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The Wonderland Institute v2

Shower Room


a part of The Wonderland Institute v2, by Rulke.

All the inmates are expected to shower at least once a week if not more. Though some need to be watched or restrained while getting cleaned. The showers themselves are state-of-art and split between male and female Inmates.

Rulke holds sovereignty over Shower Room, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The shower facilities are one of the few privileges all inmates get at least once a week. Although the rooms are heavily monitored and those considered extremely dangerous are drugged until compliant. The guards have permission to use tasers if anyone steps out of line and Billy clubs.


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Shower Room

All the inmates are expected to shower at least once a week if not more. Though some need to be watched or restrained while getting cleaned. The showers themselves are state-of-art and split between male and female Inmates.


Shower Room is a part of The Wonderland Institute in New York.


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Character Portrait: Aldric Von Hardt
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As the steaming Water flowed down Aldric's body, he felt nothing but emptiness. He felt the warmth of the water on his skin, but it did not warm him. He smelled the steam and humidity in the air, but it did not fill him. He felt the dirt and grime and sweat roll off his body and down to the drain with the water, but it did not make him feel clean. He knew that he was not alone, for four heavily armed guards watched him; tasers, clubs, and "Wolfsbane" guns ready for him to act out, but he felt alone.

It was documented in his file that Aldric suffered from Depression. This was it. Emptiness and Sorrow. That's all he felt. Sorrow for himself, for he felt empty otherwise. Sorrow that he wasn't good enough to be left unsupervised out of his cell. Sorrow that he had to have a special cell. Sorrow that he was imprisoned here. Sorrow he was still alive.


Not sadness, nor rage. Not guilt or disappointment, but Sorrow.

He was clean. Had been for ten minutes; but the Werewolf didn't move. Not much, anyway. His shoulders and head slumped forward, his hands balled into fists, his whole body tensed up as he shuddered, and the faint, almost silent sounds of him sobbing escaped his throat. This was followed by more whole-body shudders, heavy, labored, slow breathing and eventually him collapsing onto the floor, sitting under the water with his knees hugged tight to his chest. He would shrug off any physical contact, wanting instead to now be alone.

At the threat of physical violence, he would merely glare at the guards, the red, tear-leaking eyes daring them to try it. Of course, that was only after they had moved; and not after the initial threat. They'd stop, and they let him have his melt-down. After about half an hour, he finally stood, and turned off the water. Letting out a long, slow breath. He turned, grabbing the towel and drying himself quickly and efficiently, wrapping the towel around his waist. He took the freshly cleaned clothes from the cart, making sure they were his size, and then proceeded back to his cell with the clothes under his arm, the other hand holding up the towel even though it wasn't going to fall by itself anyway, his thumb hooked in the fabric, keeping it taught and tight so it wouldn't fall. He was silent as he was led back to his cell, his eyes staring at the ground before him as he walked when needed, stopped when needed stayed still to be searched for anything that might be of use to him to escape, etc. etc. So many procedures; all of it meant nothing to him. He wanted to sleep forever.

But that wouldn't just happen. Once he was back in his cell, Aldric dressed himself and collapsed onto his bed; falling asleep almost instantly.