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Lyniven Arivell

"This is my path. I will walk it alone."

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a character in “The World of Simmerca”, as played by CelestialCuttlefish


Lumsk - NΓΈkken
”You doubt me because I am a woman? You will eat those words."

【 Full Name 】
Lyniven Arivell

【 Nicknames 】
Lyni, Ari, Minx

【 Age 】

【 Race 】

【 Affiliation 】
Wandering bard and occasional sellsword.

【 Family 】

【 Gender 】

”Why are you looking at me that way?"

【 Height 】
5'7 || 170 cm

【 Weight 】
132 lbs || 60 kg

【 Hair Colour 】

【 Eye Colour 】

【 Voice 】
Gemma Arterton

Lyniven has markedly Elven ears, forming a long point, but she is usually careful to keep her ears hidden. She feels her race inspires people to look down on her, and the thought boils her blood. She is a pretty little thing, with a childish quality to her face, and she despises it; she fancies herself a warrior but she has the face of a child princess. Long scars are etched into her back in all directions; the scars are rarely seen but it leaves much to be wondered at. She also had a very distinctive tattoo; a delicate ivy band around her left wrist. She keeps it hidden by a leather bracer.

”I am no little girl!"

【 Likes 】
    βœ“ Animals || Lyni has always preferred the company of animals to people, especially horses, though she is too poor to get one of her own.
    βœ“ Gold || The glimmer of a coin is not easily ignored. Lyni has a taste for things that shimmer.
    βœ“ Fire || The child warrior can sit and watch a fire for hours at a time. The mere presence of it pleases her and she's very good at coaxing flames into cooperation.
    βœ“ Music || A singer and player of several instruments; when not offering her sword for coin she offers song. Her singing voice is sweet and pleasing.
    βœ“ Children || The elf is not the mother type, and she will say so, but she is protective of children.

【 Dislikes 】
    βœ— Loud Men || Nothing is more bothersome than a drunkard with grabby hands.
    βœ— Haughtiness || Lyniven is of a mind that anyone of high birth is haughty and rude. These are not qualities she enjoys.
    βœ— Heroes || The only thing worse than a noble is a man who swoops in thinking he can fix all the world's problems...
    βœ— Silence || No music, no talking, no sound; a threat looms.

    [font=Courier New]【 Skills 】
      ✧ Archery || Lyni has talent with all manner of bows, especially cross and longbows. She had a longbow for a long time but it was broken in battle. She carries a piece of it; a reminder.
      ✧ Singing || Music soothes the savage beast, or so the saying goes.
      ✧ Hiding || A small form and nimble movements give Lyniven a fair advantage in the shadows.
      ✧ "Borrowing" || What use is there in quick hands if she can't get a hold of her beloved shiny things?
      ✧ Sarcasm || It must count as a skill to someone.

    【 Fears 】
      β¦Ώ Being Underground || T-the ceiling could collapse! I could suffocate!!
      β¦Ώ Bar Maids || Those women are rough!

Defensive || Sardonic || Careful || Collected

”It's been cold for a long time back home."

【 History 】
Lyniven grew up in an orphanage. She was kicked around, beaten, offended, and treated almost like a slave. Her early life was draining and long; she wanted nothing more than to leave. When she finally did get out, she realized she regretted her wish. She knew nothing of the real world, of it's trials and tribulations. She knew nothing of people, especially men, and grew inverted. One day she met a caravan of performers, moving through her village and on a whim she begged them to take her with them. So began her journeys.

She was taught the ways of playing and singing, of joking and laughing, and of "borrowing". Now nimble fingered and sharp witted, she walks her path alone. Her only company is the lute on her back and the dagger at her hip.

”You can keep your glory."

So begins...

Lyniven Arivell's Story