and slipped it into his sleeve. "Inspection will be very interesting."

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Pain. Pure, unimaginable Pain.

Aldric's body continued to seize violently, as his body both tried to shift and began to cook itself alive the more it did so. His mind was screaming for his body to stop, but of course nothing would work. Finally his mouth and throat opened and he let out some of the most blood-curdling screams of agony that anyone had ever heard, either here, or in any other asylum in history. Said screams were followed by more, as his back arched and foam fell down his cheeks from his mouth. He flipped onto his hands and knees and hurled pure stomach acid as his skin began to turn red from his blood boiling within him.

"MAKE IT STOP! STOP! PLEASE! I'LL DO ANYTHING FOR FUCK'S SAKE MAKE IT STOP!!!" he begged at the top of his cooking lungs. It was questionable as to how conscious he was at the time of saying that; or of which personality was currently in charge of his mind and therefore presenting itself to the world, but he was definitely no longer shifting. He managed to start to crawl back to his cell's outer door, agonizing howls and whimpers of a canine in pain echoing from his throat as his legs gave out and he began to drag himself slowly. His body began to seize again, and he puked up a large amount of blood off to the side against the wall, flopping on his back as he fought for consciousness, his eyes rolling back into his head before returning after a few blinks, then rolling back, and repeating the process at least ten times as orderlies and armed guards ran down the hall to contain and secure him. He was sweating profusely and half the hall-way smelled of vomit and sweat, the smells mixing and assaulting the noses of any heading his way or within the general area.

His whole body continued to seize, albeit at a slightly less violent pace, and finally his eyes rolled back, and he stopped, his body going limp, save for the occasional twitch or movement of his chest as he breathed. He'd be out for at least a week.

Some time Later.

Aldric's eyes snapped open and he sat up screaming in pain for a second before realizing he was no longer in said pain. Panting hard, he moved to try and touch and check all over his body After making sure he was still there, he sighed, and laid back down, still breathing quite heavily. After a few minutes, his breathing calmed down, and his heart-rate likewise slowed, and he sat up once more, looking around. His cell. His damn cell, reinforced and rebuilt it seemed. From what he could see, it looked the same, what he couldn't see, however, were the titanium reinforcements for the bars of his cell and the hinges and lock of his door.

The bridge's retractability was upgraded, allowing it to both raise and retract at lightning speeds in order to stop him from escaping anywhere fast. He sighed again, and swug his feet off the edge of his bed, putting his elbows on his knees and his face in his hands as he embraced his lot in life.

Perhaps the only good thing that came out of his outburst and escape was that no progress in his rehabilitation had really been lost. In fact, at the moment he seemed more inclined to respond to outside stimulus. However at the same time, if he were to have a gun, he'd be trying to shoot himself at the moment.

With yet another sigh, he leaned back against the wall of his cell, staring out at the doors across the gap from his cell.

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Dr Jekyll let out a sigh of relief, standing before Alice as she issued her declaration. One could see in Henry's eyes just how much he respected her. He knew she was close to finally mastering the torments Wonderland provides her, he could see how strong she had to be.
"Of course, Ms Liddle. Nice to have you on the up and up." From his pocket a bzzzt vibrated his coat. Pulling out tablet, Jekyll observed live surveillance footage of Jack Winter's cell. "Oh, for the love of... I beg my pardon, Ms Liddle. Jack is getting antsy."
Giving a polite bow before leaving the hall and Alice to her work, Jekyll began a fast paced walk towards Jack's cell. Looking on the video he could see that Jack had just broken the window to his cell. It was moments like these that Jekyll was grateful for the more magically inclined staff members capable of such defences.

Tick, tick, tick.

Standing still, Jekyll took a deep breath. My name is Henry. Producing a palette of pills, Henry popped one out and proceeded to swallow it down. Taking another deep breath, Jekyll sheathed the pills and continued towards Jack's cell. He could see the winterized glass fragments, and the orderlies already cleaning the mess up. Jack's cryokinesis was of great interest to Dr Jekyll, and pained him to see the power gifted to a boy so overwhelmed by its influence. Jekyll wanted to see Jack improve, not only for himself but also to help him find a less violent application for his abilities.

Moving up outside the door, Jekyll speaks calmly with a hint of humour "Jack? You know you're not meant to vandalise your room. There are better ways to get our attention." Pulling up a chair outside the cell door, Jekyll took a brief moment to place his tablet upon his lap as he sat down. "We share the same motive, Jack. We want to get everyone out of here. But as they are, they're not well. And we need you to get better, too." Leaning in towards the doorframe, he took a friendlier tone as he whispered "Rumours are, we'll be getting some new security measures in soon. Would do both of us good if we kept our heads down for a while, yes?"

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Jack slid the shard of glass under his mattress for the time being, he wasn't going to use it just yet.
"Well, Doctor, I wasn't trying to get anyone's attention, quite the opposite really, but it seems some witch put a magic ward across the frame to prevent my escape." He then walked up to the window and glared out the window at Dr Jekyll.

"As for my motives, good Doctor, I can assure you we're not seeking the same thing. I do want to get the patients out of here, but not at the cost of them loosing their identities. Do you know what it's like, Doctor, to be cursed to see everything through the eyes of a child? I see things for what they really are, I see YOU for what you really are. You're not too much different from the others in here. Tell me, when you say 'it would do both of us good to keep our heads down' are you talking about you and me, or just the two of you?" Jack laughed maniacally at the comment.

"How is Mr. Hyde these days? It must be cramped having to share a head with you."
He turned and sat down on his bed.

"Look, Doc, I'm not going for the 'I'm not your doctor, I'm your friend' bullshit" He said mockingly making quotation marks in the air with his fingers. "And as for security measures, I'm not really worried. I'll find a way to remind the patients here of who they really are and we will get out of here. So, if you're done here, you might want to send someone to come clean up this glass. Someone could get hurt."

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As the two orderlies held Pan to his knees of the tile floor a voice spoke "Stay a moment" the mirrors faded away as Pan and pulled to his feet by the two men. A woman with black hair and dressed in red stepped around him, allowing Hook to see her clearly as her dress brushed against Peter before she turned her attenion on Pan directly. She murred something and rubbed her ear. "You are in a hospital young man. Screaming like this could loose you your voice." She gently tapped his throat when he started to go hoarse in his screaming. Soothing the pain "Better ?" She smiled.

Her amber gaze went to the two orderlies "Take him to.... "She seemed to hesitate before contining "Return him to his room, triple the lock." The men nodded as she turned to Hook, "Nice left jab there Dr Hook. If you'll excuse me unless you need me for something, I shall take my leave" She gave a simple smile, yet her amber eyes denoted something different. She hesitated but a moment should Hook wish to speak.

A moment later and she took her leave of him in full. Heading down a hall to the right. The shards of mirror leading her path it seemed as the ground shifted under her feet as she walked, changing the pattern of the flooring into something of sheer beauty as she headed for a certain cell.

Stepping into view she saw Dr Jykell sitting outside the cell, with the window in the door broken. Hmp. Silly boy. Her amber eyes glittered as she neared, hearing Jack speak. She grunted something, shards of mirror cracked the wall within his cell. Some were floating freely within the cell itself. Allowing Vitas to see the boy.

But the mirror shard worked two ways, for it let Jack Winters see Vitas' face, Not many people got to see it so clearly. Amber eyes, ink black hair, fairly tanned skin, but what was most alarming was the corruptive power that Jack could see through the mirror. Of course when he'd see her in person there was no signs of corruption or scars upon her skin.

Stepping up to Dr Jykell she spoke. She had the look of a demure Nurse. yet her voice spoke volumes "Dr Jykell, you look tired, let me handle the boy. Get some rest" She said simply, of course the way she said it meant as if "goodmorning" was an invitation to bed by her tone alone, She did have a way with men at times "I am quite sure he'd listen better.... to a woman." She added, giving Jykell a look. That made sense... sorta

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Jack was still sitting on his bed when Vitas showed up and dismissed Dr. Jekyll. He had to admit that he was a bit disappointed that he didn't get to observe Dr. Jekyll's reaction to his comments for himself.

However, this disappointment was soon replaced with confusion as the wall behind his bed fractured into what looked like mirror shards. His first instinct was to hold perfectly still and not touch anything. But one of the larger shards began to float in front of his face. It didn't act like a typical mirror, it was more like a window. He didn't see his own reflection as he expected, but rather he saw Vitas on the other side of the door. But she didn't look like she usually did, it was like she had the weight of something awful hanging over her. There were a few scars that he hadn't seen before as well. She was no doctor, she was a sorceress and Jack was one of the few who was able to see this.

"Hello Miss Warmoon." Jack spoke into the floating shard. He was doing his best to ignore the shifting room around him. "It's a rare pleasure to see you here today. It's not often I get someone who sees things for what they are. Hmm, your mirror seems to show the true nature of things, I wonder what you see on your side." Jack mused without looking up, his bangs covering his eyes.

"I take it you're here to reprimand me for breaking the window here as well. There's no need to worry, the ward on the door frame worked and I wasn't able to reach out of window. Was that your handy work or was it Miss Verde's. She seems to be quite the magic user, but am I the only one who thinks she looks a little green around the gills? I wonder what your mirror would show if she were in front of it." He grinned a sly grin as he finally looked up and into the mirror and into Vitas' amber eyes, brushing his hair out of his own electric blue eyes. "So how about you come inside and do what ever it is you came here for. It's not like you think I'm dangerous or anything. The dehumidifier they think I don't know about prevents my powers from being effective in here. Let's get this over with."

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Dr Jekyll was taken aback by Jack's words. He couldn't understand how Jack was so able to ignore the atrocities committed by the other inmates. A semblance of struggle could be seen in his eyes as he maintained composure, although stood up to turn away as Jack spoke "-or just the two of you?"
Facing away Jekyll spoke quietly in defeat, just loud enough for Jack to hear "I'm trying to be genuine. If Mr Hyde is what I really am then it's my duty to reject that."

Holding his hand over his eyes, the head nurse Vitas Warmoon approached him, offering to take over, Jekyll's approach to Warmoon was one of respect but restrained trust. He could tell she wasn't entirely forthright about her intentions. "Vitas, there won't ever come a time where I will ask to mend one of your patients. I have faith in your abilities, and I only ask that you have faith in mine."

Jekyll listened to Jack take jabs at Miss Warmoon, sighing in frustration. Jack's stubbornness in believing he sees the truth in people makes him an extremely formidable nut to crack. If he could see the true Peter Banning, for instance, he wanted not see the dangerously insane patient they were trying to cure. It was almost insulting to Jekyll, a man who had spent so much of his time in understanding the very chemical makeup of the human psyche. Heck, he split his in two. At the same time his studies proved that he could change Jack. When compared to others Jack's crimes weren't too horrendous, All he needed was to see that this institute is here to work with him rather than against. However, with staff like Vitas, Jekyll struggled to hold that integrity. A lurking thought resided in Jekyll's mind, perhaps pushed forward by Hyde that suggested that maybe Jack has a right to be fearful. If the staff were taking advantage of their positions to manipulate inmates... The thought made Jekyll sick.

"Jack, you need to work with us. I promise, there's a way out of here. But it takes time. Co-operation. I am your doctor, yes. And I have hope that like me, you will master your own demons. I don't want you to fall further into the rabbit hole, as it were."

As he finished speaking, and orderly approached him. "We have our new patient from evaluation. Belle LeFaun. Doctor's appointment." Jekyll recalled receiving the new inmate, and had already read her report from the police. With all the chaos during the day he had almost forgotten."Yes, I'm aware. Miss Warmoon, it appears you've lucked out. I want you to stay within your boundaries. I'll be studying the transcript tonight."

After receiving a response from Jack or Vitas, Jekyll would head to Belle's cell. He was actually relieved. Jack seemed intent on bringing out his Hyde. And as head psychiatrist, Jekyll didn't feel comfortable with someone other than himself or Alice attending Belle. Maybe this inmate would be a little more courteous. Reaching her cell door, Jekyll knocked. He knew only he could open it from his side, but he felt it was better than barging in.

"Miss LeFaun? I'm here for your appointment. My name is Doctor Henry Jekyll. May I come in?"

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#, as written by Rulke

It had been a chaotic and long day, not the longest, but still pretty exhausting. Once the damage had been measured by the staff it was realised Cell Security needed to be updated with The Wolves Pit practically being rebuilt after Aldric almost escape attempt. While this went on during next two weeks.

Alice received word of a Juvenile Behavior Therapist interested in the position. Being, Peter Banning was still an issue with Jack too being a problem it did seem rather like a good idea.

Unfortunately, the problems outweighed the good, Salem, one of the inmates committed suicide the week after.

Alice, though, was steadfast, despite these major complications. Many would have buckled under the intense pressure from this all, but after her last breakdown, she seemed to attempt to keep herself coordinated. Even odder was when someone mentioned Cheshire or regarding progress of that patient, a nostalgic smile traced over Alice's lip. Something weird was certainly happening, but without further investigation, there was no need to overreact.

In the past when Cheshire was mentioned, Alice's sadism seemed to emerge quite prominently and she got angry and demanded cruel and unusual punishments for Cheshire. Now though, seemed rather calm, some may say downright intrigued by the progress. Some Doctor's have noticed her giggling and commenting during the staff meeting, 'Oh yes, she is such a wicked thing." not a lie, but the way it was said, suggested something of less towards nature.

It has been two weeks since the incident, cells have rebuilt and refitted, Aldric out of his coma and it has been reasoned by Jekyll, Warmoon and even Alice that perhaps Aldric could get outdoor privileges. It is believed that this could resolve much of his cabin fever and also provide the freedom he needs while under supervision. Of course, with this, the Garden now had to be just as warded heavily with magic. But, that was not difficult to do.

Unbeknownst to everyone, the darkness down within the crypt was stirring, it felt the weakness growing within all. Oh, how the boy who cried, cried so hard for it to stop. But now his only sound was the swinging from the metaphorical Gallow's Pole. It must work slowly, and not rush, especially as many of these magic users, if they knew, could strengthen this prison, this cell so not even the maddening cruel voice could speak in their darkest thoughts. Oh yes, it would be patient and in time Wonderland would become the Kingdom of this new Earth with the twisted aberrations of subjects that made up inmates and staff.

Once it was free, only once it was free

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Jack lied down on his padded bed, if you could call it that. They were so dead-set against him hurting himself or others that all he had was just a small padded mat barely bigger than a yoga mat with more padding. He didn't get any blankets or pillows. Apparently the staff had found out about his multiple suicide attempts.

He wasn't thrilled about the new changes that the staff had made to his cell. While he was out in one of his sessions with Dr. Warmoon, they took his door off the hinges and replaced it with one that had no window. He was still able to keep the shard of glass from the broken window by slitting the side of the mat as cleanly as possibly and slid the shard into it. The time was going by slower than it usually did today as Jack awaited his usual visit from Dr. Warmoon.

As he was lying there, looking up at the ceiling, he couldn't help but think about the confrontation he had with Dr. Jekyll. He couldn't understand the guy. Not only was he denying and suppressing his real self, but he was trying to impose his false beliefs on the others in the asylum. It was crazy and he knew that Hyde believed what he said, but Hyde was actually someone who belonged in here as a patient and trying to make him surface was not a good idea. But Jekyll was a vile person. "Who the fuck does he think he his bringing up my demons?" Jack sneered. "He has no idea the demons I've seen; the boogie man, the big bad wolf, evil witches, evil wizards, dragons, monsters and even actual demons! Hell, one of those guys is even being held right here in the damn asylum. And unlike that babbling nitwit a few rooms down, the shit I've seen was real, not some stupid windmill. You don't spend four hundred years,give or take, as the anthropomorphic personification of winter without seeing the real demons of the world."

He hoped that Dr. Warmoon would be coming in soon. Her use of the mirror dimension was interesting. While he was in there he was able to use all his powers, even the ones he had lost, but it just didn't feel quite right. He knew that Dr. Warmoon was tying to unlock his past, but he wasn't going to give it up easily. He had never told anyone what had really happened that day with him and his sister. Never told anyone what he saw, how he pretended not to see it because "big boys didn't believe in monsters", or how he froze with fear and couldn't do anything to but watch as that THING picked up his screaming sister and threw her into the ice cold lake. He never told anyone about the countless times he tried to kill himself but couldn't because the powers that be had predestined him to be a guardian of the children of the world. There was a lot that he hadn't told anyone. It was a weight that no one but himself should be allowed to bare.

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Two weeks had passed since that first inital day of sessions with the young man. Two weeks of interesting experiemtns and for the young mans eyes, fun.

Of course he knew the truth of her something off about her. But it didnt matter. No. what mattered was information to be had, he knew her name. He'd seen her face. Her true face. Scales of silver and black were around her eyes in the Mirror Dimenesion.

In one of their sessions his door was replaced, no window. But honestly she didnt care either way and through the Mirror Dimenesion had created a window for him to look out at the world. She knew where he was at all times even if the place was ever shifting kalaediscope of movement and landscapes.

the young mans magic worked perfect there. In some cases it was, like her own, magnified greatly. Allowing him to do what he once was able to without need of a stick, or otherwise.

But the only hope Vitas really had of finding his past, was to get him to make a piece of ice in a certain place. And in the Mirror Dimeneion what better way to get to that place than to open a window into memories ?

So that was what she did

As was typical of their sessions the last two weeks, well befoer she neared his room the walls started to crack or mirrors floating in the air. This time however it didnt happen, instead. A spark of blood red swirled upon the wall in the place of his door. there was no mirrors, no cracked walls. Nothing. And briefly, not even she was seen beyond the portal But something else strangely, hauntingly familar was beyond the portal.

But then again she didnt want to be seen. Which was long enough to give the boy the chance he needed to grap a certain sharp item he'd kept hidden, just waiting to use it as he slid it up his left sleeve....

Vitas never noticed his movements as she finally simply, appeared in his room mere feet away. "Did you have a nice rest ?" She had no idea what he was planning. All she wanted from him was information, ontop of that she could help him with his case. He may have killed a innocent, but he didnt do it out of cold blood or fear, but something else entirely. Infact to her, he did it right, just.... sloppy at the time due to the many witnesses seeing him doing the deed. Had he done it secretly, or unseen at the time it'd be easier. But no. That wasnt the case. Which suited her just fine

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Jack had slid the shard up his sleeve when he thought that Vitas wasn't looking. He wasn't sure what he expected to do, but he wanted to be prepared given that things were not going as they usually did this session. "I'm trapped inside of a fucking asylum while there are children suffering all over the world. Children I could be helping. So no, I didn't exactly rest well, I never rest well."

The swirling portal seemed to open up into the past. Not just to the past, to the day that changed him forever. "This isn't funny." He growled at her. "This isn't fair. Why are you doing this to me? Don't tell me you don't believe my story, we both know that's bullshit." He started crying, his tears freezing and falling to the floor. She remained silent as he stood outside the portal. "Fine you wanna see this, let's go." He walked through the portal and waited for Vitas to follow.

Suddenly they were in Plymouth, Maryland in the 1600's. They were outside of Jack's family's lake house in late December. There was a little boy, only about ten years old, playing in the snow with his sister. They were having a snowball fight. The little girl was on the dock of lake. "That's me." he said dryly to Vitas. Then it happened. Out of the forest came a figure that looked like it was made of shadows. The figure's shape was continuously shifting. Young Jack froze in his tracks, he closed his eyes and started chanting "I don't believe in monsters." over and over.

"My father told me one time when I was scared that if I said that, the monsters would go away." He explained to Vitas. "Yeah a lot of good that did."
The creature swirled around his screaming sister before forming into a giant clawed hand, picking her up and throwing her into the lake. It then began circling young Jack. "You think lying will save you boy?" it hissed at him.

"No!!! Leave him alone!" Jack screamed at the creature before showering it with icicle spears. It did nothing to the creature these were all just illusions. He watched helpless as young Jack dove into the water to get his sister, but she couldn't swim and the water was so cold. She died there on the shore of the lake. The scene shifted to Christmas morning when young Jack woke to find his parents hanging from the rafters. He said nothing and just walked outside and into the lake. The scene changed again to later that day when he woke up on the shore, confused and depressed. "After I hit eighteen, I stopped aging." Older jack explained. "I discovered my powers soon after. I tried killing my self at least a hundred more times after that, always woke up perfectly fine."

The scene shifted a final time to the day that landed him in the asylum. He was in a parking garage and he looked exactly the same as he did now. He had been chasing a creature that looked like the same thing that had killed his sister. He had found out from other beings that this was the creature commonly known as the boogy man. He had thrown an ice spear at the creature piercing it through the chest. The shadows swirled and drained away to reveal a human being. The creature swirled back around Jack. "You'll never win, you can't save them all." it laughed before fading away into the shadows of the night. Then the cops came.

The portal appeared behind them and they walked through again.
"Why, you fucking bitch? Why did you make me relive that horror again?" He pulled out the shard of glass and began furiously stabbing at her chest over and over. He knew she'd be fine, but he didn't care. He wanted to hurt her like she hurt him. "What do you gain by this? You didn't earn the right to see that! Get the fuck out of my room! Get out of my head!" He screamed at her before falling to his mattress in a fetal position, the glass falling out of his hand. His own blood spilled to the floor as the edges had cut his hand as he grasped it.

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Vitas watched the events unfold around them, the memories Jack wanted to keep to himself. But she couldnt remember them at that moment, no, she ewas focused on the creature that killed his sister, the creature he tried to kill that possessed a human being. A creature that for all intents and purposes, was not to exsist in reality or at least outside the Dark Dimenesion or even the Ancient Diemnesion.

Stepping out of the portal as it reappeared with Jack by her side she was about tospeak when he stabbed her dead in the heart, the glass going deep and just barely missing her heart itself, breaking through bone as the sheer force of willpower alone not to mention his sheer cold touch to the glass made it freezing cold that for a brief moment.. a very brief moment...

The raw power that corrupted her faded from her, briefly, Jack could see in the Mirror Dimenesion that she trukly was a beautiful young woman. Her bright amber eyes shining from within before the corruptive magic returned as he pulled the glass to stab again. She brought her arm up, he stabbed into it. then let go of the glass and fell upon his bed, the glass lodged in her arm as she stared at herblooded hand where the glass tore bone and muscle.

For a long moment she said nothing, simply staring. It had been a long time, too long, since anyone had drawn blood on her. She removed the glass from her arm, and gently lifted his hands one after the other, healing the injuries even inflicted upon himself. "Your case is a dangerous one child. What I wanted to see was the creature, the darkness you have hunted, and nearly destroyed when you took that mans life. I think I have recognsied it. I understand that you want to keep memories of certain nature to yourself. But it had to be done in order to see what truly haunts you. That creature of shadows....."

"Jack Frost.... Old Man Winter.... locked away..... I remember you now" By then Vitas voice had changed, the world shifted in a tangled landscape around them as they were suddenly in the Mirror Dimenesion. Her voice grew deeper, corrosive as the corruptive power she used darkned her tone. Long ago you hunted it. The shadows haunted you.... pitch black shadows were your enemy... nightmares...."

Her voice returned to normal then as she healed herself of the wounds inflicted. "I can help you with your case Jack. Do you want out of here or not ?" She could see him as her ticket to getting her own tasks ended. But it was him that was going to want to get out of there. They had to find him mentally complaint for trial after all. And if she could prove him mentally compliant and also not guilty then it would pave the way for her revenge on certain parties. "Provided we get you close enough, I can even take you outside...." The landscape around them shifted in a plexus of color and ever changing landscapes as she spoke. Finally it shifted once more and it seemed like they were in ther hallway of a grand victorian home "For example I could take you here.... to my home... To safety asway from this place... away from your worst fears"

The option was there. The pitch was tossed, it was hit or strike. Would he swing ?

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Jack watched shifting room and listened to Vitas speak. Their wounds healed now, yet Jack was still sobbing. "Yes of course I want out of here." He finally spoke. "But you missed something. I never stopped hunting that thing. I don't want to be safe and hidden from it, I want to destroy the thing. It took everything away from me and I will not rest until I make it pay." Jack's eyes began to glow a haunting pale blue, his teeth clenched and the air in the room went freezing cold. Snow even began to form and drift through the air.

"Can you really get me out of here? If so I'll do whatever you ask, but you got to help me destroy that thing." He responded as he looked around. "This is a nice place you got here. I wish they had places like this when I was growing up, my parents were wealthy by the standards of the time. If I had been born into a different era I could have had a nice place like this." He said. "Wait, am I older than you?" he chuckled a little at the thought of it. "So what do I have to do, tell them I don't believe in fairy tales, that I'm not 400 years old, that I'm not the spirit of winter? I can do that. But what's in this for you? I saw the vengeful thing that's keeping you alive, you need my help for something. You aren't planning on using that shadow thing to get revenge on someone are you? That thing can not be reasoned with or controlled, please don't go messing with it."

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"Good. I can get you out of here, but you only have to do one thing. You simply need to show progress during our sessions. Even if it means lying to other staffers here, we both know the truth. I can alter reality only so far. But what I can alter will help you in the long run. Show enough progression through our sessions up to now and I can get you off this property to my home free and clear."

She smirked at his question of being older than her, it was possible. But she didnt care. that wasnt her agenda. She could easily prove his age as under eighteen if she had to do so. She smiled then "The thing you saw depart briefly from me, and the creature you hunt endlessly, are from the same place. They're Nameless Ones... Zealots. They're from their own master, a creature in the Dark Dimenesion. But my power is not from there. the Nameless One bonded to me I feed off for its sheer power even outside the mirror dimenesion we stand within right now."

"My power comes from an older, darker, more dangerous dimenesion. You want your happy ending ? I can help you get it. what I want is simply that creatures raw power. Seeing it escape you when you killed the Man showed me the truth. You need my help. and even though I dont want to admit it, I need yours" Normally Vitas did things on her own, or with Spike or with her countless thugs and underlings. Every dead body she had left in her wake werent sutible for Spike to return to the living.

But now, this boy, Jack Winters, could help her achiev that goal. If she had to she could even tell the courts she'd take full custody of him. Because she knew he was geared towards life without parole for murder, or worse, the hotseat. But with her poltiical pull.... and his own aid in proving complaint to stand trial and pleade crazy if they hasd to getting him off and into her custody, only paved the way for her to achieve her goal

Bringing back Spike

But she also needed Aldric for that to find the correct body

The setting changes from inmates-quarters to Courtyard and Gardens

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After Vitas had left, Jack sat in his room. He had agreed to help her, it was clear from her explanation that there was more to her plan than what she was telling him. It wasn't long before one of the orderlies came to his room and told him that he was now being allowed out of his room to have some free time outside in the courtyard. Jack smiled. He hadn't even seen a window since the issue with group therapy a while back.

He was escorted to the courtyard by the orderlies. He sat out there in the courtyard and looked around at the beautiful plant life that was growing. He looked at the various flowers in the gardens, they were really pretty right now, though he felt it was far too hot outside. He knew that it would be easy to try and escape from the gardens, but he figured that it was better to stick to the plan that Vitas was working on, even if he didn't know all the details. He was beginning to sweat out there in the heat, so he used his powers to lower the temperature to something a little more livable without making it obvious that he was using his powers by doing something stupid like making it snow. He liked how crisp the air was when it was cold out, almost a biting cold. "That's better, it was way too warm." he muttered.