Demon Teenager/ Age 16

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a character in “The world of Raucarro”, as played by Balerina777


-Light brown hair with blonde tips and streaks.Deep Blue eyes and dark red lips.Slim body but not too muscular.
-Alexia is a very sassy but smart teenager.She lives with a rich family in a mansion deep in the woods.When she talks to other people she can be nice or VERY mean.
-She has the ability of killing people with poisionous powers and contact with the dead.If anybody is mean or if anyone makes her angry or annoyed or even if she just doesn't like you she can kill you with poisionous powers And she can communicate with the dead.The weapons on her are in her eyes and when she thinks of someone she could easily posion them
-When she was about 8 years old she read a book and she thought that she could be like that person in that book so she started to talk to the full moon every single night.Whenever the wolf hound cried she thought it was a sign of knowledge and a spirit.So one day she walks out to the grave and talks to the moon and before she knew it she became a demon.She became a demon teenager

So begins...

Alexia's Story