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Andy Grey

"And so it begins, get your markers ready."



Name: Andrew Lucas Grey
Nicknames: "Andy"
Gender: Definitely male.
Race: Caucasian/Hawaiian
Birth Date: October 5th
Age: 20
Apartment Number: 23C
Sexuality: He's considered hetero, but he's extremely bi-curious as well. He tends to be a bit touchy-feely with men more than women- but he still has a pretty equal balance of preference.



Height: Around 5'11-6'0.
  • Scars: None.
  • Tattoos: Andy has a tattoo on his hip- of a clownfish.
  • Piercings: None.

You see that bundle of seaweed on his head? That happens to be Andy's chestnut hair. Yeah, he doesn't seem too apt about his appearance. It's normally unkempt and ridiculously curly like a bird nest- why not put a few eggs in there, too? Nah, that's his skin. His skin is paler than Edward Cullen, hands down. Only occasionally would he take the time and effort to get a tan- which usually consists of reluctantly being dragged to the beach by his older brother and his sister while his parents stay back home pondering when Andy will blow a cap in his sibling's asses. Luckily though, he doesn't have to deal with that anymore. Just keep in mind: you will rarely ever see him with a straightener in his hands.
Andy has a generally long torso, giving him a lean, tall, and thin athletic body. This advantage helps him in his career, which will soon be revealed. His legs are slim and kick-worthy, and his stomach is flatboard and generally- thin. He's like a giraffe. But he really likes clownfish, so that can't be relevant.
He dons a youthful appearance with relatively soft skin, his complexion the color of eggshell or a milky hue. He often smells of heavily added cologne- that, or salt water.


Career: You know why he sometimes reeks of saltwater? Working at the aquarium, that's why. He's not just a guide or a hand-feeder, no. He's the guy that's down in the tanks swimming with sharks and dolphins and string rays, you name it- he's the one that would be in the water putting on little shows for people. He works on the technically "dangerous" end of the aquarium jobs- however he's researched enough, experienced enough, to know that he'd be a-okay. He knows how to deal with them, how to treat the sea creatures, and what he should do if he were ever in a parlous, life-threatening experience. He's caught up with the latest findings- and the species of fish and animals that have been "shipped" to dwell in the aquarium. Sometimes, though, he'll get out of the tanks to help people with feeding the rays or whatnot or touching the baby hammerheads. He would hate to see someone get hurt- especially in his work environment. Clownfish though. He loves to swim with the schools of clownfish and occasionally, the sharks. But, even though he's an aquarium jock, he still doesn't really like the beach except for the water- specifically going under the water. It's why he'd consider pushing his siblings in sometimes.


Secret: Secrets, secrets, secrets. We all have them. So does Andy. Don't get me wrong though, Andy is a cheerful, mischievous boy that loves a good joke or prank, but he's also hypersensitive as well: hypersensitive in a sense of mind. Loud noises shoot a pang of anxiety into him, and he has to cover his ears. Abrupt, sudden noises scare him- especially thunder. It's like a sensation of impending doom just washes over him- and that's why he loves the underwater "world". It's quiet. It's not loud like the industrial world. He can relax, and he loves his job. He never wants to lose it. Now, it's probably a natural reaction to get frightened by loud sounds, right? For him, even a sound that's not really that loud could make him tense. He has panic attacks from them, and usually needs to be consoled. He tries to keep it to himself and act normal whenever a loud noise occurs when he's near people, because he doesn't want to flip out in front of someone. Simple as that.

This is a boy that will greet you with definite open arms. Need a tight hug? He'll give you it. Need a pat on the back? He'll gladly do so. He's the type of guy that would say things to high end to desperately soothe someone if they were upset. He'd probably try to crack a few jokes to try to make them laugh, and afterwards probably say a few generally comforting words- in an attempt to help. He's a lovable guy- not to mention, a bit clingy as well. A social butterfly- a basic definition. He's that type of guy you see down the block you don't really know but you jog by him every day and he smiles and says hi. He's your basic type of guy, never really standing out or having a "different" look about him. He prefers to just be "casual" and comfortable. Better comfortable than not, right? He'd be the one walking into a business meeting with pajamas on and not giving a crap about it. He's just that way.
Let's not forget he's a huge jester as well. He loves to prank- of course, harmless ones though. He's a guy that loves a good laugh. Prank calls and little scares are his game. He doesn't go all out crazy on his pranks, that's to be clarified. He also loves a good tickle- believe me, he will dedicate his life to finding your most ticklish areas- he'll be determined. It will become his moral and bloody goal. So, let's hope he'll find it fast- or let's hope you don't have a ticklish area. Either one works. Though, despite his charming and happy-go-lucky demeanor, he can get horribly nasty whenever he's mad. He has a cruel tongue, often speaking with words instead of actions. If he doesn't have an appeal for something, he'll definitely vocalize his distaste. Nonetheless, his biggest weapon is certainly his vocabulary and words. If he has a problem with you, he'll be as malevolent and condescending as possible- but he normally doesn't dislike people, so that shouldn't be too big of an issue. For example, if you've emotionally or physically injured one of his mates in the past, he'll shoot off a mental shotgun straight at your ass. He will refuse to find any reason to be on good terms with you- until you're thoroughly "proven" to him.


Relationship Status: Single for sure.
  • Melissa Grey- younger sister- 17
  • Isaac Grey- older brother- 26
  • Amanda "Mandy" Grey- mother- 55
  • Edward Grey- father- 49

Known Languages: English and partial Hawaiian. Still learning Hawaiian.


Normal kid, normal city, normal everything. He was born in a normal family. Your day-to-day, casual family. It was nothing too special: but the bad thing was, they lived in the city. Right in the city. That's how he developed his anxiety of loud noises- there was either something falling every day or loud honks or something of sort so that it's finally gotten to his head and declared him: "sensitive" to sound. That, and a lot of yelling would happen in that household albeit the "normal" family business. They were actually far from normal. Growing up, Andy was that upbeat, bubbly kid that was like a teacher's pet and wanted everyone to sit with him. He was, also, a "mama's boy". He never really liked his father much, to be honest: due to the fact that he got drunk often and it scared the shit out of him- that, and his voice was loud. Every time he heard his voice, he'd have to double take to realize there wasn't a megaphone lodged into his throat. It was terrible. His mother had a more introverted, softer voice, and he liked that. His mother was also way more affectionate, and he would relish in it all. He was sort of the "middle" child- since there were 3 children. Melissa and Isaac, however, seemed more attracted to their father- whereas Andy was like the biggest mama's boy in the world of mama's boys. He would take care of her when she would fall ill, he would do everything for his mother. He still does, just not as often now because he's away from family and working. He keeps a photo of his mother and him flailing in his wallet. Good times.
Life for him wasn't too hard, he had his ups and downs, but it wasn't a sob story, definitely. His mother and father had a few arguments, but all was well afterwards. He was sometimes degraded and scraped at during school, but he was too oblivious and "rainbows in the sky" to notice. He had his head in the clouds a lot of the time, day dreaming during classes or something of sort. Something where he was not paying a morsel of attention. But, ever since a young age, he's adored water and fish and dreamed of swimming with them. He started loving clownfish when he reached 16, realizing that their shining stripes and pumpkin orange bodies were extremely alluring- and the vibrant color almost sent him into a daze. He also thought that the name of the fish sort of fit him, considering his constant sense of humor and failure of seriousness.
All said, he didn't have a bad life, nor a perfect one. There were some serious issues, such as a few car accidents he's gotten into with his family (one time he broke his arm). They've had obstacles and problems, like financial drama and the "can't afford to pay the bills" stage. However, he's convinced he feels happier in New York. A lot happier: the aquarium he works at is huge, and it's a place where it's always busy: except for the loud noises. Those are a problem.

So begins...

Andrew "Andy" Grey's Story