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The Genie

"Red pouring through the walls, blue plugging the holes with himself, but that only makes him red, he then spreading red wherever he goes"

0 · 424 views · located in The Wonderland Institute in New York

a character in “The Wonderland Institute v2”, as played by Long Lost Lius


Name: The Genie

ImageSurname: The Genie

Alias/Nickname: The Genie, Horror of Agrabah

Place of Birth: The depths of Arabia

DOB: Unknown

Age: 9805

Family: None

Occupation: Insane Wishgiver

Blood-Type: Currently being found out

Criminal History: 1265 counts of Manslaughter, 352 counts of Arson. The numbers are blurry since the Genie's original rampage led to the destruction of an entire cities, most eyecatching the annihilation of Agrabah. After the original count the Genie's deeds are mostly unkown, and thus, very worrying.

Mental Diagnostic: The most basic term would be: Insanity. Severe mental trauma leading to the minds inevitable destruction. Severe PTSD, flames causing the subject to grow unstable. Whatever trauma the man once suffered still lingers, seemingly not giving any sings of disappearing. Pyrophobia and Sedatephobia

The man's rambling leaves few evaluations to be made, but his often, rather well thought out evaluation of the people he meets shows that there's still remains of a rather shrewd intelligence. The manical humour of the man additionally shows a rather sadistic sense to him, often attempting to mentally attack his caretakers with a strange knowledge about them, often sending several psychiatrists to immediately leave the care of the man to someone else.

Supernatural Powers: Immense mystical power, abilities capable to comitt deeds that are simply.. Up to the fantasy. Currently suppressed by intense psychosis

Triggers: Fire, Jafar, mentions of Agrabah and complete silence

Ideal Environment and Stimuli For Them: Constant conversation.

Personality: An incredibly cheerful man before his trauma, now reduced to a babbling mess capable of turning incredibly aggresive within a second. Rarely attempting to in any way become physical with someone but more than capable to engage in intense attempts to physch people out.

History: After the terrible destruction in Agraba at the hands of Jafar the Genie went on a rampage, his mystical powers malfunctioning thanks to the interference and the shock from the horrid slaughter of his friends left the Genie broken. In a fit of rage he destroyed Agraba, killing it's inhabitants. After that he wandered broken, his powers haywiring even further with every step, soon enough, after gaining an impressive infamy and no longer capable of holding the form of a Djinn he was taken into the Wonderland Institute

Relationship to Other Inmates: He has yet to converse with any other inmate, his caretakers know that It'd end badly.

Progress: None.


So begins...

The Genie's Story

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Ahh, it was just, wonderful, and awful. Really emotions were mixed, per usual. Just as usual The Genie was strapped to his signature chair. He had grown rather attached to the concrete metal chair, the lovingly tight straps around his wrists and ankles. Those small drops of blood scattered around the floor, it was always incredibly exciting whenever a new drop appeared, although Genie usually didn't focus on the new drops since what had caused them was way more entertaining, he had been rambling for a while, going on and on about the texture of that new crack which had appeared on the roofs right side, luckily, he was one of the few, if not the only one to have had his cell made completely soundproof by the simple reason of how much he agitated the nearby inmates. Really only the staff members who were observing him could hear the constant babbling, it was literally, in every way impossible to sleep nearby him, maybe he knew just irritating he was, maybe not.

But today had been even more amazing than usual. The constant sound outside gave him more and more new subjects to talk about. "It's him, him! The truly crazy boy wonder off to have an adventure! Godspeed, assemble your armies and tear off the second appendage, ahaha! Really, you can claim all kinds of people are crazy, but that one, that one is so lovably crazy! Now comes the alarm! The manor is being razed! Amass the shambling horses, defend the ramparts!" As he then started to trail off again, although Peter's mad dash through the halls and the blaring sirens barely could be heard into his cramped room, he still held a strange knowing of the events around, seemingly having known that Peter had escaped even before he entered Genie's section of the corridors.

It only took a minute or two until his head suddenly snapped to one side, cutting him off in whatever he might've been sayin in that moment. A smirk carefully playing across his lips as he stared a portion of the wall "Is he a dog or a wolf? One of the two for sure, a wild pup who blames itself for nibbling, now, now it's a dog, flaming blood keeping the poor thing from munching on its leash, how sad for a wolf, or was he a wolf? I can't remember..."

He took a moment actually having grown quiet, he wishes he had someone to talk to, nevertheless. His head turned back, the straps around his wrists being tested for a moment until he once again started talking. "They are so content, I want to ask why, but the answer can be seen even in my dark. A wolf turned dog, running back into the forest, it'll be eaten, torn to tiny, itty bitty cute bits. But it does take all the attention in the progress, so I suppose it does something right! He seemed to attempt and shrug, long white hair flapping around his shoulder as he attempted to move.

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Character Portrait: The Genie
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"Ohohoho! How the dog howls! Howls at the moon wishing to be a beast again, yet as all beasts, it fears the flame!" The Genie's head snapped to the same side as earlier, staring at the wall with an unending grin. By now, those that were regularly watching him would most likely start becoming worried. His actions and tone became increasingly more violent, most of his words practically yelled. Most of the ones who knew the Genie's antics would know that he'd need to converse soon. Otherwise he'd start growing unstable, to the point of just maybe injuring himself. "The pup will be so sad, SO, sad. There'll be no more compassionate pettings, the fear of being bitten is to stroooong!" He let out a giggle, a simply maniacal one, he truly considered the current situation purely hilarious

He shock in his chair, the straps tightening as he seemingly attempted to stand up. Of course, the chair was secured into the floor, as the reinforced leather straps left no room for movement. Yet he didn't seem to pay it any heed. His head snapped, white hair being thrown with it. Staring directly into the one-way window which would be used to observe him. His voice again growing increasingly more hazardous, talking to anybody which might've been standing on the other side. He voiced practically every thought, after all, what could he really say to worsen things? "You should go pat the pup, it needs it. While you're at it, pat the زعيم الذئب too, guard your fingers while doing it." For a moment he switched to a completely different language, seemingly without noticing it himself. "Ahh, I miss my time in the Common Room, so many lovely people, so many words, so much red, so much blue and even some grey! It was AMA-zing," Sure, he had quickly been banned from the common room for aggravating the other inmates

He took a moment, wettening his lips against eachother, he hadn't gotten anything to drink in a while, he was thirsty, there was a some blood on his lips, it tasted rather nice.

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#, as written by Rulke

It had been a chaotic and long day, not the longest, but still pretty exhausting. Once the damage had been measured by the staff it was realised Cell Security needed to be updated with The Wolves Pit practically being rebuilt after Aldric almost escape attempt. While this went on during next two weeks.

Alice received word of a Juvenile Behavior Therapist interested in the position. Being, Peter Banning was still an issue with Jack too being a problem it did seem rather like a good idea.

Unfortunately, the problems outweighed the good, Salem, one of the inmates committed suicide the week after.

Alice, though, was steadfast, despite these major complications. Many would have buckled under the intense pressure from this all, but after her last breakdown, she seemed to attempt to keep herself coordinated. Even odder was when someone mentioned Cheshire or regarding progress of that patient, a nostalgic smile traced over Alice's lip. Something weird was certainly happening, but without further investigation, there was no need to overreact.

In the past when Cheshire was mentioned, Alice's sadism seemed to emerge quite prominently and she got angry and demanded cruel and unusual punishments for Cheshire. Now though, seemed rather calm, some may say downright intrigued by the progress. Some Doctor's have noticed her giggling and commenting during the staff meeting, 'Oh yes, she is such a wicked thing." not a lie, but the way it was said, suggested something of less towards nature.

It has been two weeks since the incident, cells have rebuilt and refitted, Aldric out of his coma and it has been reasoned by Jekyll, Warmoon and even Alice that perhaps Aldric could get outdoor privileges. It is believed that this could resolve much of his cabin fever and also provide the freedom he needs while under supervision. Of course, with this, the Garden now had to be just as warded heavily with magic. But, that was not difficult to do.

Unbeknownst to everyone, the darkness down within the crypt was stirring, it felt the weakness growing within all. Oh, how the boy who cried, cried so hard for it to stop. But now his only sound was the swinging from the metaphorical Gallow's Pole. It must work slowly, and not rush, especially as many of these magic users, if they knew, could strengthen this prison, this cell so not even the maddening cruel voice could speak in their darkest thoughts. Oh yes, it would be patient and in time Wonderland would become the Kingdom of this new Earth with the twisted aberrations of subjects that made up inmates and staff.

Once it was free, only once it was free