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Julias Cain Lover of Water

0 · 330 views · located in The World of Aira

a character in “The World of Aria”, as played by Kyren.Laili



Name :
Julias Cain

Age :

Gender :

Julias isn't that broad or lean like most men his age, but instead a more thin, and agile. His face is soft, and his skin has a light tan. His hair is a chocolate brown, that is messily grown down to his shoulders. His eyes are a deep and captivating emerald. He is tall, and stands to be 6'1.

Likes :
Julias likes just about anything to do with the outdoors. He loves each and every animal (besides spiders), and adores every plant and grain of dirt. He considers all of them (besides spiders) to be useful and beautiful in their own ways. He likes to experiment, and test around many different things. This includes working with the elements, and seeing what contrasts to what. It also includes new inventions, and odd creations.

Dislikes :
Spiders, anything to do with destruction or harm, spiders, being cooped up indoors, spiders, being wrong or confused, spiders, screwing up and last but not least, SPIDERS.

Julias is an odd fellow, who is adorably naive about anything to do with keeping a relationship. He is sociable, yet awkward. He is outgoing, and likes rambling on about things from time to time. He is kind, dependable, and a good shoulder to lean on. He is also intelligent, hence his love for creating things and inventing, and although his element is earth, he is infatuated with metal, and working with it.

So begins...

Julias Cain Lover of Water's Story

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"Julias Cain." He said, emerald eyes focusing on the long strip of metal before him. "I want it to say Julias Cain." He said, a little louder this time. He raised those emerald eyes from the blade and to the middle-aged man infront of him. The man nodded, and took the blade. "Are you sure? This is quite the sword for a scrawny guy like you." The man scoffed, and Julias shot him a look. "Fine, I'll take a smaller one." Julias said, and gestured to a one-handed sword that was leaned up agianst a rock. "No, no, you need a good dagger. To own one of these is like trying to keep water trapped in your hands. You'll lose it instantly." The main replied, and went to find something smaller.

Julias let out a sigh. "You can't ever get what you ask for anymore." He muttered, and waited for the man to return. Though, when he thought about it, he didn't really want a weapon. It's not like he was going to actually have to use it. Without a second thought, he walked away. He didn't need a dagger, or a sword. He had his wit, and that was enough to keep him alive for the time being. He walked for about half an hour before reaching his home, which was a little treehouse in the forest just outside of Komuna. His parents had died two years ago, and they lived in Komuna, but he didn't want to stay there. It was getting too busy these days, and he liked solitude. His hand reached up and he took hold of a knot in the tree. He used his upper body strength to hoist himself up onto the first branch, and then he began stepping on the branches (almost like a spiraled staircase) up to the middle of the tree, which was his home. The massive tree trunk split into many different smaller ones, that split from the bottop to make a hollow area in the middle, then joined again at the top and formed back into a normal tree. He walked inside, and sat down.

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Julias never thought of his creations as inventions, really, but they were unique. He looked down at the contraption in his hand. It was square, with assorted wheels and makeshift gears spread out across it. He spun one of the wheels, then set it on a flat branch. This tree was one of his first creations, that he had made with his earth element. He sighed and leaned back, closing his eyes. He loved his little tree home, almost as much as he hated spiders. Just the thought of them made him open his eyes and shudder. "I'll make a repellant. I'll need some herbs, though." He said, placing a hand on his chin. "I'll need some Citronella, Horsemint, Marigold, Ageratum and Catnip. " He sighed, knowing he'd have to return to Komuna to retrieve at least two of those five herbs. The other three he knew where to find.

He climbed out of the middle of the tree and walked back down to the ground, having to jump off the last branch. He began his conquest to find the ingredients needed to ward off the malicious spiders, by starting to walk to the creek down in the south area of the forest.

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On the way to the creek, he'd begun thinking about how much of each herb he'd have to put in the mixture to make sure that the spiders would stay away for a long time. After deciding that he would have to make the majority of it Horsemint, he had finally reached the creek. He was caught off-guard by a stunning image of a woman- most likely a water goddess of some sort- taking a drink of the water. He stopped in his tracks, not sure if he should approach, or just leave and come back later. He decided he needed the Citronella pretty badly, and so he would take this opportunity to get it. He walked forward, making sure to put weight into his steps so that the woman wouldn't be surprised. He paused to scope out the Citronella.