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Eleanora D. Blackburn

"Nowhere will ever be far enough from memory."

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a character in “The World is Full of Freaks”, as played by TaniaSoulEater


Eleanora Derek Blackburn

Name: Eleanora Derek Blackburn
Nicknames: Nora, Elle
Gender: Female
Race: English/American
Birth Date: 18 January 1994
Age: 19
Apartment Number: 23C
Sexuality: Straight/Heterosexual

Height: 1.63m
  • Scars: Many small scars around her elbow area which she tries to hide with a thick layer of makeup.
  • Tattoos: A elaborate tattoo that looks like a wood carving down her left side.
  • Piercings: Her ears, and the tip of her right eyebrow.

Eleanora, small and elfin as she is, is full of life. She's always ready with a bright smile, small white teeth glinting brightly in the sun. Her skin, with the exception of her scars and tattoos, is smooth and flawless. Eleanora's hair is long and sunshine golden, well taken care of. It's naturally wavy, and falls nicely over her right shoulder. Her fringe usually comes down slightly over her right eye. Her eyes are hazel, framed by long lashes.
Eleanora weaves streaks of colour through her hair sometimes, usually brown or different shades of blonde. On one occasion, she dyed it completely brown. Her clothes match her choices in life - usually shirts and loose pants, paired with a couple of bangles. She tends to avoid dresses or skirts, as they're not very productive to her dancing.

Career: Dance instructor/Street dancer/Choreographer
Secret: Eleanora was into prostitution and drugs a few years ago, and has murdered once and gotten away with it.

Eleanora is, seemingly, a carefree and cheerful girl, always ready with her smiles and cheery greetings. This is how she is most of the time, a regular little spot of sunshine. Sweet and outgoing, she tries her best to get along with everyone, making it hard not to like her. She is a trustworthy person, the person you want if you need to confide something or just a listening ear. She's very thoughtful, and cares a lot for the people around her. She tries to adapt to her situation, and rarely complains about anything. She tries to look on the bright side of things, and can get a little irritating with her brightness, but stays like that anyway. She loves dancing, and practically lives for it.
However, when no one is around, the shadows creep into her eyes, memories flooding her already disturbed mind. She tries hard to forget, but it is very difficult, so she immerses herself in her music and dance. She can be seen dancing and choreographing at her studio late into the night, as she have trouble sleeping. She will work long and late hours, and is very like to collapse from exhaustion should there be nobody to stop her.


Relationship Status: Single
  • Father: Lewis Carter Blackburn | 41 years old
  • Mother: Avis Tayla Blackburn, neΓ© Rogerson | 40 years old
  • Twin Sister: Jules Maybelline Blackburn | deceased
Known Languages: English/Japanese/Gaelic

Eleanora and Jules Blackburn were the stars of their school - the beautiful, talented and kind girls who had everyone's heart. The sweethearts of Aspen Falls High, the twins were lovely and charming. While equally liked, they were complete opposites - Jules, older by 15 minutes and 28 seconds, was incredibly smart, aced every test, was every teacher's favourite pupil. Eleanora, on the other hand, was skilled at many things - dance, design, and languages were her best.
Unfortunately, when both sisters were 15, Jules was struck by a speeding car. She was pronounced dead on site. Naturally, Eleanora was extremely distressed, and closed up completely, retreating within her own mind. She went through school mechanically, not thinking, not caring, until her friends stepped in. Skye Mitchell and Tracy Katherine persuaded Eleanora to get help, to get over Jules's death and move on. Eleanora went online, searching for help, a way to achieve closure. She found an online forum where she told her story, and many people replied with comforting words. One user, by the name of Jasper, was particularly understanding, and somehow Eleanora just felt like they understood each other perfectly. Through private messages, Eleanora learnt that Jasper lived within five miles of her, and they decided to meet up.
Eleanora turned up at the meeting place, but there was no one. She waited for three hours before finally realising that she had been stood up, and turned to leave. Just as she was leaving, something hit her on the back of the head, and she blacked out.
She was taken away, sold into a prostitution ring. For three years, her body was sold to many people, and to keep her quiet, the man that owned her - presumably Jasper - got her hooked on drugs. Slowly, she managed to make sense of what was going on, and fought back. She pretended to take the pills, faked the used syringes, fooled everyone into thinking she was high and bleary. She got her hands on a knife, and slit 'Jasper's' throat. She ran away, and through some miracle, hitchhiked home.
Her parents were relieved to have her back. Eleanora knew she couldn't stay in Aspen Falls, and convinced her parents to let her move somewhere new - New York City. They were reluctant, but finally found it in themselves to allow her to leave.
And that's where everyone else comes in...

So begins...

Eleanora D. Blackburn's Story


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Eleanora Derek Blackburn

"Okay, one more time," Eleanora promised, looking around at the girls in the studio. They were all bright and promising, Eleanora's current star class. She moved to stand beside the radio, tapping her foot to keep beat. "Five, six, seven, eight."

Lana del Rey's rich vocals poured forth from the speakers, and Eleanora watched as the girls turned and leapt, following the routine she'd come up with herself. "That's right, Jess, perfect," Eleanora called encouragingly from the from of the studio. "Kim, more confidence - yes, like that."

Five minutes later, Eleanora was beaming brightly, pleased with the group's success. "Well done. Let's call it a day, girls. Thanks for your work." As the girls trooped out of the room one by one, the young dance coach stretched, and decided to go down and make a short trip to the coffee shop nearby for a coffee. "I really, really need that caffeine..." she mumbled to herself.

Eleanora had just started down the stairs when she stopped and realised something. She'd left her purse by the speaker. Quickly, she hurried back up, wanting to be at the coffee shop as soon as humanly possible. She'd barely reached the top, before something slipped beneath her foot and made her lose her balance. "Whoa!"

Eleanora grabbed for the metal balustrade, but missed. Oh, damn, was her only thought as she realised that nothing was there to catch her. She fell headlong down the stairs, landing with a hard thump at the bottom.


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Eleanora Derek Blackburn

"Damn." Eleanora lay sprawled at the foot of the stairs, hair spread in a sort of unearthly halo around her head. Her feet rested a few steps above her, one arm twisted underneath her painfully.

"Ouch. Okay, girl, up," she muttered under her breath to herself as she grabbed the railing and pulled herself to her feet. Tentatively, she went up again, watching her footing this time. All this while, she was pressing her fingers to her right hip, trying to keep weight off her foot, which had been twisted viciously on her way down.

By some miracle, Eleanora managed to hobble over to the coffee shop and lean on the counter, making sure to keep her weight off her right foot. "One mocha, less milk, please," she told the guy at the counter, gasping involuntarily when her left hand struck the counter. Large bruises were definitely due tomorrow.

Thankfully, she did not have long to wait, and managed to get her coffee within the minute. Eleanora collapsed into an empty chair, not noticing that there were already people sitting there. Cradling her coffee with one hand, she pressed the back of the other to the side of the steaming cup in an effort to soothe the pain there, eyes closed. A soft moan escaped her lips as her skin met the heated surface of the cup.


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Finn sipped his drink slowly, listening attentively to his friend as the younger man rambled on about his problems. He didn't mind of course, for his buddy looked exhausted and simply bored to death. He was glad that the joking tone he used received a subtle grin from Spencer. In turn, it caused him to laugh softly and smile back at him.

Image"Yeah, you look 'just tired', man," Finn replied. "You look like you didn't even sleep a wink last night." He drank another sip of his cappuccino and then set it down with a soft sigh. "I know you'll get the script done," he said, stayed confident and as reassuring as he could. "Sometimes people work best under pressure." He knew he tended to do so anyway, especially when he was trying to learn lines in a play.

He frowned as Spencer mentioned the extra shift. "'s extra money, right?" he suggested. "And, besides, it should calm down here eventually." They were empty words, really, for he wasn't exactly sure a coffee shop ever truly calmed down. America basically ran on the stuff! Playfully, he reached across the table and, with his fingers in the shape of a gun, pretended to shoot Spencer in the forehead, making a soft "pew, pew" sound jokingly as he did so.

"You'll be fine, Spence," he replied, crossing his arms as he settled back against his chair. He heard a sound off to his side and jumped quickly, turning to face the sound. Seeing that a person had joined the table, he opened his mouth to tell them off. Before he could say anything, though, he realized it was Eleanora. "Oh, hey there," he greeted, smiling slightly. "Jeez, you look like you fell down a flight of stairs or something. What happened?"