The World Falling Apart

The World Falling Apart


In the town of Avavale individuals suddenly find themselves targeted because of their unique abilities and must band together for the first time ever to fight for their mere survival.

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Avavale is a town situation near the southern coast of Australia, not shown on any maps and generally quiet save for the few clubs and pubs that they have around there. For a long time the calm and tranquil location has been a refuge for the young men and women gifted with powers that they derive from their pure willpower and spirit, keeping them from speculation and suspicion. Here they have had barely any need to hone their skills for use in an actual situation, and mainly used them to ease the efforts of everyday life.

However a number of assaults have taken place against these gifted individuals without any knowledge as to why, and the only knowledge lending to how is that it was done with abilities akin to theirs. Being hunted and challenged for no reason at all, the residents of Avavale are forced to take up arms against those who are disrupting their previously steady peace and discover why they are being targeted in a desperate attempt to protect and sustain the one and only life that they have ever known or lived.

Toggle Rules

1 - (Don't Godmode) - Meaning that no person can make a decision on another characters fate, no auto-attacking, no mitigating damage without a good reason (such as countering with another ability), no overpowered abilities or characters without a relevant weakness or fault that can be exploited, and most importantly no killing off characters without permission from their owner and without notifying the GM beforehand.

2 - (Be Friendly) - Even though this role play is one that includes fighting between characters it should be viewed as an enjoyable battle of wits, a collaborative role playing experience, rather than a competition. Characters in this game, technically, should not die unless the owner of said character wants to withdraw themselves from the game. Fighting should not have goals such as winning or losing in mind but should instead aim towards creating a thrilling and interesting experience for the players.

3 - (No Meta-Gaming) - Related to Godmode but not identical, any players of the game should not try to give themselves an edge through information gleaned outside of the game. If a character has learned information on another through their own observation then that is fair play, but any other circumstances such as using information gathered outside of the game to your advantage is unacceptable.

4 - (Ask Permission) - Romance elements and characters forming bonds may come into play with your character, but remember that it is crucial for you to engage the characters owner first to make sure that it is alright for them to be involved further than their initial relationship. Communication is key in this game.

5 - (Relevance) - Please ensure that every post that is in character (IC) contributes something to the role playing of the game, whether it is a paragraph of advice or merely answering another character's question. Irrelevant posts amount to nothing and do nothing to further the game at all.

6 - (Censorship) - This is a game that is friendly for a range of ages so please keep language and other related issues to a minimum to ensure an inclusive environment.

7 - (Addressing) - If you are addressed in any way please reply, to do otherwise would be rude and unhelpful. If you are unsure who someone is addressing then you may ask out of character (OOC) to make sure.

8 - (Termination) - If you intend to terminate your character and leave the game or simply will be absent for a lengthy period of time please do not simply leave. Instructions should be left with the GM as to what you wish to have done to your character after you leave or during your absent, so that your hiatus does not hinder your experience in the game.

9 - (Manners) - When interacting with players outside of the game please be kind and respectful. As a game with an inclusive community intended it is crucial that this is upheld OOC. If your being bothered by another person playing the game while OOC then please notify the GM immediately. While IC players can act harshly or rudely to other players given that it is in accordance with their characters disposition.

10 - (Character Creation) - When creating a character please use the following template:
  • Full Name:
  • Age:
  • Sex:
  • Sexual Orientation:
  • Appearance:
  • Personality:
  • Weapon/Power (Limited to 1):
  • Personal Quote:
  • Background/History:
  • Other:

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Avavale by Kailen001


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