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The Wonderland Institute v2

Staff Room


a part of The Wonderland Institute v2, by Rulke.

Unlike the rest of the Asylum, this has a welcoming warm appearance. It is here where most of the staff can let loose.

Rulke holds sovereignty over Staff Room, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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It is rather calming, with a roaring natural fire, wide windows and two large sofas. Completely modern with an en-suite kitchen and shower facilities this is where those without their own office usually spend their down time.

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Staff Room

Unlike the rest of the Asylum, this has a welcoming warm appearance. It is here where most of the staff can let loose.


Staff Room is a part of The Wonderland Institute in New York.


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Character Portrait: Dr. James B. Hook
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Sitting at the end of the table, Hook hung his head, staring down into a cup of tea, earl gray, heavier on the sugar than his usual, stirring rhythmically. Bags under his eyes told tales of worry, and of lack of proper sleep. Was it hypnosis that Watermoon used? Can Hypnosis even do that? he ponders, as he took his time recollecting all that occurred. He had been this way since the time he lost his hand, but that chaotic day only deepened the worry. It certainly did not seem... humane. It went absolutely against procedure, I don't care if it was effective. And then... a fatality, an actual...

He stops stirring and places the spoon to the side of his cup. His right eye twitches slightly as he attempts to pick up the cup, his hand shaking slightly as he lifts. He puts the cup down after splashing his hand, shaking him somewhat back to reality.

"D'oh, blast it," he mutters, taking out a handkerchief from his pocket to wipe his hand. He takes a moment gather his bearings. It wasn't like worrying will make the patients better. He tries again to drink, this time without the rattling wrist. I am still in control.

The new juvenile behavior therapist would be taking over the Jack and Peter cases. It wasn't like he minded having a break from the incessant prattle of pirates and flying boys for a little while, but he had heard from the interview that she was a mute, was this really a good thing? And Ms. Liddle has been in a peculiar mood lately, in another way than usual, calm, bright? Slightly distracted perhaps? I suppose I should consider it progress, but I am a bit curious. Heh, perhaps Jekyll is even better than I give him credit for.

With the change of staff, he had been assigned to another patient, an older gentleman, a John Doe simply referred to as The Genie. How ominous. Parts of the patient file sounded fantastical, destroying an entire city? Not humanly possible. The part that stuck out more to Hook was the PTSD. At the least, it implied there truly was some tragedy in his life that lead to his psychosis, and leaving him like this without care was certainly far from ideal. Well, certainly all he needs is a good friend.

Speaking of needing friends, since the fiasco, Quixote hasn't had an assignment either. Wonder who will get that poor man now? With that he sets his mind to proceed as soon as his tea is finished. Waste not, want not.