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Peter Banning

To die would be an awfully big adventure!

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a character in “The Wonderland Institute v2”, as played by ChildishDelusion





Alias/Nickname: Peter Pan or just Pan

Place of Birth: Peter claims he was “Truly born” in Kensington Gardens, England

DOB:Unknown- Records appear to be heavily doctored or destroyed.

Age: Unknown- Records appear to be heavily doctored or destroyed.He claims he is 16. One could estimate Peter is in his early 30’s with his long history but he certainly looks like he's in his early 20's. Confusing. (But don’t tell him that.)

Family:While there are no records Peter has, on the rare occasion, mentioned a little brother who he feels caused his parents to forget about him. He refuses to speak further about them.

Occupation:Ex-Model. Very famous in what seems to be his early teens to mid 20’ where his career began to slow.


Criminal History:Peter has been suspended of guilty charges due to a successful “not guilty by way of insanity” claus.Peter had been charged with the murder of a known 11 children (aged between 8-13) but is estimated to be linked with the deaths of 4 more unsolved missing children cases whose bodies were never found. He is also linked to the disappearances of John and Michael Darling whose bodies were also never found. All found bodies of the children were noted to have been cruelly tortured before death. He is also charged with the abduction and torture of a young women- Wendy Darling who was rescued upon Peter’s arrest. Peter was caught with an accomplice Tanya Belle. He has been sent to Wonderland Asylum for rehabilitation so he can face his charges in full sanity-if he ever regains it.

Mental Diagnostic:Peter has been reviewed by 3 famed consultant psychiatrists who all deemed him “unfit to make sound decisions” owing to what they described as a fixed grandiose delusion-based schizophrenia concerning an alternate universe called Neverland. He believes himself to be immortal owing to “starstuff” that fell from the heavens. Peter appears to believe he is an extremely important person in this reality and has the important job of looking after the Lost Boys. Peter denies ever hurting the children -who were found buried in multiple locations across the country- as he stated they had simply gone to Neverland where they would never grow old. It was also highlighted that Peter had narcissistic and borderline personality disorder. It is noted that these delusions were supported by his famed accomplice in these crimes Tanya Belle who went by the alias “Tinkerbell”.

Supernatural Powers:You could argue his active imagination is beyond the natural law of man. Peter believes he can do almost anything if he believes it enough- he can’t he simply twists what he sees in the world around him to fit his needs. For example he will claim a door that had been there the whole time was never there, and he created it with his imagination. He also believes he can fly- but lacks pixie dust to do so without his friend Tinkerbell.

Triggers:Mirrors. Peter cannot fathom that the older person in the mirror is him. Doing so sends Peter into a rage where he smashes or destroys any reflective surface he can’t conveniently ignore. Being told he is old. When he feels he is being ignored.

Peter cannot be touched on his skin by anyone- though he cannot say why. Preferring to be touched on clothing or with gloves on.

Ideal Environment and Stimuli For Them: Peter prefers to be in an environment with a captive audience (or singular person) who give them their undivided positive attention who doesn’t contradict anything he says.

Personality:Peter is an exaggerated stereotype of a boastful and careless boy. He claims greatness, even when such claims are questionable. Peter symbolises the selfishness of childhood, and is portrayed as being forgetful and self-centred.Peter explains that he must forget his own adventures and what he learns about the world in order to stay childlike. Peter has a nonchalant, devil-may-care attitude, and is fearlessly cocky when it comes to putting himself in danger believing himself to be untouchable.With this blithe attitude, he says, "To die will be an awfully big adventure".

This is only, however, in his placid state of mind, if his personal version of reality is broken by a trigger Peter lapses into a cruel being, taking whatever he can get by force and with pain which he seems to enjoy and is not afraid of very intimate touch.

History:Peter’s records have been tampered with, both electronically and physically. It is believed Tanya Belle, Peter’s accomplice, is responsible for this. What is known is Peter became a young teen star when he debuted in a magazine for young girls, the records given to the modelling agency state that his name was Peter Banning, his parents John and Mary Banning had died the year previous, he was under the care of distant relative “Maimie Mannering”[who died when Peter reached 18] and he was 13 years of age at the time. Peter enjoyed his fame immensely and took to it like a duck to water. Aching to be more impressive Peter took to learning swordplay and mimicry which delighted his fans. He was known to have an on-off romance with fellow model Wendy Darling. When Peter’s career in modelling started to decline 10 years later Peter started doing charity work with various children’s organisation and was noted to be a great entertainer and a great hit with the kids being so child-like himself. It was when Peter is estimated to be 28 that children started going missing. Some from nearby camps Peter had been working- others that were taking walking home from school in cities Peter happened to be driving by. Others were taken by Tanya Belle, and were delivered to Peter. Police linked Peter to these crimes early on but found it hard to catch both Peter and Tanya who were on the move. Eventually Peter was tracked after the disappearance of old girlfriend Wendy Darling, whom Tinkerbell had taken in a fit of jealousy. Police traced Wendy using the GPS on her phone and arrested Peter Banning. Tanya Belle has not been captured. After a whirlwind trail that was plastered all over the papers, Peter has been sent to Wonderland Asylum to be cured of his delusion so he can face the courts.

Relationship to Other Inmates: Peter believes himself to be within the confines of Neverland and thus attributes everyone a part to play in his fantasy. Any men are often delegated part of the lost boys which Peter believes himself to be in charge of. Those in charge of Wonderland are given the roles of Pirates whom Peter is a sworn enemy of, in particular that of Dr. Captain James Hook who he believes to be in charge. He cannot tolerate any suggestion that his version of reality is not real and often ignores these, though if pushed breaks into a rage. The best way to get Peter to do something is to tell him it's part of an adventure.

Progress: Peter Banning is insane without the shadow of any doubt. His fixed belief in the world of “Neverland” has led him to believe he is without fault and without the ability to die. It is the opinion of this court that Peter Banning truly believes he has not hurt any child and that he is convinced he will meet them in “Neverland” where they will never grow old.Peter Banning has been noted to go into violent rages that can stem for hours when these delusions are sternly challenged.He claims to have no memory of these rages which we believe to be the cause of death of 11 known children and an estimated 4 children and 2 adult men. Peter shows no remorse for these murders owing to that fact he does not believe he has killed anyone. He has a wild grandiosity in his personality which lends him to twist his perception of reality despite any facts laid bare to him. We believe Peter to require intensive and long psychiatric care.

So begins...

Peter Banning's Story

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Peter Pan was having a very good day.

One wouldn't think so and neither would Peter if his mind was somewhat based in reality. What a sane mind, what Peter Banning would have seen was an almost bare room, containing a plain bed, dresser, a sink with a barred window and a door that could only be unlocked from the outside. They would see that there no mirrors or reflective surfaces in the room but there had plainly been before from the faded outline imprinted on the walls. The walls themselves used to be white, however now they were covered in paint and various crayon colours all depicting maps, scenes of fighting and adventure, of perceived friends and foes. The paintings themselves- while not masterful weren't terrible either. One could certainly make out a lagoon filled with mermaids, a crocodile and of a pirate captain with a hook for a hand. (The paintings were recent enough, but were a repaint. After the staff had repainted the walls white the last time Peter had lapsed into a violent delusion that had injured 2 orderlies).

This is not what Peter Pan saw. Peter pan saw a treehouse, a hammock in which to sleep in, the paintings were windows were he could look back on his greatest achievements, the window looked out onto the sea where he could just barely make out a pirate ship. The boy who never grew up grinned to himself, he had spent all morning working on his swordplay and mimicry. Particularly the sounds of a ticking clock. He wanted to get to the pirate ship and out of his treehouse, but without Tinkerbell Peter had lost the ability to fly. He cursed buccaneers heavily under his breath. He had made up his mind to ask Hook where he had taken his friend, it had to have been him, only a pirate as devious as Captain James Hook would take the fairy of Peter Pan. The other lost boys would help him, he was sure, after all he was their leader and he had saved so many of them from growing up.

He wondered if the Captain would still try and make Peter grow up, afterall their last encounter had ended with a parley gone wrong and a hand being feed to a crocodile. A huge grin broke out on his face once more. If he didn't get Tink back, maybe he'd feed the other hand to the ticking croc. " OOWOOOOOOOOOOOO" Peter howled as loudly as he could, time to summon the lost boys and time to get his friend back. It was, once more, time to challenge James Hook.

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Peter Pan, filled with determination and vigour for his new adventure rush towards the door of his treehouse (room) only to find it barred. He pushed once, twice and three times but the door would not budged. A mask of confusion for just an instant flew across his face before a delightful grin slapped itself on his cheeks. "Aha!" he exclaimed. "A branch must have fallen during the night blocking my door!" he mind decided giving him an easy explanation for his current predicament. "But what to do about this branch" he pondered.

It has to be said, that while bold and brave, Peter could never have been described as the "brains" of any outfit. Which is why he spent the next 5 minutes hurtling himself at the door again and again.

"Lost boys!!! he yelled "Wake up! Wake up! CAW CAW!!! It's time for an adventure. We need to save Tink!". While Peter threw himself with reckless abandon at the steel door, which he thought was wood, he failed to notice the click of a metal door unlocking- because how could a wooden door have a metal click? So when he tackled the door for the 45th time he found himself flying straight through the opening and into the corridors of the Wonderland asylum treetops of the Lost Boys forest.

"Time to think some happy thoughts" Peter exclaimed to himself as he took off running down the corridors stopping at a few of the inmates doors to hammer upon them with his fists. "UP! UP! It's time! It's time to take the fight to the dastardly pirates.". It wasn't in a questioning tone which Peter asked, in fact he just assumed anyone and everyone would be more than happy to be going on an adventure with the great Peter Pan.

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Vitas smirked. marking down each answer as she went through the pages as if she didnt have a second care. At the thank you request she said simply "We shall see if you are able to vist with the other residents here. Until then I will have a orderly bring you some.... writing matierals." With that she slid the papers into the secure sealed safe anjd left the room. Scarlett was rather easy. Talkative a wee bit yes but still. a Good girl slowly getting ready to return to the world.


Moving down the hall towards her desired cell she turned a corner. at that exact moment three things happened at once. the first was trhe klaxon blasting clear and stupidly fucking loud directly overhead as she stood below sucgh a speaker. The second was orderlies freaking out concerning something important, and finally, the mere briefiest hint of peter Banning fleeing down the hall away from her.

Oh joy....

Of all the times she had heard the klaxons going off she was in her office. She never saw what happened to the escapee. No. Her gaze turned however at the sudden shrieking of a spirte "Shut it!!" She hissed tersely briefly her body went limp in the hall as she left her body, her spirit visibly smacking something hard before returning to her body. Damned astral spirits drove her crazy! Why couldnt the dead stay dead ?!

She went down the hall to the corner and turned in time to see a tray go flying. Normally when she was about to see Aldric she let him into the Mirror Dimenesion, cracking the walls around him, letting him exit his cell into her own space. the cracks began to spread upon his walls within his cell. the portal point a literaly spiderweb of seemingly broken glasslike walls of white tile

But then Pan went down that exact hall. Vitas never really had to be called upon to take upon Pan in any manner, so she, for the moment, ignored the fleeing man, he would be caught soon enough she smurmised, instead she headed directly for Aldric's cell door. Where by her order, no orderly or guard was kept. She moved with a purpose towards Aldric's cell, the silver bars formed the wall along the hallway as she neared it the cracks continued, even muiltplied, to the point of forming free floating plexus patterns in the air of "broken wall" as she neared.

As the clock ticked past the one thirty mark Vitas spoke "Good afternoon Aldric." her voice to his ears was like sweet soft music aghainst the blasting of the thrice damned klaxon. She heard running steps. Crazy man was going to get himself killed. A flick of the wrist and the noise in his cell softened "Sorry about the noise, normally we do this in my office where the noise is softer. Banning has apparently gotten out of his room again" She stood outside the silver barred wall looking in.

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WARNING: Extremely harsh Language, threats of sexual violence. Read at own risk.

Peter "Pan" Banning had escaped, and made a hell of a racket in doing so. Damn the bad fucking luck. Fuck this. As the siren blared, Aldric turned away from the cracking wall that was the entrance to the Mirror Dimension, and stood, his Jade eyes slowly becoming Amber, as if the color were being poured into a basin of water.

As Vitas rounded the corner towards his cell, a resounding howl echoed throughout the corridors, matching if not over-taking the sound of the Klaxon before the clanging of something slamming against metal filled the air. First the boy, now the Wolf. Having grabbed the bedframe, Aldric was spurred on by the sudden noise of the Klaxon, he first had entered a fight-or-flight mode, and then his secondary personality took over, sending him into fight mode. Taking his metal bed-frame, he lifted it with ease and began to slam it against the Silver Bars of his only open Cell wall in an effort to break either the door or the bars themselves. He wouldn't dare touch them.

He snarled and growled with each motion of effort, the sounds of a wolf fighting something echoed from the secured door-windows. Aldric was a large man, and stronger than any man normally, so this was normally no big deal for him. He threw his bed-frame through the Shattered Mirror Portal, his back facing Vitas as she stood before his cell door. he looked over his shoulder, shaggy black hair falling around his face, his rags that they gave him for clothes disheveled and nearly torn from the effort of containing his body while he moved so violently.

He snarled and huffed, baring his razor-sharp teeth, all of them pointed except for his molars at the back as his Amber eyes stared at the woman. "Too fucking late for "sorry" don't you think? You're probably the fucking person who set it off. Fuck you. Fuck this place, fuck your boss, fuck your cat, and fuck that little pompous girl you were talking to not five minutes ago." he yelled. His voice boomed, and was loud and clear. It rumbled one's very marrow and he was restless. His hands twitched and he paced back and forth, never taking his eyes off Vitas.

He noted the flash of Peter running past his door, banging on it, trying to rally him to escape. Stooping down in a flash, Aldric grabbed the discarded tray that once possessed the old food and threw it fast; narrowly missing Vitas as it traveled through the bars of his cell, and the first security door before hitting the bars of the second with a loud CLANG!

"Fuck off pretty boy! You're throat will be on my fucking wall!" he screamed, his voice devolving into a growl as he finished the sentence. He began to pace again, eyes darting around his cell, trying to find something else he could use to try and break down his cell door. Grabbing a chair, he lifted it and began to bang it vigorously against the barred door, the chair's legs snapping immediately with the one swing. Snarling he picked it up and slammed it against the ground, the wooden chair shattering into hundreds of large splinters.

He immediately snarled in Anger, arms and hands flexing hard in wrath before he turned to Vitas and pointed at her, screaming insults in Gaelic "Téigh Dtí Diabhail, a thóin mór! Gabh Transna Ort Fhéin, Is cuma sa toll feisithe liomsa! Ráicleach! Aiteann!", which translated to: "Fuck off, you Fat Ass! Go Fuck yourself sideways, I don't give a fuck! Slut! Cunt!" in English.

He snarled and then charged Vitas, kicking an old, half-stale piece of Broccoli at her in the process, the thing landing at her feet as he grabbed the silver bars, his hands immediately steaming as he growled at her before immediately letting go of the bars and growling in agony, his steaming hands immediately beginning to blister, and then heal slowly.

Finally he turned to look at her. "Why the fuck are you here, Talak? Here to ask me some fuckin' retarded questions about how I'm feelin'? Eh? Well I think it's PRETTY FUCKIN' OBVIOUS, AIN'T IT?!" he held his arms out, gesturing to his whole cell, now a mess, his hands shaking again from both the pain and the restlessness and agitation he faced at the moment. "Or maybe you're here to finally kill me? Huh? You'd fuckin' like that, wouldn't you? Kill me, that way I can't resist when you move in to try and fuck with me and my mind. Why not just fuck me? Eh? Take off those fucking sacks of shitty rags you call clothes and press your arse against the bars, eh? You'd fuckin like that, wouldn't you? So what the fuck do you want?"

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"Peter Banning did what?" Hook roars upon hearing the news, shaking his cane at the orderlies, infuriated and somewhat panicked at this turn of events. "What? Did one of you bloody buffoons forget to lock the damn door!? This is all standard procedure!"

He reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a bottle of ibuprofen and downs a couple pills. With everything going suddenly south, and those blasted sirens blaring through his ears and into his skull, Jame's head began was already pounding. He held his head as he was about to join in the attempt to contain Peter when he heard Alice's wailing. She has taken this for the worst. No, not now Alice..! damn the fools! Why do we even have these blasted noise makers here? They mostly only serve as an agitator!

Then the sirens were shut off, he lifts his head, shifting attention from the collapsed Alice to see Dr. Jekyll approach from around the corner. Thank God, somebody who has it together! He watches as Henry takes over to try bringing poor Alice back to her senses, offering at least some relief to Hook.

He actually admired Jekyll, the man, the miracle. He's a complete turnabout case from having bouts of being the cruel Hyde, to the dominant personality now, a well educated man of high ethical standing. He shared in the belief that there are no monsters, only sick minds that need treatment. He was not just sane in this situation, he was lucidity personified, and Hook appreciates any he can get around here.

"Good form, sir, you are of exemplary character, sir Jekyll," he responds, not hiding his appreciation for his assistance in the situation. His headache too was now clearing, able to think again clearly again. By Henry's suggestion, he reaches for his taser. "Of course, though... I hope not to have to use it extensively. I... hope she's feeling better when this whole debacle is over with."

He then courteously bows to Dr. Jekyll before heading down the hallway, along with some of the orderlies, glancing over Peter's cell door briefly before heading onward. As I thought, it isn't even locked. This was likely not to go down without a fight, but this time he wasn't going to get caught off guard.

"Peter, Peter Pan! Where have you off'd to, boy?!" He calls out, checking back and forward vigilantly. "Turn yourself in and it'll be to the brig without any of the nastiness, captain's honor!"

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Peter Pan

"Oh! What marvellous, tremendous fun!" thought Peter excitedly as he dashed through the halls. As soon as the klaxons went off Peter wooped with joy as he tried to mimic them, it was certainly a call to arms, one of the Lost Boys must have spotted a pirate and began blowing the horns! The chaos was everything he could have wanted and more; the thrill of the chase, the blood pulsing through his veins the roar of each side as they tackled each other in the art of war. Why, he could almost fly! If only he could have Tink back then he would fly! That dastardly Hook must have been planning a surprise attack and was attempting to take Peter and the lost boys by the ears. But they were too smart for those old unimaginative adults, youth would win the day!

As Peter rounded a corner he narrowly missed being hit by a tray arrow. As the tray arrow smashed itself into a wall he cheered himself for his quickness and his innate ability to dodge danger without even thinking about it. Turning about another he had found his prize. Two large but gentle looking men stared at him, then at each other and cursed their terrible fortune. They seemed to confer with one another and nods their heads as if deciding something rather important. If one could hear them you would have heard them discussing Dr.Jekyll's orders and the fact both of them had seemed to have forgotten their tasers. The taller of the two men stepped forward and coughed "Damn you Peter! We have orders from our cap'n to take you in! Now come quiet-like!"

Peter beamed as he picked up a broom sword and swung it in front of him in a flamboyant manner. "Steady on pirate! How lucky you should meet your fate at the hands of Peter Pan!" he called out gayly as the man who spoke rushed towards him. With an expert agility Peter stepped to one side getting past the orderly and brought his sword crashing down upon his victims back. The staff member called out and fell to the floor where he laid still. Peter turned to the last remaining obstacle and struck fast and true as he thrust his sword straight into the scallywags heart.

The orderly, who had just been poked quite harshly with the end of a wooden pole paused for a moment before dramatically screaming and collapsing to the floor. Peter satisfied he had dealt with the issue jumped over the bodies and ran on ahead. As soon as he was out of sight, both orderlies sat up thankful their acting had paid off and ran off to find some tasers now they knew which direction Banning was heading. Peter had felt a pull, almost an instinct to run a certain direction, like someone important was calling him. Begging him to find them, like a song he couldn't get out of his head, like the first time he'd met Tinkerbell he had to find-

"Peter, Peter Pan! Where have you off'd to, boy?!.

Pan swung around immediately, his eyes alight his heart beating like a flutter of a hummingbird. It was Hook. Running at full speed he traced back to where he could hear the unmistakable tone of his nemesis, the black-hearted privateer.

"Turn yourself in and it'll be to the brig without any of the nastiness, captain's honor!"

Peter snickered loudly as he came onto the corridor only a hundred feet away from the old sea dog. "Lookie lookie, I got Hookie" he laughed as he brought his broom sword up to the fighting position."Where's my fairy friend you maggot burger!"

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The shards of Vitas life floated around Aldric as he went to where his bed fell back into the matrial world, a bit worse or bent up for wear but still quite usible. Vitas sighed as a Orderly stepped into view. "I will return soon Aldric, choose one that most interests you. We will.... discuss things when I return. It seems our runaway has become.... rather enthralled with me" She said turning and seemingly fading away leaving the orderly, freaked out at being so close to the Wolf before he took his leave.

Vitas went towards where Pan had gone, finding two more orderlies who had fled Pan. "The boy had gotten past you hadnt he ?" The two nodded, Vitas jerked her head, "Which way ?" Once pointed the hall she could see it through her magic. Hmmm... It was time to have some fun....

She grumbled something as the shrill tones went off again, A flick of the wrist and eldritch red sparks formed in her hands forming a folding fan of a sort which she then used to fan herself, oh this was going to be fun. She made a mirror shard appear to Pans right. Another quickly forming in a hexagonal pattern. She smiled seeing how Pan was acting, so damn childish. the poor boy was going to get broken if he kept it up. The world around Pan began to shift and change rapidly as Vitas neared the location.

More mirror shards formed in a plexus pattern upon the wall to Pans right. It spread like a web, sifting and moving in exotic movements Cracks and groans were heard as the mirror pattern formed. the wall to his left suddely cracked and warped. What was going on ?

In the hall around the corner a good dozen or so paces away Vitas halted as bells rang in the astral plane. With a sharp grunt of something Vitas smacked the wall with an open palm "I said, Shut Up you fuckin' Sprite!!" The audible crack of breaking tile was heard from behind Pan. But when he turned to look all he saw was a brokoen mirror, shifting glass, a reflection of himself.

To Hooks left a mirror briefly floated past, briefly he saw shards of Vitas, first her bare foot, then the red dress she wore, the mirror seemed to trail its way up one leg, to her waist, then up to her chest and then up an arm before passing by her face, her left amber eye glittering brightly in the mirror Hook briefly viewed as ht floated past.

Vitas was coming.

This was going to be so much fun!!

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"Cén fáth a bhfuil siad ar aghaidh chun iarracht agus cneasaigh dom? Ná bíodh a fhios acu nach féidir liom a shocrú? Ní thuigim. Níl mé ag iarraidh a thuiscint. Tá mé ag iarraidh a dhul abhaile. Baile. Le do thoil, lig dom dul abhaile." he muttered to himself in Irish, which translated to: "Why do they continue to try and heal me? Do not they know I can not be fixed? I do not understand. I do not want to understand. I want to go home. Home. Please, let me go home." in English.

As the shards floated around him, he stared at them, all of them. He didn't want this. He didn't care about Vitas's life; he just wanted to be left alone! He knew now that he wouldn't be left alone here, and with a loud, but low growl, one that echoed in the chamber and out to the corridor of the cell-block known as the Wolf's Den, stood, and grabbed his beaten bed-frame once more. With each slam of the bed against the silver bars, he snarled, the bestial sounds also echoing from his room to the corridor.

"Is cuma liom! Ba mhaith liom amach! Amach a rá liom! Más rud é nach mbeidh tú é a thabhairt dom, beidh mé in ann é féin!" he screamed in Irish, his booming voice bellowing forth more effort from his muscles, the loud bangs of his bed against the door of his cell growing louder and louder. His words meant: "I do not care! I want out! Out I say! If you will not give it to me, I will take it myself!"

Harder and harder he swung his bed frame, the metal on metal was an excruciatingly loud sound, and with it, his Secondary Personality came back, his Jade Eyes filling with Amber once more, causing him to swing even harder against the door. A crack formed in the ceiling of his cell, and the bars eventually broke, the door swinging open violently. He tossed his bed back to its corner, the thing no longer usable, and lifted his chin as he arched his back, and howled triumphantly, the howl louder than any siren in the Asylum.

"It's 'bout God Damned Time!" he growled as he exited his cell, ignoring the shards of Vitas' memories following him. The safety measures immediately went into action, raising the bridge between his cell and the other doors. Knowing full well it was made of silver, he grabbed it, and forced it back down while screaming in both effort and agony. Once it reached the ground, he stepped on it his feet also being seared by it before it began to rise again, and he slid down the bridge to the foot of the first door in his path. Beyond this door was a tranquilizer-dart-shooting room that would sedate him; he could smell the Sedatives.

Of course the door was reinforced with Silver bars, but the hinges were still regular metal; which while stronger than silver, didn't burn. Breathing hard, his feet and hands stinging, steam rising from them as they healed, he readied himself. Once his feet had healed enough, he began to shoulder slam the door, snarling and growling with each motion he did. BANG. BANG. BANG. BANG. After one more shoulder charge, his shoulder bone cracked, healed, and then was ready to go. He snarled, and began to pound on the door with his fists, the walls shaking around him as he unleashed his fury on the door. Eventually, that too would break off its hinges, falling to the ground within the room. He stopped, standing outside the door-frame, and reared his head to howl once more, this one twice as bestial as the last one, sounding genuinely like a wolf.

He slammed his fist against the frame, and grabbed at his face, his breathing sounding more and more like a snarling wolf as his mind delved further into its primal rage. "NO! STRONGER than this.....BEAST!" he slammed his fist against the door-frame again, the wall shaking violently. Steeling himself, he got on all fours, and lunged forward with all his might, slamming into the last door, and breaking through it, albeit having been hit with at least ten of the intended Tranquilizer darts. He tore them out of his body and tossed them aside, grunting as his body began to convulse, though he was actively fighting it.

He was shifting.

He began to retch, and eventually hurled what little he'd eaten in the last twelve hours, his hands closing to fists as he let out pained screams of agony and despair, not wanting to shift. He screamed the word NO in every language he knew, every time sounding more bestial and less human as he slammed his hands against the floor, standing up and stumbling into the wall before collapsing onto the ground once more, onto his back, his body seizing and his mouth beginning to foam up.

Then bones began to snap.

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Hook turned to Pan, who was more than eager to face his old foe. This had worked out better than James had expected, didn't even have to search for him! With taser in hand, he readied himself, with the poise of a practiced fencer, a smirk on his face as he gets into character.

"What's that, Peter? Lost your fairy again, have we? You really should consider putting a bell on her, oh wait," he jokes, chuckling a bit forcibly, twirling the taser like it were a rapier. "Can't see I've seen her, though, but anyways... it is about us now, you won't be getting the drop on me this time, boy."

With this, he hears someone nearby Dr. Theodora who has happened upon their little performance, to which he casts a shaky crooked grin, signaling with his eyes that it isn't exactly safe here. Odd as she was, Theodora seemed sane to him, certainly competent enough as a child psychiatrist, so he never really thought to question her. Sanity was in short order here anyways, so any amount is appreciated.

Unfortunately, things would only get more chaotic rather than less, as he readied himself to try to apprehend Peter, the sound of howls and wails, and mad mutterings, slamming sounds against doors and walls, muffled but still they reach the ears. All this, blatant signs that the patients have become agitated. Blast it all, this is what I wanted to avoid.

A tingle goes up Hook's spine as he catches a glimpse of something to his left, a mirror, shards, and an image of a woman. It took him only a moment to realize that the head nurse... the magician woman as he calls her, Vitas, had entered their area. It would also take him only a moment to realize what poor timing it is, taking in a sharp breath, dreading if Peter were to see his reflection, if he were to break from his more whimsical persona. Damn it, of all the rotten... just keep looking my way! Egh! After this, maybe I should consider a patient that is less savage on my joints.

With the sudden panic of Pan cracking into another fit of hysteria, he quickly side steps and thrusts forward into a lunge, with taser held out, sparking to life with voltage. Hopefully that extracurricular in fencing would pay off for once.

"En garde!"

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Peter Pan

Adventure was everything that Peter Pan longed for. For a hundred long summers and noise and fights and to never grow up. The man standing opposite-Hook-was everything Pan never wanted to be. A pirate,a scoundrel, tainted by his lack of imagination, his lack of belief. Adults could not be trusted, they couldn’t be allowed to run Neverland. They would just abandon the Lost boys, just like Peter’s parents had abandoned- ”No!” shouted his mind. To remember was to grow and Peter’s defense mechanisms clouded his thoughts as he re-focused on his nemesis.

"What's that, Peter? Lost your fairy again, have we? You really should consider putting a bell on her, oh wait”

Grinning from ear to ear, Peter readied himself. “The bells will toll for you in not too long Captain! That’s the problem with growing up- you have to die! Tick Tock Hookie, I can help you along with that” he bellowed with enthusiasm. ”Who knows, maybe you’ll meet your hand in the afterlife!. Pan broke into laughter, a true joyous chuckle as Hook screamed for the battle to start.

”En Garde!” shouted Hook.

”You’ll get no quarter from me you smelly pirate!” cheered Peter as he lunged his mind focused on what was meant to be another victory for the great and wonderful and young Pan when- crack.

What happened next happened over a matter of seconds, but felt like a age to him. Peter’s head swung to the right, had a pirate snuck up on him without him noticing? Was a shot being taken at him? Damn those sneaky- his eyes, whose old eyes were those? What he saw was worse than any gunshot- it was him, but it wasn’t. What- WHAT WAS THIS?! An older version of him stared him down, it was, it was him. But how, but how, BUT HOW! He was the boy who never grow up, he was Peter Pan, he was- ”PETER! HOOK!!!” his thoughts overtook. But it was too late. Peter’s broom sword had missed the Captain and Hook’s taser sword struck true into his shoulder.

Screaming with the sudden bolt of electricity Peter’s hand dropped his sword and he fell to his knees. The two orderlies who Pan has attacked earlier and had been waiting for their chance to redeem themselves (and get back at Peter) rushed up and grabbed him by one arm each. Peter looked up at Hook with a childish confusion. The sword had the unmistakable feel of magic. That dastardly pirate! He’d been using his fairy friend to make weapons! ”You do have her!!! You have Tink!!!” he screamed struggling against the strong grip of the orderlies who only tightened their hold on him.”Give her back, she’s my friend! I’ll take her back, you hear me. TINK! TINKERBELL!” his voice was beginning to go hoarse with his shouts as tears welled up in his eyes, he hated Hook, he hated him. His eyes burned with tears as he stared at the Captain- if looks could kill, we probably would have found out if Hook would meet his hand in the afterlife.

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As the two orderlies held Pan to his knees of the tile floor a voice spoke "Stay a moment" the mirrors faded away as Pan and pulled to his feet by the two men. A woman with black hair and dressed in red stepped around him, allowing Hook to see her clearly as her dress brushed against Peter before she turned her attenion on Pan directly. She murred something and rubbed her ear. "You are in a hospital young man. Screaming like this could loose you your voice." She gently tapped his throat when he started to go hoarse in his screaming. Soothing the pain "Better ?" She smiled.

Her amber gaze went to the two orderlies "Take him to.... "She seemed to hesitate before contining "Return him to his room, triple the lock." The men nodded as she turned to Hook, "Nice left jab there Dr Hook. If you'll excuse me unless you need me for something, I shall take my leave" She gave a simple smile, yet her amber eyes denoted something different. She hesitated but a moment should Hook wish to speak.

A moment later and she took her leave of him in full. Heading down a hall to the right. The shards of mirror leading her path it seemed as the ground shifted under her feet as she walked, changing the pattern of the flooring into something of sheer beauty as she headed for a certain cell.

Stepping into view she saw Dr Jykell sitting outside the cell, with the window in the door broken. Hmp. Silly boy. Her amber eyes glittered as she neared, hearing Jack speak. She grunted something, shards of mirror cracked the wall within his cell. Some were floating freely within the cell itself. Allowing Vitas to see the boy.

But the mirror shard worked two ways, for it let Jack Winters see Vitas' face, Not many people got to see it so clearly. Amber eyes, ink black hair, fairly tanned skin, but what was most alarming was the corruptive power that Jack could see through the mirror. Of course when he'd see her in person there was no signs of corruption or scars upon her skin.

Stepping up to Dr Jykell she spoke. She had the look of a demure Nurse. yet her voice spoke volumes "Dr Jykell, you look tired, let me handle the boy. Get some rest" She said simply, of course the way she said it meant as if "goodmorning" was an invitation to bed by her tone alone, She did have a way with men at times "I am quite sure he'd listen better.... to a woman." She added, giving Jykell a look. That made sense... sorta

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#, as written by Rulke

It had been a chaotic and long day, not the longest, but still pretty exhausting. Once the damage had been measured by the staff it was realised Cell Security needed to be updated with The Wolves Pit practically being rebuilt after Aldric almost escape attempt. While this went on during next two weeks.

Alice received word of a Juvenile Behavior Therapist interested in the position. Being, Peter Banning was still an issue with Jack too being a problem it did seem rather like a good idea.

Unfortunately, the problems outweighed the good, Salem, one of the inmates committed suicide the week after.

Alice, though, was steadfast, despite these major complications. Many would have buckled under the intense pressure from this all, but after her last breakdown, she seemed to attempt to keep herself coordinated. Even odder was when someone mentioned Cheshire or regarding progress of that patient, a nostalgic smile traced over Alice's lip. Something weird was certainly happening, but without further investigation, there was no need to overreact.

In the past when Cheshire was mentioned, Alice's sadism seemed to emerge quite prominently and she got angry and demanded cruel and unusual punishments for Cheshire. Now though, seemed rather calm, some may say downright intrigued by the progress. Some Doctor's have noticed her giggling and commenting during the staff meeting, 'Oh yes, she is such a wicked thing." not a lie, but the way it was said, suggested something of less towards nature.

It has been two weeks since the incident, cells have rebuilt and refitted, Aldric out of his coma and it has been reasoned by Jekyll, Warmoon and even Alice that perhaps Aldric could get outdoor privileges. It is believed that this could resolve much of his cabin fever and also provide the freedom he needs while under supervision. Of course, with this, the Garden now had to be just as warded heavily with magic. But, that was not difficult to do.

Unbeknownst to everyone, the darkness down within the crypt was stirring, it felt the weakness growing within all. Oh, how the boy who cried, cried so hard for it to stop. But now his only sound was the swinging from the metaphorical Gallow's Pole. It must work slowly, and not rush, especially as many of these magic users, if they knew, could strengthen this prison, this cell so not even the maddening cruel voice could speak in their darkest thoughts. Oh yes, it would be patient and in time Wonderland would become the Kingdom of this new Earth with the twisted aberrations of subjects that made up inmates and staff.

Once it was free, only once it was free

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Theodora paced around in her office, or at least that's how it would seem to an outsider. In reality, she was checking out all the crystal balls in her office they were windows into the patients' cells. She observed the younger patients for the most part, after all she was the resident child psychiatrist. She checked in on Dr Jekyll having a conversation with the newest young woman to enter the asylum, Belle she believed her name was. She listened in on the conversation for a little while only to hear the young woman prattle on about her books and science and imaginary friends.
"Oh, she's That Belle. Probably best to keep her away from the beast we keep here. I hope she doesn't break into song."

She then went to the next crystal ball which was focused on Scarlet. She heard her start to sing. She then realized that she was singing to the big bad wolf in the next cell. "I didn't think I was going to have to worry about her singing. An eating disorder maybe, being around all those goodies all the time, but not singing. They seem okay for now."

She moved on to the next ball. It focused on one of the more troublesome youths. Jack Winters was believed to be a danger to himself and others. He was waiting for Dr. Warmoon. She began to listen in on him. He seemed to be quite angry at Dr. Jekyll, something he had said had apparently hit a nerve with the young man. His delusions were strong,he seemed to truly believe he was Jack Frost, probably because he was. Theodora knew he was going to be difficult.

"Well, since Dr. Warmoon is going to be working with him next. I suppose I should go see how Peter is doing. Dr. Hook obviously wasn't able to get through to him." She mocked as she left her office.

She walked down the halls until she got to Peter's room. She hoped he was more lucid than the other day, but she wasn't going to hold her breath. His door had recently been replaced by a new high-tech one that require the hand print of a staff member in order to unlock. In addition, she had put a ward over this door as she did to Jack's. She knocked on the door. "Peter, it's Dr. Verde, I'm here for today's session. Is it okay if I come in and talk to you for a little bit?"