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The World As We Want It

The World As We Want It


On a planet where one can be discriminated against for the colour of their skin, their country of origin, or something as simple as who they love, is it so far-fetched to think that people with magical ability wouldn't be lucky enough to escape judgement?

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"... conjuring freak..."

"... talentless jerk..."

"... mutated abomination..."

"... she's a Lesser..."

"... he's a New Ager...

Discrimination occurs daily throughout the world - on school playgrounds, in offices, in supermarkets, on the street... And universities are no different. In fact, with the diverse student body and the classrooms full of students forced into close proximity with one another for most of their week... Well, it should come as no surprise that discrimination occurs even amongst the smallest of groups.

Humans with the ability to perform magic have been around for almost six decades by the year 2014 rolls around. What originally caused fear and horror has grown into a natural talent appreciated by many on an everyday level. Schools now accommodate for children with magical abilities and teach classes on controlling those powers. Universities offer courses solely for those with such abilities including, but not limited to, magical healing, duelling arts, even ancient magical history following the discovery that magic has been drifting in and out of existence for centuries. Referred to simply as 'Mages' for the sake of discerning who is and isn't of magical prowess, many go on to have a perfectly normal human life. The woman cutting your hair could be a Mage talented in the field of Transfiguration. Likewise, non-magical humans are often involved in magical lives, be it as a family member or professionally. Healers can often be human medical doctors who have branched out into Mage biology, and so on. The university will cater to all manner of courses, for both those with and without magical ability. A Mage does not necessarily have to take a magical course - for example, a Mage could happily go for a degree in Mathematics. Likewise, a non-Mage could also study magic without practical application - for example, a non-Mage studying magical history.

Our story is set at one of the leading magical coed universities, and the trials and tribulations the students face. You will play as a student living in one of the many dormitories on campus. This dormitory, like the university, allows for magical and non-magical students alike to live and study together.

This roleplay will focus on these students as they learn to overcome their differences - coming from different parts of the world and varying backgrounds, it should come of no surprise that for every student who accepts Mages and non-Mages alike, there're a dozen more who have an issue with either or both. Try to make your character realistic and true to the world we live in. There are no magical creatures, no fantastical beings or anything of the like - merely plain old humans! Let's avoid Mary Sues and Gary Stus, folks. Our characters should be well-rounded, flawed and interesting because of who they are and the choices they will make in the future, and not because of meaningless backgrounds. If I do not believe a character fits this, I will not be accepting them - but I will always offer the opportunity to improve and make changes.

For the sake of helpfulness, I've added this very basic character skeleton. You needn't follow this to a T, but some description is necessary. As this is a realistic roleplay, any character pictures should be realistic and not anime/manga/cartoon-like.

Code: Select all
[size=150][b]Basic Information[/b][/size]

    [b]Name: [/b]

    [b]Age: [/b]

    [b]Sex: [/b]

    [b]Birth Date: [/b]


    [b]Eye Colour: [/b]

    [b]Hair Colour: [/b]

    [b]Height: [/b]

    [b]Weight: [/b]

    [b]Other Features:[/b]

    [size=150][b]Other Information[/b][/size]

    [b]Social Standing: [/b]

    [b]Course of Study: [/b]

    [b]Hobbies: [/b]

    [b]Likes: [/b]

    [b]Dislikes: [/b]

    [b]Strengths: [/b]

    [b]Weaknesses: [/b]

    [b]Personality: [/b]

    [b]History/Background: [/b]

So, go forth, my wonderful friends, and spawn characters to your liking. I'm sure we'll be starting quite, quite soon, assuming that there is enough interest. There'll be more to come in the Out of Character forum section of this RP, so I encourage you all to introduce yourselves and your characters once they have been approved just to get this team rolling.

[As a side note, there are a few terms I used above that may end up being specific to this world. 'Lesser' may refer to a non-Mage, a non-magical human. 'New Ager' may refer to a Mage, a magical human. These are relatively tame derogatory slurs, and I'm sure you'll come up with more throughout. 'Mage' will refer to a magical human, and non-Mage will therefore refer to a non-magical human. Feel free to make up more!]

Toggle Rules

Welcome to the Rules Section!

Let's try to keep this short and sweet, shall we?

  1. First of all, we'll get the general rules over and done with - we're going to avoid any OOC misbehaviour, along with any metagaming, godmoding and anything ridiculous like that. The point of this roleplay is not to prove whose character is stronger, which writer is best or to provide any outcome in which someone 'wins'. It's about character development and furthering a plot! That'll require teamwork, communication and respect for one another. Name-calling, fighting, puerile behaviour or anything of the like will not be tolerated, and your character(s) will be written out if you persist. Roleplaying is meant to be an enjoyable hobby, and I doubt that anyone enjoys being belittled or harassed, so let's stay positive.

    If you do have a problem with the way someone's post is coming across, I'd much prefer that you acted like an adult about it. Drop them a message and ask if they haven't perhaps conveyed their idea poorly or made a mistake - for all you know, it could just be a failure to communicate that can be easily rectified. If it turns out that it isn't, suggest ways that you can both come to a compromise. I have no intention of acting like a mediator to squabbling children, but if a player's issue starts to cause detriment to the roleplay, I will step in and put an end to it, one way or another.
  2. Posts should be written in the past-tense and in third person. You should be proud of your posts. I'm not expecting the next Shakespearean play to flow from your fingertips with every sentence, but I, at the very, very least, expect your posts to be spell-checked and proof-read. You will get as great as you give in this RP.
  3. If possible, try to keep your post length similar to that of the previous posts. It's understandable if you can't quite match the post length or you go a bit over, but a roleplay that has a ridiculously long post followed by a two-sentence post just lacks flow!
  4. Try not to start random major plots without talking to the other roleplayers - we all enjoy RPing with you, but not if your character is suddenly the head of the university, a beautiful cheerleader who everyone falls in love with, impervious to magic or ridiculously rich. After all, we're playing university students who live in a dormitory; if they are rich, they'll need a pretty good reason as to why they're slumming it in small dorms and communal living spaces when they could have an apartment of their own. Mary Sues are not cool, so let's keep it realistic to the story! If you have any issues with this, ask the GM or another roleplayer before posting.
  5. As above, this roleplay is going to be driven by communication and teamwork. That means there'll be lots of OOC posts and plenty of chatter - perhaps in the chatroom or in private messages. Whilst not technically a rule, I would prefer it if we could do one another the common courtesy of reading through any new posts or PMs prior to posting, just in case.

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Character Portrait: Navya Dubashi
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Character Portrait: Andrew


Character Portrait: Navya Dubashi
Navya Dubashi

"I will be who I am"


Character Portrait: Andrew


Character Portrait: Navya Dubashi
Navya Dubashi

"I will be who I am"

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Character Portrait: Andrew


Character Portrait: Navya Dubashi
Navya Dubashi

"I will be who I am"

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Most recent OOC posts in The World As We Want It

Re: The World As We Want It

I agree with Comrade, you need to worry about you first, I know I'm not going anywhere any time soon, and when you are all well again, we can all go forward, I don't mind the waiting......lets me think of some more awesome plot twists, and it gives us time for more in depth character creation and details, as well as ideas for relationships that have already been formed and how to improve on things.....

But, like I said, you worry about you, real life first.

Feel better soon!

Re: The World As We Want It

Sorry to hear that Cloasse. Hope you get better soon-- and in the meantime, I can only speak for myself, but I certainly don't think I could ask you to commit to GMing this RP with so much going on. But if you decide to get it booted up at a later time when you're up to it, I'm sure I'll still be down for it.

Re: The World As We Want It

My sincerest apologies, guys! I've been struggling this past week with medical problems that are preventing me from getting any real sleep, and unfortunately the couple of hours I do get each night aren't making it any better.

I should've left y'all a message here to let you know that I've barely been able to keep up with chat, let alone post or arrange for this RP to start. I'm so sorry. :(

If you're still interested in getting this RP going, I'm willing to make the effort, but these problems have not been resolved and the minimal amount of sleep that I'm getting is taking its toll. I fear that the quality of anything I post/write at this particular time will be abysmal.

Again, I'm sorry that I didn't let any of you know; it's been a bit of a struggle.

Re: The World As We Want It

I don't doubt you're well aware of this option, Cloasse, and I hope I don't come off as presumptuous or some shit in proposing it, but if we're wanting for characters here, maybe a post in the RPers Wanted area could help?

Re: The World As We Want It

Lol, Nav would only have to smell her coming and take off in the opposite direction!!

Oh god!! Imagine if they are roomies!! x.x and being that they are the only two girls here as of now, i have a feeling they are headed in that direction!!

Re: The World As We Want It

I imagine she at least changes her shirt or some shit when she hits up the gym. I mean, she'd be a goddamn biohazard otherwise.

Also, Torex, having read Navya's completed profile, it strikes me that Navya and Wu are such polar opposites that they must, like, magnetically repulse one another whenever they get within ten metres of one another.

Re: The World As We Want It

Comrade, I loved reading your character's profile, but the mention of three workouts per week combined with that regard of hygiene is a lethal combination.

Re: The World As We Want It

Navya is finished!!

Re: The World As We Want It

Thank you Comrade!! As for the pictures though, well, it is stated she is very, very vain!! she is just so photogenic! And I know what ya mean, I'm a profile stalker too!

Re: The World As We Want It

:) Indeed, I'll be setting up something of the like - although I apparently must have a character submitted and approved before I can add a new OOC topic to my own roleplay. Being the Game Master seemingly isn't enough if the following message is anything to go by:

You haven't submitted a character to this roleplay. You must at least have some stake in it before you can create a new topic in its OOC forum.

So I shall be submitting a recycled profile from one of my original characters so that I can start up a couple more OOC topics tonight or tomorrow.

Thanks for your input!

Re: The World As We Want It

I have to say... I like how Navya is coming along (I stalk the profiles of people who are in RPs with me, it's an artform okay), but I suspect the last thing she needs is another picture :v

Anyway, that being said, just a thought: something I see a lot in RPs of this kind, with lots of characters who probably know/know of one another already, is a separate OOC topic where people can discuss past relationships between characters, if any exist. Could be something worth considering, Cloasse?

Re: The World As We Want It

I didn't think you were whiny at all, Torex. :) Don't worry about it. Take your time and, above all, enjoy it. If it gets to the point where you're not enjoying something that should be a fun hobby, I'd rather you just stopped and called it a day. If you are enjoying it, then enjoy away! :D

Re: The World As We Want It

I wasn't meaning to come off as whiny or complaining really, I'm not sure if it sounded that way, but if you peak at her profile, this is the longest profile I have done to date, and at that point I was just tired of typing so much!!

I am, however, happy with how it is coming along. I have to take a break from it today because of work and early morning errands I had to run, and tomorrow I have to do a little shopping so I have food in my house, hoping to finish it up soon though. Have personality and history to finish up so we shall see how long it gets to be!! Should at least need one more picture.....

Re: The World As We Want It

As I've mentioned in the introduction, and to other players currently in the process of submitting character profiles, you needn't fill out the character skeleton provided in its entirety, or at all. All I require is some form of description, preferably in something more than one word responses to the various prompts in the skeleton. This could be the completion of any character skeleton, a scene involving something from your character's past (this can also be dialogue-reliant or dialogue-only), or just a paragraph or two wherein you highlight the main details about your character such as general physical appearance, their stances or influences in regards to magic, the course they are attending at university and some of their personality traits.

Purely from my point of view, a character profile is my first chance to see you write something - think of it like an admission essay. You want to put across your best, but at the same time keep it interesting for the reader, be that through displaying your character through means of information to digest or a stylised scene.

I am aware that a lot of role players may use their profiles as reference sheets - and I'm fine with that too, as long as there's at least one section that displays your proficiency with sentence structure and story-telling. A paragraph for the history or something similar would suffice in that regard.

The above is just a general note. I don't expect pages of profile just as I don't expect pages of posts to come rattling from your fingertips.

Later on today, I will be posting another OOC topic to help explain the way magic will function in this roleplay, and perhaps shed some light on some of the more common questions I've been asked thus far. Until then, please forgive any errors in this post; it's been a long and sleepless night that's beginning to take its toll. I look forward to chatting with you all later!

Re: The World As We Want It

This is definatly helping with my profile creation soooooo long!! And I still have personality and history to do x.x

Re: The World As We Want It

Hi again, Lufia. I apologise for the late reply; it's been a busy day. As far as classes go, they can study whatever they like (within reason, of course). If they're Mage characters, then they can obviously study a magic course with practical application - such as transfiguration, healing, duelling, etc. or they can study any of the other courses on offer, which consist of any of the courses you or I could study at university, or magical history, magical language, theoretical spell-making, etc.

The world is, as they say, your oyster. If I find your choice of course a little too far-fetched, I'll let you know, but as long as it isn't totally ridiculous, I doubt I'll be anything but pleased with it.

I hope this has helped.

Re: The World As We Want It

What I was thinking was, they aren't down each others backs, rather they are close a lot. Both will be in the school, but it looks like the younger twin is my favourite as of the moment. And As for course of study, is it like History, Science, Math, etc. or more magical and such (Since my twins do use Magic)?

Re: The World As We Want It

As I want to keep this roleplay fairly realistic, I would suggest that you either play a character who has a twin that appears every so often and perhaps attends the same university, therefore only using one profile, or have two separate profiles. I am uncertain as to how universities function in other parts of the world, but here it is unlikely that two siblings, even if they are twins, would end up in the same dormitory. As we are focussing on one dormitory and the students who live there, it would make more sense for you to play one twin as a main character and have the second twin show up sparingly. I doubt that twins would constantly be with one another as much as I doubt that they would be on the same course - from my experience of the twins I know in real life, they prefer to be thought of as separate people and tend to have different ambitions as far as studies and social lives go.

Re: The World As We Want It

Uhm... I actually wanna do twin characters, should I keep them on one sheet? Or one twin per sheet...?
The way they act is rather similar, though what they like is different. If you understand that.

Re: The World As We Want It

Thank you!! It helped a lot!