Scartail Silverclaw

A juvenile male Utahraptor with a vengence

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a character in “The World of The Dinosaurs”, as played by DevoutRelic


Physical Description

Scartail is 5 feet tall, 1.5 meters long. He is black with yellow eyes and feathers that are ontop of his head, along his arms, and on the tip of his tail. He has shiny sliver claws that gleam in the light.


Scartail is hard to get along with, but not because he's a bad person, he pushes everyone away out of fear that he will hurt them. He carries himself very cautiously, constantly searching his surroundings for any threats, this paranoia has served him well in the wild. If he runs into someone during a hunt, and they decide to do a joint hunt, then he will provide very little conversation, and after the hunt is done, he will leave.


Scartail is an exceptional leader and strategist, however his fear of losing someone close to him because of his decisions prevents him from using his gift. Aside from being a natural leader, Scartail's time alone in the wild has forced him to become an experienced fighter, capable of singlehandedly taking down an adult Triceratops despite his young age. Scartail's shiny claws prevent him from hiding efficiently, forcing him to fight.


Growing up, Scartail had always been the strongest of his siblings. So when it was time to leave their parent's nest to form their own pack, he was the obvious choice for Alpha. For half a year he had done a good job of protecting his packmates, who he would die for if given the opportunity, they were the greatest friends he could have asked for. He loved every single one of them. But one day while hunting a lone parasaurolophus who had foolishly wandered from her herd, his sanity came crashing down. You see, they weren't the only pack stalking this dinosaur, and instead of sharing the meat, they had attacked Scartail and his pack. Scartail had been on the other side of the glade when it happened, and he was too far away to warn them, his pack didn't stand a chance. Scartail was forced to watch as his family was torn to pieces by the enemy pack. And it was all his fault, if he hadn't of ordered this hunt, or even if he had chosen a different stradegy he could've prevented it. Now, several years later, Scartail still had yet to join another pack. He was too scared of what might happen if he befriended anyone. But he would find that horrible pack, and he would drown them in the blood of everyone they cared about.

So begins...

Scartail Silverclaw's Story