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Penny Sattely


0 · 278 views · located in The Wonderland Institute in New York

a character in “The Wonderland Institute v2”, as played by Rulke


Name: Penny

Surname: Sattely

Alias/Nickname: None

Place of Birth: England

DOB: Unknown

Age: 23

Family: Deceased
Rumoured to have been a Fire, but records are lost

Occupation: None

Blood-Type: A+

Criminal History: Penny is responsible for many fires and she has such mania with it that she does not care if anyone inside these buildings. The bigger, the better for her. On average she is directly responsible for thirty-five infernos. It uncertain how many have died, but it is reckoned it is certainly outside the hundreds due to her targets usually being residential.

Mental Diagnostic: Pyromaniac, utterly selfish and verging on sociopathic towards other humans.

Supernatural Powers: None

Triggers: Penny believes that the fire is a living being and often flirts and speaks to it. Those who tried to stop her perception of this found themselves facing her rage. Though not strong, she lashed out violently. The fire is female from what we can understand. Anything with flames whether furnaces or candles trigger her and lead her to try to create more of it.

Ideal Environment and Stimuli For Them: Away from fire, but provided with a drug to combat her condition that makes it so her body cannot naturally warm up. This must be administered daily or the patient will suffer.

Personality: Penny is complicated because her obsession with Fire is based on more than the mere beauty, to her, it is the only warmth she ever feels. Thus to her, this means it must be her true love... This makes her come across very deranged, she appears suicidal or at least has a complex about this. It is very difficult to talk to her since she perceives nearly all as enemies which are a huge problem. This is further challenging because she is brought to rage or fury if you do anything to harm her work.

Best advice, stay the fuck away from her.

History: As recited by Penny:
I remember the day I first met her, it was an accident, she was restrained trapped behind a guard, but after seeing her I knew I needed her. It began so simply, small bursts to bring her forth, but they never lasted or people decided to prevent her escape. I craved her warmth, her caress… Before her, I was perpetually cold, but when I found her I felt her unforgettable touch coursing through me. Her innervating undulating dances so salacious and lewd. It escalated, I needed more and more to see those gestures and be brought to utter bliss by how she acted…

I worked on creating longer lasting ways to keep her here, people call me insane… Mad, but I am only in love and those people, they may have died in those buildings, but they provided the means I could see my love, strip down completely and dance close by. In pure ecstasy…

Why am I here? Why have they separated us, maybe a lesbian relationship is too odd for them? My darling, my precious flame… I will free us both and then we shall burn all down and finally, finally we can be together as I become ashes and you take me into levels unknown to mankind.

Relationship to Other Inmates: Largely keeps to herself.

Progress: Until we find out why this Mania exists and get her to realise the fire is not living. The chances of curing her are slim. This is my professional opinion.

So begins...

Penny Sattely's Story

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#, as written by Rulke
A sensation akin to desire and fear, the roiling calling of those shifting swirling embers begging for the calypso to readily begin. I try to avoid the darting gazes and whispers wanton of my fingers. It speaks and confesses my darkest fears… I whisper back sweet nothings. Sublime madness to the innervating abyss it gives to me. Each song and chord more like a gesture so seductive. It special kindness, those utterances. I fall for them, crash and burn. My drug, my rise.

Even when it is not there dancing like the provocative femme-fatale, it rawness courses through me. It is akin to sex, many brag about the high and endorphin release such twisted acts of congress provide, but there is no beauty. There is no grace. My first love is only her, for she knows just how to play my very body, the warmth she brings to my cold flesh is maddening euphoric bliss. I ache for the barest touch and to breath her torrid breath. It hurts my lungs, but pain and pleasure merely the little cruel demented dance she does. She begs, no pleads to breathe again. I could ignore her, but then the harrowing iciness will once more torment me. I must make her sing, live in her beck and call.

Why do they keep depriving me of her? They mutter harsh secrets insinuating she is bad, that I should find other means… How can they understand? Our love is not the kind they can comprehend, it is primal and lasting, each revolt and flick of the match to bring her ever glowing beauty is akin to a thousand ultimate nourishment. I live for her, she calls to me.

I am here in this place, stripped of all ways to bring life to my love? I wish to breathe her intoxicating scent and strip down to nothing and roll with her as she infinitely warms my body… Give me this release. My mind ponders but they know and keep stopping me being with her, no fire, nothing no light… I am cold… Absolutely freezing, shivering… They are killing me, all of them… None of them understands, they laugh and roll their eyes. I will make them understand… I will make them understand and they will suffer… This place will burn, all shall burn, the fires will reach the heavens, a pyre unlike anymore while I stand astride letting her consume me… Giving me the ecstasy, orgasming before I turn into black sulphurous ash… Give into the congress.

For now, I freeze, nothing can warm me, they tried, they all tried, but only she brings wetness to loins and makes me ache and go into a frenzy… They will know as they all burn, I am giving them a damn honour, I am sharing my love… My life… they are getting to have a one-night-stand with her… I say that is pretty selfless. AND THEY SHOULD BE FUCKING GRATEFUL.

I am distracted momentarily by the announcement to break my reveries, the clang of the clocks. Sirens whispering haunting secrets to my displaced mind. Sing, singing maladies while I drown in the cacophony. They call them inspections, my mistress, my love consorts and I listen. They think if they remove the flame, we are alone, but my beloved is always with me. Never ever alone, my body would freeze and shatter into thousands of shards if she left my side.

My paramour.

No matter, they will all burn…

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#, as written by Rulke

It had been a chaotic and long day, not the longest, but still pretty exhausting. Once the damage had been measured by the staff it was realised Cell Security needed to be updated with The Wolves Pit practically being rebuilt after Aldric almost escape attempt. While this went on during next two weeks.

Alice received word of a Juvenile Behavior Therapist interested in the position. Being, Peter Banning was still an issue with Jack too being a problem it did seem rather like a good idea.

Unfortunately, the problems outweighed the good, Salem, one of the inmates committed suicide the week after.

Alice, though, was steadfast, despite these major complications. Many would have buckled under the intense pressure from this all, but after her last breakdown, she seemed to attempt to keep herself coordinated. Even odder was when someone mentioned Cheshire or regarding progress of that patient, a nostalgic smile traced over Alice's lip. Something weird was certainly happening, but without further investigation, there was no need to overreact.

In the past when Cheshire was mentioned, Alice's sadism seemed to emerge quite prominently and she got angry and demanded cruel and unusual punishments for Cheshire. Now though, seemed rather calm, some may say downright intrigued by the progress. Some Doctor's have noticed her giggling and commenting during the staff meeting, 'Oh yes, she is such a wicked thing." not a lie, but the way it was said, suggested something of less towards nature.

It has been two weeks since the incident, cells have rebuilt and refitted, Aldric out of his coma and it has been reasoned by Jekyll, Warmoon and even Alice that perhaps Aldric could get outdoor privileges. It is believed that this could resolve much of his cabin fever and also provide the freedom he needs while under supervision. Of course, with this, the Garden now had to be just as warded heavily with magic. But, that was not difficult to do.

Unbeknownst to everyone, the darkness down within the crypt was stirring, it felt the weakness growing within all. Oh, how the boy who cried, cried so hard for it to stop. But now his only sound was the swinging from the metaphorical Gallow's Pole. It must work slowly, and not rush, especially as many of these magic users, if they knew, could strengthen this prison, this cell so not even the maddening cruel voice could speak in their darkest thoughts. Oh yes, it would be patient and in time Wonderland would become the Kingdom of this new Earth with the twisted aberrations of subjects that made up inmates and staff.

Once it was free, only once it was free