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The World of The Dinosaurs

The World of The Dinosaurs


A roleplay set in the Late Cretaceous period. The world is full of intelligent dinosaurs, although they aren't quite human smart, so please don't go about giving them over the top armor, or weapons. This RP is open and recruiting!

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In the Late Cretaceous, everyday is a struggle for survival. Under the hot sun, the Earth is a vast, green expanse where amazing creatures roamed the land. They came in all different sizes, shapes, and diets. Some smart, some dumb. Some could shake the very ground beneath their massive footsteps, others went unnoticed as they sped across the land. These creatures, were the dinosaurs.

The Great Divide

Once upon a time, so long ago, all of the dinosaurs lived in perfect harmony with eachother, as peaceful, intelligent beings. But it could never last, as the differences in diet became brutally apparent. Nature and instincts dictated the unavoidable divide between herbivores and carnivores. A lack of alternate food options had driven the predators mad with hunger, and they started to see the other dinosaurs not as friends, but as prey. Their were no laws saying that they couldn't hunt other dinosaurs, laws were non-existant back then, however it was an unspoken truce that guided the alliance between the two factions. Unprepared for the carnivores sudden aggression, the herbivores quickly dwindled in population.

The Fallout

With the drastic decrease in herbivores to feed on, the carnivores were given no choice but to turn on eachother in their blind thirst for blood, and they slaughtered themselves to the point of near extinction. However, just when it seemed as though the crazed dinosaurs had little hope for survival, mating season came along. The carnivores had been drowned in the blood of their friends for so long that they had forgotten who they were, however their instincts still told them that they needed to mate and propagate their respective species. The Fallout period will always be remembered in the bloody stories from that horrible time. Some scars just don't heal.

New Age

As the eggs hatched and life continued, the madness that had swarmed over the canivorous dinos was weeded out from the bloodlines. But the actions of the carnivores during The Great Divide were not so easily forgotten by the herbivores, and they distanced themselves from the predators. It was only for the best though, as a general rule, they simply could not peacefully exist together. As the years went by, everyone forgot the universal language that all dinosaurs had spoken, and each species evolved with their own culture and rituals. This era is considered a time of rebirth, as the old world, with it's old alliances and culture, died.

Herbivore Culture

Herbivores tend to stay in large herds of the same species, preferring to live with their own kind. However, all herbivores spoke the same language so they could negotiate territory and food access. Ceratopsids (Triceratops, Styracosaurus, etc.) were especially biased when it came to interactions with other dinosaurs, but this was mostly attributed to their short tempers. Hadrosaurs (parasaurolophus, edmontosaurus, etc.) were generally peaceflul people who based their social interactions around their family. Sauropods (Apatosaurus, Diplodicus, etc.) were passive, like the hadrosaurs, however their steep rivalry, although mostly non-violent, with the Ceratopsids were obvious for everyone to see. The individual herd leaders would join at a designated location every summer and discuss plans for the harsh winter.

Carnivore Culture

Carnivores are accepting of all predatory species, forming packs with any kind of meat eating dinosaur. Instead of herds like the Herbivores had, the Carnivores had generally small packs of 6 or less people. While herds could easily become corrupt due to their size, Carnivore packs were usually very close friends and family who trusted one another to protect them with their lives. But life on the Carnivore side isn't so easy. While prejudice between species isn't common, the single fact that they killed for a living spawned nasty individuals. These corrupt dinosaurs would form large packs and attack Herbivore and Carnivore alike. Some would even go as far as to actively hunt down potential rivals, killing them without ever being provoked.

The story starts here.

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Character Portrait: Scartail Silverclaw
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