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The World Ends With You- Reaper Games

The World Ends With You- Reaper Games


You are dead. All is not lost. By playing the Reaper game, you MIGHT be ale to return to life

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Everybody lives their life the way they want. Humans have an incredible amount of potential: They can become a Songwriter, enlist in the army, or simply live their lives in blissful relaxation.

On the same coin, everyone dies. Death holds no prejudices, he'll target anyone and everyone he deems necessary. It's grip is cold and firm.

But, there IS leeway. One person may die, but they aren't immediately erased from existance... at least, not yet.

Welcome to the Underground, or the land of the dead. Looks like home, right? Well, in a way, it is. It's right on top of the Realground, the world you knew and loved... except you're on a different plane of existence from the living. A spirit, one could say

Here lies your one chance to return to the life you once knew. Here, it's quitepossibly to escape death. All you have to beat the Game. A game set up by the Composer, the one in charge of the city. Winning this game isn't going to easy... in fact, it's quite close to impossible. It IS possible though, so fight for your right to exist. Upon entering the game, you have to give an entry fee: whatever you value most in your life. This can range from anything and everything.

Winning the game is impossible if you're alone. You're main problem is the Noise. Noise are a race created from souls, and bound to pins, or a human with negative emotions. Iif you do not have a partner, these little guys will attack you on sight, take take many different shapes.

How to beat them, and other things? Your answer: Pins. Pins contain psychs, and aloow many different things to happen, such as calling fired, moving things via psychokinesis. You start out with a few, but you gain more as you progress through the game. Noise also drop form into money pins, so killing them is generally good. All players have one pin that's the same. This pin allows the player to scan the minds of anyone not involved with game, as well as the usually invisible when not battling Noise,

Everyday, you'll be given a message through a phone and, more often than not, a timer will appear on your hand. Fail to follow this mission, and you get erased Fear not: If even one team completes the mission, everybody is off the hook.

Another point of notice are the Reapers. These follow the wishes of the composer, and act as overseers to the game. There are two distinct types of Reapers: Harriers and Supporters. Supporters usually create barriers, preventing players from passing until they've accomplished a goal. Harriers exist to harras, and often erase, players. All follow the orders of the Gamemaster.

The Game Lasts for seven days. Usually, Reapers aren't allowed to directly touch a player. On day seven, the gloves come off, and The Gamemaster is allowed to directly attack the player. Upon completing a mission, you are allowed to return to life.

Welcome to the game.


Rules/ other things.

1. Unless I need too, I will not be making a playr. I WILL be making the game master.
2. When I give a mission, I'll detail in a post important details, like where barriers are placed, and the conditions required to. Other things will be revealed later.
3. I would like people that are intrested, and thus will not leave. I don't expect much, but this, at the very least, is a must.
4. Don't be overly strong, or have god-pins. No killing off another player.
5. Enjoy yourself.
6. Parings will be at random. You don't see people paring up before they die. Same principal.
7. If you play as a Reaper, and ask nicely, I JUST might make you a proxy for a day. You must submit an outline of the mission you wish to give
8. I will NOT be going easy on any of you. I have lots of mission ideas, some reaching off into the far future. You have been warned

Character Skeletons

History (include your entry fee)

Reapers (PM me before you apply with this)

Points: (number of players erased)
Track Record: (notable characteristics, desire for promotion, etc.)

Players (I'll allow Six)

Reapers (I'll 2-3)

Toggle Rules

The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

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#, as written by Rarikou
From the very top of 104, Requiem stood, watching the commotion of everyday life. He played a soft melody on his guitar, where only he could hear it. “The song of life is amazing. Never ending, never fading. Plenty of high notes, plenty of low notes, and the riffs are always different.” He said, looking out.

“On the same coin, there are plenty of different melodies as too why [ep[le die. Revenge suicide, death, accident, heroics... a different melody each time, but always ends the same.”

Or perhaps not. Requiem checked the clock on his cell phone. It was time fore him to begin: to start the game that made a literal battle for existence. He was the gamemaster now. The composer had been wise to choose him: he would lead a game like no other,

He smiled to himself. He had already thought his game out ahead of time. Now, it was tie to show the UG his capabilities.

The first step was to test the waters. Normally, most GM's went with the standard 'Meet at 104'. That wasn't an option for someone with his capabilities. “Report to Dogenzuka wearing all Dragon Culture brand clothing. You have 90 minutes. Failure to comply will result in erasure.” He typed on his blackberry, then hit 'send to all players.'

This was an excellent first mission. Not only did they have to meet up, to would have to erase the noise and use their teamwork to ear enough for the clothing, but actually take the time to dress, and hoof it to Dogenzuka.

Reqiuem later arrived at A-east, and began a dress rehearsal for tomorrow's gig.


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Damian woke up, only to narrowly avoid being stepped on, as he was currently lying on the ground in the middle of the Scramble. How the freakin' hell did I get here? Oh, right...cos of that kid. That's right, I'm dead now, right? Must be, cos that car got me good. He thought as he stood, dusting himself off once he was up. This was exactly why he didn't help people, it got you screwed one way or another. In this case, that philosophy was right on the mark. He had shoved that kid out of the way, only to get hit by a freaking car. Stupid brat shouldn't have even been playing near the road anyway. So it was the kid's fault he was in the Game now, right?

He damn near jumped out his skin when his phone bleeped. Damian was pretty surprised it had survived the crash actually. Flipping it open, he read the message: Report to Dogenzuka wearing all Dragon Culture brand clothing. You have 90 minutes. Failure to comply will result in erasure., it read, and Damian was tempted to just delete the damned thing and trash his phone. He was due an upgrade anyway. But he didn't want erased, so he didn't. As little as there was waiting for him back in the RG, his own pride wouldn't let him go down without a fight. Not when his whole existance was at stake.

But first, he needed a partner. That was what really pissed him off. Damian Blake did NOT work well with others. That was fairly obvious. Looking around for anyone who looked as though they wouldn't piss him off too quickly, he brought out his lighter and a packet of cigs. He was about to light up when a searing pain went through his right hand, making him drop the lighter. Swearing violently, he glared at the timer that had now appeared. A timer that was now counting down. He had forgot about that, the damn timer. Letting loose another stream of rather colorful swear words, he picked up the lighter, shoving it back in his pocket once he had lit up. Now he had to find someone. And he had to at least try to be nice enough to whoever he gat stuck with. Smoking in their faces tended to piss them off though. But the even worse attitude he developed when he needed a cigarette pissed them off even more, so he figured that he would try to control that as best he could until he found someone who he could maybe put up with for the next week...

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Re: [OOC] The World Ends With You- Reaper Games

That's cool, Demi. I've put my first post up, and am just waiting on Psychs. I have to apologise in advance though: Damian is a first-grade Asshole, it has to be said.
Also, are we allowed to swear in this RP? Just wondering, cos I think Damian might be doing that a lot...Psychs' character (whom I forget the name of at the moment) is gonna have her hands full with this one, as are you, Demi. he isn't the most polite person, even when he knows that the person he's pissing off could easily end him. Like I said in his profile, no sense of self-preservation whatsoever...

Re: [OOC] The World Ends With You- Reaper Games

chances are, we wont get everyone we need

so, do you two want to handle it by yourselves, like how the game focused on Neki? I can play as NPC Players, so that would give me something extra to do. What do you two think?

Re: [OOC] The World Ends With You- Reaper Games

it's no problem. Think any of the others would be interested? I sent Beka my personal reapers invitation of doom, and I'll hope she'll accept it.

Re: [OOC] The World Ends With You- Reaper Games

Sorry i really will have to post on persona soon.

Re: [OOC] The World Ends With You- Reaper Games

welcome welcome Psychs (improved nickname) haven;t seen you in a while

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